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Fuck when the takeover is happening? I want to know when this is going below a penny like the ‘wealth manager’ claimed? That, at the time, would have made Sareum worth less than my house. What a trumpet. No wonder ‘it’ can dedicate so much time to this forum. It doesn’t know what a pump and dump is, it doesn’t understand risk/reward, it cannot do simple maths, it’s been wrong 3 days on the bounce, it’s just a complete fuck up and a laughing stock. Would you let something with that record look after your finances? I’d not let it look after my drink whilst I go for a slash.
“ Whens the takeover happenings criticalstinker?â€￾ When’s the takeover happening. Wolfie - still mocking others but continuing to fuck up yourself?
Whens the takeover happenings criticalstinker?
Criticalstinker... Jesus... "You make no sense with your posts... Nobody understands anything you write... Everyone always says that... I'm here for the takeover... Remind me.. When are gsk buying sareum...
Criticalstinker... That you still believe I post from multiple accounts is laughable.. critical/steady Danny etc... You haven't been proven right sonny.. Where IS that know...gsk hand back 737 to buyout sareum... I post here to warn others from mad happy clappy rampers like you... I'm a tool?! You're an autistic anti vaxxer ramping idiot who posts utter drivel...x You will lose all here...
Criticalstinker... Are you stupid... FOI does not apply to a company listed on a stock exchange... 737 is doing nothing.. That's why the share price is collapsing. Odd that... When's the takeover happening by gsk that you were sooooo sure was happening Did emma walmsley know..
12% and getting worse... No takeover yet..
Criticalstinker... You're a joke..your post is meaningless.. You're wasting your time... You're just a happy clappy ramper... Where is the takeover?!
Critical... You're just a mad happy clappy ramper... The end is near.. 20 years of nothing.. 737 handed back.. No takeover. No licence.. The RF grab for cash... Placings to keep the lights on. Only positive thoughts tho... When's the takeover? What does.emma walmsley say... Tell us about a time you had a good chat with old thoth2... Tell us you agree with sadoldfart.. Pump and dump...that's all this is..
Criticalstinker.. You said 737 was handed back by gsk because they wanted to buy out sareum.. That was 2 years ago... When's the takeover happening? 737 is hopeless.. No news since January 2.why is that?
Love how the fools over on lse when the share price collapses start to delude themselves with takeover dreams... Utter nonsense...
Now here comes the dump... That takeover sure is taking its time lol..
My point is that when 737 was handed back by gsk... You said it was because gsk would be doing this because they would takeover sareum... It's just more of the fantasy takeovers you sareum happy clappy rampers love to talk about. And I love to remind you... Gsk weren't buying when the market cap was 10 million.. Nobody was.. Think on.. I'm certainly not the GOD of knowledge.. That belongs to sadoldtart... Time for me to take a break from this BB for a while.. Maybe a long while...
Ah yes...the science.. Posters have been banging on about the science for 20 years... Sareum healing the world etc... When's the takeover steadyfanny...
Look at all you happy clappy rampers.. A 25% rise and you're talking nobel prizes hahaha... The BOD will no doubt sell for magic beans.. Many happy returns chaps... Criticalstinker.. When IS that takeover?
Imagine that...meeting steadyfanny face to face! You're nobody! Nobody cares what you think... When's the takeover happening? What does emma walmsley think?!
Lol.. All the classics there from uber hyper ramper criticalstinker... Ducks lining up...genuine holders..believe in the science... Yep...all on the scorecard... Didn't use some of the classics.. Thoth2...many happy returns.. wombles...Emma walmsley...737...1801...the end game..Tim...learned from.the past...RF...etc... Criticalstinker you post the same thing...over and over... When's the takeover happening...
Critical..I will not stop... I am the rampers worst nightmare.. How stupid are you to think that the royal family cancer issues will boost sareum?! Emma walllmsley is irrelevant..just like you and thoth.. When is the takeover happening..
Henry... How is L2 looking. Critical...when IS that takeover...
Criticalstinker... I had a word with emma walmsley today. She said to ask you when is the sareum takeover happening..
Listen here sonny..I will post as I bloody well see fit... You sareum investors have been waiting for a takeover and or licence deal for 2 decades... Why not admit there isn't one coming... 737..sat on a shelf..then handed back..and punted around.. 1801 couldn't get a UK trial... Who even knows owe if it works... Just a countdown till the next cash call...
Good evening criticalstinker. I trust you are well. Ironic that you refer to "rarely answer specific questions.." And yet when peaceandlove asked you to provide bullet point answers as to why invest in never rose to the challenge. Or my question... When is the takeover happening...
Thanks criticalstinker. At least you can understand my posts. When's the takeover happening..
Criticalstinker... Your posts are never happy clappy! Just utter gibberish... What does emma walmsley make of it all? When is the gsk takeover happening? Is it soon... What did thoth say?!
The post below on LSE 👇Unbelievable 🤣😆 Sar's current MCAP is £27.5million. Then there's HBD talking about Clement Freud 🤣😆 Desamax has his stop loss set at £6 a share 🤣😆 Finally the Oldgit "Next week l see SP in the region of 35 to 40p". 🤣 They're all living in cloud cuckoo land! Total fantasy. Hello HBD, If Sareum runs a successful phase 2a trial, I think the business could be worth 500-600 million dollars in a takeover situation. To get to this point there will be further dilution to raise funds for the trial and general operating expenses. Assuming that P1a is successful and the funds are raised at a higher share price, the dilution would be such that we would be looking at about a £3.40 to £4.00 share price. Bill
That's right..ramp away... The takeover must be happening soon!'re nothing.. A sad old dementia ridden moron.. Rude and abusive..too stupid to realise how stupid you even are... L2 HorrificallyHenry? Is the takeover happening yet..? Where's the billion pound valuation..
Great post criticalstinker.. Emma walmsley said you should just mind your business and stop asking stupid questions... When's the gsk takeover happening?
I actually work for Hartleys Jam...we are thinking of doing a sareum knows all about "jam tomorrow..." "I prove to the world"...or the 8 people on here... My desperation? Suggest you pop over to LSE.. Sadoldgit posting from dawn till dusk.. One billion values... That's desperation... Where the takeover? How is old emma? 😃 😀 😄
When's the takeover happening critical.... Your posts with thoth were garbage .. Hows emma walmsley doing? and learn... Thoth said that to mrsapeslapdog...when I dared disagree a takeover was in progress... That was 3 years ago... I idiot...and learned.. he was an idiot...
When's the takeover happening critical?! What does emma walmsley say? Tell us about a chat you once had with thoth...
Come on critical... Explain foi to me... Tell us all whens the takeover... What does emma walmsley think... Remind us of a time you spoke to thoth...
Get a life...if ever there was words that apply to you. You're just a mad ramper... You didn't understand FOI rules... When's the takeover happening..
Critical.. You don't even know how FOI works.. You aren't taken seriously here... Did emma walmsley tell you when the takeover is happening
Criticalstinker. You don't have anything worth saying.. It's all..Emma walmsmey this...thoth said that.. who cares? The market cap is now struggling on life support at 20 million thanks to donations from the happy clsppy brigade.. I don't care about's compounds.. thoth..the month of the rerate or takeovers that you dream may happen.. Here are some facts.. Nothing achieved in 20 years...the BOD are rinsing the company hard with no success... bad RF deal destroys shareholder value.. desperate share placements to pay certainty 1801 will do well..737 in takeover... no licence..share consolidation which didn't institutional interest...peel hunt involvement which hasn't yacht party...the wombles were right.. Did I miss anything love?! Do you need to change your pants as I'm sure your meds give you bowel problems..
Criticalstinker.. Well done for bailing out sareum. Good of you to fund another year of salaries. Until the cash runs out.. When's the gsk takeover happening ya mad ramper? You keep posting the same drivel. Over and over. Emma walmsley this..thoth that... Ramp. Ramp Ramp away... Nobody cares what irrelevant crap you and thoth were chatting about ages ago. Thoth said...thoth said.. Thoth said sareum was worth billions...and it's not.. Hahahahaha
Good to see more posters over on LSE seeing through sadoldgit for being the waste of words that he is hahaha. Where have all the happy clappers gone from here.. HorrificallyHenry...normalshitts...Silvergivseshead? Take it you have all shat yourselves after today's falls... Whens the takeover happening critical? Or are you too busy reviewing notes of.your conversations with old ramping fool thoth? That's enough from me for a while..maybe a long while... Post again on Tuesday..
Looks like the wombles are becoming more vocal. A few years its covid peak.. this hit 400 million. You ain't seeing a billion pound value or takeover or licence. The interminably thick happy clsppy gang have been embarrassed time and time and time again..
Brilliant post on lse... Thanks for the kind words again ladies, gents, lemmings. You're all far too tribal/emotional. This is trading, you are defending this company with your literal lives, the company doesn't care about you, that was proved by the derisory placing involvement by the directors of this company. £20,000 was the most any of them took, I suspect Shepherd alone had 100x that amount, poor soul. It must be six months since I was posting here frequently, none of you have progressed at all, in relation to SAR, financially you've all regressed massively in that time, which is disappointing. Emotionally, you've all learnt nothing: The company doesn't care about you. The company is just raising funds to pay it's salaries whilst you're all here fighting it out. In two weeks I'll be trading something else, you'll probably all be making up imaginary takeover figures to make yourselves feel better.
Wonder if sareum will ever do an RNS like..737 upfront payment received.. 1801 licence deal struck...takeover thoth said.. Wasn't the market cap meant to be billions now .
18-04-2024 posts are irreverent nonsense designed to embarrass happy clappy rampers .my posts are available to the entire world because they are on something called the do talk rubbish...I would like to be famous though...imagine that...posting on advfn (there's an "f" in there LSE posters)..makes me a star! Maybe they will make a film about it..True LIes..(in reference to the rampers of sareum). Critical.. you've been saying emma walmsley is going to announce something for the last 2 years.. When's the GSK takeover happening?'re clearly a high functioning autistic anti're agenda here is well known..that's why LSE banned you.. At no time did gsk say any of that ...more happy clappy nonsense.. When is the billon pound takeover happening love..
Wolf you are getting tiresome. I know I's difficult to handle someone who goes against the whole "£1 billion incoming" guff.. Criticalstinker. You were the one who said gsk handed back 737 so they could takeover sareum. You don't like being reminded of that do you... Sareum will head to 0... Like synairgen..genedrive..and the others.. It's rinse and repeat..
Darkpoo..honestly no anger from me. I'm an ex shareholder. This is in its final death throes. Some nice big made.. news on update on licence.. no takeover..likely needing cash again later..and a BOD who crashed the share price.. Hahaha.
Peace...the rampers are out in force. Nothing has changed though. Where's is the deal..a licence.. a takeover.. a 737 update. All hot air...
Critical... When you say "legitimate posts" what you mean is ramping posts... This is all going to collapse soon enough.. I doubt anything you and Thoth2 said was on anyone's radars..just meaningless ramping nonsense.. Thoth2 and his "billion pound valuations...takeovers in the billions.." And it's worth barely 20 million years later... Whens the GSK takeover happening critical?
I'm loving the enthusiastic ramping and paoitive posting..bullying the's the same old situation..over and over.. Just wait until the next misstep..the next RF lack of cash... The only reason things seem to be on the upturn is because the BOD has no other option that to go back to its loyal band of shareholders to raise funds to keep things ticking over. Doesn't sound to me like a company that knows a big licence or takeover is in the offing... But the happy clappy ranpers will never accept that...
Darkpoo...the sad reality for the sareum apologist happy clappy ramper gang is this... In the last couple of years..the wombles and the doubters have shown to be correct... The share price and market cap collapsed.... The sad thing is...those large director.salaries don't get paid based on hyperbolic posts on LSE... That's why all you will ever see is new shares being placed... I have never seen a single thing that lives up to the hype here... Not a licence. Not a takeover. Not a billion pound market cap. I have seen ruinous funding deals engaged in by a woefully inept BOD..
10-04-2024 dense..moronic thicko. I was invested from sareum in the period 2010 until 2021..made good money in both a sipp and ISA. Did I make the billions as claimed by But I made decent gains.. And cashed out as the mad ramping hit its peak. I enjoy watching deluded happy clappers get humiliated. Like that idiot on LSE trying now to so a hostile takeover of RF What's the outlook for amazon..Henry..
Haha..HorrificallyHenry...nobody cares. Cuban has robbed you of what balls you had.. See our brothers on LSE are now planning a takeover of RF! They are such deluded fantasists+
Critical...sounds like your meds are making you sleepy. I'm sure the EGM will happen at the same time as the GSK takeover that you said was happening.. 2 years ago...
Absolutely. My favorite posts of his are when he said this was heading for takeover. Or a 100 billion value. Or it's compounds would change the world etc..Or he was a Nigerian Prince Defo still in my head. The king of the rampers..
Darkpoo... I truly hope you and all sareum shareholders are enjoying their day in the sun..for however long it lasts.. That billion pound takeover must surely be here any day now..
For those of us who have kept the faith, there will never be an opportunity like this to add to your investment at a silly price... Until tomorrow...when it falls again.. You have kept the faith all the way down to a c.8million market cap and no takeover or licene deals. Good luck ya thicko waiting for the share price doubling tomorrow... The BOD must just be sat in their homes laughing at the idiots buying shares... Bunch of naive fools...
Just looking at the share price chart..truly stunning to see the utter destruction in shareholder value since the August 2021 is the takeover..if big pharma was really interested.. why not offer 3x market cap out of petty cash?! Its because its all a nonsense...sarwum is now dead..running on fumes...more share placings to cover the wages of the superstar bod..Winnifrith was bang on..20 years of nothing and deserves to.die...
CriticalStinker1...Nice try... Early days?! Sareum have been at it for 20 years..they aren't a start up 18 months in.. The BOD are out of their depth..destroyed company value with RF...and more to come.. Silence.. silence so crisp its alarming...where the takeover.. where the directors buying shares?! They aren't daft..this is their cash cow..they take money out... You're tying yourself in knots as you can't admit it's done..this is a death spiral...there are no hidden meanings or whatever..its done.. You will lose what you have...
Sareum share price is now pretty much at 10 million.. Wonder when that 1 billion takeover is coming... CriticalStinker1 any ideas?@
CS, I honestly haven't a clue what you're going on about. Come back to me with actual facts regarding how you feel Sareum will license their products or be subject to a takeover.
RobinHood on LSE just now...owning all posters.. Watch and learn.... Well that and lemmings believing all the crazy ramping nonsense from SOG et al. When is the billion pound takeover party 😂? There will probably be 100 billion shares by then anyway.
Meanwhile another £Billion + Takeover deal in our sector announced today, but unfortunately it's not you! However, the LSE poster also adds the following: AZ acquires Fusion for 2.4 Billion * Interesting to note that Fusion's FPI-2068, is only just moving in to Phase I clinical trials * FPI-2265 is currently in a Phase II trial i.e. Big bucks being paid for P1 and P2 candidates.... I'm sure the above post has made everyone feel better. 🤔🤣
Jas2022...exactly.. And yet..over on LSE...thr happy clappers can't accept it... This is all part of a bigger plan....let's buy more shares...a billion pound licence or takeover is still a possibility.. It's the end game.
Is it just a coincidence the link with certain board members and GSK? The Sierra Oncology debacle? The MHRA debacle? The contentious decisions that would have been put forward by the designated employee (troajan horse) at Sareum re Considalation and financing...begins with a P! No apologies forthcoming! Sincerely believe Tim and Charles would welcome an EGM so the decision of exporting the troajan would be taken out of their hands!!! Sooner rather than later! Worth looking up that Sareum has different companies in which parts of the developers ipr are protected if the incoming Sierra oncology type takeover becomes apparent. Very complex
Its actually sobering to see that.. this was worth almost half a billion a couple of years wonder the happy clappers can't accept it... The share price is now barely 10 million.. I'm sure the BOD will be RNSing all the takeover offers they now buy the best in class compounds which big pharma apparently covet.. a share of 737..1801..1802... All for 10 million?! Can't wait to learn of these offers...
You only need to look at LSE to see the venom being spat at RobinHood to see how he lives.. rent the heads of the happy clappers.. They literally cant take any suggestion of impending wipe out... All they want to see is £10 a share...billion pound takeover..many happy returns...Gsk bought mickeymouse Co for 3 billion..more deals in our sector...all for you thoth! Here's a copy and paste from a 2007 pharma paper...
There have been a few truly sad stories over there..posters saying "I have lost £xx in real money"...almost total wipeout..yes..some gains have been made..but as Robin says over on LSE...what have they achieved in w decades...part way through a clinical trial?! Total agree Peace about not wanting to lose face...for a lot of them...who claim to be on a "free carry"...this isn't about gains.. its about showing the doubters wrong..but..if sareum can't keep the lights on...can't pay salaries...what do they do?! Its fascinating to watch this payout...the happy clappers seem to forget now...a takeover in the billions was supposed to happen..all they have is a minority share in 737 which they don't know what's happening with really...and a chance 1801 does well..funding permitting..and the detectives over on LSE now think I'm can see why these people get suckered in...
Another point to make... Even if 1801 data is good...then what?! Sareum now can barely keep the lights on... They will end up taking any poor deal that comes their way... At 16 million pounds...where are the takeover offers for this "clinical stage company in this..the month of the rerate...?! (c)ahfam Reality is now setting in...sareum joins the ranks of genedrive..VAL..synairgen et Al where dreams and hope don't always lead to the fairytale ending..
I don't give a ff what you say. My point I'd GSK saw this as a takeover given momo as the lead drug whatever we should have raisedxat 2.50 and didn't! WHY? Because the board are corrupted snd want a place on GSK! As I mentioned before Parker has alternative thoughts. Run down sareum and get his love in with gsk. Please let us do an EGM pronto snd get rid of the virus Parker is Ps Parker Cross me please ðŸ™￾
When's the GSK takeover happening CriticalStinker1?!?!?@
CriticalStinker1 I don't care about sareum or its twaddle about best in class.. I care about the markets and making money... Sareum is in a death spiral... Your comments are the usual irrelevant twdladdle that nobody understands or cares about. CriticalStinker1 why not follow your own advice and...wake up! Share price has fallen over 60% on 12 months. This share is a dog led by a week BOD... Death spiral...and its not ending... Your hero Thoth2 was an absolute fool... When is GSK mounting that takeover again?!
Ps I can't see the upticks on lse but I read the posts. Did those in agreement that Parker is an Albatross around Sareums future get upticked.. That's right Critical. In actual fact, ant and Dec will be discussing it on tomorrow's Saturday night takeaway as the number of uptick a post got on lse is vital... Also...I'm right about 737 . That's why the share price is in death spiral... If GSK were going to takeover they would do it at these prices.. And sareum would be desperate for the news to get out...
Haha CriticalStinker1 you are such a joke. A couple of days ago they were "doing gods work"... Now you want to parade them down the street shouting "shame" at them... You really are like a football supporter...Full of it when the team does well...abandoning them when times are hard... Whens the GSK takeover happening?! That was what you were soooo sure of... They could probs buy it from petty cash...
I love LSE.. All the big chat... "Heads must roll...let's call an EGM...we will sack the BOD!" Then. What happens is they get thrown some tiny nugget and the share price rises 15% and everyone forgets and talks about a billion pound takeover... And then the share price drifts down. And the last few months everyone talks about storming the AGM. Then the week of the AGM everyone says "I can't go to the AGM...I'm making home beer.."
Was in need of a laugh and LSE didn't disappoint... Why would anyone bid 300 million for a company sub 30 million?! Becoming laughable ... Anyone on the board know a reputable Finance Guy with proven company experience/track record who could get us out of this mess by organizing £3M (say) of funds, terminating the RF deal, paying off the termination fees and REPLACING PARKER ?? ... Wishful thinking I Know !!!!! I don't wish to see this dropping into the 20's or 10's ... some of you may see it as a wonderful buying opportunity but the Company is at major risk of a very cheap takeover at that point ; I am actually amazed that no-one has already come in with a £300 Million offer (say) which equates to £5-£6; Or have they but we don't know because the BOD rejected them ??? I don't think a pharma would pay 300 Freddo bars for sarsum. The happy clappers do like to delude themselves...even as the share price collapses to the 30s...
Wolf it obvious you are not aware of very much. So non surprise. CriticalStinker1 do you think that makes me different from any other sareum investors? Does this qualify me for a seat on the board. Lack of awareness seems to be a prerequisite. When's the billion pound takeover happening love?!
Haha...share price heading for 30p a share and market cap barely 30 million. Even resident BB happy clapper ahfam can't even face it. Remember Thoth2 and his "this is worth £20 billion...a takeover is coming..." what a fool! This is a death spiral...
CriticalStinker1 You always say "we are due an RNS...we are due a takeover...we are due lots of jam". So boring.
So many dummies over on LSE. Maybe the takeover will happen in 2024... Lol..