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PSN Persimmon Plc

32.00 (3.04%)
Last Updated: 15:21:26
Delayed by 15 minutes

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Announcement Date Type Currency Amount Ex-Dividend Date Record Date Payment
- Dividend income or Cash Dividend GBP 0.20 11/10/2023 13/10/2023 03/11/2023
- Dividend income or Cash Dividend GBP 0.60 12/4/2023 14/4/2023 05/5/2023
- Dividend income or Cash Dividend GBP 1.10 15/6/2022 17/6/2022 08/7/2022
- Dividend income or Cash Dividend GBP 1.25 09/3/2022 11/3/2022 01/4/2022
- Dividend income or Cash Dividend GBP 1.10 21/7/2021 23/7/2021 13/8/2021
- Dividend income or Cash Dividend GBP 1.25 10/3/2021 12/3/2021 26/3/2021
- Dividend income or Cash Dividend GBP 0.70 25/11/2020 27/11/2020 14/12/2020
- Dividend income or Cash Dividend GBP 0.40 26/8/2020 28/8/2020 14/9/2020
- Dividend income or Cash Dividend GBP 0.00 02/4/2020 02/4/2020
- Dividend income or Cash Dividend GBP 1.10 12/6/2019 14/6/2019 02/7/2019
- Dividend income or Cash Dividend GBP 1.25 06/3/2019 08/3/2019 29/3/2019
Dividends data is taken only from official company reports.

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Posted at 27/9/2023 16:20 by beckers2008

Do some research mug-punter, INL not remotely a competitor of PSN.


TLY now 6.3p on the bid, lol!
It's going down with every message, lol!

Can't say I didn't warn you!

When are TLY going to cancel the dividend, the right thing to do to conserve cash.

You would have a lot more cash if you had listened to me, lol!

Now when is this house price crash going to happen, 40% peak to trough?
Not this year is it...
But when are you going to be right, lol, just lol!
Posted at 21/8/2023 06:15 by uu4
Any news on the masonic disorder doing the correct right godly British thing and getting the stolen ££££trillions back from the tax avoiding landlords AND LETTING the STATE build the green energy infrastructure. This is our time of living and we are not going to be talked down to or watch BBC dissed by corrupt FTSE directors brass necked bullying 'justifying' outrageously corrupt personally awarded bonuses after their industries are COMPLETELY bailed out by tax payers.(JF and DJ @ PSN)
This country is so CORRUPT. QE2 didn't give damn about doing right thing- wheres my property dividend!. Masonic lawyers and accountants don't give damn about doing right thing. Jewish business circles don't give damn about doing right thing ( no we avoid tax too and small print cheat and then lobby power circles to avoid justice or run to the tax havens or Israel, we financial murder too!!!!)(see OCT,URA/URAH)
Tony, Gordon, David, George please admit you cannot build anything because you are too dishonest, YAH but you can promote and join the TAX AVOIDERS!!!! YAH and you can subvert the masonic disorder that you behave in the NATIONAL/WORLD interest....(just happens to be really your own for short term gain)
What a mess (but can be really quickly put right)
Need to close all the tax havens and ancillary sovereign states, seize all the assets of the corrupt business circles and seize 50% of all tax avoiding landlord assets, have returned to corrupt self awarded bonses by corrupt FTSE directors and equivalent across Europe etc, expose all those involved and benefiting from corrupt illegal austerity and which banks and personnel organised this massive tax illegal robbery from tax payers of the state.
To expose the psychopathic element in masonic , Jewish business circles to extent that they are allowed F UP and will then have their mistakes put right by the tax payer and further to this they will pay themselves bonuses and furhter to this they will not be required to pay anything back to tax payers, and frther to this they will already be tax avoiders and further to this they will lobby for all evidence of the corrupt transaction and treatment to be LOST into inpenetrable tax havens, Russia , Israel etc. AND if you complain they will murder you (after bankrupting you).. No wonder all the Gordons and Tonys and Daves and Georges come along saying 'make me a winner, how can i help!!'
To get the history correct. Austerity was corrupt and was done at the worst time for the country and the world. The tax avoiders and tax avoiding landlords tried to cheat the world and were exposed as corrupt, devious and dangerously untrustworthy.
Lo, verily etc etc
Posted at 15/8/2023 16:06 by benjonesinvestments
Porsche, out of interest, where do you get 7 year cycle from?

The last 2 housing recessions in the UK have been 2007/08 (2 year downturn, and yes a severe one). Prior to that there was the housing recession from 1989-92 (more like a 3 year downturn).

I don't see a repeat of 08 but fully expect a recession. Homebuilders tend to do well during recession, simply as a function of lower rates. Homebuilders did well from 1989-92 despite a 20% drop in home prices, just because rates fell from around 14% to 6% and mortgages become more affordable. I would expect a recession this time around to net benefit homebuilders.

The homebuilders were all leveraged in 08 and now have 0 debt. There's no need to raise equity if you have no debt and 20% of your market cap in cash. PSN also have inventory worth their market cap. Even if you take a haircut on the inventory you can see the B/S is extremely safe and not in need of equity financing, even during a period of distress.

From my view, I think people are interested in buying now because the share price has dropped >50% despite the bad news likely impacting 2 years or so of profits. The valuation would only make sense if every year going forward for PSN saw profits at 50% of 2022 (which I think is far too pessimistic). It's just way too cheap vs long term FCF generation.

I can't predict the short term but I have a very high long term conviction, so it is logical to buy now, even if I get chances to buy lower in the short run.
Posted at 13/8/2023 12:33 by garycook
finkle, Persimmon Historic Yield - 7.08%
Dividends Declared in Previous 12 months
Year End Type Announce Date Ex-Dividend Date Payment Date Dividend
12/2022 Final 01-Mar-23 13-Apr-23 05-May-23 60p
12/2023 Interim 10-Aug-23 12-Oct-23 03-Nov-23 20p
Total: 80.0p
Dividend Yield =
Total Dividends
Current Share Price
= 7.08%
Posted at 11/8/2023 13:54 by sikhthetech

"This is a £3.6bn mkt cap company. Nothing Sikhthetech says will affect the share price"


I believe...
if bull points can be countered then it makes the bear case stronger.
if bear points can be countered then it makes the bull case stronger.

Bull/bear. It's what makes a market.

Yesterday, I mentioned the exact same re opinions on PSN and other ftse 250/100 shares to another poster.
Excerpts from my post yesterday.

sikhthetech10 Aug '23 - 15:27 - 20166 of 20173 Edit

There's nothing wrong with anyone ramping/deramping or posting an opinion, one way or another.

The crucial judge of whether those opinions are right is whether the company/sector newsflow back up the opinions.
An investor should aim to get significantly more opinions right than wrong.
If you can't do that then you're a failed investor and might as well stick to premium bonds.


So what about other shares I've expressed an opinion on? Ftse 250/ftse 100 shares, so they are impacted by newsflow and not PIs manipulating the share price


PSN/TW - expressed my opinion in 2022 that I wouldn't buy any housebuilder because of challenges that I listed, my target was 1300p-1500p. The share price was around 2200p, now 50% lower and within my target range.


Housing market:
In June 2021, months before the BoE even started raising interest rates, I expressed my opinion that interest will need to rise due to inflationary pressures and listed various challenges facing the housing market.

The company/sector newsflow has been similar to the challenges I posted. The BoE started raising interest rates months later. The Housebuilders newsflow have also stated the same challenges as I was posting.

As to Becker, check for yourselves what he is accusing me of. It's easy to do.
Posted at 10/8/2023 13:18 by sikhthetech
Interesting PSN had over £800m cash just 3 years ago and maintained around that level H1 2022. However, cash is now down over 50% at £360m.

My post from THREE years ago.

sikhthetech - 18 Aug 2020 - 11:15:56 - 2309 of 4562
Interesting move by PSN with the dividend.

They have over £800m so the dividend isn't going to make a huge dent in the cash but will provide some confidence.

"you wouldn't be here for 5 years being wrong"

My 1st post on here from THREE years ago. You need to change your abacus and stop lying, Beckers.
Readers, sorry about the lying troll, she can't help herself.

sikhthetech - 01 Mar 2020 - 20:22:36 - 2192 of 4562
Homeowners stuck with costly leaseholds given hope of payout

"Although no decisions have been made on redress, buyers who were not told that their property was leasehold before they put down a deposit could have their homes made freehold and customers with onerous ground rents given refunds and have their leases redrawn. Housebuilders who do not co-orperate maybe taken to court."
Posted at 10/8/2023 07:22 by garycook
Trading highlights

-- 4,249 new home completions in H1 (2022: 6,652), reflecting the lower forward order book coming into the year following the market challenges after last Autumn's 'mini-Budget'

o Group private average selling price of GBP288,327, up 8% year on year, partially reflecting a greater proportion of larger homes sold

o Group average selling price of GBP256,445 up 4% year on year

-- Sales rate of 0.59 for the period (2022: 0.91), broadly sustaining the higher than expected rates seen in the first quarter and secured with the controlled use of incentives and investor deals

o Average incentive levels of 3.2% in the period on the Group's private sales (H2 2022: 1.5%)

o Investor deals accounted for 0.03 of the sales rate in the period; continue to assess approaches from interested parties on a case-by-case basis

-- Cash at 30 June 2023 of GBP357m, after GBP192m in dividend payments and GBP182m of land creditors paid in the period

o Continued close WIP and cost control, to manage cash and margins while maintaining capability for upturn

o New revolving credit facility signed in July, increasing to GBP700m and extending to July 2028; includes sustainability-linked metrics

-- Interim dividend of 20p per share to be paid on 3 November 2023, to shareholders on the register on 13 October 2023

Operational highlights

-- Maintained five-star customer satisfaction rating for second year running and have made good progress on our Trustpilot scores

-- Excellent progress on build quality with a c.50% reduction in Reportable Items(6) over the last year; building homes customers can rely on at a price they can afford

-- Continued targeted investment in vertical integration through a new Space4 factory and TopHat, a modular home manufacturer

-- Maintained positive progress on building safety remediation programme; many active tenders and works on-going; 36 of 80 developments completed; GBP350m provision announced in March remains unchanged Interim Dividend of 20p, giving 80p annual, and a 7.12% yield.
Posted at 02/8/2023 14:14 by sikhthetech
TW H1 results not good. Shows sector still suffering.

The divi is simply because they have committed to a divi policy, which they previously restated they will stick to.
That is a bad policy in a downturn as they can quickly run out of cash.

Plus directors would want that additional income.

Increased the revolving credit to £600m and now includes new conditions!!

Group completions down at 5,120 against 6,922. That includes completions for homebuyers who bought using Help to Buy before it ended, where it was important to complete during H1, otherwise they would not be paid.

Group profit margin down. Increases in labour and falling house prices would severely impact that lower margin.

Been good trading these.
I think best to trade.

From the results:

-- Group completions of 5,120 homes (H1 2022: 6,922)
-- Group operating profit margin of 14.4% (H1 2022: 20.4% ), reflecting a lower level of completions and the impact of build cost inflation which was not fully offset by house price inflation for the period

-- Announced 2023 interim dividend of 4.79 pence per share (H1 2022: 4.62 pence per share) amounting to GBP169 million (H1 2022: GBP163 million), in line with our stated Ordinary Dividend Policy to return 7.5% of net assets annually

-- Full year UK completions excluding JVs now expected to be in the range of 10,000 to 10,500, at the upper end of our previous guidance with full year Group operating profit including JVs expected to be between GBP440 million and GBP470 million

-- Ended the period with net cash of GBP654.9 million (H1 2022: GBP642.4 million)
-- Renewed revolving credit facility in July 2023, increasing it to GBP600 million and extending maturity to July 2028. The new facility includes sustainability linked performance measures
Posted at 20/7/2023 11:31 by sikhthetech

Oh dear, this is the poster who has been completely wrong.

She was claiming PSN was totally oversold mid Oct.

The share price was around 1450p when Becky posted this in Jan. The share price fell afterwards, as predicted.

Beckers2008 - 27 Jan 2023 - 15:05:55 - 3998 of
'Sikhthetech' you have down a great job ramping this down from mid October! Lol!

It's all in the price you fool and totally oversold in Mid October, only a fool wouldn't know that, but you are the village idiot after all, aren't you, lol, just lol!

my reply
sikhthetech - 27 Jan 2023 - 16:24:49 - 3999 of 4529

"It's all in the price you fool and totally oversold in Mid October,"

You've been saying that since last March when PSN was around 2200p. So nearly a year ago and following your SIX MONTH in depth research!!! whilst I was saying don't buy HBs when PSN share price was around 2200p..

Only a fool would have been loading up on HBs last March and then buying on the way down from last March!!! But then again you don't want to mention you've been buying since March last year, do you...It'll make you look a bigger fool than you are..


Best to trade hyped sectors.
Posted at 06/6/2023 14:14 by sdt7618
text from the website. No firm figures etc, but id be quietly confident in an interim divi of some shape or form.

As announced on 8 November 2022, the Board recognises the importance of sustainable dividends for shareholders and will continue to prioritise value creation from a strong return on capital. Following a review and reflecting the increased uncertainty in the political and macro-economic environment, alongside increased corporation tax and the residential property developer tax, the Board has decided to conclude the previous capital return programme, which was introduced in 2012. The Board will instead implement a new Capital Allocation Policy.

The Capital Allocation Policy has the following key principles:

Invest in the long-term performance of Persimmon by ensuring the business retains sufficient capital to continue our disciplined and appropriately timed approach to land acquisition.
Operate prudently, with low balance sheet risk, and a continued focus on achieving a superior return on capital.
Ordinary dividends will be set at a level that is well covered by post-tax profits, thereby balancing capital retained for investment in the business with those dividends.
Any excess capital will be distributed to shareholders from time to time, through a share buyback or special dividend.
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