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EUZ Europa Metals Ltd

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Europa Metals Investors - EUZ

Europa Metals Investors - EUZ

Share Name Share Symbol Market Stock Type
Europa Metals Ltd EUZ London Ordinary Share
  Price Change Price Change % Share Price Last Trade
0.00 0.00% 1.30 08:00:00
Open Price Low Price High Price Close Price Previous Close
1.30 1.30 1.30 1.30
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Posted at 24/10/2023 09:54 by spec7
I can promise you he is not anonymous
He is just small fry, i wouldn't get too upset by him. You can see how excited he gets because i lost a few bob here, he would get really depressed if he knew how much i have made elsewhere :-)
I'm retired now but people lose and win, it doesn't matter to me if i lose £60k here if i make £80k elswhere, its the balance sheet that matters at the end of you trading days.
In all my years on ADVFN i have seen hundreds if Zico's desperately trying to win but the reality is especially on the AIM that nearly 80% of investors lose and its at that point throw their toys out the pram.
Lets face it if you are a winner you really don't go round crying your eyes out at everyone else like Zarco. You take your losses on the chin and move on because you are making money elsewhere.
I have tried to expose this company for what it is to help people like Zaco hang on to their cash. It launched at 20p, it dropped to 0.001p, a drop of 99.99499% it consolidated 500/1 to 5p and is now heading for sub 1p again.

The rns yesterday says it all......more drilling ...more expense ...and zero effect on the share price .....but crucially for management more time and more wages.

The gravy train steams on.
Posted at 24/10/2023 09:15 by beeks of arabia
Worth reposting this on other threads where he is regular.

Usual routine is for him to start his own moderated thread with promises of riches over the longer term, then disappears after a few days - usually with tail between legs on a flat trade or loss. Presumably gets lucky enough to make it worthwhile every now and again. The evidence is all there in black and white if you care to look.

As a professional he'd be fined heavily for this practice or even be doing bird, if not then as a PI it's still highly unethical, if you are ok with that then fine, i'm certainly not and more than happy to make the odd posts to hopefully stop the odd naive investor being scammed. It's a regulated industry for a reason and his actions could arguably put him in the "Pro" category, even if he thinks he isn't.

He's already been reported by a few who are collating his actions, he thinks that he's anonymous however the clown has handed over payment details to advfn, so he's certainly vulnerable to action.
Posted at 14/10/2023 10:48 by spec7
you said and i quote

my average will get even lower because i will buy more once they confirm their MLA has been submitted.

Its just utter nonsense, you already need a bounce of 60% just break even because you dont listen,

So lets look at the history of sad losers that have lost more than me ?
Well the entire BOD, past and present
Deutsche bank, well what do they know about investing ?
Countless sophisticated investors like me who were mislead by brokers ?

But never mind you know better than everyone :-)
Posted at 13/10/2023 23:47 by the manini
I certainly paid a higher price than today but laughing at that is the height of stupidity. When I got in the price had already fallen massively and I perceived (wrongly) that I was getting in at a point of value, I believed this wholeheartedly because they were about to deliver their scoping study and the market would finally see the value! Fast forward I don't know maybe somewhere around 6 years give or take and all they've managed to do is destroy value. You can see how the shareprice has been on a continual decline for over a decade, they were once trading at over 100 pounds a share. A a little think about that Zico, imagine hundreds if not thousands of traders and investors over the years all thought exactly the same as you, that they were getting in a fantastic value and they were sure to make a fortune! You yourself got in well above the current price and must be considerably under water by now. Today they sit at 2p after many consolidations with no sign of the price starting to buck the long term trend whatsoever. The mining licence APPLICATION is two months late, the shareholder engagement is zero and company promotion is zero. They have nothing to do despite talking of looking for another asset what? Two years ago? They still haven't found anything else to invest in and don't have any money even if they did! They recently announced a new broker / nomad didn't they? One who specialises in ipo's? Well for anyone invested in this company and it's pathetic history of decimating shareholder value that should strike fear in your heart because any further dilution here and we're all staring into the abyss you included Zico.
Posted at 02/8/2023 09:01 by spec7
Zico talking to himself as he has stopped any meaningful

Zico EUZ doesnt need silly PI's now, they bled them dry for finance but now they have other routes to money. The Private investors dont matter. Its been the story for years....waiting fore news. its why the share price is where it is.
Posted at 16/4/2023 13:04 by the manini
These shares were once 104.00 yes incredible as it seems 104 pounds, today they sit at 3.15 pence. If they hadn't of done the 500/1 consolidation they would actually be sitting at 0.000063 pence! That is an incredible amount of value destruction, every single investor that has poured money into this company has lost the vast majority of it. Thousands of investors all idiots according to ZICO. The level of arrogance and naivety from this poster is breathtaking. Arrogance to think everyone else was just stupid rather than blaming successive management for gross incompetence and naive to think that this time it will all be so much different because he in his infinite wisdom picked just the right moment to buy in. Let me tell you ZICO if you think you're gonna make a fortune here just off the back of a submission of a mining licence you're in for a bit of a shock. There's still many years to go here and many obstacles to be cleared before this ever becomes a mine, if its ever achieved, (it's by no means a certainty). I've seen posters equally or even more confident than you in the past leave quietly with their tales between their legs, humbled and broken, dreams in tatters and bank balance decimated. Not long for the mining licence submission, I've seen a few of my other stocks start to show signs of life over the last couple of weeks, maybe small commodity stocks are showing the first green shoots of recovery but I haven't seen them here, such is the level of distrust after over a decade of value destruction and incompetence.
Posted at 14/4/2023 09:16 by spec7
Yes my mistake the share price has dropped from £400000 to £1500 for 50000 shares so thats a drop of 99.625%
How much have you made ? lol.
Its important that investors realise this is a money pit, a life style company where the management have earned millions over the 10 years and every investor has lost.

It only exists because it changed its name and consolidated 500:1 and is still only worth 3p
Its placed and raised twice a year since buying Toral to the tune of £12m and is now worth £2.5M
Its sold out 80% of its only asset which raised the share price by exactly zero

Over to your jam tomorrow nonsense..
Posted at 07/3/2023 10:07 by z1co

Your posts are always very bearish and bitter suggesting you are not a holder but some one who has lost a lot of money by buying the shares at a very high price.

mininginvestor 14 Dec '22 - 14:26 - 51 of 146(premium)
0 1 1
Z1Co maybe works for the company the Denarius deal has been valued by the market and the value is the share price 3.25p
No upside to shareholders
The value to shareholders is clear
Maybe £1.6m (possibly not certain) IF they ex option and if they spend 4m they need to raise the money and maybe there is value in minority % in the project
Any money made will go to fees not shareholders
Share price going no where soon

mininginvestor 11 Jan '23 - 09:26 - 94 of 146(premium)
0 0 1
EUZ in the dog house still has no support (apart from one bloke)
Great returns for investors (not) down some 90% (see 2 year chart)
Down 40% plus in 2022
Going no where fast buddy
Posted at 25/2/2023 12:36 by z1co
Another worry free reason of holding the shares now is that the company having raised £580,000 at a price of 4.5p in November will NOT be doing any more placings.They are fully funded and Denarius Metals will be spending it's money to develop Toral further.

Denarius Metals will also pay Europa metals $2,000,000 as part of the deal.

The company only issued 12,888,888 new shares at the last placing being 13.87% of the company's enlarged issued share capital and at a 60% PREMIUM to closing price.

One of biggest reasons of how investors lose money on these small cap miners is that the companies constantly need funding and mostly at discounted prices.

They dilute your holdings and share price always falls to at or below the placing price

That will not happen to shareholders holding the shares in EUZ.

A big sigh of relief and hugely positive for the rerating of these shares.
Posted at 13/12/2022 23:36 by the manini
In 2011 the top traded price for these was 102.35 today they sit at 00.035 and if it hadn't been for last years massive consolidation you could add another couple of zeros after that decimal place to today's figure! By any standards that is simply breathtaking shareholder value destruction over the lifespan of this company. Going by the post consolidation figure of 3.5 pence it's a 99.97% decrease, if you use the pre consolidation figure we're at 99.99% value decrease but you in your wisdom think this next 12 months is going to be oh so much different. We've just given away 80% of the company to boot! So the figures I've just quoted don't really do things justice. What has occurred here is a simply staggering destruction of private investors wealth by one incompetent management team after another and who have they given our formerly 100% owned only asset to? A company with a similar death spiral shareprice, in another six months they might need rescuing themselves! Then we have the 12 months they've now (almost) taken to find another asset acquisition and still we wait. You are a fool if you think you're gonna get rich here, you're just throwing your money the way of hundred if not thousands of private investors who have gone before you with equal the conviction as you now have. Good luck coz you're gonna need it!

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