About us

Est. 1999, ADVFN was floated on the AIM market in March 2000.

ADVFN provide comprehensive stock market information to the private investor retail market.

Accessible via website, smart phone and tablet, the website caters for the sophisticated investor, offering real time share prices, news feeds, portfolio management, monitor lists and the most active financial bulletin board in the UK.

It is preferred choice of day traders and retail investors, offering multiple levels of information.

Advertising on ADVFN means results among a High Network Audience


Our Audience
A High Value Environment Attracting 2,500,000 Unique Monthly Users

77% Active Traders

54% will have traded equities or derivatives in the last week
95% male
65% 48 avg age
£50,000 income avg
£315k portfolio

No Automatic Refresh

We don't handle automatic refresh: your ad will be displayed longer

Targeted Audience

Our users are all active traders and investors, always willing to find out a new opportunity to invest and make profit

One of the biggest forums

With more than 10,000 posts a day only in UK, ADVFN is one of the biggest forums in the Financial Market

Format and ad units

We offer various types of format and creative and we always try to find out the best campaign which fits our Clients' needs.

All campaigns are customised and based on four major advertising points:

Branding - High Network Audience - Targeting - Mesureable Results


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