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Water Intelligence (WATR)

Water Intelligence Plc
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10/06/202410:19Alliance NewsAlliance NewsWater Intelligence patented system validated by maiden deploymentLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
10/06/202407:00RNS Non-RegulatoryWater Intelligence PLC Deployment of Patented Water Management SystemLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
16/05/202414:32Alliance NewsAlliance NewsEARNINGS AND TRADING: Michelmersh continues with positive order intakeLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
16/05/202407:00RNS Regulatory NewsWater Intelligence PLC Q1 Trading UpdateLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
09/05/202421:59Alliance NewsAlliance NewsTRADING UPDATES: Light Science inks South Africa distribution dealLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
09/05/202407:00RNS Regulatory NewsWater Intelligence PLC Reacquisition and Sale of New FranchiseLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
07/05/202407:00RNS Regulatory NewsWater Intelligence PLC Change of Nominated Adviser & Release of Q1 UpdateLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
28/03/202407:00RNS Regulatory NewsWater Intelligence PLC Transaction in Own Shares and Total Voting RightsLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
21/03/202407:00RNS Regulatory NewsWater Intelligence PLC Transaction in Own Shares and Total Voting RightsLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
15/02/202414:30Alliance NewsAlliance NewsWater Intelligence says recent success provides "dry powder" for 2024LSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
15/02/202407:00RNS Regulatory NewsWater Intelligence PLC Full Year Trading UpdateLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
01/02/202414:30Alliance NewsAlliance NewsEARNINGS AND TRADING: Capital for Colleagues reports "solid progress"LSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
01/02/202407:00RNS Non-RegulatoryWater Intelligence PLC National Insurance WinsLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
21/12/202317:04Alliance NewsAlliance NewsIN BRIEF: Water Intelligence expands credit facilityLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
21/12/202307:00UK RegulatoryWater Intelligence PLC Expansion of Credit FacilityLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
05/12/202314:31Alliance NewsAlliance NewsEARNINGS AND TRADING: Porvair buys EFC, Iomart interim profit fallsLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
05/12/202307:00UK RegulatoryWater Intelligence PLC Trading UpdateLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
07/11/202307:00UK RegulatoryWater Intelligence PLC Directorate ChangeLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
11/10/202316:01UK RegulatoryWater Intelligence PLC TR-1: Notification of major holdingsLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
19/09/202311:50Alliance NewsAlliance NewsTRADING UPDATES: Maintel outlook promising; Good Energy revenue upLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
19/09/202307:00UK RegulatoryWater Intelligence PLC Interim ResultsLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
11/09/202318:39Alliance NewsAlliance NewsIN BRIEF: Water Intelligence reports progress with four new productsLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
11/09/202307:00RNS Non-RegulatoryWater Intelligence PLC New Products Update and Notice of ResultsLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
26/07/202310:55UK RegulatoryWater Intelligence PLC Result of AGMLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
24/07/202311:48Alliance NewsAlliance NewsWater Intelligence notes reacquisition of West Covina franchiseLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
24/07/202307:00UK RegulatoryWater Intelligence PLC Reacquisition of West Covina, California FranchiseLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
07/07/202307:00UK RegulatoryWater Intelligence PLC Issue of OptionsLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
28/06/202316:44UK RegulatoryWater Intelligence PLC Posting of Annual Report and Notice of AGMLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
21/06/202311:44Alliance NewsAlliance NewsWater Intelligence revenue rises on franchise related activitiesLSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
21/06/202307:00UK RegulatoryWater Intelligence PLC Audited Results for Year Ended 31 December 2022LSE:WATRWater Intelligence Plc
 Showing the most relevant articles for your search:LSE:WATR