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Castillo Copper Limited CCZ London Ordinary Share
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-0.025 -1.43% 1.725 08:30:12
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1.75 1.71 1.75 1.725 1.75
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jlondon: On the London South East CCZ forum today, Sun, 8 Aug 2021, a few investors have posted. The SI Capital Jan 2021 Broker Note has been posted with the pertinent points prior to this latest conversation. 1 speculated that after this current drill ends, then results + coming Arya, there may be a further drilling campaign. It may or it may NOT be but this shows that common to an MRE, it needs X amount of holes. This shows that given what I said, it would have been IMPOSSIBLE for any poster to have given a DEFINITIVE VIEW on the OUTCOME OF THE RESOURCE SIZE ETC without the drill/s & results. How can anyone have a definitive when there is NOT ENOUGH DATA YET? The latest release was for a few holes out of so many to come?
jlondon: PensionPlanner I was listening to Owen Hegarty^s CNBC International interview again yesterday and he makes the same point about copper and also that there are not many copper plays around in Australia. Perhaps he does not just mean green field given he is talking about his IPO. So, per the forecasts when supply tightens further, then copper price has to rise for majors etc to close that gap per Glencore*s CEO. Hence, its a matter of timing etc? Case-in-point: The lithium story, hiccups & currently the chase. I therefore agree that the commercial reality vs vision is something to note? ---SP ANGEL - No 1 in Copper & Gold etc--- Ref: "Today^s Market View- Versarien, Rainbow Rare Earths and Maersk & more."-Proactive Investors, UK, Fri, 6 Aug 2021 "Castillo Copper: Conclusion: In Jan this yr, Castillo Copper confirmed that the potential to divest the BHA project was under active consideration in order to allow it to focus on advancing its copper strategy. Today^s announcement confirms that as the preferred choice." As I posted earlier, at the end of every CCZ RNS, it is stated that SI Capital is the Broker & Nominated Advisor. So, I spotted share price Angel covering CCZ for the last RNS relating to the results from the Big One. They posted parts of the release but made no comment. In this CCZ RNS of 6 Aug 2021, share price Angel, per the normal style put in their Conclusion. They dont often do Conclusion but I have seen them do it at times for Solgold. Its good that CCZ has more coverage which can only be positive? Sat, 7 Aug 2021.
jlondon: 29M IPO The recent 29M IPO at A$1bn consists of the Capricorn mine, Qld, Golden Grove in WA, Oz & another in Chile. So, the Capricorn mine itself may not be valued at A$1bn. The information should be in the listing schedule. However, AFR reported that the "IPO portfolio recorded $621 million revenue & $185m in EBITDA in the 2021 financial yr." Hegarty formerly ran RIO TINTO*s Australian copper/gold business and was founder of Oxiana Gold Ltd [now Oz]. Source: AFR == "Cashed up Owen Hegarty returns as deal maker."-AFR, 31 Jan 2015 "FORTESQUE Vice Chairman & mining identity has re-emerged at the helm of a US$450m war chest.. Most of the capital has come from large institutional investors in the US, mainly endowments by universities and corporations, foundations, family offices & fund of funds. European institutions are also invested. Volatility is driving all the mining co*s mad. You cant raise equity at the right time & sometimes you cant raise debt, he said. [Chang of EMR Capital] The current mkt presents OPPORTUNITY. Quite often, the GOOD ASSETS SIT IN THE HANDS OF CO*S THAT CANT RAISE C A P I T A L. Mr Hegarty was MD of Rio Tinto Asia." == I remember that period. So, there*s the answer why copper assets were being sold.
jlondon: Castillo Copper tweeted today at 3pm+, Fri, 6 Aug 2021 Link: It relates to Mt Oxide and the "context." CCZ's tweet also mentioned that Big One,Qld is near "historic and OPERATING MINES" namely, Mt Oxide, LADY ANNIE & CAPRICORN MINE. CCZ shows the map and their prospects. I have already posted a few days ago that Lady Annie was sold to the Chinese and Capricorn Mine was bought by the renowned Owen Hegarty and has just IPO'ed in Australia with a mkt cap of A$1bn. CNBC International interviewed Owen Hegarty as its not everyday that a mining co comes to mkt at A$1bn. The co is named 29M. 3 prospects are in 29M ie Capricorn Mine, one in WA, Oz & Chile. Its just occured to me that given the 3 historic and operating mines are close or closer to CCZ's Big One, the geology will be in that same category but grades may differ somewhat in part/s. However, to me, I am looking forward to the Competent Person [Geo] preparing the JORC as indicated in the Feb 2021 CCZ Presentation. CCZ tweeted a few days ago to ask shareholders and potential investors to look at this Feb 2021 presentation. They later tweeted the next day, a para from the said presentation ie major discovery which I have posted already. Fri, 6 Aug 2021.
pensionplanner: JL. Thank you for your polite reply. The idea that one of the more experienced investors has voiced they fear dilution, makes no sense really under the circumstances? If the company has not got the wherewithall to raise £2.4m using the consultants and skills it also requires for an IPO then it is more a reflection on them. The logic that one investor fears dilution makes no sense because the alternative is to have no beneficial interest in this 'transformational' asset at all, unless they cop up with paying for shares in the new company, for an asset they already held. The company gets diluted if an asset is given away too, and the potential is much more than the £2.4m or so the company expects to get from an IPO, so the downside is much greater having an IPO than even dilution, but where even with dilution CCZ shareholders would still own the asset in question and the potential of that asset. Failing that the directors could offer existing shareholders to raise the £2.4m in an open offer to shareholders, and even then although non subscribing shareholders who may not have the money to subscribe, would still enjoy the potential of the asset and others choosing to subscribe would also, within the umbrella of CCZ avoiding all the costs of an IPO, which in my opinion should not have been green lighted and already arranging parties to progress the IPO, without a proper discussion and vote by shareholders as its a fundamental change to the business, one that could be very poor for existing shareholders.I know they discussed the potential for an IPO previously, but not the terms, which I find inexplicable and unacceptable let alone possibly in breach of AIM, LSE and Companies Act requirements. I've been investing for 45 years, so I don't get impressed with comments about one of the more experienced investors and no disrespect intended. "So, unless one can be sure at this early point with NO DRILLING done at Broken Hill that its going to turn out X, Y or Z, that is "potential" as is norm. Of course, it COULD be "transformational" - any prospect can be but UNTIL DRILLED there is no guarantee no matter how promising at this stage. I am sure that when the IPO comes out, the listing documents will show CAVEATS as usual at the end as norm." If this were the case then one would have to question the judgement of our Board in their description of the asset, and acquiring it in the first place and the glowing RNS about Broken Hill.
jlondon: BIG ONE, QLD, AUSTRALIA SI CAPITAL-BROKER TO CASTILLO COPPER Drilling started in Jan 2021 & Charlie Stephenson, Geo/Analayst/Mining Specialist of SI Capital gave an interview on these results to Proactive Investors on 26 Jan 2021. Drilling has started again recently due to the weather and the 1st results are out. Again, Charlie Stephenson gave an audio short interview on the night the results were released in Australia dated 25 July 2021. Two broker notes are available from SI Capital, the latest available being Jan 2021 [available on Castillo Copper website]. In the interview, Mr Stephenson stated: "40m, OPEN PITTABLE, ORE BODY ECONOMIC TO MINE." The broker note of Jan 2021 does mention that it is "TRUCKABLE." From the historic overview of the historic copper mine at Mt Oxide, the ore was trucked. SP ANGEL, #1 IN GOLD & COPPER They covered the Castillo Copper RNS of 25 July 2021 based on the RNS. share price Angel is NOT the broker for Castillo Copper. So, they have become interested in Castillo? If there was anything to mention specially as a conclusion or flag, they usually would do so. One can conclude that they might have been keeping an eye PRIOR to writing on the co re: RNS etc. ADVFN: 2MEX STATED: "ITS A DUD." as above. Fo77Y, 31.7.21 has also asked about the "dud" opinion from 2MEX. There has been NO further reply from 2MEX as to whether he is a Geo etc [substantive knowledge] given that this is EARLY DRILLING and it is being currently drilled. Once finished, they go on to the NEXT TARGET AT ARYA which was looked at by BHP as said and they recommended drilling but given so many projects, it appears they did not take it up. CAPRICORN COPPER MINE Castillo mentioned this as said which is nearby. It is coming into greater prominence as 29M*s Owen Hagarty has justed listed the 3 mines [Capricorn +WA +Chile] and the mkt cap is A$1bn+. Hargarty was interviewed by CNBC International given the size of the IPO at A$1bn is not the norm at that size. Hargarty BOUGHT Capricorn mine. LADY ANNIE Also mentioned by Castillo as nearby. Lady Annie was sold to the Chinese. RIO, NEWMONT, MT ISA etc are pegging land in Qld as stated by Castillo ie SPECIFICALLY the Mt Isa area where Castillo*s BIG ONE -Arya and other prospects sit. QUESTION: I would like to know, like Fo77Y how 2MEX can say "IT A DUD"? Charlie Stephenson, Geo for SI Capital has GONE OUT to the drill [Jan 2021] and he hopes to get back for this 2nd drill. The Competent Person [GEO] signing the RNS and preparing the data and review has a BSc in Geology + Masters in Geology, same as Mr Stephenson. Against this bevy of qualified geo*s with Mr Biggs, the competent person also is qualified to sign JORC - his Linkedin stated he has done so for some 32 yrs from recall with 39 yrs of experience. Best to have a summary. Of course, as a investor in Castillo , Sat, 31 July 2021 [stock market closed today], I present the above and ask how? What is the EXPERTISE to be able to make such a statement from 2Mex of ADVFN CCZ? Drilling is not even finished yet. I understand that drilling will finish in Aug 2021? So, BEFORE all the results come IN, 2MEX can already pronounce in his opinion its a dud? As for the Capricorn Copper Mine, there are drill results to follow as NEAROLOGY and even then Capricorn has 3 prospects, not just 1. Sat, 31 July 2021.
jlondon: MY POST 745 ABOVE, FRI, 30 JULY 2021 Summary: This cant carry on much longer. Why? There needs clarity and closure as it does affect the share price only in that people reading will need someone in authority to bring this matter to a close. So, we, investors will wait if this and that can go further than Mr Biggs who has not been given the authority to reply formally. Only the NOMINATED ADVISOR can do so. If, it is NOT taken to the Nominated Advisor, then we, investors know its appears to have NO MERIT otherwise why not go to the Nominated Advisor as authorised by the London Stock Exchange with the required evidence? It would be useful to see if anyone approaches the Nominated Advisor NEXT WEEK. Procedures are set up wherein there are authorised people to do the drilling, qualified people to sign the RNS and qualified Competent Persons including the broker*s Geo/Analyst to do the rest. NO ONE HAS RAISED that drilling should be done like this or that etc. What if these people are NOT QUALIFIED GEO*s? How do they know how to check what the qualified people are authorised to do? NO REPORTING TO THE NOMINATED ADVISOR MEANS IT WOULD APPEAR NO EVIDENCE TO BACK IT UP? Simple reason and logic? After all, Joe Bloggs tells the FSA this and that and in reply the official reply is that there is "NO ILLEGALITY" re: takeover. Full stop and end of the constant posting. Fri, 30 July 2021. I should have come to the above conclusion earlier but I thought explaining might help but it does not appear so? Otherwise, I need not have posted lengthy posts on this forum? So, we investors wait for NEXT WK. We, investors rely upon the London Stock Exchange and their procedural rules which they have set in place, just as the FSA has procedural rules, the most important of which is EVIDENCE NEEDED of the prima facie type as norm?
jlondon: Exactly, Agree Fo77y. On the 1 side, Charlie Stephenson, Geologist, SI Capital who wrote the broker note/s on CCZ + interviewed by Proactive Investors relating to the Big One, Qld, Oz drill of Jan 2021. This was followed up with an audio interview on the night of the latest CCZ 25 July 2021 results. Mr Stephenson was introduced by Proactive Investors as Mining Specialist. SI Capital is broker to CCZ. On open file, Mr Stephenson*s Linkedin states that he has a BSc in Geology from the UK including Master of Science [MSc]Mining Geology CSM. Mr Stephenson stated: "40m, OPEN PITTABLE. ORE BODY ECONOMIC TO MINE." Mr Stephenson has been out to the site as he implied in the interview and will go out again for the 2nd drill happening now. From one interview, Mr Stephenson has worked in exploration in Australia so he covered many places. On Twitter, he showed that he visited Cote d* Ivoire for IRR. IRR is now famous as they got a JV with Piedmont who will even pay for the Capex of the whole lithium project in Ghana plus other expenses and yet IRR retain a rather substantial 50 % of the project which one does not come across that often. I have already mentioned S P ANGEL who covered the most recent CCZ 25 July 2021 drilling result. There were NO caveats from a No 1 mining analyst house in London?? 2mex stated "its a dud" [now asked by Fo77y today, Fri, 30 July 2021 Post 739.] Fo77y asked 2mex: "Why do you think it*s a dud?" Yes, we, investors are all ears? Fri, 30 July 2021. DYOR.
jlondon: Charlie Stephenson [Geologist], "Mining Specialist" interview with Proactive Investors, UK on the Big One [CCZ] relating to the Jan 2021 drilling: "Castillo unveil "fantastic" copper discovery results from the Big One. Mining specialist Charlie Stephenson recently spoke about the results from a 35 hole RC drilling campaign." Charlie Stephenson: "40 m. OPEN PITTABLE. ORE BODY ECONOMIC TO MINE. Get back. Cant wait to get out there. Arya-system at depth. Could be very exciting. Exciting coming few mths." Link: hxxps://twitter.oom/CastilloCopper/status/354002646290608128 26.1.21 == The time between 26 Jan 2021 and the current drilling at the Big One was due to the weather as norm out there. SI Broker also produced a Jan 2021 broker note which can be viewed on the Castillo website. Go to the Castillo Copper website by typing in this search title. Once there, hover over Investors and Analysts Reports and one will see the SI Broker Report. They said that the copper ore could be TRUCKED? Rockfire*s CEO enlightened that trucking ore saves double digit millions wherein his potential project is more towards the Queensland coast, Australia vs CCZ a bit more inland but in Queensland. As norm, brokers send out their geologist to the site. So, Charlie Stephenson, Geo & Mining Specialist has been out in Qld for the 1st drill at CCZ*s Big One, Qld, Oz in Jan 2021. Presumably, he will be out again to the site per his said interview? share price Angel is not the broker for CCZ but they COVERED the latest Big One, Qld, Oz 25 July 2021 RESULTS . If they have anything to ADD OR COMMENT ON ANY SIGNIFICANT CAVEATS, they DO SO? This is norm? share price Angel of London is No 1 for copper, gold etc. Fri, 30 July 2021.
mo2550: Castillo Copper (ASX:CCZ) raises $11.7M for exploration in QLD and Zambia04 June 2021 11:10 (AEST)Castillo Copper (CCZ) has raised $11.7 million through a placement to support its goal of becoming a mid-tier copper companyAustralia- and U.K.-based institutional and sophisticated investors will be issued with over 278.3 million shares at 4.2 cents per share which marks an 11 per cent discount to the 15-day volume-weighted average priceInvestors will also receive one free-attaching listed option for every two new shares subscribed for which are exercisable at 8 cents and expire in July 2024Castillo Copper will use the funds for drilling at the Mt Oxide Project in Queensland while the copper price nears a 10-year highThe money will also be used for exploration at its Luanshya and Mkushi projects in ZambiaCompany shares have dropped 11.8 per cent to trade at 4.5 cents
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