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Indep. Res. LSE:IRG London Ordinary Share GB00B0RNX796 ORD 0.01P
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Oil & Gas Producers -1.81 -1.10 13
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geoffmanana: The only problem dmit is that there are going to be a lot of cheap shares flooding the market on Wednesday. So although there has been this adjustment I now feel there will be further pressure on the share price once this stampede to sell starts. Two things come to mind...Firstly to short the shares on Tuesday T5 and buy them back once the share price has settled down...And secondly to buy further at this point. I do feel however that there could very well be some news that could scupper this plan. All in all I am very bullish......we shall see very soon. GLA
dmitribollokov: The selling should already have been done. That's why the share price fell to the current level after the OO was announced. It's cureently just above the blended rate of the share price when announced and the level of the new OO shares. Anyone who is getting open offer shares already owns 50% more than the amount they would receive in the new shares, so have already been able to sell the equivalent of the new shares if that's what they wanted/needed to do.
napoleon 14th: Tilly - afaik the record date was March 13th for the OO; you had to hold shares then to qualify. Today is when you better have the cash on your account to meet the call. IMO if you want IRG/ECHO shares I would wait 'till the dust settles over Easter & new shares issued at 0.065p, after which there might possibly be a bit of selling & price weakness. This often happens during share issues but WTFDIK. As we don't yet know the response to the OO & whether it was fully subscribed, what share price weakness there might be is unknown. Maybe lots, maybe none. IMO this is the sequence of events which we can follow, whilst making allowances for sods law.... [Independent Resources: IRG to become ECHO] Mar 13, 2017 Tweet by Echo: Echo Energy confirms Launch Date with Strategy announcement 18 April. Mar 20,2017 Tweet by Echo: Echo Energy confirms formal Launch Date 18 April, including General Meeting and Investor event & Strategy Launch on 18 April. Echo Energy Twitter Timeline: A listed mid-cap upstream co in the making (Strategy announcement to follow shortly TOGETHER WITH 1ST TRANSACTION. Ticker: LON:IRG (Soon to be LON:ECHO). What I do see is a reasonably strong share price in the meantime, so I'm happy with that.
ayl30: I contacted Barclays. Apparently they posted letters about the offer yesterday. however they say the details are not being put on their website, wonder why? Letter detail as follows Thank you for your email, we posted a letter regarding the Independent Resources open offer yesterday. Please find below details; Corporate Action Reference 201700384 An open offer entitles shareholders, who hold on the ex date, the opportunity to purchase more ordinary shares in the company at a price normally discounted to the market share price, in proportion to their existing holding. Event Terms Record Date 13/03/17 Ex Date 14/03/2017 2 new shares for every 3 shares held Subscription price per new share GBP 0.00065 Option 1a: Securities Option (Basic Entitlement) - Take shares up in your ISA (ensure you have sufficient funds on the account) Option 1b: Securities Option (Basic Entitlement) - Take shares up in a non ISA account you have with us Option 2a: Oversubscribe - Take shares up in your ISA (ensure you have sufficient funds on the account) Option 2b: Oversubscribe - Take shares up in a non ISA account you have with us Option 3: No Action (DEFAULT) We must have an instruction by 5pm on 06 April 2017 The event is not on our website but you can email a secure instruction by logging into the website here and quoting the corporate action reference or by calling us on 0800 279 6551. If you have any further questions, please let me know by email or by calling us on 0800 279 6551* or 0141 352 3909* and we'll be more than happy to help you. Kind regards Craig Craig Turnbull Client Service Analyst Personal and Corporate Banking Telephone: 0800 279 6551* or 0141 352 3909*
apfindley: The share price should never have gone this high.Adding over 30mill to the market cap for the raising of just 1.5mill.People will soon be selling their 0.5p shares for a decent profit, and do e will be left holding onto big losses.As for the new 0.065p shares, they will be in profit by a factor of around 700% at today's price.So who isn't going to sell to bank those profits from their offer shares??Everyone will try and it will be fastest finger time once the new shares are tradeable as everyobe scrambles to sell for a big profit.The outcome......the share price will collapse.Not everyone can benefit from money from nothing.
hpotter: Posted by Shareinvestment on LSE: I have been invested in SOU for many years and added a position in IRG like other long term sounders posting here. For investors who are new to James, I would like to confirm that he is the most incredible CEO I have come across and being only 44 he has plenty of energy left to replicate here what is he is doing in SOU. We will probably get next week an RNS about the IRG open offer. I suspect the share price might rise until the ex-date to hold for the Open Offer and possibly correct a bit after that date plus a bit of pressure from people selling out when they get their OO allocation. James is very astute and he will surprise us with new strategy and deal announcements which will support the price. Personally I will not sell any IRG share currently held nor OO allocated shares and will add more if there is a bit of a dip here and there as I like all other sounders truly believe in James and Marco. They will transform this company in a very short timeframe, therefore forget about where the company was trading before their arrival because it's irrelevant. Buckle up for the journey of your life and IMO forget about a short term trade this is, like SOU, your golden ticket for a multi bag return.
vinceelliott: I have nothing to do with this share. But, looking at the Greenberry warrants and share price, I reckon they make a profit of £9M if they can cash out at the current share price.
bufala: The fact is that the chairman and the ceo of this company might care about the company but definitely don't give a f.. About the share price for obvious reasons. The first one because has lost an astronomical amount of money and the second one because hasn't had a salary paid since he was hired. Having said that, the moment when those 2 leave the company will pack up. In theory, the share price could go down by another 99.9999% with no much sympathy from the board.
whites123: MAYA: Mayair Close to £5,500.000 still to spend on share buy back program. Averaged out that equates to over £1.40 per share, but all those bought lower means the upper price to pay can well exceed that marker. Tripling of the share price is easy once stock is in demand. Its a squeeze of epic proportions in the waiting. And yet another RNS from MAYA showing a further share buy back. Each and every time the rns comes out the price increases. Yesterday just 2 purchases. 1 from a PI buying 2,500 shares and the other purchase was a share buy back by the company. They have the mandate to buy approx a further 4 MILLION shares back. The share price will explode... Anyone else here excited about MAYA? (Mayair) They want to buy back 4,247,500 shares (10%) for a maximum of £5,755,750 They have already bought back 340,000 shares for £205,611 So they still have to buy back 3,907,500 shares with £5,550,139 They can pay up to 142p (£5,550,139 / 3,907,500) to acquire the outstanding stock but for every share they buy below 142p, they can pay more than 142p to complete the buy-back, so the price should keep stepping up. The objective of the buy back seems to be to get the share price up. This could triple from here. 19th Oct -2016 RNS today showing they bought back more shares.. In a lightly traded stock like this they have the mandate to buy back almost 4,000,000 more. Where will the share price be by then? Many many multiples of todays price is my best guess.
gazhutch: Balance then. THE DEADLY ART OF STOCK MANIPULATIONIn every profession, there are probably a dozen or two major rules. Knowing them is what separates the professional from the amateur. Not knowing them at all? Well, let's put it this way: How safe would you feel if you suddenly found yourself piloting (solo) a Boeing 747 as it were landing on an airstrip? Unless you are a professional pilot, you would probably be frightened out of your wits and would soil your underwear. Hold that thought as you read this essay because I will explain to you how market manipulation works. What the professionals and the securities regulators know and understand, which the rest of us do not, is this.RULE NUMBER ONE:ALL SHARP PRICE MOVEMENTS -- WHETHER UP OR DOWN --ARE THE RESULT OF ONE OR MORE (USUALLY A GROUP OF) PROFESSIONALS MANIPULATING THE SHARE PRICE.This should explain why a mining company finds something good and" nothing happens" or the stock goes down. At the same time, for NO apparent reason, a stock suddenly takes off for the sky! On little volume! Someone is manipulating that stock, often with an unfounded rumour. In order to make these market manipulations work, the professionals assume: (a) The Public is STUPID and (b) The Public will mainly buy at the HIGH and (c) The Public will sell at the LOW. Therefore, as long as the market manipulator can run crowd control, he can be successful. Let's face it: The reason you speculate in such markets is that you are greedy AND optimistic. You believe in a better tomorrow and NEED to make money quickly. It is this sentiment which is exploited by the market manipulator. He controls YOUR greed and fear about a particular stock. If he wants you to buy, the company's prospects look like the next Microsoft. If the manipulator wants you to desert the sinking ship, he suddenly becomes very guarded in his remarks about the company, isn't around to glowingly answer questions about the company and/or GETS issued very bad news about the company. Which brings us to the next important rule.RULE NUMBER TWO:IF THE MARKET MANIPULATOR WANTS TO DISTRIBUTE (DUMP)HIS SHARES, HE WILL START A GOOD NEWS PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN.Ever wonder why a particular company is made to look like the greatest thing since sliced bread? That sentiment is manufactured. Newsletter writers are hired -- either secretly or not -- to cheerlead a stock. PR firms are hired and let loose upon an unsuspecting public. Contracts to appear on radio talk shows are signed and implemented. Stockbrokers get "cheap" stock to recommend the company to their "book" (that means YOU, the client in his book). An advertising campaign is rolled out (television ads, newspaper ads, card deck mailings). The company signs up to exhibit at "investment conferences" and "gold shows" (mainly so they can get a little "podium time" to hype you on their stock and tell you how "their company is really different" and" not a stock promotion.") Funny little "hype" messages are posted on Internet newsgroups by the same cast of usual suspects. The more, the merrier. And a little "juice" can go a long way toward running up the stock price. The HYPE is on. The more clever a stock promoter, the better his knowledge of the advertising business. Little gimmicks like "positioning" are used. Example: Make a completely unknown company look warm and fuzzy and appealing to you by comparing it to a recent success story. The only reason you have been invited to this seemingly incredible banquet is that YOU are the main course. After the market manipulator has suckered you into "his investment," exchanging HIS paper for YOUR cash, the walls begin to close in on you. Why is that?RULE NUMBER THREE:AS SOON AS THE MARKET MANIPULATOR HAS COMPLETED HIS DISTRIBUTION (DUMPING) OF SHARES, HE WILL START A BAD NEWS OR NO NEWS CAMPAIGN.Your favourite home-run stock has just stalled or retreated a bit formats high. Suddenly, there is a news VACUUM. Either NO news or BAD rumours. I discovered this with quite a few stocks. I would get LOADS of information and "hot tips." All of a sudden, my pipeline was shut-off. Some companies would even issue a news release CONDEMNING me ("We don't need 'that kind of hype' referring to me!). Cute, huh? When the company wanted fantastic hype circulated hither and yon, there would be someone there to spoon-feed me. The second the distribution phase was DONE....ooops! Sorry, no more news. Or, "I'm sorry. He's not in the office." Or, "He won't be back until Monday." The really slick market manipulators would even seed the Internet newsgroups or other journalists to plant negative stories about that company. Or start a propaganda campaign of negative rumours on all available communication vehicles. Even hiring a "contraire" or" special PR firm" to drive down the price. Even hiring someone to attack the guy who had earlier written low about the company. (This is not a game for the faint-hearted!) You'll also see the stock drifting endlessly. You may even experience a helpless feeling, as if you were floating in outer space without a lifeline. That is exactly HOW the market manipulator wants you to feel. See Rule Number Five below. He may also be doing this to avoid the severe disappointment of a "dry hole" or a "failed deal." You'll hear that oft-cried refrain, "Oh well, that's the junior minerals exploration business... very risky!" Or the oft-quoted statistic, "Nine out of 10 businesses fail each year and this IS a Venture Capital Start-up stock exchange." Don't think it wasn't contrived. If a geologist at a junior mining company wasn't optimistic and rosy in his promise of exploration success, he would be replaced by someone who was! Ditto for the high-tech deal, in a world awash with PhD's. So, how do you know when you are being taken? Look again at Rule #1.Inside that rule, a few other rules unfold which explain how a stock price is manipulated.RULE NUMBER FOUR:ANY STOCK THAT TRADES HUGE VOLUME AT HIGHER PRICES SIGNALS THE DISTRIBUTION PHASE.When there was less volume, the price was lower. Professionals were accumulating. After the price runs, the volume increases. The professionals bought low and sold high. The amateurs bought high (and will soon enough sell low). In older books about market manipulation and stock promotion, which I've recently studied, the mark-up price referred to THREE times higher than the floor. The floor is the launch pad for the stock. For example, if one looks at the stock price and finds a steady flat line on the stock's chart of around 10p , then that range is the FLOOR. Basically, the mark-up phase can go as high as the market manipulator is capable of taking it. From my observations, a good mark-up should be able to run about five to ten times higher than the floor, with six to seven being common. The market manipulator will do everything in his power to keep you OUT OF THE STOCK until the share price has been marked up by at least two-three times, sometimes resorting to "shaking you out" until after he has accumulated enough shares. Once the mark-up has begun, the stock chart will show you one or more spikes in the volume -- all at much higher prices (marked up by the manipulator, of course).RULE NUMBER FIVE:THE MARKET MANIPULATOR WILL ALWAYS TRY TO GET YOU TO BUY AT THE HIGHEST, AND SELL AT THE LOWEST PRICE POSSIBLE.Just as the manipulator will use every available means to invite you to "the party," he will savagely and brutally drive you away from "his stock" when he has fleeced you. The first falsehood you assume is that the stock promoter WANTS you to make a bundle by investing in his company. So begins a string of lies that run for as long as your stomach can take it. You will get the first clue that "you have been had" when the stock stalls at the higher level. Somehow, it ran out of steam and you are not sure why. Well, it ran out of steam because the market manipulator stopped running it up. It's over inflated and he can't convince more people to buy. The volume dries up while the share price seems to stall. LOOK AT THE TRADING VOLUME, NOT THE SHARE PRICE! When earlier, there may have been X amounts of shares trading each day for eight out of 12 trading days (as in the case of CONROY), now the volume has slipped to X amount shares (or so) daily. There are some buyers there, enough for the manipulator to continue dumping his paper, but only so long as he can enlist one or more individuals/services to bang his drum. He may continue feeding the promo guys a string of "promises" and" good news down the road." (Believe me, this HAS happened to me!) But, when the news finally arrives, the stock price goes THUD! This is entirely orchestratedRULE NUMBER SIX:IF THIS IS A REAL DEAL, THEN YOU ARE LIKELY TO BE THE LAST PERSON TO BE NOTIFIED OR WILL BE DRIVEN OUT AT THE LOWER PRICES.Like Jesse Livermore wrote, "If there's some easy money lying around, no one is going to force it into your pocket." The same concept can be more clearly understood by watching the trades. When a market manipulator wants you into his stock, you will hear LOUD noises of stock promotion and hype. If you are "in the loop," you will be bombarded from many directions. Similarly, if he wants you out of the stock, then there will be orchestrated rumours being circulated, rapid-fired at you again from many directions. Just as good news may come to you in waves, so will bad news. You will see evidence of a VERY sharp drop in the share price with HUGE volume. That is you and your buddies running for the exits. If the deal is really for real, the market manipulator wants to get ALL OF YOUR SHARES or as many as he can... and at the lowest price he can. Where as before, he wanted you IN his market, so he could dump his shares to you at a higher price, NOW when he sees that this deal IS for real, he wants to pay as little as possible for those same shares... YOUR shares which he wants you to part with, as quickly as possible. The market manipulator will shake you out by DRIVING the price as lows he can. Just as in the "accumulation" stage, he wants to keep everything as quiet as possible so he can snap up as many of the shares for himself, he will NOW turn down, or even turn off, the volume so he can repeat the accumulation phase. The accumulation phase was TOP SECRET. The noise level was deadingly silent. As soon as the insiders accumulated all their shares, they let YOU in on the secret.RULE NUMBER SEVEN:CONVERSELY, YOU WILL OFTEN BE THE LAST TO KNOW WHEN THIS DEAL SHOWS SIGNS OF FAILURE.Twenty-twenty hindsight will often show you that there was a "little stumble" in the share price, just as the "assays were delayed" or the" deal didn't go through." Manipulators were peeling off their paper to START the downslide. And ACCELERATE it. The quick slide down makes it improbable for your getting out at more than what you originally paid for the stock... and gives you a better reason for holding onto it "a little longer" in case the price rebounds. Then, the drifting stage begins and fear takes over. And unless you have nerves of steel and can afford to wait out the manipulator, you will more than likely end up selling out at a cheap price. For the insider, market maker or underwriter is obliged to buy back all of your paper in order to keep his company alive and maintain control of it. The less he has to pay for your paper, the lower his cost will be to commence his stock promotion again... at some future date. Even if his company has no prospects AT ALL, his "shell" of a company has some value (only in that others might want to use that structure so they can run their own stock promotion). So, the manipulator WILL buy back his paper. He just wants to make sure that he pays as little for those shares as possible.RULE NUMBER EIGHT:THE MARKET MANIPULATOR WILL COMPEL YOU INTO THE STOCK SO THAT YOU DRIVE UP ITS PRICE SHARES.Placing a Market Order or Pre-Market Order is an amateur's mistake, A market manipulator (traders included here) can jack up the share price during your market order and bring you back a confirmation at some preposterous level. The Market Manipulator will use the "tape" against you. He will keep buying up his own paper to keep you reaching for a higher price. He will get in line ahead of you to buy all the shares at the current price and force you to pay MORE for those shares. He will tease you and MAKE you reach for the higher price so you "won't miss out." Miss out on what? Getting your head chopped off, that's what! One can avoid market manipulation by not buying during the huge price spikes and abnormal trading volumes, also known as chasing the stock to a higher price.RULE NUMBER NINE:THE MARKET MANIPULATOR IS WELL AWARE OF THE EMOTIONS YOU ARE EXPERIENCING DURING A RUN UP AND A COLLAPSE AND WILL PLAY YOUR EMOTIONS LIKE A PIANO.During the run up, you WILL have a rush of greed which compels you to run into the stock. During the collapse, you WILL have a fear that you will lose everything... so you will rush to exit. See how simple it is and how clear a bell it strikes? Don't think this formula isn't tattooed inside the mind of every manipulator. The market manipulator will play you on the way up and play you on the way down. If he does it very well, he will make it look like someone else's fault that you lost money! Promise to fill up your wallet? You'll rush into the stock. Scare you into losing every penny you have in that stock? You'll run away screaming with horror! And vow to NEVER, ever speculate in such stocks again. But many of you still do.... The manipulator even knows how to bring you back for yet another play. What actors! No wonder Vancouver is sometimes called "Hollywood North."FINAL RULE:A NEW BATCH OF SUCKERS ARE BORN WITH EVERY NEW PLAY.The Financial Markets are a Cruel, Unkind and Dangerous Playing Field, one place where the newest amateurs are generally fleeced the most brutally.... usually by those who KNOW the above rules. Just as I have a duty to ensure that each of you understand how this game is played, YOU now have that same duty to guarantee that your fellow speculator understands these rules. Just as I would be a criminal for not making this data known to you, YOU would be just as criminal to keep it a secret. There will always be an unsuspecting, trusting fool whom the rabid dogs will tear to shreds, but it does NOT have to be this way. IF every subscriber made this essay broadly known to his friends, acquaintances and family, and they passed it on to their friends, word of mouth could cause many of these market manipulators to pause. IF this effort were done strenuously by many, then perhaps the financial markets could weed out the crooked manipulators and the promoters could bring us more legitimate plays. The stock markets are a financing tool. The companies BORROW money from you, when you invest or speculate in their companies. They want their share price going higher so they can finance their deal with less dilution of their shares... if they are good guys. But, how would you feel about a friend or family member who kept borrowing money from you and never repaid it? That would be theft, plain and simple. So, a market manipulator is STEALING your money.
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