Savannah Resources Dividends - SAV

Savannah Resources Dividends - SAV

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Savannah Resources Plc SAV London Ordinary Share
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inbrackets: Working back from the 100 Day APA deadline, one might have thought that much of the reading, deliberation and discussion is likely to have been completed by the reporting board, even to the point that initial drafts have been drawn up, maybe leaving a couple of TBA paragraphs. I would be quite surprised (but am prepared) if matters were to be delayed with calls for further information. Yesterday's RNS admitting SAV to BCSD would seem to recognise the future position as SAV transitions from the virtual into real world. I would have thought that much comfort should be taken that from outset, SAV are set to implement best practice across all their project (and by that I take not just MdB / Mutamba but also any additional areas from the future auctions / Spain). At outset. No legacy issues. No retrofitting or need to squeeze out old established bad practice. Open. Nothing to hide and ever willing to learn from around the world and the Portuguese BCSD. Methinks that the 100 days is up 2 weeks today. APA may well be coming towards its conclusions and what to put in those TBA paragraphs. I would be interested to know what else they feel SAV could do and remain more than hopeful that APA will come to the right decision.
inbrackets: I believe the Phase 1 decision from APA is really quite the key moment. As mentioned before, this, with any conditions that may or may not be attached, would fundamentally accept that the mine can go ahead. Phase 2 covers the nitty gritty mechanics of the set up.The Phase 1 decision is imminent and after APA had delayed the Notice of Conformity in July, they were very prompt in issuing it at the end of the required period. Though I noted in the interims that SAV caveated requests for further info, the statutory guidelines allow 100 working days for APA to issue their decision. This should be around Oct 16, unless SAV caveats or politics get in the way.Assuming all ok, the downstream will know that there is an upstream of raw material and further information can flow. To whet appetite for SAV, then all those things we have been waiting for, eg off takes, DFS etc can progress.Hope of help. Not gospel but would seem about right (at least with my specs on]?
sc2000uk: "That says it all about the past negotiations, on who was involved when the budgets were made on how much money the Government needed from the EU. They can't have been included." Are you really expecting SAV to have been involved in these discussions? Given that Port Govt applied for 16.6BN (Euro) and that even if SAV want 50% the CapEX (say 50M Euro) to come from this budget, this represents 0.03% of the requested EU Budget. So I don't see that SAV would have been involved in drawing up the budget request Port Govt made to EU. It's like me wanting £50 and but expecting to be involved in drawing up an overall £16,600 budget request to the bank. I see no issue for THINKING about a request for EU finance, as these could come with certain conditions that make it unworkable. For example, would it restrict who/how we could sell the Li? So impacting the overall profitablity of the mine? For now, the DIA is really the only milestone that I'm looking for. After this, I will be wanting and expecting DA and BoD to be making quick, decisive and correct decisions as the ball will be in the SAV court.
sc2000uk: Good article. I recently read an article from the residents side, and I do see why they have concerns about a mine being developed, but the article today from SAV I hope shows we do take the need to work together seriously. I was interested in the resident article that it suggested all the mine jobs would be low paid and not attract graduates, etc. I think the actual opposite, the need to run a modern mine that places green technology at the heart of it will require very well educated employees. When you look at the use of AI for fleet management, dust control, etc this is not Old School mining. I know we're not talking Tesla, Netflix, Amazon, etc AI level, but it will be a new and big growth area in Mining. It's one that SAV has a chance to take a lead in when it comes to implementing in the mining sector. If SAV and MdB can be the first to implement such practises and be the 'Go to company' in future, the long term rewards from this could be massive for SAV.
ged5: On the SAV front page (Google translation):- Lithium is a vital strategic resource for a just climate transition - benefiting the planet, European resources, our green agenda, and the future of electric mobility and the Portuguese economy. The impact of the investment planned for the Barroso Mine, currently under evaluation by the EIA - Environmental Impact Study, demonstrates how sustainability is one of the central axes of the project that Savannah Resources intends to develop in Northern Portugal. The landscape and technology now allow for an innovative and sustainable approach to the mining sector, which was once heavy and obscure. It is important to know that the mine has a life after exploration, visible cases are, for example, the Ourique field area or the Monsanto park in Lisbon, which in the past housed mine projects. If technology has revolutionized the industry, our commitment to clean energy also allows us to revitalize the approach to reconverted exploration practices – which, as in the energy or automotive industry, is committed today to supporting the climate and digital transition. We want to create rigor, transparency and strategic value in the regions and communities where we operate. We want to hear and understand the terrain, and the people, in full transparency of the goals we set ourselves for the extraction of lithium and that can revolutionize energy dependence, and electric mobility, ensuring the production of lithium within Portuguese and European borders, further adding the energy sector value chain where Portugal leads several benchmark initiatives. We are talking about state-of-the-art mining where technology has replaced darkness. The Barroso Mine is a modern project, with technological, responsible and sustainable incorporation, in accordance with the best environmental practices in the world. It is an investment of 110 million euros in an impoverished and aging region of Portugal, with the possibility of creating 215 direct jobs, 600 indirect, investing in a 7 million euros plan for benefits decided together with communities. At Savannah Resources, our focus is on clarifying our commitment to clean energy and lithium, a unique resource with multiple possibilities for strategic growth for Portugal and Europe. Https://
inbrackets: Hadn't realised that your question was directed at me.KEvB is still active by the looks of it in many areas. I believe he remains a SAV holder though can operate behind the Invisibility Cloak under 3%.It's been a long gestation period during turgid times in the Li market, only coming to life over the past 9-12 months, when there has been plenty of other things to look at and enjoy returns.Can't speak for him but he seemed to develop an affinity for Infinity (ooops? maybe). He still tweets on SAV every now and again and once it starts to show a bit more life, may well grab more of his attention again. That's my read, right or wrong.
sc2000uk: I expect no news from SAV and MdB progress will be available for a few months still. The Spanish consultation period runs until Mid sept (see link below) the Spain Govt has to the consolidate and give Port Govt it's response. Port Govt then take this into account as well as the APA Consultation that run until mid July. With all this maybe a DIA decision November? hxxps:// Until then only news SAV can give is on MOZ, which I do want and hope is coming soon. As for long term MdB, I think SAV should just be digging Li out ground and selling on open auction market (wasn't SC6 recently sold for $1,250 on open market). I see it being a sellers market for many years, so why tie up with a off-take agreement that restricts price.
goodday1: Placing man very good at presentations.No doubt the PowerPoint presentation will promise everything is rosier than reality.Nothing ever changes with placing Dave. 12 July 2021 Savannah Resources Plc(AIM: SAV, FWB: SAV and SWB: SAV) ('Savannah' or the 'Company') Corporate Investor Presentation Savannah Resources plc, the European lithium development company, is pleased to announce that CEO, David Archer will provide a live investor update presentation via the Investor Meet Company platform on 22 July 2021 at 13:00 BST. The presentation is open to all shareholders and investors. Questions can be submitted pre-event via your Investor Meet Company dashboard up until 09:00 the day before the meeting or at any time during the live presentation. Investors can sign up to Investor Meet Company for free and add to meet Savannah Resources via: Investors who already follow Savannah Resources plc on the Investor Meet Company platform will automatically be invited.
ged5: I really don't know what you mean, Reba. ;)) "Earlier this year Savannah Resources completed a Scoping Study on Mutamba that indicates excellent life of mine financial returns with relatively modest capital requirements. The company is targeting first production from Mutamba in 2020." Https:// OR One of the significant advantages of the Mina do Barroso project is the approved Environmental Impact Assessment and Mine Plan to remove approximately 7Mt of lithium, quartz and feldspar from seven pegmatites within the approved mining licence. The term of the current licence is 30 years: commencing in 2006 and expiring in 2036. The approvals would need to be modified for the extraction of additional material and to build a plant specific to lithium processing, with this process expected to take in the order of 6-8 months as the changes are an amendment to the existing approvals. Https:// I could go on but life's too short. On the plus side:- The Minister of Environment and Climate Action, Matos Fernandes, told the Politician this Wednesday that the Government will cancel the controversial lithium mining project in the Montalegre region, in the north of Portugal. "Right now I see the possibility of having a lithium mine in Montalegre as very unlikely," the official said in statements to the Politico . At the same time that the Portuguese government seems to have given up on the lithium project in Montealegre, says Politico , another lithium exploration project is advancing in the region, according to the Portuguese Minister for the Environment. Matos Fernandes confirmed that the project by the UK's Savannah Resources group to develop the 680-hectare Barroso mine project, near the village of Boticas, is now under public consultation on its environmental impact study. “Without being able to predict the results” of the study, Matos Fernandes said he applauded the professionalism of the Savannah Resources proposal , which in the meantime reached an agreement with the Portuguese oil company Galp Energia “regarding a strategic investment proposal and alliance in the lithium field around the Lithium project at Mina do Barroso in northern Portugal ”. The agreement provides for Galp to obtain a 10% stake in the Portuguese subsidiaries of Savannah that own Mina do Barroso for 5.3 million euros and in the future will have half of the lithium extracted there: about 100 thousand tons per year. "There is a big difference between this promoter and the relaxed attitude shown by others." Https://;u=
sev22: The article is behind a pay wall so I have cut and pasted the part of the story relating to SAV. Battery Boom Round II By the time it was clear EVs would eventually replace ICE vehicles – around five years ago – a mad rush saw prospectors scramble to get their hands on plots of land with the slightest hint of battery metals. The key materials for EV batteries are lithium, nickel, graphite and cobalt. Different battery styles use these in varying proportions. As the boom began in 2015 and 2016, old nickel projects with trace amounts of cobalt were held up as solutions to the world’s reliance on supply from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), while tiny markets like graphite were overwhelmed because new supply came far too early. Former gold and copper explorers also swiftly jumped on the lithium bandwagon. A few years ago, analysts predicted some or all of these metals would soon be in short supply. Miners reacted accordingly, and the prices for all of these metals bar nickel crashed. Cobalt went from $90,000 a tonne in 2018 to a third of that within a year – where it stayed – while new lithium mines in Australia were suspended or had production cut soon after opening because of the glut of supply. Investors in this first wave either picked the bubble and got out, or stayed for losses of around 80 per cent between 2018 and 2020. Some, like Pilbara Minerals (AU:PLS) and Neo Lithium (CA:NLC), have now eclipsed their 2018 highs, but others such as Bacanora Lithium (BCN) and Savannah Resources (SAV) on London’s Aim market are not there yet. The biggest casualty of the crash was Nemaska Lithium, a Canadian hopeful that drew in mainstream investors like SoftBank (JP:9984) but collapsed in 2019. It has since been taken private, but the process saw shareholders lose everything. Now we are coming into the second ramp-up of the energy metals space. The company valuations could be more solid this time, given the increase in EV uptake and governments around the world bringing in bans on ICE vehicle sales. Lithium and cobalt prices have already picked up. Mining and refining company Sumitomo Metal Mining (JP:5713) predicts that the overall size of the battery materials market will go from around $20bn in 2019 to $36.6bn in 2025. An EV battery with current ‘nickel manganese cobalt’ chemistry – called NMC 622 – requires just under 2 kilograms of metals per kWh, largely nickel and copper. A standard new VW ID.3 has a 58kWh battery, so these volumes are already significant. It may not be a smooth ride to EV supremacy for the miners, however. Once they reach production, they become part of a complex supply chain that requires midstream processing and demand from battery manufacturers. The traditional route of juniors could also be at risk as midstream companies get more and more involved in the development process. Elon Musk has even said Tesla would build its own lithium mine in the US. The changing expectations of consumers also means supply chains will come under greater scrutiny than ever before. Savannah chief executive David Archer told Investors' Chronicle that this works in his company’s favour, given its proposed mine is in Portugal. “The real challenge for the cell manufacturers is securing a reliable, low-carbon footprint supply of battery metals and preferably from a supply source that has suitable provenance,” he said. “Producing lithium in Europe is a whole lot more appealing [for the European manufacturers].̶1; But the midstream part of the industry, where the lithium is processed into the precursor chemical form needed by battery manufacturers, is not yet developed. Mr Archer said that by the time his mine is in production in 2023, there will likely be local demand. The company also needs to get through the financing stage. Finding the $100m or more needed – an updated figure will come in this year’s feasibility study – will be helped by possible new investor Galp Energia (PT:GALP), which this month signed a heads of agreement to take a 10 per cent stake in Savannah’s project, Mino do Barroso. Savannah is not the most advanced lithium company in London, but there is not a competitor far enough ahead that lithium production will come this year. Bacanora Lithium has had a project ready to build for some time, but was trying to raise its build costs just as the lithium market was tanking, and now Ganfeng Lithium (HK:1772) is redesigning its mine and plant in Mexico. London’s lithium options are limited compared with the Americas, Asia and Australia. In the Americas, that means Albemarle (US:ALB) and Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile (US:SQM) – which is a top 10 holding of BlackRock Frontiers Investment Trust (BRFI) – and in Australia, the hard rock miners that flooded the market from 2017 include Pilbara Resources and Mineral Resources (AU:MIN). China, Japan and Korea offer more midstream and battery maker investment opportunities. There are also some investment angles within the diversified majors. Rio Tinto (RIO) is working towards an investment decision on the Jadar lithium mine in Serbia, which would blow European demand out of the water. It would only be in production near the end of the decade, however. Glencore (GLEN) is in a powerful position through its cobalt production in the DRC, while its copper and nickel production are also critical for the energy transition. Cobalt production in the DRC is one of the most widely known difficulties of the sector, because of child labour on the artisanal side of the industry. It’s not squeaky-clean on the industrial side in the DRC, either. In early 2019, a truck full of acid on its way to a Glencore mine crashed and killed 21 people. There are also the various investigations into Glencore behaviour taking place in the UK and US if an investor is keen to include environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors as part of an investment decision. The stable, midcap, dividend-paying miners that are present in London in the gold and copper sectors just aren’t there for energy metal pure-plays. The safer option, then, is picking out a fund or ETF with overseas exposure and a high-risk, high-reward option is a dive into the speculative junior mining space. ‘The electric decade’ EVs may seem like just the hot investment topic du jour, but this is really a long-term trend that will continue to generate exciting opportunities for investors as it unfolds over the next 20 years or so – not just in terms of the EV makers themselves, but across a wide variety of sectors. “What we'll probably see over the next three to four years is that electric vehicles will move from being justifiable to an enthusiast, to being an absolute no brainer for more people,” says Mr Pye. “I think we're really still at the beginning of what may be the electric decade.”
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