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Could be speculation of a takeover at the weekend which could possible send the price soaring
lol, syd name one heavily indebted company (which had a lot more debt than assets, and cash flowing out) that ever had a takeover bid. It might be cherry picked, But NO ONE would be interested in acquiring the whole sum
At its current MC a takeover bid looks a good bet.That bid would need to made at a lot higher SP then it is today.
If 3 months from now the rot has stopped and net debt is down to around 700m (after cash collection and some disposal receipts) it will probably be better for shareholders to accept a 30 to 60p per share takeover offer than stump up 300m to stay in the game. That option value means the shares have some value as long as things don't get worse
not for long, there are lucrative parts of the company that may be sold off not to mention a possible takeover. at these prices the price of the share has to bounce on Monday, remember that a lot of write ups in the weekend press.... onwards and upwards.
If that news release regarding takeover was false then perhaps someone should be investigated and go to jail for market abuse.
Another blue day to come here!!! 68p will be tested again with takeover bids imminent -£1-£1.25!!
Would that be the same 5 o'clock as GKP Heros 29 Sep '17 - 15:02 - 8381 of 8409 0 0 5pm RNS takeover you heard it here first LOL
Huge reductions in debt restructuring that's what glencore did! Same happing here! Anyone viewing a takeover will know the worth of the assets and a bid is still on imo especially at a £ that is a buyout at 75% cheaper! Fingers and toes crossed it comes soon 🤡🤞
Any thoughts on a takeover holders only 🤡✌ï¸￾
I'm gonna see how the week goes maybe trade not sure yet Friday sold 56 bought back 51 so will try and cover ones butt! A takeover is still a possibility so will see! Risky share for sure! Did well on pdl at 63p this week swings roundabouts buying cheap shorted stocks have trebled my pot in 6 weeks! It's the market now any bad news sell off shorting will take shares to low! And they all bounce up eventually so kirky happy to be in ATM 🤡ðŸ‘￾
To be fair he said GKP Heros 29 Sep '17 - 15:02 - 8381 of 8409 0 0 5pm RNS takeover you heard it here first so we got a few minutes
I never believed the takeover story, who is going to buy this with all the liabilities?
Any as much as I â￾¤ï¸￾ Ya! Your gonna 🔥ðŸ￾œ I'm holding for news of takeover by Monday 🤡ðŸ‘￾
B Yes here is the comment from the DM, I sit and wait, dyor. ========================================== Investors piled into struggling builder Carillion yesterday after rumours of a takeover by a Middle Eastern business. The firm – which suffered a crash after writing off £845million of contracts – is due to unveil delayed half-year results tomorrow. It is understood a buyer from the Gulf will swoop in once the figures have been revealed, with the aim of snapping up the company for a knockdown price.
5pm RNS takeover you heard it here first
🔥😱 aghhhhhhh burn you cuntz!! 🤡🖕 takeover 🤔
Then close blue for takeover 🔥😱 how about that short d/cks!! You'll be shrivled for months!!! Your partners if at all you have one will leave have affairs and you'll be left all alone with noooooo Money 😱 All because you tried to short clln! Now end your pain 🔥⛽ï¸￾ Or do the right thing go long and avoid the misery 🤡ðŸ‘￾
The thread from both sides has become a little more civilised, long may it continue. I have never been short but talk of a takeover would keep me away from a short, remember vw and porsche, I believe that lead to suicide, rip, dyor.
To me no ri and takeover and restructuring! 🔥🚀
Filling my boots 🤡✌ï¸￾ Now let's have a takeover rns 🤡🤞
Senor I am long and I think the results are terrible. Also you are very wrong to say no new bad news. More new bad news than the market capital! Only hope I feel is a takeover in the wings. From reports could happen soon. As independent company, i see no future.
Think your gonna 🔥ðŸ￾œ I'm afraid! Lol be careful as 💩 Was already priced in and rns is better than predicted! No ri and still poss takeover 🤡ðŸ‘￾
At 60p all the 💩 Was priced in and ri kept sp down! That's not happening so sp will rise! Recovery play now with poss takeover imo🤡✌ï¸￾
So clln not going bust restructuring no ri and a possible takeover in the wings! Should start a recovery from supreesed sp! Gl holders 🤡✌ï¸￾
I never expected takeover rns until all accounts out! It will come soon imo! Watch this space 🤡✌ï¸￾
Bakunin I suspect they are ramping it up to get the rights issue away, and the takeover story is linked to those dark arts seen it happen many times some traders seeing sense into the close and dumping before results
A rights issue isn't arranged on the spur of the moment. News almost always leaks during the process. It has been stated that they could not do a RI under 50p (nominal value), so how could they have been arranging a RI? The takeover scenario makes more sense. £400m for the equity, £600m for the pension deficit, £500m for the net debt £1.5bn for a company with major intangible assets especially political connections Once the UK are out of Europe, the next wave of immigration will almost certainly be low-paid Chinese (construction workers etc), meaning the new owners of CLLN can turn it around and make it much more profitable.
I think he is saying the opposite. They're allowing you to short with a guaranteed stop, ie IG don't believe in the takeover scenario. Or just that they've got enough long positions to net off any shorts. The conundrum goes on. Why didn't the big shorters offload lower down?
Interestingly despite the consistently very large hedge fund short interest IG will still allow 2-way trades in CLLN, probably because a big majority of their own clients are long the stock. They will also allow guaranteed stops which they rarely do when a stock is subject to takeover rumours or facing a big rights issue/debt for equity swap. Any of which could be announced tomorrow. The minimum stop is 20% away but it would move a lot further than that on a RI/D4E/Takeover.
Strong buying again this morning. Looks like some people have checked their sources and confirmed that there's something to the takeover story.
Takeover interest apparently. Big dilemma for the massive short position holders: take profits or hold out for more?
Carillion Middle East suitor plots takeover attempt and prized London listingby Oliver Gill26 September 2017 6:00pm
Any, substantive reason for that GKP?:) I would not like a takeover at 45p - I would be tearful:(
I like this, get rid of dead wood and for me a directorial change ready for a takeover!!
"dream" being the operative word there. And are you just as certain of a takeover happening as you were about the date of the results? Since it was clear to see how wrong and badly misinformed you were regarding the latter (despite the several attempts that were made here to correct your mistaken view).
HSBC will be making sure Carillion are kept up and running. Some big future contracts including HS2. I'm still thinking they are a takeover target by Chinese
See this being a takeover target by the Chinese.They are very interested in investing in U.K. companies, especially construction.
This is defiantly a takeover target
Does that so called takeover speculation come from anywhere else than your keyboard?
I wouldn't want to be short going into the long weekend. Takeover speculation starting to build. A lot of value here. Such opportunities don't come around that often (over battered by greedy hedge funds)
Takeover by balfours at 100p. Shorts are dead
JAF1948 - 01 Mar 2017 - 18:06:48 - 4101 of 7632 Carillion - Charts & News - CLLN Why is everyone so concerned about what the shorters do. This is paying 8+%, the company is in reasonable shape, the pension deficit will reduce with interest and bond rate rises, so the downside should be limited whatever shorters do. And there is the added bonus that there might be a takeover bid whilst the sp is so low. ......................................................................................................................... Anyone seen JAF1948 ? Is he still relaxing enjoying 8+% dividend and not caring about the professional shorting funds ? Carry on JAF1948, nothing to see here.
Banks will not see this to go bust, they will force shareholders to take the dilution, a case of how much existing shareholders will or are prepared to accept, cat and mouse game, so a partial debt for equity and rights issue on cards, and to exit large parts of the business that are over a barrel likely. The debts and other liabilities too great currently, so any takeover completely out of the question, whichever way you look at this the company is going to shrink further!
The brave will win here, I have taken a large position here and have the funds ready for my rights shares when they kick in. I wouldn't be surprised to see a takeover here before the rights issue kicks in. And my money is on Balfour!!
Rational management would not do a rights issue at this share price level. It would merely allow the company to survive, not create value (which is the sole purpose of a private corporate entity). Some form of merger or takeover is the only solution that would create value if the cash flow situation cannot be improved by operational means. CLLN is not a small-cap AIM company, so professional management will be rational.
RCT : I assume you accept that outcomes will not just depend on luck. The skill of the management has to be taken into account. For example, the quality of your Skoda car depended on whether you bought it before or after the VW takeover. A set of outcomes, such as in your example will have both a mean and a standard deviation. Good management will have a mean close to the target (4%) and a small SD. Poor management will not. As they say, "past performance is no indication of future profit." I've no idea whether the recent contracts will be profitable but I think there is reason to believe that the outcomes will be better now than under the previous regime.
Major shareholders will decide between Chinese takeover and rights issue, not an interim management team.
Would you want to be short going into the weekend when some takeover interest emerges? 100m shares short. Volkswagen all over again?
I disagree - novated contracts in theory work where there is immediate labour supply with incoming company--- in the case of a full takeover transition probably smoother - but we are not exactly overrun with available skilled people in uk. a takeover is different to a failure
Not even a decent takeover target Unfortunately for any investors taking a punt that Carillion might now be a worthy takeover target, the analyst has some bad news. “We are not convinced that Carillion would represent a feasible target for a potential acquirer, given the scale of risk and liabilities.â€￾
‘Further risk to the downside’ “We see further risk to the downside, even at the current share price,â€￾ said analyst Samuel Bland in a note to clients on Thursday morning. JP Morgan downgrades Carillion as it expects recent kicking to continue 14:25 13 Jul 2017 Analysts don’t even think Carillion is an attractive takeover target even with the recent hammering
PS what would be hilarious now would be a takeover bid losing them all their "profits
A takeover could certainly occur at these levels..
If any of these "analysts" think that this share is going to hit 180p in the next 12 months then then they are "idiots". Bar a takeover (not likely) this would seem to be on a downward direction.
There has to be a rights issue or a takeover, but who would take them on with a balance sheet that has such a big hole in it? Chairman needs to get on his bike as well.
R C Turner2 - Can you explain why Carillion needs a rights issue? Have you had any hints that there will be some bad news coming on the 11th of July?I don't agree to make my investment decision based on pure imaginations without a hint. For examples, Carillion could be bankrupt tomorrow, takeover is coming in a week, Carillion has received a gift of 200 millions for their achievements from the Queen.......K C
It's not clear what measures the board could use to support the SP. They have continued to pay out very high dividends relative to FCF while the balance sheet has continued to deteriorate. So they either have to cut the dividend or go for some distraction takeover.
11_percent : That's why I raised the question, who was selling? As I said, "A takeover is not in the shorters interest. Any hint of a takeover would suggest that the shorters would close their short."
So what are we saying.....Friday was a "SHARE SWOP", away from the shorter, who unloaded, to an other hedge fund that is acting the takeover party or the other Heddgie who will do a pump and dump.
nomdeplume - I looked at the trading pattern yesterday, I assumed the shorters was buying back a lot of the shares and managed to hold the sp at a very stable level and wondered if the shorters were closing their bet.You mentioned: "It would not be unusual for the entity making a takeover to purchase some shares before making a bid - they cost a lot less......." Yes! You could be right. It is possible and quite an usual way to build up their holdings before any action.You and I are guessing but based on certain reasons. I am content.K C
KC : Friday's trades were unusual: high volume and narrow range - i.e. buys and sells roughly equal. "Is something happening?" Well, Barclays Stockbrokers showed a number of quite large trades, well out of my league; so something happened. Also, the sells must have come from somewhere. High volume + narrow range smacks of collusion, It would not be unusual for the entity making a takeover to purchase some shares before making a bid - they cost a lot less. Clearly, the hedge funds shorting are not full of idiots. All the data points to to a sound undervalued company, as has been reiterated on this site again and again. So, what is it they think they know? Sorry, I don't have any inside knowledge of a takeover, but it has to be a possibility. Look at the SP chart for a year ago - big rise after the trading statement. One way or the other, we may know more fairly soon.
The sp of Carillion was oscillating within a very narrow range of 1p from 11:00 to the market closure, the volume of trade was very high as well. Is something happening?nomdeplume - A possible takeover, are you sure? I believe the chance of that is very slim. But I guess (just a guess) something positive could be in the making.K C
23-06-2017 will make interesting reading next week. It looks as though at least one of the hedge funds has reduced their holding. Either that or today's big trades were related to an initial stake in a takeover bid.
Takeover is one word not two. Could you trust anyone who doesn't know basic English, with providing any sort of analysis of a stock ?
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