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I3 Energy Plc I3E London Ordinary Share
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goodday1: Are you referencing our armchair CEOs and CFOs?Lol.Some people know it all.I invest in the company proposition and the BOD.Once I am not happy with either or both, I move on.Well said, Edgein.It has only taken us an hour to move all dividends from the cash account to the capital account.Now all the ISA accounts are set up to move dividends into capital accounts.Ps; the market is made of investors, speculators, gamblers, hedge funds & host of other punters.We are all buyers & sellers but in different periods.Gl all
buck 1939: Can't get the chart to add but here's the text. We’re also seeing higher prices in the US and Canada, and so a company I’m watching is i3 Energy (I3E). This is an oil and gas company with a diversified low-cost and growing production base in the western Canadian sedimentary basin. I’m told this is one of the most prolific hydrocarbon basins in the region, although this isn’t of much interest to me. What is of interest is the chart. The company was a reverse takeover and was listed in 2017. It achieved some success for its investors, with the price reaching as high as 120p. However, the stock printed in the 3-4p range in early 2020. Chart 1 shows the journey and reiterates my belief that shares (especially speculative ones) are for trading only. Over the past two years, the performance of the company has turned around. In the first quarter of 2022 the company achieved production of 18,095 barrels of oil equivalent per day. It also pays and aims to pay an increasingly higher dividend. Chart 2 shows the stock’s rising uptrend. The first sign was that the stock had doubled from its lows. That means that demand has now overwhelmed supply and that the appetite for the stock is increasing. A stock doubling from its lows is never a guarantee of a change in the trend, but it’s a strong sign. The next sign was that the 200 exponential moving average (EMA) was turning upwards. When the EMAs are all pointing upwards it can be a sign that the stock is ready to move north. I missed all of this move, but I’m now eyeing up the recent high at 31p. I’ve marked an arrow where I’d like to buy if the stock breaks out. However, the volatility in this stock requires caution. It traded below 22p earlier this summer; and so this is a reasonably large drawdown. What I would like to see is the stock gently trend up towards the breakout point and then consolidate. Periods of low volume and low volatility provide explosive conditions for breakouts and I don’t want to see the stock rally hard up to the breakout point. When this happens, I’m wary of traders in below me looking to sell at the resistance for a move-to-move trade. Rather, it’s better for the stock to be calm and then move.
pro_s2009: Traders view of the i3E price in the IC. He is not an investor in this article, so things like the superb prospects of the Clearwater etc.. do not interest him, he is looking at the chart only and ignoring the company maker potential Serenity drill as well. He is looking to buy in at 32p levels, waiting for a breakout though 31p. So, we can hopefully expect a lot of buying to flood in, once the price breaks 32p, for me, I think we will see 45p in late September. https://www.investorschronicle.co.uk/ideas/2022/08/03/pay-close-attention-to-this-oil-gas-opportunity/ .
old fool2: Five London-listed stocks to play the coming oil shortage hxxps://moneyweek.com/investments/stocks-and-shares/energy-stocks/605116/five-london-listed-oil-stocks-to-buy After peaking at a multi-year high at the beginning of June, oil prices have tanked over the past couple of weeks. The price of Brent crude oil has dropped more than 15% over the past month while WTI crude has slipped nearly 17%. As oil prices have fallen, oil companies have fallen out of favour with investors. The MSCI Europe Energy 35/20 Capped Index, which is designed to provide investors with a benchmark of large and mid-sized European energy companies, has fallen by nearly 11% over the past month, although it remains up 21.9% year to date. However, the performance of oil futures and oil stocks is becoming increasingly disconnected with the situation on the ground. The supply and demand fundamentals of the oil market Now that Russia has been ostracised from global oil markets, especially in the West, other producers are struggling to fill the gap. Short-term disruptions such as lockdowns in China, the rising cost of living and the potential for an upcoming recession might push demand lower in the near term. But over the longer term, the prospects for the oil market still seem attractive According to projections from the Opec cartel of oil-producing nations, average oil demand is projected to rise by 2.7 million barrels per day next year to 103 million overall. Supply from non-Opec countries is expected to grow by 1.7 million barrels a day leaving the group to pick up the remainder. That could mean the region will have to raise output to as much as 33 million barrels per day. Of course, these are only projections and I would caution against reading too much into the data. Opec has no idea how the economy will react to current pressures and there’s already some indication that high prices are having an impact on demand. Still, the most important figures are production figures. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that Opec can only produce 34 million barrels per day in the best case scenario, which includes output from Iran. It’s not clear if this group of oil producers will even be able to meet this target as many nations are already under-producing compared to their existing output targets. Then there’s the Russia wildcard. Russia produces around 10 million barrels per day. If its production drops by 10% or 20% it’s unclear if the world would be able to move quickly enough to replace that production. Take all of these factors into account and while there is a risk that oil demand could drop and put further downward pressure on prices, I think it’s more likely prices will remain buoyant. As such, I reckon there’s an opportunity to buy shares in oil producers after recent declines. Picking London’s best oil companies I looked at London-listed oil and gas companies with a market capitalisation of more than £50m, and which have generated a positive free cash flow over the past 12 months. There are 17 of them. The big oil companies, namely Shell (LSE: SHEL) and BP (LSE: BP) sit at the top of this list. These industry behemoths are by far my favourite ways to invest in the industry. Their diversification gives them a level of protection against oil price uncertainty and their size means they can achieve substantial economies of scale when dealing with suppliers. Still, smaller producers offer more leverage to higher oil prices (although they do come with more risk). That’s why, if I was looking for a leveraged play on the price of oil, I would also own a basket of smaller production companies. Excluding Shell and BP leaves 15 names. Of these I’m going to throw out Hurricane Energy (LSE: HUR) and EnQuest (LSE: ENQ) due to their weak balance sheets. Enwell Energy (LSE: ENW) is also out as most of its operations are based in Ukraine. Phoenix Global Resources (LSE: PGR) is out because it’s heavily loss-making (although it did generate a positive free cash flow last year). Of the remaining names, Genel Energy (LSE: GENL) and Gulf Keystone (LSE: GKP) both focus on the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Meanwhile, Seplat Energy (LSE: SEPL) and Savannah Energy (LSE: SAVE) both have interests located in Nigeria and West Africa. Nigeria and Kurdistan both have a history of economic volatility and political uncertainty. As such, I’m not entirely comfortable investing alongside these companies. That leaves seven names: Serica Energy (LSE: SQZ) Tullow Oil (LSE: TLW) Harbour Energy (LSE: HBR) Parkmead (LSE: PMG) Jadestone Energy (LSE: JSE) Diversified Energy (LSE: DEC) I3 Energy (LSE: I3E) Avoiding the companies that are struggling to create value Diversified Energy has the highest dividend yield in the FTSE 250, at a staggering 13.4%, but there have been some questions about the company’s accounting practices and the cost of maintaining its production. As such, while I like the dividend, these operational corners put me off the business. I’m avoiding Tullow for a similar reason. In recent years the company’s production has slumped due to operational errors. I’m not sure the business will be able to turn it around. Parkmead’s market value sits at just £56m so it’s a tiddler in the market. Nevertheless, the firm’s portfolio of low-cost onshore gas assets in the Netherlands could help it generate revenues of £11.6m this year, according to Refinitiv analyst estimates, up from £3.6m. Net profit will hit £3.3m from a loss last year. I3 Energy has assets in the UK and Canada, but it is spending heavily to maintain and grow production. While profits are expected to jump this year, high levels of spending could eat into shareholder returns in the long run. The company has already increased the number of shares in issue by 11 times in the past two years. Jadestone has a much better record of shareholder value creation. After growing production by 10% last year, management is planning to boost output further by 36% this year from its US and Asian assets. The group reported $180m of cash at the beginning of June, which is enough to fund its growth plans and return $100m to investors. Refinitiv analyst estimates have the company earning $114m this year putting the stock on a forward price/earnings ratio (p/e) of 4.5. The yield stands at 2.1%. North Sea producers lead the pack with high profits The last two companies, Serica and Harbour are both North Sea oil producers. While the government’s windfall tax will hit earnings, the fact that both are established businesses in a stable jurisdiction, with low production costs and strong balance sheets are all reasons to buy in my opinion. It looks as if Serica is going to merge with Kistos (LSE: KIST). Both have made offers for each other in recent days, and I wouldn’t be surprised if one company wins out. Kistos only listed on the stockmarket last year and is half the size of its peer. Combined, the two would have production of 40,000 barrels per day and would be a force to be reckoned with in the North Sea. Serica earned £28m in 2020 and that shot up to £415m last year. Analysts think the firm will earn £808m in 2022. Kistos (which will have to borrow heavily to buy its larger peer) has a portfolio of low-cost assets, and it is projected to see its earnings rocket from £64m last year to £441m this year. If I had to pick two producers for a portfolio, I’d buy both ahead of a deal. Harbour Energy is the North Sea’s largest independent producer with production averaging 200,000 barrels per day. High oil prices are enabling management to put the business on a stable footing for the foreseeable future. It expects to be debt free by the end of 2023 even though it is ramping up capital spending. Harbour’s Tolmount gas field will increase the UK’s gas production by 5% when it comes onstream next year. Along with Serica, Kistos, Jadestone and Parkmead, I’d buy Harbour Energy as part of a basket of London-listed explorers to capitalise on the tight oil market that’s expected to prevail for the foreseeable future.
pro_s2009: Should be, hopefully, a shorts closing rally in the US today, and close up and strongly blue. Lets see........ .........Investing.com -- U.S. stocks are seen opening higher Friday, regaining some ground after the previous session’s hefty losses as investors await the latest economic data releases amid growing recession concerns. At 7 AM ET (1100 GMT), the Dow Futures contract was up 180 points, or 0.6%, S&P 500 Futures traded 30 points, or 0.8%, higher and Nasdaq 100 Futures climbed 120 points, or 1.1%. The main indices on Wall Street closed sharply lower Thursday as investors worried about the looming threat of recession in the wake of aggressive monetary tightening by a series of major central banks, including the Federal Reserve .........
tonytyke2: Quite clearly in black and white on Ninepoints website it's states the objective is to achieve long term capital growth for investors.It indicates this objective will be achieved through investments in Oil, Gas Coal and Uranium etc. With regard to performance, you indicated the short term 12 month performance of the fund which is great. However, the funds objective for investors, is long term capital growth and when you research the performance since inception in Apr 2004, you may see a different performance picture.Looks like from what I can see $10000 invested in Apr 2004 would have been worth $38690 on the 31/05/08 and then worth only $35899 by 31/03/22. So in the last 14 years it's still not back to where it was in 2008. I think since inception of the fund returned on average just over 7% per annum.
goodday1: Hello mcleaniI have complained to HL 3 times over the phone and the last time I asked for a reply in writing.I have received my reply via my inbox messages stating the same excuses and the reply came just before business closing on Friday.I have replied & asked to escalate my complaint to a higher level of management.Let us see what happens this week.I always have the ultimate sanction, I can take my business & all the family accounts somewhere else!That is why I am trying to gauge the size of the problem across the widest number of private investors on these BBs especially after seeing your message on LSE on Friday evening.If enough of us throw enough stink, they will have to do bed ISA while doing their digital portal.Can HL offer to lose so much custom??Although some people accuse others of being Woke & in the first instance, they have a meltdown as seen on ACP BB yesterday.I had many private messages of support from many different BBs & I informed fellow investores of my compliant with HL & how I am proceeding.It is up to all private investors to proceed as they see fit but at least they know they are not alone.One paragraph which goes along the following lines from their long message is below.---We're currently increasing our investment into digital technology, to replacing manual processes, such as the Bed & ISA, with seamless, automated, and digitised services.--I am told it is hoped the digital service will come online later this year!Gl all
goodday1: Good morning,? Breaking news & views TODAY featuring The CBD bubble bursts as it was always going to, FSA bans Beckham's Cellular Goods from selling anything,i3 Energy still cheap and much moreShareProphetsI will not open it & give him a click.Has anyone opened it, please?Can copy & paste it here so doesn't get lots of clicks.Thanks----As for Suarez, I have posted recommending i3e on the other 2 BBs where I hold & for the past few weeks!As for the ISA issue, that was a copy & paste from LSE.It is an issue faced by many investors & apparently across many platforms.Hence I was trying to highlight it & seek experiences.A poster came with a kind of solution for the problem!BELOW---Have had similar delays, if not longer, in funding my SIPP through iWeb/AJBell as whilst the initial paperwork is done in 15 mins, and the funds go out of the account immediately, they then take 5-6 working days to be credited for trading.Not so with investment account / isa. Not bed and isa'd before but seemed to make sense to simply fund the isa and replace the cash from the sale proceeds when available.---Only by asking & sharing as well as DYOR investors can have a chance of making money.Maybe Kings don't have such problems!LolWe all can agree on one thing, i3e doesn't need PI to promote it as it is doing just fine.You must be deluded, if you think a few people buying say a million shares (been very optimistic) will affect billion-plus shares in issue company share price As for buying tons of i3e recently.You seem to be concerned about it.For your information, what investors do about increasing or reducing the size of their holding should be no concern to you!You need to take a chill pill, mate & keep going around giving the thumb down to posts as the fancy takes you.LolGl all
charggg: Like I mentioned on EOG board - I3e apparently has a new fan following in USA and Canada, post the Canadian investors valuation video. i3e and EOG would start benefitting as these new US and Canadian investors aim to gain exposure to the only North Sea player on their side of the pond.The power of the American retail Investor has been seen through the recent Gamestop etc. rise, and we've also seen a bit of their power on UK markets via the effect on PANR and 88e market caps going to £400mn+. All imo
the abbot: Cheers goodday, however it's not recognition I seek, its additional investment in the company. If we have a lot of investors or potential investors on another forum that are not seeing good news because they do not monitor this site, then that is not good for any of us. Any good news, particularly news that might help someone decide if they wish to invest should be shared. It's not about ramping however, all investors in i3e should really be ambassadors for the company. That's why when you see people on the LSE slating the management (no names mentioned) whilst claiming to be investors, then you just know what they really mean is they are traders, no one, absolutely no one that is just purely an investor spends time slagging of the company they are invested in.
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