Buy Acta SpA at 8p says Doc Holiday + Free Report on Gulf Keystone by Zak Mir

Friday 24 January 2014

The environmentally friendly power supply sector was once upon a time dismissed as a fad but these days it is taken seriously. But in 2014 the order of the day is user friendly usable and renewable. My play in this at 8p is AIM listed fuel cell company Acta SpA (LSE:ACTA” Powered by nature ” 

Acta S.p.A. is a developer and manufacturer of a range of clean energy products. Based on its world-leading expertise in alkaline membrane technology, the Company has developed a unique range of low-cost, compact hydrogen generators (electrolysers) which produce pure, dry compressed hydrogen at high efficiency from renewable or grid power. The company is striving to achieve high grade results and we recently saw a positive peer group review in Angewandte Chemie, one of the world’s leading general chemistry journals.

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The company spent 2013 below the investor radar, trialing its science & technology which is now making its way to surface from the recent news flow: 27th November 2013.

Paolo Bert, Chief Executive of Acta, commented:

“In tandem with the progress we are making in the telecom back-up power sector, we are pleased to receive this first order for the installation of an Acta Power for a renewable energy storage application for powering off-grid communities. We are receiving significant levels of interest for this type of application and we hope that this evaluation will open the door to large scale installations in developing countries.”

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Not only has Acta raised £2.1m from institutional investors, the directors have put their hands in their pockets at 7p in late 2013. At 8p we can see material block buying as the technical range looks to be buckling suggesting further upside could be realised.

Based on Institutional buying at 7p, Directors throwing skin in the game coupled with a strong investment case I suggest a small punt is the order of the day.

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