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04/3/201809:24WHY MTV WILL 100-BAG WITHIN 2 MONTHS11,057
05/4/201611:22MTV Pat Butcher Fan Club20
16/3/201609:04Len in denial-
12/2/201611:30Lens time is up164

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smelgys dad: Here we have a current "Micro-Cap" tech stock, that has fingers in so many pies, the vast majority of them successful. The newsflow here over the past 12 months has all been very positive, and there are over 4bn shares to be issued. Not only that, the charts point to a rapid 80-bag rise from here, fundamentals in the form of rising production also underpin the vastly undervalued share price. More brokers are now noticing MTV and rating them a BUY. Lots of private investors here are also buying these on a monthly basis, and the amount of stock available to the general public is, piece by piece, slowly falling. Added together, and with more good news to come regarding production and the possibility of more shares, MTV retains my 2.5p price target by 25th December. Just saying like.
thegrumpster: " I think your real identity is a well known blogger in the financial world" Flattering ........but wrong. " have multiple usernames for what reason?" Also wrong. " seedy boiler room "? IMO the only boiler room needed for MTV and their best chums at Bergen, is a traditional ramper's boilerroom. The BOD themselves over the years, have done an absolutely outstanding job of destroying shareholder wealth. Their finely honed skills are unsurpassed in the history of AIM. It is evident that they have no need of outside assistance to wreck the share price. On the other hand they have always had a great need to find ways to boost the share price every time they want to print more shares. That is where the RAMPING boiler room has given sterling service over the past years. Take a bow UMTD, mr lithium et al. The rampers might not have been able to convince investors that this is/was a good investment, but they have been able to sow doubt that it was a total dog, (as made manifest by the performance of the company and SP). But they have been able to convince some investors that it was a 50:50 proposition and therefore maybe worth a punt for investors with big balls, or who had minds of their own and were prepared to take a risk. They did not have anything really of substance to work with, but they did not do a bad job, all things considered. Bergen would have been pleased with last week's efforts. Well worth a pat on the back from Len and Mike.
langster: I sent Mr Fertig a polite missive last night. Dear Mr Fertig I just wanted to offer you my sincere congratulations on your latest screwing of the shareholders of Motive Television. The RNS of today and the earlier one regarding Motives 'intentions' regarding Apple TV were, as usual, disingenuously headlined. Mondays RNS did the job you intended of pushing up the share price although, no doubt, not as much as you would have liked, there was a time when such an RNS deceitfully headlined so to suggest that MTV were actually working on the app at Apples request would have had the share price up 100, 200, 300% in one day but now that the market has woken up to the extent of the contempt you hold your shareholders in and the fact that this company is run solely for the benefit of the Directors, it barely rose at all especially taking into account the spread. Todays RNS is headlined 'investment by directors'. With respect Len (which is difficult as, having witnessed the way you fleeced shareholders out of their money, there is no respect left for you whatsoever) you have not 'invested'. The people who have invested are people who have actually spent their hard earned money buying into the shares on the basis of the misleading RNS's and listening to the utter rubbish spouted by you in your interviews with Sarah Lowther only to see the value of their investment diluted to oblivion. You have NEVER shared in the pain of the shareholders and have NEVER had your interests aligned with ours. You are a lying, moneygrabbing, pathetic excuse for a human being. You continue to suck at the teat of MTV (AKA Len Fertigs cash cow) showing absolutely no shame, contrition or empathy with people who you induced into investing into this company. Why don't you retire? You don't need to work. You are past the age of retirement now. No have nothing to offer in this modern world. The only thing you seem to be good at is regularly doubling the amount of shares in issue to pay your vastly inflated salary (you've taken over £800,000 from the company to date). I hope you don't believe in god. That way, if you find out he does exist on the day of judgment, your fate will come as even more of a shock to you. You utter thieving, moneygrabbing scumbag!
twodegrees: It is rare for a company to consolidate its shares twice in one year but Motive TV (MTV) has done this. It may seem strange but Motive TV's hopes that the initial five-for-one consolidation would be enough for its needs proved too optimistic. Motive TV shows the problem that a share consolidation can be for an unsuccessful company with limited reasons for optimism about its future. However, if a consolidation is done at the right time then the share price will not slump. UK onshore oil and gas company Union Jack Oil (UJO) had intended to consolidate its shares but it withdrew the proposal at its recent AGM because it decided that it might be better to wait until the business is in a stronger position. The Motive TV share price has already fallen from 0.38p to 0.28p on the first day following the 100-for-one consolidation. The equivalent share price prior to the previous consolidation was 3.5p, so the shares have declined by more than 90% in fewer than six months. The original flotation price was 10p, or £50 adjusted for the consolidations. Reasons There are psychological and practical reasons for a company consolidating its shares. The reason Motive TV had to have a capital reorganisation was that it needs to issue more shares to satisfy the requirements of a convertible loan. A company is not able to issue shares at below their par value. At the time of the original consolidation the par value was reduced from 0.01p to 0.005p a share. However, the share price has been rapidly approaching that par value and, although the par value remains at 0.005p a share, the latest consolidation means that, for the time being, the share price is comfortably high enough to be able to issue shares - even at a discount to the market price. Some investors are attracted by penny shares and think that somehow their very low price means that there is more scope for them to go up - even though it is about the quality of the company and not the share price. That is why some penny share prices do not fall as far as they might if the share price were higher. However, there are others that believe that a very low share price is a sign of problems or lack of quality in terms of the business. A company may want to attract smaller investors when it floats but reach a point when institutional investors become the target. Union Jack Oil was considering its consolidation because of this. Another argument for consolidation is that a higher share price may lead to a narrower bid/offer spread. A share price of 0.5p a share can sometimes have a bid/offer spread of 0.25p/0.75p. In theory a higher share price should lead to a narrower spread but a higher price share can still have an enormous bid/offer spread if it is illiquid so the consolidation does not really tackle the problem. When there is a low share price a company can end up with billions of shares in issue and this can be unwieldy. If the share price has slumped to its current low level because the company has done badly then it can mean that there are lots of shareholders with shareholdings that are worth little more than a few pounds. These are impractical stakes and many of the shareholders will write them off and ignore them. However, every additional shareholder is a cost to a company. Registrars have to be paid to service the shareholders and sending accounts and documents has historically been a costly business. Printing and posting a glossy annual report could alone cost a few pounds and almost cost as much as the value of some individual shareholdings. As there is more electronic communication these days the costs of additional shareholders are not necessarily as high as in the past but a large number of tiny shareholdings is still an unwanted cost for companies that tend not to be prospering.
langster: For humour only. The following is not a real RNS, as can be verified by looking at the latest news section below the header. It is just an imagining of the boards response to the share price drop today. Statement re Share Price Movement The board of Motive Television note the recent decline in the companies share price. The board acknowledges that since making the announcement of 24 November 2014, investor sentiment and trust in the company has tapered off somewhat. In retrospect, the board recognises that pre warning the market of the possibility of a discounted placing without actually at the time definitively stating that there definitely would be such a placing had a negative effect on investor sentiment and trust in the board of directors ability to deliver shareholder value. The actions of the board since 24th November 2014 have done nothing to restore sentiment or alleviate the negativity which has persisted since that date. Throughout this difficult period in the companies history, the board have continued taking their full salary entitlement, continued travelling the world business class and staying in the finest hotels, all expenses paid. The board have failed to take any proactive steps to bolster the performance of the share price by actually purchasing meaningful amounts of shares and have no intentions of doing so in the foreseeable future. The board assures shareholders that they are working diligently to secure the next placing to enable the company to continue as a going concern although it is anticipated that any such placing will have a hugely dilutive effect on current shareholders in view of the companies current market capitalisation. Len Fertig, the companies CEO stated "we are now entering the critical and exciting build up phase to our next company breaking share placement. Since I successfully crashed the share price with my announcement on 24 November 2014 we have seen the companies market capitalisation decrease to less than 1/5th of what we were at on that date. I am very pleased that during this testing time for our shareholders I have been able to cream off my full remuneration package and will continue to do so for as long as there are people who will take stock at a discount and immediately flip it into the market for a quick profit. I understand the frustrations of our shareholders who have watched the relentless erosion of value of their investment and can only imagine how they feel seeing as I myself own a negligible stake in the company (which I didn't pay for). I can assure shareholders that I am diligently working to ensure the survival of the company and payment of my richly deserved summer bonus. To the shareholders I say you will have jam tomorrow (or maybe next year)". ENDS .
langster: Len's doing another proactive investors interview with Sarah Lowther. Thought you might be interested to see the script! Sarah Lowther Motive television has today announced that they are calling a General Meeting to be held on 26th August with the intention of performing a 100-1 share consolidation. I'm joined today by Len Fertig the CEO. Len, what's the thinking behind todays announcement? Len Fertig Hello Sarah. It has been traditional for the Directors of MTV to receive a summer bonus in addition to the Christmas and Easter bonuses. Now, the only way that we can fund these bonuses is to raise money on the markets. The problem with that is that with the amount of times we have diluted shareholders to pay our salaries, bonuses and expenses, the amount of shares in issue has risen exponentially as the market cap has collapsed. SL Yes but, you already carried out a consolidation not so long ago why is it necessary to do another one so soon? LF Well Sarah, we genuinely thought that the last consolidation would be sufficient to tide us over as we imagined that we would put out one of our RNS's and this would spark a massive rally in the share price as has happened in the past. Unfortunately it seems that the market has woken up to us and simply does not trust us especially after the way that I shafted shareholders back in November last year. Nowadays when we issue a rampy RNS we're lucky to get a 10% rise which is quickly lost as the share price resumes its downward trend. SL So why exactly is it necessary to do this consolidation now? LF Well, we need to raise more money to pay the summer bonuses but the share price is just about to drop below nominal value which means that we can't reasonably expect to raise anything. It is therefore necessary to perform the consolidation and restructure. It's also going to be handy for us to reduce the amount of shares in circulation to circa 222 million as if a new investor looks at the amount of shares in issue 222 million hides the fact that we've caused massive dilution over the years. It's certainly better to invest in a company with 222 million shares than contemplate what total devastation must have been wreaked on shareholders to arrive at a shares in issue figure in the many billions. SL So after the restructuring you'll have 222 million shares in issue. With a market cap in danger of falling below £1m, don't you think that raising money for your bonuses is a bit of a slap in the face to shareholders? LF Sarah, I deserve this bonus. I've been working very hard, travelling the world in business class, staying in the finest hotels and putting it on expenses. I am an old man and it gets very tiring to keep up this level of schmoozing whilst constantly having to think of what line I am going to spin to try to appease the shareholders. SL And if you have to raise money, are you going to put your hands in your own pocket and take part in any placing? You have a barely discernable holding in this company. Surely if you made the gesture it would give the market a signal that the management have their interests aligned with the shareholders? LF I do own shares in the company. I had some purchased on my behalf several years ago. They are now worthless. I am sorry Sarah but I need to keep all of my money as I am old and will be looking to retire once we are unable to raise any more funds due to the market cap all but disappearing. Don't forget, I am in possession of inside information regarding the future placings we intend to carry out and as such, I have a reasonable idea of just how much more dilution is to come. I would be stupid to use my money or bonuses to buy shares at this stage knowing that after consolidation we intend to get the number of shares in issue back up into the multi billions within a matter of months. I am not as stupid as I look Sarah. SL Have you thought about taking a salary holiday? Some CEO's knowing that they need to conserve resources have taken this step or have received salary in the form of shares. Don't you think you owe your shareholders some sort of gesture? LF Sorry Sarah, that is not going to happen. There is always a ready supply of new investors who are willing to buy and flip discounted stock even if this means virtually doubling the shares in issue overnight. I don't see why I should have to suffer. SL Is there any hope that you can give to your long suffering shareholders? LF Well Sarah I can tell you we are talking to everybody and everybody is interested. I know that I always tell you this but it's a testament to MTV that everybody always seems to be interested. I am confident that at some stage in the future I will be able to announce a contract to the market but I don't know when that will be. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to finalise the placings calender for the next few years. SL Thank you Len. LF My pleasure Sarah.
chinese investor: As I Predicted ! Chinese Investor (MTV) 7 Aug'15 - 13:51 At Noon the Share Price rose ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Drop ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Rise ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Drop ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Rise ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Drop ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Rise ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Drop ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Rise ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Drop ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Rise ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Drop ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Rise ! Good Eh !
chinese investor: At Noon the Share Price rose ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Drop ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Rise ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Drop ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Rise ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Drop ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Rise ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Drop ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Rise ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Drop ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Rise ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Drop ! Once this finishes the Share Price will Rise ! Good Eh !
chinese investor: "Motive TV was originally a TV programme producer and its programmes included BBC3 comedy How Not to Live Your Life - perhaps surprisingly not about investment in Motive TV. However, management decided that the company would be better off focusing on the digital terrestrial television technology opportunity and sold off most of the production companies. One TV production company has been retained, which means it is impossible to know how much the technology business generates in revenues because it is not split out, although its revenues did grow by 44% in 2013. In 2013, group revenues improved from £1.09 million to £1.17 million. It can be difficult to find out exactly what the share price is because many websites do not publish share prices to more than two decimal places. It may have seemed strange that a company with a share price of less than 0.01p a share decided to go for a five-for-one consolidation earlier this year rather than a more substantial consolidation. Subsequent events, with the current share price not significantly higher than it was prior to the consolidation, show why this was done. When a company is in a weak financial position at the time of a share consolidation the consolidated share price will fall back. That is because a loss-making, cash hungry business has little going for it when it comes to holding up a share price. If Motive TV had undertaken a more substantial consolidation there is a danger that the share price would have fallen even further. At the current share price of 0.0125p, Motive TV is valued at £2.11 million. To put this in perspective, between 2010 and June 2014, Motive TV raised a total of £7.8 million. Since then, New York fund Bergen has converted loan notes valued at £1.64m into shares and Motive TV has raised a further £1 million at 0.015p - post consolidation. That means that Motive TV is not only valued at around one-fifth of the money raised in less than six years, including those converted loan notes, it is also worth less than the value of the shares issued in the past 12 months. At least most of the shares issued on Bergen's conversion of the loan notes appear to have been sold so this overhang is no longer a great problem. At the end of 2009, there were 324.5 million shares in issue and taking account of the consolidation that is equivalent to 64.9 million shares. The number of shares nearly quadrupled by the end of 2010 and there are currently 16.9 billion shares in issue (that would have been 84.4 billion shares without the consolidation). At the beginning of 2012, when the share price was 0.8p and there were the equivalent of just over 510 million shares in issue, Motive TV was valued at £4.1 million - twice its current valuation. There are signs that revenues could increase in the medium-term. A one-year renewable deal with Attica Group, which carries more than 4 million passengers on its ferries each year, for the maritime version of Motive TV's BYOD (bring your own device) technology is claimed to have the potential to generate between £440,000 and £588,000 a year. That is still to be seen, though. Given the current valuation that could make the business more interesting, but it would not make a huge dent in Motive TV's loss, which was more than £3 million in 2013. It is this kind of hope that has made investors continue to put money into the company, but they will still need to provide more cash in the coming years. The big uncertainty is whether Motive TV will ever have enough money to make the most of their technology and become successful. Also, if they do, will it have been worth it given the money already sunk into the businesses and the 99% losses of many of their long-term investors? This article is for information and discussion purposes only and does not form a recommendation to invest or otherwise. The value of an investment may fall. The investments referred to in this article may not be suitable for all investors, and if in doubt, an investor should seek advice from a qualified investment adviser.
reme222: At least the MTV share price is consistent , even when the markets are doing well it's bad . This time next year will be different though.
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