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ScrumStart; a two-year-old technology services and consulting venture funded by SRKay Consulting Group, is showing exemplary promise with its unique 'Trust Business Model'. Becoming profitable within the first year of its operations, with customers spread over four continents and office locations in the U.S.A., the UK, the Nordics and India, ScrumStart will be the template for success for all upcoming ventures of SRKay. SRKay Consulting Group is the investment venture of the billion-dollar Indian diamond conglomerate SRK Exports that invests and accelerates in technology ventures that solve business problems using cutting-edge technology.

"The ScrumStart team made it very easy for us to have a quick start with the trust model and take faster benefits through their implementation vehicle, named Virtual Captive. Just like a captive company, they have transparent pricing, co-hiring, and training and give their clients the freedom to build-operate-transfer the setup in future. ScrumStart makes it sweeter with a CapEx free option for companies to have an OpEx only model if they wish to set up their captives, which surprisingly comes out to be much more efficient than company-owned captives," says one of the clients of ScrumStart.

"The kind of response our Trust Business Model has generated in such a short time is highly encouraging and is a ratification of the principles espoused by the model. It took some time before we could evolve our offering to a level that started eliciting customer interest. We are probably the only company that has a transparent pricing model for all our technology consulting services. Our practices give our customers a very high degree of confidence," says Santosh Panicker CEO of ScrumStart.

"As investors, we love the Trust Business Model and believe that this model would make ScrumStart the industry trendsetter very soon," said Alok Kumar, Partner SRKay.

In a short span of two years since inception, ScrumStart has several global clients, and the number is increasing steadily. With, the recently opened office in Chicago, ScrumStart has already planned out their growth strategy in the biggest technology market.

About ScrumStart

ScrumStart pioneers Virtual Captive model that replaces and compliments the traditional IT/ITeS captives and technology services using a unique Trust Business Model. The innovative Virtual Captive solution offered by ScrumStart combines the advantages of both models of outsourcing: traditional outsourcing and company-owned captives.

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