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===== New 200mW UVC 265nm LED to replace Mercury Lamps ===== The next couple of months should see the worlds first 200mW UVGI LED come to market which imo will be powerful enough to use to replace traditional Mercury Vapor lamps in bigger industrial water disinfection and also in a variety of Air disinfection applications/ settings. April 7th 2021 Stanley 265nm 200mW UV-C LED Targeting on Flowing Water Disinfection, Air Purification and Surface Sterilization Markets hTtps:// IMO this is a precursor of many more powerful UVC LED's using new technologies coming to market in 2021. As yet another wave of Covid-19 is now once more spreading across the world via aerosol transmission --- never has the need for UVC technologies to kill the virus in the air --- within seconds --- been so great UVC 265nm LED's of 200mW and above that use new silicone optics/ lens technology that focuses the forwards radiation to a maximum ( just also released ) hTtp:// Together with other newly discovered techniques that maximize the killing power of UVC within air ducts will imo now give the power required to kill the Covid-19 virus within circa 2ft --- in less than 1 second within air conditioning and HVAC ducts .
======== 47 passengers catch Covid-19 in one single airline flight ======== buywell is not a fan of flying just now , as aerosols carrying the Covid-19 virus in aerosol form stay in the air of the plane for hours and spread circa 14 metres either side of a speader as folks walk past up and down the aisles wafting the aerosols about This proves it is happening: A record number of 47 passengers on a flight to Hong Kong have now tested positive for COVID-19 despite testing clear before leaving New Delhi India The 47 passengers who travelled on Vistara Air flight UK6395 from New Delhi to Hong Kong on April 4 have all tested positive for COVID-19 despite providing negative pre-departure test certificates to secure their place on the flight. As many as 25 of the infected passengers tested positive within the first 11 days of them being in Hong Kong with a further 22 passengers tested positive following routine sampling on day 12 of a 21 day quarantine So there could yet be more cases htTps:// If ever there was a single plane example needed , to follow the princess Cruise ship debacle of Covid-19 cases within an enclosed environment --- sharing the same air, ie aerosol spread --- this is it UVC --- UVGI --- Far-UVC in Air Con /HVAC is a must to kill these pathogens and stop the spread of Variants worldwide LED's exist now that can do this dyor imo
==== UVC and UV LED Markets to experience Growth due to Mercury Lamp Ban ==== The Minamata Convention calls for banning the import, export and manufacture of mercury-containing lamps by 2020. With policy makers and industry closely watching economic conditions, UVC LEDs are the leading transition technology offering both the performance and cost to enable stricter regulations on the use of mercury UV lamps. New Regulations Signal the End of Mercury Lamps htTps://,export%20and%20manufacture%20of%20mercury-containing%20lamps%20by%202020. The number of countries that are now signatories is 128 hTtp:// ---------------------------------------------------------- ==== UV LED Curing now set to replace Mercury Lamp curing ==== htTps:// Which is why: The UV LED Market Size has recently been forecast to grow to USD 1.71 Billion by 2027 At a CAGR of 21.7% during a forecast period (2020 to 2027) By some and : The UV LED market was valued at USD 348.9 million in 2020, and it is expected to reach USD 1,044,709 million by 2026 At a CAGR of 20.1% during a forecast period (2021-2026) Prophotonix (PPIX) supply a range of products in the UV LED Curing and now offer UVC LED products which have been built using the patents granted to UV LED Curing products ie modular/air cooled and adaptable/controllable with wavelengths to suit clients specific requirements ie all Prophotonix IP protected products htTps:// hTtps:// imo dyor
Covid-19 transmission---at long last Aerosol Spread is grabbing attention & money needed 14th April 2021 Covid-19 has redefined airborne transmission hTtps:// To Stop Covid Spreading, We Need To Talk About Ventilation hTtps:// ------------------------------------------------------------- ==== Canada is not talking --it has made the decision and has taken action ==== April 14th 2021 Canada investing an additional $150 million in better ventilation for schools, hospitals, and other public buildings Today, the Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, announced $150 million for better ventilation in public buildings to help reduce the risk of aerosol transmission of COVID-19. hTtps:// Other countries will now IMO start to follow Canada's lead --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An example of Covid-19 aerosol spread in a USA Gym In the USA COVID-19 Outbreak Among Attendees of an Exercise Facility — Chicago, Illinois, August–September 2020 In August 2020, 55 COVID-19 cases were identified among 81 attendees of indoor high-intensity classes at a Chicago exercise facility. hTtps:// Canada had a similar superspreading aerosol event at a Gym ---- and have been forced to start to take drastic action to clean air inside buildings April 14th 2021 Lessons from Quebec City's gym outbreak, one of Canada's largest COVID-19 superspreading events hTtps:// Government must align policies with the science as it contends with more transmissible variants, experts say
The CDC has updated their guidance on 5th April last week CDC: Risk of COVID surface infection low 1 in 10,000 risk Science Brief: SARS-CoV-2 and Surface (Fomite) Transmission for Indoor Community Environments Updated Apr. 5, 2021 The principal mode by which people are infected with SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) is through exposure to respiratory droplets carrying infectious virus. It is possible for people to be infected through contact with contaminated surfaces or objects (fomites), but the risk is generally considered to be low. ------------------------------------------------- Now imo the CDC should update on Aerosol Spread being the main cause of this pandemic as the Brazil P1 and South African variants pose even worse threats to vaccinated people than the dominant USA strain now , which is the UK strain [...]
From the last results: hTtps:// Cash and cash equivalents at December 31, 2020 was $2.6 million (2019: $1.5 million). The Company generated $2.1 million of cash from its operating activities for the year ended December 31, 2020; repaid net debt of $0.9 million; and increased the cash position by $1.1 million from December 31, 2019. The Company aims to maintain the level of its cash and cash equivalents at an amount in excess of expected cash outflows on financial liabilities, excluding accounts payable, over the next 60 days. The company has $2.6 million of cash and $0.7 million of debt and capital lease obligations as of December 31, 2020 as compared to $1.4 million of cash and $1.6 million of debt and capital lease obligations as of December 31, 2019. Additionally, its current ratio improved from 1.7 as of December 31, 2019 to 2.0 as of December 31, 2020 As of December 31, 2020, the Company had United States federal net operating loss carry forwards (NOLs) of $60.1 million (2019: $60.2 million) available to offset future taxable income, if any. These carry forwards expire through 2035 and are subject to review and possible adjustment by the Internal Revenue Service. The Company may be subject to limitations under Section 382 of the Internal Revenue Service Code as a result of changes in ownership. United States: Net Operating Losses: A Valuable Asset Worth Preserving htTps://
=========== Covid-19 classified as a brain disease soon ? ============ Disturbing new data is coming out that says 1 in 3 Covid-19 patients are developing mental problems buywell posted on the BUY thread over 6 months ago that the fact people were losing their sense of smell could mean the virus was getting via the nose to the brain --- The implications are dire hTtps:// The killing of the virus in public indoor settings is ever more urgent buywell agrees with Kumar 100% Catching Covid-19 just once can lead to a lifetime of misery Here is a study that points to why Once viral infections reach the brain, they trigger an inflammatory response that can persist indefinitely, causing ongoing damage. "The brain is one of the regions where virus likes to hide," he said, because it cannot mount the kind of immune response that can clear viruses from other parts of the body. "That's why we're seeing severe disease and all these multiple symptoms like heart disease, stroke and all these long-haulers with loss of smell, loss of taste," Kumar said. "All of this has to do with the brain rather than with the lungs." htTps:// The fact that aerosol spread via the nose has NOT been recognized as a major cause of Covid-19 transmission is nothing short of crass stupidity imo Disinfection of infected Covid-19 virus riddled air in public indoor settings , both buildings and transport is meaning children and adults are catching an aerosol born disease which can cause 1 in 3 people most probably ongoing brain damage for the rest of their lives Disinfection by UV-C UVGI and Far UVC is urgently needed on all air conditioning systems and HVAC systems with additional LED UVC Lighting that does the same ---- kills the covid-19 virus 24/7 Before the Healthcare burden becomes unsustainable
==== Germicidal Ultra violet light (UVGI) has been successfully used before ==== Measles , Chicken Pox and TB to name but three instances (there are more ) going back to the 1940's/50's where UVGI was successfully put to work in Schools and Hospitals Dec 1943 --- Paper titled Air Disinfection in Day Schools ---- author W.F.Wells The first sentence of this paper reads: “The prevalence of respiratory infection during the season of indoor congregation suggests a natural relationship between ventilation and communicable disease." UVC in NY schools modified the spread of measles/chicken pox (Perkins et al. 1947) "We found that among different engineering control measures, UVGI singly is the optimal strategy combined with effective isolation and vaccination interventions for containing influenza, measles, and chickenpox." ( Liao et al. 2008 ) " Addition of germicidal UV lights can significantly increase air changes without HVAC modifications " ( Emmerich et al. 2013 ) Paper titled : " Safety of Upper-Room Ultraviolet Germicidal Air Disinfection for Room Occupants: Results from the Tuberculosis Ultraviolet Shelter Study " ( Nardellet al. 2008 ) Conclusions: " These findings demonstrate that careful application of upper-room UVGI can be achieved without an apparent increase in the incidence of the most common side effects of accidental UV overexposure. " htTps:// Paper titled : Comparison of UV C Light and Chemicals for Disinfection of Surfaces in Hospital Isolation Units • ( Bjørg Marit Andersen 2006 ) " Disinfection with UVC light may significantly reduce environmental bacterial contamination and thereby protect the next patient housed in an isolation room. UVC disinfection may not be used alone but is a good addition to chemical disinfection." htTps:// Paper titled : UV-C surface/air cleaning technology ( Anderson et al. 2017 ) “Patients admitted to rooms previously occupied by patients harbouringa multidrug-resistant organism or C difficile were 10–30% less likely to acquire the same organism if the room was terminally disinfected using an enhanced strategy. The largest risk reduction occurred when a UV-C device was added to the standard disinfectant strategy." htTps:// The reticence of present incumbents of the WHO the CDC and Government politicians in fully adopting UVGI disinfection measures that have been successfully used time and time again to kill various pathogens in Hospitals and Schools is nothing short of criminal. UVGI disinfection technology works and whilst UVGI mercury vapor lamps are still around today , operating at 254nm wavelength --- 265nm wavelength LED's have recently been manufactured that can do the job safer and more efficiently than the older technology mercury vapor lamps. Aerosol spread of Covid-19 has still not been recognized as the main driver of this pandemic Why Not ? Because when it is --- a whole raft of safety guidance measures will need to be issued on how to minimize breathing in the virus of others
Developments: ==== Major USA Company releases aerosol Covid-19 virus room tester ==== Thermo Fisher : March 25th 2021 Thermo Fisher deploys sensors for detecting airborne COVID-19 htTps:// The market aimed at by Thermo Fisher being : Schools and Hospitals , Offices and Care/Nursing homes and other locations that experience high-traffic and would benefit from surveillance for elevated levels for SARS-CoV-2 and other airborne pathogens --------------------------------------------------------------- The USA DEPT OF DEFENSE Sub-tier DEFENSE ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS AGENCY (DARPA) Last November 2020, the above USA Agency began soliciting proposals for research to develop a coronavirus-detecting air sensor, stating the description of the product that was required as : Description The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for improved environmental sensing of pathogens. Sensing SARS-CoV-2 virus in the air with high sensitivity and specificity could provide a new mechanism for public health monitoring, enabling safer conditions for a wide range of basic activities including work, travel, and school. SenSARS aims to identify SARS-CoV-2 signatures suitable for rapid indoor air monitoring and use these signatures to develop and demonstrate a technology readiness level (TRL) 4 prototype sensor. htTps:// buywell comments: Armed Forces worldwide will also want advance warning in their Training facilities/Ships/Planes/Canteens/Buildings and all indoor spaces where troops congregate of Covid-19 virus or other pathogens. So testing equipment is now on sale and many more Covid-19/Pathogen testers will be hitting markets in the next few months AND start to give positive results but what then ? Having identified the problem of aerosol virus all that can be done is close the place/facility down for weeks and allow the virus to deactivate or to disinfect and retest IMO such testers are the forerunners that will lead to widespread air disinfection implementation to work 24/7 and then the testers will start to keep recording negative results To stop lockdowns and economic strife; to keep critical services , schools and Hospitals, offices and factories , Supermarkets and shops , Restaurants and Pubs , Cinemas and leisure facilities , open for business Both Covid-19/Pathogen Testers and UV/UVGI/Far-UVC Disinfection equipment will be needed working continuously The advent of these testers will imo focus attention on the aerosol transmission problem and force Authorities to do something about it htTps://
When BIG companies are making MEGA losses some smaller companies are making money How many companies in their final results , would like to say that cash ended the year at $2.6 million, representing an increase of $1.1 million. 25/03/2021 07:00 UKREG ProPhotonix Limited Results for the year ended December 31, 2020 Tim Losik, President & CEO, commented: Financial "Overall, we are pleased with the year 2020. Though our revenue declined by 9%, largely from Covid-19, we were able to mitigate the reduction with an outstanding result. Most importantly, cash ended the year at $2.6 million, representing an increase of $1.1 million. The balance sheet strengthened not only from the increase in cash but also from a significant reduction in debt of $0.9 million. A measure of this improvement is the current ratio which improved to 2.0 from 1.7. We look forward to the opportunity that the future holds as we come through the pandemic to more prosperous times. Product Development "During 2020, we developed and announced new products including: several variants of the MultiSpec product family addressing the multispectral and hyperspectral industrial markets; a deep UV (UVC, 265 nanometer) FX product targeted to the biomedical and curing markets; several variants of the Prodigii laser product family (from UV to Near Infrared wavelengths) addressing the industrial markets. Additionally, numerous OEM specific projects have been undertaken to address specific applications and use cases for existing and new customers. Product development, accomplished by our experts at ProPhotonix, is focused on applications in growing markets and OEM projects requiring unique attributes that are not attainable in the general market. Specific use cases include applications such as: Algae growth, eye health, railway inspection, and 3D printing." Strategy: The first part of our strategy relates to getting our operations back up to the point where we can meet what we expect to be more buying demand from our customers in 2021 and beyond. Our customer relationships are vitally important and we provide solutions to them to achieve their own market success. Their success fuels our success and provides us the opportunity to develop new products and market solutions for other customers and applications. The second part of our strategy remains established in our OEM heritage as well as the development of products directed at specific markets. We have made and will continue to make investments in commercially attractive OEM opportunities and product development including UV, multi-wavelength devices and laser technology advances, in the fulfillment of our strategies. We continue to concentrate our engineering capacity in defined projects and areas that we believe are poised for fast market expansion.
===== In the USA -- 36,000 Schools need updates to their HVAC/Air Con Systems ===== htTps:// But that represents only a small Total number of around 130,000 plus American Schools that will be expected to conform to new CDC Guidelines hTtps:// In the light of the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak in America where the UK Variant is now spreading to the majority of States, expected to become the Dominant Covid strain within days --- the CDC has just taken action and produced a range of actions to provide cleaner virus free and pathogen free air for kids to breathe and hopefully remain in full time education within a pandemic situation. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now from Feb 26th 2021 announcing a new Covid-19 initiative titled : Ventilation in Schools and Childcare Programs How to use CDC building recommendations in your setting Updated Feb. 26, 2021 The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now from Feb 26th 2021 stating on its website , under a sub-Heading : Filter and/or clean the air in your school or childcare program. ' Consider using ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) in schools and non-home-based childcare programs as a supplemental treatment to inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19, especially if options for increasing ventilation and filtration are limited. Consult a qualified professional to help design and install any UVGI system.' hTtps:// buywell expects such use for UVGI to be recommended soon by the CDC for many other public buildings and forms of pubic transport But keeping kids safe as a starting point is not a bad place to begin htTps:// hTtps://
America UV-C disinfection initiative at Airports ==== The TSA explores use of UV-C light to disinfect security checkpoint bins === The uses of UV UV-C and Far-UVC are gradually being applied in areas that need disinfection to restore the confidence of the public to start traveling again as and when they are able so to do The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the USA is the latest to use UV-C at a Washington Airport to see how a product goes in testing regarding the disinfection by UV-C of the plastic bins that we all use --- again and again and again in an ever go around --- a roundabout haven for pathogens to travel aboard if ever there was htTps:// buywell comment: If this works --- then systems like it will follow in every major airport worldwide why ? Cos Covid-19 Variants are here to stay now Humans must learn to live with them and those other viruses that follow How many Airport Check-Ins and how many plastic bins are there to disinfect ? After each use by each passenger
==== Covid-19 caught on a plane then by others in Quarantine is aerosol spread ==== ----- Coronavirus spread on flight, in hotel corridor, New Zealand study finds ----- buywell is amazed that as yet the CDC and WHO and EMA have not bit the bullet and admitted that aerosol spread of the virus is the main driver of this pandemic. This link concerning people in a plane that wore masks and sat 6ft apart with circa 30% plane occupancy caught the virus from a flyer on board Then they went into quarantine in a hotel in NZ and obeyed quarantine rules to stay in their rooms BUT some still caught the virus there also CCTV showing that doors to some rooms having been left open for circa 50 secs allowing aerosol to get into the corridor and then down the corridor to later waft into other rooms of covid clear people also in hotel quarantine thus infecting them. Clear evidence of aerosol spread on the plane and in the hotel hTtps:// Now the thing is the CDC knew about this hTtps:// UV UVC and Far-UVC needed to provide 24/7 disinfection is imo the only solution apart from not breathing
Ref above post and power levels referred to in the links ProPhotonix Releases a 405nm Laser Diode Module With Excellent Output Power Control This new design includes an external photo diode designed to deliver excellent output control in the 1mW to 150mW range. hTtps:// and very recently ProPhotonix Extends PROdigii Digital Laser Module Range with Five New Wavelengths UV, Blue and Infrared High-Performance, Compact Digital Lasers Packed with Functionality. September 02, 2020 ProPhotonix Limited, (London Stock Exchange - AIM: PPIX; OTC: STKR), a designer and manufacturer of LED illumination systems and laser diode modules with operations in Ireland and the United Kingdom, is pleased to announce the extension of its range of PROdigii digital laser modules with five new wavelengths: 375nm, 405nm, 450nm, 905nm and 940nm. With these additional wavelengths in the UV, blue and IR range at output powers up to 500mW, ProPhotonix can now offer digital laser solutions for many additional applications hTtps://
===== Could visible light be a safe and effective SARS-CoV-2 disinfectant? ===== New Study htTps:// Visible light(blue) at 405nm could be an effective disinfectant for SARS-CoV-2. The advantage of the method is that it can be operated continuously and is safe for humans, and could be used in places like hospitals, schools, and offices. LED's and Laser Diodes are currently available that work around 405nm Light Units could become dual purpose ie light normal LED's plus 405nm blue disinfection LED's/Lasers depending upon power level /cm2 required for size of room and distance to floor/wall from LED unit The disinfection part of the unit could be controlled independently of the normal white light wavelength LED's in the unit ie a Dual purpose unit in one housing disinfection/visible normal eg hTtps:// or hTtps:// or hTtps:// Such dual units could be made to fit in existing LED or light ceiling apertures ie an easy fix to give 24/7 disinfection protection in homes and offices etc or Be made purely as a disinfection unit , to be fitted as and where required with appropriate LED's and or Lasers so as to achieve power levels /cm2 to give 99% disinfection 24/7 hTtps://
ProPhotonix has previously announced that it has delivered more than 50,000 laser diode modules for use in 3D printers and scanners. htTps:// The 3D Printing market is now motoring again htTps:// As the market for 3D printing equipment continues to grow, ProPhotonix has developed strong relationships with leading 3D printer and scanner manufacturers worldwide due to the company’s comprehensive cost effective laser module offering. 3D printing is set for a boom period it would seem with CAGR in excess of 20% to 2024 and beyond Metals and concrete and other materials such as various composites , are now joining the olde plastics and polymers --- plus the size of what is being printed is also getting very large eg as big as a house htTps:// Last year, SQ4D built the world’s largest permitted 3D-printed home, which encompasses 1,900 square feet and required just 48 hours of printing time. There seems to be no limits to what 3D printing can now achieve eg printed food and human organs dvances in 3D printing may be set to change that, though. Last week, Israeli startup Aleph Farms unveiled the first lab-grown ribeye steak using their proprietary bio-printing process, which they say will eventually allow them to recreate any cut of meat. The technology, developed in tandem with Israel’s Technion University, is similar to that being used in medical research to print “organoids” for drug testing, which one day could let us regrow entire organs from human cells. Using a device similar to an inkjet printer, the company lays down layers of support cells, fat cells, blood cells, and muscle cells that are then placed in an incubator to grow into the finished steak. htTps:// Another MASSIVE MARKET for ProPhotonix to be involved in imo hTtps:// A way to make affordable homes in a quicker , safer and cleaner fashion looks set to become a disruptor strategy within building sectors worldwide IG in 2019 said this about ProPhotonix Top 15 3D printingR39;stocks from around the world 3D printing is revolutionising the way  manufacturing works. We look at the market and outline the top 15 3D printing shares to consider 7. Top UK 3D printing stocks ProPhotonix ProPhotonix  makes LED lights and laser modules, some of which are used as components in 3D printers. Lasers are incredibly important in 3D printers as this is  how the printer measures distances, meaning they are vital for precision.  They are also used to scan three-dimensional objects in order to create an accurate 3D digital model.   hTtps:// IG did the above before 3D Houses were being printed as well as various foods and confectionery htTps:// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 3D food printing market is set for an even bigger CAGR explosion at over 50% hTtps:// A sweet spot to be in dyor
======= USA Ceiling Troffers using UVGI at 265nm to kill viruses ======= A troffer is a rectangular light fixture that fits into a modular dropped ceiling grid (i.e. 2' by 2' or 2' by 4'). Troffer fixtures are now designed with integral LED sources which are now replacing florescent tubes This is the sort of UVGI LED device that imo will become a standard type of unit in many locations , combining both normal LED lighting (color adjustable) with integral UVC air disinfection 24/7 using 265nm LED's htTps:// htTps:// The air is drawn in at one end of the troffer and then zapped with UVGI at 265nm as it passes over a range of LED's before being released clean and virus free back into the room Such units represent a relative quick and easy lower cost solution to disinfection in office type environments that use suspended ceilings rather than the installation of a completely new HVAC type system with UVGI or where the building or lease does not allow HVAC/trunking as an option Wall units are coming to market also hTtps:// These sort of products represent an answer to aerosol spread of the coronavirus imo other than wearing two masks at once or having the windows open in freezing weather
===== NEW Cruise Ships adopting UV-C to disinfect Air Con Plant ====== This will imo become the norm for the shipping industry along with the introduction of Far-UVC LED's as part of ship lighting as they become commercially available . “MSC Seashore will be the first cruise ship in the world to feature a new air sanitation system developed by Fincantieri. ‘Safe Air’ uses UV-C lamp technology eliminating 99 percent of viruses and bacteria to guarantee clean and safe air for guests and crew hTtps:// Aerosol spread of the Covid-19 virus is now recognized by an increasing number of highly renowned scientists worldwide as being the MAIN cause of transmission of Covid-19 hTtps:// Windstar Cruise Line has also adopted UV-C technology Windstar Cruises has announced a new health and safety program Beyond Ordinary Care, which aims to create a safer environment onboard its ships. “The Beyond Ordinary Care program is a multi-faceted strategy with key hospital-grade elements: HEPA filters and UV-C ultraviolet germicidal irradiation to filter and disinfect the air, hTtps:// It won't just be new cruise ships Existing Cruise ships will have to have UV-C re-fits imo in order to match the new safety initiatives currently being adopted using UV-C to disinfect on board air. dyor
============== Osram is making a move into the UV-C LED arena ================ The Growth within this sector is attracting bigger companies to acquire stakes in smaller companies with IP and the LED UV-C know how Case in point Osram acquires stake in UV-C LED company Bolb It eyes the energy-efficiency advances that the California company is making in ultraviolet chips, as the germicidal market looks set to strengthen in pandemic and post-pandemic times. The 20% stake comes about two months after Osram Opto Semiconductors (OS) unit announced a portfolio of UV-C chips of its own — the Oslon UV3636 — emitting at 275 nm and including versions with varying power outputs. Osram noted when it introduced the Oslon line, UV-C LED’s comparative small size and packaging lends the technology to more direct contact with water or a surface compared to conventional mercury vapor tubes. LEDs are also easier to shield, which is an important safety advantage given that UV-C is hazardous when in direct contact with skin or eyes. hTtps:// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ===== Top UK Rugby Club installs UV-C Air Disinfection Equipment to kill Covid-19 virus ===== Many sports clubs in the USA and UK and other countries have been installing UV-C disinfection devices to protect their players and staff and visitors hTtps:// USA and the Miami Dolphins do likewise hTtps:// Holland and PSV Eindhoven also install UV-C Disinfection hTtps:// And it is happening on the London Underground London Underground's escalators getting UV light treatment › News › Transport News 26 Oct 2020 — Around a quarter of London Underground's escalators are to be treated with ultraviolet (UV) light to help reduce Covid infections This is what is coming to the UK as Covid-19 is declared endemic htTps://
========= A USA Cruise Line Introduces UV-C as part of Safety Drive =========== Washington based Windstar Cruises have enhanced 'health and safety protocols' by making a multi-million dollar investment in their fleet to provide a healthy environment while sailing on a Windstar yacht. Hospital grade high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) filters along with a UV-C air zapping process (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) are being installed on board all Windstar yachts. The HEPA filters and UV-C ultraviolet germicidal irradiation are being installed to filter and disinfect circulated air. hTtps:// hTtps:// Windstar Cruises 2101 4th Avenue Suite 210 Seattle, WA 98121 ----------------------------------------------------------- IMO The Travel Sector will have to do this in order to get folks back to booking cruises and flights again as well as buses , underground metro and overground trains and all forms of public transport where numbers of travelers have plummeted due to Covid-19 aerosol concerns With aerosol spread now being recognized by an increasing number of highly renowned respected and experienced number of scientists as being a major causation of Covid-19 transmission ---- Windstar Cruises have recognized this fact and have acted by addressing the issue with a safety solution utilizing UV-C . buywell expects all other similar businesses will have to follow suit or be left wallowing in their wake Escaping such a disease for a month or three or even longer in safety , on a cruise if one can afford it , will have some appeal especially if such variants as this one take hold in America hTtps://
============== Aerosol Spread of the Covid-19 Virus indoors ============== hTtps:// hTtps:// NOT just your own house or flat but ANYWHERE indoors or inside like public transport or classrooms or offices or factories or Hospital wards and operating rooms and waiting rooms There are over 130,000 schools in America with around 36,000 needing new HVAC / Air Conditioning systems or upgrades Over 6,000 Hospitals and 5,000 Universities Many Universities and Hospitals need upgrades or new plan Hardly any have installed UV-C modern Technology as yet because aerosol spread of Covid-19 has not yet been recognized as a major mode of transmission by the WHO and CDC So Michigan State University is doing its own thing Feb. 23, 2021 ======== Using air purification to protect against COVID-19 on campus ========= The photo in the link below shows IPF employee installing UV-C air purification device in Wonders Hall htTps:// Soon it is my opinion that Government subsidies will flow to install UV-C units similar to this and new Far-UVC units into ALL such buildings and public places as well as domestic homes and blocks of flats $ 1 Trillion required in the USA to carry this work out including public transport Buses Trains Ships and Planes , Ambulances and taxis all will need UV-C and Far-UVC to transport passengers safely breathing covid free air and having disinfected seating for the next occupants IMO work will commence once the CDC says aerosol spread is an area of concern regarding Covid-19 transmission Because then safety measures to mitigate against aerosol spread must then follow , prevention by infection control ie disinfection using UV-C and Far-UVC What politicians must note is this : 1) Covid-19 is likely here for good like Flu but unlike flu it is an all year round disease and 24/7 2) Covid-19 also is causing millions of people to acquire Long Covid or Long Haul Covid disease which means they can't return to work in around 50% of cases ( previous SARS study found after 1 year of Hospital discharge ) 3) Experts have predicted that Long Covid costs to Health Services will dwarf those of Arthritis in coming years ( Arthritis being current number one costs ) So the longer prevention measure against aerosol spread are not put in place the greater the ongoing health costs and the more long term unemployed 4) Recent studies have put the number of people acquiring Long Covid as high as 30% of those infected by the virus NOT just those that have had to go into hospital ---- the recent variants are exacerbating this percentage scientists have observed 5) The policy of wait and see if vaccines make the problems go away is meaning more cases and more deaths --- it will not go away because 70% of the world population will never be vaccinated at any one time . Neither will any one country Plus vaccine efficacy is not 100% against variants ie no chance of herd immunity 6) Preparation against the next virus pandemic should by now in full swing BUT it isn't in fact not even started regarding aerosol spread which will almost certainly be a major causation factor in the next pandemic ie another virus My point being monies spent now will protect for decades to come as more zoonotic pandemics follow as they most surely will. Watch the video htTps:// Wearing 2 Masks as Fauci has said is not enough , will the next advice be to wear 3 masks ? hTtps:// htTps://
=========== Covid-19 and its effect on Public Transport ============== Nothing short of catastrophic when numbers of 70% to 80% declines in numbers using buses and trains and boats and planes htTps:// USA and the state of Vermont has been given half a million dollars to test UVC and Far-UVC light-based air filters on public buses to see whether they will improve air quality and protect against coronavirus and other airborne illness. The work scope is stated to involve the testing of two UVC lighting products, far-UVC and UVC, determining efficacy in stopping the spread of COVID-19 compared to current cleaning protocols. hTtps:// Same sort of thing is happening on Underground and Overground trains hTtps:// One can only think that this sort of thing will go countrywide as Covid-19 aerosol spread of the virus is accepted as the main form of transmission by the WHO the CDC and Government
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