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31/3/200515:33virtue broadcasting, help needed7
09/11/200408:25VIRTUE Broadcasting - Next stop 20p27,099
09/10/200415:51VIRTUE Broadcasting - 10p next stop1,473
06/10/200421:33VIRTUE TO TOP 25p soon Find Out Why61
05/10/200421:14Cane a Market Maker day!6

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3parsnips: Virtue Communications Re : Who is HAPPY with the current share price (Mid 2.25p) It was confirmed in the "Interim Results" (20.09.04) that 99.7% of VTB shareholders voted for the VTB/WTV Merger : "The merger's rationale and attractiveness were affirmed by shareholders in August 2004 by 99.7% of the votes cast being in favour of the merger." ---------------------------------------- Some of the existing "LARGER" VTB shareholders gave irrevocable votes in favour of the merger deal ahead of the Vote at the EGM 18.08.04 : Name......................Number of shares held...............Percentage INTEROUTE....................15,294,909........................4.91 AIM 2 VCT PLC................10,769,231........................3.46 MR S CAMPBELL................9,976,855.........................3.20 MR R GRAY....................6,566,906.........................2.11 MR D GRAPENGIESSER...........4,998,131.........................1.60 ISIS VCT PLC.................4,615,385.........................1.48 Total.......................52,221,447........................16.80 ---------------------------------------- The Kamera shareholders accepted shares worth at the time................5.85p The people that took part in the placing bought shares worth at the time.3.25p ---------------------------------------- So WHY did those LARGER shareholders vote (IN FAVOUR) of the VTB/WTV merger deal... Presumably "they" were given information that : "we" did not get Bearing in mind that these LARGER shareholders who voted for in favour of the deal..have at the moment LOST a huge amount of value in the shares that they hold..surely it can only be the case..that the current situation as to the share price is.....TEMPORARY. Presumably these LARGER shareholders have been given information...where-by (they know)..that in a certain period of time their shares will again increase in value and they will be HAPPY...either by the share price rising on the back of future profitable results...or by a possible BUY-OUT of their shares from a Larger company... Either way I have a feeling that they have been given the Info..."that don't will all be will be HAPPY" to have the number of shares that you are currently holding. It would appear that it is only us smaller shareholders..that have been left in the dark..for myself I intend to just sit back and relax and hopefully take my rewards for "holding" my shares..along with the LARGER shareholders who will no-doubt be collecting...their Rewards...when the time is right. ---------------------------------------- Kamera deal .......43,770,247 NEW VTB shares were issued (at 5.85p) Share Placing......95,422,850 NEW VTB shares were issued (at 3.25p) World Tv deal.....440,800,265 NEW VTB shares were issued (at approx 3.88p) ---------------------------------------- 3Parsnips
3parsnips: Virtue Communications Hi clocktower, Would you agree that (VTB) were doing OK...Before the WTV merger For (VTB) to have achieved Turnover of 291% UP on the same period Last year was an excellent result.. Without that WTV merger I reckon that the VTB share price should have risen substantially with the amount of business VTB were getting. "European turnover from the Virtue business increased by £1,856,000, or 291%, to £2,493,000 primarily due to the half year contribution of the acquisitions of: Unit.Net, which was acquired in July last year; and Kamera, which was acquired in January 2004 which recorded revenues of £806,000 and £842,000 respectively in the period." Why VTB management decided to go for the Merger with WTV..I don't know..I can only hope that the current cloud has a silver lining. ----------- 3Parsnips
3parsnips: Virtue Communications Re : Results Just having a read through the results and noticed : "European turnover from the Virtue business increased by £1,856,000, or 291%, to £2,493,000 primarily due to the half year contribution of the acquisitions of: Unit.Net, which was acquired in July last year; and Kamera, which was acquired in January 2004 which recorded revenues of £806,000 and £842,000 respectively in the period." VTB...291% up on previous year..without WTV Looks like we COULD as we EXPECTED have looked forward to an increase in the VTB share price IF VTB had not merged with WTV... ---------------------- 3Parsnips
3parsnips: Virtue Communications Re :WTV for HALF PRICE ? Before the VTB/WTV merger...(Our) hopes/expectations were that when VTB announced their half year results in September..that the results would be good..above expectations..leading to a rise in the share price to around the 8p mark. Had VTB carried our their reverse take-over..(after) they released their results and the share price did rise to around the 8p mark...then VTB would have only needed to issue HALF as many shares to WTV WTV for HALF PRICE ? However..too late for any of that speculation now...what's done is done...I still feel VERY confident that the VTB share price will rise when the results are finally released. ------------- 3Parsnips
nicknamesrsilly: Not sure why everyone is using this "Next stop 20p" thread when we will be very lucky to see 8p this year. The most optimistic share price in the header is 12.5p and might be achieved when the 2004 full year figures are published next year, so 20p is clearly not the next stop. For a company which specialises in the wecasting of other company's results, I don't think VTB have exactly covered themselves in glory with the way they have handled the recent reverse takeover by World TV. Most shareholders have not been provided with anywhere near enough information to enable them to make a decision regarding the takeover. The chairman, in his recent broadcast, makes a number of vague references to "synergies" and cost savings, but failed to quote any figures. Without any figures, even if they are only predictions, it is impossible to make an informed decision about whether the takeover is a good move for VTB shareholders. The absence of any useful information from VTB in the past few months has left a vacuum which at times has enabled a handful of derampers (we all know who they are) to make their presence felt on this bb. Most, if not all, appeared not to hold VTB shares or to have a short position on VTB, but nevertheless at key times made a remarkably energetic negative contribution, increasing the number of posts to many times the usual levels. Their postings seemed to have one aim - to keep the share price as low as possible. Who could have benefitted from this? Looking back, one beneficiary could have been World TV, who appear to have acquired VTB at a lower price than might otherwise have been the case. The absence of any detailed financial information from VTB during this time also indicates to me that VTB directors were not unhappy with the share price at the time. A lot of this leaves a nasty taste in the mouth, but hopefully VTB will soon have a chance to redeem themselves. If they produce stunning figures and the share price moves accordingly, all will be forgiven. However if it does not, some awkward questions will be asked about whether VTB directors have acted in the interest of their shareholders.
euro99: For some reason, which I can't for the life of me figure out it has been noticed by many - including VTB's management I think - that VTB share price tends to go up fast on the day of admission. Which in this case is tomorrow.
ggekkko: Jozo, I just wanted to bounce something off you regarding falling WTV revenue after the merger, as a result of placed VTB work. I think you were referring to it in this post (see below). If you weren't, it may alleviate some others concerns. As I see it, it is not a problem as long as the end customer remains. So far VTB have outsourced the work to WTV, and WTV book it as revenue, which they charge VTB for as WTV incur costs to produce it. This then features as a cost of sale in the books of VTB, who mark up the value and sell to the end customer for a profit. Following the merger, what we will see is the sale removed from WTV's books, but also the cost of sale removed from VTB's books. All that remains is the cost of sale within WTV's books, and the end customer sale within VTB's books. In summary the combined revenue figure would fall, but so too would the combined cost of sale. The important thing is, THE SAME PROFIT REMAINS. jozo - 9 Aug'04 - 13:41 - 23545 of 23606 Still pondering the +s and -s of wtv deal. I'm struggling to find many -s. I thought it would be interesting to consider vtb side of business as valued at zero. So all we have left is wtv and my predicted anual profits (to Dec 2004) of 2m. 2/753 = eps = 0.00265 At current share price wtv is valued at just 0.03625/0.00265 = PE of just 13.6 What is superb about wtv is the profit to revenue ratio or margins. From June 2002-2004 revs=4,896 PBT=538k margin=10.98% In 6 months Dec 2003 revs=3,660 PBT=886k margin=24.21% Obviously wtv has relatively fixed cost base, result being a magnified affect on Profit as revs increase, and margins increase dramatically. This is clear form wtvs figures. If wtv only matches H1 for H2 Dec03-June04 then PBT of 1.772m = +300% increase or more. A PE of 13.6 as mentioned above is very reasonable for such growth. AS I SEE IT, and some day soon so will the market, vtbs current share price offers a rare opportunity to buy wtv at reasonable price in large growth market and get vtb for free. TO RECAP: 3.625p = wtv valued on PE 13.6 with 2m profit, and vtb valued at zero!!! (I'm sure some people will probably question a possible drop in wtv revs as they loose the vtb contacts. However to counter that, I have heard that a very small amount of outsourcing production work was passed on to wtv. Any shortfall should easily be made up in costs savings for whole group as previous outsourcing becomes an 'in-house' activity and offering.) I for one will be very happy to vote in favour of the merger. As I see it I am getting a well run, profitable, and rapidly growing company in wtv + vtb with all its enormous potential for free. (prior to the wtv announcement I was prepared to pay up to 6p for vtb shares and now you can them them for zero!!!) jozo
jozo: 3p, you mentioned the other day that you think vtb are paying 12 x earnings for wtv, based on wtn profit of 1.3m. There's conservative, and ultra conservative, but I find it hard to beleive that a company that had pbt 538k for full year to June 2003 and had already made 886k for H1 up to Dec 2003 to have anything less than 886x2 for full year to June 2004 = 1.772m. Therefore for full new financial year Dec03-04 I beleive it highly likely that 2m pbt will prove to be very conservative. (I suspect that vtb and wtv know this hence the relatively large price tag demanded by wtv and accepted by vtb) 2m pbt translates to just 9x earnings. Therefore I believe this to be a very good deal for vtb. Lets just take my assumed 2m pbt for wtv, and consider whole company. 2/753(total shares) = 0.002656 eps which with a low PE of 10 translates to 2.65p share price Therfore at currect share price vtb business is being valued at 0.85p. The current price IMHO is a temporary blib. On conservative PE of 10 wtv business is worth 2.65p of share price. But 2 weeks ago people where prepared to pay up to 4.5-5p for vtb shares whereas the market is valuing them at just 0.85p!!! AND there's the cash remaining, not to mention the cash generation of wtv. All we are waiting for is vtb to prove themselves. I'm happy with vtb keeping a lid on things for now. Keep a lid on share price while deal goes through, get rid of short term traders, and keep competition in the dark. Looking forward with confidence to the next 6-12 months. By March I beleive share price 8-14p. Jozo
euro99: MM's office cleaner... let me answer your post first and work backwards. I held more VTB shares at the close on Friday than I did on Monday morning. So you clearly have one thing wrong!!! The only reason that I have 'come clean' about my identity is to try and lend a little honesty and knowledge to a board full of traders at a time which I feel is very important indeed for VTB. Any small company taking over a larger one is exposed, and it's possible that VTB represents a greater opportunity now than at any point in the last few months for investors. I am obviously a long term bull for VTB!!! However - I think it's interesting watching a deal like this, and I think it raises questions about the role of MM's with AIM companies, about news management and about the whole nature of the relationship of a management with it's shareholders. Are their interests identical, or parallel? All investors have a timescale whether it's minutes on the DOW or months for a recovery stock. Is there a 'sensible' timescale in which to invest in AIM companies? I can tell you with absolute certainty that VTB is a very well managed company, with huge technical prowess - and a company which is loved by it's clients. I can tell you equally that Webcasting and few2few in particular is a growing market which in two years time will be seen as the norm. The only thing I find confusing is the VTB share price!!!!
clocktower: All those posting negative statements, you could always vote Against on Resolution 2. If you think the VTB share price would be higher without WTV. The Resolution: To waive the requirement under the city code for certain shareholders in World to make a general offer.
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