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I hate to say it...cough...modesty forbids and all that...30th November - 8 months ago and a massive 228 posts later. The Road to Takeover (by bondholders). Was I right or was I fucking A right? (Apart from the bit where I predicted it would happen on Prince Phillip's birthday).
Poc Newco has 750m recoverable back costs 100/300m recoverable arrears Net cash around 100 Production 40 55 soon Generating free cash - profits > 60m And then theirs the oil and gas reserves And they put a 250 m valuation on that I'm after as much as that as I can get Albeit I still believe it's a poison pill to out bids Either way it's a nobrainer to have lots of Gkp which gives you lots of newco at option prices or a bigger stake if a takeover IMO 😇😶😯 Given you are supposed to be me I would have thought you would have thought of this sooner Good luck I thought it worth repeating 😇
Fill yer boots with open offer shares and fill them again when the SP is 1p or less. Then hold for takeover.
Poc Newco has 750m recoverable back costs 100/300m recoverable arrears Net cash around 100 Production 40 55 soon Generating free cash - profits > 60m And then theirs the oil and gas reserves And they put a 250 m valuation on that I'm after as much as that as I can get Albeit I still believe it's a poison pill to out bids Either way it's a nobrainer to have lots of Gkp which gives you lots of newco at option prices or a bigger stake if a takeover IMO 😇😶😯 Given you are supposed to be me I would have thought you would have thought of this sooner Good luck Whatever you do
Come and join us on The Road to Takeover (by bondholders) as we discuss the options that are open to GKP amongst like minded individuals. 1.Bite the pillow. 2.Turkeys vote for Christmas.
1302SB Yes absolutely that is happening. Or: when is a takeover not a takeover? When it is daylight robbery from under shareholders' noses.
Mystsic based on your $2bn market cap I make it around 7pps. However, a $2bn (£1.5bn) takeover could only be justified with a high oil price.
Worlview and PCI. htTp://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/05/12/russian-fund-wins-petroceltic-takeover-battle/
Phallus Nonsense As ever It has been repaying and is far more capable of debt service now than when it took the cash Seems ashti mg capital the board all complicit in a 'takeover' MNR starves liquidity Just enough cash to keep afloat Senior notes prevent any deals through security over shaikan Board don't refinance when they clearly could MNR block any deal till post restructure Market in stock trashed Hugely dilutive restructure which passes control across from LTH Flip to best offer after deal Good innit
Takeover by BHs with PIs wiped out!
So it seems PIs have fallen for the scam one final time! All the wishful thinking of a takeover was just another false dream helped by the same old rampers bob and his old mate grh.
If you just forget all notion of a takeover and accept you have been butt fucked and theres no going back my guess is that you would then be in the right ball park. No one has ever made a bid for this despite standing on the street corner and begging.
Interesting to know who is hoovering up shares on massive volume. Is it BHs to ensure the vote goes their way. Or a predator/hostile takeover on the cards. Time is now or never for someone to declare their hand, a 20-30p offer would lift this before BHs.
120% dice on 40-50 times normal volume. And some are still trying to say no real substance behind it. Of course there is only one explanation and that is a takeover approach. I expect $750-800m possibly even before the weekend. Now what we really want is at least 2 of the 18 perking up a little. Is it possible?
It seems very clear trader11. The volume of the last 24 hrs is unprecedented and the rise also. I expect to close at the day's high today with 8 then 10p being major levels to breach. Ultimately takeover at min 15p is my expectation. Unless of course one believes this is PI's getting in before the OO or even more bizarre, shorts closing. This is major stake building ahead of bid.
I believe yesterday and today are both 30-40 times normal volume. This is very interesting and suggests a major stake being taken. IMO this ahead of a takeover approach of $750-800m. Yes that is the bid I am expecting so 15p-20p net.
There's not going to be a takeover. There's going to be a refinancing.
Will bondholders claim 84/95% of any takeover amount because the default is still live ?
ajmace - 19 Jul 2016 - 08:56 - 39827 of 39828 - 1I'll tell you then.I think something has leaked about a bid for this company.It is the only logical explanation.That's the sensible debate is it? That's the only logical explanation?How about a delta hedged short position closing ahead of massive dilution already RNS'd by the company?No? Oh ok, let's have the fourteen millionth takeover conspiracy instead; why listen to the facts when a bullshit rumour can drive the sensible debate.If you object to complete cunts being called what they are, then the boards around here are not for you. You could, in the alternative, set up a 'sensible debate' thread; let's see how you get on with that.
I still cannot understand the sp action here.It can only be a rumour about a takeover as far as I can see
Led up the garden path Lobo BTW the fabled £8 takeover would have seen shareholders with c£8 a share In tomorrow's terms (post dilution) that same valuation would be c35p! A 42 bagger for bond holders.
Good Morning Joseki 😃 What no takeover RNS ??? Now there's a surprise lol
Re: Hostile Takeover Damp Seaweed I can't see any reason for shorters to be closing now. We have a refinancing package coming up that will dilute the share price still further. It is a 'open offer' so there is none of the potential problems of a Rights issue. And after the refinancing there will quite probably be lots of ex note holders quite keen to sell up there equity. In fact I had assumed that it was the note holders that would be the majority shorting / hedging at this time. Of course there might be an element of a short squeeze on weak stop losses, but it seems, to me, that there is probably either a bid in the offing or a strong rumour of one. I expect to see an RNS to this effect in the next day or two. I'm sure the Mngt of GKP must be in a bit of a whirl.
Very surprised no announcement to explain 75% rise. May still come before open. I truly believe this is a takeover approach. $750m - 800m is my guess.
21:42 Re: Hostile Takeover carbon cough I was unaware that 75% of the Convertible Bond Holders had signed up yet to the restructure. And 50% only currently agreeing because they hold the majority of the Notes aswell. I am hearing of several bond holder groups who are far from satisfied with the 85% haircut - and that does include myself. I believe there will be a challenge to the restructuring. Not over.
slider27 - 19 Jul 2016 - 00:34 - 504737 of 504738 - 0XS2If GKP earns 250 mil$ and it PE ration is 10 then its worth 2,5 Billion $ but only after the D4E otherwise its dead in the water so we will have 22billion shares in issueMeans value/share 0.113 $ or close on to 9 pThe cosolidation of the share issue has nothing to do with it as holders will have less shares for the same market cap after the consolidation so the value per share will increase but proportionally the holders have less sharesSlider if I take up my rights and add to my current holding then I am a life changing amount up from where I am currently. That is my point... the maths are the same either way. fwiw I'm taking up all my rights and will sit this out for 12 months minimum. I do however expect to hear of a takeover bid before its concluded. Today's volume intrigued me.
As I've always said, we don't need or want a takeover. We want the arrears money and SOMO managing oil exports. Then we'll be able to refinance. Which is what the bondholders want also. We need a budget share for oil agreement announcement. SP 170p, at least, by year's end.
Fake, absolutely correct, I'm just hoping that some other deal materialises soon for all equity holders like myself that have been invested since much higher up. I still believe a takeover now would be cheaper than waiting til after restructuring. Those shareholders, including big investment firms, that are going to lose at least 85% in the proposed restructuring will be more than happy to let go of their stock now as opposed to trying to deal with noteholders who will want their cake and eat it.
kandyman, yes you should have held as there is still a 20/30% chance of a bid prior to restructuring. GKP has many vested interests and it would only take one disgruntled large shareholder to put a takeover package together. My biggest concern is that it would be a very low-ball offer.
Phillis, what do you mean 'enterprise value' because I'm tired of hearing this jargon being used. If we were to add the debt to GKP's current market cap it would equate to less than £500m.Are you suggesting that post restructuring GKP will be bought out by a bidder for less than that?Any takeover of GKP post restructuring simply means noteholders bagging the 95% cash small shareholders are losing on the restructuring!It's outright theft, from the poor to the rich.
Does a 95% takeover count?
Bob this is all there is on GKP site re the securing of the Bonds , there is no video of the 2015 Paris AGM.  Removal of restrictive condition in 13.0% Senior Unsecured HY Bonds successfully achieved on 7 April 2015 ------------- Came across this a lot of us scoffed at it .By Roland Head of MFool The debt issue + a realistic valuation The pressing question of Gulf’s $520m net debt is the other big reason that any hopes for a premium takeover bid are naive and futile. I’ve also completed a ballpark valuation of Gulf’s shares which suggest that the 55p peak reached yesterday may be as good as it gets — and substantial downside is possible.
The West will be delighted with a military takeover. Well Obama may not,but Europe will be.
Bigdog, it would be very lucky if we get a CPR upgrade soon followed by a takeover. ;) It does look like Jon has thrown equity to the wolves in favour of the bondholders. He has done this too early imo.
JB If you take up the offer its a effective e 7:1 dilution And you have a stake in an low debt Gkp capable of upping production pronto And if remains a takeover target And this is a 'note holder ' takeover now Now? V When imf about to ride to the rescue Seems opportune Ill take my extra shares thanks But I'd be surprised if we don't see more 'news' Pre the agm/sgm vote That wine fun
4.15 to 4.20?Must be a takeover!
And how come "ISIS" has never managed to get a hold of ONE flying machine? Are we to believe that its lightning takeover of Mosul, etc., yielded not one plane? That they have zero pilots amongst their ranks? That nobody was prepared to kamikaze himself into either Erbil or Baghdad? Saul Ballhoughs
GKP - The Road To Takeover Is Almost At An End - GKP MyDearWatson - 22 Aug 2014 - 21:33:04 - 4088 of 13037 1712: it's a real nuisance for me as well. My family have put more money into Gulf than we ever intended, and have never sold one single share (apart from a handful of shares held for a friend, when she needed a splash-of-cash to get the gearbox fixed on her Mercedes SLK). Idiots on here with their preposterous allegations...they know NOTHING.
You seem in a hurry to hear from oilman poco111not. Did he tell you today was a date or something? You waited years for a takeover and to be proven a complete loser. You remained remarkably patient since Bob tipped you on it again at Todd's vote. Do you admit he duped you? 4 years for 4 pence, ain't we all bitter, aye? Including those who didn't follow like you did ;) I told you Todd was crooked in 2013, and began suspecting their earlier updates. Bob instead chose a different interpretation, saying Gulf's past optimism were all facts, and further laced in his own fairytales. He has something to say that begins with 'T'? What does that Tit have to offer? Portugal 1-0 up, the world's most drunken mermaid will be keen to do some self-adulating hard-on karaoke.
Jillian spreading more fear for the city IGas Energy is on alert for a possible hostile takeover CREDIT: PHIL NOBLE/REUTERS Jillian Ambrose 9 JULY 2016 • 7:00PM The shale developer IGas is on alert for a possible hostile takeover after a mystery fund snapped up over a quarter of its bonds to put it within 6pc of a controlling interest. The move has raised hackles among City sources, who say it echoes the recent stealth takeover of the indebted oil explorer Petroceltic, which was snapped up by its rebel shareholder Worldview Capital after losing control of its debt . IGas’s covert buyer used the Nordic bonds arranger Pareto to secure 27.4pc of its $165m (£127m) corporate bonds at 75c on the dollar. The purchase falls just short of the 33.3pc blocking stake which would effectively hand control of the company’s debt to the holder.
I thought when all this started that JF would not go into negotiations without the promise of new money from somewhere. This was hinted at in the Bloomberg article. Now I think that he would not dare risk defaulting on the bonds without the ability to pay them off if necessary. The notes and the high interest payable are the likely target. He is probably haggling over the price with a remnant awkward squad ATM. Whoever holds the bonds in effect owns the company ATM, since the bonds cannot be paid off out of income in the foreseeable future. Are we seeing a back door takeover in operation? Total fantasy perhaps, but it does provide one explanation of what has gone on. A big re-rate is possible in my opinion, and not down either! Maersk?
I'm not surprised you know all about P&D's Rod, I suspect you've helped orchestrate a few. Best not to brag about Porsches and looking through Ferrari catalogues though IMO. As for distractions Sunday Times v Fracture Porosity Gokana v Exxon Takeover Todd ripping shareholders off v M&G ripping shareholders off etc
AVATAR333 22 Jan'13 - 16:06 - 2262 of 10850 0 0 edit Forgive me, but why is there an assumption of a takeover?
What sad lives you lot lead. Oilman you smell of piss Oilman the pie eater Oilman Oilman Oilman And NONE of it, relevant to the investment. YOU must be desperate. The more abusive you are, the more pain you're feeling IMO. BTW, OM sold in double figures are you still holding for the £27 takeover?
May I ask for an apology for those of you who have mocked us as ' The road to takeover (by bondholders)? We told you first, you daft cunts.
Mr oilmum, Will we be having the TAKEOVER PARTY at your gaff :-)
1712, you are absolutely correct regarding the Company bye-laws, it was one of your posts that first brought this to my attention and I have had it confirmed by someone who should know. His words were along the lines of "textbook hostile takeover protection". It's not that much of a head scratcher to understand why no hostile bid of say 6p, 10p or whatever has arrived yet! It would be very interesting to see exactly who has not yet 'bothered' to vote.
onetomany, any more news on the Genel takeover for 500p per share? Where's zor? He needs to give us some insight into the ISIS wipeout...
There are some very gullible people on here IMO. CJ, thanks for the PM. My response I don't believe you. I can't imagine someone of that position: 1 behaving the way you have tonight 2 posting takeover rumours on interactive investor with a large public audience. It just doesn't seem credible. Thanks for the apology though and no it wasn't.
Somebody driving themselves up the wall again? BTW GKP - The Road To Takeover (Moderated) - GKP bobobob5 - 06 May 2014 - 19:37:25 - 45830 of 56160 investor48 is a bloody idiot. 1
Km, what makes you think you got rid of him? He was supposedly holding c6% of GKP in the summer of 2015 ~ "senior industry sauce" ~ in bonds or shares? Adamant were also bond holders - I believe EA sold his shares out sometime in 2014. RJDC, Oilman doesn't say as much as he should IMO and Bob says more than he should - and the majority of it wrong and misleading. A court is the place to disclose the sort of information OM has, not ADVFN. All that was disclosed about Takeover rumours, Gokana and TK on ADVFN was wasted and lost.
Nicebutt no takeover cannot/will not happen until debt restructured Keep with the plot
Hi guys , I heat theres gonna be a GKP takeover soon.😅😅😅 By the creditors that is hehehehe I wonder if anyone's for the takeover party? Probably all too busy thumbing through their Ferrari and super yacht brochures. Those were the days eh😎
Rumours about a takeover deal being put together are circulating on the boards.
People should be aware that I have heard NOTHING about a takeover. At least, nobody mentioned anything about it at the meeting I attended today.
Welcome to another installment of Invasion of the Avatar Snatchers. The story so far... Pods have suddenly appeared in a small, rural, American town and have begun taking over the lives of the inhabitants. Unfortunately, the inhabitants are posting on ADVFN under myriad usernames and the aliens just can't keep up with the demand for pods. We join the story now as the alien leaders are called before the Supreme Alien Council for questioning... Supreme Council Leader: Fegelein, how come you didn't plan the invasion better? Why didn't you have more pods lined up? Fegelein: It wasn't us. It was Bob, the mild-mannered, pipe-smoking town oil analyst. He cottoned on early to our hostile takeover bid and got everyone to register under 100s of aliases. We thought we caught him the other day, but it turned it was just zorsupas fannying around.
Nicebut the price and oil will dictate any potential takeover it is v low at circa 5p We all includin GENL know it
{Back in the studio...} I'm sorry about that. We appear to have lost zorsupas over at GKP headquarters. We'll get back to him as soon as possible. Meanwhile, amid all the takeover bid excitement on the GKP boards up and down the country, a very unseasonable plague of crickets has apparently infested the Genel boards. Let's have a listen, shall we? cricket cricket cricket cricket
Hi HR, you are correct. See Shares vile 'Road to Takeover by bondholders' page. Another Beng avatar I expect.
Is the BOD thrashing out a takeover deal as we speak?
The bond holders are unlikely to want to takeover gkp though, nicebut? What other options do they have?
high resolution: "It seems no coincidence to me that the time things started going wrong for this company was when we lost the man who made the company big in the first place." Nonsense. Trouble started for this share (and, at the same time, for Toddless Genel) in January of 2014, when Dad's Army started sending independent exports through the Ceyhan pipeline and Baghdad cut them off. The 3 year graph of each shows this to be true. You have been watching... Comedy. And the way back out of trouble lies in a reversal. The IMF forcing a SOMO control takeover.
~~ADVFN*MODERATEDmore filterati arrive spouting takeover prices with no foundation not you jb ;-)
GKP - The Road To Takeover (Moderated) - GKP johnbuy -04 Nov 2013 - 18:02:48 - 23463 of 56152 I'm up around 130%, after holding for over four years. You're up nearly 2000% creteman, after holding for over four years. If I was up nearly 2000% today, I wouldn't be moaning either. You done well getting in early, but try and put yourself in other holders position. Many have held since 2010 and have made nothing at all here. At least I've turned a profit, but that all came from September 2009 till December 2010. Since then, I've made nothing......other than todays trade. ;D
We at 'The Road to Takeover (by bondholders) welcome the increased competition. Don't be disheartened by low ratings in the early months. May I suggest an exciting competition, such as our award winning 'on which dictator's birthday will GKP die' extravaganza?
12bn I see you are still managing to troll along here and there ! Did OK on LGO. By the time LGO collapsed I only had around 15% of my original holding. My initial investment was covered by selling in the 4-6p range, so I did fine --- just wish I hadn't kept that 15% or so. Good assets --- shame about the slippery CEO !! As for GKP, short term disruption to set a longer term solid platform is very positive in my book. GKP has the cash to pay the bond interest but has elected not to pay during the Stand still period. I reckon they have very good reason to do that, something up their sleeve !!!! The end game for GKP has yet to play out --- takeover, but when ??? What oilers are you invested in at the moment,if any ??
MM, is that the GKP takeover party? I must have missed the invite...
t11 I don't think so. GENL fully understand the position and debt. Now is there best time to pounce with market cap so low. Soon as debt finance is announced you'll see an almighty spike in price. Even debt restructuring and 90% dilution (which won't happen) is far better than current situation. All ways GKP is at its lowest ebb and now is the optimum time for a hostile takeover on the cheap. Let's see, has to be some action this week on all fronts so guess the picture will be very clear soon.
"Todd Kozel and people like yourself sucking punters in to buying and holding with stories of takeover tomorrow." So, what's the takeaway from all this? That we should take what CEO's tell us about their own companies (and what anonymous people on BBs write) with a large pinch of salt? Didn't everyone already know that? I mean, present company excluded, of course.
Bob, I have made no bones about where I think the blame lies: Todd Kozel and people like yourself sucking punters in to buying and holding with stories of takeover tomorrow. That cat took all the cream and it is those of us that are left picking up the pieces for this world class oil find that M&G sold recently for 5p a share that are paying the price for that era. Some people genuinely DO deserve the rope here and I hope they get what they are due. Including your smug self.
Poco, you've put the following in quotes, I haven't said that. Just more proof that so many here don't read what's posted. to......."the MNR want the bondholders to takeover the Company" in a few short days. Read and don't translate into something that's not there. Are you sure you're not that idiot H7 because he was world class at twisting words along with a resident guru.
BD has gone from, "if the bondholders takeover the Company, the MNR will revoke the licence" to......."the MNR want the bondholders to takeover the Company" in a few short days.Do you not think that you are confusing yourself a little? Or have you read Paul Curtis saying that somewhere?
Murmurs of takeover interest in Gulf Keystone lifted the struggling Iraq-focused oil firm 0.42p to 5.65p. 20th April 2016 HTTP://goo.gl/TTQblX
Murmurs of takeover interest in Gulf Keystone lifted the struggling Iraq-focused oil firm 0.42p to 5.65p. 20th April 2016 HTTP://goo.gl/TTQblX
Murmurs of takeover interest in Gulf Keystone lifted the struggling Iraq-focused oil firm 0.42p to 5.65p. 20th April 2016 HTTP://goo.gl/TTQblX
johnbuysgkp 20 Apr'16 - 15:14 - 481503 of 481504 2 0 The final spike here on takeover will see me make much more than I made on paper at 465p the last time round.
The final spike here on takeover will see me make much more than I made on paper at 465p the last time round.
RNS over at GENL - Bilgin Gp has been buying shares apace. Now owns 10% of the company. In stark contrast to M&G dumping GKP. They must be kicking themselves now that this "rally" is underway, and takeover talk is apparently resurfacing.
OliverMaybe al quabandi. Or varzi.Ran try gkp takeover pre Kurdistan did they not.Fooked at 4.7p by looks things so all past shenanigans not going get us out this hole .Agreed our blocks will be snapped up for nowt
Will be interesting to see if a hostile takeover or a low ball offer is made, genel once said they like gkp but could'nt afford them, could make a paper offer and have funds to pay the debt, bod then shown the door. Any how, looks like deal is done with bond holders giving us a few crumbs, bod keep their jobs.
That was to oil investor.If the bond holders come to the table, agree to push back debt payment, we would have to hope PoO increases to allow for larger payments and that's IF the MNR pays up we may have a few extra dollars.It's clear a FI or takeover is not going to happen.This is going to take a considerable amount of time to even see returns buying in at these levels. Traders will continue.
Takeover talks
johnbuysgkp 13 Apr'16 - 10:33 - 479179 of 479182 2 0 What was their work, again? ------------------------ According to the morons it was apparently to bring in a low-ball takeover, a grand collusion between majors and institutions to steal everything from PIs what a genius
Campaign to spike price with rumours of Exxon/Chinese takeover WIN Campaign to stop M&G getting their 4 "stooges" on the Board of Gulf Keysone FAIL Campaign to replace Anastasia FAIL Campaign against Phillis - who you wrongly accused of being Tony Peart FAIL Campaign to silence disgruntled shareholders by threatening them with and reporting them to company lawyers FAIL Campaign using the press against obscene images which you later requested FAIL Campaign to stop shareholders getting the right to vote on Kozels' position at the 2014 AGM FAIL Campaign to talk up the assets using Joanna Southcotts' box FAIL Latest campaign (there's always a campaign) YAWN
Sweepstake: what will come first; 1) the long awaited knock on the door? 2) the even longer awaited takeover of Gulf Keystone Petroleum? I'm betting on the latter and even that is a long shot. Step it up Waterhouse, 18 days of c0ck waving and nothing. Your rate of failure is getting predictably dull.
jokesi: "PCI investors have been told to accept the Worldview offer of 3p, substantially below the range the sp has ever traded in its entire history. Worldview acquired 70% of the bond issuance, and despite the takeover they are only disposing 32% of total outstanding debt. This leaves Worldview still interested in 37% of the credit issued. The raw deal for equity holders is partly due to the fact that PCI are insolvent or close to insolvent." Again, the SP means squat. What "raw deal"? Equity holders are being offered 3p a share for an insolvent company.
PCI investors have been told to accept the Worldview offer of 3p, substantially below the range the sp has ever traded in its entire history. Worldview acquired 70% of the bond issuance, and despite the takeover they are only disposing 32% of total outstanding debt. This leaves Worldview still interested in 37% of the credit issued. The raw deal for equity holders is partly due to the fact that PCI are insolvent or close to insolvent.
Fracture porosity fluff. Connected volumes. 170p target. Takeover. Diagnosis: sad delusional loser. Needs peas in a pod to pat each other on the backs and give some self worth to one another.
Of course they are; I mean look how they outed and booted your savior, Not So Saint Todd Look how they got the big, bad M&G to force us in to accepting a £10 takeover Look how they brought factual court stated evidence to ruin Waterhouse's Walter-miti-gating bollocks And look how they stood up to the bullshit peddled You must be seething Poc And soon, because of your own inability to think rationally and to prefer tendencies to look for unfounded conspiracy theories rather than an obvious answer you will be seething and skint.
46, I thought Ascent ascended and descended on the news of a possible takeover. ADVFN blocks ii links search for story entitled 'Ten-bagger Ascent Resources unravels spectacularly'
NB: In terms of who fed the fantastical lie to The Independent concerning a takeover approach from Exxonmobil - I think it was Todd Kozel. Former CEO and Chairman of GKP, whose salary and benefits were assisted by Opus Ballbag Inc, under the auspices of Mr Robert Waterhouse.Mr Robert Waterhouse who propagated bullshit market-abusing filthy lies about multi-billion pound take over bids across the major bulletin boards, whilst himself selling shares into an over-inflated market, whilst LOL at people claiming a pump and dump had occurred here. And not for the first time one may add.I do hope you enjoyed last Christmas Robert; cos it was your last one :)
losing £1m/day apparently. have they turned to b£ng's newly re-rated reverse takeover shell?
I never assumed anything of the sort. I thought it was she who did it for the money - hence the distinction I am conferring upon you as tour guide for Skegslagfest '16.If you pull it off well successfully (or get her to do the same) then you may well be in the running for role of Events Coordinator of the Being Wanked Off Behind A Skip Tent at the GKP takeover gig.
THE NEW GKP / Drilling for Super Giants (moderated) - GKP Kandymans1 - 26 Aug 2015 - 11:35:09 - 440740 of 476127 50 million from krg to cover bond payment would make me smile. that should help sp. either that or 450p takeover. Probably Fook all chance of either. quid do me now to get my cash back. k
Not caught up with all the posts. Distressing times for most shareholders I should imagine. IMO shareholders have just been screwed over time and time again. We're an inconsequence. First Todd, then the KRG. The warning signs were there, most blindsided by the old takeover chestnut. Myself included admittedly. The KRG are slowly paying back costs - has anyone heard anything about them offering to pay towards the interest we've incurred because of their failure to pay on time? How many times do we bite the pillow? Guessing JB's enjoying it as a gourmet meal! Don't know if anyone is following the U.S. Kozel v Kozel, but many dirty tricks and Gokana being brave or stupid IMO
I mentioned 'UDI' earlier: Which one of the following have avatars been waiting the longest for? 'UDI'. Doc Ashti to 'award' the BIR. 'PW' to sell 'AB'. A 'takeover'.
Well, and December 18th. I mean, come on. Why not a £10 takeover bid while we're about it.
And though it looks like it was planned, Each takeover ramp, Todd's excessive pay We were all, well and truly had, while we were told to wait for the Chinese takeaway
And (note the date): AVATAR333 22 Jan'13 - 16:06 Forgive me, but why is there an assumption of a takeover?
stucom 17 Mar'16 - 16:30 - 474556 of 474557 0 0 Is the takeover tent still in good nick? 👾
Is the takeover tent still in good nick? 👾
I'm back in for the funding announcement. Told you there was no takeover happening. Even OM seemed to know that, maybe he's got an in after all.
Come, join us at 'The Road to Takeover (by bondholders)' and we will discuss further.
My sentiments exactly viz Sheikh Adi So glad we pissed away 12-18 months on boardroom coups, boardroom infighting due to the parachutees being utter muppets. Thanks a lot Dobell. Thanks a lot Shaggers. Eh Oilman. A company in boardroom turmoil never attracts a takeover/bid interest. Everyone keeps well clear. Still, at least we're getting paid regularly now
Ozzmoziz, why not ask on 'The Road to Takeover (by bondholders) page?
My star tip doesn't require a takeover. Buy... like there's no tomorrow.
So the broad headlines: 1. Relinquishing assets 2. No takeover in the short term 3. Cosy chat with bondholders imminent 4. Large interest payment due in April Not a compelling investment story is it? I expect single figures today. There is no hope.
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