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Mining 9.6 8.7 4.9 0.8 6.33

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papillon: leapfrog Today 19:20 Hi Barksy1, Some confusion over the listing price for CICG as various information is in the public domain,analysis indicates between 6p and 8p.Still on target for listing date to be published first week of May assuming all went well as previously posted. If various RNS are researched dating back to 2006/7/8 conclusions can be drawn as to what our interests might be. Hi BillB, For example allowing for old information,for instance Benxi is close to being a billion $ company with extensive interests in the vertical and horizontal markets.It has modernised its production capacity hugely over the last three years.That value is with the currant ore production price of around $45 I could not see how Benxi could compete with for example,London Minings production price(now defunct.)Until it was modernised. Our coal interests, I think have also been modernised for example increasing mine truck capacity from 50 tons to 100 ton trucks,with commiserate increase in loading equipment capacity and speed of operations,all improvements more than doubles output at a single stroke. We have a small company owned I think outright that has the fast track rail transit permits for anthracite which is where Brancepeths major interests lay. So Coal can be mined transported without all the normal delays associated with Coal deliveries in China.Have you seen the miles of queues of small trucks entering and leaving coal mines. We have interests in one if not two brand new ports with their oil storage and forward coal shipping facilities I believe Brancepeth to be one of the worlds top ten mining complexes. Sino is nothing but a burgeoning income generating engine for oil transpiration with sales down to the daily domestic market,I believe its turnover now to be substantially in excess of several billion dollars bearing in mind the figures translated into almost a $billion plus turnover for 2011. Look at 20th OCT 2014. RNS part 2, page 1, of the Information about CIC Seychelles;Note the Shareholdings and note the number of shares in Issue,all approximately a 100 million or less. Add n here those shares in issue confirm to my way of thinking the consolidation prospects for CICCTund and CICS are real. Our CICFuel is in operation with I think RTZ despite contradictory information I still think its RTZ. I also think that CICCFuel has been the subject of several serious take out short shrift discussions,resulting in not for sale. Add in numerous other interests most of which can seen in the old RNS of years ago.Some of those interests are alive and well others may be mothballed till the market is right..Research each one and come up with a value then quarter it according to ever changing world prices and markets.Gives you some idea why Senses £27 out of date. Even taking worse known speculative scenario 7 listing each with a 100million or less shares in issue and high class management with just a 7p listing average thats 49p for our original investment.Multiply 7p by 27 companies and you have a gross share price over the next year or so of 189p per share equivalent original investment price which is not unreasonable. That won't happen because as each company is listed so the interest in CICCS grows with potential exponential share price increases due to the LIMITED number of shares in issue for each company. plus WE ARE NOT RAISING MONEY> Plus we may have another overall dividend coming in June/July. I can be totally wrong,lol, you would not believe the overall figures I have come up and I won't publish them until there is more certainty . The fly in the ointment is why would shareholders continue to allow free handouts.Plus those who come on board later should they benefit from SBs largess? Anyway enough posted have a great weekend. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wow leapfrog is definitely living in Cloud Cuckoo Land!! Where does he get all this rubbish from? If these companies have all these valuable assets how come they are listing as "off the shelf" shells? He provides no proof or links to his back up his outrageous claims. PS. leapfrog is sence2/mikes5557, IMO.
papillon: JoeYangtze Today 16:38 A bit like TD's posts, much ado about nothing. Assets will be added to the shell,the problem with TD he is a Johnny come lately, who clings onto every word the grand liar preaches with a zealots enthusiasm. The problem is he doesn't understand the history of the company. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LOL. LOL. Joe to understand the ENTIRE listed history of the company you only have to look at the CICR share price chart when listed in Canada and the CICR/CICC share price chart when listed on AIM!! There are none so blind as those that cannot see the facts staring them in the face!
ultrapunch: The High Priestess of the Cult of the Beloved Leader has broken her silence. Barking out her message of total devotion. Who cares on which Canadian Exchange CICR was listed? The IMPORTANT FACT is it lost over 95% of it's value during the time it was listed in Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the IMPORTANT FACT!! The important thing is the share price. Nothing else matters to investors. The IMPORTANT FACT is that CICR/CICC share price is over 90% LOWER than it was in 2006. Lets see what the share price is when CICS lists. At the moment, without seeing the prospectus, it's hard to name a likely flotation price for CICS. All I will say is if the CICS Mkt Cap remains the same as CICC when it de-listed then the share price will be less than 1.5p. PS: We have YET to see official confirmation that CICS will be allowed to list on the LSE. I'm not saying it wont happewn; I'm just saying it has yet to be OFFICIALLY confirmed by the LSE.
ultrapunch: share_shark. Your fulsome HAGIOGRAPHY (pass the sick bag Alice!) of Stuart Bromley in post 5026 is all very well and good, but HOW HAS HE EVER BENEFITTED CICR/CICC shareholders over the years? You detail all his many qualities, achievements and contacts with the high and mighty, but how has that ever benefitted CICR/CICC shareholders? Would you please answer that question? Can you answer that question? If what you posted in 5026, share_shark, is true (and I've no way of knowing whether it's fact, or fiction) HOW COME IT'S NEVER BEEN TRANSLATED INTO AN IMPROVED SHARE PRICE PERFORMANCE? WHY, if what you posted is fact, has the CICR/CICC share price performance from 2006 to 2014 been so abysmal? You give the impression you know all the answers, so you should be able to explain the apparent dichotomy of your hagiography of SB with the abysmal share price performance since 2006.
share_shark: ultrapunch - 15 Feb 2013 - 23:46:03 - 3986 of 5431 My largest holding is LRL. A poster called Pro_S2009 was very actively de-ramping LRL on advfn threads, iii and lse (called Proselenes on lse) up to a month ago. He stopped posting exactly a month ago when the share price dropped to 12.5p. Presumably he stopped posting because he thought his work was done. LRL is now 16.5p. I also hold COOL. That has been ferociously de-ramped recently by apparently a number of posters on advfn, but most probably by one person with numerous idiotic id's all recently acquired. The COOL share price dropped to around 3.5p after the spike up in January. It had a 16% rise today to 4.5p. Any share that has been the subject of a big spike up, like LRL, COOL and CICR, is fair game for the de-rampers. I can't make up my mind on 1/ whether they are paid to de-ramp, or 2/ they are shorting the share they are de-ramping, or 3/ they hope to push down the share price so they can buy in cheaper, or 4/ they are just opportunists who know that any share that spikes up massively is bound to fall back on profit taking so by de-ramping a share when it starts such a normal decline they can appear to be clever and appear to able to move the share price by their posts. Regarding kitten25, he, or she is obviously ramping or maybe de-ramping. I can't make up my mind which because though kitten25 is telling other posters to look at CICR in one-line posts on different bb's (11 posts in all since profile created on 27/1/2013) there is no obvious ramping going on. Possibly kitten25 is ramping. Obviously ramping of shares on advfn is just as prevalent as de-ramping. However the former is more understandable because a ramper is trying to push up the share price of a share the ramper owns. De-ramping is a complete mystery, unless you have a financial interest in seeing the share price go down, because why would anyone post on the bb of a share they don't own? I could understand the odd post, but de-rampers continually post on shares they don't own and don't rate. They have to have an agenda otherwise why waste ones time? If I was bearish on CICR and had sold my shares I wouldn't waste my time reading or posting on this bb. So what is your agenda moz8? Don't tell me you don't have one because I wont believe you!! EDIT: advfn should ban all posters currently posting with more than one active id.
ultrapunch: Why do the likes of slowfast, goulding, GENISES, stc, have so much faith in SB's ability to successfully run a listed company? The evidence, so far, with CICR/CICC casts doubt on that ability and the ability of slowfast, goulding, GENISES, etc, to think rationally. Take the CICR/CICC share price performance on AIM. It opened at 3.5p at the end of October 2010, when it IPO'd. The share price when it de-listed this year was only 3.375p. Not a great performance!! So anyone who bought CICR/CICC on that 1st day of trading have seen their money going nowhere. The performance of CICR on the TSX was dismal as a chart posted on here some weeks ago showed. Anybody who bought CICR on the day it IPO'd on the TSX would be showing a massive loss by the time it de-listed from the TSX. So for the circa 8 years CICR/CICC was a listed company on the TSX/AIM it's share price performance has been absolutely dismal. Stalin may repeat boasts of turning $3m into $100m made at a week long wedding party, but going by the share price performance of CICR/CICC over the 8 years it was listed such a good deal (if true) was never done via CICR/CICC. If it had been then CICC would not have been down to their last £36k at the end of 2013.
share_shark: Well we can be in NO DOUBT of those with their own agendas with regards to CICC, EVEN resorting to LIES. Note them well!!!!. THey know full well what I said about the CICC share price and yet continue with their legerdemain tactics. THIS is my post of the 23rd.Dec 2013 and note my comments regarding the share price share_shark 23 Dec'13 - 10:13 - 4337 of 5079 0 0 edit Emulsion Fuels. I have said very little but have worked darned hard to try and understand the technology, the company(s) behind it, those involved( including the ultra wealthy industrialist, whose brain has assisted the Japanese Government Approval of the tech.......Taro ASO........................previous PM of Japan, now deputy PM and Finance Minister !). I now know more about low sulphur emmissions and scrubbers( £2-£6million a time to install)and the time lines and dates set, than I did last year. I will leave the rocket science to others to disseminate and believe me ,there is no shortage of that. I know enough to convince me and perhaps others will begin to think outside the box also. So whilst you know I was jesting about the 66.5p per share in two months time(well I may as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb) I am not being in the lest jocular concerning this statement . When Emulsion Fuels IPO QI, in my opinion will be as if THE OTHER COMPANIES IN EF, WILL BE OPERATING FROM A PHONE BOOTH AND CIC EMULSION FUELS, WILL HAVE THE SMART PHONE ! INMHO and DYOR. At RAF Compton Bassett, we were taught the following and so whilst some are calling for more transparency, would you offer up the Golden Egg or treasure trove to all and sundry, highly secret information, to the wider business world and your competitors BEFORE they announce an IPO and List ?. Of course not. LegerDeMain is being used by some ,posting on these boards. So this is what we were taught. Extrapolation In mathematics, extrapolation is the process of estimating, beyond the original observation interval, the value of a variable on the basis of its relationship with another variable. It is similar to interpolation, which produces estimates between known observations, but extrapolation is subject to greater uncertainty and a higher risk of producing meaningless results. Extrapolation may also mean extension of a method, assuming similar methods will be applicable. Extrapolation may also apply to human experience to project, extend, or expand known experience into an area not known or previously experienced so as to arrive at a (usually conjectural) knowledge of the unknown [1] (e.g. a driver extrapolates road conditions beyond his sight while driving).
the diddymen: Here is another donkey (sense2) on LSE 'Lets think forward to the new nomads having decent broker connection for CICC to achieve press coverage.This will certainly happen with regard to the IPOs. The design of CICCs assets is astounding in that we will be able to calculate as PIs for the first time ever the daily,even second by second asset value of an AIM company including eventual dividend roll as we will see the IPOd companies share price up on AIM. Think "what if" in relation to CICC share price CICF goes footsie 350 with speed' How many FTSE 350s are unable to open a bank account in a reasonable time? This poster needs a bag of carrots.
ultrapunch: sence2 is back posting on the lse CICC bb. Evidently Walter Mitty is predicting a share price above £2.40. WOW. We'll all have to pile in tomorrow if the CICC share price is going to rise by more than 50 fold. I wonder if that will be in 2014? LOL. Of course if we all pile in tomorrow it means some investors can offload at a far higher price. PS. The January 2nd RNS said CICC had received the YV money (US$460k). Nobody said they hadn't received that money. However they haven't received any more of that US$2m loan so far. PPS How can senceless say the following ... "HOLDINGS;~As far as I am able to discern the holdings I know about and have been able to verify are worth more than £200 million to the company." How does he arrive at that value? sence2 Posts: 3,496 Observation Opinion: No Opinion Price: 3.88 View Thread (3) plus. Today 18:55 First we are off suspension and theYV money contrary to some opinions is available and utilised. HOLDINGS;~As far as I am able to discern the holdings I know about and have been able to verify are worth more than £200 million to the company. What will eventually be forthcoming is valuations when we have those over the next 18 months it will be seen why we are headed for the footsie 350 plus.That means a share price in excess of £2.40p plus
ultrapunch: Good post TD. Would Yorkville have done proper DD on CICC? They wouldn't have had much time to do it if CICC only approached them after the Bergen deal fell through? Around 2 weeks, in fact. As you state Yorkville are risk takers. US$2m is presumably not a large sum for Yorkville especially when paid in US$500k installments, the 2nd installment dependent on the 1st re-payment from CICC being paid. Also the US$2m loan is guaranteed by 98.6% of SB's share stake giving a value of circa 2.5p per CICC share. I presume that was half the current CICC share price (circa 5p) when the deal was done.
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