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lardner, nice find. As regards GKP takeover, one final point - the KRG will not allow a sale to any company that doesn't play ball or that doesn't reward it handsomely in the process. If there is no material benefit to the KRG it won't be allowed to go through.
Brent doing well after today's drop.1712, currently 50-60p but I will wait for the CPR to see if that changes.I personally do not believe there will be a takeover this year.That target is a 2015 target, I may sell all, 50% or nothing, I make that decision at the time.There could well be a JV, which should be the route they take.
Being positive at 23-33p doesn't mean you think a £5 takeover is imminent.I have a target, much lower than most.I just don't feel the need to ramp the arse off it to suit my position.In any trade/ investment you make their are always pros/ contras, to try to make money there has to be risk.Anyone who ignores the contras should not be in this game , they will lose. You can listen or lose, No odds to me.PS . Many moons ago back on the Wild West of LSE I used to have a bit of banter with a poster called Hobbyshares, he was your typical bought 400k at 10-15p and ramped the arse off it. At 400p I said why he didn't sell 10%? If it goes up or TO he still makes loads, if it drops he can make or at least he's got his stake out ...and more.Yep, I was called a troll, de ramper, idiot blah blah.....
Wow, so now the new CPR is the harbinger of a takeover?? Fuck me, credit where it's due, some of you people get very creative at times but I reckon that's down to the strong sedation/alcohol regimen which helps you get through each interminable day. I suppose if Jon Ferrier bought a new tie, he would be hinting at getting dressed up for a takeover party eh? Nudge nudge, wink wink. Eh? Eh??
Nice, in a way that's what 1712 and the other mugs have been inferring for ages, that the sp has been deliberately manipulated down so Chevron or Exxon can pick up shares on the cheap and own the company for a fraction of what it would cost them to buy it via a takeover. Were that the case I think they would have acquired enough shares by now. They neglect to face the facts that between them Kozel and Hawrami made this company almost uninvestable from a pure business POV, and the KRG-designed court-case ensured it remained in their clutches for as long as possible. Even the judge was non-plussed at how the Wempens, CC, Blackrobe etc ever thought they could win. It was a TOTAL SHAM from start to finish. Everyone got played, everyone got sucked in. Who ended up wealthier? Thanks to the leagalities, the judge and the legals. The BOD. Insiders who were tipped off about the CPR, the KRG. Kozel.
£8 a takeover would be mortgage paid off territory for me so I hope you are right!
Ccr, I notice I appear to have upset you in some way? Apologies if so. Am blundering around a bit here as I was keen to garner some different views from those of my mate who believes that a big takeover price is nailed on. As much as I respect him, he seems a bit blinkered and it is clear from my reading that there are large elements of risk involved too. As with any AIM stock, I daresay.
""nestoframpers 1 Sep'15 - 22:24 - 441888 of 441890 1 0 Lol @ Hector ' onlookers' everyone has me filtered , only my Mum ticks me up , so fed up are they with my BBBS rocks posts . ;o) Do we have PW still on board anyone , Mum ?"" I suspect the Rampers Matriarch may be less enchanted (although faintly reassured) by the following post, and you are therefore grounded until takeover ie for eternity. ""nestoframpers 31 Aug'15 - 10:33 - 441662 of 441890 2 2 Off out now , well I will when this erection has done down.""
Nestof makes a joke AND posts on the grotto? Jeez, perhaps a hefty, imminent takeover isn't so far fetched after all.
Yes JB Curiously when a takeover was a fart in the wind retail were sucked in like a queue fir a Jennifer Anniston blow job Currently when 4 IOC are in talks to buy the show retail running away I like it Ps Where is myshitstinks One of my favourite wankers here
raft, you are an idiot if you are trading this now imo. Payment news any day soon. CPR news any day soon. Takeover news any day soon. But good luck anyway. If we get anymore daft drops, I'll be buying a shitload again.
lol 1712, let's all remember that GKP hit 465p on the back of a takeover rumour in the Independent on 18th December 2011. Now we are talking to 4 heavyweight Majors and NOC's about a sale.....FACT!! Where will the SP go this time round??
will the cpr reflect this ? GKP - The Road To Takeover (Moderated) - GKP BishBashBoing - 04 May 2014 - 18:21:29 - 45520 of 56160 Dog, not wanton BS, the deal got pulled. May be blessing to stockholders,as SH7 flows light like a Mary.
Had another listen to the webcast today and a couple of points stood out. Firstly, any M&A activity is dependent on regular payments from the krg. Sami said clearly (37min) that there would be an acceleration of M&A once some regular payments start coming through. In my view that means that we're unlikely to see a bid in the next couple of months but a deal is likely thereafter. As regards the exit of AB I got the impression that a deal is in the making with the operator as TP was confident there would be no exit costs to GKP.Seems likely then that any takeover deal for GKP will exclude AB and that this has already been talked about. JF said he's been talking to other IOC's on his visits to Erbil which seems to make sense with the above. He also said that any M&A will affect not only GKP but other companies operating in Kurdistan. That's a positive as it would have a knock on affect on GKP whatever.
It's tight as a going concern, let alone the capital needed for PF3, SA FDP, BB, Permian drill, SH6 sidetrack.As all companies do with large fields, even the majors they need to spread the cost and risk, if they can't get s full takeover they have to JV , if not where's the growth?With regular payments they could do a larger bond replacing the other two but it still keeps to much risk with Gkp.
Be careful of takeover ramping, sound familiar?Afren Plc. - AFRBiggerThus - 06 Mar 2015 - 10:43:23 - 829 of 5741PRM, thanks for your reply last night.So, so far we have;LekoilOandoSeplatBert & CoA healthy start. Anyone else lurking out there?Yep, the administrators.....
1712, it looks like GKP is about to be sold imo - A. Updated CPR now allowed by KRG B. Realistic valuation of GKP's assets C. Takeover at a fair price that all shareholders will accept D. Major or NOC ramps up production for KRG Everyones a winner.......;)
For once I agree with you. However, JF has said there is a huge chasm between what is being offered and what GKP think its worth. Hence why the sp is 30p I guess. So it doesn`t appear to make a great deal of difference what is in your new CPR- Payments are the main problem, as JF has said about 10 times today.... I also think the data room will close when this `fabulous` CPR is released in a couple of weeks. IMO GKPhero 27 Aug'15 - 19:56 - 441298 of 441303 0 0 IMO, the "new" CPR will contain the figures that everyone in the dataroom has been looking at since February. By making them public now, it shows the world how much GKP's assets are actually worth in a takeover situation, so lowball piss takes won't be acceptable.
IMO, the "new" CPR will contain the figures that everyone in the dataroom has been looking at since February. By making them public now, it shows the world how much GKP's assets are actually worth in a takeover situation, so lowball piss takes won't be acceptable. Shaikan alone is worth at least 600p per share imo. Throw in the other 3 for 400p per share and we get £10. That would be a fair result imo. GLAlongs!!
Any bid would be based on the official reserves report of the takeover target. So a new reserves report with larger reserves can justify a higher price paid. Can't see any other reason for a new report being published other than this, especially as GKP are now guarding their pennies. p.s...may also explain why the bidders are still hanging around after all this time.
Cos cos Correct up the price and takeover can go ahead. Only 4 companies to choose from
I'd say payments, going concern and bond payment is all that matters at present. As JF said in the interview, contrary to the shite Bob and 1712 have been spouting, its key to any takeover happening anyway.
50 million from krg to cover bond payment would make me smile. that should help sp. either that or 450p takeover. Probably Fook all chance of either. quid do me now to get my cash back. k
Can't see how they can continue with debts and lack of KRG cash when oil is where it is. I don't see a takeover though - just bust and sale of their assets in receivership (or KRG takes all)>
saturn5It is very possible and all about these payments to ensure survival. That's all we can bank on now and improved terms for dilution or takeover at some point. If we ever get to 50p it will be a miracle. Right now the main worry is the impact of $30-35 oil and a stock market collapse.... Both of which look very possible now.
There are probably a number of willing buyers - just not at a price that would clinch a deal. Hope for the best re takeover/buy-in but prepare to go it alone seems to be the current strategy.
To me it doesn't suggest being any closer to a sale/takeover of the company imo if they need another pair of hands to evaluate strategic options.
I now have almost 40% of equity holdings in cash thanks to Dragon Oil takeover .. I was over weight in dragon oil and it was worrying at times and guess some of you were in similar position !!! Given the recent and drastic rout in oil price Im happy to be out at eight pounds. What would DGOs price be just now with the global situation ...not even 7 quid I reckon and probably a lot less. So with cash in hand I will bide my time now...oil will return but where to go to place my bets and when. Ithaca I like but heavy losses in GKP, TPL and Ithaca haunt me just now. Time in the market I know about....
I see onetomany sold the shares he bought back at a loss yesterday and changed his tone of posting from sources telling him of a takeover to we are going under . Nothing more than a trader .
Exactly as I've said for long enough. D4E or a token takeover. Everyone has to realize this drop is clearly due to something we're about to hear. It's plain as the nose on your face. I think we'll know very soon
9.5 % near enough annual service rather better than most peers ..... Cash accretive once injecting - soooooooon! Regular payments coming :) Farm or partner or part asset sale deals with solvency issues Takeover possible too It's a steal IMO ;) Well they been doing their best to steal them for nearly two years IMO :)
What takeover?
All be fine owd. Takeover apparently .......................................... what the rumours then ?
All be fine owd. Takeover apparently
Broadford, Gramacho's analysis was invaluable. Unfortunately another subjected to the Waterhouse treatment. "A weasel" apparently with more decorum, more integrity and more genuine concern for the average investor in his little finger than RW has in his whole body. All IMHO GKP - The Road To Takeover (Moderated) - GKP bobobob5 - 06 Sep 2013 - 20:25:52 - 15892 of 56160 btw one of the shareholders (whose first language isn't English) wasn't 100% sure of what a weasel is, in their language. So they looked it up on Google, and saw pictures of weasels in various poses. They were describing it last night in the bar, in hoots of laughter. Apparently, one of the weasel pics on Google is so accurate, it could potentially be used in a Police photo-fit! For shareholders to have endured what they have with no amount of hurt means they're not human IMO - or not invested
Hey guys, I was just wondering if there have been any takeover bids since the end of Feb when the company announced it was in talks with un-named faceless entities? It will soon have been 6 months since then, and you have watched your investment crumble from the late 30's into the mid 20's. Just remember that a certain traitorous poster who, along with Peter Truscott helped enable Todd Kozel to rape GKP's coffers of in excess of £100m, urges you to buy or hold whenever he posts on LSE with STRONG BUY. He has said that since this share was above 150. Another good start today has seen 25.5 hit again. If that breaks then it will target 18-20p. And it will need 100% to get to 40 from there. Remind me of the last 100% day in GKP because I can't quite remember. CWD
Let's not forget Bang gone now....Who was that deceitful ramper on ii who constantly fed industry sauce takeover rumour?Can't remember his name, middle wicket destroyer, caught behind, captains box, something like that.
I'll just sit it out until takeover or GKP becoming a supermajor and buy what I can at these prices. Very easy.
1712, why do you dismiss Lardners questions and substitute your usual pitch?I think everyone knows there is considerable upside in reserves and OIP, but that's not coming this year.Again with takeover, if it happens great, but it's all speculation till it does/doesn't. Surely even you can see that payments and balance sheet are the key drivers in the near term?
Lard How would you quantify GKP oip And enhanced recovery could do what ? What value would thus place on GKP in a competitive takeover scenario?
I don't think Bobs intimidation of various women, be it posters, Ditectors or IR is that funny, it's quite sad and disturbing. But he posts stuff you like to hear so it's ok?Of course if it had been a troll ( which means any holder who doesn't believe a £20 takeover is imminent) the cunterteers would have been in full swing.Anyway I do agree it's all rather tedious now and the person is irrelevant to Gkps SP.Hopefully the BIRs will be awarded sometime soon?
WildRider7, FWIW, I think our definition of fundamentals may differ. My focus at present is on the geo-political situation, PoO/Opec strategy (now GKP is producing), the wider market for commodities, how to monetise the assets + company finances, including debt, cash, funding, potential dilution required to increase production; and management. Until there's a genuine sniff of a takeover of the entire company, I prioritise things that affect us as a going concern. Little else matters to me for the time being, although I do have an interest in some secondary issues, for example the ownership of the company's shares.
hearts1 16 Aug'15 - 13:19 - 438602 of 438604 2 0 The SP says payments are very much about what we are worth. NAV ramping went out in 2011, move on. ==========•••••= When their were no exports no title no invoices hence zero payments the sp said takeover - apparently Not The market so and the intrinsic worth of the company to IOC Not correlating I wonder if IOC intersted in recoverable reserves Or if bobs a c;nt or not ::::)))
What follows is a plea for leniency and clemency from the deluded 111notout party Ahem..... If it wasn't for the takeover rumours I don't know what I would do. I have to keep them going because there is nothing else for me to hold onto. I know I come across as a desperate prat but surely you can find it in your hearts to forgive me, indulge me even, tolerate me like an eccentric uncle who's a bit odd. (Just don't tell your mum and dad I used to fiddle around in your shorts when you were little). Anyways, Mikey says there's a takeover looming, and the buyers have been accumulating. I am so fucked I'll believe anything, so there you have it. So vote for me, and I will continue pushing the takeover rumours in my usual unreasonable manner. 247NO This has been a plea for leniency and clemency from the deluded 111notout party
It's questionable IMO if any amount of improved PR would help the SP The fundamentals are excellent and have not changed I do believe the company is a sitting duck takeover target That is obvious Hence until a marker by way of farm or better full bid is put down in the public domain the market will be pressured down as it has been for so long
Reckon IS will soon attack Erbil. Could actually be a good thing as they will get the oil to market and get paid. They have a far better business model than ours. Not saying it will as democratic so us shareholders won't have the same voice as we have now but its revenue we need right?Not sure if it will be a hostile takeover or fairly calm affair. As America are behind IS I'm sure will all run smoothly. Price per barrel will drop dramatically but extraction costs be minimal as they'll use Christian labour which is quite cheap.
It matters if there is a farm or sale As it's what acquirers will base value on Regular Payments important only as GKP remains Independant A decent farm removes any solvency issues Takeover offers solvency then irrelevant And anyway mg etc will supply more of they have too which IMO they won't need too
How about selling 50,000,000 shares to BP or the like Let's say at $1 / share That pushes any solvency issues down the road / white knights the company defence takeover and provides a IOC with a nice cheap exposure to 12bn Oip and exploration prospectivity and opens the krg up to a major to develop to plateau??? Something along those lines please if nobody wants to stump £2 plus now I still hope that a farm now is an attempt yo flush a realistic full first bid
Ouch 29p Lol When's the next short attack? I only ask because the last one began at around 34/35p and ended 10p lower before the shorts were closed. btw joanna southcott reckons you had better pray for a takeover soon or this will be smashed like a Joe Root 6 down to 15p.
Daf Why on earth is GKP fucked over a bond interest payment ? IOC borrow at
What I said is any takeover will be of no use to those wanting £1+. Meaning it will be below that. Not a chance in hell of being sold for a pound, that really is just fantasy land. Maybe if payments resume (start sorry) and U.S. Stop supporting ISIS then we should repeat the arse for sale process in 12 months.
london I didn't mean it will reach a pound. 40-50 max on takeover. RTO terms who knows
london in all the years you've been on these boards you've been credible and sensible. Now you are starting to sound like GKPZero and the like. What you are seeing ain't no re rating ffs. Pure playing around with PI's because hey can. Behind the scenes lots of discussions on funding but we know that. Just watch...I concede there is a slim possibility of a takeover but favour T5 RTO. Either way unlikely to be much use to those expecting or wanting £1+. That just is not going to happen.
Cheap takeover? Only if their isn't competition Which we already know there is
Onetomany - you live in a fantasy world . We are undervalued its either a re rating or more likely a cheap takeover .
BDNot much IMO. Short termPossibility of bid surfacing when T5 hand shown. Don't expect huge premium. No short term (2-3 months) risk Medium termIf KRG are true to their word then early next year takeover discussions will still be ongoing and more value could be realized. Medium term (3-6 months) is insufficient payments and IS escalation. Long termT5 proposal, new company, work though the next 18-24 months. If the world rosier and KRG demonstrate integrity then maybe best value will be realized. Assuming RTO not too dilutive. More upside than downside if you're happy to consider 3-5 year investment.
Chix hopefully it will be driven to 2o maybe 15 with luck Then we caN really load up as the takeover price will be minimum 700% north of there Excellent Hope you scare plenty out
Bought a few more before the takeover goodluck all .
Important note to myself Must buy more GKP shares before takeover .
Tigon likewise jb There's plenty of interest IMO But will anyone offer whatever it is our bod deems recommendable ????? Or do we farm and carryon instead??? Indeed a farm to the right IOC as JF called it is effectively a white knight takeover defence Will bids be flushed first????
Hardly a fantasy takeover - We have had the for sale sign up for what 3-4 months . Most large companies have been in the Data room - I presume studying the data takes some time . Data room as you said shuts at the end of the summer . Make of that what you will
Crikey a veritable surge in imminent takeover speak It would be welcome :)
Autonomy remember that one BOOM no one saw that takeover coming.
Clocks ticking ...takeover takeover takeover
FT, and more chances for their friends to churn more money on the volatility whilst at the same time leaving more and more shares in the hands of the mug punters who hold for the takeover/second-coming-of-christ.
What if the data room closes and it's not sold? Are you going to apologise for your spamming or are we just going to move to hostile takeover for the next 12 months?
1712 You make valid points. But the thing that concerns me is the likely behaviour of the corporate suits who run the big oil companies. They didn't get where they are by being Todd Kozels and taking flyers, but by being good organisation men, keeping their noses clean and fitting in to the company. Justifying the purchase of GKP to their boards and shareholders would be a big step, given the political mess in the region, the shaky finances and that awful CPR. Buying a stake now with a view to gradually increase the holding and eventually takeover would be much easier, plus they could lock their competitors out. A farm in might be more likely than an outright purchase by big oil. A full bid might be more likely from a medium sized company who wants to grow and will take a risk. Where are the missing shares, if they are missing? Just a mull. WTFDIK.
To the ditherers in the data room ...... ... The cost of implementing a deal or takeover of GKP just went up by 50%+ !!!! Keep dithering.
lol stu. Gl gaffer. Know what ya mean about the 'nazi' stuff. Fundamentally undermines Much. Speaking of which you bin spending too much time 'ere and in danger of becoming a 'guru' Take a break and come back in 2016 ready for the farmin' takeover.... Nice bit of arable and few hundred dairy. Turnips gonna be big round these parts and geeky nobs will be long gone. Arf indeed.
And 'takeover' ? Again?? Jeez, you're relentless I'll give you that. But you see AFR? Have you seen the chart? You see ADSS? Have you seen the chart? Now look at GKP. I realise you're in love with the GKP story, you have to be, but the odds of you being victorious here are akin to those of winning the lottery.
Shitty The SP is wherever the market makers want it As they set it When it was £4 it was all about assets and a takeover that was imminent That helped big lads with huge holdings too offload to thousands of retail who bought the story Now when a takeover is much more likely and the company made huge strides the mms set the price today at 28p after walking it down for 20 months Retail we're buying at £4 and capitulating all the way here Funny that
IMO the city boys will provide the funds at the last minute, hence driving down the sp to get and justify a larger slice. Easy money, a huge placing at 20p, sp recovers without funding worries, off load or accept a low ball takeover.
3 way bet1) KRG cough up2) GKP Goes bust to bond holders3) Takeover/ farm in.Surely 2 will only happen if there is no value to be had? Otherwise 3) at some price will happen as why would another oilco sit back and watch assets go to bond holders for free?
adam Anybodys guess but the share price is down here for a reason and to me I'd say that if T5 came in, then that bond debt might want to be looked at. It would not surprise me (if there are no firm buyers) that they might look to convert that debt into shares and thus the bondholders get a load of ultra cheap stock plus any new stock in a possible refinancing. Again only a thought but would T5 commit more cash (say spend £100m+) and see it used up with no proper payment and then it in turn suffer like GKP is suffering now. If that's the kind of deal that did emerge it won't imo go places anywhere soon, but emerges as a new company with this the starting point for new investors or those wishing to hang on. If it was a merger (Basically T5 takeover) who knows how much T5 would want to raise on the market and at what price and thus affecting existing shareholders?
The debt service is about $56m per annum Say $5m a month No cosy chats required with bond holders some of whom are probably major equity holders too Cash could come in from krg / farm. In/ bir / part asset sale/ placing/takeover then who cares So of course as usual the frighteners are out in force It's a great buying opportunity if you have faith If you don't have faith you would have pissed off long since ;) Curiously so many with no faith remain educating any lth who are left holding stock For some curious reason :)
ii...great post..AND TRUE 100%... 09:13 Some folks just don't Get It MikeyAdmin Genel is a valuable Takeover Target so the City want as many shares as possible GKP is a valuable Takeover Target so the City want as many shares as possible The City does not Buy from the Ask raising the price, instead they send the price down. Remember how Capital gained their 9,723,555 shares in May 2013. Shake shake shake, down down down until enough Shares fell from PI' hands This is about MONEY, and who gets it when GKP gets taken over. The PI's shares are what the City wants, Genel and GKP
Constantly pressuring the price down Ask spoofed heavy Throw in lots of internet shit to hit sentiment Going bust. No payments d for e afren etc etc No buyers And slowly but surely retail get squeezed out Some buying more of course But majority stiffed as they were when herded in It's the counter to spiking the price drive takeover rumours etc etc All good caricature. - I know peeps like that word here ;)
To think some folk on here actually thought there would be a takeover. If only you had all listened to onetomany at 40p all the way down. Think you can now see what's happening. Shame
Nice I see the register issue has cropped up again The Company has the latest register( it changes daily) and Tony Peart would probably get an exception report daily on the movements of blocks over 500,000 (say) All perfectly normal GKP will have sought to identify the beneficial owner behind all the larger stakes. If they have been unsuccessful with any then they are disenfranchised Personally I do not believe this is a reason behind the low AGM vote but in theory it could be ( the first in recent history,) The simple answer in all these goings on is usually the right one People couldn't be arsed Let's also remember that concert parties are illegal and people wanting to take control of an entity through undeclared stakes would probably be kicked into touch by the takeover panel for not following the rules Now for some exercise and some sunshine :-)
raft thanks for the post ref oil but it is of no consequence here. Oil will trade sub $40 in the near term and the majors know that. One of the 3 reasons they haven't bid for GKP. With no payments coming other than a possible small token for domestic sales, this is all about the terms of D4E and the terms of the T5 reverse takeover (if indeed that is the plan, I've heard two versions). Time running out, August will certainly give you the answer to the question.
P2 - any of sister Dolly's upside down cake left.... think there's a few on here that might need help with the chewing if we have to wait until that takeover offer....
Nice interview with JF, sounds like he's pushing for a takeover/farm in deal of some sort even at a knock-down price. Good to see the big names still in there, I still believe there is lots of mileage left with the sale process. Sept/Oct for a deal once the payments become regular.
Yes but whilst it's a perfect storm ... They have serious name people wanting to buy the whole company and people wanting to farm in The people wanting to buy the whole won't want a farm in partner This is why the exit options had the >50% asset sale trigger as a full or part sale of Shaikan is an option to the whole company sale. It's also the crown jewel takeover defence that has to date it seems stopped a hostile acquirer as ithe company can sell the asset and leave any hostile bidder empty handed Looks like JF doing the put up or shut up in public and setting the timescale as end of summer as a low bid to steal the asset has never been viable due the takeover defence pw put in place
If the retail investor's are not interested, or not able to vote, then m&g and capital can then decide weather to allow a takeover or farm out, and also who is on the board. If the ii's are not interested in an offer, because to low, would retail even be asked? imo
Hearts I heard a whisper that the blog idiot had been approached by the Takeover Panel because he had hit 29% Only a whisper though
Shitty Thanks for taking time to remind us No room for subtlety Just need Chix to remind us there was no takeover never will be etc and my cup runneth over
Nest Sinopec Xom Krg Etc etc They really give no fuck regards takeover code and panel guffaw Gkp been in play for years
Will If you refuse a Company request to identify the beneficial owner you can be disenfranchised, so you can't vote Pukka institutions follow the rules but there is no financial sanction if they do not but generally they follow the rules They don't want to fall out with the powers that be I am no longer familiar with the intricacies of the Takeover Panel rules except to say they have a lot of flexibility If someone were to build an undisclosed stake, fine if they can do it - there are severe penalise for concert parties btw - but they may end up being on the wrong side of the Takeover Panel No professional advisor would want to be associated with such an event In summary - you can forget the conspiracy theories especially when the ultimate power lies with the KRG
Should there be a takeover bid, the Takeover Panel would be very interested in undeclared holdings. I would be very surprised if any REPUTABLE bidder was not very sure to comply completely with the London Listing Rules.
Chix This no longer a trading stock Past months volatility tiny It's an inevitable takeover Just when I'm hoping they fend off any deal for 2 years The takeout price then will be much higher Unless someone keen makes them an offer they can't turn down sooner Option prices IMO And callx is very low these days
He's quite the comedian though even if that's not the intention. GKP - The Road to Takeover - of the financial and mental faculties (assuming you have them to start with eh NM?)
GKPHERO.....up yours Large payment from the KRG....up yours SP Re-rating...up yours followed by Takeover....up yours fuck you and fuck YOUR predictions!!!! !! JUST ANOTHER PAID RAMPER! you working for the MM'S? EVERYONE HERE KNOWS THAT IN RE TO GKP...WE HAVE BEEN WELL AND TRULY SHAFTED/FUCKED!!! so hard up the dark hole... its gonna hurt for years to come!!! all the cunts like KOZEL fucked off years ago by selling high... all the ii's ARE/HAVE offloaded.... THIS BITCH IS FINISHED...ON ITS LAST LEGS. imo
Large payment from the KRG followed by SP Re-rating followed by Takeover All this will happen in 2015 imo.
So 'buy on the rumour sell on the fact' retail advised :) Feb 12 mg sold 10,000,000 ish to thousands of retail buying on the rumour at £3++ stiffed No takeover Sell on the fact ....... Retail been capitulating and mg buy 20,000,000 on the fact Retail stiffed again All good fun while we wait
John: 1712notout 21 Jul'15 - 14:41 - 433466 of 433466 0 0 Stu Who said a takeover looming ?
Stu Who said a takeover looming ?
Further: Surely this avatar shouldn't be able to benefit from a takeover(LOFL), as he hasn't made a contribution towards the company? (We all know that the money from avatars share dealing accounts does go directly to the company.)
Buddy How very American :) The SP was £4 'buddy' and a takeover inevitable Ps what you confident or not about means fuck all of course Just holding waiting and having the craic with the myriad of peeps who can't seem to leave lunatic Gkp shareholders alone whatever the SP ;)
When the price was £4 And thousands of suckers were required too offload too there were no talks no takeover But retail herded in on the 'inevitable takeover' Complete antithesis now There will be offers
And both self confessed for sale , producing away soon to be paid Obvious takeover targets Kinda reminds me of those £4 days when 1000,s of retail piled in no title no production but a takeover of course Just the inverse if the p and d Just tme

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