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cfro: In my embarrassment i feel a bit stupid in reporting that i unfortunately got stopped-out yesterday when the share price fell below 40p. I was, of course, very surprised that this happened. I never expected the price to fall like that when the results were as anticipated. Clearly i was a victim of a market whip-saw seeing the buying that has come in late yesterday afternoon and this morning. So the only logical move was to buy back in again today, at a higher price. I think volatility has been something that investors have had to endure for the last years or so now, but worth posting up a 5 year chart below that shows the price movements in a wider context and therefore does not look so ugly when viewed in a shorter time frame:
interceptor2: With results due tomorrow I thought an old link about the history of Paul Taaffe CEO would be well worth a read for investor here who haven't seen it before. hTTp:// I like an investment opportunity where there is a new management team with a proven track record and that are in place to restructure and turnaround a company. As we know all of the restructuring has been completed now, and as a bonus we saw all main directors buying late last year at a price only a tad lower than is possible today.
interceptor2: Large buy of 485k at 46p this morning, larger institutional investor have had time now since the update to go through the numbers and decide to build positions? A bit of idle speculation on a quiet day really, buy it often works that way.
qs99: Looks like I was wrong. Be interesting if they can keep turnaround going and get that debt down... Credibility Imo may then return as will investors.... Let's see dyor etc
robow: From The Telegraph Matthew Freud, the son-in-law of Rupert Murdoch, has built a stake worth almost £5m in public relations company Huntsworth. The small-capper finished 5p higher at 50p, an 11.1pc gain, after disclosing that the PR executive owns 9.75m Huntsworth shares, the equivalent of a 3pc holding. When asked about his interest in the business, Mr Freud told The Daily Telegraph that he viewed Lord Chadlington, the company's chief executive, as "a giant" and "one of the genuine founders of the industry" and that he had a "huge regard" for Lord Myners, who was appointed Huntsworth's chairman earlier this year. "I recognise a decent PR business when I see one," Mr Freud said, adding that he saw the investment as "no more than somewhere between a punt and a hunch". The stake-building follows recent reports that Lord Hill of Oareford, Britain's candidate for EU Commissioner, was selling his Huntsworth stake to head off any issues with his lobbying past. It is not thought that Mr Freud bought Lord Hill's stake. Huntsworth, which owns the financial PR firm Citigate Dewe Rogerson, has had a difficult month, with the shares crashing 15.2pc two-and-a-half weeks ago after the group sounded a profit warning. However, the stock then rallied 13.9pc on Wednesday in heavy volume, and yesterday there were suggestions Mr Freud is not the only investor building a position..
mach100: Private Investor update A Mug, Huntsworth's Group Chief share buyer and ordinary punter, who, as announced at the local Poor House, is currently unwell and therefore on leave from his senses, and is expected to return to Huntsworth during the Autumn or immediately before the next inevitable profit warning.
typo56: Think that's the first time it's been stated in an RNS that COO and FD Sally Withey is unwell. They claim they announced at the company AGM. Bit poor. How would a new investor or one who didn't attend the AGM have known that?
erb2008: Brokers note on Bluefocus from December - not a good translation but you will get the gist - revenue to grow x 10 in next 10 years and will continue with the core policy of acquisition. December 6, 2013 A brief analysis Blue cursor (300058.SZ) 44.51 yuan Securities research report Ten times the growth target unchanged ; maintain Conviction Latest News Blue Label on December 6 held a conference call with investors , points are as follows : Analysis ( 1 ) emphasizes three strategic objectives for the next decade : Digital : Digital Management expects 2013 industry Service will be 45% of the proportion of total revenue over the next decade to 70% target . Internationalization: Future accelerate maturation Market, advertising and marketing , public relations and business investment , overseas business accounted for 33% revenue share . Growth targets : 8-10 years after 2012 , the revenue growth to achieve 10 times . ( 2 ) endogenous growth robust digital business growth . PR Blue Label revenue primarily from customers original Marketing budget , currently being expanded on the client's marketing budget . 2013 corporate expenses by financial expenses , depreciation Amortization , the impact of mergers and acquisitions transaction costs rise faster, but the long-term pressure will be eased. ( 3 ) the successful integration of acquisitions , brand pre- acquisition performance robustness . The main brands Bhoj , SNK, this long 2013 brisk performance , may exceed the performance of gambling . Less accurate results for the first half of the sun , the second half of the management The results appear greatly improved after the change . Risk of impairment of goodwill may not be. ( 4 ) the acquisition is still the company's core strategy. After the restart IPO market generally worry about the company 's acquisition strategy implemented Difficult, management considers whether to close or from overseas experience before the merger IPO market situation, market Course not need to worry too much . Blue Label in the past three years has accumulated a wealth of experience in merger integration , the future will also be strong Support rapid expansion through mergers and acquisitions strategy . Future acquisitions will focus on technology , service-oriented companies, especially Digital marketing , mergers and acquisitions mode will be more diverse. The potential impact of We remain optimistic about the acquisition of Blue Label + wheel drive endogenous growth strategy , and that the company 's ambitious strategic vision Layout and strong execution capability is expected to be transformed into a world-class integrated marketing communications group . We re- Shen Conviction stock , maintain our 12 -month target price unchanged. INVESTMENT LIST Asia Pacific Buy List Asia Pacific Conviction Buy List Industry rating : Neutral Xufa Liao , CFA Practising Certificate Number : S1420510120006 +86 (21) 2401-8902 xufa.liao @ Beijing Gao Hua Securities Company Limited Beijing Gao Hua Securities Company Limited and its affiliates and its corporate research reports Industry business relationship exists and will continue to seek to develop these relationships. Therefore, investors should Taking into account the existence of the Company may affect the objectivity of this report may be a conflict of interest , should not be considered This report is the only factor in making their investment decision . Affirming and other important relevant analyst Information, see the Disclosure Appendix , or contact your investment representative. Hereby certify Practising Certificate Number : S1420511070001 +86 (21) 2401-8943 zhijing.liu @ Beijing Gao Hua Securities Company Limited Fang Zhujing Practising Certificate Number : S1420513070001 +86 (21) 2401-8949 zhujing.fang @ Beijing Gao Hua Securities Company Limited Beijing Gao Hua Securities Company Limited Investment Research December 6, 2013 blue cursor (300058.SZ) 44.51 yuan Global Investment Research 2 Disclosure Appendix Reg AC We, Xufa Liao, CFA, Zhijing Liu and Zhujing Fang, hereby certify that all of the views expressed in this report accurately reflect our personal views about the subject company or companies and its or their securities. We also certify that no part of our compensation was, is or will be, directly or indirectly, related to the specific recommendations or views expressed in this report. Investment Investment in part by the main indicators of a stock market compared to its industry and the investment environment to evaluate the stock . Described four key indicators including growth , returns, multiple and volatility. Growth Returns and multiple are indexed based on composites of several methodologies to determine the stocks within the region in which the percentile rankings. The precise calculation of each metric may vary fiscal year, industry and region vary , but the standard approach is as follows : Growth forecast for next year a comprehensive comparison with the current year's estimate, eg EPS , EBITDA , Revenue. Return is the return on capital indicators predict a year plus the total , as CROCI, Return on average capital employed And ROE. Valuation multiples of one-year forward valuation ratios, such as price-earnings ratio , dividend yield , EV / FCF, EV / EBITDA, EV / DACF, book value . Volatility based on 12 months of history Volatility adjusted for dividends . Quantum Quantum provides detailed financial statement histories, forecasts and ratios Goldman Sachs' proprietary database, which can be used for in-depth analysis of a single company , or between companies in different sectors and markets are compared . GS SUSTAIN GS SUSTAIN is recommended to do more long-term focus on the relative stability of global investment strategy. GS SUSTAIN focus list includes leaders our global peers with respect to sustainable competitive advantage and superior returns on capital Report , which is expected outstanding performance of the industry leader in the long term . Leaders are identified based on quantifiable analysis of three aspects : cash return on cash invested, industry positioning and management quality ( the company Tube MANAGEMENT industry faces environmental, social and corporate governance aspects of management effectiveness ) . Information Disclosure Correlation of stocks Xufa Liao , CFA: China 's media industry , China's tourism industry , China's food and beverage industry. Hereby certify : Chinese tourism. Chinese food and beverage industry : Gujinggong , Yang shares , Maotai, Luzhou, green barley wine , Shanxi Fen , Wuliangye . Chinese media industry : Anhui New Media , Enlight Media , Gehua, Hualubaina , Blockbuster , blue cursor , Brilliant communication SOUTH media , Chinese media , province wide shares , Austrian flying animation , Shun network technology , Huayi Brother Brother, Hubei Radio and Television , the Phoenix media , music Watch , palm interested in science and technology, radio and television networks , Tianwei video , Times Publishing , China Media , Zhejiang newspaper media , Huace . China Tourism: BCT , CYTS, China International Travel Service , Emeishan A, Guilin , Huangshan B shares, Huangshan tourism , Lijiang tourism , Jin Jiang, Songcheng , Zhangjiajie . Regulatory disclosures relating to the company 's The following disclosures Goldman Sachs Gao Hua Securities Company Limited ( " Goldman Sachs Gao Hua " ) Research Division of Beijing Gao Hua Securities Company Limited ( " Gao Hua Securities " ) of the Company's investments in research and in the study mentioned in the report between Relationship. No company-specific disclosures for: blue cursor (Rmb44.51) Ratings, Coverage groups and views and related definitions Buy, Neutral , Sell : Analysts recommend stocks as Buys or Sells included in the list of investment areas. A stock as buying or selling in the list of investment return potential relative to its research industry belongs decision . Any stock not assigned as a Buy or Sell rating is deemed Neutral. Each regional Investment Review Committee of 25% -35% of stocks as Buy and 10 % -15% of stocks as global guidelines to sell List of investment management in the region ; However, in a particular industry, the distribution of Buys and Sells may vary according to decide the regional Investment Review Committee. Regional Conviction Buy and Sell lists represent a potential return Reported the possibility of scale or realization of the return of investment proposals are mainly based. Potential returns : on behalf of the forecast price difference between the target price and the current time horizon . Analysts are required for all covered stocks given target price . The return potential, price target and associated time range Each adding or reiterating an Investment List List of investment research report has noted. Research industry and ratings : Analysts give the following coverage views which represents the investment outlook based on historical fundamentals and / or valuation analyst's views. Attractive (A): within the next 12 months before investing King superior coverage group's historical fundamentals and / or valuation. Neutral (N): the investment outlook for the next 12 months relative scope of research historical fundamentals and / or valuation. Cautious (C): within the next 12 months investment outlook Inferior to the coverage group's historical fundamentals and / or valuation. Not Rated (NR): In Goldman Sachs involving and in certain other circumstances , the investment rating and target price have been based on Gao Hua Securities policy when a merger or strategic transaction of the company acting in an advisory To remove . Rating Suspended (RS): Due to lack of sufficient basis for determining an investment rating or price target , or in published reports there are legal , regulatory or policy constraints , we have voted to suspend for this stock Owned rating and price target . Earlier on this stock investment rating and price target ( if any ) will no longer be valid , and therefore investors should not rely on such information . Suspended (CS): We have suspended coverage of this company Research . No studies (NC): We do not cover this company . Does not exist or is not applicable (NA): This information is not available or not applicable. Meaningless (NM): This information is not meaningful and is therefore not included in the report. General Disclosure This report is disseminated in China by Gao Hua Securities . Gao Hua Securities with securities investment consultancy businesses . This research is for our customers to use. The present study is based on our current public consider reliable information , but we do not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information, it should not be relied on as such information is Accurate and complete. We seek to update our research as appropriate, but various regulations may prevent us from doing so . Other than certain industry reports published on a regular basis , the majority of reports are considered appropriate in the analyst Published at irregular intervals . Goldman Sachs Gao Hua , an affiliate of Gao Hua Securities, conducts an investment banking business. Gao Hua Securities , Goldman Sachs Gao Hua and their affiliates have with most of the companies involved have investment banking and other business relationships Department . Our salespeople , traders, and other professionals may provide our clients and our proprietary trading and the research report provides the views diametrically opposed to oral or written market commentary or trading strategies. I Their proprietary trading desks and investing businesses may make inconsistent comments and suggestions expressed in this report or investment decisions . December 6, 2013 blue cursor (300058.SZ) 44.51 yuan
erb2008: Don't think that is correct - however i am not making it up - that is what investor relations said.
erb2008: You would have to think that the end game is a takeover - Chadlington sold his previous business to IPG - he is not getting any younger. Melissa TanThe Straits TimesWednesday, Nov 06, 2013A chinese communications giant will pump up to US$100 million (S$124.3 million) into a Singapore investor relations firm as part of its global expansion plans. BlueFocus Communication Group president Peter Mao told The Straits Times last Tuesday that this money will be put into home-grown company Financial PR over the next five years. In June 2011, it bought 40 per cent of Financial PR, which has 22 staff members in Singapore, for HK$80 million (S$12.8 million). Financial PR group managing director Kathy Zhang said last Tuesday that even with a promised war chest of up to US$100 million, the agency was not looking to acquire at the moment. However, she said the firm would keep an eye out for opportunities in the region in areas such as corporate governance advisory. She added that the investor relations industry in Singapore "has gone through consolidation" over the past five years. Financial PR earned HK$20 million in 2011. BlueFocus recently also snapped up a stake in the parent company of local public relations agency Citigate Dewe Rogerson I.mage in April this year. It paid £36.5 million (S$72.3 million) to acquire a stake of nearly 20 per cent in London-listed Huntsworth, according to media reports. The deal was completed last month. Huntsworth also owns public relations firm Grayling. Mr Mao said that BlueFocus was looking overseas, given cheaper valuations in markets such as the United States and Europe, where it has recently acquired communications companies. He added that it aims to raise the percentage of its revenue from outside China to 30 per cent. The firm is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's ChiNext board and has a market capitalisation of about 25 billion yuan (S$5 billion). Mr Mao said that BlueFocus, which employs about 2,000 people, is an entirely private company without Chinese government ties. hxxp://
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