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Lgo Energy LSE:LGO London Ordinary Share GB00BDGJ2R22 ORD 0.05P
  Price Change % Change Share Price Shares Traded Last Trade
  0.00 0.0% 3.05 0.00 01:00:00
Bid Price Offer Price High Price Low Price Open Price
0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Industry Sector Turnover (m) Profit (m) EPS - Basic PE Ratio Market Cap (m)
Oil & Gas Producers 4.55 -11.89 -0.21 16
Last Trade Time Trade Type Trade Size Trade Price Currency
- O 0 3.05 GBX

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offerman: Guardian,Am I right in saying that there were some big enemies of DL previously? These people wanted to destroy the company apparently. Could it be them that are relentlessly shorting selling hoping to buy back at lower levels pocketing the cash. ? I do take your point that the selling does seem relentless even the lowest of lowest levels. To these people I don't think it matters as they still make money on the way down. I think that's the pattern we are in even with good news or waterflood or anything else yes the share price will rise but now there are a vast amount of these shorters around so they will always continue to depress the share price after spikes on good news. I think the future is looking good for LGO as a company but as for the share price that doesn't always show or factoring the value or success of the company.
nexus7: From Garnhiem. Today 15:59 ------------------------------------- RE: re:share price dont lie This means that, in tough times, robust companies can see their share price fall, even if they are doing well. Conversely, companies can benefit from a rising market and their share price may go up, even if the underlying business is lacklustre. Over the long-term however, markets tend to reward robust, well-managed companies and their share prices rise. There is still time on LGO's side. Http://
edgein: Another successful well as expected. Good to see production expectations remain at doubling production by year end, especially with the rising oil price. £2.50m will drill a lot of wells and workovers on Goudron and the new Bolt assets. Looks like LGO is turning the corner. As to the recent placing, SOLO used a Singapore outfit called Epsilon for their fund raise which suppressed the share price until they'd cleared out something like 15% holding. Since then the share price rose about x3 peaking at 0.85p recently. Now that LGO have turned the corner and are increasing production at a time of increasing oil prices things are going in the right direction. Once the placing shares clear so will the share price imo. Regards, Ed.
offerman: Thanks guardian and the North.Id also like to add that when we do these infill wells such as this first one in the program from my understanding it will be a 12 months payback on each well. Now back in 2000 shares rocketed because the system at the time were pricing in earnings way ahead of companies actually reaching those but just projections of many years earnings ahead. Are the shares were actually being priced on future PEWhere is now it seems there seems to be more essence on actual proof and evidence of the company reaching the figures for it to be factored into the share price.So with LGO it could also be a fact that earnings won't be priced into this first infill well until 12 months when payback becomes a factor and eventually will be added to the balance sheet. The good thing to look at is that with the infill wells these hopefully will be depleting far less than csand which I think they will. Each well will then add and build up our production figures then when we do the pilot scheme for the waterflood towards the end of the year these two factors could play an important part on the share price despite the traders, The traders will still be there and trading but hopefully in a much higher price range. So long-term investors and traders can all benefit from the high share price in time. Then eventually when we find a JV for Cedros then that should also be a catalyst as well so a good few things to look out for over the next couple of years or so. Then in amongst all of that if OPEC do you progress on further cuts that could also bolster long-term oil prices and at least give some stability on the floor of the price of oil. I do you personally think the worst is over for LGO in terms of its own financial crisis and inevitably there will be further fundraising share issues coming but for good measures where as before it was for complete survival.So all in all patience will equal positive returns and hopefully less perspiration along with it :-0
jcgswims: Updated Faqs 12. * Finance - Why is LGO proposing a share consolidation? Guidance from AIM discourages companies from increasing their shares in issue above 1-2 billion. As LGO currently has over 8 billion shares in issue we are acting in a timely manner before being required to make a change. Additionally, increasing the share price to a multiple of a penny allows a wider range of investors to participate. 13. * Finance - What is the impact of the share consolidation on me; the shareholder? We plan to consolidate the 8.4 billion shares by a factor of 20 to create approximately 418 million new shares. The market value of the company will not change, therefore there should be a commensurate 20-fold increase in the value of each share. Note that the shareholders percentage ownership of the Company is unchanged for those holding at least 20 shares. 14. * Finance - How does the consolidation actually work? The ordinary shares are consolidated by a factor of 20 into a new consolidated share. This share is then split into a new ordinary share with the same nominal value as before (0.05p) and a deferred share. The deferred share has effectively no value but is a mechanism to allow the new ordinary shares to have the same nominal value as before. The new ordinary shares are the ones admitted for trading on AIM. 15. * Finance - Will I lose money as a result of the share consolidation? This is purely an administrative exercise and should have no direct impact on the underlying value of the Company. There should be no gain or loss in value from this change. Some shareholders are concerned about reduced liquidity with less shares trading, however, there is no evidence that with 400 million shares at 2.5p LGO will be any less liquid than previously. Once trading in the new ordinary shares commences they will establish their own trading price. Over time LGO expects to grow the value of the Company and that will be reflected in the share price. 25. Operations Trinidad - What is the current situation concerning acquiring BOLT ? (Updated 20.02.17) Under the terms of the BOLT deep rights agreement with Leni Trinidad Limited (LTL), a wholly owned subsidiary of LGO, we have a further payment of US$1.9 million to make when the licence for the agreed activity is issued. That amount is however offset against the 25% of BOLT that LGO presently owns and therefore the net payment due would be US$1.4 million. LTL has recently signed a Sales and Purchase Agreement to acquire the 75%balance of BOLT for US$50,000. That transaction is expected to close by end April 2017. 37. Operations Spain - What is the status of the licences LGO holds in Spain? (Updated 20.02.2017) The extension of the main licence in Spain, La Lora, from 31st January 2017 was not granted. LGO intends to apply for a new concession and is requesting the Ministry to expedite the required process. LGO holds an application for the Hontomin Field but is in the process of relinquishing its other licence 40. Operations Spain - Will LGO continue to hold interests in the Hontomin field, given the expiry of La Lora? (Updated 20/02/2017) Our application for the Hontomin production concession was made on the basis of using the La Lora production facilities. It is therefore necessary to obtain a new concession at La Lora before the proceeding with the Hontomin concession, which as a result is on hold pending that event. 45. Administration - Following the successful October 2016 webinar does LGO plan to repeat that? (Updated 20.02.2017) Yes, the Company is considering repeating the Q&A format in a webinar on a quarterly basis. More information will be published following the planned General Meeting in March 2017.
onceatraders: LLL posted this on LSE earlier: "Resolution 3 and 4 are ordinary and special resolutions to authorise the Directors to allot shares and grant rights to subscribe for new ordinary shares up to an aggregate nominal amount of £1,922,000 if Resolution 2 is not passed and the Share Reorganisation is not implemented, or up to an aggregate nominal amount of £96,100 if Resolution 2 is passed and the Share Reorganisation is implemented to: (i) satisfy the Company's obligations to Lind under the Funding Agreement (representing 14% of the TVR) ; (ii) to settle accrued but unpaid fees to members of the Board (representing 2% of the TVR); and generally to fund the opportunities outlined in Part I of the Document and general working capital requirements (representing 30% of the TVR). The authorities to be granted pursuant to Resolutions 3 and 4 (inclusive) shall expire on the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting of the Company to be held in 2018 (unless renewed varied or revoked by the Company prior to or on that date)." An aggregate nominal amount of £1,922,000 equates to 3.844 billion shares An aggregate nominal amount of £96,100 equates to 192.2 million shares (post consolidation) End Now I would love to know what conversion share price he used to get those share numbers of 3.8b / 192m (pre and post consolidation). The post itself has the information already that he posted, i.e satisfy the Company's obligations to Lind under the Funding Agreement (representing 14% of the TVR) ; (ii) to settle accrued but unpaid fees to members of the Board (representing 2% of the TVR) So 16% of the TVR is a conversion at 0.15, as per agreement with directors and Lind: ''The Funding Agreement with Lind includes provisions to grant options to Lind to subscribe for ordinary shares in the Company and allow the conversion of the balance of the facility to equity at a fixed price of 0.15 pence per share.'' And ''During this period, when Board fees were deferred to preserve cash resources, a substantial contractual debt totalling £396,675 was created. The directors affected; Mr Ritson (£238,641), Mr Douglas (£43,750), Mr Thadchanamoorthy (£50,826) and Mr Jenkins (£63,458), have agreed, as announced on 21 December 2016, to convert that debt to ordinary shares at a price of 0.15 pence per share, a 35% premium to the price at the time of that agreement in December. LGO is seeking authority to allocate shares to fulfil these obligations.'' The balance of the conversion is simply unknown, will the share price be 0.10 or 0.50, that is a vast difference to shares that will be issued. Perhaps this would have been better highlighted in stages, more fair and more transparency in the post. Removing the 16% at 0.15 conversion, and then examples at different levels of issue, lets say 0.10 , 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30 etc etc. Best regards John
offerman: Well what ever is planned or supposed to be happening let's just hope it can push the share price up.The share price has tanked from the recent highs of over 0.15Yet to get us up to that share price there were hundreds and hundreds of million shares been bought each day yet recently not that many traded and yet we have tanked! The traders or no doubt taking advantage of this,and it seems the general consensus is make percentage profits on a regular weekly daily basis as opposed to huge profits and locking for the long term . This is indeed is restricting any decent continual share price movements northward! It seems like the traders are just what is going to be pegging this back.The only thing I think that seems to have the most potential is Drill Cedros Massive amounts of oil and hopefully get us back to 1p -1 1/2p!
nexus7: From onceatrader Today 14:11 ------------------------------------ ChrisJohno I first invested in LGO in 2012, the share price at the time was in the mid 0.60's, and the investment at that stage was a complete punt. Through it all, this board was the best board on LSE by a clear mile, especially in 2013 and 2014, where the shareholders helped each other with information sharing and sensible debate. Those shareholders enjoyed a immense ride from the lows of 0.60 to the highs of 6.95. Every investor in every share will not only buy one day, but they will also sell, indeed that is a market for share dealing. I called the CPR wrong, but you forget that I called the rise correct. There are many things that could have been done differently in the past few years, whether that applies to LGO, the board, the CEO or the shareholders, but one thing we can all still do the same is post on a forum without fear of being attacked or ridiculed by a poster who has consistently used this as his debate tactic. Freasabird normal retort is 'you are a shorter', but if he really had any idea of how the shorting of shares is performed, he would be much the wiser. You will not find a provider to give you a quote to short this £8m MCAP stock. As a matter of fact, shorting this stock would be a very high risk action at this share price, if indeed you could get one on in the first place. So the regular excuse of 'you are a shorter' or the shorting action is the reason why the share price is low is flawed. The reason why the share is 0.1025 today is the continuous placings at ever lower prices for the last year or so. Posters like freasabird forget it is simply not just the shares getting absorbed, but he resulting shareholders who take the shares now holding them at a ever lower share price. This results in them off loading the shares on any rise, and we get the 'pinned back' effect. If posters like freeasbird took a little time to draw a breath, leave out the childish remarks and the constant bashing of other posters, and actually look at the fundamentals, including the real impact of each placing. Then they would have a much better understanding of the past, present and future of LGO. There are a couple of posters who do deserve to be berated for a continuous negative approach to LGO, but that hardly gives anyone the right to include others who are just offering a opinion or engaging with genuine shareholders. I must post on here once a week, and that one or two posts on the given day are followed by the usual childish rants. Can no one else see why others are refraining from posting here lately. Best regards John
data1t: Let me check if I can copy and paste a link to an article unrelated to LGO to see if any gullible readers think this can push LGO share price higher a la nexus7
nexus7: From Stotters Mon 21:06 ---------------------------------- Share price I regularly see people predict future share prices, based on a company's previous share price. Few people seem to acknowledge that an increase in the number of shares in issue can lead to a permanent reduction in the future share price. Which is a little alarming! The share price in September 2014 was 6p. At that time, there were around 2.5bn shares in issue. Now the share price is 0.14p and there are 5.86bn shares in issue, which is x2.344 greater than before. If the current share price were to increase to 3p, that would be the equivalent to a previous share price of 3p x 2.344 = 7.03p .....which is greater than the highest ever LGO share price This would be an MCAP of £175.8m. Where would that value come from? Stotters ===================================== From Stotters Mon 23:08 -------------------------------------- RE: Share price No. The debts are not yet resolved, and the EOR is not yet funded. After they are sorted out, maybe. I just looked in to see the reaction to the recent RNSs. I thought that I would just try to reign in some over exuberant posts. Stotters
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