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millse 10 Apr'14 - 18:49 - 13052 of 13081 0 0 Leo, I wasn't having as go, 2 very good rns's which can add millions to turnover and real profits going forward. Looks like we have as winner in qpp, as it looks like they have no real competition in the market place. Could be a takeover target from one of the big insurance companies, but hopefully not for as while as IMHO there's plenty of legs left in the upward trend. .......................... What a load of bunkum! Complete knob - no idea what it is talking about!
Roble S.L - all very mysterious. Has anyone managed to dig up any info on who they are? Google brings nothing up and a search on the Companies House website shows the name Roble SL is available. I wonder if they are acting on behalf of someone who is 'locked in' from a previous takeover/merger transaction who just wants their cash now?
http://uk.advfn.com/exchanges/LSE/quindell-QPP/takeover Lots more chatter
Maybe RT will takeover TIG and that will bury that argument as RT would be able to achieve more from their resource base than they can. Also the city now own 33.47% of Quindell and this is advancing so not sure that argument is still valid.
I have been starting to think this might be a takeover target If I was IBM, Accenture , Capita, Serco, Convergys - any of the worlds big BPO's I'd be looking at the growth of QPP, logo's contracted / relationships / Partnerships & be thinking wow that looks like a nice business to have Consolidation in the BPO world is pretty common - look at the Convergys purchase of Stream in the last few weeks - not a small deal Companies like Teleperformance/Accenture/Convergys have north of 100,000 fte worldwide - run outsourced call centres in their sleep, have worldwide infrastructure, already work with most of QPP's clients, have established operations in the USA & South America Plus a product like QPP makes business development for their sales & solutions teams a lot easier to get in to more insurance companies Yep I wouldn't laugh at people suggesting a take over
alamaison that's not a takeover that's your shorts :-)
It's not the smell of takeover!!! Put that green stuff aside, not good for health. Lol
Takeover based upon what ?!?
Takeover by who? I can't smell anything beside coffee, oh sorry I having one actually.
I am new to this share and I can tell you that there is a strong smell of takeover floating in the air.
ACS was bought out by Quindell Portfolio in Apr-12...I don't know why it still shows as listed, though it seems to have been stuck at 24.4p, the takeover price, for ages.
The glaring big negative in Holding Quindell is we won't get to see all the capital gains or dividend income as they will be a takeover target if their not already. With Himex and Ingeine we are the world largest telematics provider and we are land grabbing now, hence I predict massive growth, this won't be unnoticed.
Depends on what PI means surely. Don't all the shares issued to companies on takeover count as PI shares but they will not behave in the same way as us?
outside chanceToday 14:25I suppose if it does skyrocket, I have an outside chance that they might cause the shares to crash again by doing something similar to this:“The derivative deal, used to fund a December takeover of compensation lawyers Accident Advice Helpline, involved Quindell placing new shares while also offering a guarantee against future losses – essentially betting that its own share price would not fall. “It is quite strange. I have not seen it before and most people are wondering why they’ve done it,” Andrew Noone of equity research firm GECR told City A.M. yesterday. - See more at: [Link Removed]May the best investor win...good luck to all.That's what he is saying pure amusement
I think NARS is up 10% not on speculation of a takeover but because IC's Simon Thompson has recommended the shares as a buy...he has a large and loyal following for his tips.
Anyone think that QPP might have something to do with the takeover strategy at NARS?
NARS takeover of Bodyshop chain. That should have another positive effect here.
Vodafone was ruled out during recent takeover talk ... not too sure actually ... you KNOW the market is potentially huge when Vodafone start trying to grab a slice ... hxxp://m2m.vodafone.com/what-we-do/m2m-solutions/telematics-usage-based-insurance/
This stock reminds me off another stock I held afew back, years brought at about 21p Manunited, thought it was going to be the making of me, we all know what happened there, takeover, taken private flogged again for fortune refloated USA I think the same will happen here hope not, Amazon, Google,US hedge funds 3-4 billion Pea nuts to them. If its as good as it looks they will strike
Look at EE - provides the chips but has zero and I mean zero interest in QPP from a vertical supply chain ownership point if view. I can't see verizon or Vodafone being interested. I think a takeover is more likely from a private finance house wanting to get its arms around strategy.
Sorry, I would reject a takeover without a price over £1 and I'm not just saying that. You would lose RT for starters and I get the feel that the other directors wouldn't want to work for someone else.
As I see it if a takeover approach was made it would come from 1) Berkshire Hathaway 2) Verizon 3) Vodaphone 4) Capita Exciting times ahead, the above potential acquirers will want this before it get too big so we may see an approach during 2015, maybe sooner depending on how much business is won in the US/Canada.
Hi steamy, earlier you mentioned we could now be a possible takeover target. Having never gone through one before, what would that mean for a small PI like myself?
When will Warren start buying? We are a takeover risk company now for sure. Verzion , Vodaphone, Capita to name a few.
TLY a takeover target? Could be very useful!
RSA Group and Aegeas Insurance will be taken out by Quindell from ingeine on takeover, so I would not be surprised to see them both building a large stake in Quindell. Demand for QPP shares will propel this very fast IMHO. Hold onto those shares, big profits to be had by all even buying in Monday.
Not sure Wiltshire, who would have the desire and firepower to take over Quindell? Himex is a possibility I guess...somehow I don't see a takeover any day soon, but then stranger things have happened!
Got to be a takeover? Surely?
I been thinking takeover too the volumes r stonking recently
Hav- I'm thinking the same. Is this a takeover? I think the rule is that you don't have to declare your holding until you've finished your buying. I think that's right but happy to be corrected by the more informed. It's just too much for several II's to be buying. Surely? Stop calling me Shirley! :-)
Can't see a takeover bid in the offering as no one is over 3% and personally think that is a good job too because whatever people think of RT he has been instrumental in getting the company where it is today and can't see him working for anyone else.
Someone mentioned a PEG of 0.5. I like that sound of that. : ) Slater Investments are holders and not surprised. I wouldn't be surprised if after the next set of results there was a takeover bid. Would prefer to hang onto these but it would save a lot of time if they were taken over. Exciting times either way. 75p sounds good to me. Then it's onto the next one!
surely these volumes must mean someone stakebuilding ahead of a takeover bid?
Two things I expect to see happen with QPP over the next 12-18 months. Entry into the FTSE 100 and a takeover bid from North America. In the meantime between now and a FTSE 250 listing I expect some retracing to happen. And wouldn't the II's with £200m worth of shares be mad to sell before the inevitable entry into the main market? davep4 - Please put me down for 45.25. I'm erring on the side of pessimism in my prediction, hoping to be completely and wildly humiliated in the competition! :O) GLA
Some more detail following Graham's comment on the Sunday Times piece: On NARS takeover: Not so, says executive chairman Rob Terry. My information is “completely wrong” and Quindell is “not in that position today”. I’m glad to clear that up, and await news of Quindell’s next target, whatever it is. Has a nice looking graph alongside and flags the shares rising 41% in a month. Whilst as Graham said only a commentary should help raise further awareness amongst potential PIs
Another QPP article in the Business section of the Times today. Rob Terry says he will not be making a takeover for National Accident. It's a commentary rather than a positive or negative article....so no need to panic!

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