Share Name Share Symbol Market Type Share ISIN Share Description
Henderson Smaller Companies Investment Trust Plc LSE:HSL London Ordinary Share GB0009065060 ORD 25P
  Price Change % Change Share Price Bid Price Offer Price High Price Low Price Open Price Shares Traded Last Trade
  20.00 1.63% 1,248.00 1,248.00 1,252.00 1,254.00 1,236.00 1,236.00 57,006 16:35:13
Industry Sector Turnover (m) Profit (m) EPS - Basic PE Ratio Market Cap (m)
Equity Investment Instruments 19.5 17.6 23.6 52.9 970

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Could be. This sort of smaller companies fund usually first to crash and last to arise but seems to be starting to waken at last. Basic portfolio seems sound so here's hoping. And yes I have a few. Ssords
I wonder if this is now worth a punt? I wish I'd spotted it in March.
Is the tide turning for smaller companies. I have long favoured Aberforth smaller companies(asl) Comparing the best on recovery from a bear market HSL fell 84.6% in the bear market 28.12.1999 to 11.3.03 first year recovery 11.3.03 to 11.3.04 was 102.9% from 11.3.03 to 15.6.07was up 358.4% For HSL top 10.5.07 =336.75p to the low 106.5p on 10.3.09 represents a fall of 68.37%, at last nights close=150p therefore it has recovered from the March low of 40% in 30 trading days. The actual low for this bear market was on 5.12.2008 at 88.5p . On the broader market when we had a new low for this current bear market HSL did not retest it's December low --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- a
The following indexes, mkts & gold stocks are reviewed this week in the full edition of GCRU: Agnico (NYSE & Tor) Altius Minerals (Tor) Anglo American (Nas) Aurizon Mines (Tor & AMEX) Freeport Mcmoran (NYSE) Fronteer Development (Tor) Gold daily (NY) Gold tick chart (NY) Goldcorp (NYSE & Tor) Hecla Mining (NYSE) High River Gold (Tor) Int'l Secs (NYSE) Lihir (Sydney & Nas) Mega Uranium (Tor) Miramar Mng (AMEX & Tor) Paladin Res. (Tor & Sydney) Rio Tinto (NYSE) Seabridge Gold (AMEX & Tor) SGI SGS (A/D line) Teck Cominco (Toronto) TREND INVESTORS USD (NYBOT) Viceroy Explor. (Tor) Xstrata Plc (London & Zurich) Yamana Gold (AMEX & Tor) All charts created with TradeStation by Omega Research 2000.
THE MILLIONAIRE'S FAVORITE AUTHOR You Won't Find W.G. Hill On Any Best Seller Lists, But It's Hard To Find A Millionaire Who Hasn't Read Most Of His $100 "Special Reports". Hill's Low Profile -- The name W.G. Hill isn't bandied around much in the book-publishing world. No literary society has ever discussed any of the two dozen or so volumes this author has produced. But over the last thirty years, in the world of bankers, accountants, high net worth investors and financiers with offshore interests, Hill has been a seminal influence. His most famous book is P.T., or "Perpetual Tourist." Though this title might convey the idea that it's a book about traveling, it isn't. The subject is, how wealthy people can - with proper paperwork - enjoy life more. Its "How to have a good time with your money, but at the same time avoid unwelcome attentions that conspicuous consumption and high profile wealth always bring." These negatives include the unwelcome intrusions of tax collectors, insurance salesman, contingent fee plaintiff's lawyers, alimony seeking ex-wives, kidnappers, burglars. Not to mention every description of con-man. Do these matters concern millionaires? Judging from Hill's book sales, they do, indeed. The original Hill (who could not be found for an interview - EW hears he's in Patagonia doing hands-on research on female female gaucho wranglers - was back in the 1970's a self-publisher who advertised his books as "Special Reports" in the London based Economist and International Herald Tribune. One of his early fans was the newsletter guru, Sir Harry Schultz, who must have made enough beforehand or sold enough books to live well. Sir Harry writes in PT, "I spent my first few years as a tax exile at the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel, interacting with hard-bodied, high maintenance cost divorced women who in their topless bikinis populated Riviera pool sides like motes in the sunshine." Hill's books always offered his personal services to assist any reader to accomplish the goals set out. For instance, his 1975 Lloyd's Report promised the reader would "make serious money without any investment, work or risk." This was two decades before many Lloyd's names did in fact suffer substantial losses. But Hill wrote later, "If people handled their Lloyd's relationships as I suggested (with stop loss insurance) they came out way ahead." Hill charged a hefty fee to introduce new names and get them into Lloyd's as insurance underwriters. Eventually, around 1985 Hill's maneuvers were picked up and thereafter published by Nicholas Pine. Pine was then operating as Milestone Press of Plymouth, England. He was a very minor publisher of books for collectors of ceramics. Their typical press run in the pre-Hill days was a thousand copies. With Hill's books for millionaires soon selling like hot cakes, Milestone hit pay dirt. Pine changed his company's name to Scope International. An ex-employee revealed that at the time he quit, sales of well over 100,000 copies of each Hill book would have been "a low ballpark figure." With ten books being major sellers and a direct mail price of £60 / $100 per book, that means that gross sales of Hill's books passed the 100 million dollar mark some years ago. As marketers who sell direct via advertising and junk-mail that means most revenues go direct to the bottom line. Although book sales figures are not available to the public (through bookstores), this could mean that little known Scope, by publishing the works of a mystery man who disappeared ten years ago, is far and away, the world's most profitable book publisher. But The Profits Just Start With Book Sales -- Each Hill report describes a certain product or lifestyle. If the reader wants to make it a reality, he hires Hill (or more recently a Hill clone at fees up to $10,000 per consultation) to get him up and running. Our informant suggests that twenty per cent of all book buyers sign up for consulting services. Then there are the international seminars at $2000, plus residence and passport programs costing up to $350,000. The Hill books suggest other ways that millionaires can enjoy their money more - by spending it with Scope on "lifestyle enhancing" products and services. The basic premise of PT and all of Hill's books, is that any wealthy person will enjoy life more and protect his assets better by using what Hill calls "five flags." ...MORE:
THE MOST IMPORTANT RULES FOR PTs? - Never, never, never own property unless you are willing to either: 1. Pay income taxes based upon visible assets and lifestyle or 2. You have this property in a tax haven where no taxes would be due or 3. The property is regarded as disposable. @: HOW THE BRITISH TAX OFFICE GETS LEADS Almost every government has tax collection staff assigned to the job of tracking down "high net worth individuals" who don't pay "enough" taxes or who do not file at all. In a recent interview, a former officer of the Inland Revenue Service of Great Britain revealed: The biggest single source of leads for a heavy tax office investigation is any record of large amounts of taxes paid. Especially, when an expensive property (real estate, airplane, yacht or automobile) changes hands, the persons or companies party to it can expect an audit. It is ironic that where no taxes at all are paid on a transaction there is no paper trail; but where there is partial compliance, the tax bulldog has something to sniff and snap at! Of course, this fact makes it axiomatic for PTs that the first commandment is: "Avoid creating any public or semi-public records of your existence." An offshore company or corporate owner at either end of any recorded business deal - or any new name in the property owner's register - guarantees a discerning follow up. What's involved? Normally there's a personal visit to the property by a tax officer to ask the occupant, neighbors, seller and lawyer who handled the transaction: "Who is the real owner? Who are the people care-taking, renting or otherwise using the property? How much time do they spend here?" If the person they decide is the power behind the scenes (i.e. the real owner) does not have an iron-clad fiscal address somewhere else (where he actually pays income taxes), he will be a target. He will be personally interviewed. Property ownership is the most lucrative source of leads because it provides tax authorities with a valuable asset that can be frozen or seized. Another special tax collecting unit in most countries develops leads by monitoring the media. Agents are constantly clipping newspaper articles and magazine profiles. Any person written up in an article emitting the scent of wealth (or tax avoidance), will trigger a check of the subject's recent tax returns. If that person is a foreigner, it will also likely cause the immigration department to review status. Has the person been in the country for more than the allowed six months? Other agencies also get their leads on potential targets from the press. The same is true of radio and television: Talk show guests and people who are the subject of a news spot about their business activities, lifestyle, luxurious home, or expensive sporting activities are all likely to be subjected to further investigation. If there is no record of the taxpayer or if the amount of taxes paid are inconsistent with the information noted on the media, then a personal follow up is made. What's the lesson? Publicity can be a kiss of death. Unless you want bureau(c)rats investigating your personal life and finances, stay out of the newspapers; off television and off radio. The mere fact that you are mentioned on the news as the owner of an art collection, race horse, or that you love heli-skiing (or any other very expensive sport), will eventually cause you to come to the attention of authorities.
Banking In Silence By Dr. W.G. Hill. 329 pages. Hardcover. US$100. This report covers anonymous banking, showing you how to open up your own offshore account, and introduces you to banking havens around the world. It will help you build an invisible nest-egg with immunity from stock-market crashes, seizues and lawsuits. As the government can gain access to any of your accounts this report is a must. It is a strategic plan to conquer the bureaucrats. You will learn about the major laws and regulations which have reduced your liberties. Your money will grow tax free, you will be able to open secret accounts without showing an ID, do international cash transfers without leaving a paper trail, and form your own anonymous company. Do you know the US government within two years will be able to gain immediate access to any of your bank accounts. With their soon-to-be-implemented new multi-million dollar systems they will be able to tap in and find out all your banking movements. This system will rapidly spread throughout the world. This dynamic new report from W.G. Hill will alert you to the dangers of the new control system and how to beat it. The following topics are revealed: The Chinese Chop Account. The new Banking Havens. Anonymous Plastic Cards. The unknown route to secrecy. Where to open a bank account without ID. Secret Ghost accounts. How to transfer cash safely. How politicians launder money. How to get a secured credit card. The beauty of back to back loans. Advantages of secured credit cards. Where the smart money goes. How intruders pry open foreign bank secrecy. A Tax Free Zone where anything goes. How to form your own anonymous company free, without even incorporating. The Impres Account. Dr. Hills own offshore company manual. The Savings account program. A country where money laundering is a national habit.
P.T.: A Coherent Plan for a Stress-free Healthy and Prosperous Life Without Government Interference, Taxes or Coercion v. 1 W.G. Hill Publisher: learn how customers can search inside this book. Our Price: £60.00 & this item Delivered FREE in the UK with Super Saver Delivery. See details & conditions. + £1.99 sourcing fee. Learn more. - - REVIEWS... A Must Read, February 5, 2004 Reviewer: Robert R. from Europe The essence of PT philosofy and lifestyle. It could be obtained for free at some sites. Some parts are outdated, but other parts are timeless.
THE ORIGINS OF PT: (Privacy Tactics, etc) AN INTERVIEW WITH HARRY SCHULTZ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following section is an excerpt from The Origins of PT, a chapter in the book PT: A Coherent Plan for a Stress-free Healthy and Prosperous Life without Government Interference, Taxes or Coercion by Dr. W. G. Hill. PT and its companion volume, PT: The Practice - Freedom and Privacy Tactics, are published by Scope International. While I was struggling to reorganize my life, a pamphlet by Harry Schultz came my way, discussing PT. In those days, Harry called it "The Three Flag Theory". This turned out to be my greatest discovery. With a net worth as small as perhaps US$25,000, or in that range, you may well be able to quit working, enjoy life and live on your tax savings alone. You can keep your capital and most of your interest and dividends, tax-free. But before we launch into a full description of the PT philosophy, who is Harry Schultz? Harry Schultz, ageless editor/publisher of the International Harry Schultz Letter, is a classic PT. What are the facts behind the Harry Schultz legend? Many of his newsletter readers would like to know more about the man behind the masthead. Harry gave us this exclusive interview. My days as a thinking humanoid began and the seeds of PT were planted during World War II when I was a soldier assigned to duty in Shanghai. Like anyone who has ever been in any army, I learned what it was to be under the thumb of a Big Brother Bureaucracy. I was a good soldier outwardly, but my mind was elsewhere. I used every off-duty hour to read voraciously and prepare myself for the newspaper I was determined to buy after discharge. The war was winding down, and I was already a PT - Part-Time soldier, Preparing for Tomorrow. I made some money trading shares in my off-duty hours on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. What a marvelous discovery it was for a boy from Milwaukee to see that it was possible to make money in a totally alien environment. It gave me a sense of confidence that most people never get. We all could earn a living almost anywhere, but there is this fear that if we leave the nest something terrible will happen. The truth is, something wonderful will happen. You will discover that there are many "mobile occupations" that you can do anywhere in the world. I discovered trading. I bought and sold silk, bank shares, currency and made a small fortune (very small) in a high inflation economy. I also bought and sold gold coins and bars. By the time my discharge came through I had turned US$500 of army pay into enough money to make a down payment on a weekly newspaper in Palm Springs, California. At the age of 22 I owned my first newspaper. I turned this paper into the first daily the town ever had. It was later taken over by the Sun. This experience led me to the discovery that more money could be made and getting into ruts could be avoided if one bought a small or distressed operation, made it bigger and more profitable and then sold it. I became a different kind of PT then, a Publisher Temporarily, as I bought and sold newspapers, sometimes starting them from scratch. I had three basic skills: writing, editing and publishing. I found these could be employed anywhere in the world. A basic PT tool is figuring out how your skills or talent can be adapted to fill local needs. My newspapers, 13 in all, were in the United States though my wartime travels in the Orient gave me the wanderlust. I started out, after selling my last newspaper, with the idea of taking a year0long trip around the world to see if there might be some place where I'd like to have a part-time residence. I never moved back to the U.S. on a permanent basis. The world was just too exciting to commit myself full-time to any one place. I felt sorry for the 95 per cent of the world's population who never know anything but the immediate vicinity of their birthplace. Just because you were born someplace doesn't make it the best place on Earth, though most people are so provinicial that they think their home town is the center of the universe. Excessive familiarity with surroundings kills your spirit and breeds laziness of mind. Worst of all, you don't grow up as much if you remain among school friends and family. They continue to treat you as they did when you were a child. They remind you of your limitations and "proper place." They pressure you and mould your life into conventional predictable patterns. The only thing you experience is growing older as all your friends grow older. Army life had convinced me that I needed to be my own person, not under anyone's thumb. The excitement of discovering new places, going into many interesting business ventures and always making a good living by buying and selling things was keeping me young, alert and intellectually vigorous. When I returned several times to the United States, I was appalled by the violence and crime in the big cities. And I speak not only of armed robbery but also of the legal violence. Americans after World War II were suing each other as a way of life. Involved in a few small claim's suits as a defendant, I learned quickly that victory didn't go to the morally right person. By the 1960's there were new legal theories that would disburse the life savings of a productive hard worker like myself with deep pockets, to any impecunious person who cared to sue. As I said, I didn't want to be under anyone's thumb and the legal system in the United States had unquestionable tilted against anyone who had the skill or luck to accumulate enough assets to be financially independent. As a result of my experiences, I decided to have a "floating" home. Not a boat, but rather a state of mind that could allow me to be a sort of modern-day nomad. I tried Canada for a few months and loved it until winter set in. Then I took off for the fabled French Riviera and decided to live there very modestly while trading on various stock markets all over the world. In my spare time, I wrote a book. This turned out to be Bear Markets which Prentice Hall published. My trading and book were both successful. As a result I had many letters from readers asking for financial advice. This led to a newsletter for my consulting clients. While I didn't like the idea of being tied down to deadlines and a regular job, I thought that I could write the newsletter from anywhere in the world. And that is exactly what I did! As I moved around, the world's first portable international newsletter helped me achieve my goals. What were these goals? To be my own boss and to write useful information for my friends and clients exposing the truth where need be, without worrying about anyone getting bent out of shape. The HSL, founded in 1964, was a one man show. I have had wonderful staffers, nd have met many interesting friends via my newsletter. Mainly by word of mouth, subscriptions came in from all over the world, including heads of state and leading thinkers. My infornmation sources also multiplied and my creative powers expanded. I have written the HSL from Beverly Hills, Washington, DC, London, Copenhagen, Paris, Monte Carlo and Sydney. After all these years, it is still going strong, coming out every five weeks. It has been printed in a dozen countries, and like me, can move across the world on short notice. A portable communication has given me a healthier, free life. As a PT you are under no one's thumb. Only you call the tune. Harry Schultz (left) About 20 years ago, I put the concept of PT into a mini0book I called How to Keep Your Money and Your Freedom. "Three Flags" was the way I described the need to have a second passport, a safe haven for your assets outside your own country and a legal address in a tax haven. Over the following years, I wrote many newsletter segments about what I eventually came to call PT. It was also about this time that I first met Bill Hill and with him expanded the three flags to five. We included a place of business and playgrounds. A consistent purpose in life is also one of the goals of the true PT. With the help of Bill Hill and others, I think I've discovered one answer to the question of how to live life to the fullest. Best wishes. Harry D (for Dynamic) Schultz If it were not for Harry Schultz, I would never have discovered the PT concept. He is truly an inspiring person and I strongly suggest that you write for a sample copy of his newsletter HSL at Harry Schultz, P. O. Box 622. CH-1001 Lausanne, Switzerland. Please enclose US$25 cash for postage and handling. HSL contains a wealth of investment advice as well as regular PT updates, the section which Harry claims has become his most popular segment. Mention that you are a PT reader. Reprinted with permission from PT: A Coherent Plan for a Stress-free Healthy and Prosperous Life without Government Interference, Taxes or Coercion, published by Scope International. @:
Harry Schultz Gold Chart His Gold stock index Per comments in the Nov 9 issue of Gold Charts R Us: Here's an update of the gold chart back to 2001, showing gold moving in steps, with regular sharp falls in-between, making for ideal trading conditions. Falls of $50 to $70 make it essential to take profits & use stops to both protect profits & avoid loss. And to avoid tying up cash in losing positions for extended periods. Also avoids the emotional stress of price crashes, which typically forces nervous hands out of the mkt just before major laws develop. ooAt present gold has risen to a new step but note how often it penetrates its new intermediate support & falls to touch the longterm trendline before rising again. Note how selling & rebuying chances were constantly repeated. Remember, leverage in gold shares exaggerates what U see here in gold by 50-100% on average, up&down. So a bullion fall of 25% will normally be 37% to 50% in a gold stock. This chart page is pure gold. Wall it. = = = HDS and His "Floating Home" As a result of my experiences, I decided to have a "floating" home. Not a boat, but rather a state of mind that could allow me to be a sort of modern-day nomad. I tried Canada for a few months and loved it until winter set in. Then I took off for the fabled French Riviera and decided to live there very modestly while trading on various stock markets all over the world. In my spare time, I wrote a book. This turned out to be Bear Markets which Prentice Hall published. . . . have written the HSL from Beverly Hills, Washington, DC, London, Copenhagen, Paris, Monte Carlo and Sydney. Harry Schultz (left) = = = = = = = LINKS: Harry Schultz Letter : How to be Invisible. : Expat World......... :
Going up slowly!
Going up nicely.
Wow! Lots of mm action here today...nearly 16 million volume...perhaps more buy-backs? Now sitting at the converging 20 & 50 dma's after making a double bottom. Lots of divergence too. Looks bullish...we shall see. Took a long on this today at 99p. Gap up on Monday??
Look at this Investment Trust,sitting on a few pennies short of a 30 % discount.Utter madness.
A number of fund managers have said that Smaller company funds have an excellent CHANCE OF GROWING SIGNIFICANTLY OVER THE NEXT FEW YEARS (eFINANCIAL NEWS.COM). I realise these are quite a bit more safer than your ordinary stock but this can shift quite quickly with news. It was at £6 something and could get back up there.
gold man
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