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Argo Blockchain Plc ARB London Ordinary Share
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-0.90 -2.65% 33.10 16:35:04
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34.00 33.50 35.00 33.10 34.00
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Posted at 13/9/2022 19:35 by bapodra_investments
1knocker - I anticipate a new ATH in ARB but only if BTC goes on and moves towards $100k and beyond. I am not saying ARB will make a new ATH if BTC does not go beyond $100k as I don't think the sentiment will be bullish enough to take ATB to such a place. My anticipation can be wrong and so I must let the price action guide me but a new ATH for ARB certainly will not be happening any time soon. I don't think BTC will be hitting $100k or beyond anytime soon. I have always maintained a few months either side of the next BTC halving event in 2024. In terms of price I do not know as when strong bullish trends manifest they can overshoot significantly once the speculative capital, traders and herd drive up the price to insane levels. These same group of people will use ARB as a leveraged play but if and only if BTC is going to be making new ATH's. I genuinely do not know price but I expect ARB to be generating more revenues and profits in the next BTC bull market than when it went to £1bn market cap and £3.40+. It all depends on the power of FOMO and how bullish sentiment becomes and how much capital starts flowing into ARB and that part is unknown which is why following and monitoring the price action is all we can do.
Posted at 13/9/2022 12:46 by 1knocker
A new ATH for ARB is a bold call Bap. What price for BTC do you postulate for ARB to reach (say) 350? Suppose ARB had never risen above 200, would you now be looking for 350 in the future, or 210? Suppose BTC had not spiked, and ARB had never reached £1, what would your prediction be for ARB? 100p perhaps? Or suppose BTC had hit $100K in 2021 and ARB £8 or more (as so many confidently predicted), would you today be predicting a new ATH of, say, £10 for ARB? I hope you are not catching Tyke's predilection for the rear view mirror!
Posted at 05/9/2022 18:55 by bapodra_investments
ameretto1 - No I did not and yes many will see that as a big mistake and I have repeated this hundred times but I cannot change the past. Have I lost any sleep? Not really. Should I have taken some profits at over £3.00 yes. By not doing so it has not changed my lifestyle in any shape or form. I have purchased everything I would have wanted to purchase in that period including a larger house with more land which I am in the process of modernising and making into a modern smart home. My confidence and conviction could be wrong on ARB but I think ARB is going to make a new ATH if BTC moves towards $100k and above and I genuinely believe that. I have a lot of shares in ARB and not sold any to date. In fact I am so bullish I have added to my position. Now if I am wrong and ARB does not go higher then the price action will prove I was wrong. I then need to move on. Simple really. I have held ARB for over four years and I still intend on holding ARB at least until the next BTC halving event at the very least so that will be 6 years. I have held start up investments for 7-10 years and I was fortunate enough to make x22 times my capital on a start up investment called Fidel Limited. That is right x22 my investment plus tax relief I claimed up front of 30% of my investment. All the profits were tax free. I actually think ARB is in a stronger position now than when it was £3.40 which proves that the share price is often disconnected with the fundamentals and financials of the company. ARB has always been a long term investment for me and many will lie and say they sold but those who know me know that I try to be open/honest without being scared of how I may look. At the end of the day the readers of this thread have to decide for themselves who are honest/trustworthy and credible and who are troublemakers and liars. I am not going to lie and say I sold and took massive profits when I did not. If the price does not go higher then I will have been wrong and I have to hold my hands up. Simple but I don't gutted bogged down or emotionally attached to the past but look forwards. If I looked at the past then I have had some spectacular returns and profits on nano caps and micro caps over the years and part of it is down to being able to hold an investment for many years where I have the confidence/conviction but when this declines being able to exit those and not hold them for longer than I need to. I have demonstrated that aplenty only recently with my exits.
Posted at 05/9/2022 16:02 by 1knocker
Tyke, even if one accepts the theory of EW, it can't be right to read off the road map a direction when in truth none (in the short term at least) is apparent. A prediction (even a hesitant one) as to short term trading range, and longer term 'direction of travel' may be appropriate predictions which can properly be made, but where the charts are indeterminate as to the short term direction, it seems to me to be appropriate (and not in the least inconsistent with EW theory) to say so. Even the shipping forecast sometimes predicts the wind direction for a shipping area as 'variable', because that is a lot more precise and helpful than saying it could be N, E, S or W when in fact the probability is that it will not be any one of them exclusively, but will fluctuate unpredictably between those directions during the period under consideration. Rebby, can you identify an ARB competitor which is not already balls deep in debt, for which a take over of ARB at any significant premium would be a sensible move at present? That is not to say that it could not happen, but the chance of it happening does not seem to me to be a sound reason to load up on ARB at present. One thing is sure though, if ARB is taken out in the near future the price, even with a significant premium, is going to leave a lot of the current shareholders nursing heavy losses. I am afraid I just don't buy the number of people who claim to have acquired their holdings at 3p !! Moreover, if such a move were to be made, the more realistic prospect seems to me to be an all share transaction, with the ARB shareholders receiving shares in the predetor /combined company, valuing ARB at only a very modest premium. Such deals can, fairly cheaply, be made very attractive to the management of the company swallowed, but would be even less attractive to ARB's shareholders than a cash offer.
Posted at 30/8/2022 20:19 by bapodra_investments
2tyke - You are clearly referring to me. Now where you are totally missing the point is that when a long term investor invests in a company (there are examples of investors who held the likes of Amazon, Google et all for 20 years) and they are the ones who had the biggest returns and life changing returns in terms of significant wealth creation. When I invested in ARB in 2018 it was when not many others were even looking at investing in Blockchain technology but because I had already been looking at Bitcoin et al and Blockchain technology and reading many books I felt it had he potential to be a disruptive technology force. I invested for the long term and I remain an investor. I still believe ARB will go higher than its ATH and I have even added recently at around 36p and prior to that around the 44p (or something like that) level. I invested in Bitcoin and Ether back in 2016/2017. I cannot even remember now it was so long ago. Now you don't need to use the nameless rubbish comment as you are clearly talking about me but I am honest enough without fear of getting attacked and admit that I have held and not sold a single ARB share because my confidence/conviction has remained high even when the share price was declining. What I did not know is that it would go all the way down to 28p as I do not have a crystal ball and nor can I 100% accurately predict the future. Nor was I exposed or had an awareness/appreciation of EWT. That has only come via yourself recently. This is the last time I am bloody going to repeat this because I am the only one who is open/honest enough to admit that whereas there may be others who would be far too scared of admitting such a thing. In all of the decline my position in ARB has remained in profit. So not only do I only use my trading profits to invest in nano caps and micro caps, I also invest at low prices which allows me that extra luxury from a risk management perspective. Let me repeat for the 100th time. My trading strategy is different to my investing strategy. So if I was trading then I absolutely would exit on a trend reversal. So if I was trading ARB which I am not and never have been then I would have exited. However I am invested in ARB and remain an investor in ARB until I feel the company is unlikely to be able to grow its revenues/profits any more or my confidence/convictions begins declining. If anything I have been buying more shares in ARB and building up a larger position during the declines and weakness. That is what I do, buy when others are running scared. Now whether you believe me or not I could not care less 2tyke. I clearly recall there were a group of us and that including 1knocker, One_Frankel, Nico115 and myself all stating ARB was overpriced and it was likely to fall. Now I certainly did not know how much it would fall by as I follow the price action and was not using EWT or looking at waves at all. I must admit I thought 70p-80p would see strong support but I was wrong. Now because I buy at low price areas when majority would not allows me the luxury to exit my positions in profit such as ARB even after such a decline. Yes the profit I could have taken would have been huge and yes hindsight is a wonderful thing but I can honestly tell you it will not have made any difference to my life whatsoever. I have bought whatever I would have in that period that I needed or wanted and I am in a privileged position. I even bought a far larger house last year whilst ARB was declining. Now if ARB does not go on an make a new ATH then I will accept I was wrong and that could still be the case but I still even today feel like ARB with a rising BTC price can see its share price rise a lot higher than its current level. Right my rant to you is over. Yes I held from £3.40 to 28p but I invested at 3p and the majority of my shares are from the 3p range not the higher prices. Ask yourself why I was able to buy at 3p. Ask your self why I was able to invest in Gfinity at 0.84p. Ask yourself why I have managed to buy shares at such a low price that I can still end up exiting and taking a profit consistently. each year.
Posted at 30/8/2022 07:31 by bapodra_investments
Good morning all. 2tyke - It is ok to disagree. For me I am not saying investors are predicting the future but I am suggesting they are anticipating what they think could happen in the future and that is how their sentiment begins forming. There is a difference. So for ARB what are the reasons why I have a bullish sentiment right now even though the price has been declining. * I am anticipating a rising BTC price as we move towards the next BTC halving event and that price is at least $100k. * I am anticipating ARB mining more BTC per month and increasing its revenues and profits per month due to 200 MW capacity and around 4.1 E/H by end of March 2023. * I am expecting both of the above to drive sentiment in others into a more bullish mode thus driving the share price upwards for ARB and amplifying the rise. * A rise in price in BTC and ARB can also shape an investor's sentiment. The chart is very powerful and will influence those traders/investors who trade/invest using signals/indicators and view the charts on different timeframes. There are of course things that could change my bullish sentiment into a more bearish one such as: * ARB does an unfavourable equity raise which is not at a far higher share price and causes major dilution. * ARB takes on debt/loans which are far higher than expected and adds significant risk to ARB financially * ARB's machine costs spiral out of control and they have to spend so much money replacing machines that it is eating into ARB's finances with little cash at the end of the day Now above is just an example and I have kept it simple to make the point. I am not saying investors are predicting these things are going to happen but they may visualise these things in their thoughts and that is how their sentiment begins to be formed. They will also read articles online, listen to interviews, read BB's and threads like this and so on. 2tyke - If you disagree then please share how you think an investors sentiment is formed? I would like to know what you think.
Posted at 26/8/2022 07:26 by bapodra_investments
Good morning all. I think ARB has one more hurdle shorter term to clear and that is its August 2022 monthly performance. We need to see if there were any days in August 2022 where ARB had to shut down its operations due to heat in Texas. The other thing I will be looking for is to see if ARB have continued their momentum and sold some of their BTC HODL and totally cleared the Galaxy loan. I really do hope they have. We then need to see a rising BTC price from September towards December and with it ARB mining more BTC and therefore increasing its revenues and profits. That is really important to give confidence to the market. If ARB are going to increase their E/H to more than 3 by end of December and 4.1 by end of Q1 2023 then I would expect to see an improvement in performance but I want to see the evidence. I think once the August monthly performance is out of the way then I think ARB has a clear run unless BTC's price has not bottomed at $17k and then both BTC and ARB could see significant weakness. I personally don't see BTC's price going below its recent low but it could easily be re-tested which would be a healthy sign and confirm a strong level of support for any future rises.
Posted at 25/8/2022 07:33 by bapodra_investments
ARB results are poor and yes that should have been expected based on what we all know has been happening. For me the biggest concern is that Peter Wall over promised and under delivered. Why even mention 5.5 E/H by the end of October 2022? If you mention then bloody well deliver it. His mantra on his calls has always been under promise and over deliver well he looks rather silly now. He will hide behind economic conditions and all these things but sorry I don't accept it. A good company and BoD when doing forward planning and forecasting/modelling look at different scenarios based on potential risks. So ARB are now saying 3.2 E/H by end of December 2022 and 4.1 E/H by end of March 2023. There is nothing mentioned about when ARB expects to reach 5.5. E/H which means they do not know themselves! I liked ARB's hedging strategy/derivatives to get an average of $28,500 for its BTC sales. That is impressive in the current conditions but for me their 5.5 E/H will have shaped the sentiment in terms of forward expectations and anticipations from investors. At least the bad news is out of the way and the market is forward looking. I would expect ARB's share price to decline following these results and bearish sentiment returning short term. That is precisely the time to be investing in ARB when many are bearish. I still remain bullish BTC and ARB longer term and my confidence/conviction has not changed. I just think it may take a little bit longer. Short term I am bearish ARB and I am expecting a revisit of the share price back into the 30p-39p zone. However the market works in ways most least expect so I will let the price action guide me.
Posted at 17/8/2022 07:09 by bapodra_investments
Good morning all. ARB has made a low which we can see on the chart. Now from a technical perspective I would expect ARB's share price to strongly re-test that low and ideally bounce strongly off it before any major/significant rise. It does not always happen but where a share price has a strong level of support near the bottom it can provide a strong platform/base for a significant rise. For me the price action has not yet confirmed that the low is in for ARB. It may well be but price confirmation has not happened yet. So part of me is anticipating/expecting a decline in the share price short term for ARB. I could be wrong but just sharing my views at this moment in time purely based on price and the chart. Now Bitcoin is in bullish mode so that would lead me to think it will take ARB with it should that bullishness continue. ARB's RSI on the daily is around 70 which represents 'overbought' levels and of course it could go above that for longer than we can imagine in a bullish move but nevertheless it is around the 70 overbought levels. ARB's MFI on the daily is around 80 which again represents 'overbought' levels and the same applies as I have stated above. ARB's 200 DMA at the moment is around 71.44p so I would want to see any move above that to convince me that the bottom is more likely than not to be in. Of course MA's are time lagging so as the days pass that 200 DMA will creep lower into the 60p-70p zone in due course and I think that is the next move for ARB should BTC begin rising from current levels. ARB's 20 DMA and 50 DMA around the 37p-41p price zone so I would expect both to hold but the price is below its 100 DMA at the moment which is around 49p and a whisker below that psychological price point of 50p. If you look at the volume then there are more 'Green' bars and than 'Red' bars which indicates to me there is more buying than selling which supports the price action and rise we have seen. That is a positive and bullish sign for me. There are also a couple of 'GAPS' showing on the daily timeframe for ARB and you all know my views on 'GAPS' so I am expecting ARB's price to be a little bit volatile as it goes down to flll those 'GAPS' which happen to be in the block between the 20/50 DMA's and 100 DMA. I think only once this has all unwinded/unraveled will we see ARB's share price go beyond its 200 DMA. My short term view is not fixed and will change based on the price and price alone. There is absolutely nothing wrong with changing your short term view based on the price action and that is the most sensible thing to do as the price is the most important indicator/signal there is above all else.
Posted at 14/8/2022 17:04 by bapodra_investments
Hootza - I know how you feel but don't forget ARB have openly stated 200 MW and around 5.5 E/H (not sure if this will change) by the end of October 2022. So I think you need to allow ARB that time and then judge them but don't forget ARB started behind its US peers and they have not been standing still. So whilst ARB invest to catch up they are all investing in their mining and expanding too hence why they have better performance. I accept ARB is not the best BTC miner in terms of performance. However due to its low share price and market cap I do think ARB's share price could perform very well when that BTC bull market is in full flow. That is the most important metric - its share price. I keep on saying it but ARB's share price will often be disconnected with its fundamentals and financials. I think ARB's returns will outperform BTC's returns in a bull market as it will be a leveraged play on BTC. However everyone has a choice to invest in US BTC miners instead of ARB. I have chosen to stick with ARB but invest in Coinbase and MicroStrategy as my US plays to give me that mini diversification in the Bitcoin space. I do agree with One-Frankel that US shares will see more investment and more capital and their shares prices will get the biggest interest and following when compared to ARB so I have my feet on both sides. ARB still has a lot of growth to come in the sense that it needs to raise money for the remaining 600 MW to take Helios/Texas to 800 MW and 20 E/H full capacity and so it will be choppy with the share price seeing sharp rises along with sharp falls which will spook/scare a lot of weaker investors/traders who do not understand the price behaviour and price cycles.
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