Share Name Share Symbol Market Type Share ISIN Share Description
Scancell Hldgs LSE:SCLP London Ordinary Share GB00B63D3314 ORD 0.1P
  Price Change % Change Share Price Bid Price Offer Price High Price Low Price Open Price Shares Traded Last Trade
  -0.25p -2.02% 12.125p 11.75p 12.50p 12.125p 12.125p 12.125p 4,000 07:30:29
Industry Sector Turnover (m) Profit (m) EPS - Basic PE Ratio Market Cap (m)
Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology 0.0 -4.5 -1.4 - 37.84

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23/11/201708:53Using immunology to fight cancer.12,492
16/10/201619:04Scancell short thread1
16/9/201613:20Could this be the end of cancer?750
16/8/201407:47Using immunology to fight cancer (LTH W/O Rose Tints - Free Speech Thread)161

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2017-11-22 17:06:4712.3815,0001,856.25O
2017-11-22 14:19:1513.0348,4236,308.40O
2017-11-22 14:06:2412.823,900499.98O
2017-11-22 13:53:2312.7339,2924,999.91O
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Scancell Hldgs Daily Update: Scancell Hldgs is listed in the Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology sector of the London Stock Exchange with ticker SCLP. The last closing price for Scancell Hldgs was 12.38p.
Scancell Hldgs has a 4 week average price of 10.38p and a 12 week average price of 10.38p.
The 1 year high share price is 16.75p while the 1 year low share price is currently 9.63p.
There are currently 312,058,098 shares in issue and the average daily traded volume is 118,685 shares. The market capitalisation of Scancell Hldgs is £37,837,044.38.
tosh123: Ineptico, you're an OAF . Who the hell are you to give advise on investments ??? Your " all eggs in one basket strategy " is absolutely flawed and contradicts every experts opinion. You're out of the money, big time, you're a loser , simple as that .... As for NIPT, of course it was a risk, but it was also somewhat binary, if they won the case, then the share price would have trebled at least, if it lost ( as indeed it did ) then the share price was going to get hurt in the short term..its not rocket science, however, the fundamentals of the company remain robust, and it provides a crucial service in a growing area. Also, because my cash at risk was calculated on worst case scenario, and my exposure is limited, i can afford to ride out this storm.. Unlike SCLP, NIPT is making money right now, and its anticipated to turn a profit in 2018. Also, being part of a balanced portfolio, what i lose on NIPT, is more than made up for by the likes of SOLG - ARS - IMM - VOD - BP - BOOM and many more. Your posting history speaks for itself... 100% WRONG on every count... I suggest that people read back through your years of uninformed, uneducated rubbish, you could not have been more wrong if you had tried, and you still have the audacity to try and give investment advice...hahahaha. Classic.
tosh123: Ineptico... Why else would you have bought the shares in the first place unless you thought it was undervalued, you IDIOT... thats an absolutely NOTHING comment, trying ( and failing by a country mile ) to justify yet another totally uneducated statement. The FACT of the matter is, that a distressed share price for LTH's is bad news. No one buys shares to see large chunks of their initial investment disappear ( unless you're laundering ), so once again, you talk total RUBBISH. The fact that you then try to justify your comment with such ridiculous statements, only goes to further reinforce your total lack of any understanding. Who buys shares because they want them to fall in value so that they will have to buy more for averaging purposes ? NO ONE . YOU'RE AN IDIOT. Getting onto your other ramblings, the fact that i have sufficient shares at a very very low average ( pretty much zero ), not only suggests, but confirms that i have traded this share for many years, and have eventually ended up with a net position. Having set out to end up with free shares, and therefore, by definition, A FREE RIDE, why would i bother to trade further, it doesn't make any sense... i have my free bet, so why mess with it, or put it at risk, your logic is illogical.... yet again... Yes i will hold my freebies until a deal is struck, or the IP is sold in a fire sale, either way, im hedged, so its not a point of if i lose, its a point of how much i make, hence why i have no interest in trading this share anymore, i have achieved my end position, and now its down to the company to do their bit.. its that simple. Im not impressed by either your or TF's holdings, it makes no difference to me what so ever, and the fact that you felt the need to share that information with everyone tells me so much about you. What is important is that you have all your eggs in one very expensive, out of the money, very risky basket. I have a spread of risk and income positions throughout my portfolio, so am very happy with a return this year so far, of over 28%, NIPT included in that figure. You are certainly in no position what so ever, to give anyone any advice, as your posting history will confirm, you have been WRONG on every occasion, so i suggest you stop making so many STUPID statements in future, and just crawl back under your rock. Debated you, and beat you.... AGAIN. now go away you cheating liar.
tosh123: Ineptico.... what an absolute plank... LTH's benefiting from the current 10p share price hahaha . How does that work , when many of them are still nursing shares bought at over 45p ? He honestly doesn't have a clue. The laws of economics dictate that to make a profit, your shares must GO UP IN VALUE, not DOWN.... IDIOT ! And as for the financing not being an issue, this is yet more LIES from our resident village buffoon.... Of course its an issue, the falling share price tells you that ! Why is this LIAR not inside somewhere.
the real lozan: BoB - "Just for the record, I have never, ever advised anybody to buy Scancell stock, or made any predictions regarding share price." One of the reasons most hold your opinion in 'high regard' Just for the record, NIETHER have I, and many many others - ever advised anybody to buy * or SELL* Scancell stock, or made any predictions regarding share price. . However, back to my point = "So during the period 2013 to 2015 when Scancell should have been selling SCIB1, nobody would touch them." Sureleeee, R G could see 'nobody was 'pushing the opposition out-of-the-way' to do ANY KIND of concrete DEAL.... but it is now the back-end of 2017 and REAL progress appears to be years away and ANY = REAL progress needs REAL FUNDING Which shows no signs of being ANY NEARER . A "Pull your finger out" call, might be the theme of this years AGM ??? 0 / -
panama7: Goosed, we have every right to lambast Goodfellow, he has just raised funds at the lowest share price for 5 years at a time when vaccines are in vogue. He has spent the last 5 years decimating the share price left virtually every LTH sitting on losses and failed to deliver on all his statements and rhetoric. He has openly encouraged and coerced Chelsea into continually buying the share stating that everything is on track and going to plan when nothing could be further from the truth. We now have the SCIB1 vaccine sitting on the shelf doing nothing eating into it's use by date because the trials are running significantly late. He is simply out of his depth and is quite frankly his contempt and lack of respect for share holders points him out as a very nasty little man.
inanaco: Mr W ... pleased about that ... so the keyboard is ok then ... Tosh never seen that before .... you actually mean a "write down of assets" ? fair book value etc ... interesting because your then valuing Scancell not a block of 20,000 shares which the stock market prices so the Taxman will not accept that ........... then we have ......... its called a "revaluation reserve" it used mainly in property, but your example only produces An unrealized loss occurs when a stock decreases after an investor buys it, but he or she has yet to sell it. If a large loss remains unrealized, the investor is probably hoping the stock's fortunes will turn around and the stock's worth will increase past the price at which it was purchased. If the stock rose back above the original price, then the investor would have an unrealized gain for the time he or she still holds onto the stock. For example, say you buy shares in TSJ Sports Conglomerate at $10 per share, and then shortly afterwards the stock's price plummets to $3 per share, but you do not sell. At this point, you have an unrealized loss on this stock of $7 per share, because the value of your position is $7 dollars less than when you first entered into the position. Let's say the company's fortunes then shift and the share price soars to $18. Since you have still not sold the stock, you'd now have an unrealized gain of $8 per share ($8 above where you first bought in). Gains or losses are said to be "realized" when a stock is sold. This is especially important from a tax perspective as, in general, capital gains are taxed only when they are realized. Unrealized gains and losses are also commonly known as "paper" profits or losses, which implies that the gain/loss is only real "on paper." This may be true from a tax perspective, but remember that a loss is a loss, whether it's been realized or not.
tosh123: Wig, 10p will only look like a bargain if the share price can be manipulated to in excess of 20p over the next few weeks / months ( eg ;- prior to the next MASSIVE round of funding ), otherwise, it will just be more money down the drain for private shareholders. This recent explosion in information flow / PR, is no accident. It is designed and timed, to lure people in and increase the share price in preparation for the funding. All the II's will be holding onto their shares waiting for the share price lift to happen, and then strategically sell into it at the last minute, just prior to the funding announcement. IMHO.
tosh123: Gee Cee bringing up the well worn track of " traders " being responsible for the current share price ... Honestly where do these people get off from ! This share is probably a traders worst nightmare there are hundreds of far better shares to trade on AIM. No volume + a share price in single figures.... Who the hell is going to try and trade that ? When will these idiots realise that the share price is where it is because of the BOD... simple.
panama7: Goodfellow Fundraising II " Good morning Dr Goodfellow I believe you're looking to raise funds again " RG " Yes that's correct just the 5m this time " II " How's it going so far ? " RG " Very well, we are heavily oversubscribed with 18 our of 20 II wanting in " II " That's excellent, I assume you'll be raising at a premium to the share price then " RG " No, not at all, maths isn't my strong point so just the 10p, makes it far easier and also our Chairman wants a million and he's only got a spare 100k at the moment. If we raised at 14 or 15 he would only get 800,000 odd, it's far too complicated " II " So what success's have you had recently " RG " Well we have compelling data and we have had significant interest from Big Pharma for 4 years with CDA's in place for nigh on 3 years and I have opened many doors but my biggest achievement was negotiating a 20k pay rise last year. I've also brought Keith O'Flaherty on board not to be confused with the bloke from Riverdance. " II " So how many deals, partnerships have you signed ? " RG " well none actually " II " ok then how has the Share price been performing " RG " well for the last 4.5 years it's been abysmal " II " So what future forecasts have you got for me ? " RG " Our Technical Analyst Ian Oco wrote a report 2 months ago forecasting a £6 share price in 18 months, so that's only 16 months to go " II " I thought Panmure provided your analysis ? " RG " they did but they were only forecasting 69p and no one is going to buy a share at these levels that is only going to reach 69p. Also Ian is well known in the City for his very accurate forecasts ". He has been providing us with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly updates for the last 4 years, in fact as part of his package he was offered 3 yr options at 46p and wasn't prepared to wait 3 years he took them straight away " II " What other notable investors have you got on board ? " RG " We've got George Forbes on board he is well know around the City as GF123, some think it's an acronym for Good Fellow but no it's Gold Finger, everything he touches turns to gold. In fact he bought in considerably higher than you and he won't be selling any time soon, you can take confidence from that " II " Yes I believe you have a lot of Investors who bought in at far higher prices " RG " Yes that's right I made one of those videos a few years ago, can't quite think of the term for it " II " I think Fake News is the term you are looking for " RG " yes that's it I invented it before any one had heard of it, it was around the same time I created Moditope " II " I thought that was Prof Durrant's discovery ? " RG " Look if it wasn't for my continual fundraising she wouldn't have a job ". You've just reminded me I must put in an expenses form for that new pair of Churchill's with all this shoe leather I'm using up " II " OK Goodfellow I don't trust you one bit but I respect Prof Durrant and her work so I'll give you the money. Any future meetings don't bother turning up just send Prof Durrant . See my secretary on the way out , she'll give you a cheque. " II " Mrs Ratcliffe please give Dr Goodfellow the cheque, make sure he gives you the Visitor's pass and speak to your Husband the ex-copper and make sure security don't let him in the building again ". This is courtesy of Carry On Milking It Productions.
tosh123: The idiot writes ;-Tosh ... about "beating the odds" you have a bet on scancell to win .. even freebies so do I anything wrong with the fact that i bet big and you bet small ? difference is I calculated the Odds based on the science and have proven history with my posts. You play the odds in a basket of risk that one may win ... yet the man that Calculates is the idiot ? Lets deal with each of these ludicrously inaccurate statements one by one shall we, because you're clearly still 100% deluded as to your abilities Yes i bet on Scancell, and now have accumulated, all but free shares, so if / when the share price goes up 1p , every penny of that share price increase will be additional profit for me, whereas, in your case every penny is merely reducing your considerable losses... who's the mug ????? " You calculated the odds based on the science and have a proven history with your posts "... To be honest, i wouldn't be shouting about this if i were you , bearing in mind just how WRONG your calculations have been, and even more evident, just how WRONG all of your proven posting history has been ! You are over 70% down with your calculations and 100% wrong with your posts !!! What is there to shout about... you should be embarrassed. You bet big, i bet small ??? You havnt got a clue how many shares i still own, nor how many i had originally, so this is pure speculation on your part... but, for the process of proving how stupid your comment is, lets just say that i still have nearly 200k shares, and that these 200k shares have now cost me pretty much zero... so by definition, my current status = £31k worth of free shares.... now lets look at your position shall we... again, purely to enable me to show how stupid you are,lets assume that you currently hold 500k shares at an average of 40p, which means that your investment has cost you £200k, BUT, the current value of your £200k = £75k, which means that you are now £125k out the money... lets now speculate that in the next 18 months, the share price rises by 100% and gets to 30p... my position will be a positive carry of £62k... whereas your position will still be a loss of £50k. so you bet big !!! Well done, because you have also LOST BIG ! The fact of the matter is that for your strategy to actually out play mine, the share price will need to get to over 46p, which is an increase of over 300% on the current SP, which will probably increase to over 400% once the funding has been announced ! " I play the odds on a basket of risks "... absolutely i do, and as per the above it has proven to be FAR superior to your bag of cr4p. Not only one has won, MANY have won ! whereas your 1 trick pony is still languishing in the stalls, with the very real prospect of it remaining in those stalls for many years to come ... But the real beauty of my strategy is that, even if / when your 1 trick pony starts to leave the stalls, i win as well as i still have 200k freebies ! Hedged... you should try it sometime. " yet the man that calculates is the idiot "... I dont really need to say anything more on this statement other than to suggest that you read all of the above comments ! I'm also not sure what exactly it is that you're professing to have calculated, or indeed how ! Either way you evidently need a new calculator coz the one you've used so far appears to have got the + and - buttons in the wrong places.
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