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That won’t happen hazelst. No takeover on the cards for a long time yet. The company is getting stronger and stronger, SS knows what is down there and is building a great oil company for the UK. Still early days but it’s getting better and better.
The lower this goes, the more chance of a takeover. The desperate deramping trolls won’t like that!
On a same level of Odds as the ESSO Pipeline/takeover, is the possibility of a Knot Tie-up between Giz & Gis. Rumours are that she gonna dump the Bricky ! Latest on the Grapevine!
takeover? sanderson told adrian to zip it This account's Tweets are protected. Only confirmed followers have access to @Adrianwfire's Tweets and complete profile. Click the "Follow" button to send a follow request.
T May showing even greater depths of treachery. Shafting the voters isn't enough. Now she is shafting her own party opening up negotiations with the opposition to by-pass the majority, again! This is a really dirty filthy time in British democracy. We can no longer raise the flag of democracy and criticize others for their democratic shortcomings. And the takeover of free speech carries on apace with Facebook introducing censorship under the guise of 'fact checkers'. Like the BBC's Reality Check? In that case we are now to be fully enveloped in a full on totalitarian soviet system. Get your tin hats ready becasue it will inevitably end with bullets flying. All suppressed people eventually fight back. Balkans MkII here we come.
datait2, There are only 9,970 hits on Google for the search terms "UKOG" + "imminent". That hardly suggests "imminent" is overused. For example, there are 29,200 results for "UKOG" + "takeover".
Can you please provide “evidenceâ€￾ for: ...the Russians takeover 🇷🇺 (Rumours, articles, write-ups, or otherwise) ...evidence for the big boys in “BPâ€￾ (...whom must missed this target 🎯 nearly 40 years ago! 🤦â€￾♂ï¸￾) and now wish to re-enter ( your claim, seems so to suggestion) ...and any evidence of supporting “financial statementsâ€￾, that highlight...that indeed, this UKOG a milking “cash-cowâ€￾ king 🤴 💭💭 🤷â€￾♂ï¸￾💭
Remember Ukog is a cash cow,with the Russians and BP lining up for a takeover.Sleep tight over the weekend knowing there will be even more oil pumped out from the Gusher.
And I have them all on filter - but I can just imagine what they are all saying. Smackhead floompers the lot of them! I would like to see their faces when the takeover comes. But just to rub their noses in it I am buying some more!
Takeover????? Hold the Turkey - I'm coming!
Ok so just dyor. You’ll come up with similar facts to me, only timing should differ. Grab a calculator and do the maths on multiple wells producing at 1000 (minimum) per day. Don’t forget low production costs. The only disappointment for me is I expect a takeover approach in 2019 which will put a lid on the staggering potential. Still will multibag
07-11-2018 Looks like Lenningrass is on a takeover of the Weald. With Dorimus having a huge 10% in Brokham, Lenningrass is declaring Brokam as the 'Gatwick Gusher' rather than HH. Naughty boy.
Hi gismo I have wondered myself about external influences, Mabey a major is pulling strings to suppress the share price pre takeover and the government are happy to allow this to happen I think we will see a decent return but only what a major is happy to pay
Will UKOG be suspended too, is the rerate or takeover coming much much earlier than expected? is 10p the offer price? This is all getting very exciting! Heating up like the flare stack which looked more like a jet engine with after burner at the weekend.
WTDS wrote; "wait for better proof with multiple wells in production and BB gushing twice HH - far more expensive takeover." 'BB gushing' ? It never filled one tanker despite 8 months of work and re-drilling. Sanderson did his desperate best to get commercial flows at BB at huge cost; all to no avail. What makes WTD think he can make it gush with further efforts? 'Multiple wells' nice idea; costs money. UKOG do not have the cash for the PEDL234 drill where they intend to employ new methods , which, if successful, they will use on a return to BB. The trouble is ; CASH; more money required for those drills and there's no guarantee of success.
Wait for the technical cross referencing between Broadford Bridge data and Horse Hill data. That is what will be sitting on Total's assessment desk. That is when UKOG is the dominant player and will remain so in the Weald for the final negotiation. SS however needs to have enough backup to look like Weald Plc will go ahead and develop the whole area as an independent. Gamble for Total is whether to move early and therefore cheaply, or, wait for better proof with multiple wells in production and BB gushing twice HH - far more expensive takeover. Well Bob, what would you do?
Did I say 'at' 14:00, typo I meant 'just before' so I keep the cheesecake. Still cleaning up. it of a surprise to hear that to be honest. The oil is flowing and at least 2016 rates and most likely more (once the completion fluids are deducted form the flow meter!!!). We knew it was though. 4 tankers of oil, we have seen two reported form the gate so they do appear to be taking the oil way as they draw it up rather than stockpiling it. Will be interesting to see if the pressure is maintained when they really let it flow. Not sure if we'll be hitting the headlines just yet but the newsdesks should be labeling an in-tray and getting the trainees onto background research ready for some coverage. Everything is shaping up for payday in 2019 assuming no takeover in the meantime. I'll take 85p for my shares now, otherwise increasing compound 10% per month thereafter.
Could it be a consortium of super majors buying together as it would obviously be too big a price to pay for the asset? Is that what is delaying the announcement? Has the government given the clearance for the takeover? A lot to look forward to. 07:00 RNS?
Takeover battle between BP and Total? Let’s hope so.
amr--I think The Warrants being issued MAY be being interpreted as a sort of placing?? Just a thought. As to expences, these will have to be paid for up front in some cases BEFORE oil extracted. They are obviously very confident that they will have the necessary funds for the costs--speculate to accumulate!! As to a merger/takeover, whilst i agree that could well happen at some stage in the future I do not see that happening until many more wells are sunk and many many more barrels are extracted than we have at present. A major would want to see major amounts of oil at a steady long term rate. Whilst we all hope for that we are not seeing those returns YET!!
SMALL CAP MOVERS: Sinclair Pharma soars 40% on Chinese takeover hxxps:// We have some coverage in the Daily Mail----but a photo over on LSE shows a bloody great North Sea type oil rig!! Enough to scare the local HH residents to death!!! Good to get some press coverage though?
looks like it will be ESSO taking over UKOG...why would they be doing this if not The fool on the hill â€￾ @Adrianwfire 10h10 hours ago More #UKOG #HORSEHILL work on ESSO Pipeline being carried in June 2018 less than 1 mile from site. temmujin31 Aug '18 - 05:31 - 5730 of 5730 Edit 0 0 0 maybe ukog have had the nod from esso and thats why they are so keen to hoover up all the stakes from solo and prim so takeover isnt messy
maybe ukog have had the nod from esso and thats why they are so keen to hoover up all the stakes from solo and prim so takeover isnt messy
Faith solo sold their direct stake but retain an indirect interest via their new stake in ukog. As says "permanent HH oil production in 2019" so everyone is a winner and its a more logical arrangement to facilitate the expected takeover.
solo bought out..obvious ukog doing this in preparation for a big boy takeover..BP?
Brent Crude at $76 a barrel, $18 extraction costs per barrel, leaves around $55 per barrel profit, say 5 billion barrels recoverable, rough value $275 billion and 37% to UKOG = $101 billion. This was over 8p last year and should mow be double that with commercial oil starting to flow. P.S. DL says we have billions of barrels oil and he is already in talks with oil majors about a takeover of UKOG: hTTps:// Enjoy..
I have to agree. DL's "talking to majors" comment and how others have then morphed it into actual negotiations for a takeover of UKOG was predictable. He really is the master at pushing Pi's buttons. He knew what would follow. The majors and the big institutions have avoided UKOG to date and the only "smart money that bought in; the 'french billionaires' did not stay long. As soon as they got in the house they saw just how risky and ropey the investment case was and they exited pretty quick.
Dave Lennigas was retained on a consultant basis after he left. If he recently said he is discussing a possible takeover of ukog with a number of majors I would tend to take that as fact. It's pretty obvious when you consider the large size of what they may have here and it's all easily accessible onshore and coming at a time when Brexit makes any new UK oil and gas revenues all the more important.
Good grief there's a load of BS being posted using DL as a "credible" source; "DL says we have billions of barrels oil and he is already in talks with oil majors about a takeover of UKOG: hTTps:// UKOG shares were over 8p last year. 10p+ this week and 20p+ coming." What a load of total rubbish. LENIGAS has no position with UKOG; He can not be negotiating a takeover. UKOG do not 'have billions of barrels' that are recoverable. Sandersons long term aim , over years, is to book 100 million as reserves. Has no-one learnt anything from what happened at BB? Its not that easy.
DL says we have billions of barrels oil and he is already in talks with oil majors about a takeover of UKOG: hTTps:// UKOG shares were over 8p last year. 10p+ this week and 20p+ coming.
Marky---I cannot see how DL has the authority to talk to third parties on behalf of UKOG about a merger/takeover for UKOG when he is not even on the board! Pinch of Salt IMO. As I said the other day, no big corporate will come in YET when it has not been declared commercial and even if it was, it is not known --yet--in what quantities. It is my hunch/belief that one day that will happen but not just yet. People in higher places could well be talking about The Weald, UKOG etc but not in an official capacity to be talking about mergers, I am , though, looking forward to the coming week when it is highly likely that we will get a very positive RNS---here´s hoping, anyway!!
DL says we have billions of barrels oil and he is already in talks with oil majors about a takeover of UKOG: hTTps:// UKOG shares were over 8p last year. 10p+ this week and 20p+ coming.
DL says we have billions of barrels oil and he is already in talks with oil majors about a takeover of UKOG: hTTps:// UKOG shares were over 8p last year. 10p+ this week and 20p+ coming.
DL says HH has billions of barrels oil and he is already in talks with oil majors about a takeover of UKOG: hTTps:// 10p this week.
money marker---How come Lenigas in talks over UKOG??? he is not involved with them any more'?? Not ready for a take over IMO as not yet proven commercial at any of the levels. No bigger company would contemplate a merger takeover until something is proven---further down the line---maybe!! Fool on the Hill tweets that pump working well still---at this rate we will surely see more tankers over w/e as the on site capacity will not take much over 400 barrels a day over the 4 day period. Believe on site capacity is a little over 1600 barrels??
DL says HH has billions of barrels recoverable and is of national strategic importance.He wants a takeover of UKOG and has indicated he is already in private discussions with majors.10p next week.
Gizmo--Yes, but volumes are low today but UKOG still a top FIVE share traded, so many small PI´s maintaining interest. I do hope though, that once we have been declared commercial for not only The Portland but more important, The Kimmeridge, corporate investors will begin to see that this is the REAL deal and will come flocking in. I cannot see a big corporate coming in with a merger/takeover until long term oil production is established--they would want to be sure their investment is solid not just a nine day wonder.
The London-listed oil company JKX Oil & Gas is scrambling to find out why a Ukrainian MP has quietly become its second largest shareholder in a deal that has sparked speculation of a potential takeover by oligarchs. Vitaliy Khomutynnik, one of Ukraine's richest men, has clinched a 20 per cent stake in JKX - which has assets in Ukraine and Russia - via an investment fund called Cascade. He bought the stake from Proxima, a Russian fund that in 2016 succeeded in booting out the entire JKX board. - Mail on Sunday
POSSIBLY TAKEOVER JKX Oil & Gas PLC Notification of major holdings 14/08/2018 12:21pm UK Regulatory (RNS & others) Resulting situation on the date on which threshold was crossed or reached 19.97% N/A 19.97% 171,723,145 ------------------ ---------------------- ---------------- -------------------- Position of previous notification (if applicable) 10.00% N/A 10.00% ------------------ ---------------------- ---------------- --------------------
Afternoon amr. How have I mocked the company that I have invested in? I correctly predicted the RNS of 11:30am, am calling for a EOD price of 3p, have said that the results prove the national significance of the results, have conjectured the takeover by Saudi Aramco, have wished the pox on Kirk's cattle, have expressed my desire to see all floompers spontaneously combust - how much more positive do you want me to be? Are you being paid overtime to write such stuff?
CCR;RAYRAC & 25---thanks for your good wishes. I am ALWAYS positive--its a great motivator--I shall be fine . Game changing day with UKOG in many ways. Laying the foundations for a bigger company/or a more attractive one for a takeover/merger---soon be in the Premier League??!!
Once the virtual shares are gone and the peg reasserts itself then the anchor can be truly wedged on the ocean floor to top up the treasury as the strong leader consolidates the weak bladdered via Sovereign wealth fund takeover by international syndicates based in HK led by Salman et al.
Tonight a strike is taking place on some of Total's gas and oil rigs...the Forties field is i believe heading for a downward spiral regards production so Total must have in mind a takeover of onshore oil and gas plays like UKOG.Its logical that they would invest in a new oil and gas field when the Forties field has long since passed its sell by date especially when the cost of production is so much cheaper..
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