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Share Name Share Symbol Market Type Share ISIN Share Description
Argo Blockchain Plc LSE:ARB London Ordinary Share GB00BZ15CS02 ORD 0.1P
  Price Change % Change Share Price Shares Traded Last Trade
  0.00 0.0% 36.00 598,763 08:00:00
Bid Price Offer Price High Price Low Price Open Price
35.00 37.00 36.00 36.00 36.00
Industry Sector Turnover (m) Profit (m) EPS - Basic PE Ratio Market Cap (m)
Software & Computer Services 74.20 39.27 7.70 4.7 172
Last Trade Time Trade Type Trade Size Trade Price Currency
14:44:10 O 14,755 36.043 GBX

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03/10/202217:05Argo Blockchain PLC29,275
13/9/202209:00The Argo Blockchain TA & OT thread 10,886
13/8/202215:46ARGO Blockchain PLC 929
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Posted at 03/10/2022 08:23 by bapodra_investments
Good morning all. I hope everyone had a nice weekend, I know 1knocker sure did. We should by the end of this week see an RNS with September 2022 monthly performance. What am I looking for? An increase or certainly not a decrease in revenues and profits. An update on whether ARB are on track to deliver on its revised E/H by end of October 2022. I want to see an update on the amount outstanding for Galaxy loan and if it has not been paid in full then the reason/rationale why? If it has then shout about it and tell everyone. It is all about stabilisation right now and there is pressure to maintain margins but that was to be expected in such a bear market and downturn. The key is to get through this period and being ready and in the best shape possible for the bull market as that is when the growth is going to come in revenues and profits. The risk right now is of BTC breaches $17.6k on the downside and we see a new low. If that happens then I am fully expecting a lower ARB share price and that could scare a lot of investors/traders.
Posted at 25/9/2022 08:40 by bapodra_investments
ameretto1 - My thoughts could be wrong and I have never suggested Genincode is a better company or has better prospects than Angle from a fundamentals or financials perspective and I just want to make that clear. When I invested in Genincode the chart set up for me personally was far more favourable and gave me a higher probability of not declining significantly than Angle's chart set up at the time and that is not based on anything fundamental or financial about the two companies but purely on a technical basis. So based on above I felt the likelihood of Angle's share price declining over Genincode's was more likely and that is exactly how it is has played out. I keep on saying like a parrot that the share price is quite often disconnected with the financials and fundamentals of the company but people on ADFVN are just going to have to learn the hard way. One road map for Angle's share price is potentially 'mean reversion'. It happens far more often (statistically) then people on ADFVN give credit for and even acknowledge/discuss within nano/micro caps. There seems to be support for Angle around 40p area but I do see the price moving down to the 50p-59p price zone. Angle's share price on the 'daily' timeframe has gone below its 20, 50, 100 and 200 DMA's which is bearish. The MA curves are all sloping downwards which is bearish. Now one could argue this is a good time to actually invest in Angle but I would wait for a while as it could decline a little bit more. There is a lot of 'support' points coming for Angle so I do not see a significant/sharp decline for the share price but I do not see a quick and significant rise either but these are just my personal views. I can easily be wrong so of course conduct your own analysis and make your own judgements.
Posted at 23/9/2022 11:52 by bapodra_investments
Global Nomad - There is a lot of 'resistance' that ARB's share price needs to navigate through which is taking time. ARB's share price right now cannot stay for any sustained period in the 40p-49p price zone and I think BTC price action will drive any sustained move in that price zone.
Posted at 22/9/2022 21:21 by bapodra_investments
A quote which I wanted to share (below): "A price chart is the most perfect representation of the balance of buyers and sellers for any given entity." In my view there is nothing better. People can read a tip sheet, investment/trading publication, listen to an expert analyst but at the end of the day there is nothing better than what the price chart can tell you. Even still people get fixated with fundamentals and financials of the company when what that is telling you is how the company is performing not how the share price is performing. I do repeat like a parrot that the share price is often disconnected with the company fundamentals and financials. The share price chart is telling you the expectations/anticipations/feeling and views of investors/traders at any given moment better than anything else out there.
Posted at 19/9/2022 10:18 by bapodra_investments
francpoismyname - I know what you mean in terms of some us having the same view without even looking at or considering EWT. Now that is fine for a long term perspective and I would agree that yourself, I and others would have had those views. However, if you are a shorter term trader then knowing how the shorter price moves may materialise adds a different perspective so try and look at it from a different lens to yours. Listen if you don't value 2tyke's posts then filter him or simply ignore him. In my experience of investing and trading it is all about making 'Share Price Anticipations' and we will have all different ways of doing that. So in essence we are visualising and predicting what we think the share price will do in the future when we invest or trade today whether that is 'long' or 'short'. 2tyke is using EWT to help him and he chooses to share that with us. If you have a better method, a different rationale or methodology then please share as many on ADFVN will have no plan, strategy or system and are merely speculating/gambling. To have any form of 'EDGE' one needs to be able to stack the odds/probabilities in their favour. The likelihood of the price behaviour moving in their intended direction needs to be higher. That is critical. For investing, I like to invest in companies who have a low share price and market cap where the significant decline has already occurred and the share price needs to be near a bottom. That company needs to be in what I think is a 'hot' market ripe for disruption and the company has a strong chance of disrupting that market. I have made some errors here hence why over the past few months I have been exiting a lot of my nano/micro cap investments and I intend to be far more ruthless in choosing any UK nano/micro cap investments that meets my criteria. Identifying these opportunities as early as possible before the herd/crowd and before the significant price rise is a sort of 'Edge' that I have when I get it right. My error has been investing in companies that I really should not have gone anywhere near and this is an area where I really need to improve and be far more ruthless. I have learnt some recent lessons with Pires Investments PLC being a big one. I have made errors and will continue to make mistakes because I take greater risks. Those who do not take any risks will make less errors. I am fine with making errors but as long as my gains/profits are greater than my losses year in year out. If you look at my profile then you will see I only have x4 UK Nano and Micro cap companies and I had 10 only a few months ago. The greatest share price growth comes from nano and micro caps but only if you buy near the bottom. In those same companies if you buy near the top then all you are going to experience is major losses. Just look at those who invested in Mode Global Holdings, DeepMatter Group, Blue Star Capital, Vela Technologies and so on.
Posted at 17/9/2022 08:32 by bapodra_investments
1knocker - Good morning. For me 2tyke has exposed me to something which I may not have actually given a second thought too but there is something there. I personally had discounted EWT a long time ago as I just could not accept its theory. I am still not 100% convinced on its theory but if I look at it just from a price action/price behaviour and chart perspective then I have seen enough examples to make me want to explore/investigate further. In terms of why the sentiment is changing I will disagree with 2tyke on that and to be honest in the grand scheme of things it does not actually matter why the price is moving upwards or downwards if you are following the price action. In trading that is precisely what I do but the problem I have is in my investing I do look at and consider fundamentals. Now this does not necessarily align with EWT and so it is not a clear and simple thing for me to simply start using EWT for long term investing where I look at accumulating shares over a period of time. Where I would agree with 2tyke is that we have been brainwashed into a narrative that fundamentals drive the share price price but if you actually look at the price action and price behaviour on a chart then I am afraid that is not the case. The fundamentals are important for the RNS which drops the end of year financials but that determines how the company actually performed. How a share price performs is a different thing. The owners and directors drive the company performance but it is investors and traders which drive the share price performance and so people need to understand this. I have seen so many examples of nano caps and micro caps release RNS's with record revenues and record profits yet the share price does not go up or it actually declines. Ask yourself why? This is why I have sold many of my nano caps and micro caps recently and the ones I have kept are all ones where I am accumulating shares after significant declines and the share price is near its lows/bottom. It is all about stacking the odds/probabilities in your favour and as long the companies I have selected have a future and can make investors and traders think/feel like they can growth their revenues, become profitable or even make profits in the future then the sentiment will become more bullish and drive the share prices higher regardless of how the actually company is performing right now. Company performance does not always relate to share price behaviour at any given moment.
Posted at 15/9/2022 10:48 by 1knocker
In the light of the subsequent discussion I have slightly edited my earlier critique of EW, its practical applicability, and how far Tyke's chartism should be relied upon. I emphasise that I am not asking for 'sackcloth and ashes' from Tyke, or 'mea culpa' posts. My point as regards his chart analysis is simply that chart analysis is neither easy nor an exact science, so it behoves us to treat with great caution any analyst who never says 'on reflection, I think I misread the chart [yesterday], and on further examination I now think ...' I acknowledge that it is perfectly valid to say 'there is a fork in the road here. The share price could take the left or the right fork, but I think on my analysis of the chart that it will more likely take the right fork', and that the mere fact that it in fact takes the left fork does not NECESSARILY invalidate the analysis leading to the conclusion that it would probably take the right fork. That said, there remains the possibility that the chart analysis which led to that conclusion was in fact erroneous, and that the conclusion as to the probability as to which fork the share price would take was wrong, and that the true conclusion which should have been reached AT THE TIME OF THE ANALYSIS should have been that the share price would more probably take the left fork. An intellectually rigorous annalist will acknowledge that possibility, will revisit any earlier analysis which does not play out as he expected, and will on occasion conclude that his earlier analysis was in fact faulty and that he could and should AT THE TIME OF THE EARLIER ANALYSIS have reached a different conclusion as to probability. That is how any conscientious analyst refines and improves his performance, by backtesting his analysis to see whether and where and why he made an error. I cannot feel confidence in any analyst who does not conduct such exercises or, on doing such exercises, never discovers or acknowledges any error in his earlier work. Perfection in the application of a complex and to a degree subjective methodology is an unattainable ideal. I must treat with great caution the conclusions of any analyst who believes that he never makes mistakes. Even if one accepts that EW THEORY is never wrong, it is another matter altogether to conclude that in the APPLICATION of that theory the Elloittician practitioner himself can never make a mistake. I think I have said more than enough on the subject for a while. I don't for one moment expect that anything I have said will have given Tyke food for thought. My object has been only to engender a degree of caution in others. When I see danger, particularly danger as a result of overconfidence, I point it out. That goes for individual shares and share prices as well as methodology. I am not always right. That is why I relatively seldom make recommendations to buy. I need to feel very confident indeed before I encourage other to make an investment, because it is the least knowledgable who are most likely to follow a tip blindly. I comfort myself that if by cautioning against a purchase I help others avoid loss that is an unqualified benefit to them, while if my warning proves to be unfounded and I deter them from participation in something which goes on to show a gain so that they miss out on a profit, their funds nevertheless remain intact and there are plenty more fish in the sea. Money lost is gone forever, whereas money preserved lives on, potentially to proper, another day. I conclude with the hope that Tyke will not feel that he he has been singled out for a gratuitous 'knockering'. I acknowledge him as knowledgeable, thoughtful, and sincere, albeit that I remain convinced that he would do well to inscribe at the top of his screen Martin Luther's observation 'Doubt makes the monk'. Luther did not doubt that that the Bible (fi=or which Tyke can read EW theory) was true; his doubts were as to his or any mortal man's capacity to understand and apply that Truth correctly. Here endeth the lesson for today and, on the subject of EW and its application, for some while to come.
Posted at 13/9/2022 19:35 by bapodra_investments
1knocker - I anticipate a new ATH in ARB but only if BTC goes on and moves towards $100k and beyond. I am not saying ARB will make a new ATH if BTC does not go beyond $100k as I don't think the sentiment will be bullish enough to take ATB to such a place. My anticipation can be wrong and so I must let the price action guide me but a new ATH for ARB certainly will not be happening any time soon. I don't think BTC will be hitting $100k or beyond anytime soon. I have always maintained a few months either side of the next BTC halving event in 2024. In terms of price I do not know as when strong bullish trends manifest they can overshoot significantly once the speculative capital, traders and herd drive up the price to insane levels. These same group of people will use ARB as a leveraged play but if and only if BTC is going to be making new ATH's. I genuinely do not know price but I expect ARB to be generating more revenues and profits in the next BTC bull market than when it went to £1bn market cap and £3.40+. It all depends on the power of FOMO and how bullish sentiment becomes and how much capital starts flowing into ARB and that part is unknown which is why following and monitoring the price action is all we can do.
Posted at 13/9/2022 08:45 by bapodra_investments
Global Nomad - Good morning. It will be interesting to see ARB's performance this month in September 2022 which will be reported in the first week of October 2022. I would like to know why ARB did not announce if they cleared the Galaxy loan and if they did not then why they did not? From a 'likelihood' perspective the majority of the decline is in ARB's share price. Strong consolidation followed by a series of 'Higher Highs' and 'Higher Lows' would be a nice set up. Next two years so 2024 and the build up in the share price towards 2024 is going to be the most intriguing aspect. I think people from this point onwards need a minimum of 2-3 years view.
Posted at 10/9/2022 10:37 by bapodra_investments
Good morning all. As Bitcoin and Crypto looks to move out of a bear market and into the beginnings of a bull market there will be lots of 'Creepy Crawlies' coming out of the woodwork on ADFVN to try and assertively with anger force a view upon you. Just let the price action be the ultimate guide for you. Jackson83 tried to sell 10p ARB share price and others suggested 0p and that ARB was a ponzi and tulip investment. They will all be back in droves on this thread if BTC and ARB continue rising. Even if we think Bitcoin and ARB are 'bubbles' then 'bubbles' can be the greatest investments and create the biggest and most powerful trends. Just look at the evidence historically to confirm this. This is where the biggest profits can be made. For me I would like to see BTC touch $25k before I even think about $17.6k bottom being confirmed. I would then like to see a move above $32.6k and if BTC moves into the price zone of $25k - $32k then for me the likelihood will have significantly increased of the bottom being in. Until then for me a least the risk remains that BTC could make a new bottom. I remain bullish both Bitcoin and ARB longer term.
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