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NEWS Many traders get the markets all wrong! Quite simply, most news is hype, and is not really for your benefit. The sooner you can accept this point, the quicker you will make your transition to approaching your trading in a cold, detached way, working on the facts of supply and demand, and not what other people are telling you. News is often dressed up in an emotional way. This is the very last thing you want when trading. The problem is that a journalist cannot tell you the whole truth and never will. The first reason for this is that the journalist is not on the 'inside-track' and really has no idea what is going on in the professional syndicates. The second reason is that journalists are frequently fed with incorrect information (deliberately) which they duly report, live, unable to check the authenticity. It's not the fault of the journalists. They are not aware that they are being manipulated like puppets, ready to pass on the fodder that is designed to mislead the unwary lambs (uninformed traders). Here's an example: The chairman of the Federal Reserve appears on the television and makes what appears to be a bearish statement – the market falls alarmingly in response to this news. Newscasters appear grimaced on television, reporting why the market has fallen today: "The market has fallen dramatically today, on negative statements made by the chairman of the Federal Reserve". To add to the impact and drama of the announcement, any other negative information is collected to support the story. Now why is this news release leading you astray and harming your trading? Because this is how the news should have been reported: The market has fallen alarmingly today. Bearish statements made the chairman of the Federal Reserve, caused the professionals to mark the market down, in a manoeuvre to discount the negative news. This had an effect on weak holders and uninformed traders, causing them to panic sell their holdings to professional traders, who have been waiting for this opportunity to buy at lower prices. Professional traders were aware of the forthcoming press release well in advance of the announcement,and were ready to absorb a huge amount of stock. They stand to profit handsomely in the days ahead, as a result of this successful and expertly timed operation". Listen to the news by all means, but always ask yourself, "Have professional traders used this news to mark the market either up or down, as a moneymaking manoeuvre?" As a trader, you would be well advised to look at news and newscasts in a completely new light. When you see or hear a story that affects your interests, you are going to have to ask yourself three questions: 1. What does this story mean (if it is true) in the overall context of my prior analysis of the market? 2. What use can be made of this story by others working against my interests? 3. Can I use this news story to better my own trading position enter the stock market arena and still a little 'green', you will naturally think it will help you in your activities if you are a keen reader, enthusiastic to assimilate information, and be well informed of current affairs. This is perfectly OK if you remember to read between the lines. You may also want to take advantage of 'news'. This is where your troubles start, you are assuming that the market will go up on good news and down on bad news. To become a true professional, you have to start thinking and acting like one. You have to turn away from running with the herd and become a predator, buying on great opportunities, caused by 'bad news'. You will find this extremely difficult to do. As a guide, you need to: • Buy on bad news which has produced a 'shake-out' in the market and • Sell on good news after you have already seen a substantial bull market. Frequently, when very high volume appears in an Index or stock, some sort of story appears in the media explaining it away. Do not listen, or allow any news to influence your judgement. These news stories are mostly half-truths and rumours. Here are some typical rumours well worth ignoring. "A large block of shares has been traded in one company. You would do best to ignore this, as it has distorted the true market volume". Rubbish. Trading is trading! "This is trading by the market-makers amongst themselves and not real trades". More rubbish – for the same reason. "The market rallied strongly today, not because there was any good news, but because there was no bad news". Yes, this was seen in a newspaper. Always remember, specialists are not going to miss any moneymaking opportunities. News is frequently one opportunity to shake traders out of the market, which also has the side benefit of catching stops. Study any long-term chart in relation to news and you will see that the market may momentarily go up on good news or down on bad news, but the trend of the market or stock is never changed by 'news'. Generally, good news is seen at the tops of markets (to draw buyers in, helping the distribution phase) and bad news is seen at the bottoms (to shake weak holders out, helping the accumulation phase). Always go by what you know to be fact; fact based on cold detached logic. Never get lazy and use other people's explanations. It is very difficult for the average trader to act like a robot, trading on facts alone, because we are all innately emotional when faced with making a decision in threatening, or other stressful circumstances. We are like this to ensure our survival. However, emotion will not help you to survive in the difficult and stressful world of trading. In fact, it is a major disadvantage. You may be wondering how a specialist encourages newspapers and television to come out with good or bad news over a weekend or a holiday. This is simply (and ingeniously) done by marking the market either up or down late in the trading session, during Friday, or the day before a holiday commences. Newspaper reporters then have to create a reason for the move. This 'news' will then impair your trading judgement. Professional operators, given any sort of opportunity, will attempt to put you on the wrong footing. A trader is likely to spend the weekend or holiday worrying about his or her position, or even worrying about having no position. By Monday morning, a trader is vulnerable to acting impulsively. It is never just coincidence that sudden moves late on a Friday frequently seem to be in the opposite direction to Monday. If this sounds a little paranoid, go over your charts carefully and check it out. Tom Williams.
chart trader
Tom Williams The strange apparent support and resistance offered by old trend lines on a chart, some of which may be several years old, has been observed by chartists for many years. The days before computers, required one to draw a trend line by hand on a chart, these lines were extended well into the future, which at the time were not promising anything positive. With the advent of computers these old trend lines can be magically hidden until called for at which time their usefulness suddenly becomes clear and interesting.
chart trader
For all BB contributors. It was the same now. I knew that if I bought a stock and turned out to be wrong, all the cheering and pushing in the world would not alter the price half a point. And there was no telling how far the market might fall. I did not like the trend, but I knew it was no use trying to fight it.
chart trader
THE DREAM, Tom Williams. Becoming a full-time trader is the dream of many. The problem is that it is very easy to be wiped out in the learning process. Some lucky people have the skills to make money from the stock market and keep it,knowing very little. This is because they are skilled at money management and taking risks. They know how to handle a risk. Bookmakers generally make good traders because they are skilled, practised at risk taking,and know how to handle stress. There are no magic systems in the stock market. If there were, every move would be very rapidly discounted. We know this is true because there are some of the sharpest minds in the world at work within the stock market. We have to assume that any easy way to trade the market would have been spotted a long time ago. I have met several successful traders who say they are using a so-called secret system that is making them money. This is 'their' secret system; it is working for them. However, in every case, if you look into it more closely (once they have shown you the system), what they have overlooked, or will not admit, is that they have become good traders in their own right. It is their skill as a trader that is making them money, not the magic formula. The magic formula is acting as a psychological security blanket for them, without their realising it, because they do not always follow what the formula is indicating. We would all like to think that when we make a decision it is based on logic and sound reasoning. In reality, logic plays only a very small part in our decision-making processes. You may think you are acting on common sense, but in most cases, you are not. Whether buying an automobile or deciding to have your hair cut, emotion usually blinds you to logic. You do not buy a car to get from A to B as quickly and as cheaply as possible. You do not get your hair cut simply to shorten it. A great many emotional factors enter into your reasons for doing things. The fact that you make most decisions on some hidden emotional reason, rather than sound judgement is well known, especially by advertising executives. But it is important to bear in mind that under any sort of stress, you become even more emotional, which gives many traders serious problems as they trade the market. As soon as you are on the losing side of the market, stress rears its ugly head and interferes with your logical decision-making processes. If you are long in the market and you are suddenly caught in a sharp down-move, you are then hoping for a recovery, not covering a potentially dangerous trade. Frequently an up-move does start next day, usually early in the morning trading. You then become relaxed as it looks as if your prayers have been answered. You will surely now be able to cover your poor position and, if lucky, even make a small profit. A second sharp down-move later in the day locks you into further loss. Good traders never allow this to happen in the first place. Other factors can prevent you from becoming a good trader. For instance: You are long in the market and see a sudden up-move, which gives you a paper profit and you are delighted. This delight is then clouded on any downward reaction. You are counting what you would have made if you had sold sooner at the higher price. The pressure can become unbearable and you will sell, taking some profit before the possibility of losing it all. This process will never allow you to catch the big moves. The stock market by its very nature is designed for you to lose money. The rallies and reactions within any trend ensure this process is at work constantly. It is created automatically. The market behaves this way because it has to! The weak have to perish so that the strong can survive. Professional traders are fully aware of the weaknesses in traders under stress and will capitalise on this at every opportunity. To overcome these problems you need to develop a disciplined trading system for yourself. A system strictly followed avoids emotion because, like the trained soldier, you have already done all the 'thinking' before the problems arrive. This should then force you to act correctly while under trading stress.
chart trader
MT I have some pages by Tom Williams, some volume and bar charts showing various of Tom's ideas and also some box charts, I will upload some if u have no objections. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> You Need a System Firstly, it is important to realise that no system is perfect. Even if the system itself was perfect, it would still be imperfect because it has to be followed by man, and by our very nature, we are prone to the so called 'human error', which renders the system imperfect. A system must be based on some form of sound reasoning and logic. It must have two essential components: 1. It must get you out of a position quickly if you have made the wrong decision. 2. It must allow you to let profitable trades run. These two principles are completely opposite to your natural instincts. It is unnatural for you to get out of a losing position, because you are praying and hoping for a recovery – you hate being a 'loser' and would rather regain some of the loss. If you cover the position, all hope has been abandoned forever (human nature always has hope). This is not the way to think. In the market you are like the cat with nine lives – maybe you have lost one, but you have eight others to live for. In using your system, you must not only accept losses, but also expect them. If you accept this, then you must have a system that limits losses. In the case of a trading system, we can say that: • Risk management is loss management. And • Money management is profit management. A good system combines both of these principles, where losses are cut short and profits are allowed to run. It is the sudden decisions to by-pass your system and do your own thing in mid-stream that will make your trading undisciplined and vulnerable to losses. Your "own thing" is usually wrong because it will be based on an emotional response. Never act on impulse. We are not going to offer you anything more than a few hints and tips because you must obtain or develop your own system. No two traders are alike; no two have the same resources and needs. You need to develop your own system, tailored specially to your own trading style – in other words a system that suits you. Tom Williams
chart trader
Libertas Capital Group PLC 26 March 2008 For immediate release 26 March 2008 LIBERTAS CAPITAL GROUP PLC PRELIMINARY UNAUDITED RESULTS FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2007 Libertas Capital Group plc (AIM: LBR) ('Libertas Capital' or 'the Company'), the financial services firm, today announces preliminary unaudited results for the year ended 31 December 2007. Financial highlights:- • Revenue up 54.4% to £18.3m (2006: £11.9m) • Pre tax profit before share based payments up 53.4% to £3.1m ( 2006: £2.02m) • EPS before share based payments up 44.9% to 4.87 p (2006: 3.36 p) • Net assets up 30.9% to £10.1m before reduction of £1.9m for Treasury and EBT Shares (2006: £7.71m) Operational highlights:- • Strength of continuing activities and quality of transactions • 30 transactions completed including IPOs on AIM, M&A transactions and private fundraisings • Successful development and growth of Securities business both in primary and secondary activities • Continued successful implementation of strategy including further expansion into Asia and the Middle East • Strong transaction pipeline continues into 2008 Commenting on the results, Jakob Kinde, Executive Chairman of Libertas Capital Group plc, said:- 'We are pleased with the performance of the business, which shows increased revenue year on year and continued profitability. We have continued to implement our strategy and have expanded our corporate finance and securities businesses in Asia and the Middle East to offer full service capability in these growing and important geographical markets. The results for the year highlight that the investment in building a balanced platform for future growth is beginning to demonstrate considerable success. We continue to invest in talented people in each of our core business areas - corporate finance, securities/distribution and research - which allows us to provide the high quality of services expected by our clients. As a result, we are continuing to attract further corporate and institutional clients in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. Despite market conditions being difficult in the second half of 2007, we have demonstrated the strength of our business through our performance in 2007. With the visibility of our transaction pipeline, we look forward to 2008 with confidence' For further information please contact: Libertas Capital Group plc +44 (0)20 7569 9650 Jakob Kinde, Executive Chairman Henry Okereke, Chief Executive Grant Thornton +44 (0)20 7383 5100 Fiona Owen Buchanan Communications +44 (0)20 7466 5000 Charles Ryland /Mary-Jane Johnson Notes to Editors About Libertas Capital Group plc Libertas Capital is an international financial services firm offering its clients a full range of dedicated independent Corporate Finance Advisory, Research and Distribution services. Corporate Finance services include investment bankers with substantial depth of European M&A and general corporate finance experience, as well as entrepreneurs and industrial professionals with extensive experience and expertise in their particular fields, having completed in excess of US$100 billion in transactions. In our research and distribution services we offer our clients a dedicated research capability with deep industry knowledge in our core sectors - Renewable Energy, Energy (including oil and gas and natural resources), Infrastructure, Real Estate, Healthcare, Technology and Telecom - satisfying the needs of both our corporate and institutional clients. Our extensive distribution network covers UK, European, Asian, Middle Eastern and US institutional clients. Our business is based on core values and strengths which we believe both differentiate Libertas Capital from its competitors and give us a competitive advantage. We aim to provide a high level of customer service that will result in long term client relationships based on the principles of openness, innovation and creativity. Chairman's Statement 2007 was an exciting year for the Group and we are pleased to report a healthy set of results. Revenue totalled £18.3m (2006: £11.9m) with profit before tax and share based payments of £3.1m (2006: £2.0m). Closing net assets amounted to £10.1m prior to a reduction of £1.9m for shares held within Treasury and the Libertas Capital Employee Benefit Trust (2006 net assets: £7.7m). The earnings per share before exceptionals are 4.87 pence (2006: 3.36 pence). The Group's strategy is to provide a range of financial services to corporate and institutional clients in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East in the sectors of Renewable Energy, Energy (including oil and gas and natural resources), Infrastructure, Real Estate, Healthcare, Technology and Telecom. As explained in more detail in the Chief Executive Officer's Review, we now have established operations in Asia and the Middle East. The Group Structure Libertas Capital • Strategic advisory and execution Corporate Finance capabilities Limited • Private and public fundraising • Mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring Libertas Capital • Institutionally sponsored research Securities Limited • Independent corporate sponsored research through Equity Growth Research • Distribution and facilitation trading Libertas Capital • Corporate finance in Asia, Libertas Capital Asia specifically China Group Plc Limited Libertas Capital • Corporate finance in North America Inc Libertas Capital • Corporate finance in the Nordic Nordic AB region Libertas Capital • Corporate finance and securities in Dubai Limited the Middle East Libertas Capital • Strategic and principal Ventures Limited investments in core sectors STRATEGY The Group has enjoyed four successful years on AIM. Our strategy can be summarised as follows:- • Our business is based on core values and strengths which we believe differentiates Libertas Capital from its competitors and gives us a competitive advantage. We aim to provide a high level of customer service that will result in long-term client relationships based on the principles of openness, innovation and creativity. • To offer a breadth of financial services with a number of international locations • To offer senior management experience and expertise in investment banking, broking and financial services • To enhance shareholder value and generate good long term returns to shareholders • To exploit both internal and external synergies to grow the business organically and through appropriate mergers/acquisitions and JVs • To add specialist financial services operations where they bring annuity income or synergies. RESULTS Our results are strong with revenue of £18.3m and a pre tax profit before share based payments of £3.1m. Share based payments amount to £0.9m being a charge in respect of the fair value of awards granted in shares, in accordance with IFRS 2 'Share Based Payments'. There is no cash effect for this sum. We completed some 30 transactions in IPOs, M&A and fundraisings. The Securities business has continued to increase in depth and quality with the offering of both institutional sponsored research through Securities and independent corporate sponsored research through our independent brand name, Equity Growth Research. Securities also offer a dedicated sales distribution team catering for institutions and high net worth individuals. We have enhanced further the value of underlying transactions completed. DIRECTORS It is with great sadness that we record that Mr Sven Skarendahl, a non- executive board member, passed away on 25th January 2008 after a period of illness. Sven has played an important role to Libertas Capital as a senior adviser since the AIM flotation in July 2004 and since October 2004 as a non-executive director and non-executive chairman of Libertas Capital Nordic AB. Sven was a deeply respected and admired colleague who will be greatly missed by all who knew and worked with him. EMPLOYEES The results of our operating businesses are determined largely by the efforts and commitment of our employees who are one of the principal assets of the Group. Many of our employees are already shareholders, participating in the award of shares through an Employee Benefit Trust. Our philosophy has always been to motivate and incentivise all our employees by way of equity participation. CORE VALUES At the time of the formation of the Group, we set out our core values which we believe distinguish the Group from our competition and give us a competitive advantage. The Group aims to provide a high level of client service that will result in long term relationships with clients based on transparency, integrity and innovation. These values include independence, industry focus, depth and experience, and geographical spread of operations. DIVIDENDS The Board did not recommend a dividend for the full year 2007 as we believe that it is important to retain the funds in order to grow our businesses. The Board believes that a progressive dividend policy will be pursued as the Group continues to develop. OUTLOOK Despite market conditions being difficult in the second half of 2007, we have demonstrated the strength of our business through our performance in 2007. With the visibility of our transaction pipeline, we look forward to 2008 with confidence. Jakob Kinde Executive Chairman March 2008 Chief Executive Officer's Review REVIEW OF THE YEAR The Group made strong progress in 2007 as reflected in our full year's results. All areas of our businesses have been robust and there has been a significant increase in revenue generation, with revenue in 2007 of £18.3m compared with £11.9m in 2006. Profit before tax and share based payments amounted to £3.1m in 2007 compared with £2.0m in 2006. In summary, 2007 has seen Libertas Capital develop significantly with implementation of its strategy to strengthen further both the corporate finance and securities businesses. Libertas Capital is now able to take advantage of these opportunities. OPERATING SUBSIDIARIES LIBERTAS CAPITAL CORPORATE FINANCE The Corporate Finance business in London is regulated by the Financial Services Authority and is a Nominated Adviser. The global team has been strengthened further and now comprises some 26 professionals in London, Sweden, North America, Asia and the Middle East. They concentrate primarily on sectors in Renewable Energy, Energy, Technology and Healthcare. The team seeks to build long term pro-active relationships with companies and entrepreneurs operating in these specialist sectors from Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. In the Autumn of 2007 we were delighted to welcome the experienced team of professionals from Macadam Corporate Finance Limited, a corporate finance boutique acquired in a share for share exchange. The typical client profile is a business that is entrepreneurial, growth orientated with an experienced and quality management and earning revenue between £50 million and £500 million. Some examples of the transactions completed include: • Landkom International plc - fundraising and admission to AIM • Canton Property Investment Limited - fundraising and admission to AIM • Plantic Technologies Limited - fundraising and admission to AIM • AISI Realty Public Limited - fundraising and admission to AIM • Mobile Credit - fundraising and admission to AIM • Zeehan Zinc Limited - fundraising and admission to AIM • Empire Energy Corporation International Inc - private placement • Morphic Technologies - acquisition of Swiss company • Gas Turbine Efficiency plc - secondary fundraising • Renewable Power & Light Plc - secondary fundraising • West Pioneer Properties Limited - secondary fundraising • Island Gas Resources plc - reverse takeover • Mawell - private placement • Oceanlinx - private placement • Grosvenor Waste Management Limited - M & A Advisory LIBERTAS CAPITAL SECURITIES LIMITED This business is a member of the London Stock Exchange and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. It has three activities:- 1. Provision of distribution and facilitation trading; 2. Provision of institutionally sponsored research; 3. Provision of corporate sponsored research through Equity Growth Research We have continued to develop this business during the year and now have a complement of some twenty professionals. We continued to strengthen the EGR brand within the Libertas Capital stable. Securities offers services as a Broker and is continuing the development of a corporate client base. We are now recognised as a leading provider of products in our core areas. Distribution Libertas Capital Group has been building a strong Securities Distribution capability to market equity capital market products and Libertas Capital Research products, including a sales trading unit, which has continued to develop this year. This distribution team has dedicated UK small and mid-cap, European small-cap and high net worth client functions. Libertas Capital Research Libertas Capital Research provides institutionally sponsored research, delivering specialist analysis, in our core sectors to institutions in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. Equity Growth Research (EGR) EGR focuses on smaller, high growth companies that deserve greater attention. Through a sponsored investment research model, EGR brings the quality of analysis and frequency of reporting normally reserved for the FTSE 350 constituents to its client companies. The research is distributed via a number of channels (electronically/printed). EGR employs a number of in-house professionals in addition to outsourced analysts. LIBERTAS CAPITAL NORDIC AB This division is based in Stockholm and offers full corporate finance services to assist Nordic corporates in cross border activities. The Nordic operation is continuing to expand and we aim to continue this growth systematically, in parallel with positive earnings development. LIBERTAS CAPITAL ASIA LIMITED Libertas Capital Asia Limited ('LCA') is a wholly owned subsidiary based in Hong Kong offering full corporate finance services for the markets in Asia, particularly China, to complement those already provided by the Libertas Capital group. In the summer of 2007 LCA raised, from Asian investors, US$55m for the AIM flotation of Canton Property Investment Limited, a Chinese retail and leisure property company. LIBERTAS CAPITAL INC Libertas Capital Inc is based in Los Angeles, California and offers full corporate finance services to the North American market as well as a bridgehead into the Asian markets, to complement those services provided by the Libertas Capital group. LIBERTAS CAPITAL DUBAI LIMITED Libertas Capital Dubai Limited ('LCD') is a sponsor on the Dubai International Financial Exchange (DIFX). LCD offers full corporate finance, agency trading and research services covering the markets in the Middle East and the Indian Sub Continent to complement services provided by the Libertas Capital group. LIBERTAS CAPITAL VENTURES LIMITED This company makes strategic and principal investments in our core sectors. EMPLOYEES We continue to recognise the importance of developing a culture where employees' interests are closely aligned with those of the Group's shareholders. At present, the Directors and employees own a significant proportion of the Group's shares and we wish to continue to incentivise employees with both share options and the award of shares. It is our firm belief that incentivising and retaining our key employees is in the best interests of the Group's shareholders. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of staff for their efforts in achieving these results and look forward to 2008. OUTLOOK The 2007 results demonstrate a significant improvement in the quality of our underlying and continuing businesses. These results are particularly impressive given the difficult market conditions in the second half of 2007. The market place for 2008 is exciting for us at Libertas Capital, not least as continued investment in key staff and implementation of our strategy is bearing fruit. The visibility for 2008 looks promising particularly in our core sectors of Renewable Energy, Energy, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Healthcare, Technology and Telecom. We have seen a satisfactory start to the year and with some notable mandates on board, we are confident that we will continue to increase the number of corporate clients in 2008. As ever we recognise that market conditions are inherently volatile and will remain cautiously optimistic about the near term market outlook and confident about Libertas Capital's long term prospects. Henry Okereke Chief Executive Officer March 2008
Libertas Capital Group PLC 19 October 2007 For immediate release 19 October 2007 LIBERTAS CAPITAL GROUP plc ('the Company') ACQUISITION OF THE BUSINESS OF MACADAM LLP ('MACADAM') Libertas Capital Group plc ('Libertas Capital', AIM: LBR), the international financial services firm, announces that it has agreed to acquire for an undisclosed sum Macadam Corporate Finance Limited, being the entire business of Macadam LLP, a specialist corporate finance advisory firm based in London, focused upon international transactions particularly in emerging markets, with industry strengths in renewable energy, natural resources, telecoms and consumer products. The current partners of Macadam, all of whom will be joining Libertas Capital, are Tim Murray, Matthew Hindhaugh and Andrew McLennan. Tim Murray will be joining Libertas Capital as CEO of its London Office; Matthew Hindhaugh and Andrew McLennan will be joining as Managing Directors in Corporate Finance. Macadam is authorised and regulated by the FSA and formal FSA approval for the transaction is awaited. Details of the three partners are as follows: • Tim Murray is CEO of Macadam and a founder of the firm. He has twelve years' experience in investment banking: he was Global Head of Media and Telecommunications Investment Banking at Schroders, and headed European telecoms investment banking groups at BZW and Societe General. He also worked for seven years with Strategic Planning Associates as a strategy consultant. He holds an MA in Engineering from Cambridge University and an MBA from INSEAD. • Matthew Hindhaugh spent sixteen years with Deutsche Bank (formerly Morgan Grenfell) where he was a director responsible for executing mergers and acquisitions and structured financings, primarily in emerging markets. After leaving Deutsche Bank, he and a partner acquired a national UK retailer, Culpeper Limited, where he served as its Chief Financial Officer. Before Morgan Grenfell he qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Arthur Andersen. He holds a BA in History from Nottingham University. • Andrew McLennan has fourteen years' investment banking experience as a former director in the telecoms investment banking practices of Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Morgan Grenfell and SG Warburg. Prior to joining Macadam he was head of mergers and acquisitions at Energis Communications plc. He began his career at Bain & Co. He holds an MEng in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College, London. Commenting on the acquisition Henry Okereke, Chief Executive Officer of Libertas Capital, said 'We are delighted to announce the acquisition of Macadam and to welcome Tim Murray, Matthew Hindhaugh and Andrew McLennan to Libertas Capital - this is an excellent strategic fit and strengthens further our international offering in our core sectors' For further information please contact: Libertas Capital Group plc +44 (0)20 7569 9650 Jakob Kinde, Executive Chairman Henry Okereke, Chief Executive Grant Thornton +44(0)20 7383 5100 Fiona Owen Buchanan Communications +44 (0)20 7466 5000 Charles Ryland/ Mary Jane-Johnson
Libertas Capital Group PLC 17 October 2007 For immediate release 17 October 2007 LIBERTAS CAPITAL GROUP PLC ("the Company") Director Shareholding Libertas Capital Group plc ("Libertas Capital"), AIM: LBR), the international financial services firm, was notified on 17 October 2007 that Henry Okereke, Group Chief Executive and Director increased his holding of ordinary shares of nominal value of 1p each ("ordinary shares") by the purchase of 1,720,000 shares at an average price of 25p. As a result Mr Okereke's holding is now 8,548,298 ordinary shares representing 19.85% of total voting rights. The total number of shares in issue amounts to 46,977,765, including 3,913,949 shares held in Treasury following the sale of 470,000 shares from Treasury. Thus the total number of ordinary shares in issue with voting rights is 43,063,816. For further information please contact: Libertas Capital Group plc +44 (0)20 7569 9650 Jakob Kinde, Executive Chairman Henry Okereke, Chief Executive Grant Thornton +44(0)20 7383 5100 Fiona Owen
Big drop today, any news I haven't caught?
Sell off on lowish volume has made LBR too cheap imo. Picked up 10k this morning and will add more on any drop lower. Its far too cheap at current levels with directors buying only last month. Strong asset backing to boot including a chunky amount of cash helps the case.
12:18 KENOSHA, WI -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 05/02/07 -- Empire Energy Corporation International (OTCBB: EEGC) announces that its subsidiary, Pacific Rim Foods Ltd ("PRF") has completed an initial strategic investment in Mach One Corporation ("MACH"). The proceeds will be used by MACH to complete certain SEC filings and assist in the process of MACH's move to trading on the OTCBB. PRF and MACH will jointly explore the opportunity to expand certain MACH technology into the developing dairy industry in China. About Pacific Rim Foods Ltd: Through its non-consolidated subsidiary Jilin Jimei Foods Ltd. ( the company specializes in growing, canning and marketing the first sweet corn brand in China. The successful operation of its agricultural and processing business has allowed Pacific Rim Foods Ltd. to enter the expanding China food market initially in the corn commodity sector. With over 50 people on the ground in China, Pacific Rim Foods Ltd. through Jilin Jimei Foods Ltd., is positioned to extend its operations into a number of developing markets. About Mach One Corporation: Through its wholly owned subsidiary VDx, Inc. (, the company currently manufactures and sells Immunogam(TM), a colostrums replacement, supplement and prophylactic, in sterile powder form, which can be administered orally or intravenously. VDx is also further developing a proprietary procedure to allow for large scale manufacturing of colostral replacement products for market that includes an added ingredient for elimination of mastitis and Johnnes disease. The IgG replacement market is estimated at 1.1 billion dollars per year. First Global Securities Inc of Pasadena, Ca. acted as Investment Banker for Pacific Rim Foods Ltd. First Global CEO Noble Trenham commenting on the initial investment said, "We look forward to working with Pacific Rim Foods Ltd. and Mach One Corporation to execute their global vision in this important health sciences sector." First Global Securities has been successful in assisting Pacific Rim Foods Ltd. in raising $2.0 million in equity during the last 12 months to capitalize its China food vision." Empire CEO Malcolm Bendall said, "This is exciting news. We want to thank Noble Trenham of First Global Securities, Inc. for its continuing support and thank Tad Ballantyne, CEO of Pacific Rim Foods, for his tireless work in building the successful food business platform in China and building relationships in China that should be useful in future mining and hydrocarbon ventures. We look forward to continuing to expand this work in China with the assistance of an introduction by Libertas Capital to the AIM market in London of Pacific Rim Foods." Empire is traded on the OTC market in the USA under the symbol EEGC.OB. Further information on Empire can be found at This press release contains forward-looking statements based on our current expectations about our company and our industry. You can identify these forward-looking statements when you see us using the words such as "expect," "anticipate," "estimate," "believes," "plans" and other similar expressions. These forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties. Our actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements as a result of our ability to complete required financings and other preconditions to the completion of the transactions described. We undertake no obligation to publicly update any forward-looking statements for any reason, even if new information becomes available or other events occur in the future. We caution you not to place undue reliance on those statements. For more information, contact: +1(913) 469-5615 Malcolm Bendall President Renner Business Center 16801 West 116th Street Lenexa, KS 66219-9603 U.S.A.
Mentioned in todays IC - BUY @ 41.5p. IC View= "Four directors bought more shares following the results and they remain a buy." M.
So growth from last year is nil... on increased turnover. 'Encouraging' sounds fairly insipid too. Yet directors have just added to their holdings. Intersting share,though, on low market cap relative to the turnover, if! they could increase profits to £3M next year, the share price could rise by up to 50%. We need stronger than 'indications'. Of course they can't state 'full order book' its not that kind of business. Incidentally: I see they have a buy note out on one of my shares, CFU. anyone give me few sentences from it ?
Just noticed a reference to LBR in this article published a few weeks back. M. "The best-performing broker is Vancouver's Canaccord Capital, which has generated an average return of £1,954, aided by Imperial Energy, a Russian oil explorer whose shares are up 2,448 per cent since floating. The other top five stockbrokers are Investec Securities, Libertas Capital, Teather & Greenwood and Numis Securities. The 24 brokers covered by the survey - which is based on transactions defined by AIM as admission or readmission of shares - together raised about £12 billion for clients in the three years to December 2006.
It looks to be doing well.
Any comments on this stock? I used to follow it closely but somewhat out of touch now. Assuming 2% fees (a stab in the dark), the new deals will have earned them revenues of 2% * £60m. Not sure what effect on profitability ... I expect costs are largely fixed with a small variable element, so its possible that the profits will have flowed to the bottom line. Then again, this is a relatively young company and I would be feeling a bit concerned about potential options programs etc. to be announced. Although I view the prospects and sector as very attractive in the longer term, I'm concerned about dodgy aim listings, particularly in the resource sector, and fear an AIM IPO slowdown next year which would affect this company quite badly. Also, the trading volume in this stock is negligeable ... £15k today means I'd be inclined to take any price action to be almost meaningless. Any thoughts? B
Successful Fundraisings Libertas Capital Group PLC 20 December 2006 For immediate release 20 December 2006 LIBERTAS CAPITAL GROUP plc COMPLETION OF TWO SUCCESSFUL FUNDRAISINGS Libertas Capital Group plc (AIM: LBR), the UK-based financial services firm, is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed fundraisings for West Pioneer Properties plc (AIM: WPR) and Renewable Power & Light plc (AIM: RPL). West Pioneer Properties, which aims to become a leading developer and operator of shopping malls in India, raised approximately £20 million via a Placing of 25 million shares at 81.5 pence per share. Shares in West Pioneer Properties began trading on AIM on 13 December 2006. Renewable Power & Light, the renewable power producer, successfully raised £40 million via a Placing of 57 million shares at 70 pence per share. Shares in Renewable Power & Light began trading on AIM on 14 December 2006. Henry Okereke, Chief Executive Officer of Libertas Capital, said: "We are delighted to have successfully completed these two fundraisings for West Pioneer Properties and Renewable Power & Light and to see the companies join the AIM market. We have seen good support from institutions for both of these two companies and look forward to advising more successful companies in 2007." For further information please contact: Libertas Capital Group plc +44 (0)20 7569 9650 Jakob Kinde, Executive Chairman Henry Okereke, Chief Executive Buchanan Communications +44 (0)20 7466 5000 Charles Ryland / Mary-Jane Johnson Notes for Editors About Libertas Capital Group plc Libertas Capital is a UK-based financial services firm offering its clients a full range of dedicated independent Corporate Finance Advisory, Research and Distribution services. Corporate Finance services include advice on M&A, public and private fund raising, private equity encompassing development capital, MBOs and MBIs, valuation and exit strategy. In the Securities business Libertas Capital offers research to corporate and institutional clients, via Equity Growth Research and Libertas Capital Research, over a global distribution network. Libertas Capital is focused on the small to mid cap market in the UK, Northern Europe, the Nordic region, the US and Asia where the Group has gained widespread experience and developed strong relationships. Libertas Capital concentrates primarily on growth companies across a number of industry sectors with a particular focus on Energy (renewable energy, oil and gas, natural resources and oil services), Technology (software, services and telecoms) and Healthcare. This information is provided by RNS The company news service from the London Stock Exchange Note 1: Prices and trades are provided by Digital Look Corporate Solutions and are delayed by at least 15 minutes.
ged5:. Only just dropped back here and seen your comments on FDMG you certainly called it right - could however be a bit toppy now?
Pug, Thanks for your thoughts here. Noticed your comments on the BOI thread. I've found FDMG an interesting little company which you might cast your eye over. It has risen a little recently but may have a bit more to go. Other than the online gaming sector which is extremely hairy at the moment it was one of a handful of companies which seemed to be good value at the moment.
The 50000 buy last evening followed by the 31000 buy this morning seems to have started things moving.
Or maybe go up?
Accounts way below (on a pro rata basis) house brokers estimates which were/are for an annual pre tax of £2.7 million. 6 month profit after write down of shares (possibly IGM) only £366,000. Could have further to fall unless a significant upturn in business (IMO & DYOR etc)
I guess they can't be far away and it is not unreasonable to expect a professional firm such as this to be publishing at about the same time as last year. One things for sure it needs some good news to start reversing this trend !
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