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My contact who no longer works for ITV (retired) who still keeps in touch with friends and ex colleagues tells me this morning, that the rumour going around the regional news is that ITV are taking steps to defend a potential takeover bid. I must stress that this is only a rumour at this stage. Fingers crossed guys.
Nice slow price recovery occurred it seems. :) Bit further to go but surely the takeover must be imminent! Gets more expensive by the day for any prospective buyer.
Agreed Net, any interest in ITV should be acted on before too long, the longer they leave it the more expensive ITV will become with an increasing share price. Once the share price recovers to 150p you would be looking at a takeover offer of over 200p. An offer now of 160p would be a bargain, if the offer was accepted of cause.
I understand the Government(OFCOM) could not object to either a BT or Virgin takeover/merger - they are not competitors. Also don't believe they could object to a foreign takeover - eg RTL, Viacom etc The field is wide open.
Significant GS manipulation once again. I do hope that whoever they are working for get pipped to the post when it comes to a takeover :-)
Agreed Stan, ITV share price will recover with or without a takeover. The great thing about a takeover at this moment in time would be great for shareholders who would have the opportunity to invest in other low valued shares. that in time will also recover.
more vaccinesvaccine rolloutdeclining casesftse reinclusionreturn to normailtydividend resumptionprice recovery to 140+a 5% dividend is effectively around 12% for anyone buying when it was on sale at 58-65who needs/wants a takeover, im happy to sit on that for years
Verizon just tied up with Disney+ I think itv is on their radar for a takeover.I might be wrong will see
I’m not holding for a takeover (although I think that’s very possible post Brexit) but because I think even at today’s price it is undervalued. 2021 looks quite positive in terms of getting back to normal, including dividend payment, so I think it still has some way to go.
I also think that it's a matter of when not if ITV receive a takeover bid. Content is king and ITV have a hell of a lot of it. I'm just surprised that no one has made a move yet. Maybe they're waiting on a Brexit trade deal, or just waiting for a start in advertising recovery before making a move. Happy to hold for the recovery in the share price.
I have been lucky on takeovers over the years, among my best hits were ARM, SKY, Colt Telecom, Imagination Tech and recently Cobham. Of the companies I am long in today, I have some great UK household brands including BT, M&S and ITV. Last March just before the virus really got to us, IG ran a list of top M&A targets. These are the top 5: Top UK takeover targets in 2020 ITV ASOS Whitbread Morrisons Burberry I think that the list is pretty much the same for 2021. Anyone who bought any of the above in March when they reached lows, would be sitting on very healthy gains.
Not in the magazine but a general piece on the website about the plight of the BBC and ITV compared to the new streaming services of Disney, Netflix and Amazon. States that ITV will likely be a takeover target. That’s been talked about for years but it may be that in 2021 it will actually happen ... in my opinion.
Have GS given up? they have sold off almost 12% of their 21% since August. The big question is still unanswered.... Who purchased the shares? Keep an eye out for future RNS announcements. Have GS been acquiring shares on behalf of a potential predator with GS manipulating the share price all the way down to 50p? With a little help from Covid. Now with the share price trading around 90p and ITV reporting solid Q3 results today, with expected increase in advertising in Q4, its now or never for a takeover bid IMO. ITV won't stay at half price forever.
I hope that you're right Ivan. However, ITV don't needs a takeover bid for the share price to recover. Will someone see the potential and snap ITV up while they're still cheap? Who knows.
This will hopefully bring forward any potential takeover bids.
Bought in today at 71, This looks like a takeover bid could come at this price below 1.20 imho
It's old news, but it fits today's climate. Https://
Apple certainly have been reported to be interested in ITV in the past: This is an evening standard report from 2017: Https:// the claim is for 300p a share
Surprised the hapless idiot netcurtains hasnt been on to post about that or spitting image today.ITV the most talked about takeover target never happens.
ddtotally rightbritbox and takeover come a long way behind the issues facing itvthe recession and how itv gets through it is ALL thats important right nowbritbox moving the needle and someone paying 300p for itv is utter nonsense, just mindless garbage from people who clearly have no clue
netyoure going to some length there to parse peddlers words to your advantage, i take it the bits you didnt quote you think were attacks?i notice you didnt address your misrepresentation of me?its not for you to justify peddlers postssince frequenting this board, people like you and peddlers take offence and go on the attack when anyone questions your out the air numbersall we hear is britbox, netflix will buy us and now all will be well by q1 2021nobody here will present britbox that will move the needletakeover talk is pure speculationthe recession will not be over by q1 2021, i have traded through several recessions,this looks like being the worst by far, sunshine
netcurt...The spike up is good but a lot of it is most likely helped by the William Hill takeover. William Hill is not in the same sector as ITV, but the takeover has shone a spotlight on the UK. The world will catch on fairly soon! ITV are one of two I place as at least gaining 100% from my stand in average of a shade under 60p. I am long on half a dozen UK household names because I see them as dirt cheap. I am pretty much in deep, but if I had more funds available there are at least another half dozen I would buy. ITV will never be this cheap again unless something really bad happens like a US meltdown similar to 08, a no virus vaccine for another 6 or more months or Brexit doesn't get a good outcome. The EU will deal, both us and them need it to survive and they know it.
Fill your boots JD. A bargain regardless of how takeover would work. Wish I could buy some at 49p.
JDFrom previous SAYE schemes at ITV it used to be 20% share price discount at the end of the term (3 or 5 years) plus tax free bonus (some schemes limit this bonus to the 5 year schemes only).They are a win win opportunity. Would ask you how do you know it’s a share price of 49p, sounds odd to me. Don’t know what happens if a takeover but then why worry about that as you cannot lose money anyway.
srpactive I've maxed out a 5 year plan which is pushing my budget to its limit. Just don't want any takeover to happen too soon. I suppose i should also consider my employment as well as the share scheme:-D
ITV employee here who's been lurking on this thread for a number of months. Some really useful contributions and entertaining at times!!! I was wondering if anybody had any experience with SAYE schemes and inparticular, what tends to happen with them if there's a takeover? I always participate in the scheme but never make any money! The latest share option has the potential to be quite lucrative (49p) but I don't suppose that would be the case if a takeover was to happen in the early days of the scheme with only a handful of contributions made? T.I.A
I am not for buying for takeover whatsoever, but I feel with the talk of wmh being acquired, will put a support under the usual takeover targets mentioned every year, itv one of them. I do expect a move through 67p to 70p very soon. dyor active
OMG, after three weeks out chilling on the Norfolk Broads I come back to plenty of hype and takeover speculation. And sadly more posts from cautious7 no doubt rambling on about his trips out with his mongrel again ;-) A few of the dead heads on here need to get a life!
IMO if Brexit deal gets done, that will pave the way for a lot more takeover bids from abroad. Time will tell, hopefully an exciting week or so.
If you had asked me in April I probably would have agreed with your conclusions.But the evidence is that this is very different from 2007/08.1. ITV is a very different more efficient company considerably less dependent on advertising revenues.2. TV advertising revenues have recovered from April lows to 2007/08 declines and improving further.ITV is now ridiculously cheap and now especially vulnerable to a foreign takeover given low valuation combined with weak sterling.
European Media M&A warming up : On the flipside M&A is likely to drive the stock in the short term particularly given the fact that an American group potentially approached Mediaset already once for a takeover.â€￾ hTtps://
Hopefully BT takeover talk will become infectious :)
BT up on takeover talk. Would be nice to see a bid, but UK gov would rebuff it as it's part of the country's national security infrastructure.
n There has been takeover talk around itv for over a decade. It will happen one day, I ignore it, I am buying here as I feel a good recovery story is forming. active
A lot of UK companies looking very attractive for takeover from overseas. Whilst Brexit in the air, they still gonna trade below their EU equiv. I expect approaches over next few months for good companies.
I wish people will stop going on about stupid takeover rumours. We dont need that type of pure bollx. ITV is a great company making great profits and will 'soon' be trading back where it should be - well over £1 a share (before you ask 'soon' does not mean a couple of days lol)
What would a takeover price be I wonder in the current environment? I'm thinking 80-90 pence. I hold as a believe the company remains undervalued.
No netcurtains, the decision (announced after close by FTSE on Wednesday) will be based on the market caps of the constituents at close tomorrow. However, the index value will continue to be derived using the current constituents until 21st Sept. Therefore if a fund wants to track the index accurately, it will hold ITV until close on 18th Sept. There's no point in them trying to be clever and pre-empt the change. Imagine they sold ITV prior to close on 18th Sept and there was a takeover bid. They'd then mistrack and underperform the FTSE 100, which is not what they're setup to do. That's why there was a large uncrossing volume on Friday (MSCI index change) and why they'll be a large uncrossing volume on 18th Sept (FTSE index change).
Quite so, net, as I posted on the 25th.. "This is priced ridiculously low, and really only represents a worst possible case scenario. A return to last year's earnings would mean that it'd be trading at a Mcap of only 4 x PTP. This is ideally placed to be taken over, and if it doesn't it still represents great value for divi seekers, a year out. I reckon it'll be at 120p within 12 months, without a takeover. Still, that's just me."
This is priced ridiculously low, and really only represents a worst possible case scenario. A return to last year's earnings would mean that it'd be trading at a Mcap of only 4 x PTP. This is ideally placed to be taken over, and if it doesn't it still represents great value for divi seekers, a year out. I reckon it'll be at 120p within 12 months, without a takeover. Still, that's just me.
More BT takeover talk to BBC. Whilst I own BT shares and would like it, at the right price, I don't think the gov would let it happen, critical UK infrastructure and all that. Natural share price gain is my aim there. Here however, takeover is more likely IMO.
ITV rides on the coat tails of BT bid speculation. Wilson also noted that BT’s possible takeover might highlight other “bombed out UK-listed stocks that could be taken out by a timely takeoverâ€￾ such as broadcaster ITV PLC (LON:ITV), which has also seen its shares fall sharply over the year as it attempts to diversify its revenue streams away from a reliance on TV advertising. [...]
flying nowtakeover rumours here too?
BT talk... “Of course, there is no formal offer, but shares could jump further if one emerges. Deutsche Telekom, which owns 12% in BT, is seen as a likely candidate. The question is whether there could be more bombed out UK-listed stocks that could be taken out by a timely takeover...perennial rumour-favourite ITV, for instance?â€￾ Wilson added,
net.. I hold BT as well as ITV so bring it on, the UK market is on the floor while big players and our very own fund managers are not taking notice. You can bet your life GS and other stake builders were feeling smug as so many are getting out of ITV as it drops out of the FTSE100. This is poignant in the link. The government does not own a golden share in BT, although the possibility of a takeover occurring on anything other than a friendly basis is remote. That would apply to ITV, if it were an easy target I think it would be snapped up during this downer, nothing is as easy as it looks.
goldfinger16: yeah but its not C&W that is in the frame, its BT and if BT goes up a shed load the whole sector will. A rising tide rises all boats. Https://
BT looks like it might get taken over by AN other (50:50 chance).... If this news is confirmed over weekend I expect to see steep rise in UK internet and TV share prices So ITV should rise loads on monday (I guess), if this rumour is true (see enclosed news): Https://
I don’t see an 85p takeover, on a company that bounced to 90p post March low. An offer that low will be easily resisted. GS can push the SP around but not in a bid scenario, where shorting is very dangerous. I’d be surprised to see an uncontested bid.
hamyou keep mentioning think itv could be taken over in the next 12 months?covid recession wont be over by then, big sporting competitions might not have restarted, advertising likely not back to pre covid levels, britbox still getting started...sp will likely still be low, add on 50% that what you or everyone here is after?
Netflix lost a load of UK content when britbox launched, a takeover would be a coup in getting it back indirectly. Https://
My preference is a price climb to one that aligns with the fundamentals. Then a takeover bid after that. P.
Preference is a bit of share price recovery then a takeover bid at 50% premium to that level.
what comments?my issue is that britbox cannot be compared to netflix in any sensible way, nor can the value of netflix be factored down into increasing itvs value, they operate at such different scale its just not true..i have not said anything about itv not being a great takeover target, but make up your mind, do you want itv taken over for 90p just now, do you want to wait for the recession to be over, or do you want to wait for britbox to have subscriber numbers measured by the 5 millionthey are all separate things, whats your preference?
There is a genuine reason why ITV has been voted the no.1 takeover target in Europe for past 4 years in a row. Https://
you cannot in any way compare britbox to netflixthe market agrees with that, the subscriber numbers back it upany takeover will undervalue the company by 30-50% vs post recession value
Liberty Global launches $7.4bn takeover for Sunrise Https://
For a moment I thought this was the big one but unfortunately, Liberty Global are using their cash to buy Sunrise Communications : hTtps://
Trying to think of what could spark a takeover bid? Maybe a big jump in Britbox subscribers would attract a bid. ITV have a lot of content that could prove to be a big hit to the right buyer.
To be fair I don't think anyone would attempt a hostile takeover
One day we may have takeover, but in mean time it is rinse and repeat they take it down then let it fly 54.42p was hitting its low so time to reload till they shoot it down again. This I do not believe is a falling knife company just one with a massif shareholder who is prepared to use his holding to control the share price. Don't borrow to buy shares as time frame is in hands of market.
It is a while I since posted here, but I bought some ITV this morning, hope I have done the right thing, but they looked cheap at 54.44p The Sunday Times article didn't really say a lot, recommending 'avoid' at a time when the market has few buyers is a bit rich. At the start of the year, ITV were still top of the takeover list. Well in the last few months it is now about 60% off it's January price. Am I catching a falling knife, well we will see on Thursday. Good luck all.
Redistribution of shares from the weak? As soon as supply is exhausted these will be repriced. That or we’ll see a takeover. Just wonder how much ITV will be worth. 120p?
Agreed Corby3, any takeover talk would certainly see a big correction to the very weak ITV share price. Plus any bid could lead to a bun fight, much the same as what happened with SKY. ITV have a lot of content that other big players may want. Are we fooling ourselves or is a bid around the corner? Who knows, I truly hope so. "A management buyout could be an option." This would be one way that the BOD could defend a low ball bid.
They have 20% of the shares at their disposal to short ... then rinse and repeat. The RNS tells you nothing. It suits Liberty Global as they have a floor set on their investment with this arrangement and it gives them options should they wish to make a takeover move.
Remember that ITV popped up to 90p after the March crash, without any hint of takeover or even a decent update. Anything positive from next weeks update or anything positive on the virus will push the stock higher. The idea that you’ll be able to buy for 70p is for the birds. To takeover cheaply you’d need institutional support, and you’re unlikely to get that.
GS would need 29.9% not 50% when they would have to make an offer - UK Takeover Code rules.
For a price offered what percentage of shareholders have to vote in favour of a takeover in a PLC in order to allow it to proceed? 50.1% of higher?
Indeed, Rupert Murdoch delivered for his shareholders while Stephen Murdoch (Micro Focus - spit) has destroyed shareholder value by personal greed. Anyway, Rupert Murdoch family's fortune is close to $19.8 billion with most of that in cash from the takeover - nice if some of that made it's way over here.
ITV has been a fecking takeover target for as long as I remember. The first time those rumours surfaced Ken Barlow was the Coronation Street paper boy. Murdoch is as old as Father Time himself and Simon Cowell is full of wind, piss and botox. If ITV ever get taken over, which is just more wishful thinking, it won't be by any of those mentioned.
Corbs..there has been talk on the street of the Murdoch's wanting to gain revenge for their failed bid of years ago. Old Rupert is still as sharp as a razor and his daughter Elizabeth is an Anglophile and the story goes that she has put a light under Rupert regarding ITV and a takeover. Considering these people were stopped from buying it once because they owned BSKYB, that no longer applies. With a bombed out share price and ITV's studios and Britbox, it really looks quite attractive. That isn't the end of the chatter on the street, another name cropped up in dispatches, none other than a Mr Simon Cowell, it all sounds like drivel until one looks at the bigger picture. This is not me ramping ITV, I would have a job against Goldman's manipulation. But it is food for thought.
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