Share Name Share Symbol Market Type Share ISIN Share Description
Science In Sport Plc LSE:SIS London Ordinary Share GB00BBPV5329 ORD 10P
  Price Change % Change Share Price Bid Price Offer Price High Price Low Price Open Price Shares Traded Last Trade
  0.00 0.0% 81.50 80.00 83.00 81.50 81.50 81.50 19,274 08:00:05
Industry Sector Turnover (m) Profit (m) EPS - Basic PE Ratio Market Cap (m)
Leisure Goods 50.4 -2.8 -1.3 - 110

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Re "Hands up if you lobbed too early" Guilty as charged ! Having, for once, bought in at the right time at ~31p, I sold a third of my holding at ~60p and sold the second third at ~81p. If the price keeps rising, without any major positive news, then I see 100p+ as a total exit point. If SiS gets taken out, then my strategy will look a bit foolish ! Incidentally, Brighter Foods was bought on ~2x revenue and was turning a decent profit, though Grenade did go for a bigger premium of 4x revenue on very little profit. They're similar companies to SiS, so comparisons are valid, but, though a similar size, SiS feels a bit more niche ? The stated target here is roughly double digit EBITDA returns on revenues of ~100 million, so EBIDTA of ~10 million [n] years down the line. At 81p, we currently have a market cap of ~110 million, so, though we're not hideously overvalued, I do think we're very much on the top side of fair value.
Blooming hek, it's still going up. Hands up if you lobbed too early, including quicker trades? So err...yeah :-) Haven't tried the hydration tabs (maybe they help with trading?) Oiht but did try one of the SIS Isotonic gel's a while back. It made me want to punch myself in the face....repeatedly. Yuk! Horrible taste so that needs improving. The protein shakes are good though. Anyway here is River and Mercantile highlighting how erm.. "cheap" SIS is: "The most significant contributor to performance in the month was Science in Sport, our largest holding, which finished the month 19% higher. It appears that corporate activity in the sector may be behind the re-rating with The Hut Group acquiring Brighter Foods and Mondelez acquiring Grenade (a reported 4x EV/Sales which compares nicely to SIS’ multiple of sales of less than 2x). " All imo DYOR
I buy SIS hydration tabs, I've tried other brands but somehow I always come back to SIS despite the premium price. I am a holder of the shares though, so I readily concede that I am not impartial. I took up my full entitlement of rights issue in 2107 and now, for the first time in years, I am actually 'in the money' by fourteen quid. Yeeha!! Only today I ordered three more tubes of berry flavour - that should hit the bottom line any day :-o
Some interesting numbers from THG on the Nutrition front. I have tried some of their products, it is all discount based with one discount often mounted on top of another to make the whole product appeal alot more and look great value in the market. I doubt any regular buyer of MyProtein products now buys without a bundle of discounts, it is more the cheap and cheerful product in the market. SIS product is better in my opinion. THG report significant growth in new customer numbers with the number of orders +41% for Nutrition. Interesting sequence of numbers: H1 2020 +30.5% Q3 2020 145.4m +42.8% Q3 2019 101.8m Q4 2020 158.2m +39.6% Q4 2019 113.4m FY 2020 562.3m +36.2% FY 2019 412.9m Q1 2021 146.3m +32.1% YOY but -7.5% QOQ Q1 2020 110.8m Is the online lockdown benefit waning and how will that feed through to SIS? THG are are still making really bullish noises with a whopping amount of new product launches: "As consumers seek healthier lifestyles, THG Nutrition's brand family is innovating to meet growing demand, through the launch of over two hundred new products with a focus on convenience, sustainability and education" Very short report, was scrolling down looking for the rest of it :-) THG currently -5%. Even though I'm not as financially interested in SIS now beyond these shorter term trades, still interested to see how the story pans out here and whether the seemingly premium valuation turns out to be not so "seemingly premium". All imo DYOR
Nibbled a few short term here trying to play the breakout on the back of large demand for shares. Further to the post above, they keep coming in for shares here, now at 61p. Yesterday they mopped up notable amounts of 275k, 150k, 165k and more prints hitting just now with another 211k and 159k mopped up. I don't believe there is any doubt that these buyers, with their significant stake building, have got well behind some substantial longer term revenue growth numbers mooted by management here: "Announced a new 160,000 sq. ft. Supply Chain site, together with a new gel processing and packing line. The site will open in Q1 2022 and will support growth to around GBP150m in revenue." Price has just stuck its head above the breakout range on the chart so a possible breakout candidate. Stick my stop under 60p. All imo DYOR
Highlight the notable activity here the last two days. Yesterday someone came in for blocks of 719k and 360k. On Wednesday there were blocks of 250k and a 500k gobbled up at 60p. Otus have increased their position substantially on the 17th March going from 6.03% to 10.45% - unsure if it is them keen on more or someone else. Further to that post above, it just goes to show that the market is more than happy to keep bidding these shares up. Everybody can easily see these trades and the prices being paid. I thought going from the early 30's to closing that gap at 50p was being optimistic, though clearly relatively less to some of the outrageous things out there. I lobbed, too early as usual - hip hip.. The chart is consolidating near the highs and this demand coming in for shares looks interesting so one to keep an eye on for a potential break higher. It is settling into 60p vs 62p on the upside. Market makers are quietly edging up here on the bid to 60p too. All imo DYOR
updated Liberum target is 80p
Monthly measured move is 62p which also has other relevance if you're in the know. Would have thought it pushes to top of monthly triangle in the 70s though.
Further to the previous post, this is a case in point on valuations and perceptions of valuations. If somebody did a survey to look at those results and ask the question on whether the shares represented value, would the majority of participants say it represented value? Personally speaking, I wouldn't put this in the value basket. However, in these markets, premiums are willing to be paid and those who ride the waves regardless of valuations have clearly been doing the best. I have been lobbing here because it has gone through what I thought was a bullish target price but the market is more than happy to continue bidding the shares up. When I lob, prices usually keep going higher - that's my new party trick and the market. On the flip side, why could the market be willing to pay a premium valuation here? Naturally there is the resilient revenue performance which the market believes is the foundation for further growth as lockdowns ease/end. There is also margin improvement and the growth in online sales has been good. The online growth has also accelerated into the new financial year and the market clearly believes the online side will be more resilient even when high streets open up. There must also be a belief in the international growth, particularly the likes of the US where SIS have alighted to 33% revenue growth and significantly reduced cash burn gain more traction. Furthermore, the market opportunity is clearly growing and there must be alot of pent up demand from folk who want to get out and exercise more freely and perhaps more who are being advised to get out and exercise more on health grounds from being inside all the time. Clearly people want to get out and live their lives more so perhaps there will be greater focus on the health side as a result of the pandemic. Headlines like the one today that Brits will go on a £50 billion spending spree have been adding to the optimism in all markets. Naturally, there is a divide here with lower income folk not being in as strong a position to save, or indeed not save altogether, with so much commentary on savings increasing. SIS have also delayed product launches so some of that must be feeding into the valuation too. I have tried numerous PHD products and they are good. They are clean, taste good and have worked well for me. The range of flavours is extensive with the likes of chocolate mint though haven't tried the Raspberry and White choc or Cherry Bakewell! The pricing can be more premium, but offers are regular, so you can pick them up buy one get one free at times - Holland and Barrett do the offers. Clearly it is all about execution now and SIS is priced for solid execution. Even though many can argue the sales metrics are cheap relative to wider markets, there cannot be slip ups in my humble opinion. Happy to keep an eye on it though do tend to lose interest in the ones that have hit targets beyond quick trades. All imo DYOR
Yes, if and when they demonstrate that, it will be the time to take profits.
The shares have climbed 78% since Investor's Champion's previous commentary in December 2020 (share price 31.3p) with the the market capitalisation now c£76m. While that does not look excessive for a company generating annual sales of c£50m, those sales have only been achieved after a huge spend on marketing and it has yet to demonstrate an ability to actually make money. More on Investor's Champion's website.
But not for recent shareholders, haha. All that matters!
Another loss
Price currently 52p. Finally gone through the price target and gap close on the chart. It looks like the offer has been pulled ahead of the results here by the sellers who were holding this back for a while. It is not unknown for this to happen. They will reassess on the results due this week on the 17th March. Happy to have ridden this one along with a nice market that has afforded everyone (particularly short term folk) the luxury of giving shares more of a chance. If the market wasn't as bullish or less stable, then the approach would clearly be different with less leeway given, and indeed immediate cuts for anything that didn't work if it was very volatile. Part of the interest with SIS was the statements taking a more bullish tone (sometimes indicative of a major turn with recovery potential) but also the wider premium ratings that the market has been willing to pay, so despite understandable skepticism by some posters on SIS (as well as my usual ramblings on overvalued parts of the market), it almost doesn't matter about our perception of a valuation at times. What can matter more is our perception of the market's perception of the value, which is all related to the level of bullish spirits. Working on operating metrics of sales with the likes of SIS isn't really my thing, but clearly there are arguments both ways for value here and the market has been happy to bid it up i.e. very bullish spirits and a belief that the future has changed for the better for SIS. Happy to ride these waves in many companies, and selling along the way, but not one to get attached to any company. Hard to say how the market will react to the update here on Wednesday. With the more premium type of rating, the outlook will have to be a positively solid in line with expectations statement at worst imo. Clearly different for longer term folk. Onwards! All imo DYOR
Recent note: "Liberum: SIS shares remain cheap Science in Sport (SIS) has put the building blocks in place to deliver growth and its shares remain cheap, says Liberum. Analyst Adam Tomlinson retained his ‘buy’ recommendation and target price of 80p on the sports drinks company, which closed up 2.3%, or 1p, at 45p yesterday. After a ‘resilient full year 2020’ and a positive capital markets presentation, ‘the building blocks are now in place for SIS to deliver long-term profitable growth’, Tomlinson said. ‘Management217;s confidence in returning to pre-Covid-19 top-line growth rates was clear and this has set the basis for new medium-term targets of £100m of sales…,’ he said. Tomlinson added that margin expansion will be supported by ‘supply chain consolidation and leveraging the well-invested cost base’ and that the shares remain cheap on a current year 2021 embedded value/sales [multiple] of 1 times versus peers on 2 times." Again as per posts today on broker calls, it's all too bullish. Also don't like it when we have to talk about valuations in operating metrics based on sales rather profits and cashflow so perhaps pushing the boat out here more than usual. The thing is though, that is the kind of market we are in! The valuations aren't giving any guide to future performance and what appears to be expensive has continued to go higher and become more expensive. Folk will have noted alot of my terrible selling based on what I have thought was a fairer value after realising good gains in alot of highlighted shares, except the near majority of those have carried on going higher so it really has been one of those markets that continues to surprise. Furthermore, the US appears even more bullish than the analyst above. If SIS was offered to US investors, they'd look at that operating metric of 1 and double it and more in a flash so you'd probably end up smashing through the 80p target in one fair swoop. The path of least resistance continues to be up regardless of views on valuation. Looks like we've got stuck here atm but more bullish updates and the re-rates in the likes of SIS will continue. If something changes for the worse at some point in the future, then clearly have to give back some of the gains. All imo DYOR
After the RNO holding RNS on the back of the recent exchanges, bizarrely half an hour after that RNS, Tellworth (part of a group) trimming here too. Essentially what has happened here is the price has had to be bid up from the low 40's by a big buyer to eventually bid 46.5p to find a seller to meet part of their large buy order. That went through yesterday and there were all kinds of big buys so clearly there is notable demand here. Naturally there are sellers on the other side of these exchanges and they have been preventing the breakout with the offer being held at 48p. However, today the market makers are edging up so that big buyer is still bidding strong and there is only one market maker on the offer at 48p now who is only offering 5k. Anything more and it will cost 50p so a possible breakout to come here. The chart is being a mega tease by sitting right at the highs threatening that break higher. Loads of people have sold to the large buyers recently (as per posts above) and taken profits along the way and that's the whole idea - good on you, bank some and de-risk along the way. The demand here has been strong so I have added and hoping for that breakout now. All imo DYOR
Here we go
That's a big chunk gone through there: 2.69m @46.5p. Siginificant exchange for SIS. Will that be the driver of the breakout? All imo DYOR
No stock available to buy with market quote @ 44-47 With buying above the Offer again this morning and just looking back at the trades from 21st Jan including 90k @ 49.9, one would think there's a good chance of 50p being cracked on this leg up?
Does look like we have cleared the sellers here. Nothing wrong with selling and taking profits along the way of course - good to see! Interesting trade of 48p paid for just 19000 shares. Trade is at a substantial premium to the offer price of 45p. That looks like it has cleared out the bulk of the shares available at 45p. This could be setting up for a move higher. All imo DYOR
A little stream of buying coming in here. 16:31 EDIT: Nothing happened, thought it might have been a tip with the stream of buys. Alot of selling here recently, perhaps with this little move up sellers have been cleared. 147.5k mopped up at 42p today too. Possible re-test of the high soon? All imo DYOR
Highlighted these at 33p but just want to be clear on the position here and on anything I post on. I have mainly been looking for and highlighting laggard plays and situations like SIS where it looks like the market rating has been too bearish in light of a perceived change of fundamentals. Alot of these have worked and it helps when you have a bullish market, but people are clearly free to do what works for them and sell whenever they want. This market is giving ample time to consider the positions and risk and de-risk accordingly. It won't be like that in the future when tougher times come. I doubt many read my posts (not an important person and small fish) but the few who do will know the buy points have been alot better than the sell points too so always do what works for you. Always encourage folk to find what works for them, even if it is only one thing - rinse and repeat. The longer term holders have been the winners in these markets but that doesn't mean shares like SIS and others are guaranteed to multi-bag or keep going higher. If the bullish outlooks keep coming, then yes they can, but risk is always clearly prevalent and things can change. Alot of shorter term targets have been hit and exceeded so any target posted is just an opinion mainly based on the short term. Just a two penny opinion. All imo Always DYOR Find what works for you. Trade your own way.
Getting close to your target...
Added some more. Looking for a short term move to sell near that 50p mark. There are just too many bullish moves out there so expecting SIS to follow suit. Relentless out there. All imo DYOR
Great podcast thanks for posting Donald. I remain a little sceptical on SIS but am back in after latest update. Let's see if they are serious about profitability finally
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