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I'm of the opinion that 'LTH' should receive a bonus when the 'takeover' (LOFL) occurs; on the basis that they have 'supported' the company for a lengthy period of time.
I agree with coscos if its to be full takeover, however I would go 40-50p max. If a merger who knows, as Zengas said could be dilutive, make no difference, or maybe a slight enhancement. This is a life saving exercise not a life changing opportunity. Once life is restored, if it is to be a merger, it will have to be constantly monitored in case of further prolapse as the big boys feast on the proceeds for the years to come and the PIs get bummed every now and then in times of need to keep the old gravy train going. I wonder what the view of 'credible' posters like BMD would be. Shame he's not still around, would be more sport.
I've repeated many times recently that GKP will be taken over with a low ball offer. I know that's an unpopular statement to make on here --------------------------------------------------------- On the contrary , Coscos - that will be a very popular statement for about 90% of the posters on here , the ones who have been putting in 15 hour a day shifts ! By the way ; with genuine competition there will be no low ball takeover here .
The 2 bill valuation is combining the current valuations if the two companies. Upside will come with economies of scale and a better market.There is no premium as there would be in a takeover situation. I'm sure the two companies together would value themselves at circa $4 billion if a predator was roaming.Although it shows there's no short term gain with a merger or farm in , a full takeover is the only driver, but realistically GKP are looking at 50-75p currently unless they can plod on.
Phallus Don't be like that :) I m just interested to hear other investors views on a takeover price
Nest, which 'extreme circumstances' are you referring to?? Could they be the lies, misinformation, deceit, and subterfuge peddled by Kozel and his troupe of performing seals in order to pocket massive amounts of GKP funds from under the noses of greed-addled PIs?? Or perhaps the extreme avoidance of the facts pertaining to this investment and its history by those who keep pushing the 'takeover at £50 per share' agenda? The KRG cannot pay what they owe because they are greedheads who can't help stealing the monies up front to pay non-existent workers and move lots of their cash off-shore. It's just Kurdish Business 101
Down 5%. Why ? Takeover before 2016 remember ?
I think a 3rd payment is close and also a takeover.
Looks like that 3rd payment might be in jeopardy along with your M&A and takeover ramps.Good job you don't own any Shares!------------------------------------------------------GKPhero - 22 Nov 2015 - 10:46 - 456378 of 456380 - 0"UAE energy firm Dana Gas, one of the largest investors in Iraq's Kurdistan region, on Sunday said the British High Court had ordered the Kurdish regional government to pay Dana's consortium $100 million within 14 days."
Stop whinging ccr, do you need to borrow some nappies?Anyway my buy order got filled at 15.25 so I am officially a holder, so shove that up your wrong un.My target is 28-29p or 33p for a takeover. I'll sell the fucker if it falls below 25p.
GKP - The Road To Takeover Is Almost At An End - GKP Oil Flows - 06 Jan 2015 - 15:09:05 - 11588 of 13034 payments = boogywoogy
m5 20 Nov'15 - 07:58 - 456040 of 456090 4 0 1712notout, I would becareful offering that sort of advice at the moment. It's not about emotion its about getting paid, and if we don't get paid this is over. Personally I would recommend that anyone looking at this at the moment is best to sit on the sidelines, you might miss the first 10 or 20% rise, but from 25p does it matter? ---------- Unlike m5 I don't offer advice I merely state the fact that a share in the reserves now costs 25p when many here were not selling at £4 Personally I hold these until administration or takeover I can dig in if needs be
I see 12many is up early spamming - Let me guess. 22p placing? or 40p T5 Takeover?
can't wait for our takeover before 2016 Me and GKPHERO are going to be millionaires soon
Things of note today. A FI will lead to a full takeover, hahahahahahahahaha!!! The latest ramp to keep the old hamster wheel spinning no matter what happens. And surely GKP wouldn`t place shares that are worth ££££££ for a piddly 25p it was going to be a premium just yesterday Hahahahahaha. Oh and Hydrocarbon, if you are going to keep posting that drivel at least re adjust the price you have quoted down each time to keep it current, there's a good girl.
The deranged ranting of one beleathered fantasist is a source of great entertainment to us all. ========================= Didn't realise there was a leather fetish within the bob crew. By fantasist i presume we know who we're talking about given the current sp, the multibagger takeover offers Gulf constantly turn down and the ample evidence validating all these Chinese and Rex Tillerson rumours. Fantasist is a perfect description.. It's all real, nothing from the hips at all. Bukake.
'Public Relations theory states that if you post the same incorrect information often enough it will eventually be “acceptedâ€? as reality. Be aware you are being conditioned.'What like 9.38 bill reserves, Hundreds of trucks from AB or certain takeover of £10 for the last 5 years.Again the guilty point fingers to their own crimes.
If 1712 or H7 had one ounce of decency they would shut the fuck up as their constant conspiracy bullshit and takeover bollocks is wearing a bit thin with everyone.
Indeed phallus Gkp and Genel are obvious takeover targets So they have been driven into the dirt Very obvious Keep up All the best
H7 We have been in potential takeover talks for months with our CEO muttering in public so info on the nature of takeover negotiations defences tactics etc I think worth debating Obviously calling me bob or anyone else a £&@& more valuable ;)
You know Eddie likes a conspiracy theory. How's the missing video footage investigation going?Are CSI Penge on the case yet?What about MI5, MI6 and Interpol?If there is a CPR presentation missing then if that doesn't signal a £20 takeover I don't what does.I hope you will be sending 100 plus emails in the morning to IR.
@1712, To Gkp it costs 9.3% to service $52m a year To an acquirer IOC it would cost < 2% Not sure I concur as , in the event of a takeover, wouldn't the debt have to be repaid, at par, by acquirer subject to the bond covenant clauses pertaining to takeovers? Can't say I've worked in CF though so don't know the ins & outs of Bond retirements prior to official maturity due to takeover. Perhaps our resident Corporate Broking expert could elaborate! (That'd be Bigdog apparently who has worked in corporate broking,who knows in what capacity for 3-5 years or so)
We need to be realistic here. Even if more back payments come through next year we still have colossal debt repayments to make in 2017. As things currently stand debt refinancing is the only way forward, a road I believe JF does not wish to take us down. No investment in 2016 does not mean that investment will recommence in 2017. So where is the cash going to come from? There is a gulf between buyer/seller valuations. Are GKP asking for a farm in what a bidder is willing to pay for the whole company? Not beyond probability. As time moves on without company changing news, I'm becoming more convinced that GKP are being set up for a cheap takeover by the likes of XOM.
There you go FakeHighlander Talk about putting words in to someone's mouth I'm sure you'd take great delight in seeing this company go under but don't say "Oilman said" to give your fail scenario credibility. As I understand, the KRG do not want to see GKP fail. If they fail because the gov is unable to pay there'd be another another court case "can't pay, can't play" and the message it will send to other investors current or potential would be disastrous. I'm not saying it couldn't happen but the KRG would be extremely foolish if they allowed it to happen. The situation is however, somewhat far removed from the bullshit takeover scenarios that TeamBob seem keen to impress. With an SP of 27/28p there are no offers anywhere near the realms of their imaginations. All about balance. Some people are very extreme in their views and argue only the extreme case, from £20 tomorrow to total fail.
It appears that JF has at last drawn a line in the sand-enough is enough! No longer will GKP put any more money into the Kurdistan venture until the KRG have paid a large sum or even all of their contractual obligations. The KRG owe at least $1 billion dollars which is approx. twice the liabilities of GKP .The KRG should realise that if they paid GKP even half or more of what they owe ,it would result in a huge revaluation of the INTRINSIC VALUE of the the GKP Company and obviously lead to a much higher takeover value for the Company and in turn benefit the KRG through increasing Income and INVESTMENT RETURNS.
Dav, didn't you know?? According to uber-clown and northern dipshit Mikeyadmin, GKP has been in play for years and the book is manipulated daily to squeeze retail out. Paul Carrot the parrot just repeats the mantra on a daily basis to get green ticks. It is so odd that these ramping lunatics completely ignore the shareprice which is in the fucking toilet. Who remembers the phrase 'Golden tickets in safe hands and away from the shorters'? What a con, what unbridled bollix, it is so bad it is beautiful. 450 down to 27p and these cunts are still talking takeover and accumulation. Paul Carrot needs a cricket bat shoving up his arse until his shit squirts down his nose.
Jb The company can do nothing to support the sp It's been forced down And held That's obvious Nothing will help other than a real world transaction IMO Doubling reserves increase production getting paid Nothing helps The market wants a takeover and won't let go of the SP until it sees one That's why retail have been squeezed out All the shit here All the shit on the book Best hold and add if you believe
Why are you posting on a public forum if you don't want it commented on?Post what you like, I will comment how I like.Just look back on Transmar's history.Takeover imminent since 2013 and the rest of his history is saying how great Bob is.1712 started using that avatar again as he was outed on the Dibendra one.
Muddy/Bigdog I did wonder if BD meant that to jump through hoops of the Special GM and an RNS, both costly exercises, would preclude any idea of an imminent takeover. I decided that wouldnt rank as odd and thought he meant something else. What, I wonder?
Why is the sp where it is ? Because it's been worked down Just like when it was worked up to stiff retail on the must happen takeover spike Shafin retail stiffed as they squeezed out 😎
Nonic I would say this ;) IF a takeover ever happens then the participants will have known for months As would their agents Look at the Africa oil deal - effective date march 31 2015 - So many parties would have lots of time to squeeze equity out from retail to aid the acquisition or profit from it The complete converse of herding retail in in 2012 too offload too Squeeze them into capitulation :) Anyway let's see what happens
wbjunior 10 Nov'15 - 09:43 - 454344 of 454345 0 0 Merger or reverse takeover imminent in my view, bylaws being changed to accommodate new executives on board to run the enterprise. All happening after the third consecutive payment received, regular payments all fitting together, holding firm and suggest all LTH do the same. Wbj
Merger or reverse takeover imminent in my view, bylaws being changed to accommodate new executives on board to run the enterprise. All happening after the third consecutive payment received, regular payments all fitting together, holding firm and suggest all LTH do the same. Wbj
I'm glad to see this Rns andxsurprised IT took so long Not sure how many have read the bye laws including the amendments But I'd recommend it The board will then be free to appoint without the UK residency bit We need a fit for purpose board to grow independantly which is what JF must plan for - as to whether it makes a takeover or farm in or other deal more or less likely us a moot point If a farm or takeover was in the offing representation of the farmee or acquisitor would need board representation so this is a necessary action whatever direction gkp is taking My opinion is a farm or premium placement to an IOC is most likely near term Again IMO that could catalyse full bids But it's all futurology 😎
Did GKP say There is not going to be a takeover before 2016, or that the data room is now closed. Derampers putting 2+2 and making 5 IMO. I see O63 has now been demoted from guru to just a poster.
Of course the BOD are doing the right thing. There's little value in a takeover now unless your av is sub 35p.Wait to prove up the 3P and 3C and oil price recovery. They just need to re finance the debt pile and then they can look forward with/if continued payments.2017/18 may be a better story, till then Genel looks the better option for upside.
Emergency Skype call at 9!How you going to morph that RNS into a takeover you lying con artists?
just_banter 10 Nov'15 - 07:22 - 454315 of 454321 2 0 So today RNS rules out a takeover before 2016 Gkp hero, you sir have totally got it wrong Lmfao. It took an RNS for some to realise what a gobshite GKPzero is. Deary me
So today RNS rules out a takeover before 2016 Gkp hero, you sir have totally got it wrong
World class are se hole bought more today . Buy and hold for takeover in the future
9 Nov'15 - 13:21 - 454195 of 454201 13 2 Unfortunately RJCDC the aim of the bullies is to drive normal people from the boards and imo from the share register. And I find myself reluctant to make this post for fear of the backlash which I guess proves the point. -------------------------------- If the company has large value that will only be proven in a trade takeover then you would expect the city to do whatever it can to acquire shares and discourage new retail to buy any and encourage lth to sell The city is as corrupt as a very very very corrupt thingy :) If the company hasn't got large intrinsic value nobody would be bothered going to so much trouble and orchestrated effort
9 Nov'15 - 13:21 - 454195 of 454201 13 2 Unfortunately RJCDC the aim of the bullies is to drive normal people from the boards and imo from the share register. And I find myself reluctant to make this post for fear of the backlash which I guess proves the point. -------------------------------- If the company has large value that will only be proven in a trade takeover then you would expect the city to do whatever it can to acquire shares and discourage new retail to buy any and encourage lth to sell The city is as corrupt as a very very very corrupt thingy :) If the company hasn't got large intrinsic value nobody would be bothered going to so much trouble and orchestrated effort
Oil sector M&A warming up it seems.... Someone stalking Apache with an $18bn deal (which presumably will have a sector impact when the US market opens): hTTp://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-11-08/apache-said-to-get-takeover-approach-for-18-billion-oil-company
M5 Remember when a takeover was inevitable And volume was huge The boards awash with optimism The SP rocketing And retail needed in their thousands to offload too?? At £3/4+++ Was their a takeover ??? Remind me ??? Huge volume and retail being stiffed as they bought from the powerful Now it's lower and lower volumes day after day endless mindless bashing book spoofed in huge weight painfully grinding out the last of the weak retail when a corporate deal is imminent Retail being stiffed again as usual
Yes since phallus revealed his bashing raison d'être yesterday ( well rather obvious reading his historical outpourings )he has been increasingly productive here ;) I intend to increase my postings exponentially in the hope of meeting my employers KPI and beyond :))))) ;) Anyway back to Gkp Now that it's demonstrable that financing a takeover is a no brainer what is the likely price???? £2-5 IMO Fingers crossed and waiting to see :) As ever
30p. Thats inline with the anticipated takeover price then. Ducks lining up
Morning chunts. Nothing better to do again all night then. Wheres my 30p takeover RNS?
ccr1958 - 04 Nov 2015 - 16:54 - 453467 of 453476 - 0Do you hold then heartsNo I sold all on the CPR RNS, reasonable profit but not what i was targeting at 40p plus.I had a trade for the payments RNS.For trading there are far better stocks at present such as PMO, TLW and Genel. If I was investing in Kurd I would opt for Genel as I think it is a more likely takeover target and will fair better with any rise in PoO.As I've said before with GKP or other stocks most of the time I'm all in cash then buy when PIs think the worlds ending.If GKP hits the 23-25p area again I will probably buy some as there's enough upside for the trade. At 28-32p range the risk/reward/time isn't worth it.
Baxt rerate here to a 40p takeover. You heard it here first, watch this space.
Hearts..and these are just posted....what a fine example to your new born.....you are a complete waste of a life! 4 Nov'15 - 10:06 - 453385 of 453413 6 1 I see 1712s filter comfort blanket is out again. No one cares Paul you lying twat 4 Nov'15 - 10:37 - 453397 of 453413 5 1 Has NOR paid off his loan yet for the shares he bought at 90p? Another success story in the camp of the fuckwit club. Still don't beat Bigger Thus and his AFR definite takeover.....
Has NOR paid off his loan yet for the shares he bought at 90p?Another success story in the camp of the fuckwit club.Still don't beat Bigger Thus and his AFR definite takeover.....
That will be a strange day baxtea, should we see a 30p takeover. Can you imagine the posts from teamcrap? Instead of their pitiful, endless drivel about dodgy cpr's and boxes they would be up in arms wailing about the takeover price, emailing Anastasia with their complaints and blaming Jeremy Asher "Waaaaah it's not fair waaaaah". Because mark my words, if there is a 30p takeover of GKP some people's losses will become concrete with no chance of redemption, and the laughter will be heard from Erbil to the Royal Courts of Justice. I also think the laughter in Sevenoaks will be audible in Penge.... Just a mull. ps can someone remind me again: Who has got rich off this share in the last 5 years? Is it a) the shareholders b) the 2009-2013 BOD c) Todd Kozel d) The KRG e) Ashti Hawrami
baxtea1. really. The word takeover in an rns would see these jump to 50p before you had read the complete sentence.
Another blue day, that 30p takeover must be really close now
Lift off. 30p takeover coming
Genel is the Kurd stock at present and most likely takeover.Good day if your in TLW : )
Funny world When no takeover likely Huge volumes of retail herded in at £4 When a strong likelihood of takeover No volume No retail interest at 28p :) But there we are The City At it's finest
@Nonic, Bob's at least Mid 50's. Really disturbing this fascination with him.He's just another ordinary bloke except he does have O&G experience,and has put his face in public (as various YouTube videos evidence) Tony aka Oilman is clearly mentally disturbed,as is Benjamin and his 40,000 alternate avatars who see the need to post daily. Why,who knows. Only people worth reading(from the other side ie the Naysayers) are Bigdog and Nicebut tbh, though disagree with much of what they say - particularly the in/out shake it all about trader.12Many is just full of it. How many times have we had the 25p placing, the T5 takeover is imminent. been at least 6 months. Apparently the Dorchester was closed to the public that Thursday - there was some hush hush lunch,plenty of back slapping and hand grasping.Someone called "Rex" was there. Was fortunate to be dining with an old friend that day so caught a glimpse.
Right, that's me off until the takeover.
GKPhero - I will return on takeover day ............................................................................. Will you promise not to post before that - cross my heart and hope to die?
I will return on takeover day.
Although I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have £10m to invest and rather than go for a balanced PF I've decided to put it all into GKP.I don't want to use leverage but I want to put it in spread bets thru IG as I've already calculated the CGT on a £20 takeover.I thought about getting advice from brokers, investment banks etc but decided the best way forward is to ask avatars on this bb.
An easy hold until takeover day here.
Data technical due diligence long since over probably Negotiations ? Who knows? Sami flagged 3 payments - corporate action JG - reg payments - consolidation A full takeover deal will be complex and have taken ages to detail and agree Just look at the shell bg deal that appeared out of knowwhere We can just wait and trust the CEO as he says ' we have never been more confident of realising value ' IMO
Dataroom is the number 1 priority at the moment.Is it still open ? Have we still got Big players if so farm in or takeover ? If it is closed with no interest just bloody say so.End of summer has come and gone. Am I wrong to ask for a dataroom update ?
@GKP, JB, hate to burst your bubble but we've 6 months till the next bond payment. We'll be bust long before the debt maturity. I gather 12Many's 50p takeover bid from some tinpot T5 Irish shell company has floundered as they're fearful of ISIS's large gains of the past four weeks - there's no stopping ISIS, its about to completely take over Syria(beating the Russians easily with all the American hardware it is receiving from the CIA via Turkey) blah blah. Personally I'm going to SELL first thing Monday morning as I cant see anything but bankruptcy in our future and I need to save my hard earned. My remaining stake will stretch to a paltry second hand Aston Martin only (: Still, it's been a blast reading this board for the last god knows how many years - seems an eternity.
And that's the problem with GKP , far to many foam mouthed PIs always adding up 2 plus 2 and getting 56!The BOD said ages ago they would over time meet up with investors and engage better. But as usual the usual suspects create conspiracy theories to try to attach anything to their desperation of a takeover.On numerous occasions the BOD have suggested that now is not the time for a takeover for any kind of value.But you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as there's a RNS saying the data room is closed they will all be in uproar and crying foul play.The real issue with GKP is the majority of its retail PIs are gobshites.
Of course I actually was here so early that when it spiked I thought this was the endgame I'd anticipated for 3 years I wasn't one of the several thousand the city herded in too offload too in a couple of months early 2012 So mine wasn't greed It was always for me Gkp is a no brainer takeover Has been since first oil Just when To whom And how much Well done you I think 350,000 shares will see you very happy The nutters here are either just that Bitter nutters Or by design In which case we holders are very lucky
You can just see it now.....245321notout - 23 Oct 2031 - 19:31 - 6451747 of 6451749 - 0Don't worry John, they can say what they want, I'm buying more at 0.002p, its accumulation - big oil want your shares.I have 3 billion shares now, takeover by Xmas.
Takeover is coming very very soon. There will be no farm in or asset sale. Original two bidders back at table?
Sparky333 22 Oct'15 - 08:10 - 451278 of 451516 2 0 Well summer is over, 2 months payments. Hmmm data room ? Is the big question I would ask Still open , number in there, still FI or full takeover interest , are the numbers getting more aligned following the CPR Everything else is bollocks ---------------------- You are very well informed...? Does it have central heating? Do they serve cookies with the coffee?
GKP is such an easy hold now until takeover. I've been buying loads more.
fe11, Presumably there isnt going to be a takeover... Clue was... Page 4 "Corporate - The Board is being re-built" Otherwise nothing new. As Phillis said - its an investor lunch, for non institutions..A non event. So anything said wont be Price Sensitive Info, if there was such thing it'd have to be RNS'd prior to the event starting
Correct JB What it's wortb and what we get are different Anyway 1.30 pre us open Rns chevron takeover at £32 Just in time for the lucky fifteen to choke on their orange juice 😎😜ðŸ˜￾ðŸ‘￾😳👀😛😷
Well summer is over, 2 months payments. Hmmm data room ? Is the big question I would ask Still open , number in there, still FI or full takeover interest , are the numbers getting more aligned following the CPR Everything else is bollocks
Easy hold until takeover day here.
GKPHERO You have been busy today spreading the word of great GKPness - You will no doubt be rewarded come takeover day -
Phillis, the share register questions all revolve around hidden shares and accumulation theories. These dullards like 1712 and bob need a reason why the sp has crashed 94% in 44 months. I'm afraid 'people selling their shares plus lack of buying pressure' isn't good enough for them, and neither is normal logic. For example, if BT or AVIVA or Lloyds shares crashed by 94% in 44 months, would it be correct to assume those companies were in trouble? Or would the market believe the share price was being deliberately driven down to squeeze out retail prior to a takeover? Guess which version of events Bob and his gang are peddling? Laughable? Well, it used to be, but with GKP down to the bare bones things have looked ominous for a good while. A nice fresh low of 27.5 printed earlier, and now the sp has climbed/struggled back to the dizzy heights of.....29p.
Paul, really you should be focused on yourself and on how embarrassed anyone would be to have to admit they spent all their time on bulletin boards like you do, spamming away about how great this investment is when it has crashed 94% over the previous 44 months. 94% Paul. What excuse has Mikey drummed into you?? Whatever it is it won't make any difference once GKP is finished. As was pointed out earlier for the nth time, a £10 takeover values GKP at 3x MOL's value with all their infrastructure capabilities and reserves etc. You are living in cloud cuckoo land son. You are an embarrassment, a fucking EMBARRASSMENT. 29p
Correct jb When there was no chance of a takeover but thousands of retail needed mugging the sp rocketed on huge volumes Now we have the total inverse Tiny volumes Relentless grind As the last remnants are squeezed out of retail paws At a time when a takeover or IOC partnership could happen any day Yes I agree most city bids look like the fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down :)
Clem enacted a hostile takeover on this page a few months back, Arl. I can only think he enjoys the musical taste of you three guys in the interim, staving off the closing down sale.
Anyway Tony is a no way £8 takeover Based on facts apparently Fair enough :) He normally capitalises For effect I've now asked politely A dozen times What is his t/o valuation And what is his justification ? He won't answer again in his weakness sadly
Such a deal would precipitste a takeover battle That's if Gkp is really highly prized and not a box of frogs It's the way to find out anyway
Excellent Tonys back So Ill try again You very keen to shout that GKP isn't worth £ 8 Fair enough My guess after seeing the CPR revision and assuming genuine competitive bids which I know is a big ask A takeover valuation in the £ 3-5 range IMO Whats your best guess?
Minge from Penge lunching with the CEO? LOFL The only plausible reported contact between a Company and a Free BB poster was when the SAB Miller CEO sought the counsel of one A C Talbot about the proposed takeover. Admittedly, he was also an Institutional Ingester.
Defeatists everywhere on this thread. I really don't get it. GKP's future is looking better than anytime during last 2 years. We wanted payments we are getting them. Production is at peak levels. Reserves are up massively and with more future drilling there will be more to come. Yes, there are still large political risks attached to Kurdistan and the region. But it appears that some have short memories and forget that Iraq has been in turmoil since the end of the U.S led war. It was that turmoil that allowed TK to ride in and sign a PSC with the Kurds wasn't it? No change there then. As for ISIS, they will be swatted like flies over the next few months, have no doubts there. I am now awaiting the next news on how GKP plan to invest to increase their production. Farm-in or takeover? Lots to play for and I'm more confident than I have been all year as of today.
12M. Your guru status is slipping. Still it was good while it lasted I suppose. Now for the gradual rise and takeover. Exciting times.
Shut it hearts. I await the takeover.
Hurry up with the 50p takeover. Fill yer boots, great return from here
I anticipate news pre lunch meet Partner Farm Asset sale Takeover Oil take off deal The lunch thingy I do find fascinating Also the video invite being done in kstan There is much that couldn't be made up in the Gkp story
I see over at ii 1712 has buy orders in at 28-24p.Strange as he posts daily of an imminent takeover about to happen for multiples of the SP.Why would you potentially miss out for a few pence when it's a definite it's going to £3 plus?What a bull shitting pleb
Shitty had to filtered as he was very dull jb The general level of bashianado :) has fallen off a cliff But like the sp here Personally think it is £3/4/5 for any near term t/o but hoping it doesn't happen Hope to keep buying and once matrix recovery proven we should be in £15 plus takeover territory Few years maybe but who cares ;) Oh sorry me I do I'll take your fiver now jb thanks
And a quick edit to name check me :::::)))) Thanks The attention's marvellous Did tony ever come back with his takeover valuation or the status of the alleged longstanding xom offer ? Guess not No surprise there
Should see a spike when that 50p takeover is announced. Good return frim here.
Yes jb Although adding down here as the never ending squeeze continues could be a good plan If you think a takeover will be in excess of 32p a share However their is a school of thought that suggests that our CEO lies He has so far stated on the record - the asset is world class - has enormous future value - the CPR is a resounding confirmation that the asset is world class - never been more confident of realising value. Whereas their are anonymous avatars here who regularly suggest the company and it's assets are worth fuck all and the sp is going down the shitter I'm confused as to whom to believe so I'm holding on till I find out ;)
Agree.50p takeover before end year
An easy hold until takeover here.
If I had billions I'd buy the bonds They are a better play than equity as they are geared And secured on shaikan My opinion is that Gkp is worth at takeover £3-5 Just my opinion
Takeover offers are on there way imo.
Good morning fatty It's reassuring to know that you are privy to takeover negotiations Particularly grateful you care so much as to share them here ;)

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