ADVFN is the world’s leading private investor website offering stock prices, charts and tools for all major world markets, indices, forex pairs, futures, options, ETFs and covered warrants.

Our website has over 177 million page impressions per month, generated from in excess of 16,400 sessions a month.

Our financial forums are among the busiest in the world.

The tools we offer to private investors include:

  • Streaming charts
  • Realtime UK quotes
  • Financial data
  • Monitor watchlists
  • News and research
  • Portfolio
  • Level 2

With over 5.1 million users, 31,000 of which are paying subscribers, our email lists exceed 500,000 subscribed recipients worldwide (all regularly checked and validated).

Our apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices mean our users can access stock market data on the move, wherever they are.

ADVFN gives private investors tools and information used by professional traders. It’s the investor’s gateway to the global financial market place.

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