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TOM Tomco Energy Plc

-0.0015 (-4.41%)
21 Jun 2024 - Closed
Delayed by 15 minutes
Share Name Share Symbol Market Stock Type
Tomco Energy Plc TOM London Ordinary Share
  Price Change Price Change % Share Price Last Trade
-0.0015 -4.41% 0.0325 16:20:51
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0.0325 0.0275 0.0325 0.0325 0.034
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Tomco Energy TOM Dividends History

No dividends issued between 22 Jun 2014 and 22 Jun 2024

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Posted at 15/6/2024 09:51 by the diddymen
Mixi on the now completely deluded thread:

"goulding121514 Jun '24 - 19:47 - 31412 of 31412
0 0 0
Yes, a lot of companies, after drilling and confirmation of excellent results, has got the oilers excited, still no comment from TOM. How surprising?"

Mixi you are completely deluded. This does not sit within the company's narrative strategy, TOM has no employees and no cash. Institutions lend to companies that have a structure to deliver, TOM does not have one.

TOM has no capacity to change its strategy. If the markets are daft enough TOM could raise a shed load of cash to develop another business with a new strategy but existing shareholders will be obliterated and the same BoD will deliver the same outcome for the new shareholders.
Posted at 03/6/2024 07:18 by the diddymen
W-1. TOM are now in the week that they run out of cash on a normalised cash burn basis. Cash burn can always be reduced to a limited extent, but the estimate will not be that far out.

TOM have no money to recruit and no relevant CEO would take on the job given that they will not be paid until they have raised the cash. That option is off the table.

This gives the non-execs the other option which retains independence - raise the finance. The problem of course is that there will be no competent CEO to curate the $2-300m required (if that remains the strategy). Lenders will be asked to cross fingers and hope that the non-execs recruit the right person. It is not going to happen.

TOM have no assets to sell - just a bit of liability. The outcome therefore is inevitable.
Posted at 27/5/2024 16:40 by 1dutchman
It is indeed odd that Talais & Co are touting the successes of the Valkor drilling campaign. They fail to mention that, short of TOM's (unknown terms) loan due to be repaid to Valkor, there is no longer any business relationship. To dig that hole a little deeper, apparently the last word out of Valkor re: TOM was that the two had 'fallen out'. So nothing that Valkor is doing now is of any consequence to TOM. Oh wait. There is, of course, the close proximity of Valkor's drilling to TOM's $20mm pink elephant licence, of which TOM owns 10% (with the remaining funds well overdue). Should Valkor's drilling on neighboring licences prove successful, can it be argued that TOM has some value in it's 10% license? No, it cannot. Because the economic valuation of an oil field all comes down to the capital and operational costs weighed against potential production. The fact that TOM's agreed to purchase the lease at 10x Valkor's neighboring leases means that, even if an expensive steam or huff & puff operation are viable, the economics would be abysmal. Any way you cut the cake, TOM really is out of luck.
Posted at 16/5/2024 17:45 by the diddymen

Here is chatGPT's version of what notifcation of delisting and appointment of an administrator might might look like (For Mixi this is a theoretical scenario based on the recent going concern qualification in the recent accounts). Pretty tame stuff really.

"Subject: Delisting of TOMCo Energy from Stock Exchange and Appointment of Administrator

Dear Shareholders,

We regret to inform you that TOMCo Energy (Ticker: TOM) will be delisted from the Stock Exchange effective immediately. Additionally, an administrator has been appointed to oversee the company's affairs.

The decision to delist TOMCo Energy and appoint an administrator comes as a result of [brief reason for delisting and appointment of administrator, e.g., financial insolvency, failure to meet regulatory requirements, etc.].

The Board of Directors has taken this step with the intention of safeguarding the interests of shareholders and stakeholders amidst the current circumstances facing the company.

We understand that this news may be concerning to our shareholders, and we assure you that all efforts will be made to navigate this situation with transparency and accountability.

Further details regarding the delisting process and the appointment of the administrator will be communicated in due course.

For any queries or concerns regarding this matter, shareholders are encouraged to contact [contact information].

We appreciate your understanding and continued support during this challenging period.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]
Chairman of the Board"
Posted at 16/5/2024 12:06 by fenners66
The surprising (or maybe not) thing about the indoctrinated on the other thread, is
they keep getting punished and they just accept it.
In fact they start to justify it as something to celebrate.

TOM spent a fortune getting Valkor to engineer a CORT test plant - that failed.

The "victims" were celebrating the loss and dilution and cheer leading Valkor.

Now Valkor has supposedly used what it learned to make another better plant - no involvement of PQE or TOM

Thanks for the cash and the ideas - we can now cut you out.

What sort of business has TOM been working with if that is the outcome?

All this (when they wake up) will be a surprise to the other threads deluded.

But we told them , from day one.

And their response ? Tell us to leave them alone and just let them take their punishment... they earned it.
Posted at 14/5/2024 14:49 by fenners66
Don't get me wrong,
I don't believe the latest "Valkor version" with its secret sauce will be any different to the last
it has the same claims etc. and they are looking for money ....

its only that it admits the PQE version that TOM invested shareholder millions in - is useless.

Just as we said it would be.

Clearly if the deluded have not worked it out yet .... Valkor have moved on there will Never be any
funding for Greenfield and TOM will never have to give away 29% of the shares.

The proof of that concept is right there in the "new IP"

But its taken a few years for Valkor to spell this out in words that even the deluded can understand.

Over here I said it from day one . They gave up nothing donating the liability of Greenfield to TOM
and they were Never getting anything in return.

They have learned the hard way - all they had to do was have a bit of commercial sense instead.
Posted at 14/5/2024 12:33 by the diddymen
Fenners unless I am missing something Valkor are credited with the IP:

"Valkor has previously undertaken the redesign and operation of a pilot tar sands plant located at the Asphalt Ridge facility in Utah. The purpose was to validate various aspects of the process, setting the stage for broader implementation in a full-scale facility. The initial pilot utilized a more cumbersome and less sophisticated process developed by others, and its performance was meticulously reviewed and verified by a third party."

While there has been no verification of the source, assuming it is correct, this means that the rights to the process are owned by Valkor or an associated party. TOM presumably have rights the 'more cumbersome and less sophisticated process'. It would appear that the TOM team have financed Valkor to do the research but have failed to secure access to the IP. TOM now have to find funding using the cumbersome process.

W-4 now - not a lot of time to fill the biscuit tin to stop the appointment of an administrator.
Posted at 27/2/2024 21:41 by goulding1215
A little bit deserted over here. So, while everybody is unhappy with proceedings so far, myself included but I do see some hope for the future. Of course it will all depend on the bond maturing for want of a better word, and cash in the bank. We all regard TOM as an oil company. Well it isn’t, it is a sand company, because the sand is worth more than the oil. Why? Because there is a world wide shortage of sand particularly silica for glass. The TOM machine produces 1.5 barrels of quality sand for every barrel of oil. Currently oil is selling at 77$ pho. Sand is selling at about 85$ per barrel.Tom will be unique in its revenue for one machine, maybe 2? We know that TOM Owns a lot of oil. Who knows what the sand is worth? The sand is not going away, been there a few millions of years, and with a world-wide shortage. There is no oil shortage even with Russia sanctions. So, I see the sand being dominant in the company’s future. The BOD actually said at the AGM 2 years ago “we are a sand company where the byproduct is oil. If we can get this funding sorted, I am hopeful that TOM has a bright future.
Posted at 04/12/2023 13:02 by fenners66
So the end of November reached and no news
of course not , there was never going to be.
Now according to the AGM reports they will have to come up
with another story.

As I said I looked at their AGM notes and they laid out so many red flags
but (maybe not surprisingly) the gamblers did not pick up on them.

So (I have been asking myself if I can be bothered) if we look at them
(always assuming their notes were accurate).

Their notes -

"Not been using Petroteq process for a couple of years. Nothing wrong with it but we're now using a better solvent and have made technical changes to the materials used in the process.
There is no IP impact with Petroteq."

Now this is the CORT process that used next to Zero solvent as a consumable
It was going to give oil and clean sand.
It's what TOM spent $1.5m on and as said on here it was NEVER proven as commercial.

This was supposed to be a game changer ... but its been abandoned without an RNS to explain why they spent
all that cash and moreover since it was obvious from the start that a CORT plant would never happen and Valkor
would never get 29% of TOM .....
again their AGM notes "

"Qn: With new 'go it ourselves' funding route, will Valkor still be entitled to 29% of Tomco?
JP: That was based on where Tomco were 2 years ago.
With this latest reserves based funding, it WILL be 100% that Tomco retains."

obvious no CORT no 29%.

But do the gamblers question?

You burned millions $'s and no questions asked. Dumped Petroteq and no RNS - despite some on here trumpeting
PQE were going to sell more CORT licenses including to that ....err really credible - Netoil - ha ha no movement on that either.

TOM's cash has dried up now PQE delisting and refusing to file accounts , CEO resigned

All flagged from the start on here.
PQE takeover at 200% premium - fantasy never happened..... none of it.

But they swallowed everything TOM said - now they just accept that TOM has moved on to an unknown alternative.

Dream on gamblers.
Where have we been wrong ?
Posted at 09/9/2023 11:54 by the diddymen

I have taken a look at the Active Investors now. First observation, a small observation, is that TOM is reduced to using a Laptop camera (or was it a phone?)

That aside the whole body language, the feel, is about another placing of some form. How they are going to do it I don't know. Over the last few years I have had a sneaking admiration for John Potter's ability to keep the corpse going by filling the biscuit tin. Financing this project is a completely different kettle of fish.

I re-iterate the stance that we have taken on this BB. Even if the project were sound and proven the values are too great for TOM (alias John Potter). Going from a B/S that has the contents of the biscuit tin to $250m plus is just not feasible.

TOM have no technical expertise.

TOM have no legal expertise.

TOM are operating out of jurisdiction.

TOM have no market expertise.

TOM have no operational expertise.

For a funder this equates to Corporate Governance risk, Financial Risk, Operational risk, Technical risk, Legal risk, Sales/Marketing risk. No risk based return on capital is ever going to work. Every alarm bell will be ringing.

In my view TOM are planning to get another placing away. It may involve some potential 'opportunity' for existing investors, but in reality the company will be transferred to a new group of shareholders if JP can 'do it again'. The offer on the placing will be that they have potential funders, and then as usual 'nothing can be guaranteed'. No doubt the placing will involve a massive consolidation as predicted by thesageofsaint.

Lopo. Not long now.

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