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Advance Energy Dividends - ADV

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Advance Energy Plc ADV London Ordinary Share
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-0.04 -21.62% 0.145 11:29:48
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0.185 0.13 0.185 0.145 0.185
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sweet karolina2: As an AIM Rule 15 Cash Shell, the Company is REQUIRED to make an acquisition, or acquisitions, which constitutes a reverse takeover under AIM Rule 14 (including seeking re-admission under the AIM Rules for Companies) within six months from 27 May 2022. ALTERNATIVELY, within such time period, the Company can seek to become an investing company pursuant to AIM Rule 8, which requires, inter alia, the raising of at least GBP6 million and publication of an admission document. RTO is the first and only realistic option. As soon as there is a sniff of an RTO the shares suspend - Dave Witby got CEB suspended (at about 1.2p) by ramping on about an RTO, the RTO and placing that created the uber dog ADL was at 0.2p ADV currently has cash to cover admin costs for 7 months - it's in the company's RNS, best guess is £600k until we get results to 30 Apr 22 and then we can refine that guess. "this is by far the easiest route with the odvious [SIC] benefits" For those intelligent enough to be able to read (and write) hTTps:// "The key benefits of cash shells: • There is a transparent amount of cash already in the shell ready to invest in the right target company [Yes at the point of RTO the "target" will know exactly how little there is] • When compared with a conventional IPO, the cash is already in the shell meaning the success of the transaction does not rely on attracting new investors to support a fundraising [not true in ADV case, the money left will not cover all the costs of the RTO. There will not be anything left over and it will all need to be raised in the accompanying placing] • A reverse transaction into an existing cash shell MAY be quicker, and therefore a less costly method of achieving an admission to a stock market and, at the same time, accessing cash to grow a business [cost and time difference between AIM IPO and AIM RTO are minimal, indeed it can be worse with RTO due to problems in the dirty shell - cf New World Oil and Gas (NEW) as an example] Legacy cash shells (Dirty shells) Legacy cash shells are listed entities that have disposed of their trading business. What remains is cash in its bank and perhaps one or more directors. Because of this many are referred to as ‘dirty shells’. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are unsuitable for consideration. Because these shells have had a past trading history, it’s important to understand what has happened to the company, why it became a shell, and what, if any, liabilities your company will inherit if a reverse transaction is undertaken. It’s important to use the services of a specialist to investigate the shell company and also to undertake satisfactory levels of due diligence [which take time and cost money] to establish the extent of potential liabilities which may include: • Contractual obligations with suppliers • The debts to previous customers • Agreements with banks and other lenders • Ongoing contracts with existing customers • Employee contracts • Potential tax liabilities Legacy cash shell companies may have an existing shareholder base that has been built over a number of years. That does not necessarily follow that shareholders in the shell company will be prepared to remain investors in the new company following the reverse transaction." "i actually know at least two companies looking for a listing in this sector" And they will be asking what is the difference between an IPO on AIM and an RTO into ADV actually worth to us? Because that is what they will be prepared to pay - why pay more when the clock is ticking meaning you hold all the aces and a gun to their heads? Are those companies after an AIM listing or would a cheaper, easier (sub)Standard List listing do, obviously if they were really good companies they would be looking for premium listing. Rules on Corporation Tax carry forward changed 1 Apr 17, but are not clear on exactly what counts as the same business. Prior to 2017 it definitely was not possible to carry forward tax losses. The fact that none of the articles I posted links to (all written post 2017) say it is now possible indicates that when it comes to RTOs into shells it is still not possible - if it were it would be an important advantage, particularly with most dirty shells. Anyone thinking of investing here should get it conformed from an authoritative source ie no a BB poster. "Just filter the uneducated clowns" Why? you make those of us who can read and write laugh so much and explain why so many mugpunter PIs are still around buying into uber dogs.
sweet karolina2: A few interesting things to read about cash shells: hTTps:// hTTps:// hTTps:// As you read them remember ADV is a dirty cash shell that does not have very much cash. Also remember the clock is ticking down to delisting when it will go to 0p - the company looking to reverse in effectively has a gun to ADV's head in any negotiation. Also remember the latest date for a suspension is 27 Nov at which point anyone still holding is trapped. Finally anyone who thinks the approx £50m ADL/ADV have sent to money heaven has some value as future tax credit, forget it. Past losses can only be used to offset future tax if the business is the same. By definition an RTO is not the same business and ADV must do an RTO (or raise £6m in a placing - no chance!). An RTO is a fundamentally different form of acquisition to what was implied by that BS fantasy strategy so to try to claim they are still pursuing it is just a lie.
sweet karolina2: Is pointing out to a child that what they are doing will most likely hurt them being nasty? If you truly believe this will come good then provide a coherent argument that explains the type of oil producer that would benefit by doing a deal with ADV. That's the thing about deals, they are mutually beneficial to both parties and both parties do due diligence on each other (which costs both parties money) before they jump into bed with each other. I can't think of any oil producer that has anything at all to gain by doing a deal with an uber dog with fleas like ADV.
sweet karolina2: The mistake made by all investors (II, SI, PI) here was the failure to assess the risks properly and then balance them against the genuine potential rewards. At a project level the risk / reward balance was marginal: BHP identified the attic as a target but did not drill it. The people BHP sold the field to did not drill the attic. CVN said it could fund drilling itself but then went out to find someone to pay for the drilling. Only ADV was interested because they were desperate to do something and CVN were happy to let ADV take all the financial risk, not just of this stage but for the whole development: RNS 17 Dec 20 "Assuming drilling success at the B-10 appraisal well and, among other things, the parties agreeing a field development plan, Advance Energy has agreed to source and arrange development financing up to first oil, which is expected to be primarily in the form of debt [70:30 is the best they could have hoped for but with something like this 60:40 would be more likely which would have left ADV with a lot more equity to raise]." It was obvious to anyone with any experience at all that the risk assessment in the CPR was nonsense - 95% chance of 1C when the definition of 1C is 90% of that volume being there, if you hit it at all. To stand any chance of funding development in the manner proposed, 2C volumes being demonstrated as recoverable would have been needed: definition of 2C is 50% if you manage to hit the target at all and there aren't then complications with parts of the reservoir being trapped or having insufficient permeability - very few reservoirs can be recovered from just one access point - look at the number of holes BHP drilled to bring into productions the parts of the field that were brought into production. The structure of the deal made a marginal risk / reward into an insane risk / reward balance for ADV, but a great one for CVN. Further the existing equity and the admin costs made the readmission investment even more insane: Pay £20m for less than 80% (Mcap at placing price was £26m) to enable $20m to be put into a marginal project for only 50% of the potential reward, whilst taking all the funding risk up to first oil! Having raised the money ADV could not have pulled out and done something else [Dave Whitby was a crook who did not drill the well he raised the money for but instead squandered it on paying himself and doing related party transactions]. This BoD are not as good as they claim to be, but they are not crooks like Whitby. All the talk of acquiring a non operated stake in producing and already cash generative assets sounds great, because they are clearly far lower risk. But then so are the rewards. With the running costs of the company taken out of any dividends paid back to ADV, $20m would not provide any return to ADV shareholders - those shareholders would be far better off using the money to buy shares in BP and Shell in the market. The idea that ADV could now get debt, when it has no assets on which to secure it, to fund a non operated stake in a producing cash generative field and that would provide returns which covered the running costs of ADV, servicing the debt and creating returns to shareholders is completely ludicrous. Yes there are such stakes available, but they are not given away and ADV has nothing extra to offer so any deal would favour the vendor (exactly as the B10 deal favoured CVN). If ADV did manage to raise some money then it would again do a bad deal, because it would be desperate to do a deal to keep the mugpunters believing so more discounted bucket shop placings could be done to keep the gravy train on the rails for the BoD and the advisers. Those looking to blame someone else for what has happened here are failing to learn the lessons from their own investing mistakes. Investing is all about risk / reward balance. What investors did here was gamble on a single spin of the wheel and when it did not come up as a winner try to avoid looking at themselves as the cause of their losses. Put yourselves on trial. Why did you put your money in here? why did you not work out that it was a bad investment?: Everything I have said above was freely available info in the public domain at the time you bought in. Find yourselves guilty because you are, then sentence yourselves to either learning how these things work and how to do proper research before investing or to investing only in FTSE 100 or through established fund managers who have a market beating track record over several years. Nobody who did proper research would buy shares in ADV or any of the other AIM uber dogs that destroy wealth whilst funding the lifestyles of BoDs and advisers until the gravy train finally hits the buffers and they move on to the next one whilst leaving PI's with nothing and no one but themselves to blame.
sweet karolina2: Facts are: Predecessor to ADV was just one long string of failures. ADV failed sending £20m to money heaven. ADV has no assets. ADV has cash to fund PLC costs maybe for 12 months, but nothing to do any meaningful investments. The revised strategy has zero precedent for taking a company in ADV's position through to become a company that delivers real returns to shareholders. It does however have a lot in common with "strategies" proposed by other AIM investing companies which have been nothing more than lifestyle scams. Yes there are a lot of ramping opinions coming from known rampers and fools, like smcl, who don't have a clue how things work in the real world, but that bit is just my opinion. The rest is fact.
lw425: The last reported cash balance of WCAT was £358,560. Less than half of one million. Yet the market cap is 60m. ADV has enough cash to last the calendar year but the market cap is only 3m. The market will take the share price of ADV to whatever level is needed as we move towards the next big deal. As it could be a substantial deal with vendor financing involved then things could get very interesting indeed on the Upside next week. Market could easily take the share price up to 1.5p and raise at 1.2p. Someone will always know what you don't. All you can do is anticipate the next move in advance. ADV has NO DEBT so has plenty of options.
dorset64: As has been said many times on these boards, never believe anyone, and especially one that would not listen to, and attacked anyone with a differing view to his own. The below posts are only a couple from last week but speak volumes. I honestly feel for anyone that loses money in any market, but take this as a lesson that unless they are the management & onsite, no-one has the right 'opinion' without knowing all the results in advance. MT despite him thrusting his views on multiple boards & forever stating his winners, is like all of us hostage to fate and the results of these type of drills. I feel for anyone who bought shares on the back of his posts as he seeks to come across as someone with knowledge, experience & 'more right' than anyone else, but in fact has no doubt cost many people large sums of money and most likely, to those that could least afford it. ======================================================== Mount Teide - 16 Jan 2022 - 19:33:25 - 846 of 2159 Advance Energy - Unlocking Hidden Value - ADV 11% - Thanks for your thoughts. 'It does NOT say that they will set that they will set the 9 5/8â€� casing higher if they think the top of the reservoir is going to higher…âS64;¦â€¦in fact, they think “ the fact that we remain on prognosis is an encouraging indication that the geophysical interpretation is as we predicted.â€�…' Hitting the top of the marine shales a little higher would also confirm they remain on prognosis. Industry professional 'Energy Geo' posting on LSE sees it as an encouraging development too: 'The well will have planned to get the casing seat into shale and the obvious target is the top of Echuca marine shales, so they have probably hit this lithological change a little higher that prognosed. I wouldn't read too much into this just yet other than its encouraging that it's been encountered higher (shallower depth) than originally prognosed' S44 - 'I think you will find a lot will sell and take profit as it 18 months at best till production and new farm in deals wont move it up much more from where share price settles after this discovery announced' That strategy could have some significant profit risk, as the management has recently suggested that in the event of success at Buffalo they have a follow on production asset acquisition in mind - potentially delivering not one but 2 major near term catalysts for the share price. In addition they're also looking at a Buffalo lookalike asset. AIMHO/DYOR ================================================ Mount Teide - 16 Jan 2022 - 18:34:01 - 838 of 2159 Advance Energy - Unlocking Hidden Value - ADV 57m shares traded on Friday - that's 5.7% of the company. Against an average of 20m (2.0%) a day during the preceding month. Setting and cementing, some 100m shallower than anticipated, the casing for the final section of the drill down into the reservoir is encouraging, as it not only supports the geological model of a reservoir 'Attic' but, possibly one at the larger end of the range - the mythical 'Penthouse Suite'. AIMHO/DYOR
affc21: Worth highlighting Mount Teide's post (part of below), considering people have digested the this mornings RNS and think that the oil column may be much bigger. In which there is an uplift in the cash flow by 69% in the 3C case : Suggesting operating cash flow(attributable to Advance Energy) during estimated period of PLATEAUX production of: At today's $85/bbl Brent price $313 million - 1C (8.5 months) $585 million - 2C ( 1 yr 3.5 months) $989 million - 3C ( 2 years 2.5 months) At $60/bbl Brent $218 million - 1C (8.5 months) $403 million - 2C ( 1 yr 3.5 months) $683 million - 3C ( 2 years 2.5 months) Post in full: With Thanks to MT and hope you do not mind me reminding folks ====================================================== PS,  2C is 34.3mmbo in total, ADV share is 12.5mmbo. 3C is 62.8mmbo in total, ADV share is 22.2mmbo. (CPR & Admission Document, page 62) ====================================================== Also with thanks to Whoppy,s post: Leslie says here at the end of the interview that the final casing point is key to the top of the reservoir and oil column thickness (from 13.5 minutes) Https:// Its just a case of putting the jigsaw pieces together :) All the best
king suarez: My understanding with the way they have expressed this in the CPR is: 1) Base case gross field size 34.3mb 2) ADV get 50% 3) After accounting for 30% corporation tax, 5% royalty and adjusting for cost recoveries (i.e deducting development costs from taxable profits?) this equates to a 12.5mb of oil net share 4) That 12.5mb is worth $169m after tax NPV (discounted at 10%) at an oil price of $50 per barrel. For reference, it has been estimated that East Timor govt could bank $600m over 5 years if the base case development goes ahead through their PSC share (royalties + corp tax?). That was based on a $75 oil price and assuming $15 per barrel development capex. Edit: Development and appraisal capex is $145m ($20m already paid by ADV for the appraisal 100%), and annual operating costs at $60m. So $125m development capex to be funded for the project, presumably 50/50 with Carnavon and $30m annual Opex attributable to ADV. 15k bopd at $80 = $438m revenue $438m less $30m Opex = $408m net less 35% corp tax and royalties = $265m net That repays ADV share of project development costs in about 3 months? So after one year left with around $200m net cash? Silly money. hTTps:// Edited: confusion over opex and development costs
mount teide: Advance Energy (ADV) - 'Tennyson's April 2021 note said... "At US$60/bbl Brent price we value a redevelopment in excess of US$200m (>12p/Share) unrisked, net to Advance." This looks conservative: From the CPR, using the Contractor NPV tornado diagram I calculate the value of redevelopment(net to Advance) at $60 Brent to be $248m million(15p/share inclusive of the current Tapis regional light sweet crude oil $4.5/bbl price premium to dated Brent) Value of Redevelopment(net to Advance Energy): $297m @ $70 Brent (18.10p/share) $368m @ $80 Brent (22.10p/share) $412m @ $90 Brent (25.30p/share) So, at today's $76.5 Brent (with regional price premium) the value of redevelopment(Net to Advance) could potentially be in excess of $370 million (22.15p/share) for the 2C scenario, 40.55p/share for 3C, and 15.23p for 1C. AIMHO/DYOR
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