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I think what buywell2 refers to regarding trocars is something the company recently said, namely : Ongoing progress in developing a partnership with a key MIS player to distribute our range of Elite and YP+ access devices in the US, with a training and evaluation phase anticipated to successfully conclude in Q1 2021. The global trocar market is estimated to be worth $561m in sales in 2020, with the US accounting for approximately $152m or 27% Since they said that buywell has read that the USA accounts for circa 50% of the Global trocar market , the key MIS USA player being Microline as we now know. Again regarding trocars , the company also recently stated : Surgical Innovations is developing a pipeline of both line extensions and new devices to market over the next 18 months, including larger diameter YP+ trocars to accommodate other devices that are more routinely used in this market and the associated introduction of an Optical 5mm trocar from H2 2021. So we can expect news soon of both new trocars most likely the 5mm optical trocar being the first in H2 of this year A decent circa 7% CAGR anticipated for trocars htTps:// But imo reusable trocars and optical reusable trocars ( reduced plastic waste = green) will be doing better than that Access with optical trocars has been demonstrated to be faster, associated with a lower incidence of wound infections, trocar hernias and smaller incisions but rare injuries to bowel, blood vessels, liver and omentum have also been reported. Our objective was to review our experience with the use of optical trocar entry and compare it with the open techniques. Bladeless Optical Trocars Market is Growing Massively htTps:// The bladeless trocars segment is estimated to witness the highest CAGR for the forecast period. The factors can be attributed to the advantages such as ease-of-use of bladeless tip trocars, no trauma to the internal body organs and vessels. The ergonomic design of these trocars offers high stability thus fueling the demand for this market segment. dyor
They did not put a number on the recent 5yr USA Trocar Deal with Microline unlike the one with USA Adler Surgical also 5yr and valued at $12M The market for Trocars is big in the USA , also specialist Microline in a BIG player in America and was not selling or making its own brand of Trocar That it chose SUN speaks volumes , the trocar market for SUN through Microline could be arguably bigger as SUN has yet newer trocars soon to come to market which presumably Microline will also sell into the USA Perhaps a number might then be put on the 5yr sales deal , $12M ? If so that would be $24M USA sales over 5 years = Nearly $5M a year added to turnover or around 3.5M GBP a year of which imo at least 1M would be profit Then there is the ROW to sell the new Trocar range into plus other new products coming to market
Everyone jumping into retail and travel shares.But the improving covid situation will benefit hospitals and surgeries first. Hospitals will empty out of Covid patients, so elective surgeries can ramp up.SUN is facing three amazing tailwinds. Huge boom in elective surgeries next two+ years, new products (Cellis, Dexter, etc) to sell this year vs last year. New expanded distribution in the USA.With so many things, growth vs 2019 is more than assured, yet the shares are being valued as though we'd only get back to 2019 levels.
BBC News - Hospital waiting list 'may double to 10m by April'
=========== 4.5 Million now waiting to get hospital treatment ========== And that is in England and the number is rising Compounded problems exist with nurses and doctors facing stress/burnout and PTSD mental health issues which due to the shortfall of nurses ( approx 50,000) is also getting worse A British Medical Association Dec 2020 survey of 7,000 doctors recently found the following: 28% want to retire earlier than previously planned 21% are considering leaving the NHS for another career ------------------------------------------------------------ Nurses are arguably in an even worse state especially in ICU settings where previous NHS/Government staff planning allowed for one ICU patient per one ICU nurse As ICU bed demand has outstripped ICU beds by multiples Every ICU nurse has had to look after multiples of patients --- stress burnout and PSTD look now set to become the norm amongst the majority now the norm The CEO of Londons largest Health Trust has recently stated : Critical care staff working in the areas worst hit by the virus were reporting “high levels” of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and teams of phycologists have been brought in. hTtps:// ------------------------------------------------------ What is the answer ? Not easy this, as Covid-19 is not going away and the chances of another covid wave looms large if present lockdowns are released too soon or variants create new cases You can't magic more nurses or doctors in the numbers needed But you can employ more Robot nurse helpers and use more robots to carry out surgeries You can also look after and protect the limited resource of NHS staff in the front line ( including cleaners ) and all those whose duties take them into high risk zones like ICU's and Operating rooms and wards that have covid-19 patients in them --------------------------------------------------------------- Another BMA survey of doctors and medical students , just carried out in GP practices and Hospitals has reported that over 66% did not feel safe at work due to Covid-19 concerns in that they did not feel 'fully protected' from the virus For the survey doctors were asked the question : Taking everything into account do you feel safely protected from coronavirus infection in your place of work 8% of doctors answered that they did not feel protected at all and another 64% answered that they felt partly protected One of their concerns being the need for better protective masks Another being safe covid secure rest facilities Both imo can be done imo by the use of UV-C and Far-UVC technologies ------------------------------------------------------------
positive comment in cityconfidential
Trocars are used in Minimally Invasive Surgery for Bariatric Surgery ( weight loss ) As obesity becomes an ever bigger problem in America and the ROW made worse by lockdowns and less exercise plus the now proven link between Covid-19 and obese patients being twice as likely to die NOVEMBER 24, 2020 / NEWS RELEASES Cleveland Clinic Research Shows Bariatric Surgery May Reduce Severity of COVID-19 in Patients with Obesity htTps:// Another Cleveland Clinic study showed that weight-loss surgery was associated with a 40% reduction in risk of death and heart complications in patients with diabetes and obesity. Demand for weight loss surgery goes up in time of COVID-19 htTps:// Portsmouth Regional Hospital reports seeing an uptick in people choosing to have bariatric surgery and expects a record number of patients will undergo the procedure in the first quarter of 2021. Trocar sales set to rocket imo
Last week Green Surgery Challenge, this week US direct distribution of SUN ‘Green’ products..... Joe Biden Green agenda. Maybe some joined-up thinking going on finally at SUN?
This does indeed look to be very good news. An exciting year ahead for SI and for its long suffering shareholders .
CAGR circa 6% Backlog of millions of cancelled operations and Bariatric surgery in great demand in America And an optical trocar is buywell believes also soon to be announced htTps:// Adam Power, Group Development Director at SI, added: "The United States accounts for almost half of the worldwide trocar market. Microline has a direct sales team with considerable experience in the selling of Resposable surgical devices. Microline and Surgical Innovations, through its UK subsidiary Elemental Healthcare, share a long history of synergy and growth and we are very excited to replicate this successful relationship in the United States." buywell predicts sales in the USA could now double in the next 12 months or better and do the same again the following year as new products get FDA approval
RNS Microline deal to sell SI Trocars in the USA Very good 5yr deal imo Adam Power, group development director at SI, added: “The United States accounts for almost half of the worldwide trocar market. The Trocars market in the U. S. was estimated at US$151.8 Million in the year 2020 Microline did not have their own Trocars and EH already sell Microline instruments into the NHS hTtps:// htTps:// Been a long time coming this one Timothy Gehlmann, President & CEO of Microline, noted: "Microline is excited to add the YelloPort line of trocars from SI to our product portfolio. The SI trocar line complements our MIS instrument line by broadening our solution offering to customers." Microline is a wholly owned subsidiary of HOYA Corporation in Tokyo, Japan, a $6.3 billion company with approximately half of its revenue in medical business, including endoscopy and eye care. hTtps:// buywell sees this company as a potential acquirer of SI ( SUN ) EH and there are now 4 in the mix There should be news soon re NHS leasing some Dexter Robots and other news USA ROW to follow happy days are here again and sales in the USA are set to rocket imo Next chart target 4p dyor
Another 4.5 mill buys delayed trades. Happy to see
3.5m bought today give or take
Boonko - could it just be a delay? I notice that it often takes a half day or so for changes to happen in this share. Odd, because if that is the case then one could buy on the back of big buys and ride the up.
This share moves in mysterious ways.After two buys of 1m shares at the full 2.2p asking, the ask now decreased to 2.1p.Oh well, time to just stop looking and hold the shares for the long term and check in 6 months time!
Another interesting announcement. Very topical. It looks like SUN is making a niche for itself in an area that will only grow.
=============== Covid 19 ICU Cases acquire Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes ================ A recent study which looked at many previous studies involving recovered ICU patients that had Covid-19 Determined that : 1 in 7 patients were newly diagnosed suffering from diabetes Proportion of newly diagnosed diabetes in COVID‐19 patients: A systematic review and meta‐analysis - Sathish - - Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism - Wiley Online Library It is anticipated that Diabetes will soon be added to the list of other 'Long Term Covid' issues that afflict many ICU discharged patients Namely : Lung Damage Heart Damage Kidney Damage Brain Damage Vascular Damage Liver Damage and now Diabetes This is why Governments need to get proactive on treating Obese Patients as they are twice as likely to die from Covid-19 or be left with 'Long Term Covid ' The majority of Hospitalized patients are now developing 'Long Term Covid' ---- which to date Governments have not addressed but imo should be doing so ---- why ? Because there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that a surprising number of people are, in fact, COVID long haulers, and that hospital emergency departments and clinics may be dealing with them for months and months to come. hTtps:// It is a fact hTtps://
============= Covid-19 and Diabetes and Bariatric Surgery ============== There is a direct link between Diabetes and death caused by Covid-19 Jan 24th 2021 According to the New York State Health Dept Diabetes is the second-most-common underlying medical condition for New Yorkers who have died of COVID-19 and the most common for those under 40 58% of those New Yorkers that died from Covid-19 also suffered from hypertension or high blood pressure. About 66% of people with diabetes also have hypertension according to the American Diabetes Association. Another 12% of New Yorkers that have died from Covid-19 had pre-existing kidney disease which is also caused by diabetes People with diabetes are especially susceptible to severe COVID-19 because Covid-19 causes inflammation of the blood vessels. Most people with diabetes already have inflammation, creating a potentially deadly combination. Jan 25th 2021 Study: Weight loss surgery can help cure Type 2 diabetes [...] Bariatric surgery is weight loss surgery Dec 29th 2020 Earler Bariatric Surgery leads to Greater long-term diabetes remission htTps:// Conclusions: One can only conclude from the above that Bariatric Surgery saves lives when looking at Covid-19 fatalities The fact that obesity and hence diabetes numbers keep rising means the problem gets worse as time goes on It should imo be made a recommended course of treatment by the NHS for obese and patients with diabetes It would make sense for the NHS to employ surgical robots to carry out such surgeries on a scale that would reduce the increase in obese and diabetic patients who also have cardio issues such as strokes To do nothing means that ICU's will remain full and ICU nurses will not be able to cope in the months and years to come At present Governments are pinning their hopes on Vaccines This alone is not going to be enough
Ouch, big 1.5m sell went through this morning, at 2.01p. Quite far below the 2.2ish bid available for smaller volumes.Hopefully this is the overhang and we motor up?I note that the real ask is around 2.45p for any decent volume size.
buywell has not been spinning wheels in the above posts: USA Oct 2020 Bariatric surgery is booming as obese patients worry about their Covid-19 risks Optum which owns medical facilities and surgical centers across the country reported a 26% annual increase in patients joining bariatric-surgery programs this summer. hTtps://,Covid-proof%20have%20been%20cancer%20and%20bariatric%2C%22%20he%20said. After Yale reopened its five hospitals for scheduled surgeries in June bariatric surgery volume increased 20% when compared to 2019 levels and inquiries about the procedure were also on the rise. The only two surgeries that have been Covid-proof have been cancer and bariatric. buywell sees bariatric surgery demand is set to grow in line with USA obesity expected to grow from the current 42% of population now to 50% of the population in nine years time 2030 Covid-19 demands on ICU beds are accelorating the present 20% plus trend imo and Health authorities will have to act to get this obesity ICU bed occupancy issue under control if Hospitals are not going to collapse under the sheer weight of cases The win/win for Health Authorities if they researched issues a bit better was that Cancer risk drops in half with over 20% weight loss after bariatric surgery hTtps:// So additional spare ICU beds to be also garnered from a proactive bariatric MIS program of subsidized weight loss operations --- the cheapest/easiest and probably the best , measured by results/outcomes imo being by gastric band Means those that do have a 23% better chance of living htTps:// And now taking Covid-19 into consideration that percentage looks set to rise much higher still And bariatric surgery is NOT just for adults Research shows impact of bariatric surgery on cardiovascular disease risk in obese teens hTtps://
================= The Effect of Obesity on Lung Function ==================== We have all read about people going into ICU's are having breathing difficulties and not getting enough oxygen into their blood Many of these have to go on mechanical ventilators that breathe for them To do this the patient is sedated Mechanical Ventilation is best avoided as there are many Covid-19 articles now that links its use to Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia (VAP) which can occur as quick as 48 hours after a patient being put on a mechanical ventilator . Death rate associated with VAP is 50% --- so it is best avoided by the use of CPAP ventilation which was what boris johnson had --- the patient is NOT sedated and breathes oxygen themselves hTtps:// htTps:// VAP is now a major issue with Covid-19 because many Obese patients end up on a mechanical ventilator and proning (turning over) needs to be carried out on a regular basis to give such a patient a chance of recovery and involves 7 people for one patient being proned Proning in non ventilated patients/non mechanically ventilated patients is now also being recommended --- one wonders how nurses cope ?? htTps:// htTps:// hTtps:// So obese patients with BMI's of over 40 to over 50 are being turned over by a team of 7 nurses around 2 times each day and circa 75% of patients in ICU's are now overweight to morbidly obese Clearly this situation cannot carry on going forwards as Covid-19 is now most likely to become a endemic disease An obese persons lungs are already NOT functioning efficiently even before Covid-19 came onto the scene Obesity causes substantial changes to the mechanics of the lungs and chest wall, and these mechanical changes cause asthma and asthma-like symptoms such as dyspnea, wheeze, and airway hyperresponsiveness. Excess adiposity is also associated with increased production of inflammatory cytokines and immune cells that may also lead to disease. Covid-19 pneumonia has very recently been identified as lasting longer and being worse than other types of pneumonia hTtps:// Conclusions: Obese COVID‐19 patients show more severe pneumonia lesions on CT chest imaging This is due to their already compromised lungs being more easily affected by the Covid-19 virus The COVID‐19 epidemic will persist for the foreseeable future. Given the significant toll the outbreak has taken on the healthcare system, identifying those patients with a greater need for medical attention is necessary. Recent studies suggest that obesity is associated with worse severity of COVID‐19 pneumonia, increasing the need for hospitalization, critical care and mechanical ventilation. hTtps:// Another reason for the number of Obese people to receive gastric band surgery to lesson the impact on the NHS ICU's and the Nurses that work there and other wards where Covid-19 obese patients reside
============= The NHS --- Weight Loss Surgery --- and Covid-19 ================ If readers have looked at the links in the last couple of buywell posts then they can be in NO DOUBT regarding the links between Obesity and Covid-19 buywell is therefore surprised to read that the NHS which reviewed its 'weight loss surgery' web page last April 2020 did not pick up on the obese ICU patient numbers that must have been obvious to nursing staff in ICU's and re-write their guidance as to when weight loss surgery can be performed on the NHS What the NHS say is: ''Weight loss surgery, also called bariatric or metabolic surgery, is sometimes used as a treatment for people who are very obese. It can lead to significant weight loss and help improve many obesity-related conditions, such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure. But it's a major operation and in most cases should only be considered after trying to lose weight through a healthy diet and exercise.'' ==== No mention of Cancer risks or Covid-19 or strokes or Heart attacks note ==== The NHS in the 'overview' section go on to say: Weight loss surgery is available on the NHS if: you have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more, or a BMI between 35 and 40 and an obesity-related condition that might improve if you lost weight (such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure) you've tried all other weight loss methods, such as dieting and exercise, but have struggled to lose weight or keep it off you agree to long-term follow-up after surgery – such as making healthy lifestyle changes and attending regular check-ups Speak to a GP if you think weight loss surgery may be an option for you. If you qualify for NHS treatment, they can refer you for an assessment to check surgery is suitable. You can also pay for surgery privately, although this can be expensive. hTtps:// -------------------------------------------------------------- But then the NHS under the 'availability' section say : NHS criteria for weight loss surgery The criteria for weight loss surgery on the NHS can vary across England. Check with a GP if you think surgery could be an option for you. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines on obesity recommend that surgery should be provided on the NHS if you meet all of the following criteria: you have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more, or a BMI between 35 and 40 and a serious condition that might improve if you lost weight (such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure) you've tried all other weight loss methods, such as dieting and exercise, but have struggled to lose weight or keep it off you agree to long-term follow-up after surgery – such as making healthy lifestyle changes and attending regular check-ups you're fit and healthy enough to have surgery under general anaesthetic (where you're asleep) you've been receiving or will receive treatment from a specialist obesity team If your BMI is 50 or over, surgery may be considered without needing to try other weight loss methods first. If you've been recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, particularly if you have a south Asian background, an assessment to see if surgery is suitable may be considered if your BMI is below 35. hTtps:// ---------------------------------------------------------------- Now buywell knows that the NHS is under pressure and that Nures and Doctors are flogging themselves to death trying to keep pace with the surge of Covid-19 patients flooding into ICU's in most Hospitals --- many of which are now full and are sending patients hundreds of miles in an ambulance to another Hospital where hopefully a spare ICU bed ( just over 5,500 in England) will still be free on their arrival ---- BUT Those NHS people that write these reviews are NOT flogging themselves to death and are NOT in the front line like the nurses AND BUYWELL IS HORRIFIED to read that the next time that these recommendations are to be reviewed are not UNTIL APRIL 2023 3 years between review dates ---- 'Page last reviewed: 14 April 2020 Next review due: 14 April 2023 ' This simply CRASS STUPIDITY and buywell urges anyone with any clout or NHS contacts to bring this to the attention of those that can get these recommendations put right to reflect obesity and Covid-19 ICU Hospitalization There are now many medical articles citing this to draw from so there is NO EXCUSE PLUS The NHS needs to write their guidance in much more simple and friendly terms as monies do come from taxpayers : NHS criteria for weight loss surgery National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines on obesity recommend that surgery should be provided on the NHS if you meet the following criteria: 1. You have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more 2. You have a BMI between 31 and 39 together with another serious condition 3. If you have been recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes an assessment to see if weight loss surgery is suitable may be considered if your BMI is below 35. Please contact your doctor ASAP. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Likewise ''Weight loss surgery, also called bariatric or metabolic surgery, is sometimes used as a treatment for people who are obese. It can lead to significant weight loss and help improve many obesity-related conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, reduce the risk of several cancer types and also help improve Covid-19 morbidity and fatality outcomes. Weight Loss Surgery can now be performed using Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS also known as Keyhole Surgery or Laparoscopic Surgery. See htTps:// ----------------------------------------------------------- 2015 ---- Some UK Government facts: It is estimated that obesity is responsible for more than 30,000 deaths each year. On average, obesity deprives an individual of an extra 9 years of life, preventing many individuals from reaching retirement age. In the future, obesity could overtake tobacco smoking as the biggest cause of preventable death. Obesity increases the risk of developing a whole host of diseases. Obese people are: At increased risk of certain cancers, including being 3 times more likely to develop colon cancer More than 2.5 times more likely to develop high blood pressure - a risk factor for heart disease 5 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes The costs of obesity : Failing to address the challenge posed by the obesity epidemic will place an even greater burden on NHS resources. It is estimated that the NHS spent £6.1 billion on overweight and obesity-related ill-health in 2014 to 2015. Annual spend on the treatment of obesity and diabetes is greater than the amount spent on the police, the fire service and the judicial system combined. And in 2020 from the UK National Audit Office Absence from work due to obesity could be as much as £27 BILLIONS ANNUALLY . ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- buywell ends With ICU bed occupancy rates now running at circa 75% with overweight and obese patients suffering from Covid-19 and other health issues ( circa 35%) links can be supplied The NHS with a finite number of ICU beds (5,500) overworked ICU Nurses and Doctors, need to get proactive in trying to reduce that 'type' of patient that occupies ICU's the most often and for the longest stays ie Obese patients The cheapest and probably the preferred choice for many obese people would be the Gastric Band A cost of circa 5K a patient Or 1 Billion would treat 200,000 obese people --- buywell thinks it should be the 2021 Government Target And a target for each year that follows ---- MIS using Dexter leased Robotics being the way forwards htTps:// htTps:// hTtps:// See last few buywell posts for added info
A sobering article this hTtps:// The USA CDC has just recently stated that in America the prevalence of obesity was 42.4% in 2017~2018 The expectation is for that to rise to 50% by 2030 ICU's in the UK currently are occupied by around 75% of overweight/obese patients Such patients are nearly twice as likely to need mechanical ventilation Those patients need proning more often needing around 7 Nurses to turn them over and also occupy ICU beds for twice as long as patients with a BMI of under 25 No wonder nurses are clapped out and crying and suffering mental issues This is why the last post above was created as NOBODY is addressing the whale in the ICU room
To any newbe to SUN A couple of points to think about from here on 1) Planned operations in the NHS have been getting cancelled for the last few years around the winter flu season when beds get full in hospitals. This has been made worse by Covid-19 and looks now imo to be an ongoing issue for the NHS and Government to sort out . 2) Cancellation of operations does NOT however mean that the work is lost unless of course the patient dies --- which regards to MIS the area of SUN operations is imo unlikely in the vast majority of cases so what it means is that the backlog of work stacks up It is fairly obvious now that there is a bed shortage in ICU's and also a staff shortage Ditto for nurses across other wards Not enough doctors, surgeons or Hospitals to cope with what will be the Covid endemic as we all learn to live a vaccine existance getting what imo will be at least 2 Covid-19 jabs a year until a cure is found . So the Government has to invest in technologies that can clear the backlog and keep pace with increase in work as more sick patients arrive at Hospitals MIS reduces LOS in Hospitals so it frees up beds and allows more patients to receive treatment MIS results in less complications after surgery so it saves money re claims and is better in patient outcomes a win/win MIS Robotic surgery has the potential to increase the output of operations carried out as robots do not get tired or go sick or take annual leave buywell expects to see a RNS from SUN very soon now to say that a certain Hospital/s with NHS Trust XXXX has leased yyy Dexters buywell expects such an RNS to be accompanied by investors buying SUN as such news sinks in buywell expects further RNS's to follow as other Hospitals and other NHS Trusts follow with a similar result
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