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AAZ Anglo Asian Mining Plc

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20 May 2024 - Closed
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Anglo Asian Mining Plc AAZ London Ordinary Share
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Posted at 16/5/2024 16:04 by 2cmb
Wan' GULP !!!! FFS !!:-/

Read the paragraph " President Chief Executive's views".
The management of AAZ are having dialog with the Government regarding the DEMIRLI and GARADAG mines in Nagorno Karabach.
Do some people including you still think the Azarie's are going to steal AAZ from us ??? After reading all this in writing in the RNS !!!
Then you keep going on about AAZ running out of finances if the Azarie's keeps dragging their feet re the TD !!!
When was the last time you watched the video presentation on the AAZ website??
Rıza Wazari explicitly stated in that video that finance was also awalable from OUTSIDE AZERBAIJAN.
I guess I must live in another world then you.
Do you really think the Azarie's would discuss DEMIRLI etc with the management if they did not plan to give the TD permission??

I think you are just looking for something in AAZ to moan about !!
Now think for a moment that a new investor reads your unfunded postings without substance, and decides Oh' the guy running the thread is not happy at all !!
You may discourage people from investing in AAZ ! They will miss a golden opportunity to be invested in AAZ currently!
Do you want to become a liability to yourself??
Come back to me here with a very viable discussion please and stop moaning. :-) :-)
Posted at 14/5/2024 08:59 by pogue
SUPR is a REIT I am invested in and is a different type of investment than the usual ones we discuss here. Below is a Tempus article, from the Times, with cut out important bit. Basically it rents supermarkets to supermarket companies in UK and France. Its 15% below NAV and yields around 8%. For me I am happy with the fact supermarkets always do well in good or bad times unlike office space the usual REIT staple and with the high probability of a declining BoE interest rate environment later this year their price can only go up. That's my reasoning anyway who knows I am not always right. Beware some ISA/SIPP providers charge to hold these so if you are thinking of them call provider.
Not a recommendation to buy, I hold, this post is for entertainment not investing advice.

When it floated in 2017 management thought supermarkets were about to enter a more placid period. They could not have envisaged the pandemic, Ukraine conflict and supply-chain blockages, leading to higher interest rates and last year’s cost of living crisis, all of which have depressed retail rents. Cheaper interest and shrinking inflation will help the foreign ventures in the medium term but in the short term the trust may suffer from smaller inflation-linked rent rises. Its loans are a modest 37% of asset value. The shares trade at a prospective 12.1 times current-year earnings. The price is 15% shy of the official net asset value, boosting the dividend yield to 8.3%.

Last month the board announced an interim dividend for January to March of 1.515p per share, up from 1.5p this time last year, to be paid as a Property Income Distribution. That usually means 20% tax is withheld and has to be claimed back if the shares are held in a tax shelter such as an Isa. Prospective investors should consult professional advisers to ensure that the Reit format is right for them, but subject to that Supermarket Income looks on course for recovery and expansion.

Complete article:
Posted at 13/5/2024 16:00 by 2cmb
Hi Wan.
Put your thinking cap on and try and put things into prospective re AAZ and the Azari Government.
A few days ago you posted some good posts, re how some Co.s were rushing to invest in Azerbaijan. The possible investments being in $100s plus millions.
Now who would you be dealing with first ?? AAZ or these future big investments??
The priority would be the new investments and big ones that are going to create a lot of employment opportunities in Azerbaijan IMO.
The burocrats and the El Presidente
are loaded with many files from various Co.s from all parts of the world on their desks.
There is also a lot going on with the re settlement of the papulation in Nagorno Karabach area.
Do you really think the Azari's would put AAZ as a priority??
I am sure the AAZ BoD are doing their best to get things moving but IMHO they can only knock on so many of the relevant doors.
All this is just in IMHO ofcourse.
Patience and a lot more of it is required dear Wanobi I am sorry to say.
Posted at 09/5/2024 12:36 by 2sporrans

What's it worth, potentially?

Remember Hardman?

And more specifically their last review, released May 2023; just a year ago, before the dam debacle washed over?

Well, here's a cut/paste job, summarising their take on Demerli, with a whopping 67p valuation out of their 214p total share price tote.
Their assessment was made before the exodus of Armenians from Karabakh [autumn 2023] and the very recent departure of Russian peacekeepers; both +ve for AAZs access prospects and the Demirli valuation.

Also, note that 67p share price valuation assumed a copper price of $8,000/tonne; that looks a tad conservative att.

Note also that Hardman expected that the mine+plant could be re-started for as little as $30mn, bearing in mind it was still in operation Dec. 2022.

I'm not pushing Hardman's take.
Indeed, at the time it came out, i was bemused as to why they valued the entire "gedabek" - the contract area, including GILAR and Zafer - at what seemed to me rather a measly 72p [sp].
Especially given [at that time] "Gedabek" looked a bird in the hand but Demirli
very much in the bush.
Then again, maybe i ought to be cautious in my bird attribution, having already fallen fowl on the chicken score this morning.

Whatever, here's the pasted summary:

"AAZ is embarking on an expansion that will create a much larger mining business, extending well beyond its flagship Gedabek contract area (“Baseline Gedabek”). The company was awarded three concessions in 2022 at no cost, each containing a substantial copper deposit: Xarxar with nearly 100kt, Garadag over 300kt and Demirli estimated at 200kt. The staged development of the integrated Xarxar and Garadag project (“Copper 1”) and Demirli (“Copper 2”) will transform AAZ from a small-cap gold miner to a mid-sized copper producer with c.50kt p.a. of copper production, and significant gold and zinc by-products. We estimate an aggregate valuation for Baseline Gedabek + Copper 1 – Xarxar and Garadag + Copper 2 – Demirli of 214p per share."

"Copper 2 – Demirli: The copper mine and processing plant is believed to have been in operation as recently as 28 December 2022. If intact, little investment may be needed by AAZ to restart the operation (we assume $30m). There are difficulties with access, owing to Russian peacekeepers in the Karabakh region, potentially until November 2025, unless an alternative agreement is reached."

"Investment summary: We have calculated a fair value for AAZ of 214p per share from the aggregate of three DCF valuations for Baseline Gedabek (76p)
+ Copper 1 – Xarxar and Garadag (71p) + Copper 2 – Demirli (67p). These are based on a copper price of $8,000/tonne (3.63/lb), a gold price of $1,900/oz and an 8.0% discount rate. Notwithstanding the debt-financing requirements to fund growth in the next few years, we expect dividend payments to continue."
Posted at 02/5/2024 16:49 by riggerbeautz
Peter think as Bumpa and yourself acknowledge, anyone playing for any length of time is bound to have variations on how they play the market. I’ll only answer specific to AAZ, as that’s how you initially framed it.

Really it depends on your starting position, some have been here years, myself included, since the share was trashed when Bashirov decimated the price, effectively a forced seller; so that’s why the likes of JB2 and a few others see last years “event” shall we call it, as another opportunity as then to load up. Personally since Bumpa led me to AAZ at that point, when it looked a gift, I’ve stayed in, built a stake and traded round a core odd batches. For sure I could have cashed out higher, but anyone can be the worlds best hindsight trader.

So holding a fair few, it’s not easy to buy or sell in size when there’s never a huge trading free float; thing that always impressed me was board skin in the game. By doing so I’ve also had plenty of reward from the dividends paid out. So both banking and adding free shares with dividends, worked out my average to 4.4p currently; not trying to be a smart ass, I’m sure others have done better. It’s why though, I’m totally chilled about selling and where we are right now. Which probably differs considerably to anyone buying in the last few years and underwater. My aim will be to wipe my average out even lower and hold the bulk for growth on any rise. Doubt that helps but you asked.
Posted at 29/4/2024 18:13 by 2cmb
RB' we all trade and invest in our own ways. The thing I exercise is to play and stick around if I feel the Co. Is good enough. Be it a midcap 250 Co. or the AIM rarely I have invested in the FTSE 100. I think I held AAL when it's price crashed to around £2.50. Sold it a bit too early also buying GLEN for around 80P etc. Same story as AAL ! I also held PFC a few years ago.
I invested in AAZ quite sometime ago. I have sold big chunks of AAZ in the past and have made very good profits out of it. I think I told Wan' when I started selling AAZ. I have never really been out of AAZ holding. I even sold a property once when AAZ started to pay a divi.
This is the first time in my investing history that I have gone all in into an AIM Co.
I think I have posted the reasons why I have gone all in into AAZ.
I don't think we have to waite too long until we find out if it was a good or a bad decision. I am not in the least bit stressed about AAZ.
Well frankly I don't care much. I am quite secure financially in my life or what is remaining of it. I will be 77 years old in July this year.
NAI ofcourse.
GLA and ATB.
Posted at 29/4/2024 09:13 by wanobi
no, as I've said before,,, I believe that AAZ management has had a steer from AZERGOV/Pres in regard to how long it will take & so they are confident enough to use the word shortly,,, that's all :-) :-)

I think,, if they had NO steer from AZERGOV/Pres they'd be thinking in terms of months, as indeed, you are,,, and in that case, they'd be making a different timescale statement, such as 'by end of QTR2' for example...

why do I say this,,, because, I know that AAZ management has no regard for the day to day share price,, other management teams dress things up,, they'll use the word shortly, knowing full well it'll be months,, just to keep their share price from falling,,, AAZ management don't think that way,, they say it as it is and let the share price take care of itself...

If they know/think it'll take months, AAZ management would not have used the word shortly....

That's me read on it fwiw :-) :-)

Anyway, all academic, we sit and wait, as they do now..... and we'll see who reading this correctly at some point shorty :-) LOL :-) :-)

Wan :-)
Posted at 27/4/2024 17:03 by wanobi
I agree 100% Bumpa,,, this is now it for me,, if this one comes off I won't need to play this game any longer and frankly I think that's for the best.... :-) :-)

if this one doesn't come off,, then I shall be, as you say, stretchered off the pitch with no means to come back.... :-) :-)

this is it, I'm staring into the abyss, will I end up there,,, we shall see,,, hope not,, obs :-) :-),,,,, but,, I've placed my bet and the wheel is spinning now... :-)

my position is way too large to easily cash out with the limited liquidity in AAZ stock.... I'd certainly drive the price down and down etc !!

I am, for all 'intents & purposes' one of the business owners now,,, not in terms of the number of shares I own (although, I would be easily classed as a Key Shareholder looking at that section on AAZ's website), but, in terms of my ability to liquidate such a position,,, like them right now I'm a bit "stuck up the creek without a paddle",,, hopefully we will be granted that paddle soon enough :-)..

so, I've gone from a bit of a novice trader, to a bit of an novice medium term investor,, to basically a novice owner in a single business.. LOL :-) :-)

will it pay off,,, hmm,, all depends on you know what :-) :-)

if it doesn't, I will sink along with the other key shareholders and that's that!!

we shall see Bumpa,, your game works for you,, but, without a decent broker does not work for me,,, the medium term punts I've made,,, some worked, some did not, but overall, not the game for me (especially on AIM, too, way too many snakes and not enough ladders),,, so, owning a chunk of a business where the management has a proven track record, big skin in the game, take their rewards via divi's, do not dilute (so far),, bail out the business in difficult times (done so in the past),, have a product that the world wants and will need more of etc etc etc

and accepting the risks, geopolitical etc etc...

here I am,,, I have arrived at my game,,,, will it prove to be successful,, we shall all see soon enough :-) :-)

one thing I did not expect though,,, was the likes of AAZ to eventually end up as a binary bet on one piece of paper from the gov/pres and that could be my undoing,,, but, not just mine,,, the whole company and its owners......

Wan :-)
Posted at 21/4/2024 09:04 by 2cmb
Good morning all.
Wan and AiE. We all have a different prospective on the situation.
Let's start with the scenario of current situation.
AAZ has been given the right to mine again after all the examination by the various Co.s checking things out.
If the Azari's wanted to steal AAZ they would have not given the right for AAZ to start mining again.
A lot of locals are employed by AAZ. AAZ helps the local economy.
AAZ has been mining for quite some time in Azerbaijan and shares the profits with the Government departments.
AAZ has an excellent relationship with the Government.
The Azari's won't nationalise AAZ.
It would stop future investments from other Co.s into Azerbaijan.
Let's look at the worst scenario that
they refuse the current TD. to be used. AAZ puts the current mining opration to a full stop and looks for a place to build a new TD somewhere else. How long that would take? i have no idea. A mine can be put into care and mentainence.
In this situation I think everyone loses AAZ and the local community also the revenue to the Government.
The shareprice would ofcourse take a
hit but it wouldn't be a wipeout.
I would not have gone all in without consideration of all the above scenarios.

Wan' this is not a roulette table where it is all or nothing.
Your fears of a full takeover by the
Azari's is unfounded.
Let's say it happens. The case would go to arbitration.
Come back to me with a valid discussion.
There's a few of us that have gone all in. Terropol, JB, Me and a new poster I forget the name of !!

Anyway no advice from me to any other investor to follow our strategy.
NAI but today I want to put it clearly .
Posted at 20/4/2024 17:24 by wanobi
appreciate your offer of assistance cmb :-)

as previously stated, this is it for me.....

AAZ comes good,, it will have been a very decent trip.....

AAZ screws up,,, I'll be gone from this thread and off to do other things as it'll be game over....

I know exactly what risk I am taking and I am prepared for the worst, should it happen....

a binary bet,,, on AZERGOV & Pres backing AAZ or not as I've stated a good few times now....

I'm betting my shirt they will and yes, as Bumpa says,, it's gambling, not investing whilst the TD permission is hanging out there,,,, get that sorted and I feel we'll be back into investing territory :-) :-)

GL to all AAZ LTH's ....

Wan :-)

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