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750 posts since Friday? What about? Takeovers for 375 from Chevron? Please don't say you fell for the hype again? There was still no takeover guys. I told you that last week and the week before etc...... You all got roped in again to buying a few more shares? Mr 32p placee is very happy that pump worked. I feel really sad for many of you. CWD
What were people hoping for takeover news ?? We'd be far better off selling once regular payment cycle in place and back pay in the bank heading that way ( hopefully)
Takeover is coming............
there pops the £3.75 takeover bullshit! back down to 32p. $9.6m. My local car showroom turns over more per month than that!!!
Sunday Business Post (Ireland) - reports Pat Plunkett of T5 coming back for a second attempt of a takeover of GKP. No link.
Mayonaisse on LSE posted "Renewed Bid by T5 Oil and GasToday 22:28The report in today's Sunday Business Post (in Ireland)( P 14 of paper edition) under heading 'Former Tullow bosses Circle Gulf Keystone' that T5 'is considering a second bid ... for Gulf Keystone Petroleum' may in part explain the recent rise. The article goes on to quote Pat Plunkett who talks of a proposed reverse takeover of GKP citing the latter's problems of short-term funding and low oil prices." FYI
Totally agree Ricardo Rick and Duxy. Two of the shining lights on these boards IMHO. They are raging because the tide has clearly turned and they papped themselves and sold out 80p ago. Haha, we will be laughing all the way to a takeover at similar levels, £1.00 - £1.30 IMHO.
But presumably none of that matters anymore? I mean the shareprice scaled the dizzying heights of 40p on Friday, PLUS I refer you to the erudite forecasts of Oracle Ricardo Richard on this hallowed forum only yesterday.All of that is at last combining to blast the GKP shareprice battering ram through ISIS, crippling debt, no regular payment mechanism, US sponsored ICG tyranny, rampant political and corporate corruption, lack of pipeline or suitable refinery mechanism, the fact the city considers GKP to be significantly less hygienic than fetid dogshit coated chicken breasts on the butcher's slab on a particularly hot day in the Marrakesh Souk, and we will see her coast to a £3.75 takeover faster than you can say slice of fruit loaf.
Correct hearts - although i should note that I was speaking to a senior sauce (HP I think) from Coutts the other day, and he most certainly had heard of GKP - the whole sorry saga from discovery to now. Pointless bit of information really, but i wanted to be like bob for a minute. P.S. to all those who say we have been here before - have we been here before following the BoD announcing via RNS that GKP are in takeover talks?
The rise is going to be down to payment. The question is, how much?! I think 100 million dollars which would tally up nicely with the market cap increase. I do hope however that its a takeover approach with a significant premium but I have been in GKP too long to not expect that.
Why would somebody bid more than 10 times it's present worth!!! ricardo rick1 26 Jun'15 - 13:09 - 429255 of 429270 0 0 3.75 takeover rumours. Look on LSE.
Would be nice to see a significant takeover multiple markup just to see the monkey scum panic and also to highlight what a rigged, manipulated sack of crooked shit the stock market really is.
there will be shorts being opened here. continued strength will se them scurry for the exit. this will get really interesting above 36. In my opinion, that may even suggest the trip to 15p is null and void. And that can only be off the back of at least a very positive shift in GKP's finances OR takeover.
3.75 takeover rumours. Look on LSE.
That £20 takeover party is not looking likely to go ahead this year. The 50p fire sale party is being booked thou.
No takeover RNS for AFR Onetomany. Quite the opposite in fact. Do you get a kick out if being a lying arsehole, misleading people with bollocks about made up inside information you have. Is it to compensate for an empty life? See you next week sweetheart.
Hi guys, just checking in. Has there been a takeover yet? Or were the board of directors lying through their collective teeth back in February? If I were a gambling girlyboy I would say the latter. Luckily it won't affect me when this share prolapses in on itself as I don't hold shares in this company having sold them soon after Todd Kozel got rid of most of the shares he was given for free back in 2013. Do you remember that? He never paid for one single share, yet he sold them faster than you can say knife. He is a crook and no mistake. I feel sorry for you guys but try not to worry because I will reappear on Friday to let you know there has been no takeover. OK? CWD :)
I think what one to many is saying, is that he piled in on the takeover rumour and has been rogered on today's collapse. Could you please all buy in so he can get out.
Relative optimism. About the impending bond threat? The decimated share price? The KRG sticking to the terms of the PSC? The dynamic new top man? The data room full of IOC's falling over themselves to pay £20/share for GKP? Yes, it's obvious why there is so much relative optimism......sheesh. CWD ps No takeover, sorry. The outgoing BOD lied in order to protect the placing deal they had already agreed with MG and Capital.
The FT mentioning we are takeover target is the best yet !!! Leading Financial Rag... Brilliant bit of observation .. Prikcs !!!!!
No JB I don't think it will go bankrupt, I also don't think it will be sold for multi billions.Takeover speculation has been around since 2010, I still find it strange that for you guys who believe in Kirkuks big brother you want it sold? Surely wait 5 or 10 years for true value?
Not going bankrupt jb It's too important But too suggest it could be a takeover target ???? ;;;))) Gold mans and now the FT Ridiculous Mr r said we bust in 6 weeks ;;;;;;;)))))) Nicely we are fucked CCt no money Hearts we are fucked Chix etc etc the company and all us invested wankers fucked It's just amazing how much peeps are interested in this pile if shhhhhitttt ;;;;)
It looks like my comments today have done the trick. If this goes through then GKP will be paid all monies owed imo. Takeover will then occur. Could all be wrapped up before the AGM. ;) Who would have thought that??
IMO, the Kurds didn't want GKP sold. The court case was useful for stopping a takeover, as was the letter to the Times last year. Since February it looks like they can't kick the can any further down the road and times finally up.
Anyone remember bishbashboing? Ramped the shit out of GKP on this very board and johnbuy's blog in late-2013 when the sp was around 170-200, claimed there was a Chevron takeover coming in the January. Lying fucking filth you are bob.
Hi guys, just my weekly round-up of what's happened in GKP land over the past weeks and months. You may remember I posted the same thing last week, and the week before and the week before and the week before..... THERE HAS BEEN NO TAKEOVER!! Have a good weekend, I will post up the weekly reminder that nothing happened again....next Friday or Saturday. CWD
Takeover news: Shares in Thorntons have ralled more than 40pc after following news of a takeover bid from chocolate giant Ferrero International. The family-owned chocolatier behind Kinder, Ferrero Rocher and Nutella, has offered to buy Thorntons for 145p a share through its wholly-owned subsidiary Ferholding, valuing the struggling British chocolate maker at £111.9m. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/11690699/Thorntons-shares-rally-following-bid-from-Ferrero.html
Highlander02, we will be shafted but the assets are such that even considering less than £4ps is not acceptable.
Having listened to Barclay, I have decided to consolidate all the CGT offsets, add them to all the rumoured takeover prices and reserve this little runaround. http://tinyurl.com/oyfvg52 Shrouds don't have pockets pilgrims. Think about it.
I anticipate a farm in merger is more likely short term - takeover perhaps possible too - short term = anytime in the next few months The sp could easily go north of >£1 on a farm and get stability Even a nailed on off take agreement would do the same IMO Takeover? In short term I'd be surprised IF it happened that it would be less than £1.50 Unsurprised if it was £ +3 if competitive I own a good piece here Could it get rockhoppered ? Maybe but would be very brief
shorting a stock in takeover talks is never a good idea stuart........
A takeover LGW.
Good morning,AVATAR333 and Terry. I remember the time when stuart555/bob told everyone that HamishNY was a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and posted the youtube link for everyone to watch. GKP - The Road To Takeover (Moderated) - GKP bobobob5 - 02 Dec 2013 - 15:38:09 - 26708 of 56160 Here's my former colleague Hamish Glass, starring on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: htTp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZVSuYQKOCc
OK so I know I often post vulgarities for amusement, but this time I have some real news in relation to GKP talks. Apparently, there is a conditional £3 offer on the table. And the condition us that I stroke my winky until he is happy. At least that's what Mr winky told me. "Meep keep meep" he said. "GKP takeover if you stroke Mr meeep" he said.
Halwest anwar â€￾@HalwestAnwar 11 minutes ago SHERKO JAWDAT HEAD OF #KRG'S PARLIAMENT COMITTEE FOR OIL & INDUSTRY SAYS WE DDNT TALKED ABOUT SELLING #OIL INDEPENDENTLY #TwitterKurds Lol, you couldn't make it up but someone certainly did. No takeover guys. Sheesh it's nearly Friday again.
Fucking hell! It's worse that I thought! The fucker was in right at the top! GKP - The Road To Takeover (Moderated) - GKP onetomany - 25 Jun 2012 - 21:44:21 - 5061 of 56160 Tough times to say the least. Lost a packet now too. Oh and look at the posts from that fuckwit frenchboy on other thread. You gotta laugh, some deserve what they get. Thankfully my exposure reduced now... May come back for more when it finally bottoms, wherever that may be. One must assume that some bad news is in the offing sadly. Be that test results, excal payoff, placing.... who knows. One thing for sure, we haven't dropped another 25% ia couple of weeks for no reason, sorry
https://www.fool.co.uk/investing/2015/06/16/tullow-oil-plc-and-gulf-keystone-petroleum-limited-are-attractive-low-cost-oil-producers/ Tullow and Gulf Keystone don’t currently pay any dividends, but their impressive production growth makes them attractive in the long term, even without any anticipated takeover offers. Their share prices do not seem to reflect much of a recovery in the oil price, yet their low cost assets should mean they will steer clear of any financial trouble.
34p, something's brewing. To get a 1.5p increase can only mean £20 takeover. The trains left the station, the horse has bolted, the box is open.Look to the east, kirkuks big brother, a sea of oil.Thought I'd just alleviate the need for the next 50 posts of ramping bullux.
111notout, iii board I just thought I'd add some old fashioned optimism Feb 12 turned out a great selling and profit taking opportunity - city did that - most retail bought insteadJun 15 IMO a great buying opportunity and 86,000,000 from the city agrees The oil still there we have production and growth a route to market and no cash. An outstanding debtor is a pittance to an IOC looking at a 50 yr production plan. However the ii won't let this go bust as mg and capital just demonstrated.They bought time for 'something' to be concluded IMO.It's just time until we see a corporate deal or full takeover.LBO who I do believe was a founder investor indicated that he participated in the recent placement.And I'm sure with good reason.Anyway that's my story and why I remain invested.
I smell takeover offers in the wings. Get ready.
Not sure if this was posted, probably http://www.fool.co.uk/investing/2015/06/15/dragon-oil-plc-agrees-3-7bn-takeover-offer-could-gulf-keystone-petroleum-limited-be-next/ Dragon Oil plc Agrees £3.7bn Takeover Offer — Could Gulf Keystone Petroleum Limited Be Next
So lets get this right - DRAGON OIL - have one asset pumping 90000 barrels a day, have no debt, have 1.9 billion in cash, only 491 million shares in issue, have a fantastic website also pay a dividend ! Takeover offer 3.7 billion GULF KEYSTONE - have one asset base pumping up to 40000 barrels a day, have 527 million in debt, have only 87 million in cash,have one billion shares in issue(soon 100 million more)pay no dividend, are not getting paid regular, have isis on the doorstep, no oil and gas law, a founder that sold all his share and then left and now all other others leaving, hired pw to sell AB and that as been a write down and have not come up with anything in almost 3 years and a share price of 32p ! Takeover none yet but comparing the above even I can see gkp will be lucky to get 50p as things stand ! ive said before I will keep these till the end ,stupid I know but theres always hope however I do believe this as been played right from the beginning!
What do people make of the motley fool article? Why mention gkp?http://www.fool.co.uk/investing/2015/06/15/dragon-oil-plc-agrees-3-7bn-takeover-offer-could-gulf-keystone-petroleum-limited-be-next/
http://www.fool.co.uk/investing/2015/06/15/dragon-oil-plc-agrees-3-7bn-takeover-offer-could-gulf-keystone-petroleum-limited-be-next/Fantastic news potentially
Are you going to put forward any kind of enquiry to the BOD about the Shaikan FP figures bob? No, I thought not. So it was all BB guff wasn't it. Just BB guff. Indeed the likelihood of you ever being proactive as opposed to being overbearing and pompous is about the same as the chance of a takeover of GKP. In other words, it will never happen. Some people DO stuff, and some just talk about it. And talk. And talk...... CWD
FAO 1712notout. I suggest you seek help. You are mentally ill. The share price is dropping on awful sentiment, not because someone is forcing it down due to it being worth so much. Your friend Mikey has really done a job on you hasn't he?? Shaikan is not the second coming of christ. Hope this helps. CWD. ps, just as a little taster I'll give you an inkling of my post for this Friday coming - There is no takeover, never was, never will be.
here's fckin hoping... http://www.fool.co.uk/investing/2015/06/15/dragon-oil-plc-agrees-3-7bn-takeover-offer-could-gulf-keystone-petroleum-limited-be-next/
k3vster, 2 out of 2 for OM..he is on roll..just wish he would say next RNS is full takeover and let him get the hatrick..
It is said to remain in tentative takeover and asset-sale discussions with a number of parties, although sources expressed scepticism that they would lead to a deal.Now where have I heard that before? Interesting the Kuwait connections posted tonight. Now where have I heard that before?Maybe soon I'll be getting some apologies. ps... Been quiet as I have been asked to.
It is said to remain in tentative takeover and asset-sale discussions with a number of parties, although sources expressed scepticism that they would lead to a deal.
"It is said to remain in tentative takeover and asset-sale discussions with a number of parties, although sources expressed scepticism that they would lead to a deal."
Nicebut Good to see you back one knocking A they bought B if you want to sell the company major shareholders would have told your negotiators pw what they are looking for price wise - without their support their can be no sale - friendly In the middle of talks cash needed raising As a takeover defence to hostile - ? To sweeten a deal to gain their irrevocables ? To favour one party you may be in concert with?? Either way they keep their gobs shut and put their money in ::::)))
If you actually look at the articles it's quite relevant with 2 current topics. Firstly pipeline verses trucking and secondly how any company for potential takeover or farm in would need to be with MNR.
Hi guys, as sad as it sounds - and it really is sad - I'm afraid another week has gone by and guess what? There has been no takeover. There never will be either Not in short trousers anymore? No. They have been removed in preparation for an almighty beasting with Sir's slipper. Have a great weekend y'all !! CWD ps I'll be back next week with another thrilling reminder that all of a sudden nothing happened. Nothing at all.....
Ahhh a reverse takeover of xom ;;;;;)
GKP - The Road To Takeover Is Almost At An End - GKP AVATAR333 - 24 Sep 2014 - 15:51:23 - 7238 of 12989 Surely the time is rapidly approaching when the camel jockeys' bluff has to be called, John?
Muddy the scam was driving the price north to attract 1000's of retail to buy millions of shares the inside we're offloading when no deal was likely as - no clean title - no reserves- no production- no route to market etc The scam now is to push retail out/ prevent new retail buying when a takeover is very likely :)
Takeover soon....... Whispers!!
Well some one at court went hostile Someone's on the board did too And privately placing to existing holders is a classic hostile takeover defence Nobody would go hostile without sight of data Nobody would get sight of data without being pre approved bidders by GKP and krg Hence if such a bidder had been turned down by management on price terms there is nothing to stop them going hostile The company is superficially weak but have had a takeover defence strategy in place for years The exit event option criteria begann that
One way or the other something is going to be explosive in the next few days.Either payments or leak on he Dataroom or farm in, assets sale or full takeover.The SP has bottomed at 35p and flatlined no volume just a trickle of sells which has been the case for the last 2 weeks.It's the long pause for a deep breath !!!!
My prediction is £20+ per share on takeover day.
My prediction is £20+ per share on takeover day.
Hi guys, just my weekly round-up of what's happened in GKP land over the past weeks and months. You may remember I posted the same thing last week, and the week before and the week before and the week before..... THERE HAS BEEN NO TAKEOVER!! Have a good weekend, I will post up the weekly reminder that nothing happened again....next Friday or Saturday. CWD
Fireplace I too hope we get payment this week but signs aren't good and previous 'predictions' by GKP well off the mark. Our best option is the T5 merger/reverse takeover/D4E or whatever you want to call it. The fact it was on the table and one GKP board member thought it was a 'good' option suggests it offered value for shareholders. He was fired as a result and now look at the plan B. Total and utter fuck up of you ask me so let's hope T5 still at the party.
highlander7, it is you that is the incorrect one here. Despite all your posturing, the facts are that Simon Murray has gone in dubious circumstances, Gerstenlauer also cannot wait to run out the door, and Vvedenskaya if rumoured reports are correct? All the GKP 'stars' will have left. Surely, if there were any bids forthcoming, this would not be happening, as these egotists would want to be associated with a takeover at multiple bags, being 'Great Oilmen' & for the glory of saving Kurdistan. The fact they all want out tends to tell the story of either NO bids or extremely low bids, and they are getting out before the roof collapses inwards. Which is it?
SG the management have released statements since last year that they expect regular payments. Well back in to last year. Before I say anything, why the fuck would you believe them?I have it on fairly good authority over here that KRG are not in a position to pay debts in the near term, as in this year. Of course things can change but you aren't going to see payments IMO. GKP are now on the breadline and even if they are thrown another token amount we are talking pure survival. New CEO was brought in to oversee D4E and lead the new company forward. Takeover isn't on cards now and contingency firmly in place. Believe what you want to. Ignore me if you like but do some digging and you'll find the answers. Expect ISIS advance on Baghdad byXmas heavily backed by west.
There must be quite a few PI's that consider this company to be their worst investment ever. The assets are there, as is a market but yet again as we've seen so many times when Politicians get involved and takeover it becomes a clusterfuck for most others. Imo.
Good god the paranoia here is truly hilarious. As are the multi-avatars of one Mr Waterhouse. No takeover. Never was, never will be. Golden tickets, golden shower. ============================ Cwd Thank you for yet another reminder We are all royally fucked If all own these Thank you - too kind But we don't deserve you ;) ========= Ps 40,000,000 to capital and mg in an over subscription Who took the other 46,000,000 ?
Good god the paranoia here is truly hilarious. As are the multi-avatars of one Mr Waterhouse. No takeover. Never was, never will be. Golden tickets, golden shower.
hc1 - thought we'd been suspended pending a takeover announcement for a minute.....
Hey guys, How is the takeover for £50 a share coming along? Do we need to get the bunting out yet? Or is johnbuy headed for his daily oblivion again on the White Lightning express? Backatcha CWD
I still don't know the content before I'm shot down again but it is coming. The sky news leak was an issue for them. New ceo is not here to oversee a takeover. He's here to oversee the resurrection but sadly for us it's a diluted resurrection. All IMO of course
cambradjones 2 Jun'15 - 15:44 - 425404 of 425405 1 0 Hope something big is about to happen, just had a nice topup after waiting nervously 6 weeks for a tax rebate. I must have been the only one hoping for no sale/takeover while the funds came through !!!
Hope something big is about to happen, just had a nice topup after waiting nervously 6 weeks for a tax rebate. I must have been the only one hoping for no sale/takeover while the funds came through !!!
I'm sure there have been offers Murray also confirmed that Not offers the board or mg and capital prepared to accept Yet Or maybe they will now they averaged down When the sp was £4 there were no offers no reserves no route to market no clean title and no takeover But there were thousans of retail buying as the city needed to offload Now the reverse applies Retail ground out relentlessly City buy 86,000,000
Good on his cv and probably financially rewarding for a few months work( if we are heading down the takeover road)
Whilst retail continue to capitulate why would you start a war Even the doomsayers here talk of a disastrous takeover price of £1 ish Why would you put your head over the parapet while you can continue to scoop up weak retail holdings What price yet another late trade at above the ask after another day of red grind out? It's been obvious there has been wholesale accumulation here for years now Any more evidence required of investor demand ? An oversubscribe offer of 86,000,000 at 32p Just time
willoicc 1 Jun'15 - 21:18 - 425272 of 425281 5 1 "The price of any takeover will be based on the value placed on the PSC's." There won't be a takeover. Gerstenlauer has failed to do a deal at an acceptable price so he's leaving because it's now going to take at least 2-3 years to see any value whatsoever here and he doesn't want to hang around that long. No deal, no takeover, no farm-in. GKP is on its own and the City knows it.
The price of any takeover will be based on the value placed on the PSC's. Whatever people may say about M&G and Capital, they have a far better idea what this is worth than anyone on here does. They are not stupid. If they accept a low ball offer for short term bonuses, they will spend the next 20 years watching the value being proved up by someone else and enjoying all the mockery which will be heaped on them by their City peers, along with a sever shortening of their careers as investment fund managers.
Hi Walloon, I really enjoy your posts, they are breath of fresh air. If you don't mind here's a quick impression of you I've been working on: "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah bollox blah bullshit blah blah". Uncannily accurate I think. It's funny, but people often ask me 'Hey Dave, can you do impressions?' So I say 'Yes. Who do y'wanna hear?' When they ask me to do Walloon, or Bob, or 1712 I'm told they all sound the same. A bit like this: "Blah blah blah blah blah blah done my money blah blah agenda blah I post 365 days per year including Christmas Day blah blah bollix blah ramp blah lost everything blah blah bang gone takeover blah". Listening back to a recording, I have to agree, the three voices are almost identical. Another similarity between these dullards is the rank stupidity they display daily. Bye bye Balloon :D You always have had an over-inflated opinion of yourself.
You need to ask why a new CEO appointed when a 'takeover' is due any time now. Some of you clowns need to wake up and smell the coffee. Do you seriously think this is ahead of 'good news' on a bid? I'll tell you what it is. No bids anywhere near acceptable - plenty have suggested sub 40p. So this is a long term strategy possibly engineered by the bond holders? Or maybe debt funding been arranged (FYI balloon I always said I don't know details). Whatever way you look at it this not good news if you're here hoping for an overnight 100% gain. It was never happening anyway but this confirms it. IMO IMO IMO haha
Mr R He probably has got a sliding scale on bands of options depending on the price he gets on merger/takeover(In other words incentivized to get top dollar......but with the proviso to get it sold !!).......he could become wealthy.....IMHO
Psychics everywhere Predicting the future Be interesting to know who picked up the spare 46,000,000 capital and mg didn't Personally I reckon 14 % plus asher 1.5 plus another 4% or so from the 'new ' investor could swing a takeover/ merger acting as a barrier or a holding to force a higher price I'm certain IMO Gkp have had indicative offers over the years With JG always retiring within a year a new CEO was always required More news soon IMO
There is no takeover.
29,185 LOL. That doesn't bode too well for the already leaking vessel the Good Ship GKP Surely Gazz we are looking at a multi-£ takeover here now that this irrelevant event has taken place? The share price tells me everything I need to know and I am sorely tempted to 'double up' from here. 1 1/2 whole shares. Extravagant perhaps, but when I go in, I go in big
so you are the new CEO and you join knowing that EXXON/CHEVRON/ UNCLE TOM C is about to takeover the Company LOL Phillis. Why is he needed ? Because Shaikan will be sold ( and possibly AB) but we will still need to develop SA and plan for BB. Thats why . Then whats to say GKP dont buy other assets in the future ? IMO
Of course one advantage of accumulation (if that is a theory that anybody holds with) is that it would make a hostile takeover easier.
so you are the new CEO and you join knowing that EXXON/CHEVRON/ UNCLE TOM C is about to takeover the Company Really? Sounds like a great career move dont you think?
Oil being piped but no payment The BOD should take some action or threaten to switch off production. A rights issue is not the answer. Accepting one of the takeover offers is and that should be asap.
'Are we rich? Are we queer, Losing my savings this late In my career? And where are the clowns? There ought to be clowns. Oh Well, takeover (like fuck!) next year.' A beautiful tune that I am reluctant to desecrate but we must find room for "Send in the Clowns" http://tinyurl.com/o7gj6tp
Mentalists still talking of fanciful takeover bids above £1+. Totally deluded. They have told you they are looking at further financing, there could be problems regarding the legality of the PSCs, there is a strong possibility of going bust. Those are the facts from RNSs and official reports, but hey lets ignore all that and talk bollocks about Exxon and the Chinese. This isnt investing, its gambling with your money. Risk reward ratio is awful here.
Hi guys, just my weekly round-up of what's happened in GKP land over the past weeks and months. You may remember I posted the same thing last week, and the week before and the week before and the week before..... THERE HAS BEEN NO TAKEOVER!! Have a good weekend, I will post up the weekly reminder that nothing happened again....next Friday. CWD
Lols I just calculated there have been 28500 posts - an average 190 posts per day - since Jan 15th. Nothing of any substance has been posted other than by those who said this was going down, there would be no takeover, and there would be no regular payments from the liars in the KRG. This is probably the saddest, lamest and most desperate bulletin board on advfn, filled with jaded fools who know deep down they have lost their money. I refer to, among others, johnbuy fairenough, highlander7, and 1712. I'm sure you will join me in commiserating with them..... HA HA HA HA H AHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AHHHHHHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
Those were the days: rockefella 10 Jan'15 - 15:48 - 396101 of 424659 MODERATED It really made lots of difference didn't it Frenchbwai? Oh, and guys............ No Takeover. Talkin atcha.
Interesting Niper, could this be an attempt at a reverse takeover? T5 seemed pretty sure they'd be ok to come back in the summer. Aren't they working with Hannam? Any idea on the figures?
Nothing like that has ever crossed my mind CWD, the contracts are watertight and the CPR is just all wrong. The fracture porosity is the big factor here. GKP have more oil here than water in the Pacific Ocean. Takeover or independence tomorrow is my guess. You wont get the chance to file your weekly Friday 4.30pm bulletin board report :-)
Fake Taxi, I am very disappointed that almost another week has gone by without a takeover. I really am wondering if shareholders here weren't led down the garden path by the BOD. Someone has been telling big fat porkies. I wonder whom?
Still here & holding firm. I expect takeover news shortly, over 3 months since last mention. 120-150p will do nicely thank you very much.
Payments shortly........ Takeover shortly........
The market knew no takeover and herded in thousands at £4 Huge volumes Famous posters pumping the faaaark out of uber sentiment ;) Insiders buying In big big lumps In talks off well over 3 months And retail Still selling Hard to make it up really
Bigdog, These things are tricky to find. Was anyone else at AGM 2012? I think cut might have been. I did come across this though, about Perella starting in December 2011. GKP - The Road To Takeover (Moderated) - GKP bobobob5 - 27 Apr 2014 - 11:19:36 - 43940 of 56155! .....Yes the price went up strongly *but* the traded volume above the £4 level was small. If shareholders think they could have all "got out" at the intraday peak of 465p, they're mistaken. Perella Weinberg were already appointed before the January 2012 rise (to which you refer) began, having started on an unknown date in December 2011 (but not reported at the time). So the events I've mentioned above - and quite possibly also the "mulling" article of 18 December 2011 - are all within the PW period. And we then come onto unknowns, regarding what PW were doing.
agree, BD. If you can borrow, borrow 2bn bucks and pay back the oil companies pronto. 1712, could be. Who knows? Need a payment this week or next, or what's left of the herd will be looking for the door. A payment would be the best takeover defence.
Mr R it could be a takeover defence/mechanism to drive a higher price Its a common strategy Where more than one bidder involved The alterations to the company bye laws see http://www.gulfkeystone.com/media/14458/amendedandrestatedbye-laws.pdf primarily 168-172 also help GKP in driving a better deal We are all guessing Just trying to make sense of what is factual in the public domain
not a takeover defence.. the opposite would be most likely. Hence Murray getting the chop chop as he wanted a long term solution. Short term liquidity provide to get a deal, any deal done. A pretty dumb move as the whole world knows lol
The acquisition of one company (called the target company) by another (called the acquirer) that is accomplished not by coming to an agreement with the target company's management, but by going directly to the company's shareholders or fighting to replace management in order to get the acquisition approved. A hostile takeover can be accomplished through either a tender offer or a proxy fight. ----------------------------- Fighting to replace management ?Asher in out shake it all about , Kozel gone, Ewen gone, Murray gone, and the agitators for management change support the financing placement and boot their stakes to over14% A takeover defense ? Or a deal management (Murray) didn't support forced through?

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