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KS wise move. I have been chewing it over since I sold out this morning and I am getting more happy with the decision. Strukov and his concert party, wonder if they do weddings, are not going to give up after one attempt to takeover the company and I assume more dirty tricks from him to come from the Russian How to Swindle Shareholders Manual. The sidelines with a profit is the place to be while judging when the mess is sorted and thus time to get back in. ps cheers odsjp
Re takeover talk... that was in an interview with John Meyer of SP Angel. That speculation didn't exactly set the heather on fire either re. share price.
Fook me they actually replied, must have been a load of questions on the alleged takeover that clearly now never was. Who was it that let slip in an interview not that long ago that takeover talks were still on going? That lying toerag was the one that convinced me I was wrong and there was a takeover coming.
To me this lack of clarification is creating a 'false market' in AAZ shares. Why would any new substantial institutional investor (as opposed to private punter) come on board when public statements thus far could just as easily suggest nationalisation as it might takeover (as per Bill's 'takeover code' comment).
wan...TXP, muted so far to today's news, should sentiment and markets takeover today, is there are another gap to be wary of ?
Agree gg though I don’t really believe there ever were takeover talks, my view is government realised they need to look at psa, hired some lawyers, word got out and parties used “discussions” as a way of not saying anything when probably nothing to be said.However I agree with you that board should be more open about what is or is not going on
They can confirm whether "takeover" talks are continuing or not. Or give an indication how long these talks might take. It's been 10 months ffs.
Re. trust, last Autumn Bill ducked out of questions re. talks with Azeri government citing Takeover Code. I hope they come clean at the AGM? But with the format of this year's AGM they get to pick and choose what questions to answer!
skeptic1, lots and lots. My back of an envelope says you can buy this mine at todays price for 3.5 times it's net profit. And you would get a circa $35 million 'cash back' of the money currently in the bank! At this level some cheeky outfit might try a takeover using the company's own cash as leverage, but of course the directors holdings would block it.
I can't see why the BOD would want to perform a doesn't give them an exit unless they sell to Azeri govt at a later stage. Its frustrating being in 120-140p range and guess we need to continue sitting on our hands-the prospect of a sweet DIV helps 😀
The other odd thing is why the company suggests it will take 2-3 years to get these new sites into production. They had them identified about a year ago, and make huge show of how they went from discovery to production at Ugur in 12 months.I honestly think they are in complex negotiations with the government and are on a go slow. So the government is getting their small share under the PSA, large amounts of dividends are being paid out, and the company isn’t increasing production. If Bill is correct, production will increase from 80k geo in 2018 to perhaps 100k geo in 2024/5. Given the size of the resource, I don’t believe that is anywhere near the best AAZ can do. We need clarity. Bill said he was bound by the takeover code. Meyer said we were being taken over. Now nobody mentions it. WTF!
Absolutely! Bill ducked out of answering it last time quoting 'Takeover Rules'. Takeover rules don't apply indefinitely..
Far too much being talked about PSA,even if the Azeri's want to tweek it a couple of % no big deal,far better to just let AAZ go on and gradually expand production as in the now well defined plan and everyone gains , a takeover by a bigger player remains maybe a medium term possibility. V positive
I expect the Q&A, which I assume will be after the presentation as is normal, will have queries on the PSA at AAZ. On my personal goals with his share I am gearing up for a sell unless more info on the PSA or takeover are given as it appears that, maybe, the sticking point with the share. I want a gold miner that goes up in a rising gold market as there will come a point gold is falling and AAZ will go down, regardless of divis and proven resources. My plan would be to increase investment in other gold miners to ride the rising gold price and try and get out before the CV19 vaccine appears as that is going to be the probable end of this bull run, unless of course the uber bear scenarios play out and then I will be buying tins of beans and shotgun cartridges. All battle plans off course subject to change due to the enemy not doing as expected lol
The problem remains that shares are so tightly held that it is impossible for someone to build a £5-10m stake, so it is out of bounds for most institutions. So while the mining industry may notice, other than a takeover, which will only happen if board agree, there is nothing they can do with AAZ. It’s very frustrating.
Brasso I keep asking myself why are they not communicating over the obvious share price blockers you mention, telling the shareholders what is happening is the normal thing in well run companies. For instance they surely can tell us about the takeover approach last summer by now, something must have happened they can talk about! Too much secrecy worries me. If the blockages are resolved or at least positive guidance is given as you say the share will rocket. I am beginning to worry it maybe negative reasons information is not flowing otherwise why keep it so quiet? Hope the results give some guidance otherwise I am going to reduce my holding significantly and add to my other gold miners as this will bumble along in a rising gold market if not. I bought POG at an average of 21p late Feb its up around 30% AAZ is down about 15% its making me think.
I think we are all on the same page. We’ve been given glimpses of lots of stuff, and were told at the AGM that if we didn’t hear of other deals it was good, because it meant our new finds were better than prospective deals. But this silence...really, since the AGM, it feels like communication has been minimal. The last time Bill was over he said they were subject to takeover rules. Come on guys, let us know what’s happening!
aha, hmm, not good I guess KS,,,, "Fears are mounting that Ukrainian oligarchs are plotting a takeover by stealth at London-listed JKX Oil & Gas" cheers Wan :-)
Brasso no idea why ORPH is lagging I have the most cash in it of my pharmas have been in since last year. The plan is simple create a company from buying cheap companies making one larger one that can run tests across the range then sell later this year. Companies in that sector are priced at 3 times earnings ORPH currently at zero earnings effectively however with CV19 their facilities through hVIVIO takeover are getting a lot of bookings as its one of only a few facilities that can test CV19 on humans. Their other facilities in Venn are getting bookings as well and have reduced surplus head count to increase profits. Everything going to plan and company is up for sale later this year if all goes to plan at 3 times the current price what's not to like? I am considering putting more in there to be honest, watch that price fall lol.
Oh' I forgot to mention. Papua New Guinea has refused to renew the License for the Berric gold mine there !! The government there plans to takeover the mine. It was in Google news this AM. Wan,where is a safe share??
Good evening all. What am I NOT seeing? Can someone draw some light over this. Company Code PURE, price 78p, agreed takeover on 9th April while still suspended at 100p cash. Recently came out of suspension and has fallen to 78p. Is it just a simple case that takeover might not happen. It looks like there could be 20% to be made.
Pogue bought Chalice around Christmas at 23c on its prospects, held my nerve early March, it’s slipped back though, so thinking I might cash in whilst in profit. Same goes for Cardinal Resources but tempted to hold out for the takeover. Aside from AAZ, I’ve regularly played in and out with several picks last 18 months, keeps adding to the pot; unfortunately a stellar winner Gran Colombia has wrong footed me of late and I’ve given back a fair chunk of gains should I twist ho hum.
33179 that's brave. Selling at 83.2 82.6 and 82 yesterday, after making outlandish claims in the past (I downvoted that stupid 'I hear a takeover next week' post).... I'd keep my head down for a while!! Anyone who starts with 'I hear that......' is not to be trusted. See their posting history.
So allseeingeye1 sold between 12.42 and 1.44 today See their posting history - rampety ramp since October including this gem on 15th March "I hear a takeover bid may be coming shortly", positive at 12.42 today, then suddenly decided at 1.44 we're heading to 40p instead of £2, £3, £4 or £10 as they've suggested previously. Some chunky sells at 83.2 82.6 and 82 in that timeframe. Should've waited a few hours and got 88. Or waited a few years and got one of their target prices.
Well on that note I’ve cashed out half my Cardinal Resources boosted back up by a good takeover offer, will leave the rest to see if it finalises. Would be a 80-90% gain if it does, but at least now I’ve banked a profit.
I hear a takeover bid may be coming shortly, this price is a steal and the Azeri government as John Meyer suggests are after AAZ. Expect a resolution to the PSA with a buyout. Wonder what price it will, although I am not accepting a price below £2
I see AAZ managing to buck the trend of gold miners and go down today even with a decent RNS. So much good news, bonanza grades, takeover talks, high gold price and still it goes down while others go up with the gold price. Mysterious. I am sure someone with a positive outlook will come along and reassure me in a minute with the 'facts'. Getting tiresome this.
So to some up.On a forward PE of 6,no debt,pays dividends,huge nearby exploration /resource potential and in takeover talks?
The drop in price of oil is great for our production costs but means Azerbaijan will be looking to the gold sector to fill the drop in oil revenues. I have no idea about a state takeover but if I was in charge I would want the AAZ team to be fully incentivised to increase production in the short term. There are lots of variables there: reverse takeover of Azergold is most ambitious but unlikely imo. But tax breaks or grants to accelerate new plant and jobs, reduced tariff for extra quantities mined, who knows? But if I was in charge I’d be saying to AAZ that I want them to increase production and asking what we can do to help
More likely the takeover rumours
Have you a link to this takeover stuff ?
Are we to assume twitter (aka Trump)is now the official channel for AAZ news. My point being, unless you read these boards, you are probably unaware that they are in active takeover talks. JB, lets hope more successful than our 3 countries, 4 mines and a jet plane from last year!
I'm not sure where this leaves things really. The company has said they're always talking to people. Bill has said he's bound by the takeover code. Now SP Angel are saying that the Azeri government are looking to take over AAZ. It's not ideal from a regulatory perspective where there should be an offer made within a specific timescale etc. If they had a better NOMAD, I'm sure the company would be ordered to update the market and provide clarity. As it is, I'm holding lots and will sit and wait.
John Meyers comment proves that something is going in the background and we will be updated in due course. However as this takes time, we are making a significant amount of money, we are also producing more or similar to last year, and with dividends on the way, this has only direction in the near future. Every broker and advisor are saying gold miners and gold, when we turn it will be explosive and £2 will be long gone. If there is a take over then expect us to be brought for £4 at least, any positive deal or takeover will not only give us returns but also emphasise the support of the government which will be a great signal seeing as some investors are nervous about your jurisdiction.
Well, AAZ remains my largest holding, but over the last 6 months it’s probably been about the worst performing gold miner, SP wise. And since Bill last came over and said the takeover rules prevented him from saying much, the company has been pretty quiet. I know you can’t rush things, but it does make me suspect there is something going on with a third party. I’m sure it’s all positive but the waiting has become really frustrating!
Just remember that a takeover bid from the government could come at any time and for how cheap we are I wouldn’t be surprised if we got taken out. Especially as the gold price is so high and oil price low. So much golds in reserve yet everyone is panick selling, we are extremely cheap and when the market will react soon
post 30974 - SB, spot on in my book..... AAZ - what will get us out of this sideways trend????????? re-posted here as I 100% agree with you, 1) Clearance of the uncertainty over the PSA/Azeri situation,(per Aug'19 rns and Bill's "takeover code prevents me commenting" comment) 2) Display of how we go from 80k to 100k+ and ultimately 200k for mid-tier status many thanx Cheers Wan :-)
clearance of the uncertainty over the PSA/Azeri situation, display of how we go from 80k to 100k+ and ultimately 200k for mid-tier status (per Aug'19 rns and Bill's "takeover code prevents me commenting" comment)
I think AAZ is great I’m just making the point that across the sector we’ve seen rises of 50% which we’ve not seen here. I’m always happy with a takeover but think a starting point of £2 looks cheap. But I agree we need a plan to increase production.
Kickingking PUR is a favourite of Jeff Clark who happens to be Mike Maloneys sidekick, he’s more than that in truth but hey that’s what gets noticed. It’s one of his top 5 stock picks for the year and by association with Maloney he has a huge following particularly in the U.S and Canada. Suspect it’s a takeover play waiting to happen and the rumours have been doing the rounds via brokers and bulletin boards across the water.
Also worth bearing in mind its been close to six months now since the announcement that they were in some sort of takeover/ merger talks with the Azeri gov, that was what propelled the price to new highs and we still have to hear what the full plan is ...
lob... that's what I've been banging on about. Time for clarification. And for Bill to stop hiding behind 'can't talk because the takeover code prevents me'
LEKOIL #LEK takeover talk
I wonder about a form of takeover with AAZ taking over Azergold for shares, the whole being renamed Azergold and maintaining an LSE listing. A lot of variables there but could work for all parties, provided government is willing to relinquish control in return for holding a large chunk of a major listed gold miner.
Kloster Valid for many companies as they climb the wall off fear as buyers get braver and the worries seem to disappear but for some sectors the inherent fears are stronger and it takes more reassurance to get further up the wall. Just need some strong news here to propel it on the next leg up. Last boost to £1.70 was the thought of a takeover I think this time it will be life of mine.
GoodGrief You do realize now they will announce a takeover tomorrow to prove us wrong... lol
"the lawyers were based in Azerbaijan and were specialists in PSA agreements which means nothing the questions asked could be just routine there is nothing to suggest that they are looking at a takeover"... Exactly, I just felt Bill used the Takeover Code as cover for not answering. About time it was cleared up!
Bleepy the lawyers were based in Azerbaijan and were specialists in PSA agreements which means nothing the questions asked could be just routine there is nothing to suggest that they are looking at a takeover. The amount paid I remember at the time saying this was very small and you would not get much lawyer's time for that.
It was when he was on the floor taking questions when asked about the takeover he laughed and joked about it and how they should not say any more and dispel the rumor as the share price was going up, I dont remember the exact words only the impression I was left with which was it was a fuss about nothing.
pogue... "For my part I was at the Proactive presentation that Bill gave at that time and I got the impression from the way he answered the question on the topic was that it was just routine talks and the whole thing was amusing." I came away with an entirely different impression. When asked to comment, he said he couldn't because it was covered by the Takeover Code. So unless you got some off-the-record comment, I felt he copped out from answering the question.
As I understand US lawyers were brought in to discuss psa with RV.Investments. Speculation then fuelled rumours of a takeover, hence the rns to put to bed the speculation. As far as psa discussions, we have heard nothing since apart from people saying it could take months to finalise. Azeri govt elections taking place early next month would be an opportunity for new ministers to put their stamp on potential agreements.
Bleepy I cut and pasted the relevant bit, my cut and paste contained the line 'Government of Azerbaijan and other parties in relation to potential transactions' which covers the first part of the RNS, we have no idea what the possible transaction was they were discussing those suggesting it was a takeover were extrapolating the little news there was, some were raving on about surveys of the mine taking place to ascertain the value. The main points I have covered, there was only preliminary discussions something that happens regularly. The fact remains in nearly 6 months they have not even passed the preliminary stage so it looks like another non news story. If you wish to continue believing otherwise fine but its pure speculation. For my part I was at the Proactive presentation that Bill gave at that time and I got the impression from the way he answered the question on the topic was that it was just routine talks and the whole thing was amusing.
Pogue You left out half of the rns... nglo Asian Mining plc / Ticker: AAZ / Index: AIM / Sector: Mining 22 August 2019 Anglo Asian Mining plc ("Anglo Asian" or the "Company") Statement re Media Comment Anglo Asian Mining PLC, the AIM listed gold, copper and silver producer focused in Azerbaijan, notes the recent press report regarding the Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan engaging a consultant to advise on a possible transaction with R.V. Investment Group Services, LLC, a subsidiary of Anglo Asian whose principal asset is the Group's production sharing agreement with the Government of Azerbaijan dated 20 August 1997. As I recall the discussion was about possible transaction re psa asset. It was speculation that further discussions would lead to sale/takeover of the company that led to the above rns release.
Wow...takeover offer at SXX....Sirius minerals...5.5p....those poor buggers folk are gonna lose thousands...I’m not invested there but my brother is :(
sportbilly1976, this could be an attempt at a cheap takeover target, hence I believe the repeat round figure small sells are an attempt to restrain the price, most likely by spread betting. Although I see at least 11 here disagree :¬) In the end value will out, but with the managers holding such a large proportion of the shares they are not going to give this away after all their risk and effort. $1550 does seem a barrier with gold, but quite happy with my ringside seat here to watch how it plays out.
matt, and for making us a takeover target too surely?
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