Taptica Dividends - TAP

Taptica Dividends - TAP

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Taptica International Ltd TAP London Ordinary Share IL0011320343 ORD NIS0.01 (DI)
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0.00 0.0% 125.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 125.00 00:00:00
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the abbot: So chaps I have been in contact with the company to try to get some of the questions answered that so many are concerned with. Firstly, I wasn't sure if I would get a response, that in itself would be my first red flag, my view is put the past behind us, I know the mistakes of the past regarding Blinkx, however unlike STT and his supporters, I am able to move on from this and give a new company a chance, thus I contacted them with some concerns and to be honest, and as already discussed with Borg used very much a lot of his letter to see what kind of response I would get. Before I continue, I am open in reporting I have ulterior motive as I topped up at 88p and at 98p thus have bought my average down significantly but now have a significant holding thus I am declared an investor. The below is posted verbatim, the response was received from Taptica IR of course they have not addressed each point as one would have hoped, however I am pleased to say that the response in itself shows concern and some support for shareholders (in all the years I held Blinkx I NEVER received a response), it also shows some openness to engage with the PI. Personally I am reasonably happy to be invested here still (albeit much of my risk has been reduced) and will give TAP a chance to get it right, only time will answer that question, although I am sure STT and his cronies will try to answer it well before time! Anyway here is the response, I'm sure it will be ripped apart however I deem sentiment important; Q Why did Taptica release an RNS? As a listed company Taptica was obliged to respond to the allegations and did so according to disclosure guidelines. Taptica always has and always will fully comply with AIM’s disclosure and transparency rules. Q How much revenue will R1 be contributing to the enlarged group? We are not providing specific guidance with relation to the contribution of RhythmOne to FY 2019 but please visit download the latest research from finnCap: hxxps://researchlibrary.finncap.com/Research. Further detail on RhythmOne’s performance will be provided in September’s half-year results. Q Did the company originally overstate how much revenue R1 would contribute? Taptica completed all the necessary due diligence prior to the merger as well as ensuring the market was updated on the trading performance within the RhythmOne business before the merger completed. As a result of the rapid progress in integrating RhythmOne, despite it being less than three months after the merger, we now expect to deliver c. $20 million of cost savings and synergy benefits in the current financial year (on an annualised basis) and expect RhythmOne to make a meaningful contribution to the bottom line in the following year. Q Could the buyback be larger? The board considered a number of options when deciding how to best deploy the company’s cash surplus. Once the second buyback is completed, $25 million worth of shares will have been purchased since the start of April. Taptica maintains that this should benefit shareholders in the medium-to-long term by increasing the value of each share in relation to the underlying assets of the Company. The board constantly reviews how to best create shareholder value, and takes a prudent approach to deploying cash, however there may be further buybacks in the future. Q How are Taptica’s current relationships with its institutional investors? Taptica has the full support of its largest institutional investors. While they are disappointed by the share price decline caused by Uber’s complaint, as of course we all are, they are investing in the long-term and recognise that the underlying business remains robust and has strong fundamentals. Q Why has Taptica not released more positive statements? Taptica has recently made announcements noting the successful combination of Tremor and RhythmOne's video advertising capabilities. The company will continue to update the market as and when appropriate. Q Why has management not purchased more shares? Up until yesterday’s AGM all members of the management team were in a closed period and as such were not permitted to purchase any shares. Any PDMR share purchases will be announced via RNS.
kcr69: While this isn't intended as a popular narrative to the boards current audience, it is now abundantly clear that the unaudited H1 accounts / broker notes relating to R1 were pretty close to fantasy, with a revenue of circa $200m being about the top end of what R1 would have ever achieved in FY 2019 as a standalone business. A merger valuing R1 at approx £135m at the point of offer was as close to utopia as R1 shareholders could have ever hoped for. The FY 2018 Audited accounts for Taptica put revenue for the mobile app performance division at $123.9m and the branding division at $146.0m (legacy business made up the residual $6.9m in a total turnover of $276.9m). It is akin to the musings of Walter Mitty to believe that the decline in Taptica's mobile performance division has any relevance whatsoever to the complete fabrication of information that was publicly available with regard to revenue at R1. If we believe Finncaps latest estimate of $460m for FY20 for the enlarged group, a ball park stab at the sector make up (from a legacy perspective) would look something like - mobile app performance division $100m (-20%) - Branding (e.g. Tremor) $160m (+10%) - R1 $200m Given the legacy Taptica units could easily contribute an additional £25m to those numbers above, it is quite possible that this is extremely generous to the R1 contribution if viewed as a standalone unit which could be as low as $175m. Taptica has always been extremely good at re-inventing itself in line with industry trends, something it has demonstrated ever since the days of Marimedia. While from a short term perspective the purchase of R1 looks grossly overpriced, I would expect it to bear fruit through synergy, scale and decent management in the medium term. Furthermore, while not ideal or overly welcome, the reduced reliance on the mobile app performance division actually de-risks the stock as an entity from a political and regulatory data misuse and 'overhyped frenzy' perspective. Make your own mind up, however without trying to be too scientific with regard to future numbers, it is pretty safe to say that the EV / adjusted earnings (or free cash flow) for the group will be less than 1 at current prices....any way you look at it, that is plain ridiculous. One final point with regard to the Uber situation, it was a case of "damned if they do, damned if they don't". However irritating both the lawsuit and share price reaction has been, it would have been a damn site worse if the news had come from secondary sources rather than the company itself, which it most certainly would have given the current parties and manipulation involved in the stock.
borgioli: Guys, here is a copy of the email i've just sent to Taptica IR: It's a long one ;) Hello Taptica, I'm a Taptica shareholder (old blinkx holder since 2008) and was shocked to see the RNS release yesterday on the Uber lawsuit. The same can be said on today's RNS as well. I don't know who was responsible at Taptica for this action and who the person or people behind the idea of releasing an RNS about the Uber lawsuit are but they must be some of the most incompetent people employed by Taptica or the most malicious. What the hell were the ones responsible for this thinking when they published an RNS on this? A company RNS should be used to issue news that is of 'material' impact to the company's situation. Yet, today you mention in your corporate statement "The revenue associated with the Uber Campaign directly relating to the Company does not represent a material portion of Taptica's revenue." So why did you release a 'non material' RNS yesterday in the first place? It beggars belief at either the gross incompetence demonstrated here or the vile malicious intent to bring the share price down. Headlines everywhere mentioned the words "fraudulent" and "Taptica" in the same sentence. What a great move! Did you not think about the potential effect this could have on public/client perception of Taptica's business practices? You run the risk of multiple clients wondering if they have suffered from the same fraudulent things that Uber are accusing Taptica of. A major risk to retaining current clients because this could result in them taking their business elsewhere and potential reputational damage that could prevent Taptica from gaining new clients. Blinkx suffered greatly from fraud allegations due to the blog from Ben Edelman back in 2014 and pretty much never recovered even after multiple acquisitions and a name change because clients kept walking due to reputational damage. Public perception caused their clients to leave regardless on whether it was true or not and because questionable traffic is something all ad tech companies suffer from to some degree, it shows that by releasing news on being accused of defrauding you are asking for trouble with current clients. Again, what the hell were the ones responsible for this press release thinking? When Rhythmone was involved in the lawsuit with Dataxu they never released an RNS about it because it would only damage the share price and company reputation. I would fire the ones responsible for the Uber RNS on the spot for gross negligence, and in the case of malicious intent i would consider legal action against them. Since Ofer Druker became CEO the share price has done nothing but go down on vague profit warnings and a highly unbelievable story about more than $200M revenue from R1 that suddenly went missing. I'm not buying it, as normally you (Taptica) would sue R1 over such a miss and Tosca, Lombard and Schroders would sue all of you for not doing any proper due diligence. It's far more likely you conjured up this story to cover the loss at the Taptica performance business which suddenly became an issue shortly after the fraudster CEO Hagai Tal was shown the door. The name change seems also related to that. Also, in what parallel universe does Taptica think Ofer Druker's massive options package is justified? It goes against pretty much every moral standard and given the value destruction under his leadership since he took over it's a major slap in the face of private investors. (caused by the ridiculous negative vague profit warnings since the merger which were all worded in a way to greatly damage the share price) It would be good if he would either relinquish his massive options package or amend them and attach high share price targets to them before they can be exercised. (many multiples of today's price that is) I support the potential renewed buyback from today's press release and given the current bombed out share price i would like to see an aggressive buyback for the amount of around $30/40M. The company should at the very least take a large amount of shares out of the market at these prices so that some of the damage you have caused could potentially benefit shareholders in the longer term. P.S If you want to hire someone who actually knows how to increase the market value of a business, i'm available for only $100K a year with a performance bonus of $500K for every 100% increase to the company's market cap. Given the bombed out value of my Taptica shareholding let me give you some free tips on how to increase your market value : - Given that you have already reduced expectations massively with the R1 $200M revenue story make sure you release nothing but "better than expected" statements from now on. - Ofer Druker and Tim Weller should buy shares on the open market to send a clear signal. (not talking about a 5K purchase here) - Make sure that your outlook statements are positive, because a positive update without a positive outlook statement won't help the share price. - Better than expected and positive outlook statements from the current situation could and should result in more institutions buying a stake in Taptica, more analysts would start to follow the company with increased price targets and would recommend Taptica to their clients. - Release regular news on major new clients, the bigger the names you are able to mention, the better. The market needs to know if Taptica is still capable of bringing in major brands at this point and putting such news in seperate press releases not only convinces shareholders that you are able to reel in big fish but would also make other high profile brands consider Taptica vs their current partner. - The Rhythmone company Perk for example hasn't used any of their social media channels since 2018. Those are simple and cheap things to maintain and gain new customers. It's 2019, you can't run a tech company without social media to increase brand awareness. It can be fixed with one phone call but it's shocking enough that nobody over at Perk ever noticed this. Also the app reviews for the Perk apps are terrible and reading the reviews it seems the company doesn't fix anything or get back to them. Not the way you should be treating your app users. You should also look at The Trade Desk as an example on how it should be done and take note on how they handle their news releases. The company has less revenue than Taptica post merger yet they have a market cap of $11B, yes that's Billion with a B! Their revenue doesn't justify their market value but it's all about the perception shareholders have on your company. If they think you can become a major player they buy shares at insane valuations. If sentiment created is a disaster (like Taptica has done) shareholders are not going to touch it even though it only trades at a fraction at what it should be trading at. One final point i would like to raise, Does Rhythmone still have access to the perpetual exclusive Autonomy IDOL license for visual and audio recognition for consumer video? If so, why are you not utilising this technology the same way blinkx did for ad placement using audio and visual recognition and thereby gaining a major technological edge vs anything used by competitors. Sincerely, James T. Kirk
sikhthetech: wheeze, "it also didn’t prevent them from buying more at 140p " You mean the 140p deeply discounted placing to place the ex-CEO's shares, which Finncap wasn't anticipating only 4 months earlier... A placing which, although was for only 14m shares, took longer than usual to complete.. The same placing where there seems to be have been a lack of interest from IIs for the mere 14m shares that TAP ended up buying circa 40% of the placing shares... sounds more like TAP had to buy the placing shares otherwise the placing price could have been substantially lower to try and generate interest... https://uk.advfn.com/stock-market/london/taptica-TAP/share-news/finnCap-Launch-of-secondary-placing-in-Taptica/79750627
midasx: Taptica International Ltd. (LON:TAP) is a stock with outstanding fundamental characteristics. When we build an investment case, we need to look at the stock with a holistic perspective. In the case of TAP, it is a financially-sound company with a a strong history of performance, trading at a discount. Undervalued with solid track record Over the past year, TAP has grown its earnings by 61%, with its most recent figure exceeding its annual average over the past five years. In addition to beating its historical values, TAP also outperformed its industry, which delivered a growth of 19%. This is what investors like to see! TAP's ability to maintain an adequate level of cash to meet upcoming liabilities is a good sign for its financial health. This implies that TAP manages its cash and cost levels well, which is a crucial insight into the health of the company. TAP appears to have made good use of debt, producing operating cash levels of 2.96x total debt in the prior year. This is a strong indication that debt is reasonably met with cash generated. More TAP's shares are now trading at a price below its true value based on its discounted cash flows, indicating a relatively pessimistic market sentiment. Investors have the opportunity to buy into the stock to reap capital gains, if TAP's projected earnings trajectory does follow analyst consensus growth, which determines my intrinsic value of the company. Also, relative to the rest of its peers with similar levels of earnings, TAP's share price is trading below the group's average. This supports the theory that TAP is potentially underpriced. hTTps://finance.yahoo.com/news/taptica-international-ltd-lon-tap-095134438.html
the abbot: My prediction - Amazon v Google bidding war for TAP with no regard for how much they need to pay, more concerned with beating each other, holders of TAP front page of the daily mail holding up champagne glasses 'TAP holders celebrate a golden day' as each TAP share sells at £39 valuing the company at a little over 5 billion. Lynch seen in the background shot smiling heavily
the abbot: Is It Time To Consider Buying Taptica International Ltd (LON:TAP)? Taptica International Ltd (LON:TAP), which is in the media business, and is based in Israel, received a lot of attention from a substantial price movement on the AIM over the last few months, increasing to £2.35 at one point, and dropping to the lows of £1.36. Some share price movements can give investors a better opportunity to enter into the stock, and potentially buy at a lower price. A question to answer is whether Taptica International’s current trading price of £1.36 reflective of the actual value of the small-cap? Or is it currently undervalued, providing us with the opportunity to buy? Let’s take a look at Taptica International’s outlook and value based on the most recent financial data to see if there are any catalysts for a price change. What’s the opportunity in Taptica International? Good news, investors! Taptica International is still a bargain right now. I’ve used the price-to-earnings ratio in this instance because there’s not enough visibility to forecast its cash flows. The stock’s ratio of 5.45x is currently well-below the industry average of 22.2x, meaning that it is trading at a cheaper price relative to its peers. What’s more interesting is that, Taptica International’s share price is quite volatile, which gives us more chances to buy since the share price could sink lower (or rise higher) in the future. This is based on its high beta, which is a good indicator for how much the stock moves relative to the rest of the market. Can we expect growth from Taptica International? Investors looking for growth in their portfolio may want to consider the prospects of a company before buying its shares. Although value investors would argue that it’s the intrinsic value relative to the price that matter the most, a more compelling investment thesis would be high growth potential at a cheap price. Though in the case of Taptica International, it is expected to deliver a relatively unexciting earnings growth of 9.1%, which doesn’t help build up its investment thesis. Growth doesn’t appear to be a main reason for a buy decision for the company, at least in the near term. What this means for you: Are you a shareholder? Even though growth is relatively muted, since TAP is currently undervalued, it may be a great time to accumulate more of your holdings in the stock. However, there are also other factors such as capital structure to consider, which could explain the current undervaluation. Are you a potential investor? If you’ve been keeping an eye on TAP for a while, now might be the time to enter the stock. Its future outlook isn’t fully reflected in the current share price yet, which means it’s not too late to buy TAP. But before you make any investment decisions, consider other factors such as the strength of its balance sheet, in order to make a well-informed investment decision.
sikhthetech: From 42Trader on lse... so a substantial (near 50%) drop in rthm fy2019 revenue expectation compared to when Yume were taken over a year ago... No wonder rthm Bod, who came over with the Yume takeover, were desperate to get shot of rthm and signed the NDA in Aug 2018, 6 months after the rthm/Yume takeover was completed... No wonder there were 2 CFOs resigned within a 5 month period... Posts: 442 Opinion: No Opinion Price: 197.50 RE: TAPToday 10:52Interesting report that gives an in depth view on how the companies work. Very much a conservative report due to the lack of knowledge on Taptica's side on R1 and being the early stages in integration. They note the drop in forecast sales by R1 from $470m to $250m for fy19 and this is something they intend to work on. If all goes to plan, it will be 2020 that will see the biggest benefits, where they intend to make synergies primary of increased sales forecasting $560m by 2020E and a PBT of $80m. Cost savings, mainly for 2020, are estimated at $9-10m but this is very hard to judge at this early stage. So, very early days and hard to predict anything at this stage. Dividend looks to be dropped at the moment in favour of the buy back. Significant restructuring costs, mainly in 2019 but also some in 2020. Valuation Our tech indices show average earnings multiples of over 21x this year and 18x next. Applying these multiples to Taptica’s earnings would deliver a share price of 720p;however, there is clearly a great deal of uncertainty in the RhythmOne integration and expectation at this stage so a discount is warranted. Using a conservative view, finncap think a multiple of 16x would be achievable giving their target of 550p. 42trader Posts: 443 Opinion: No Opinion Price: 197.50 RE: TAPToday 14:42Sorry if i was unclear. “Following the YuMe deal, the FY 2019 RhythmOne revenue expectation was for $470m, but in actuality the year now looks like seeing $250m of revenue – a substantial downgrade due to a difficult consolidation and little integration being done. Taptica’s management is conscious of this and intends to change the dynamics within that business.”
sikhthetech: so rthm's fy19 forecast is $250m, down from $470m.. that's a huge miss going forward... Don't forget TAP's fy19 ends Dec 2019 and rthm's ended 2 days ago... So could be 9 month's of rthm's fy2020 forecast... If it's TAP's fy19 forecast then I wonder how bad rthm's fy19 was??? And TAP bought rthm for the huge potential!!! From lse: Posts: 442 Opinion: No Opinion Price: 197.50 RE: TAPToday 10:52Interesting report that gives an in depth view on how the companies work. Very much a conservative report due to the lack of knowledge on Taptica's side on R1 and being the early stages in integration. They note the drop in forecast sales by R1 from $470m to $250m for fy19 and this is something they intend to work on. If all goes to plan, it will be 2020 that will see the biggest benefits, where they intend to make synergies primary of increased sales forecasting $560m by 2020E and a PBT of $80m. Cost savings, mainly for 2020, are estimated at $9-10m but this is very hard to judge at this early stage. So, very early days and hard to predict anything at this stage. Dividend looks to be dropped at the moment in favour of the buy back. Significant restructuring costs, mainly in 2019 but also some in 2020. Valuation Our tech indices show average earnings multiples of over 21x this year and 18x next. Applying these multiples to Taptica’s earnings would deliver a share price of 720p;however, there is clearly a great deal of uncertainty in the RhythmOne integration and expectation at this stage so a discount is warranted. Using a conservative view, finncap think a multiple of 16x would be achievable giving their target of 550p.
masurenguy: Tim Weller, Non-executive Chairman of Taptica, commented: "2018 was another year of continued progress for Taptica, during which we successfully executed on our strategy to deliver higher-margin revenues and broaden our blue-chip client base internationally. What is particularly pleasing is the performance of the Company's brand advertising platform, Tremor Video DSP, which has reported a significant improvement in earnings for the year. Tremor is an excellent example of the Company's ability to acquire and integrate businesses and therefore realising significant operating efficiencies in order to improve performance. Having delivered three consecutive years of outperformance, the board has been disappointed with the recent share price weakness, which has been largely driven by a series of events outside of the Company's control. This, coupled with the board having to pause the November share buy-back, has generated further downward pressure on the share price, and we appreciate it will take time to rebuild that trust with investors. We are however confident that the Company will strive to deliver further outperformance, continue the agility that we have shown in adapting to the shifts in market dynamics and gain more confidence with investors as we improve our financial performance. The outlook for the Company remains positive with Taptica continuing to benefit from the global shift in advertising spend away from traditional advertising methods and towards specialist data-driven technology providers and digital video. Taptica expects the growth of subscription-based video and over-the-top media services ("OTT") to continue. Connected TV ("CTV") is becoming one of the main delivery points for OTT content and is expected to grow as audiences continue to embrace digital streaming over multiple devices. The proposed merger with RhythmOne has the potential to open up the required quality of advertising supply to the Taptica performance-based division, as well as to create one of the foremost video advertising companies in the US, with the scale to take advantage of the global trend towards CTV and OTT. The proposed transaction is due to be completed in April, and we look forward to providing an update in due course."
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