Heath (samuel) & Sons (HSM)

Company name:Heath (samuel) & Sons Plc
EPIC:HSMTrading Currency:GBX
Market Sector:AIMPISIN:GB0004178710
Market Segment:ASX1Share Type:DE
WWW Address:http://www.samuel-heath.com/Description:ORD 10P
 Price Price Change [%] Bid Offer Open High Low Volume
 280.00 images.advfn.com/imagesnew/2/gb/dot 0.0 [0.00] 250.00 310.00 280.00 280.00 280.00 -
 Market Cap. [m] Shares In Issue [m] Beta EPS DPS PE Ratio Yield 52-Wks-Range
 7.09 2.53 0.18 29.10 12.38 9.62 4.42 385.00 - 248.00

Heath (samuel) & Sons Key Figures

(at previous day's close)
Market Cap.7.09m
Shares In Issue2.53m
Prev. Close280.00
PE Ratio9.62 
Dividend Yield4.42%
EPS - basic29.10p
Dividend PS12.38p
Dividend Cover2.35 
Cash Flow PS53.11p
Return On Equity (ROE)16.82%
Operating Margin6.35%
PEG Factor-0.39 
EPS Growth Rate-24.81%
Dividends PS Growth Rate-%
Net Debt6.23m
Gross Gearing68.13%
Quick Assets6.49m
Net Working Capital8.52m
Intangibles / Fixed Assets2.49%
Turnover PS548.63p
Pre-Tax Profit PS34.83p
Retained Profit PS16.74p
Cash PS124.51p
Net Cash PS47.11p
Net Tangible Asset Value PS *170.04p
Net Asset Value PS173.28p
Spread60.00 (19.35%) 

Heath (samuel) & Sons Balance Sheet


Share Price Performance

Sample Period HighLow
1 week280.00-
4 weeks280.00-
12 weeks285.00248.00
1 year385.00248.00

Share Price Chart (5 years)

Heath (samuel) & Sons Historic Returns

Sorry No Data Available

Heath (samuel) & Sons Key Management Ratios

Heath (samuel) & Sons Investment Ratios

(Market value analysis) at previous day's close
PQ Ratio3.70 
PE Ratio9.62 
Tobin's Q Ratio 0.53 
Tobin's Q Ratio (excl. intangibles)0.54 
Dividend Yield4.42%
Market-to-Book Ratio1.62 
Price-to-Pre-Tax Profit PS8.04 
Price-to-Retained Profit PS16.72 
Price-to-Cash Flow PS5.27 
Price-to-Sales PS0.51 
Price-to-Net Tangible Asset Value PS1.65 
Price-to-Cash PS2.25 
Net Working Capital PS336.29 
Price Pct to Working Capital PS0.83%
Earnings Yield10.39%
Average PE11.02 
Years in average5 
PE to PE average87.30%

Heath (samuel) & Sons Financial Ratios

(Leverage Ratios)
Debt Ratio62.84%
Debt-to-Equity Ratio1.69 
Debt-to-Equity Ratio (excl. Intgbl)1.72 
Debt-to-Equity Market Value1.05 
Net Gearing45.23%
Net Gearing (excl. Intangibles)45.50%
Gross Gearing68.13%
Gross Gearing (excl. Intangibles)68.54%
Gearing Under 1 Year14.24%
Gearing Under 1 Year (excl. Intgbl)14.32%
(Liquidity Ratios)
Net Working Capital to Total Assets61.85%
Current Ratio5.34 
Quick Ratio (Acid Test)3.31 
Liquidity Ratio1.61 
Cash & Equiv/Current Assets30.10%
(Solvency Ratios)
Enterprise Value11.36m
CFO/Attributable Profit1.82 
Total Debt/Equity Market Value1.32 
Total Debt/Sales0.68 
Total Debt/Pre-Tax Profit10.63 
Total Debt9.38m
Total Debt/Net Current Assets1.10%
(Dodds - Graham Ratios)
3 yr Compound Earnings Growth-%
5 yr Compound Earnings Growth13.43%
10 yr Compound Earnings Growth12.20%
Earn drops > 5% in 10yrs11 
Beta (60-Mnth)Beta (36-Mnth)

Heath (samuel) & Sons Operating Ratios

(Profitability Ratios)
Return On Capital Employed (ROCE)7.47%
Return On Assets (ROA)5.54%
Net Profit Margin5.31%
Assets Turnover1.04 
Return On Equity (ROE)16.82%
Return On Investment (ROI)6.41%
Dividend Payout Ratio42.54%
Plowback Ratio57.46%
Growth from Plowback Ratio9.29%
Net Income Of Revenues3.05%
(Asset Utilisation Multiples)
Shareholders Equity Turnover3.04 
Fixed Assets Turnover4.14 
Current Assets Turnover1.40 
Net Working Capital Turnover 
Inventory Turnover3.51 
(Other Operating Ratios)
Total Assets-to-Sales0.96 
Debt Collection Period85.04Days

Heath (samuel) & Sons Dividends

Announcement DateTypeCurr.Dividend AmountPeriod StartPeriod EndEx DateRecord DatePayment DateTotal Dividend Amount
11 Jul 2019FinalGBX6.8831/03/201831/03/201918/07/201919/07/201916/08/201912.38
08 Nov 2018InterimGBX5.5031/03/201831/03/201921/02/201922/02/201922/03/2019-
12 Jul 2018FinalGBX6.8831/03/201731/03/201819/07/201820/07/201817/08/201812.38
09 Nov 2017InterimGBX5.5031/03/201731/03/201822/02/201823/02/201823/03/2018-
12 Jul 2017FinalGBX6.8831/03/201631/03/201720/07/201721/07/201718/08/20176.88
13 Jul 2016FinalGBX6.8831/03/201531/03/201621/07/201622/07/201619/08/201612.38
04 Nov 2015InterimGBX5.5031/03/201531/03/201625/02/201626/02/201621/03/2016-
15 Jul 2015FinalGBX6.2531/03/201431/03/201523/07/201524/07/201521/08/201511.75
12 Nov 2014InterimGBX5.5031/03/201431/03/201526/02/201527/02/201523/03/2015-
16 Jul 2014FinalGBX6.2531/03/201331/03/201423/07/201425/07/201422/08/201411.75
06 Nov 2013InterimGBX5.5031/03/201331/03/201426/02/201428/02/201424/03/2014-
17 Jul 2013FinalGBX6.2531/03/201231/03/201324/07/201326/07/201323/08/201311.75
20 Nov 2012InterimGBX5.5031/03/201231/03/201327/02/201301/03/201325/03/2013-
12 Jul 2012FinalGBX6.2531/03/201131/03/201201/08/201203/08/201224/08/201211.75
22 Nov 2011InterimGBX5.5031/03/201131/03/201222/02/201224/02/201226/03/2012-
07 Jul 2011FinalGBX6.2531/03/201031/03/201127/07/201129/07/201126/08/201111.75
23 Nov 2010InterimGBX5.5031/03/201031/03/201123/02/201125/02/201125/03/2011-
08 Jul 2010FinalGBX6.2531/03/200931/03/201028/07/201030/07/201027/08/201011.75
04 Dec 2008InterimGBX11.0030/03/200830/09/200825/02/200927/02/200927/03/2009-
03 Jul 2008FinalGBX12.5031/03/200731/03/200823/07/200825/07/200822/08/200823.50
05 Jul 2007FinalGBX12.5031/03/200631/03/200725/07/200727/07/200724/08/200723.50
12 Dec 2006InterimGBX11.0030/03/200630/09/200628/02/200702/03/200730/03/2007-
05 Jul 2006FinalGBX12.5031/03/200531/03/200626/07/200628/07/200625/08/200623.50
05 Dec 2005InterimGBX11.0031/03/200531/03/200601/03/200603/03/200631/03/2006-
07 Jul 2005FinalGBX8.5031/03/200431/03/200527/07/200529/07/200519/08/200513.50
06 Dec 2004InterimGBX5.0030/03/200430/09/200402/03/200504/03/200531/03/2005-
08 Jul 2004FinalGBX8.5031/03/200331/03/200428/07/200430/07/200420/08/200413.50
08 Dec 2003InterimGBX5.0030/03/200330/09/200325/02/200427/02/200431/03/2004-
03 Jul 2003FinalGBX8.5031/03/200231/03/200316/07/200318/07/200308/08/200313.50
09 Dec 2002InterimGBX5.0030/03/200230/09/200205/03/200307/03/200331/03/2003-
04 Jul 2002FinalGBX8.0031/03/200131/03/200224/07/200226/07/200223/08/200213.00
06 Dec 2001InterimGBX5.0030/03/200130/09/200127/02/200201/03/200229/03/2002-
12 Jul 2001FinalGBX7.0031/03/200031/03/200125/07/200127/07/200124/08/200112.00
06 Dec 2000InterimGBX5.0030/03/200030/09/200028/02/200102/03/200129/03/2001-
13 Jul 2000FinalGBX6.5031/03/199931/03/200031/07/200004/08/200025/08/200011.00
09 Dec 1999InterimGBX4.5030/03/199930/09/199931/01/200004/02/200029/03/2000-
15 Jul 1999FinalGBX5.0031/03/199831/03/199926/07/199930/07/199927/08/19998.50
10 Dec 1998InterimGBX3.5030/03/199830/09/199801/02/199905/02/199929/03/1999-
06 Jul 1998FinalGBX4.5031/03/199731/03/199813/07/199817/07/199821/08/19988.00

Heath (samuel) & Sons Fundamentals

 31 Mar 2016 (GBP)31 Mar 2017 (GBP)31 Mar 2018 (GBP)31 Mar 2019 (GBP)
pre tax profit0.957.53%1.239.45%1.188.20%0.886.35%m
attributable profit0.776.11%1.017.76%0.986.83%0.745.31%m
retained profit0.473.74%0.846.43%0.533.67%0.423.05%m
eps - basic (p)30.30 40.00 38.70 29.10 
eps - diluted (p)30.30 40.00 38.70 29.10 
dividends per share12.38 6.88 12.38 12.38 

Heath (samuel) & Sons Balance Sheet

 31 Mar 2016 (GBP)31 Mar 2017 (GBP)31 Mar 2018 (GBP)31 Mar 2019 (GBP)
 31 Mar 2016 (GBP)31 Mar 2017 (GBP)31 Mar 2018 (GBP)31 Mar 2019 (GBP)
fixed assets fixed assets1.5815.26%3.5128.27%3.3425.95%3.2123.31%m
intangibles intangibles0.131.24%0.080.64%0.090.66%0.080.60%m
fixed investments fixed investments--%--%--%--%m
current assets - other current assets - other--%--%--%--%m
stocks stocks3.3232.06%3.7930.51%3.9330.57%3.9928.97%m
debtors debtors3.2531.38%2.9623.85%3.1424.42%3.3324.22%m
cash & securities cash & securities2.0820.06%2.0816.74%2.3718.40%3.1522.90%m
creditors - short creditors - short1.4814.28%1.5612.54%1.6512.82%1.9614.24%m
creditors - long creditors - long6.1859.66%6.5052.34%6.4750.33%7.4253.89%m
creditors - other creditors - other--%--%--%--%m
subordinated loans subordinated loans--%--%--%--%m
insurance funds insurance funds--%--%--%--%m
ord cap, reserves ord cap, reserves2.7026.06%4.3635.11%4.7436.85%4.3931.87%m
prefs, minorities prefs, minorities--%--%--%--%m
NAV Basic- - - - 
NAV Diluted- - - - 

Heath (samuel) & Sons Cash Flow Statement

31 Mar 2016 (GBP)31 Mar 2017 (GBP)31 Mar 2018 (GBP)31 Mar 2019 (GBP)
Operating CF1.100.770.961.35m
Pre-Financing CF0.730.180.741.10m
Retained CF0.430.000.290.79m

Heath (samuel) & Sons Brokers

Evolution Securities LimitedMarket Maker(MMF)Broker/DealerEVOEVBGGB21MMT
Winterflood Securities LtdMarket Maker(MMF)Broker/DealerWINSWNTSGB2LBIC
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