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AAU Ariana Resources Plc

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21 Jun 2024 - Closed
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Ariana Resources Plc AAU London Ordinary Share
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2.55 2.55 2.55 2.55 2.55
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Posted at 18/6/2024 20:20 by bigglesbingham
Yea he states that investors looking for dividends shouldn't look for a penny share to provide which I agree with. I'd prefer no dividends and increasing shareprice and cash a number to provide income. More tax efficient pre labour gov if held outside isa and pension. However the point he's missed is many invested here in an animal which was close to becoming dividend producing and things have changed. Personally as I've stated on many occasions those requiring dividends will be equally rewarded via an increasing shareprice and cashing in a number to provide income. The question is when will it increase. Income via dividends or income surrendering a number of shares is literally a mindset. It's what I've told client many times over the years most have taken it on board.
Posted at 13/6/2024 09:26 by konil
of course the increase in resources (reserves yet to be defined) is very exciting.

it does not however make the other issues that some here are concerned about disappear.

if aau were seen by the market and hence priced as an explorer one would anticipate share price increases based on 'blue sky' thinking by the market. but to date we have seen that is not the case, the market seems unable to differentiate different types of assets within the same company and seems to mark the whole as a producer or explorer, no fine tuning. aau has been 'marked' as a producer.

will that change for aau now? it should because the exploration side is outweighing the production by increasing margin. but who knows how the market will judge?

if aau begins to be seen as an explorer there will be greater volatility in the share price on each resource/reserve announcement. the nature of the investment in aau will be different.

in the long term though the value in aau will depend on which projects make it to production and how long it takes to get there. on this point, it doesn't matter how high the resources/reserves go, what does matter is getting those resources/reserves to production, and today's announcement while exciting does nothing to address the issues some investors have been voicing and are concerned about with regard to the dokwe project and its impact on aau.

for clarification: i wish aau the very best, i have an outsize proportion of my portfolio invested here. i have not and will not be selling any aau at these levels. even if the rockover merger goes ahead i will keep holding in the hope the share price will recover to at least my breakeven. however, i post positive and negative as i see it.
Posted at 29/5/2024 12:10 by konil
shortarm, i have lost a lot of the confidence i felt about aau's future. what i am hoping for by hanging around is that in time (i cannot see it happening soon) share price may get to, or close to, my breakeven. i feel it may go further south first but i do not 'trade' so will just sit on my hands.

just to be clear about my view...and every investor will have their own view according to their circumstances...i invested here because i saw aau as a low risk play on the gold price (at that time nearly debt free, and a producer with the advantage of blue sky projects too). this was meant to be a low risk part of my portfolio, and quite a find to see a tiddler fit the bill.

yes, debt can be a good thing if it generates more income than it costs, but it does come with risks and a dokwe size debt for a tiddler like aau is a big risk, even if shared with jv partners.

and with more shares in issue (let's see how many for asx placing and whether more needed beyond the 60% for dokwe) it will need to run faster to generate more profits to see the share price increase the same amount on a pro rata basis.

and then today's rns, 'murky' at best.

of course aau can still do big things, i hope it does! but the higher risk strategy does not suit me. i feel given time, ks's former organic growth approach would also have yielded big results with far less risk.

i didn't get the meaning of the 9% comment in your post?
Posted at 28/5/2024 17:02 by konil
jaynesdad, i agree dilution does not stand on its own. if it comes as a result of increase in assets then, as you point out, it changes the maths.

but a lot depends on the type of assets being brought on board. here we have 2 different diluting events for 2 different types of assets.

1. dokwe

aau are swapping a big chunk of income producing assets and some large assets with big potential i.e. salinbas (roughly the size of dokwe, maybe be bigger, may be smaller, remains to be seen as more work is done on both) for an asset that has reserves defined but has not yet got a bfs, and we know it will need about $80m to bring into production and no idea where that is to come from. the management have said the intention is loan financing but my gut tells me they will struggle to do it entirely with loan, i anticipate at least some equity funding i.e. more dilution.

there are 2 other big red flags for me on dokwe
- i dont believe it will be done in anywhere close to 3 years
- the regime is rotten

each investor will have their own view on these. for me its too much risk.

2. asx listing

afaik this will be dilution in return for cash i.e. aau will issue more shares and aau's cash balance will go up by the proceeds of sale of the newly issued shares.

even if this is done mathematically exactly on a 1:1 basis on the current share price at the time of issue or even a small premium (note this does not mean the same number of new shares will be issued as there are existing shares, only that new shares that are issued are priced at parity with existing shares), its a poor deal for existing holders if one believes the current share price is currently far short of true value. for those that that think the current share price has over-reached itself and the company is over valued, it is a good deal.

further, it remains to be seen whether any increase in trading activity of aau shares on asx actually results in any sustained increase in sp, as management are suggesting. it seems like wishful thinking. and the cash raised could soon be frittered away and aau will be left with enlarged shares in issue with nothing much to show for it.

for me this too is not a good move.

basically ks has moved aau away from the organic growth model to growth through share issue. this latter approach is often the undoing of many tiddlers, and behemoths too. i can invest in many such companies if i want to (and have done) but the organically growing entity is rarer, especially in the tiddler mining space and that is what i invested here for.

to each his own, as the saying goes.
Posted at 08/5/2024 10:18 by temujiin
The merger with the Dokwe debate is a re-run of Ozaltin JV. AAU and shareholders would probably have been better off without the deal, and now pocketing 50% of the gold produced not 23.5%.

AAU were and are a good company with good assets despite the JV, but it wasn't the right decision, imo.

Dokwe on paper is a great asset, and in 4 years maybe, it will produce a good profit for AAU, but is it good for AAU shareholders now? the share price now, or in the next 2 or 3 years? probably not, imo.

AAU has great potential with Salinbas etc, but management seem more interested in potential and marketcap, not on the current share price and shareholder value.
Posted at 06/5/2024 19:27 by excellance
Do AAU have the clout within the partnership to vote for a dividend paid to AAU?

At 23% the answer is no. They would need the support of another partner.

What if the other partners vote to retain cash and not pay out any dividends, and instead invest the money to grow those assets?

What if another partner with a majority interest offered AAU a cash sum?

AAU would be reluctant to take such an offer if they had no need to do so, or no other project to invest in.

Is it really hard to imagine such a scenario?

All our assets are for sale. This is the AAU MO.
Posted at 03/5/2024 19:02 by jaynesdad
Just been catching up having been out most of the day. I think everybody should pat themselves on the head for some some very fine content!
My feeling at the moment, which may be fluid as the time goes on, is that I don't think I can vote in favour of this deal without reassurance of how the eventual Dockwe plant will be financed. Obviously the board won't be tied to any course even if they make proposals, but I need to see this de risked somehow. The asset will be 100% held by the 'new' AAU, and even if the share price remains the same that means debt will be well in excess of the Market Cap. AAU hasn't got the majority within the JV, even with Proccea acting in concert, to insist that dividends are paid to AAU. So that source of income isn't assured. My ideal is that there will be a separate JV for Dokwe allowing AAU free carry to first pour there but certainly not by ceding more than 50% (or frankly not approaching it). I don't see that would be an unreasonable expectation given that there should be in excess of 1m ounces with a finger in the air net income of £1k per ounce post costs. Would be please to hear anyone else's opinion.
Posted at 02/5/2024 17:24 by konil
what aau is - and what aau is in danger of becoming if dokwe goes ahead as currently presented.

aau has a portfolio of projects - producing, near production, longer term production, and lately via asgard/leopard early stage projects with blue sky discovery potential - and the ability to add value to these with a view to divesting some to generate funds with hopes of windfall profits.

in short aau is set up to grow organically and extremely importantly and uniquely for a small miner to do this with low risk.

so when ks spoke of taking the company to tenfold its mkt cap in ten years, in the above scenario an existing holder would expect to see most if not all that tenfold increase in the value of their holding. and delivered with low risk organic growth.

now, with the way it is intended to progress dokwe, all the negative aspects of dilution and heavy debt relative to company size will be reintroduced.

it is not organic growth.

the risk profile of aau will become very high and similar to most other small miners. aau will have lost its unique edge over the herd of mining minnows.

importantly what this means for existing shareholders is that aau may get to tenfold in size - but after dilution the value of holdings may be lucky to double.

but worse than that - with the increase in risk profile the company may go the way of many overstretched mining minnows - to the graveyard, or in event of a rescue package, for existing holders that is much the same thing.

after the imc presentation today, there was nothing to suggest that dokwe project is not as portrayed above. it will change the nature of aau to the detriment of existing holders.
Posted at 02/5/2024 16:58 by coachsailor
Excellent post Plasbryn (24205)

I agree with Nov31 and Plas re the need for AAU to confirm that we will receive dividends from the income resulting from our original Turkish investments.

In 2020 Kerim clearly indicated that following the 3 Special Dividend payments regular dividends should follow once Tavsan commences production. This to be bolstered a few years later once Salinbas comes on stream.

I, like many others on here, believed what we were told and therefore that the valuation above 5p was realistic. With dividends on the near horizon, during 2021 and 2022 as the price dropped, I invested much more in AAU through our ISAs. I am currently faced with a substantial loss in our ISAs, wheras a profit on my Share Account which were mostly bought up to 15 years ago and a lot more in 2024 almost all below 2p. Potential CGT on the Share Acct and a hefty loss on the ISA`s is not a good time to bail out.

Confirmation that they will stick to their word on the regular dividends from the original investments would go a long way to recovering shareholder support.
Posted at 01/5/2024 20:38 by masterg1
The merger between AAU and Rockover, essentially a takeover by AAU. This is seen from the proportion of existing share s and those to be issued to Rockover shareholders. The ratio is 5/8 : 3/8. This can also be seen by the existing directors and appointment of new directors from Rockover. The ratio is 2/3 : 1/3.
Dr Kerim Sener has been carefully spreading risks, which to some appeared dull. I have no worries on any perceived dilution, as I believe K S would only takeover Rockover in order to increase overall net asset value per share. Earnings per share maybe lower short-term, but expect them to pick up thereafter.
Taking over Rockover has been on the cards for a while, with AAU looking for flagship investment. I was little surprised by the speed, it has come about. Soon as I saw RNS, I paused at the thought of a merger. Than my thoughts turned to not being able to buy anymore under 3p, I won’t have more funds until later this month.
I have had a holding here for around ten years, was content to hold. I just starting adding after the deal with Ozaltin. I have added substantially to my previous holding over the last 3 1/2 year.
I took 5 - 10 year view for capital appreciation. I am all for this deal, this deal will fast track getting gold out of the ground. ( not the usual 20 years or so). I am in favour of this transaction and will continue to add at these price. I am quickly coming to a point where I have all the shares I wanted and more. I will wait for the shares to appreciate in value, any dividends wouldn’t go amiss. I am not one watching to get over 3p, I become interested when it hits 10p. I expect AAU to hit jackpot sooner or later, with all the hands in the different pies.
I do follow this BB regularly and read every RNS by AAU.

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