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Marksp, I respect your comments but why would there be regulatory issues with an ITV takeover? I also like your comment regarding splitting up ITV to release value.
Takeovers aren't like takeaways, to actually mount a takeover isn't something that happens in a few weeks, it's far more complex. Saying 'no one has come for ITV' is like saying it's on the shelf ready to buy, it's for sale etc, it isn't for sale, any bid would take months to set up and things like pandemics and Brexit will put the block on progress. IMO ITV are a great opportunity for the right company to acquire, it is a sitting target. Studio's, Production. ITV hub, Britbox and a terrific cash generator. At 122p it won't be long before funds pile in. Get yours now at bargain basement prices, silly not to!
Correct, legally there is nothing to stop foreign takeover.
morti you speak more sense than most on here imminent takeover of itv has been on the cards for more than a decade, cant see it myself speculators just want their out asap, itv slowly rising to 250 over ten years plus ten years dividends totalling say 75p represents a far better outcome...
I agree Corby, I think we that will wake up one morning to find that someone has made a takeover bid for ITV, I just don't know when that morning will be. All I know is ITV have a large amount of content that a large streamer would like to obtain for as little money as possible. Will this lead to a bun fight, I think so if someone makes a lowball bid, others may well join the bun fight. Put it this way, I have no intentions of missing out, I intend holding ITV indefinitely if needs be. If I had to pick a potential predator the obvious one would be Liberty Global who already own 9.9% of ITV. But knowing LG's John Malone, he likes a bargain. He may make the first move, but someone else with deeper pockets may take the prize in the end. JMO.
prokartracei think i had mentioned i had felt bt offered better valuethere were a few posts critical of it, which is all good, it went as i thought and still offers much more perhaps another 50%itv would need a takeover for significant further rises from this point, something i dont think will occur, dividend resumption should get this back to pre covid levels, but thats about the ceiling in my viewbut both remain my two largest holdings by a considerable margin, to date itv has returned much more
The chances of a takeover for ITV are becoming stronger. My contact in the City tells me there is going to be a re-rating of ITV if vibes are correct. He said last year that buying activity was indicative of a stake builder other than Liberty. Https://
It began to tank after the Brexit referendum result, like many other UK domestic stocks, it recovered well and then spiked a little when Goldman and Liberty teamed up, as a consequence of the mistaken belief that a takeover was in the offing. But since that point the SP has been grinding down further and further, with a larger drop as the Covid impact hit markets. But we’ve since learned that Liberty and Goldman deliberately engineered a large part of that drop in order to reduce the average cost of the Liberty holding. I believe Liberty have done this before, with other companies that it took a stake in. This activity has now stopped, and in my view any positive news is likely to push the SP upwards. Given the UK vaccine roll out and the eventual catch up by the US and Europe, we might well see a mini boom in economic activity ... and it’s that which will move the SP further upwards. Again, just an opinion.
Nige Yes you are right but Mike Fries then immediately clarified after further questioning that at in fact ITV was correctly priced but the 35% takeover premium required would make the price too high! Clearly means nothing now but I think LG would ultimately pay the price needed to secure ITV especially as now they averaged down the original purchase price of their 9.9%stake. I also believe that LG could not bid for ITV before the Brexit uncertainty had cleared as they already had too many UK assets exposed an economically vulnerable UK. So LG were either unable or unwilling to take on any further risk. In my view nothing could happen before the end of 2020. But this is all just my opinion.
Any bid would have to be more substantial than 160p, some very big funds aren't going to sell at 160p and lose clients a fortune, anyway the book value is 192p per share. The sp would shoot up on any news of a bid and the board wouldn't recommend anything as low as 160p, they would call it a derisory offer. ITV is a cash generator, nobody will steal it for peanuts, predators know a low bid would attract others and could knock them out of the running. Buying options and shares when the price is low, getting a few backers to do the same and making a bid and pocketing a huge profit when another bidder comes along used to happen many years ago, but it doesn't work these days. Google the Distiller Guinness takeover, they all went to jail.
With the current ITV share price at 123p any potential predator would have to pay a premium of 30%, this brings the price up to 160p. If or when the ITV share price recovers back to the pre Covid price, at 160p plus a 30% premium would give a price of 208p. So if there is any predator out there now would be the time to strike a deal. With the economy expected to rebound later this year once we come out of lockdown ITV are only going to go from strength to strength. Just my opinion of cause. DYOR.
I almost miss the blue sky britbox and imaginary takeover posts that no one has any issues with...
geckyes britbox is the elephant in the room, especially after all the flame of yesterdayfunny how bullboards work, you cant speculate that britbox will never amount to anything, never mind point the drain on profits its causing, without being called short, swore at, accused of being someone else....but you can speculate on something completely, literally made up, like the imminent takeover....
Ivan... "my feeling is that Liberty will pounce before then !" Ivan, it makes me wonder if there is a potential ITV predator waiting? Now that the results are out, will they be happy to make their move? We can all speculate of cause, I would think that they're not going to get ITV any cheaper than now, I can only see the ITV share price recovering further this year. Any bid now would have to be in the region of 160p a 30% premium, if they wait until ITV share price reaches 160p we would be agreeing with The Naked Trader Robbie Burns 200p plus takeover price.
Any chance that we could see a takeover. Disney + acquisition?
Will pass on such myself NY BOY but hold what I have. Am looking to sell out on decent strength/takeover bid or whatever that gets me close to by original entry price
Results on Tuesday and not a word in the Sunday press apart from the FT. Even the ITV 'experts' at the Sunday Times were absent, no Love Island, no BGT and no Britbox !!! Were they silenced alongside the rest of the tabloid media? If Liberty are looking to takeover ITV, expect the stock to trade down after the figures, they will be looking to pick up stock on the cheap. And so will I !!!!
Stan, the only way ITV would receive a takeover bid of 200p plus with the current share price at 116p is if there was a bidding war. I do agree with Robbie regarding the longer anyone waits the more expensive ITV will become. ITV will recover to pre Covid price, at least 160p with or without a takeover, once we get to 160p, Robbie is right, at this point a bid would have to be 200p plus. I do think that ITV will be taken over at some point, I just don't know when. ITV are only a small fish in a large pond. One of the big players will take them at some point. ITV must look attractive to a cash rich company. Today ITV's Market Cap is £4.71B. @£6.5B would give a share price of 161p. I think that someone would be happy to pay that for all the assets that ITV own. Time will tell. I'm happy to hold.
Interesting comment today from The Naked Trader. He said he has been adding to his ITV holding for the last year; the latest being last week. He also said any takeover bid would have to be over £2. He must be confident about the Results next week.
Can we now look forward to a takeover Ivan? Sitting duck!
im not really obliged to put forward a balanced case am i...?i can assure i would be delighted with a takeover, itv was / is my main recovery share ( by a long long way) and i am 1.5p off a 100% gain...i just dont see it happening...:(did you get back in following your good exit points?
There. Is. No. Takeover.
Pity DB haven't got a whiff of a takeover to put this dog out of its misery (and mine!)
I don't mind reading negative comments Stan, if the poster's comments have substance. I personally think that ITV are worth a lot more than 113p. closer to 160p, so I won't be selling anytime soon, unless we receive a takeover bid.
My contact who no longer works for ITV (retired) who still keeps in touch with friends and ex colleagues tells me this morning, that the rumour going around the regional news is that ITV are taking steps to defend a potential takeover bid. I must stress that this is only a rumour at this stage. Fingers crossed guys.
Nice slow price recovery occurred it seems. :) Bit further to go but surely the takeover must be imminent! Gets more expensive by the day for any prospective buyer.
Agreed Net, any interest in ITV should be acted on before too long, the longer they leave it the more expensive ITV will become with an increasing share price. Once the share price recovers to 150p you would be looking at a takeover offer of over 200p. An offer now of 160p would be a bargain, if the offer was accepted of cause.
I understand the Government(OFCOM) could not object to either a BT or Virgin takeover/merger - they are not competitors. Also don't believe they could object to a foreign takeover - eg RTL, Viacom etc The field is wide open.
Significant GS manipulation once again. I do hope that whoever they are working for get pipped to the post when it comes to a takeover :-)
Agreed Stan, ITV share price will recover with or without a takeover. The great thing about a takeover at this moment in time would be great for shareholders who would have the opportunity to invest in other low valued shares. that in time will also recover.
more vaccinesvaccine rolloutdeclining casesftse reinclusionreturn to normailtydividend resumptionprice recovery to 140+a 5% dividend is effectively around 12% for anyone buying when it was on sale at 58-65who needs/wants a takeover, im happy to sit on that for years
Verizon just tied up with Disney+ I think itv is on their radar for a takeover.I might be wrong will see
I’m not holding for a takeover (although I think that’s very possible post Brexit) but because I think even at today’s price it is undervalued. 2021 looks quite positive in terms of getting back to normal, including dividend payment, so I think it still has some way to go.
I also think that it's a matter of when not if ITV receive a takeover bid. Content is king and ITV have a hell of a lot of it. I'm just surprised that no one has made a move yet. Maybe they're waiting on a Brexit trade deal, or just waiting for a start in advertising recovery before making a move. Happy to hold for the recovery in the share price.
I have been lucky on takeovers over the years, among my best hits were ARM, SKY, Colt Telecom, Imagination Tech and recently Cobham. Of the companies I am long in today, I have some great UK household brands including BT, M&S and ITV. Last March just before the virus really got to us, IG ran a list of top M&A targets. These are the top 5: Top UK takeover targets in 2020 ITV ASOS Whitbread Morrisons Burberry I think that the list is pretty much the same for 2021. Anyone who bought any of the above in March when they reached lows, would be sitting on very healthy gains.
Not in the magazine but a general piece on the website about the plight of the BBC and ITV compared to the new streaming services of Disney, Netflix and Amazon. States that ITV will likely be a takeover target. That’s been talked about for years but it may be that in 2021 it will actually happen ... in my opinion.
Have GS given up? they have sold off almost 12% of their 21% since August. The big question is still unanswered.... Who purchased the shares? Keep an eye out for future RNS announcements. Have GS been acquiring shares on behalf of a potential predator with GS manipulating the share price all the way down to 50p? With a little help from Covid. Now with the share price trading around 90p and ITV reporting solid Q3 results today, with expected increase in advertising in Q4, its now or never for a takeover bid IMO. ITV won't stay at half price forever.
I hope that you're right Ivan. However, ITV don't needs a takeover bid for the share price to recover. Will someone see the potential and snap ITV up while they're still cheap? Who knows.
This will hopefully bring forward any potential takeover bids.
Bought in today at 71, This looks like a takeover bid could come at this price below 1.20 imho
It's old news, but it fits today's climate. Https://
Apple certainly have been reported to be interested in ITV in the past: This is an evening standard report from 2017: Https:// the claim is for 300p a share
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