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Massive takeover target once flow results are announced.
mentioned in times little gem gan 32p broker target short term 93p most f last week negotiated trades only many 100k bought also one at 34.5p paying premium read news came out on Friday takeover rerating listing in usa etc all possible about to rocket buy buy
Is there a takeover predator in the background mopping up?????????????????
Takeover target?
yes MM ,take your point,have shares in GKP to and a takeover there would well suit,lol Cheers B
I am coming to the conclusion that in this climate the only decent rise will be a full blown takeover .Angus today presented a reasonable RNS of its latest findings and has hardly improved.B
Another classic... forwood12 Oct '17 - 08:28 - 40524 of 40525 0 0 Would be nice to see a takeover offer!
The MMs will drop this aggressively on the slightest bit of selling, so don't be fooled - they actually do want your shares cheaply because they know the buying is solid. What price did Boygues buy in? Will they buy more now? Would be nice to see a takeover offer!
Logs, My point last night to you was that this is worth far more than current value, what that value is I have no idea but it has to be factored in to any valuation the value of oil in place should there be a hostile takeover bid. Wtd, I offered the possibility last night that social media would be recognised by Adam Smith as a way to control the masses and move markets.
Cudmore! Every positive RNS lately has resulted in an initial surge in the sp only to fall back to the 7.3 to 7.4 range. I think that we are being taken out on the cheap. I will be asking questions of the government if it comes out that mm's have been manipulating the sp to facilitate an entity buying us up on the cheap. I think this is so big that pi's will be screwed over potentially. If we we get a hostile takeover here then there are questions that need to be answered imho.
@mm98 no that's wrong. If bought out at a particular price the acquiring company pays the fully diluted price. E.g. all warrants/options in the money are added to issued share capital and that's the price paid. options/warrant holders are made good at the price the takeover happens at. It would be ludicrous otherwise as the BoD who often hold warrants/options would be hugely incentivised NOT to sell. @forwood no I'm talking about warrants and options which do not trade. I've received plenty when taking part in placings and this is exactly how it works.
Football, It didn't become UKOG and list until 5/12/2013, It was a reverse takeover of Sarantel, who were designing GPS satellite tags. This is BASIC research that should be done before buying in.
How come red when so many buys compared to sells, must be some manipulation???? Anyone think they are filling a big order for a takeover approach???
ContrarianInvestorUKâ€￾ @ContrarianUK 41m41 minutes ago More More rig demobilisation pics from #UKOG Broadbridge Heath September 6th and #RGM Andrew Bell takeover tweet?
I think that planning statement is more of a game changer than we may have given it credit for. One of the biggest issues that can hold back the exploration of the resource will be planning issues. But that now seems a minor problem looking at the very bullish sentiment within the narrative. And what impact did Smythe and co have this time? Nothing! The game changer here is how a major investors will weigh that up. Friendly local authorities will make the work of getting at the oil much less troublesome and add more value to the asset. Hence the final take over price in January or February will be many £ higher. I may see my £9 takeover price yet! Meantime target of £3.5 would be nice too.
Momeymunch - re 'RNS on it's way' - the latest rumour is that Trump is on his way to takeover UKOG. Make sure you fly the Stars n Stripes on that drone you gonna be sending over the Weld !
The day falia said to look at ENTU they rose because a big stake was bought into them which quad'd the price. May be a reverse takeover. No institution buys that many shares in a defunct company????
Eddie When it gets to 50p you might as well wait till the big buyout,takeover. IT WILL HAPPEN
Reverse takeover in November 2013 when Sarantel went bust and UKOG took over the registration etc on AIM see page 11 Standard practice to list a company and easier that setting up from scratch
they can short it via naked shorting by lending out your shares...hoodless were an expert at doing share that they are doing it to at the moment is ascent resources...chinese investor is one of their gatekeepers like great steps was to ridge mining before eventual takeover...ascent will be taken over soon
I would imagine that it is in the company's interest to get positive news out promptly, and jack the share price up.This would prevent those currently stake building from grabbing too big a slice of their action, on the cheap.Otherwise, there could be a takeover of these assets at a chronically discounted price.Lenigas obviously fears that, judging by his tweets.
Read between the lines with what SS is telling you.The hints are there.Over 1000ft thick and stretching about 30km in 4 different directions,and that's probably conservative.That makes our market cap look like a waiters tip.If you are not in,it will be to late when this share becomes suspended pending an announcement.That announcement will contain a takeover bid in its statement.Weald is to big a prize for UKOG to develop on its own.DL has taken his warrants because he see,s a bid coming that will make him a fortune again.
Big position being taken,just hope its not to big.Aggressive takeover may be on the horizon dl more or less warned us it could happen.Just hope there is not to much stock out there.
MM unfiltered-Its just not the same without his ramps-Just one request-stop posting old articles quite as much-Lets look to the future. Maybe discuss: How quick we get to full production/timelines. How many pads we might have producing. Do we use octopus? COst of extraction? Profit predictions? Possible worth as a takeover? POssible bidders? I'm as positive as you about the prospects, but dont see that posting old news over and over is doing much apart from blocking up a half decent discussion.
Always imo been a takeover on the cards, lets see who else declares an interest. Possible TO imminent. Reminds me of the good old GKP days. In at 1p, a 500% profit with lots more to come.
So where is this takeover leak?????
So can you post a link or hint at what the source is for a takeover? What price? Who with?
think what you like sources tell me hedgefund or institution building large stake...takeover coming
bendog Posts: 627 Off Topic Opinion: No Opinion Price: 6.60 View Thread (2)Take over comingToday 21:41Well what a day,The mm's having there day and playing with the share price , You need to stay focussed . We all Know it will flow, its just a matter of time . if you have taken profits good luck to you , as any profit is good. If you have got in at a high price then its a waiting game but in time you will be alright , Remember nothing has changed over the last week . I still feel the takeover is a coming and a Dawn raid will happen tomorrow with a Rns at 4.30 pm This is not the first share the mm's have played with it happens all the time , but it is the real news we await . This share will be played with and the weak will take there profits some will lose due to overstretching themselves , Do your reserch and invest wisely . This is one of the best plays around . Gla
MoneyMunch, if a takeover is being negotiated, then they are going to have to revise their bid constantly! A few days ago, 6p bid would have been a considerable premium to the market cap, but now... an insult.This situation is as fluid as it is exciting.
mm is spot on there is merger or takeover
Lol..glad to hear it, and coincidence or not, this buying frenzy began shortly afterwards DL exercising all of his warrants/options in one hit for a whopping £467k, when many were still valid until 2020.....apparently warrants become null and void for ex-employeess on any merger or takeover......Tick Tock gl ;-)
Hold my hands up I sold at 5 and have just bought back in. Thought it would consolidate around 5 and get back in cheaper, but this just keeps steaming ahead. Looking good for 10p with no real retrace. Too many big buyers accumulating. Seriously feel something is going on in the back ground ie. takeover. Surely UKOG would have got s speeding ticket ticket by now if there is nothing behind this monumental rise. Holding strong now as have learnt my lesson.
Rayrac If you think that's a shock you should see how TDDI are showing my SOLO shares (plus 1084%) Aside for those of a nervous disposition, remember AEX, a good RNS might not be as good as everyone was expecting. for those in the buyout/takeover mode, remember Alf Bisset. I will leave you to think about that one, and see who is longer in the tooth than me.
200M yesterday in delayed trades throughout the day. Gunsynd sell over 70M in the last week or so. Only the two RNS regarding Gunsynd. Thee is a very large number to be covered by the next RNS. Who(m)? Warrants o/s for 123M shares (all in the money); 30M have not yet vested, but can be accelerated on company takeover (but not, I think< on buy out of HHDL)
It could be institutions but doubt a takeover so early.
Guys if a major wants in they would farm in to the licence. This is what oil companys do. Eg premier oil into rockhopper cairn in to irish licences. No takeover is happening until the weald is proved up which could be soon.
Barnetpeter - they won't need to raise funds if they are vulnerable for a takeover bidding war..!?! ;)
Newmont takeover of Greatland could happen anyday now...talking of 20x share price
lenigas exercising his warrants early means he thinks a takeover is highly likely soon...and then you get wankers like this twat : BrokermanDanielâ€￾ @BrokermanDaniel Jul 14 More Fatman #Lenigas admits it was he who exercised 55M #UKOG Warrants AFTER @shareprophets Blog. Fatty only coughed it AFTER HE WAS EXPOSED lol!
Appears we are looking at a future takeover?!
That's interesting, never knew that if you hold warrants and a takeover/merger took place they are void!!..opens up a can of worms.
Earliest date for HHDL planning approval is now 13th August. Source - SCC agenda for July meeting. Still believe UKOG are dragging their heals and focussing on BB. insufficient manpower or skills? Takeover? Tellurian holding could be the first target to give buyer majority stake. Then fun begins. UKOG are constrained to not taking more than a 50 per cent share of HHDL, but they have an insurance policy in place (first refusal on RGMs holding).
Further to my post above, I re-read the RNS of 23rd June which states sampling was being done over the weekend. DL exercised warrants the following Monday. As MM has said, maybe it's good and they've linked it with HH and due a takeover or they are trying to let this run as high as possible..?
MM, there could be something to this. If the options were granted on the basis that they become null and void in the event of a takeover this would be a trigger for the holder to convert. I do not know the context of how these options were granted and therefore cannot make a determination. However, if there was a clause within the granting of the options this would make sense for exercising them at this point.
Join a few more dots and t,s but the weald basin is all but proven up.It is so vast that no one has really woken up to see the true picture.This is a Saudi type moment for this country.This is not for minnow type companies to run.It is inevitable that the big boys must and will takeover
takeover rumour and 5p per share
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