Argo Blockchain Dividends - ARB

Argo Blockchain Dividends - ARB

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Argo Blockchain Plc ARB London Ordinary Share
  Price Change Price Change % Stock Price Last Trade
5.80 7.23% 86.00 16:35:18
Open Price Low Price High Price Close Price Previous Close
81.00 78.50 84.50 86.00 80.20
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Argo Blockchain ARB Dividends History

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Top Dividend Posts

bapodra_investments: 1knocker - It is important to understand how businesses like ARB get valued by the market participants. So roughly ARB is currently dealing at a forward price-to-earnings (P/E) multiple of 7.5. Now in my experience this seems pretty low/cheap compared to its US Peers. ARB's PEG ratio is currently less than 0.5. Anything normally below this level means the shares offer growth at a reasonable price. I know many will not agree. There are some US Crypto companies trading at multiples which are lot higher than ARB and I am not saying that is right or whether they should be but just saying. ARB is increasing its revenues and profits year on year. If it continues to do this then I think a potential re-rate is due in the future. ARB cannot control the BTC price but if the big BTC miners HODL then they can impact the supply/demand equation. What ARB can control is its energy costs and Texas answers that. ARB are investing in hardware and so that box is ticked as they will have to continue investing in hardware such is the nature of their business. A favourable BTC price and ARB is capable of a move towards £1.20 first and if breached £1.50 - £1.75 in the coming months. Of course the risk is a rise in interest rates to tackle inflation and how Bitcoin will react to that and that is something no one knows with any certainty as Bitcoin has not been tested or experienced such an environment.
bapodra_investments: mmnomis - I agree that ARB may be pricing in lower BTC in the future say six months into the future however ARB is not making big cash flow now simply down to 'fair value' accounting principles it uses. ARB is reporting revenues now with the hope that it is worth more if/when any BTC is sold in the future. The revenues it reports on a monthly basis could be lower if you factor in a lower/declining BTC price because ARB have not sold any of the BTC it has mined in that month. I actually think BTC will be higher in the future and especially after the next halving event in May 2024. This is exactly why ARB is a high risk growth share as its valuation is dependant on BTC price in the future and that ARB's BTC HODL is worth far more in the future. So in my personal view ARB is promising in the future and not now based on its use of 'fair value' accounting principles. I do think if ARB do not sell its HODL then it will be worth more in the future as we know that ARB is going to continue mining BTC month on month so if BTC price rises in the future then I can see a re-rate occurring but there is always a risk that something goes wrong and there is execution risk of course.
bapodra_investments: 1knocker - I agree ARB is a high risk investment and I think that because I accept Bitcoin right now is a high risk investment. ARB mines BTC so people should do the maths. No one has forced anyone or put a gun to anyone's head to invest in ARB. Each person does so based on their personal investment strategies and systems. If they do not and have no investing/trading plan then they are gambling but if they want to gamble that is their choice. If they end up losing their capital then that is on them and they cannot blame anyone else, the company or Peter Wall. It was their decision. End of. Are there actually any long term investors in ARB? I know mnomis is but it seems people have invested in ARB thinking it's price could only go up! Prices do go down and sideways too! When I look at the ARB chart it reminds me of BTC's chart after it made its previous ATH during 2017 and what the BTC price did during 2018 in terms of consolidation. I see similarities in ARB's chart. Anyone who cannot be patient and hold for the next two years should absolutely cut their losses or take their profits and exit ARB. Simple really.
bapodra_investments: mmnomis - Hi. Yes but there is no reason why ARB could not obtain such a credit facility through debt financing route in the future should it need to do so. I accept any interest rates could be higher but it is an avenue nevertheless. If ARB start mining more BTC per month when Texas goes live then it may be able to sell a little bit of their BTC now and again to avoid any shareholder dilution but it needs to be mining a lot more than it currently is. I am intrigued as to how many BTC ARB can mine with 3.7 Exahash per month. Once we know that number, it could change the perception of ARB and with it investor/trader sentiment bringing momentum back to the share price. I am bullish both BTC and ARB. ARB are actually mining digital gold of the future and an appreciating asset. In fact ARB are mining the best performing asset in my lifetime. I personally think ARB will reach $100k in the coming 2-3 years. When that happens, if ARB have increased their HODL then ARB is going to be worth a lot more than £300m market cap in my view. I just want to make sure I capitalise on the weakness and accumulate more shares as the price downwards get amplified by the shorters, speculators, traders, etc. What do you think is going to happen when those shorters want to close their positions. They are going to want to take their profits from their shorts at some time. I only invest my profits from my trading in shares likes ARB so even if I lost all my capital then it would not make a difference to my day to day life. I accept that is not the case for others so I would not want anyone to even try and copy/replicate what I am suggesting I am going to do which is buy more shares should they go down to the 60p-70p price level or even 50p. mmnomis - Also if you are a long term investor then like me you will have invested at a few pence so both of us never will have been sitting on losses on ARB. It is those who bought at £2.00 and £3.00 that will be sitting on large losses. People often forget that what we have lost if amount of profit only. Now that could end up being a mistake but only time will tell.
bapodra_investments: Hi Peaky - I am well thank you. I hope you are well and in good health. I too remain bullish but I am bullish longer term. I am actually bearish shorter term. I do not have an exit price as longer term I do not know how high the market could take ARB should it execute its strategy successfully. Just like I had no idea when I invested for a few pence that the market would take ARB above £3.00. I don't actually think £1.50 is an unreasonable price for ARB right now as we get closer to Texas completion and get a better idea of how much revenue ARB can generate per month from its 200 MW facility. I am intrigued to better understand how much revenue ARB will generate per month from Texas 200 MW facility as that is going to be one of the driving factors for ARB's share price. So for example if it was say £20m per month then I would expect a serious re-rate. I think £20m would require a higher BTC price personally but I do not have all the information. I think ARB needs to achieve at least £10m per month revenues to ensure ARB's share price does not crash to lower prices as suggested by a few. All we can do is wait for this information which will help shape our personal views and allows people to make an informed decision.
1knocker: Jackson, you need to think short term with ARB shares. Aim to take a small profit and a quick return. Under no circumstances keep buying merely to average down and build up an uncomfortably heavy holding. Will I wait for 175 before selling my current fairly small holding? I don't know. Ask again if and when the price is 130,140,150. Some would say ARB is one to buy for the very long term. Buy it, forget it it and wait for it to mature into a block buster. I don't agree. Crypto is too new, too fast moving, and ARB's balance sheet far too precarious for that. Moreover, will PW move on, if so will his successor be any good, will ARB see some new opportunity and change its direction, and if so will it be right or wrong to do so? It would be crazy to make a long term crypto bet by going heavily into ARB for the long term. ARB is SPECULATIVE share, in a SPECULATIVE sector. Where ARB will be, or even if it will still exist in 5 to 10 years time is anyone's guess. If a company like Britsh Gas /Centrica could lose 80% of its price in a few years, in a solid utility field, how can anyone confidently extrapolate ARB 's trajectory over the short or longer term? There is a warning in the 202i year end share price competition to those who think they can. About the most useful post anyone could put up at present would be the results of that competition. A dose of reality as regards the likelihood of predictions coming true would be salutary at the beginning of what may well be a volatile year in the markets. Predicting BTC price movements is a mug's game, and the cost of funding Texas is going to be highly dependent upon the BTC price at the critical moments. Sometimes ARB shows a trading range (recently about 118 to 130) but has now broken below that. So I am on the sidelines again. I think ARB should be a decent speculative buy below 80, provided that any drop to that level is BTC sentiment driven and not caused by Capex funding pressure on ARB. If ARB ends up having to raise capital at a bad time (it is a great shame that it has narrowed its options and put itself at the mercy of the market by failing to negotiate a loan facility last year when the sun was shining)I doubt I would want to buy at any price until the capital raise was complete and I could asses the value of what I would be buying. Better to by a at a slightly higher price after the dust has settled than guess at bottoms with something like ARB.
bapodra_investments: 1knocker - Yes the other thread is very quiet and the fact that this thread has as many posts as that thread which had several months head start tells you everything. This is a balanced thread and I try and be as balanced as I can both bullish and bearish depending on the price action at any given period. I may be bullish long term BTC and ARB but that does not mean I cannot be bearish shorter term based on BTC and ARB's price action. The simple fact is that ARB's share price and market cap got way ahead of itself based on speculative capital and it is now unwinding back towards some reasonable metric. ARB is looking likely to deliver £100m revenues in 2022 and if it does that then is a £500m market cap unreasonable? I don't think it is based on some of the premiums attached to tech shares in the US. This would only be a market cap five times its annual revenue which is nothing. If ARB can generate £200m revenues per annum from Texas and 200MW facility then £1bn market cap is not unreasonable. The problem is that ARB reached £1bn market cap when its revenues were only £30m per annum and now we are seeing all this unwind hence ARB's price behaviour. Once the unwinding is complete, ARB, will begin to re-rate but not until any fall has concluded. Now that could mean 80p being breached and we could see lower share prices. I think 80p is important due to equity raise done at that level. I think if 80p gets breached then it could go lower as panic selling takes place and mad rush to get out with investors taking losses. That there is normally the opportune moment to buy as long as ARB's performance is on track in terms of revenues/profits. If 80p holds then that is another good price level to buy more shares but this is only my personal view.
bapodra_investments: Cromw3ll - So look at Supermarkets. There are lots of them in the UK and they all have different market shares. The all generate different amounts of revenues and profits. Yet shareholders/investors depending on when they buy the shares can be rewarded with price action. Argo is not different when it comes to its US Peers. Shareholders and investors in ARB can benefit from a rising share price and market cap in the years to come even if its US Peers are generating more revenue and profits than ARB. This is because ARB will be valued on its own revenues and profits. If people are not convinced about ARB or cannot afford to buy more shares on any dilution in the future then they should really stay away from ARB. I do agree with you Cromw3ll that if ARB does not raise top dollar then it will stay mid tier but ARB has to try and is trying. Look at what ARB has achieved over the past 3-4 years. ARB is trying its best and yes it may not become the No.1 BTC miner in the world but I am more interested in its share price action than any titles. People should absolutely not invest or trade ARB if they do not have the confidence/conviction in the company.
bapodra_investments: 1knocker - If ARB cannot raise money because investors lose confidence or BTC makes an ATH and then declines sharply could lead to potentially lower prices and this cannot be ruled out so one cannot discount that totally. I am bullish that outcome will not materialise but one cannot totally discount that possibility no matter how remote. I understand your point but we cannot go back in time and nor can Peter Wall or Argo Blockchain. It has the capital and funding it has. I take your point and do not necessarily disagree with you but I am expecting PW and ARB to make some announcements soon in due course about further investments that help to diversify from ARB's BTC mining operations. Keep a look out for these announcements in the New Year (2022). Once BTC makes its ATH it will retract and ARB will be positioning itself as a Crypto/Blockchain company and not just a BTC mining company in the future. This could create short term price weakness but investors have a choice to make based on their confidence/conviction on what ARB are trying to achieve. They cannot achieve this in a few months as it takes years. My timescale is the next BTC halving event and subsequent BTC bull run and keep accumulating shares on any market weakness. If others do not have that same patience, confidence and conviction then they will have to make decisions about when to sell if they have not already done so. If as Jackson suggests/eludes that ARB's share price could go lower then based on ARB's current position I would be a buyer as nothing has happened that has changed my view of where ARB is heading but this is years away so why investors are only allowing ARB months to achieve is very surprising. It is not realistic. I think investors timescales are not realistic. ARB has already achieved so much in the past three years and just think where they could be in the next three years. What is right for one may not be right for another. I could be wrong but I am willing to take that level of risk based on my own timeframe and objectives for ARB. If ARB succeeds then it could have a share price and market cap which is a lot higher than current levels. Everyone should make investing/trading decisions based on their own objectives, plan and strategy.
bapodra_investments: 1knocker - Interesting points you make. There is no reason why if ARB becomes too risky for someone's portfolio that they cannot sell, take their profits (if they have any) and come back at a later stage when the price entry point may be more attractive. ARB's downside risk is increasing and that 80p - 95p price area is looking ever more likely. That area may scare a lot of investors and we could see panic selling. Also there was a raise at around 80p so those investors may be getting twitchy and so there is high risk in ARB's share price right now. I think £1.50 is a more realistic upside target for ARB right now. Even that would require a 50% rise in the share price so any price lower than £1.00 and ARB's share price would have put in a stunning performance. We know it is capable as it has done so in the past but that does not mean it will do so again in the short term or near future. I still think investing in BTC and ETH directly is a better play and I think ARB is undervalued compared to its US peers and you can hold it in an ISA and SIPP so there are reasons why investors may want to have a position in ARB. Just do not bet the house on ARB. There are plenty of shares out there where one can make money. Only hold ARB if you have the patience of the next BTC halving event and subsequent bull run. $100k BTC price by end of December 2021! LOL. If that happens then BTC would have to put in one hell of a performance and I just cannot see it.
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