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Yes free bones. Bid/Takeover talk hilarious. And who would back hill for privatisation now? Wounded many friends already and reputation in bits
TERN=0........the loser One share traded ever by the loser living in a tent. 100% record on shorts from me. This idiot goes onto threads where I have posted my chort and close then tries to say I still hold them. For instance took 100points out of just eat, to his dismay, then they had takeover and the loser says i was still short. He does understand shorting....well anything....he understands how to lose every thingon TERN and also how to get the passwords from McDonalds so he can stand outside McDonalds in redcar with is dog and his begging jar , posting abuse on a financial BB because he is bitter to those successful people.....sad sad poor excuse of a person. He desperately needs help!
"Yes SR I know the MF are well known for getting it wrong. On the subject of earning though this will not be as important as book value in the case of a takeover. I thing this is the only way to get a premium on todays price...unless there a big reduction in shorts which I doubt" ... Earnings vital. Because the business model itself is highly based on what all trads offloaded . They have no interest in that. Earnings on the book is the only thing worth bidding on...and it isn't.
Yes SR I know the MF are well known for getting it wrong. On the subject of earning though this will not be as important as book value in the case of a takeover. I thing this is the only way to get a premium on todays price...unless there a big reduction in shorts which I doubt
Takeover for 8 quid. Hahaha
cantre Having worked at investment banks, as a general rule worth following, no twitter rumour about a takeover at a price, by a named predator is ever correct, approx 100% of the time. people in the know dont brag on twitter.
BBVA takeover of metro discussion on LSE...bring it on:-)
This is a dead duck. It will be a rescue takeover. Cant raise money at that level of interest and survive. Its just a matter of time. Rumour is that a few have looked but will wait for the implosion....well... continued implosion
Well, they keep banging on about Vernon Hill buying it, but under the takeover code, he'd have to offer over £9 per share. 04/03/19 BUY Vernon Hill CH 41,000 @ 916.50p £375,763 There is no way he is going to get institutions to back him at that level. If a take over is coming, he'd have to wait for that to be more than 12 months under the belt to offer a lower price. The recent bond issue is worrying in a couple of ways. Increasing it to £350M suggests deeper problems. It is also insufficient longer term. It fills a gap. Fintechs are supposed to be more nimble and competitive than the incumbents. Metro uses Azure BI and whilst that's nimble, it's very expensive longer term. Some analysis I've just read also considers this share to volatile short or long, but doesn't make it positive overall for the bank.
I think I will hold to the bitter end...I don't think shareholders will be wiped out (but I thought that about debenhams!)oh and fcuking Marconi. must be some value here!! even if takeover was at current price??
Private equity firms do it all the time, complete takeover the share capital and take it private, turn the business around and sell it on for a tidy profit. Just like "Black Stone"does, its worth over half a trillion dollars. Very interesting listening to the mega Billionaire Stephen Schwarzman founder of Black Stone group, on wake up to money, 5am on radio 5 live this morning
The full rules regarding takeovers can be found here: hxxp:// If I'm reading section F&G correctly then the price of any issue of new shares within the 12 months period preceding any takeover offer can be taken as the highest price - so I'm assuming that the pricing of the rights issue applies, so if one is made then I make that a £5 offer price. However the rules are complicated and there are all sorts of special circumstances and allowances so this isn't fixed.
So , just to be clear. You sold at 200p, at a loss (?), and shorted it at 200p?Target? For me that is a ludicrous strategy whatever up think about the takeover ‘story’. The money has been made shorting this. Risk reward in the up down side is VERY much on the long position.
Remember pre MREL this was trading over £ takeover rumours and potential for business to be taken private...only a matter of time..sit tight imo and dyor...we could be in for a nice big bonus:0-)
Metro going private at these levels is far from a no brainer or a done deal. If they were already in discussions then the MREL bond placing at 9.5% doesn't make any sense, they'd have waited until the deal was announced and then issued a new bond prospectus at a lower figure leveraging the strength of a new partnership. A hostile takeover would need some of Vernons friends to want to call it a day and cash their holdings in and I expect they'd hold out for a decent return which would make it undesirable for the buyer. I think Metro will stay in the public market and recover back to £4+ over the next couple of months, might still be a bumpy ride though!
Now this rise and auction will keep us guessing! Why sudden rise at the end ? Any leaked news ? TR1 or any other RNS ? Takeover rumour ? !!!
What loss are they making ?They are a company growing and their customers love them.The big 4 are worried and also they are not costing U.K plc billions like RBS and LloydsLet's see if they are a takeover target as there have been some very large buys of the last few days.I wonder if there will be a Tr 1 in the short term?
I think articles like this have some validity or the price would be higher. I don't think its going bust but could go as low as 1.50 if distressed sale otherwise a takeover in the 3's this is all worst case. Not thinking it will go bust that would be unlikely as this is value for other banks in takeover its just at what price??
No Rumo Troll - We're here for long term. We'll make money and lose. Worst case scenario we need to hold more and that is fine. Remember this is marathon not sprint. Thing big and long term. To start with and just to repeat should you dont know. 1. Metro having £1.5B+ asesst. Even if simply soemone come and takeover. Price boom to £4 atleast. 2. MREL sorted out. 6 years relax. Now about 9.5% that will get paid. Economy will grow. There wont be murmour of recession daily! It's a cyclic process. 3. Toxic chairman gone. Big +ve. 4. Highly liquid bank int he highstreeet. Go and check basics before trolling here. You are just wasting your time and should metro rise you will disappear so dear dont waste your time here. Thank you!
SR nice to have you back.. a 57p move south. Brutal and lost substantial here... £18k loss from top to close ontop of existing loses. Sorry guys ive no STOP LOSS Its hero or zero... SR your thinking major rns? No takeover due to 12m rule. I suspect 29.9,% of an enlarged placing for new predator at 300p per share region... Game?
Babbler, most sense here all week. The spike to £2.50 was longs chance to get out (relatively) unhurt but as always will have not been taken by most pi’s. 9% fund raising ffs!?! All downhill now to takeover by one of the multiples after next Q results. Bon chance
I've yet to see a takeover rumour on twitter come true.
any more of those takeover rumours or stake building people have mentioned on here? THanks
simply reverse the fall from when they announce they couldn't get funding....280-290p target yet to see someone post a link tho their fantasy CYBG takeover approach ??
Cybg takeover you are kidding?!
Cantre - and no thank you to me ? Asus and you stop need to calm down. Imagine you go short and then there is murmur of takeover or Oct result leak etc and you doomed suddenly. Just say something positive or be silent and watch this board. Let our boss SR be the keyboard warrior ;)
Yes once the press print - they will say it paves the way for takeover IMO
Metro still has a Net Asset per Share value of 813p so I'm not surprised that this is being circled by vultures, the question is how much do they think that they can pick this up for? At anything like the current share price they'd be picking up a huge deposit book on the cheap which seems to be the target of their interest. This will hinge on if the deal is done by buying shares on the open market in a hostile takeover, or they deal with Vernon and co behind the scenes in a private placement. Given the track record of disclosure so far I expect we'll be the last to learn about what's going on though...
Does anyone look at the asset stripping/takeover canditates list on the top lists on advfn? It says MTRO have net cash of about 1325p per share. Doesnt sound right to me.
Takeover target and vulnerable to bid imo...bring it on...
LeonDo I have to explain again?A weekend packed full of positive press and potential takeover speculation American interest growing Momentum building on Friday close looking to be exaggerated this morning by the weekend press Massively oversold Shorter will be closing etc etc
We have had a weekend full of positive press takeover hints and speculation and also potential of more American interest Let’s make metro great again and get over £5 a share this week
#MTRO After last week’s share price drop, analysts have singled out Metro Bank as a takeover target Nicholas Megaw, Retail Banking is a post from LSE. Worth reading FT articles in full. One is about how challenger banks are caught between a rock and a hard place, squeezed by digital incumbents ( I use revolution a lot, and so do most friends). Low profitability in holding retail deposits In low interest rate environment also mentioned. The other says mtro could be a takeover targeted due to its SP plunge.Whilst I hope sp recovery , tread carefully....sector impeded by regulations and before anybody blames the EU, it is a question of regulators globally tackling the hangover from previous crisis
#MTRO After last week’s share price drop, analysts have singled out Metro Bank as a takeover target Nicholas Megaw, Retail Banking
Hope there is no rns out tomorrow that’s for sureWe have had a full weekend of Positive press and takeover speculation combined with the upside momentum drive of Friday souls really see this gap up about 35-40p realistically Roll on tomorrow
no takeover imo Private - founding fathers hands or bust IMO
Jack yes but momentum is the driver if we get the momentum next week with shorts closing, American interest and takeover speculation this should easily surge through last weeks high of £3.20
Look how oversold technically this is, shorters need to close, takeover potential and momentum gathering. Not to mention the American interest can really see these getting back over £4 and back to the £5 level in no time
Agreed I think £3.70-£4 will be hit next week with the recent American interest and potential takeover Not just that the levels of oversold technicals should see this get there on just recovery basis
SR i cannot see this breaking 230p without news. I do see a retest of 156p because thats how they play it unless ENAs 1% REDUCTION was the signal as they only ever short Metro Bank... 300p anytime soon unlikely as that's 100% rise rarely happens unless its Kier Group type move. Ugh still MASSIVELY down. No takeover possible due to 12month high price rule. Just wish they take it Private at a premium
As alexios has posted In a letter of March 2019 from Craig D, MTRO need to raise 500m in transitional MREL capital, then in theory more in 2021 and 2022. It is a phased transition process. They might of course relax the req's as they did for coop which was also struggling with MREL.Finely poised. Great Tier 1 ratio 18.8%, still need MREL. If a US lender comes along great, if they don't, back or bond raises post Q3 results. As for takeovers, more like sales of particular assets. Reason? Takeover rules say has to be at least minimum bid of highest sp during year. So is somebody going to pay30 quid?
centremember - lets be very clear....Metro is very well capitalised and is not going bust. The risk is shorters and management incompetence allows for the 'this is going bust' narrative to spread. Reality is it is not going bust but needs to get MREL done when things are a bit better (not just for company but more for risk appetite for UK assets). The idiotic comments here about this going to zero are from totally clueless posters who spend most of their sad lives on these bulletin boards, ramping and deramping anything and everything. You can assess their level of education because most of then can barely spell let alone have any grasp on pricing financial assets. Anyway, we'll see what happens here. I don't think we get any takeover news over the weekend, as some seem to suggest. I think we may get press speculation but, without any communication from management, we could fall back 10-15p on Monday. Good w/e!
Has to be a takeover approach ... 300-350 I think
A US takeover quite possible here now?
Takeover ?
There is no takeover or approach IMO Just a crap management team
I was in a different bar last night with my mates Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and the treasurer looking after Apples 100bln cash, and they were thinking about launching a 50 quid a share takeover on wednesday at 11.30am. I was absolutely smashed at the time, so I may have misheard them, and they may have been different gentlemen, as they were wearing skirts and didnt have American accents.
So much personal reputation at stake, US are proud investors and would feel a lot of shame to have the news of Metro Bank going down across the pond.... for those of us who have been over state side :) So the only thing I am thinking SR is no TAKEOVER. SR I am thinking BACK INTO PRIVATE Ownership? Whats your take... rISK if they take it to admin - they dont get to pick it up...
"John Cronin, from Goodbody in Dublin, said that although "one could not be definitive about these things" he foresaw the risk of a hostile takeover of Metro Bank if its shares dropped to around £17-£18 apiece. At market close Nov. 20, a Metro bank share stood at £19.98, down from a 2018 high of £40.40." Cronin just keeps saying the same shite all the time.
Gap up Tomorrow big takeover target now. Too cheap and shorted to death.Recovery target £3.50
The fall from grace of Metro Bank, the first UK high street banking group in over 150 years, opens a big potential opportunity for Capitec, South Africa’s R150bn banking upstart. The Capitec executives have made no secret of their admiration for the operational excellent and management of their UK lookalike. As a result, they stayed away from even considering entering that offshore market. But with Metro Bank’s share price having collapsed from £40 to under £2, rumours of a takeover has been surfacing. SA’s favourite market commentator David Shapiro offers his perspectives on whether Metro Bank would be a suitable target for the Stellenbosch team. – Alec Hogg
Just makes it an even bigger takeover target, which at these values would be a kicker...
Bought a few this morning, obvious value in this so ripe for a takeover. Volume is pretty low so could be the bottom, happy to start scaling in. Enjoy
so takeover chatter and share price falls....I have never seen a management as incompetent as this lot at Metrobank. A two sentence statement following news that has sent the share price down 45%. Complete farce.
£5 would be likely takeover target
Plenty of rumours starting to circulate on Twitter...Ref Metro Bank #MTRO.It begins -… likely to be one of many names in takeover frame in days ahead. Our gues is £4-5 would do it with regulator arm twisting.
Someone just posted this on MTRO LSE board : “RT AlignResearch "Ref Metro Bank #MTRO - Further reports that the bank has put itself up for sale. Depending on price action today would expect an RNS in short term confirming management'sâ€￾ “RT AlignResearch "Ref Metro Bank #MTRO. It begins - ( hxxps:// )… likely to be one of many names in takeover frame in days ahead. Our gues is £4-5 would do it with regulator arm twisting."â€￾
beerboy If the takeover was at a price above the current sp, it would rise and vice versa.
« likely to be one of many names in takeover frame in days ahead. Our gues is £4-5 would do it with regulator arm twisting. »Space to grow the SP ! Did they talk to SR to mention that price ?
"Interesting observation ref Metro Bank and take private theory.should the CEO be part of this it looks like highest price paid in last 12 months is £21.76 Per takeover panel rules that sets bid price." WJ.
Whichever way one looks at it SR 400p wont happen because any offer would have to be based on the highest point of share price in last 12 months. No fool would bit for this remotely above 600p let alone 1100p region. So if there is no bidder or takeover what could push the SR up to 400p i.e.135% rise from todays levels? I just cannot see it... without that type of news. New stakeholder nah, davis got shafted 40% as too the rest of us.... so what else could be your 400p marker BTW I don't see it happening
"Interesting observation ref Metro Bank and take private theory. should the CEO be part of this it looks like highest price paid in last 12 months is £21.76 … Per takeover panel rules that sets bid price." WJ.
To translate: I hope takeover rumours start so I can sell for a profit :)
Ant. They do very, very limited overnight lending since Vernon not a fan apparently. Hope takeover rumours dont start or shorters could be toast
When they say it does not need a rescue taekover, that means there's already talk about it. So there have been talk of rescue takeover, but they think it's not necessary today? what about by Friday afternoon. Most probably we wake next monday, a ChinaMan is the owner of MTRO with a buy price 1p per share.
Interesting!! Let’s see. Concluding paragraph: Bank mergers and rescues became just another weekend’s work for the Treasury during the 2007-09 crisis. Metro doesn’t need a rescue takeover because it has a substantial equity capital cushion, but it does need to realise that a sale probably is the best way to shore up what it has achieved in its decade of existence. If its shareholders cannot see that, regulators should make them.
PropInv - really difficult question to answer - but if pushed I’d say that it wouldn’t surprise me to see the SP sink to 100p and for a party then to look at £1bn of net assets and see a takeover as a worthwhile opportunity, so logically 10%? Ridiculous, yes, but when liquidity is king and that’s your issue, then anything can happen.
@Bullet - what's the point of sell now ? How much can it fall further ? Patience required here. Imagine just one more RNS that director bought a lot or even murmer of takeover - This could easily gets doubled! Chances of take over is higher than getting bankrupt - this is no brainer!
I've feeling most of retailers have sold this as panic kicked in. I still don't u'stand what's point of selling now as it will defn not go bankrupt. Worst case scenario takeover and that's defn not at £2!
Takeover next IMO
reminds me of footasylum early this year. All time lows, opening store after store, then bang Takeover. If they were buys being reported after hours then it’s a boom on Monday. If they were sells then it’s not a boom, lol. Just got a feeling these are going to come good on Monday. Keep asking myself, why no more director buys ??? Why, are they privy
SR some learned observations. didnt happen on SAGA INTU or TED So why the fuss here... its like pre-bid/takeover/failed financiing type lockout For good or bad... Https://
PropInv Damn right, its been relentless since Jul H1 Results. Idiots caught off guard as the FCA thing is nothing new and I am glad they made that very clear in H1 RNSs and also response to FT article. They have all thrown the kitchen sink at it in terms of short selling campaign. Only conclusion now is a PREDATOR asking for assistance to supress share price for an eventual takeover... Growing Deposits - seems ahead of target Loan to Deposit ration - seems ahead of target Evidence of controlled Loan growth Assurance to not dilute for future growth mid-term MREL £3bn book running kicking off Run shorters!
Align view re takeover potential -
It looks like a forced takeover in the make!200p?150?300?who knows
Call a spade a spade. Metro is fucked. 1. Global meltdown/recessions due 2. Quantative easing programmes and low rates .... major future issues there 3. No commodity to save it 4. Sector is not going to do a turn and carry it 5. A whole litany of other things . Too many to type The only thing this can hope for, is a takeover. In this climate? At this price? No chance. Maybe 50p And that's assuming the Book is not dead. I think its dropping because a lot of crap not public yet.
How about the book value being £10? What is a takeover bid comes in or speculation of one? What if a big shorters decide that they want to take their profits from £40 before the next person decides to do it? All the small fish shorters down at this level are going to get absolutely roasted!
Rich women like bags and holidays. They do not part with their money lightly for shares.I suggest you learn more about the opposite sex...Something is in the offing at mtro imo. Either a takeover or news to lift the price hence the £300k buy.The three month chart is leveling out. That's a fact. Time will tell if we jump higher or move between the 250-290 level for a while longer. The short case at this level is no longer compiling imo.
Aldemore Bank was sold and bought out Metro Bank strong takeover target now IMO Top rated for customer service Top rated for coins to notes 16.1% CET1 Ratio £120m innovation funding Book Value £10/share Commerz Bank sold for substantially more than Book Value under Vernon Hill Fuku short sellers Oh by the way Metro Bank going to attack 66%SME market with North England Branch openings.
Such a strong buy for me. Metro Bank - bargain. Takeover levels IMO. Go go go!
Metro Bank massive Takeover target. Buy now rejoice later INO
Inspector Singh this is a strong buy, now its all up to you n me, so free love u always, metro bank is so amazing takeover target 625p, bsrgain
Metro Bank expansion definitely causing the City Boys to hate this stock even further. New on High St Presence beats waiting on the phone with someone in India. Games a foot. Value anywhere sub 500p. Short sellers crowded here. Bid/Takeover with deeper pockets. Perhaps the Old Guard will take em out.
They already have had sniffs of a takeover and the board met with regards to a more formal US listing as the main market - moves are afoot here
When something drops as hard as this over the last year, it's very difficult to make a fundamental case for it, bar one. If It's tangibles are now worth more than the MC . But many of these just become preyed on even harder. So anyone here buying is probably hoping its a case of takeover v predator... So if your backing a takeover it needs to be imminent and the book price today assure a premium. Premium no good 50% lower for buyers today. I haven't gone that deep. All i can say is at the moment (it can change ) no offer seems pending at a premium today . Imo of course and as i say, no money on the line here so I hope the market comes up with a shock and strikes high up the table for you guys
I understand that a takeover is already being mooted. Shorts will have to close soon. May be not tomorrow. But soon.
Big day tomorrow as MTRO open its new Birmingham branch in the city centre...more customers and business all good and looks like a vulnerable takeover target which poses big risk for shorts now imo as they are way over-exposed from £30 down to circ. £3.13, dyor etc:
Shorters discount takeover, bid, better revenues from Northern Expansion and other investors who wanna buy. Pets at Home classic fuk up for shorts
Https:// I am well in profit on INDV so eased of the ramping there. I bought heavy at 43p region having had a few nibbles at 57p. Here Hostile Takeover IMO being engineered and facilitated by Hedge Funds. £500m MARKET CAP FFS. Easily swallowed up and take out the competition. AS for Board - Tut they wont give a sheet. Already up the creek without a paddle. 11 weeks pah long time. Short sellers ahead of the curve normally. But here it is overshooting. Enjoy. I hold substantial stock. BUT BUT Oh yee shorts - happy to lose the lot, its only money.
Direction will change and it will be rapid, risk reward is getting very tight now for the shorts. All it takes is a sniff of a takeover or being taken private. Big money behind Metro also sat on huge losses.
Metro Bank vs Bank of England Mark "Carnage" Carney at the Bank Of England would rather Bitcoin derivative as the new reserve currency than these irritating challenger banks. "Libra Crypto will be so libetating for citizens outside of typical financial services" Clearly he is not interested in actual banks & their real money which is what his one job description is. Andrew "Bailout" Bailey of the FCA is set to "takeover" the Guvenor job after a successful tenure of monitoring the bulletin boards ferreting out unsuspecting muppets from questioning Woodfeld HODL funds.
I continue to accumulate here. These shares are exceedingly cheap. Mr Market (and a lot of people out there) have missed a key component of yesterday results, in that deposits have returned to normal now, and account openings are at a record. The BOD here are open and honest, and the loss of some customers was reported as it should be. The overhang from January/February's bad news is still in some people's minds. Their choice. This stock is very cheap and very vulnerable to a takeover.
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