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Tips Archive

One Free Share Tip has been sending out free daily share tips since the start of 2013. Our full archive of tips is available below for you to read. Sign up using the box above, all it takes is an email address and it is completely free.

September 2017

22 Sep Symphony Environmental – interims show some progress, but more to come say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
21 Sep Pull that Barge, Tote that Bail. Or invest in Gym Group writes Malcolm Stacey
20 Sep Canadian Overseas could be worth the gamble - but only if financing is secured says Gary Newman
19 Sep Why Moneysupermarket may Make you More Money than Other Comparison Websites says Malcolm Stacey
18 Sep Wishbone Gold – interims, Honduras disruption but potential African excitement. Buy says HotStockRockets
17 Sep Alliance Pharma – despite Diclectin disappointment, still looking good, BUY says Steve Moore
16 Sep Why IQE is One of the Most Difficult Shares I've Ever Encountered says Malcolm Stacey
15 Sep NEXT! Great winner but book profits and look elsewhere says Chris Bailey
14 Sep Leading House Builder Could Lead You to Build a Bigger Profit argues Malcolm Stacey
13 Sep Ashtead continues to clean up says Chris Bailey
12 Sep Polemos: Potential RTO of SecurLinx at a massive premium – the classic AIM spoof warns Cynical Bear
11 Sep Lessons from BNN, MySQUAR and Other Matters writes Lucian Miers
10 Sep Buy Big Sofa at 22p - target 60p says Tom Winnifrith
9 Sep Greene King has a late summer shocker, but I see upside says Chris Bailey
8 Sep Optibiotix - okay here is a Tata deal - there is another (and more deals) game on! Buy says HotStockRockets
7 Sep Everything is apparently great…so why are Barratt and Berkeley shares down? Chris Bailey reviews
6 Sep Altyn – some interim results disappointment… but here is why you buy says Tom Winnifrith
5 Sep Victorian Engineer Stays Up With Times as the Order Book Hits Record High says Malcolm Stacey
4 Sep LSL buys into Yopa. Bad news for PurpleBricks, or bad news for traditional Estate Agents? questions Nigel Somerville
3 Sep Reach4Entertainment - 1:52pm Trading Update disappointment. BUT still a buy argue Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
2 Sep EnQuest could be even cheaper after its interims, following problems at Kraken says Gary Newman
1 Sep Royal Mail - second class post can be the value option says Chris Bailey

August 2017

31 Aug Liquid natural gas could still be very profitable for Ophir Energy in the future says Gary Newman
30 Aug Wizard Company Expands in the Magical Market of Family Leisure says Malcolm Stacey
29 Aug IQE - Will This Nightmare of Gut-Wrenching Tension Ever End? asks Malcolm Stacey
28 Aug Genel Energy remains a stock to buy and hold for the long term says Gary Newman
27 Aug Optiobiotix - another day, another jigsaw piece slotted in - a full review: BUY says HotStockRockets
26 Aug UK Oil & Gas and Regency Mines – deal completes, which one is a BUY (if either)? asks Nigel Somerville
25 Aug Dixons Carphone - anyone fancy a new phone? A buy argues Chris Bailey
24 Aug Lost Faith in some of Your Old Favourites? Then Take a Look at this 200-year-old Niche Company says Malcolm Stacey
23 Aug Billiton gets religion…with a little help from its activist hedge fund ‘friend' says Chris Bailey
22 Aug Bushveld - here's why your 27% stake in Vametco won't generate a cent of cash for the PLC this year and next - placing ahoy says Tom Winnifrith
21 Aug Falanx share price decline - not warranted: BUY and watch this space (soon) says HotStockRockets
20 Aug Central Asia Metals is probably the most under-valued commodity play on the market says Gary Newman
19 Aug PCG Entertainment – Lots to like about this funding deal other than…….WHY?? Cynical Bear has a question
18 Aug A Super Sewer, A Swish Station and a Big Bridge: Balfour Beatty is on a Roll says Malcolm Stacey
17 Aug Cloudbuy interims – losses being cut, but will it be enough asks former shareholder Nigel Somerville
16 Aug Kaz Minerals offers a buying opportunity on this dip says Gary Newman
15 Aug Jubilee Platinum deal with Riverfort - death spirals so bad right? NO! Buy? Tom Winnifrith writes
14 Aug Ariana – gold price, production news and share price, BUY says Nigel Somerville
13 Aug Four Nuclear Missiles, Big Threats and the Impact on Your Shares, Malcolm Stacey is not phased by WW3
12 Aug Ten years on from the 2008 financial crisis - it is all about the show rather than the reality says David Scott
11 Aug Glencore - imminent M and A splurge suggests you should go bye bye warns Chris Bailey
10 Aug Caspian Sunrise could have a bright future, buy says Gary Newman
9 Aug Randgold - undoubtedly the best large cap gold company in the world says Chris Bailey
8 Aug Buy RBS says the grandfather of share blogging Malcolm Stacey
7 Aug Purplebricks Is it time to Sell at 470p or Buy the Watchdog blip. I am leaning to the Former warns Lucian Miers
6 Aug Columbus boardroom clearout continues, D day September 13 - BUY says HotStockRockets
5 Aug Buy Bluebird Merchant Ventures at up to 2.5p says HotStockRockets
4 Aug Next remains cautious but the shares romp…and remain on sale says Chris Bailey
3 Aug Take a Look at this Rising Company Which Fights Addiction says Malcolm Stacey
2 Aug This May Not Be Time to Hang Up on your BT Shares says Malcolm Stacey
1 Aug Sylvania continues to deliver a strong performance - buy for the longer term says Gary Newman

July 2017

31 Jul Asiamet is well placed to benefit from future copper shortages says Gary Newman
30 Jul It's Nearly Always Best to Sell After a Big Jump, So Why Can't I Do it? Malcolm Stacey writes about his multibagger IQE
29 Jul Oh, Oh, Diageo, You Are Gift to the Share Owner's Club says Malcolm Stacey
28 Jul Big Sofa - cracking AGM statement: BUY GREEDILY at up to 25p says HotStockRockets
27 Jul Obtala – some recent share price weakness, but not operational weakness: Buy says HotStockRockets
26 Jul Sell the Carillion HS2 rally says Lucian Miers
25 Jul Vodafone Should Defy the Competition to Dial up a Decent Share Rise reckons Malcolm Stacey
24 Jul Parkmead Group has the potential to succeed in the long term says Gary Newman
23 Jul As Oil Shares Could Face a Blacker Future, You Might Look at this Unfashionable Sector Instead says Malcolm Stacey
22 Jul Central Asia Metals looks a great longer term investment in copper says Gary Newman
21 Jul Alliance Pharma – half year trading update encourages, still a buy say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
20 Jul Metal Tiger – Botswana progress, but much more expected soon. Buy says HotStockRockets
19 Jul Kefi - Project Funding for Tulu Kapi secured: game on! Buy says HotStockRockets
18 Jul Fishing retailer Angling Direct lists on AIM - but does it offer value? Gary Newman reviews
17 Jul Begbies Traynor – positive full-year results, a counter-cyclical buy say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
16 Jul Its Big Unification Drive Could Crown Kingfisher as a Royal Share to buy says Malcolm Stacey
15 Jul Why Legal & General's Graph Looks Like a Stairway to Heaven says veteran share blogger Malcolm Stacey
14 Jul Will UK Oil & Gas ever produce large amounts of oil onshore in the UK? questions Gary Newman
13 Jul Though Sainsbury Tries Harder, the Competition is Just Too Much considers Malcolm Stacey
12 Jul Marks And Spencer: the management better hope Margins Are Sustainable says Chris Bailey
11 Jul Ever Read Sir Gawain and the Greene King? Well, this Brewer Needs No White Knight to keep on Making Cash says Malcolm Stacey
10 Jul Nearly Time to Short Tesla argues infamous bear raider Lucian Miers
9 Jul Molins at 149p offer - worth at least 173.5p say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
8 Jul How About Ocado - if You Think On-line Shopping is Set to Get Even Stronger? Malcolm Stacey writes…
7 Jul Nektan: Some good news, survival for now and a change of stance from a Not-Always-So-Cynical Bear
6 Jul Lakehouse – Grenfell Tower Fire statement: shame on all concerned says Nigel Somerville
5 Jul Obtala - talk about a PR own goal: but still a BUY even though we are already 100% ahead says HotStockRockets
4 Jul Highlands Natural Resources, the wheels are coming off. Sell! Warns Infamous bear raider Lucian Miers
3 Jul Eve Sleep – Is this a Boohoo or an AO World? Tough call but it’s not a Boohoo writes Cynical Bear
2 Jul Wishbone Gold Results Irrelevant but 7 key words: BUY says HotStockRockets
1 Jul Hurricane deal disappoints investors, but is it really that bad? Gary Newman has all the answers

June 2017

30 Jun Falanx - odd share price moves ahead of results date, upgrade of stance to BUY says HotStockRockets
29 Jun Minoan - Yes it can now develop Cave Sidero - we are off to the races: Yamas! says HotStockRockets
28 Jun Concepta - CEO buys a not un-trivial amount of shares: Follow suit says HotStockRockets
27 Jun Bellzone Mining equity is all but worthless - do you know about the crooks? says Lucian Miers
26 Jun Echo Energy: The “Cornerstone Investor” leaving so soon – surely not says Cynical Bear
25 Jun Crazy Times Call for Sensible Precautions - Keep Your Selling Finger Poised warns the veteran Malcolm Stacey
24 Jun James Latham – “pleased” with full-year results, but a buy? Steve Moore writes for you today
23 Jun Highlands Natural Resources: Results out - fun over - bubble bursting - get out says Cynical Bear
22 Jun Whitbread - the UK consumer is not in a complete stupor says Chris Bailey
21 Jun Ariana Resources – Placing/Subscription/Director Participation, £2m at 1.3p - did I goof? reviews Nigel Somerville
20 Jun New Insurer on the Block Conquers Growing Market for Brits Abroad says Malcolm Stacey
19 Jun Norcros – results good and remains confident: Buy say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
18 Jun Sylvania Platinum looks to offer great long term value: BUY says Gary Newman
17 Jun Metal Tiger – news from Botswana and Thailand, soon to roar? says HotStockRockets
16 Jun Jubilee Platinum continues to make progress. Buy says Gary Newman
15 Jun This Tasty Firm is No Chocolate Teapot says Malcolm Stacey
14 Jun Ashtead's awesome strategy and numbers… so what to do now with the shares? Chris Bailey reviews
13 Jun Goody, Goody! How a Hung Parliament Should Be Brilliant for Most Share Owners argues Malcolm Stacey
12 Jun Shoe Zone – half-year results suggest continued income value say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
10 Jun Buy Tullow Oil says long term shareholder Malcolm Stacey
9 Jun Glittering News Boosts Faith in the Sula Principle says Malcolm Stacey
8 Jun Petropavlovsk – what to do amidst attempted boardroom coup writes Tom Winnifrith
7 Jun You May Still Want to Back the Black Horse with a Divi that's Riding High argues Malcolm Stacey
6 Jun This Haulier Lives Up to its Own Epic Code - WIN writes Malcolm Stacey
5 Jun Last time we made 117% on Wishbone: buy again at up to 0.9p says HotStockRockets
4 Jun Fusionex: Sell while It’s still possible but I've bought Petrofac says infamous bear raider Lucian Miers
3 Jun Spirax Sarco Steams Ahead - And I Jumped Too Early writes the grandfather of share blogging Malcolm Stacey
2 Jun Echo Energy – abuse of the Block Admission rule, it must be stopped says Cynical Bear
1 Jun Is GlaxoSmithKline's Boat Finally Coming In? It Seems Healthy Enough says Malcolm Stacey

May 2017

31 May BT Group - wifi debacles, scandals and u-turns: got to be time to buy says Chris Bailey
30 May Cost cutting could prove costly for British Airways-owner IAG says Gary Newman
29 May Petrofac can recover after recent bad news considers Gary Newman
28 May Obtala - acquisition of WoodBois International: good deal, Miles scales up - shares still cheap says HotStockRockets
27 May Biffa Is not For Bears and Shareholders Could Have a Beano argues the grandfather of share blogging Malcolm Stacey
26 May 1Spatial – disappointing results (as expected), but more recent trading encourages. Buy says HotStockRockets
25 May Echo Energy – Insane valuation; James Parsons is not worth £100m, he’s not a magician. Sell says Cynical Bear
24 May All Eyes On OPEC; will It come up with goods or will our oil shares slide down a greasy pole reviews Malcolm Stacey
23 May Minoan – acquisition, placing, debt update. A potentially exciting buy considers Nigel Somerville
22 May Time to buy Vedanta before the release of results in the UK says Gary Newman
21 May Plutus Powergen - the Greedy Mothers in the Boardroom Dissemble as they trough it again: shares uninvestable says Tom Winnifrith
20 May As Hackers and Computer Bandits Grow in Strength, so Does the Presence of this Techno Sheriff says Malcolm Stacey
19 May A magnificent seven damning points on Frontera by the great Waseem Shakoor
18 May This House Ain't Made of Straw, Like so Many Companies, but Bricks says Malcolm Stacey
17 May Unless you are an unbending yield muncher sell Vodafone says Chris Bailey
16 May Minoan – still waiting for notice of legal clearance, potential opportunity says Nigel Somerville
15 May Andrews Sykes – 2016 results, dividend yield remains attractive despite share price rise say Steve Moore & Tom Winnifrith
14 May Frontier Smart Technologies – you’re not seeing things, I reckon this is a fundamentals-based buy says Cynical Bear
13 May Optibiotix - share slippage not a reason to sell, but to buy says HotStockRockets
12 May Sepura – the rollercoaster continues: where’s Dean Gunnarson when you need him asks Cynical Bear
11 May Character Group – lower interims, but confidence remains say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
10 May Another good update from Randgold Resources - still a buy says Gary Newman
9 May Falanx - placing and trading statement: shares go up! We upgrade (again) says HotStockRockets
8 May Buy 1Spatial, target 6p+ says HotStockRockets
7 May Ariana remains a buy after resource update says Gary Newman
6 May Sepura – The rollercoaster deal continues: could this be the first Brexit-related deal implosion questions Cynical Bear
5 May Next - profit warning ahoy #2, but a buy says Chris Bailey
4 May Has Lloyds Time Come at Last? Well, It's on the Right Track argues Malcolm Stacey
3 May I don't view Blenheim Natural Resources as an investment, but can see a potential trade says Gary Newman
2 May URU Metals – a company that prefers to mine its shareholders rather than the actual shiny stuff says Cynical Bear
1 May Whirling Merlin Adds a Magic Touch with Themed Hotels says Malcolm Stacey

April 2017

30 Apr Sell Restaurant Group, 353p does not reflect the risks argues Lucian Miers
29 Apr There's No Business Like This Show Business for Pulling in Wealthy Advertisers says Malcolm Stacey
28 Apr Concepta Results - where are the China sales? Buy: fireworks ahead say the HotStockRockets team
27 Apr Optibiotix - ‘news management', whatever - still a buy say the HotStockRockets team
26 Apr Fancy Supporting the Iron Lady of Switzerland? Have a Look at Glencore suggests Malcolm Stacey
25 Apr Chamberlin - positive trading update, a good share tip prospers write Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
24 Apr Alliance Pharma - once again a buy say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
23 Apr Yes, Shares Are Expensive, But Perhaps Not as Pricey as They're Gonna Be argues Malcolm Stacey
22 Apr Veltyco - fundraise and proposed acquisitions reviewed by Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
21 Apr Orosur looks undervalued as gold shows continued strength says Gary Newman
20 Apr How the Snap Election Will Affect Your Share Prices suggests Malcolm Stacey
19 Apr A Few Jolly Good Reasons to Return to BP offers Malcolm Stacey
18 Apr BNN Technology: Where does all that money go? asks Lucian Miers
17 Apr Ariana – tip update: production, rising gold, shares down. What? BUY says Nigel Somerville
16 Apr Huge Discounts Up for Grabs - for Shareholders Only: Malcolm Stacey
15 Apr Atalaya Mining offers a speculative play on copper prices rising further says Gary Newman
14 Apr No Monkey Business with this Ethical Oil Company says Malcolm Stacey
13 Apr Morrisons Could be the Most Hopeful Share Among British Supermarkets says Malcolm Stacey
12 Apr Sanderson Group is showing steady growth. A buy says Gary Newman
11 Apr Bushveld Minerals - do the Maths. A sell says Lucian Miers
10 Apr Safestyle - time to bank profits say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
9 Apr Buy Orogen Gold as we back Adam Reynolds to weave magic again says HotStockRockets
8 Apr The Pizza Hardman Cooks Up an Exceedingly Good Share Tip says Malcolm Stacey
7 Apr Minoan - optimism following company chat at the 2017 UK Investor Show says Nigel Somerville
6 Apr Central Asia Metals - the best value mining stock on the market argues Gary Newman
5 Apr If You Expect Gold to Shine, Here's a Company to Look At says Malcolm Stacey
4 Apr Want an Easy Way to Invest in Emerging Markets? Take a Look at CLIG suggests Malcolm Stacey

March 2017

31 Mar Obtala - great update and great placing! We are more than 100% ahead - more to come says HotStockRockets
30 Mar My view on Sound Energy's market valuation remain unchanged says Gary Newman
29 Mar Tesco opens its wallet to sort out its accounting scandal reviews Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit
28 Mar Could Digital Barriers be on the verge of turning things around asks Gary Newman
27 Mar Unfortunate timing for Premier African placing - following ramp podcast earlier that day! says Gary Newman
26 Mar Buy Compass says the grandfather of share blogging Malcolm Stacey
25 Mar Buy IQE says the grandfather of share blogging Malcolm Stacey
24 Mar It's Now a Ten-Bagger, But The Upward Action is Probably Not Over Yet says Malcolm Stacey
23 Mar Optibiotix - Skinbiotherapeutics demerger: Mr Market does not fully realise what good news this is!
22 Mar AstraZeneca May Rise If New Drug Launches Come off says the Grandfather of share blogging Malcolm Stacey
21 Mar Meet Nigel Wray, the man dubbed Britain's Buffett for a 1-2-1 chat only at UK Investor on April 1
21 Mar Four Whiz Bang Shares I'm Topping Up to Benefit from my ISA Allowance says Malcolm Stacey
20 Mar Gary Newman asks: Is it worth giving Chariot Oil & Gas another chance?
19 Mar Could the Wall Street Crash Happen Again? And If so, Will it Come Soon? Malcolm Stacey answers
18 Mar Igas – hats off to the board: death averted, time to buy? Nigel Somerville opines
17 Mar Tom Winnifrith: UK Investor updates - 2 weeks 1 day until my biggest show in 15 years: get there for free!
17 Mar Red Leopard & EVR – how to make money at different stages of the Akers investment lifecycle explains Cynical Bear
16 Mar TLOU Energy has the potential to succeed says Gary Newman
15 Mar Take a look at the Techno Wizard which Kicks ‘Don't Touch' Signs into Touch suggests Malcolm Stacey
14 Mar BP or Not BP? That is Exxon's Question. Meanwhile, I'm in a quandary says Malcolm Stacey
13 Mar Buy ECR Minerals - target to sell 2.5p+ says HotStockRockets
12 Mar IQE Is Still Worth a Look - and Still a Tasty Target for Take-Over says Malcolm Stacey
11 Mar If You Agree the Building Trade Will Boom, Here Are Three Firms to Look At says Malcolm Stacey
10 Mar Optibiotix - you wanted a big name deal - here you go: Sacco. Buy says HotStockRockets
9 Mar You'll struggle to find a better copper play than Central Asia Metals says Gary Newman
8 Mar Has the Wetherspoon Phenomena Reached its Peak? Malcolm Stacey reviews
7 Mar MetalNRG – ‘Tiger Woods' is back…..again. Does he still have the magic? asks Cynical Bear
6 Mar Lonmin - well worth a look following recent pullback says Gary Newman
5 Mar Buy Red Leopard Holdings – if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em says Cynical Bear
4 Mar Buy RBS says Veteran Share Commentator Malcolm Stacey
3 Mar Xtract Resources – Guess it must stand for Damp F***ing Squib says Cynical Bear
2 Mar Advanced Oncotherapy May Still Be Saved - But Don't Bank on It says Malcolm Stacey
1 Mar Petro Matad continues to defy gravity for now, but is a sell says Gary Newman

February 2017

28 Feb Ariana – more to come as we await final sign-off for production: BUY - says Nigel Somerville
27 Feb It's time to consider Premier Oil as a longer term recovery play argues Gary Newman
26 Feb Buy, Sell or Hold? Here's How to Make Those Awful Decisions on shares - Malcolm Stacey has the answer
25 Feb Banks earnings fest: what a pile of…bankers writes (ex bankster) Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit
24 Feb Lloyds Banking Group a recovery buy? This is Why I think it Might Be says Malcolm Stacey
23 Feb NCC Group – Credibility Gone? asks ‘Ramper Lawson' of ShareSoc whose credibility went years ago writes Tom Winnifrith
22 Feb Goldplat – half-year results suggest a gold recovery buy says Steve Moore
21 Feb Teathers Financial shocker: Nilesh Jagatia - Show Me The Money! says Tom Winnifrith
20 Feb Brave Bison – How long has it been sitting on price-sensitive information? Shocking says Cynical Bear
19 Feb ‘Slowly And Surely They Make Plans Against Us' - and We Could Make Dosh Out of Takeover Fever says Malcolm Stacey
18 Feb Buy Photo-Me says long term supporter Malcolm Stacey
17 Feb Grab your one and only chance to kick out Bowleven's useless board says great Northern bear Waseem Shakoor
16 Feb As Inflation Rises, Here Are the Shares to Avoid and Those to Buy says Malcolm Stacey
15 Feb Ariana Resources – good news: construction complete. Now for paperwork says Nigel Somerville
14 Feb The Tesco Recovery Play - and Why It Might Just Come Off says Malcolm Stacey
13 Feb Ariana Resources a buy as we await that production RNS says Nigel Somerville
12 Feb It’s Better to Travel than Arrive and Premier Oil has Arrived warns bear raider Lucian Miers
11 Feb Blenheim Natural Resources is being pumped hard after the recent placing, caveat emptor says Gary Newman
10 Feb Fox Marble - Oh Ye of little faith, stunning new Indian deal: Buy say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
9 Feb Want a Spanking Dividend? Here's the Choice says Malcolm Stacey
8 Feb Want a Firm Which Could Benefit from the Trump Effect? Check your Compass says Malcolm Stacey
7 Feb Bowleven – sack-the-board requisitioner ups the ante, why I've taken a punt explains Nigel Somerville
6 Feb Asa Resource isn't without risk, but looks attractive reckons Gary Newman
5 Feb Is the Premier Oil deal a game changer asks Gary Newman
3 Feb CloudTag – another L1 conversion, new bargain basement price. How long until 0p? asks Nigel Somerville
2 Feb Autins Group – huge revenue warning & CEO leaves under cloud. Sell says Cynical Bear
1 Feb Drink, Drink, Drink to Diageo Shares says Malcolm Stacey

January 2017

31 Jan Avocet Mining is a cracking short reckons Lucian Miers
30 Jan Cluff is a good speculative oil and gas exploration play argues Gary Newman
29 Jan BT accounting problems present a buying opportunity says Gary Newman
28 Jan With Barbarians at the Gate Bowleven's useless board blathers about jam tomorrow (again) - but shares cheap says HotStockRockets
27 Jan Whitbread: don’t freak at geek metrics: buy says Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit
26 Jan Bowleven: What value Etinde? asks Tom Winnifrith
25 Jan Photo-Me's Shares Are Under-Developed After Press Scare reckons Malcolm Stacey
24 Jan Stay Alert - if Your Shares Have Links Back in the USA says Malcolm Stacey
23 Jan Buy Bowleven ahead of palace coup says HotStockRockets
22 Jan National Health Crisis May Treat the Share Price for Spire Healthcare says Malcolm Stacey
21 Jan Fitbug's latest update must be a joke surely? says Gary Newman
20 Jan Why I think Shares Might Fly when Brexit Gets Closer says Malcolm Stacey
19 Jan MXC Capital and the shoddy tale of 365 Agile warns Cynical Bear
18 Jan So Long Ashtead, Your Last Share Hike Led Me to Take Hefty Profits explains Malcolm Stacey
17 Jan The third share tip of the year from Andrew Monk. The best lottery ticket you will ever buy?
16 Jan Serica remains a buy despite recent strong gains argues Gary Newman
15 Jan Red Rock Shoats Creek Disappoints but market gets it all wrong - buy says HotStockRockets
14 Jan The Rising Cost of Foreign Travel Could Be a Drag on Thomas Cook's Shares warns Malcolm Stacey
13 Jan Premier Oil looks to offer more risk than reward at the current share price warns Gary Newman
12 Jan Whitbread Shares May Froth Despite the National Living Wage reckons Malcolm Stacey
11 Jan Parallel Media – a SELL as share price rise forces statement: a lesson in following the BBs says Nigel Somerville
10 Jan Reasons Why Lloyds Bank Could Keep Boosting its Lamentable Share Price suggests Malcolm Stacey
9 Jan Buy Collagen Solutions says HotStockRockets
8 Jan Four Crackers for your New Year Table. Well, I Think So says Malcolm Stacey
7 Jan Harvest Minerals - by jove the internet troll Lucian Miers is right: this is a sell! Says Tom Winnifrith
6 Jan Stanley Gibbons - dire interims, but a recovery play? asks Tom Winnifrith
5 Jan Next - profit warning ahoy, but is it now a buy? considers Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit
4 Jan Not a Famous Frog, But a Firm Whose Share Price Might Leap considers Malcolm Stacey
3 Jan Buy Character Group say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
2 Jan Tom Winnifrith: 24 share tips for 2017 to consider as the stockmarket reopens on Tuesday
2 Jan ShareProphets share tips of the year Number 21 - Buy Minoan says Tom Winnifrith
1 Jan EVR Holdings – shares double as predicted to 6p, so what to do next? Cynical Bear has the answer

December 2016

31 Dec ShareProphets Share Tips of the year Number 18 - buy Wishbone Gold says Tom Winnifrith
30 Dec ShareProphets Share Tips of the year 2017: No 15 Buy Centamin says Malcolm Stacey
29 Dec ShareProphets share tips of the year number 13, sell Cloudtag says Lucian Miers
28 Dec Harvest Minerals: If it Looks too Good to Be True……..a warning from infamous bear Lucian Miers
27 Dec ShareProphets Share Tips of the Year Number 7 - Buy Randgold Resources says Gary Newman
26 Dec ShareProphets Share Tips of the year 2017: No 5 Buy Swallowfield says Steve Moore
25 Dec Professor Malcolm Stacey's Christmas Lecture
24 Dec Your Shares Booming At Last? - Here's Why says Malcolm Stacey
23 Dec Enter the Great British Bank Challenge with a Look at Aldemore says Malcolm Stacey
22 Dec Eden Research: Profits warning, Terpenetech fraud not addressed, running out of cash again! Sell says Tom Winnifrith
21 Dec Canadian Overseas is a good example of why you should manage risk reflects Gary Newman
20 Dec How Aggreko Could Electrify the Power Game explains Malcolm Stacey
19 Dec Invest in silver now for future shortages in supply says Gary Newman
18 Dec Buy Trinity Mirror says the grandfather of share blogging Malcolm Stacey
17 Dec Xtract Resources – Massive dilution ahead….but will it actually help? Cynical Bear answers…
16 Dec Fox Marble warns again but we really do think this is the nadir: BUY say Tom W & Steve Moore
15 Dec Will Webis ever actually make a profit? questions Gary Newman
14 Dec That She Blows - Up Go the Oilers and It's Not Over Yet reckons Malcolm Stacey
13 Dec New mine coming online should give Orosur a boost says Gary Newman
12 Dec CloudTag comes clean…..well apart from the obvious lie that is! says Cynical Bear
11 Dec Trading platinum has produced my biggest wins in 2016 says Gary Newman
10 Dec Here Comes Diageo, Riding Down Santa Rally Lane says Malcolm Stacey
9 Dec Don't Kick Yourself Over Advanced Oncotherapy - Nor Let It Put You Off Other Medical Ventures says Malcolm Stacey
8 Dec All the Banks Are on the Move - But the Honkers Shares Could Take the Prize says Malcolm Stacey
7 Dec CloudTag – the great Waseem Shakoor on the money again
6 Dec Oiling the Wheels of Share Rises for Purveyors of the Ebony Nectar says Malcolm Stacey
5 Dec Red Rock Resources - Results, the Dog is no longer considers HotStockRockets
4 Dec Obtala - shares more than 130% up on our share tip but Forestry news makes them look CHEAP says HotStockRockets
3 Dec Petropavlovsk - very good news on debt: buy says Tom Winnifrith
2 Dec Gold's 2016 Rally Was Built On Sand says Ross Norman of Sharps Pixley
1 Dec Metal Tiger and BMR deal – all a bit of damp squib but surely Borrelli has to go says Cynical Bear

November 2016

30 Nov How a death spiral works for rubbish AIM companies explains Waseem Shakoor
29 Nov Norcros: Interims - buy argue Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
28 Nov Foxtons share price overreacts to letting fees news, the shares are a buy says Gary Newman
27 Nov K3 - very strong trading update, we are more than 100% ahead but still a buy say Tom W & Steve Moore
26 Nov That Autumn Statement and Shares - the Winners and the Losers according to Malcolm Stacey
25 Nov The Admirable Creightons Share Keeps On Moving - Up and Away says Malcolm Stacey
24 Nov Avocet Mining: A Rollercoaster Ride to Zero warns Lucian Miers
23 Nov Sula Iron & Gold - take up open offer says HotStockRockets
22 Nov Three Little Beauties Which Chime with One of the Truest Sayings in Shareland says Malcolm Stacey
21 Nov Milestone Group – Is/was this the best example of a lifestyle company on AIM? Cynical Bear asks the question
20 Nov Shares Most Likely to Twinkle in the Santa Rally by Malcolm Stacey
19 Nov Anglo American May Lead the March of the Miners says Malcolm Stacey
18 Nov Horizonte has great potential as a junior nickel miner says Gary Newman
17 Nov Gulf Keystone - kicking small shareholders in the b*llocks says Tom Winnifrith
16 Nov WildRides Rides Again with Two Coppery Commendations which Are Not At All Wild says Malcolm Stacey
15 Nov Time to Re-Visit the Banks? Yes, I Rather Think So considers Malcolm Stacey
14 Nov Take advantage of the crash in precious metals prices & buy mining shares today says Gary Newman
13 Nov Challenger Acquisitions – Is this wheel still moving? Cynical Bear has the answers
12 Nov City of London Markets – analysis of an AIM bucket shop by Tom Winnifrith
11 Nov Mosman will crash back to earth after a ridiculous share price rise warns Gary Newman
10 Nov Savannah Resources has the potential to make it argues Gary Newman
9 Nov Buy Compass says veteran Share Blogger Malcolm Stacey
8 Nov Sirius Minerals offers a fantastic long term buy at this price says Gary Newman
7 Nov KEFI Minerals has been hit by short-termism but remains a buy says Gary Newman
6 Nov Never Mind that Election and Brexit. Luxury May Be Better than Defence argues Malcolm Stacey
5 Nov Andalas: the 4th Ramptastic Announcement in 6 working days - PLACING AHOY SELL! warns Tom Winnifrith
4 Nov Falanx interims - looking good for material re-rate by Christmas says HotStockRockets
3 Nov You May Not Want to Sell Shell on These Figures says Malcolm Stacey
2 Nov The Vexed Moral Dimension of Share Shifting and How to Sleep At Night by the Reverend Malcolm Stacey
1 Nov Igas – Barbarians at the gate, shareholders will lose their shirts warns Nigel Somerville

October 2016

31 Oct Premaitha - The Guardian reports that the NHS will offer free NIPT tests from 2018: what about morality asks Tom Winnifrith
30 Oct Optibiotix - a series of updates but not the fireworks folks wanted, BUT STILL A BUY says HotStockRockets
29 Oct Obtala - stance upgrade though we are almost 100% ahead on this share tip says HotStockRockets
28 Oct Hoots Mon! RBS Shares Could Perk if the Clydesdale Steps in Where Spaniards Fear to Tread says Malcolm Stacey
27 Oct Sylvania Platinum remains a buy after positive update says Gary Newman
26 Oct Looking for a Possible Promising Long-Termer? Try Detecting the RAT suggests Malcolm Stacey
25 Oct ASOS's Galloping Success Is Astounding - But Can It Last? Malcolm Stacey has the answers
24 Oct NCC Group – “Trading update” announcement a profit warning or not?, Buy or sell before 31 November? Er… says Steve Moore
23 Oct Thanks to Shareprophets, I've Piled into Two Stocks I'd Never Heard Of says Malcolm Stacey
22 Oct Buy Computacenter says veteran share blogger Malcolm Stacey
21 Oct Kefi, at 0.36p, still worth 1.5p despite operational update says broker Ambrian, notes Tom Winnifrith
20 Oct Super Investors Might Find a Super Investment in says Malcolm Stacey
19 Oct Wood Group Could Be One of the First to Shine When Oil Recovers says Malcolm Stacey
18 Oct Up the United! The Big Utility Shares Should Float Back Up says Malcolm Stacey
17 Oct Ovoca is trading at a fraction of cash value - buy! Says Gary Newman
16 Oct Keep on Falling Pound and Make UK Shareholders Happy says Malcolm Stacey
15 Oct Good Times are Here Again for Metals Exploration. Yes Really! says Tim Blackstone
14 Oct Buy Jimmy Choo says the grandfather of share blogging Malcolm Stacey
13 Oct As Brent Crude Trickles Up, You Can Be Sure of Shell, Shell, Shell says Malcolm Stacey
12 Oct Enquest looks cheap compared to its peers says Gary Newman
11 Oct There's Money in Health and Safety, Just Ask Intertek says the grandfather of share blogging Malcolm Stacdey
10 Oct Robots Play Footsie with the Pound - and Share Shifters Like Us Reap the Benefit says Malcolm Stacey
9 Oct Kefi interims - the numbers are academic, the progress is clear: Buy
8 Oct Cloudtag: Don’t Blame the Insiders When it Blows Up warns infamous bear raider Lucian Miers
7 Oct Buy Union Jack Oil - c40% short term upside says HotStockRockets
6 Oct Time to sell Glencore (and other big miners) before the markets take a tumble warns Gary Newman
5 Oct As the FTSE100 sails through 7,000 what to do? Nigel Somerville has the answer!
4 Oct Concepta - manufacturing deal signed in China: launch now very close: URGENT warrant deadline
3 Oct Tungsten still a stonking short says infamous bear Lucian Miers
3 Oct Delayed Sunday Share tip - buy Petropavlovsk says Tom Winnifrith
1 Oct Igas – dire interims, bondholders take box seat as covenant breach looms warns Nigel Somerville

September 2016

30 Sep Universe interims, minor glitch but still a buy says Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
29 Sep Sainsbury’s: piling it high and selling it cheap (so treat the shares the same) says Chris Bailey
28 Sep Concepta - manufacturing deal signed in China: launch now very close, target price 28p to sell says Tom Winnifrith
27 Sep Goldplat – full-year results, a gold recovery buy says Steve Moore
26 Sep Obtala - sells Retail operation for just $100 - that is a great deal
25 Sep Gulf Keystone, the final Chapter by infamous bear raider Lucian Miers
24 Sep Buy IQE says Malcolm Stacey
23 Sep Science in Sport: Cashed up and ready to go, Graham Neary says BUY!
22 Sep Cenkos profits dry up - is that a cue for a counter cyclical buy asks Graham Neary
21 Sep Sell FastJet says Graham Neary
20 Sep Sirius Minerals will offer cheaper buying opportunities says Gary Newman
19 Sep It's time to buy Randgold Resources for a continued gold bull run says Gary Newman
18 Sep Buy Galliford Try says Malcolm Stacey
17 Sep Brainjuicer: One of AIM's best-kept secrets? Graham Neary writes HERE
16 Sep Fairpoint down again, but still worth considering or should I be sacked? asks Graham Neary
15 Sep K3 Business Technology - more than decent prelims, leaves us c130% up on share tip but more to go! says Tom Winnifrith
14 Sep 3 Good Reasons to buy Barratt Developments says Malcolm Stacey
13 Sep Buy MP Evans says Graham Neary
12 Sep Wishbone - why I am certainly not selling now : the maths are compelling says Tom Winnifrith
12 Sep Delayed Sunday Share Tip - Buy Game Digital says Graham Neary
10 Sep Victoria - The Never Ending Success Story says Graham Neary
9 Sep Turn Again City of London Investment Group as the Big Divi Beckons says Malcolm Stacey
8 Sep Waiting patiently for a Joules buying opportunity says Graham Neary
7 Sep Cloudtag the new Fitbug says infamous bear raider Lucian Miers
6 Sep Reward could be worth the risk with Churchill Mining says Gary Newman
5 Sep Buy San Leon at a 45.5p offer says HotStockRockets
4 Sep Earnings Preview: Buy Ashmore to take part in the EM recovery says Graham Neary
3 Sep A Huge Market Awaits Fertility Pioneer Concepta, BUY says Malcolm Stacey
3 Sep A week in the death of AIM Fraud & former Bulletin Board darling African Potash by Tom Winnifrith
2 Sep Metal Tiger – Take a bow, Paul Johnson, AIM’s very own Tiger Woods says Cynical Bar
1 Sep Buy the Gym Group says Graham Neary

August 2016

31 Aug Science in Sport: Unprofitable but with bags of potential: BUY says Graham Neary
30 Aug Audioboom growth rate is too slow and cash burn too high warns Gary Newman
29 Aug Hedge funds say the Pound is sunk…which means it isn’t says Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit
28 Aug 88 Energy: A Case Study in the Risk Tolerance of Private Investors by Graham Neary
27 Aug Tuck in to some tasty income at Restaurant Group says Graham Neary
26 Aug LoopUp Group – shares to loop up or down following AIM IPO? Steve Moore comments
25 Aug Builders Bashed By Brexit? - Tell That to Soaraway Persimmon says Malcolm Stacey
24 Aug You Could Make Movies Out of Air Partner's Exploits and its Prospects Could Be Up and Away says Malcolm Stacey
23 Aug Obtala Resources - round up and company chat, all good news! Buy Say Tom Winnifrith & HotStockRockets
22 Aug Fox Marble - more good news than bad, master Yoda controls my anger, the shares are a buy says Tom Winnifrith
21 Aug Why Stocks are Overvalued but we have to Keep Buying Them to make money - Graham Neary
20 Aug PHSC – How to interpret Friday's placing? Rating upgraded: BUY says Graham Neary
19 Aug Buy Entertainment One says Graham Neary
18 Aug As Brent Crude Rallies, It Could Be Time to Grease Your Portfolio with More Oil Shares says Malcolm Stacey
17 Aug H&T’s Interim Results show timely expansion, profits up 42% - Buy! Says Graham Neary
16 Aug William Hill – Fundamental disagreement over revised offer, but good signs that shares are underpriced says Graham Neary
15 Aug A Few Reasons Why Smith and his Nephew Might Cure our Share Blues says Malcom Stacey
14 Aug Bull, Bull, Bull! This is Not A Load of Bull. The Rise of the Footsie Should Continue says Malcolm Stacey
13 Aug Heavy fuel oil alternative still has big potential for Quadrise says Gary Newman
12 Aug Coca-Cola Hellenic – Shares up 26% since May share tip, excellent performance, but still a buy? Graham Neary writes…
11 Aug Let's Return to IQE - Because Plenty of Other Buyers Seem to Be says Malcolm Stacey
10 Aug boohoo – this won’t end in tears, merely frustration for the impatient says Graham Neary
9 Aug Fastjet - Private investors refuse to take part in overpriced offer, trading likely remains grim: SELL says Graham Neary
8 Aug Buy Concepta at 12p and at up to 17.5p - target to sell 28p says Tom Winnifrith
7 Aug How to Try to Make Money Out of a Lemon, Veteran share blogger Malcolm Stacey explians
6 Aug Audioboom - drowning in red flags - where to start: sell says Tom Winnifrith
5 Aug Gullible, greedy private investors are helping to fuel the AIM cesspit - ref. African Potash & others writes Gary Newman
4 Aug Red24 a buy despite takeover approach says Graham Neary
3 Aug Drink up! Still nothing wrong with the IRN-BRU maker Barr says Graham Neary
2 Aug Trinity Mirror - Gargantuan pension fund creates a puzzle but the shares are cheap says Graham Neary
1 Aug Eurasia Mining is on the verge of production - buy says Gary Newman

July 2016

31 Jul KEFI making progress towards funding which will cause a re-rate: BUY says Gary Newman
30 Jul Just Eat – Heavy price to be paid for spectacular potential warns Graham Neary
29 Jul Buy Ashtead says the Grandfather of Share Blogging Malcolm Stacey
28 Jul Frontier Resources becomes Concepta as RTO completes - Buy says HotStockRockets
27 Jul Investor fever intensifies as Fevertree market cap approaches £1 billion – what could go wrong asks Graham Neary
26 Jul Ryanair - This is how you run an airline! Says Graham Neary
25 Jul Sound Energy looks terrible value at this price warns Gary Newman
23 Jul Safestyle, sod Brexit scaremongering, cracking trading update: BUY says Tom Winnifrith
22 Jul Petropavlovsk: Trading statement and company chat, BUY says Tom Winnifrith
21 Jul Wizz Air - The Ryanair of the East posts top results: Buy! Says Graham Neary
20 Jul IG Group - Why don't more of us own shares in this top quality business writes Graham Neary
19 Jul Bargain Stores Could Be Bargains for Share Punters too says Malcolm Stacey.
18 Jul Berkeley Energia: we are now almost 100% up on this share tip after DFS - more to come says Tom Winnifrith
17 Jul K3 Business Technology - Trading Update, our share tip 100%+ ahead but stance upgraded to buy says Tom Winnifrith
16 Jul Begbies Results, no red flags: Buy say Tom Winnifrith and Steve Moore
15 Jul SuperGroup still growing, maiden dividend announced, a buy asks Graham Neary
14 Jul Burberry - New CEO gives the stock a major boost says Graham Neary
13 Jul New River Retail - Bull Case Intact as Shares Cheapen says Graham Neary
12 Jul Swallowfield - The Unilever of the Future writes Graham Neary
11 Jul Frontier Resources - RTO placing and name changed announced BUY says HotStockRockets
10 Jul Brexit Rockets the Grid - but It Could Still Power Ahead Even More says Malcolm Stacey
9 Jul Gfinity – looks like the game is on says Cynical Bear
8 Jul Optibiotix: it Might be what the doctor ordered but not what the patient (investor) wanted says HotStockRockets
7 Jul Newmark Security - Not so safe after all. A mea culpa but post warning a BUY says Graham Neary
6 Jul The Gym Group - Limbering Up and Rolling Out: Buy says Graham Neary
5 Jul Monday's Delayed share tip: FDM Group shares plunge - here is why you should buy says Tom Winnifrith
3 Jul Gulf Keystone Petroleum - Living On Borrowed Time warns Graham Neary
2 Jul Premier Oil – Lenders give more time, situation remains grave - SELL says Graham Neary
1 Jul Sutton Harbour Holdings - An Easter Egg of an Investment says Graham Neary

June 2016

30 Jun Bluebird Merchant Ventures - its ready to race ahead: buy says HotStockRockets
29 Jun Bulletin Board darling Cloudtag is hugely overpriced warns Gary Newman
28 Jun Poor Jocasta & Rupert are going to get fired - Foxtons Profits Warning (blames BoJo), writes Tom Winnifrith
27 Jun Buy Whitbread says Malcolm Stacey (as he challenges sexist TW & loses)
26 Jun Prime People results - check out that yield & buy says Tom Winnifrith
25 Jun Murgitroyd – An Intellectual Buy says Graham Neary
24 Jun It is not all about the referendum: DS Smith’s mega numbers make the shares a buy says Chris Bailey
23 Jun Selling Photo-Me shares after the results? I would not says Malcolm Stacey
22 Jun Buy Inmarsat says Malcolm Stacey
21 Jun SEC - Italian PR comes to AIM. one to watch says Graham Neary
20 Jun Optibiotix back at 76p ( now 79-82p) - BUY: Company Chat says HotStockRockets
18 Jun Shoe Zone - no slip up with results say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
17 Jun Buy Glencore on any short term weakness says Gary Newman
16 Jun Castings - An industrial hero profitable for the last 33 years - Buy the shares says Graham Neary
15 Jun Why BHP Billiton Shares May Have Been Oversold and Could Now Be a Bargain says Malcolm Stacey
14 Jun Water Intelligence - A Surprisingly Intelligent Investment says Graham Neary
13 Jun Gold miners like Ariana should benefit from market turmoil says Gary Newman
12 Jun Avesco - very strong results, we are c100% ahead but still a buy say Tom and Steve
11 Jun Buy Vertu says veteran share blogger Malcolm Stacey
10 Jun Distil still offers long term potential and is a buy says Gary Newman
9 Jun Chris Bailey: Sainsbury's does vinyl..are the shares a hit or a flop?
8 Jun Buy Falanx at a 4.5p offer to sell at 6.5p by August says HotStockRockets
7 Jun Highland Gold offers a good leveraged play on gold prices says Gary Newman
6 Jun AIM Micro-caps - Don't buy unless you're willing to hold for a long time, an investment lesson from Graham Neary
5 Jun Good news indeed from IRC for Petropavlovsk - buy say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
4 Jun Begbies Traynor – Looking to Benefit from the Pent-up Demand of Mass Bankruptcies: BUY says Graham Neary
3 Jun Fusionex: A Right Wrong ‘un reports dismal interims, well done Kevin Ashton, the shares are a SHORT: Tom Winnifrith
2 Jun Telford Homes - A Winner in the London Property Squeeze says Graham Neary
1 Jun Buy FairFX says Malcolm Stacey

May 2016

30 May Highlands Natural Resources begs to be shorted says Lucian Miers
29 May Reach4Entertainment - results: buy say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
28 May Advanced Oncotherapy – “£24m financing secured”… or is it? Steve Moore flags up hype
27 May Regus Shows the Way to the Office of the Future - Today. BUY say Malcolm Stacey & Top Broker
26 May Coms – full-year results and chat with CEO & CFO, exciting growth potential? Steve Moore answers the question
25 May Buy shares in 300 years old hidden gem Watkin Jones says 200 year old Malcolm Stacey
24 May Ryanair’s comments tell me to buy EasyJet says Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit
23 May Waterman - a cracking trading update: BUY! Say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
22 May Sylvania overdue a re-rate on higher platinum prices says Gary Newman
21 May Buy Jim Mellon's Port Erin? Read Kelvin Prescott
20 May Buy Thomas Cook says Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit
19 May InterQuest & Avesco – tip of the year updates (still buys?) from Steve Moore
18 May KEFI Minerals moves closer to gold production, BUY says Gary Newman
17 May Time to buy miners or just gold miners? Andrew Monk of VSA has the answer
16 May Good news from Leon at Jubilee Platinum - buy says HotStockRockets
15 May Buy Creightons says the Grandfather of share blogging Malcolm Stacey
14 May Scholium – Taking a Punt on Rare Books, buy says Graham Neary
13 May Berkeley Energia - spectacular fund raise news - we upgrade big time say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
12 May TW: My latest and, perhaps best, book on how NOT TO LOSE money on shares…get your free copy today
12 May Buy Randgold if You Agree the Gold Rush Is Growing says Malcolm Stacey
11 May Fancy Connecting to a Magazine Giant? Have a Look at Connect says Malcolm Stacey
10 May Fairpoint: Worth a Second Look on Share Price Weakness says Graham Neary
9 May Burberry - Investing for Growth to 2030 says Graham Neary
8 May Carnival, The Firm that Launched 100 Ships May Cruise to Greater Glory says Malcolm Stacey
8 May Delayed Saturday share tip: 1Spatial, Results and Confident Statement: Buy say TW & Steve Moore
6 May Graham Neary says that it is time to buy Best of the Best
5 May Petropavlovsk: very busy bees indeed..still big upside in shares say Tom & Steve
4 May Fresnillo is my pick of the gold producers - for its silver! Says Gary Newman
3 May Obtala Resources - Forestry Update & New Chairman Meeting: Buy
2 May Amryt Pharmaceuticals is worth a closer look says Gary Newman
1 May Ariana Resources……..We Know it’s a Gold Mine But Did you Know It’s a Silver Mine says Andre Brand

April 2016

29 Apr Lloyds Bank: geek analysis says the stock is cheap says Chris Bailey
28 Apr Obtala Management Change - it is positive: Buy says HotStockRockets
27 Apr Good set of results from Boohoo, but is the upside now priced in asks Gary Newman
26 Apr More good news for Petropavlovsk say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore - shares worth 19p
25 Apr Cynical Bear: FastForward Innovations – 3 reasons why I can’t invest in the Lorne Abony show
24 Apr Ashtead: taking advantage of shabby peers, buy says Chris Bailey
23 Apr Jubilee Platinum Operations update - buy says HotStockRockets
22 Apr Petropavlovsk - very good news from IRC - BUY (target 19p) say Tom W and Steve Moore
21 Apr Action Hotels 2015 Results - Buy say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
20 Apr Hurricane Energy manages to raise funds at a large premium - long term buy says Gary Newman
19 Apr The Peppa Pig Rumour that May Bring Home the Bacon - Malcolm Stacey
18 Apr Try a Fiesty Firm Which Helps the Polluted World to Breathe: Vectura - Malcolm Stacey's share tip
16 Apr Universe Results & Company chat - buy say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
15 Apr Premaitha - all sorts of fun and games: buy says HotStockRockets
14 Apr BlueBird Merchant Ventures - first mining IPO for 8 months - we have a small flutter says Tom Winnifrith
13 Apr Access Intelligence – some future value to be had for the patient in the AIM back waters? Read Nigel Somerville
12 Apr There's a Huge Divi Here, for Those Brave Enough to Try Mining Again says Malcolm Stacey
11 Apr Optibiotix - more details on cholesterol study - so far amazing says HotStockRockets
9 Apr Bushveld Minerals – placing ahoy? SELL says Nigel Somerville
8 Apr Metal Tiger has reached a crazy market cap - sell! Says Gary Newman
7 Apr Obtala Quarterly Update - buy says HotStockRockets
6 Apr Gary Newman asks: Is MX Oil worthy of one last chance?
5 Apr Panning for gold in the USSR (with Polymetal) - a buy tip from Chris Bailey
4 Apr Take in the Countryside if You Seek a Punt that Might Build your Portfolio says Malcolm Stacey
3 Apr Jubilee Platinum Results - still a buy says HotStockRockets
2 Apr Fastnet - a cracking RTO completed, we are well up on this share tip - more to go says HotStockRockets
1 Apr SpaceandPeople Results - buy (despite rude CEO) say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore

March 2016

31 Mar Athelney Trust – even Warren Buffett had to start somewhere says Cynical Bear
30 Mar Cape is a BUY If You Think the Oil Price Will Rise says Malcolm Stacey
29 Mar Takeover bid for Premier Foods will need to be raised to be accepted says Gary Newman
28 Mar Professor Malcolm Stacey's Easter Stockmarket Lecture
27 Mar React Group results and trading update - buy says HotStockRockets
26 Mar Ariana - bullish update on Red Rabbit, shares starting to move - hang on says HotStockRockets
25 Mar Lakehouse – GM announced & battle lines drawn with Mark Slater, time to buy? Asks Steve Moore
24 Mar Buy Synthoma says the grandfather of share blogging Malcolm Stacey
22 Mar Buy Enquest says the grandfather of share blogging Malcolm Stacey
21 Mar Nigel Somerville: Scancell – Placing, Open Offer, future plans: a buy?
20 Mar Buy to Rent Bank May Be a Cosy Home for Some of Your Share Money says Malcolm Stacey
18 Mar Totally – is it really a Premier acquisition? Cynical Bear explains all
17 Mar Fox Marble: More Good News - Buy say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
16 Mar Jubilee Platinum - good news from Dilokong: Buy says HotStockRockets
15 Mar Despite Rising Food Costs, There Are More Reasons to Look at Morrisons says Malcolm Stacey
14 Mar Distil, bullish trading update, premium placing - last chance saloon to buy say Tom W & Steve Moore
13 Mar Begbies Traynor Trading Statement - on track: buy say Tom W and Steve Moore
12 Mar Interquest results more than decent - buy say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
11 Mar FDM Group - strong results, confident: buy say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
10 Mar DS Smith: weird name, great stock says Chris Bailey
9 Mar A Shine on Platinum Should Put a Sparkle into Lonmin's Share Price says Malcolm Stacey
8 Mar Wallpapering is sexy, no really it is (even at my age) says Malcolm Stacey with a new share tip
7 Mar Obtala - forestry cash in: buy says HotStockRockets
6 Mar Asiamet - good news from BK - buy says HotStockRockets
5 Mar Savannah Resources is a long term buy says Gary Newman
4 Mar Set Store by This High Street Heir to the Wonder of Woolies says Malcolm Stacey
4 Mar Now you can co invest with institutions in ShoreCap, FinnCap, Arden placings - why not? Says Tom Winnifrith
3 Mar Buy Frontier Resources at up to 0.075p says HotStockRockets
2 Mar Reach4Entertainment - very promising trading statement: buy say Tom W & Steve Moore
1 Mar Petroceltic - The End is Nigh warns Lucian Miers

February 2016

29 Feb Tungsten Corp – is post ‘Capital Markets Day’ share price rise justified asks Steve Moore
28 Feb Amara - really bullish claims on Yaoure: buy says Tom Winnifrith
27 Feb Big Profit Explosion Could Send RSA Shares Even Higher says Malcolm Stacey
26 Feb Ascent Resources - great news but more to come soon - buy!
25 Feb Jubilee Platinum - good progress update: buy says HotStockRockets
24 Feb Lighthouse: good results, confident outlook, last chance to buy says Tom Winnifrith
23 Feb Buy Hayward Tyler says Share Blogging Veteran Malcolm Stacey
22 Feb Vela, positive BTL update - Buy says HotStockRockets
21 Feb Obtala Resources - forestry update, Mr Market is wrong BUY says HotStockRockets
20 Feb Pipeline approval for Amerisur Resources - buy says Gary Newman
19 Feb Buy Randgold Resources says Malcolm Stacey
18 Feb Even the Oil Price has to Bottom Out One Day - While BP Still Pays its Monster Divi: BUY says Malcolm Stacey
17 Feb Will this Magical Publisher Spell Share Success? Malcolm Stacey on Bloomsbury
16 Feb Buy Safestyle say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
15 Feb Buy Wishbone Gold says HotStockRockets
14 Feb Armadale - DFS arrives but what is needed is the funding, BUY says HotStockRockets
13 Feb Gary Newman: Why is Bowleven my favourite small oil company for the long term?
12 Feb Does Valentine's Day Tempt You to Love this Mail Order Outfit Findel - Malcolm Stacey
11 Feb Time to bank some gold profits for now says Gary Newman
10 Feb Safety Barriers Sound Boring - But Where’s There’s Boredom, There’s Often Big Money Buy Hill and Smith says Malcolm Stacey
9 Feb Don’t Knock Health and Safety - It Should Boost Shares in Halma PLC says Malcolm Stacey
8 Feb Premier Foods looks to be on the road to recovery, buy says Gary Newman
7 Feb InterQuest Group – share tip of the year update, BUY says Steve Moore
6 Feb Strong trading update from Waterman - still a buy say Tom W & Steve Moore
4 Feb Entu results - look to the yield & Buy say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
3 Feb Spaceandpeople strong trading update - buy say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
2 Feb Make Hays While The Sun Shines - The Current Share Price May Warm Up Fast says Malcolm Stacey
1 Feb Advertising the Fact that Advertising Could Boom in a Busy 2016. Ref: WPP says Malcolm Stacey

January 2016

31 Jan Noricum Gold moves towards production - share price excitement ahead says Robert Tyerman
30 Jan Grade cheer at Berkeley Energia, buy says Robert Tyerman
29 Jan Petropavlovsk - Q4 Trading update: Buy say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
28 Jan Is Neil Woodford's Halo slipping? Asks Cynical Bear
27 Jan Interquest Trading update - buy say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
26 Jan Sell Petroceltic at 15p - Equity Worth Nothing like £27m says Lucian Miers
25 Jan Petropavlovsk - IRC update: we remain buyers say Tom W & Steve M
24 Jan Gold output fall for Polymetal but the shares are a long term buy says Robert Tyerman
23 Jan Fox Marble Trading update - buy say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
22 Jan Hochschild signals production boost - a silver play to back now says Robert Tyerman
21 Jan Solid but upbeat trading update from FDM, buy case intact say Tom & Steve
20 Jan Restaurant Group Has a Boring Name - but its Tasty Brands Might Perk Your Punting Pallet says Malcolm Stacey
19 Jan Begbies Red Flag Report, no shocks - reinforces buy case say Tom & Steve
18 Jan Optibiotix - major news out, folks not twigging this is Slimfast! - buy ahead of next news, says HotStockRockets
17 Jan Atalaya poised for production - speculative buy says Robert Tyerman
16 Jan Permit cheer for Great Western but still speculative at best says Robert Tyerman
15 Jan Avesco cracking results, we are 100% + ahead but still a buy at up to 240p say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
14 Jan Beowulf in Finnish graphite move, share price rally could have legs says Robert Tyerman
13 Jan Lonmin is making progress towards recovery - buy says Gary Newman
12 Jan Could You Live with a Personal Loss of a Billion Quid? Ref: Sports Direct writes Malcolm Stacey
11 Jan HSS the risk reward favours the bears writes Lucian Miers
10 Jan Premaitha - Illumina are pests but the stance is buy writes HotStockRockets
9 Jan Buy FDM Group at a 530p offer say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
8 Jan FinnAust bullish on Greenland sites, speculative buy says Robert Tyerman
7 Jan Minoan news from Crete is good - buy says HotStockRockets
6 Jan Altona poised for Chinese funding - speculative buy says Robert Tyerman
5 Jan Sky at Night May Be Big and Bright - the shares are a buy says Malcolm Stacey
4 Jan Tom Winnifrith's share tips of the year No 7 - Buy Premaitha at 18.5p - target 30p
3 Jan 24 Share Tips of the year for 2016 from Tom Winnifrith & team - a recap
3 Jan Tom Winnifrith's share tips of the year Number 5 - sell LGO Energy at 0.265p
2 Jan Lucian Miers 2nd share tip of the year - sell Avanti Communications at 171p offer - target as low as 0p
1 Jan Tom Winnifrith's share tips of the year Number 3 - Buy Reach4Entertainment at 1.5p

December 2015

31 Dec Lucian Miers share tips of the year Number 1: Sell InternetQ at 61.25p, target price 0p
30 Dec Gary Newman's share tip of the year Number 2 - Buy Distil
29 Dec Tom Winnifrith's share tip of the year Number 2 - Sell Rare Earth Minerals at 0.7p
28 Dec Doc Holiday's share tip of the year Number 1 - buy New World Oil & Gas
27 Dec Steve Moore's share tip of the year number 2 - buy Avesco
26 Dec Steve Moore's share tip of the year Number 1 - Buy Interquest at 82p
24 Dec Airlines Should Fly in 2016 - and the Best Flyer of All could be Easyjet says Malcolm Stacey
23 Dec African Potash backs regional investor - speculative buy says Robert Tyerman
22 Dec I would bet against Tom Winnifrith and on Barratt Developments says Malcolm Stacey
21 Dec Tungsten - Meet the New Boss. Same as the Old Boss. Don’t Get Fooled Again warns Lucian Miers
20 Dec Time to build a position in Tullow Oil argues Gary Newman
19 Dec We bought some more Reach4Entertainment BECAUSE conman Johnny Hon is involved, the shares are a buy says Tom Winnifrith
18 Dec Christmas comes early - another Slater & Gordon profits warning - bankruptcy a cert for 2016 says Tom Winnifrith
17 Dec Challenger Acquisitions - Unusual Speculative Buy says Gary Newman
16 Dec InternetQ - Question for Toscafund and Penna Capital: Five months on  is Akazoo still worth €104 million asks Lucian Miers  
14 Dec Vislink plc – "trading statement" attempts to follow management cowardice and greed with PR spin warns Steve Moore
13 Dec Don’t Let Your Bursting Christmas Post Fool You - Royal Mail May Not Deliver a Rosy New Year warns Malcolm Stacey
12 Dec Buy DotDigital for Long Term Growth says Gary Newman
11 Dec Large cap mining speaks 2: Glencore shows the way - buy says Chris Bailey
10 Dec BHP Billiton could be nearing the bottom says Gary Newman
9 Dec Zytronic plc – full-year results a pleasure to read, but still value in the shares asks Steve Moore
8 Dec Buy Fastnet Equity at 2.25p says HotStockRockets
7 Dec Defenx AIM IPO - shocking greed and a cr*p investment warns Tom Winnifrith
6 Dec Big Fat Telly Watchers Set to Send ITV Shares into the Stratosphere says Malcolm Stacey
5 Dec It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas - and the usual Yule Share Boom says Malcolm Stacey
4 Dec Premaitha - 3 year vote of confidence from France: buy says HotStockRockets
3 Dec Berkeley Energia - upgrade & buy says Tom Winnifrith
2 Dec Orogen trumpets ‘new gold zones’, speculative buy says Robert Tyerman

November 2015

30 Nov Tungsten heading for Penny Share status, Sell at 39p says Lucian Miers
29 Nov Rare Earth Minerals – another way of looking at it? says Tom Winnifrith
27 Nov Time to punt on 88 Energy? Asks Doc Holliday
26 Nov Wake Up! Odey backs KEFI’s Ethiopia venture writes Robert Tyerman
25 Nov React - bolt ons, good news: another Adam Reynolds stock to buy says HotStockRockets
24 Nov Poundland Offers rapid Growth Potential & is a buy argues Gary Newman
23 Nov Stanley Gibbons Interims - bad as expected but…heck I've bought the shares says Tom Winnifrith
22 Nov Noricum hails copper find as game changer says mining guru Robert Tyerman
21 Nov Royal Mail: appealing portfolio stodge argues Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit
20 Nov Buy New World Oil & Gas on its overwhelming shareholder victory, writes Ben Turney
19 Nov Buy the unloved Ferrex on its Aussie gold deal, says Robert Tyerman
18 Nov Buy Goldplat's turnaround story, says Robert Tyerman
17 Nov Buy Reach4Entertainment on Nigel Wray's say so, writes Tom Winnifrith
16 Nov Buy Premaitha Health on its stunning results - A Hot Stock Rockets Special Tip
15 Nov Building up a head of steam, yes we are says Steve Brown (with Tom Winnifrith onside)
14 Nov Time to add more Gem Diamonds argues Gary Newman
13 Nov Atlas Developments - worth a gamble at 0.6p? Asks Ben Turney
12 Nov Buy Avation's speculative potential, says Robert Tyerman
11 Nov Buy British Banks, says Chris Bailey
10 Nov Buy Randgold Resources below 4,000p, says Chris Bailey
9 Nov Buy Vela Technologies with a 0.3p target - A Hot Stock Rockets Special Tip
8 Nov Interquest - good news all round, the shares are a buy at 86p
7 Nov Red Rock Resources: is the tide turning? Asks Flip Flop Ben Turney
6 Nov Buy Metal Tiger - a hunter on the prowl says Ben Turney
5 Nov Buy British Gas in anticipation of successful completion of Shell merger, says Malcolm Stacey
4 Nov Buy Gfinity on its impressive growth, says Gary Newman
3 Nov Stellar Diamonds is a speculative punt on a potential new investment, says Robert Tyerman
2 Nov Buy Distill based on its interims, says Tom Winnifrith
1 Nov Refugees, Migrants, Chimney Sweeps, Plumbers and Candlestick Makers - Malcolm Stacey

October 2015

31 Oct Bacanora upbeat after £1.3m loss, shares could go higher still says Robert Tyerman
30 Oct Buy Lloyds Bank as it looks to outperform its peers, says Malcolm Stacey
29 Oct Buy W Resources on Resource Upgrade, says Robert Tyerman
28 Oct BP- one to add to the pension pot says Chris Bailey
27 Oct Hot Stock Rockets Special Tip: Buy Minoan on good news from Greece
26 Oct Petropavlovsk - all on track. Buy says Tom Winnifrith
25 Oct Asiamet ups resource - speculative buy says Robert Tyerman
24 Oct Build on America's Building Revival by Eyeing Up Ashtead the Mighty says Malcolm Stacey
23 Oct Chance you arm on Arm Holdings says Malcolm Stacey
22 Oct Buy Primary Health Properties as it targets expansion, says Robert Tyerman
21 Oct Buy ITV as it expands its Empire West, says Malcolm Stacey
20 Oct Buy HSBC as it recovers from its China wobble, says Malcolm Stacey
19 Oct Buy Petropavlovsk at 6.47p - target price to sell within 3 years 19p says Tom Winnifrith
18 Oct Consortium deal cheers Oracle Coalfields to drive further share price rally says Bob Tyerman
17 Oct UK Oil & Gas: What a shock the market doesn’t care about Markwells Wood writes flip flop Ben Turney
16 Oct More reasons to buy Morrisons from Malcolm Stacey
15 Oct Buy Kibo Mining as it makes progress with coal project, says Robert Tyerman
14 Oct Join the Tesco Recovery Revolution says Malcolm Stacey
13 Oct Is RSA a Right Royal Opportunity? Malcolm Stacey believes it is.
12 Oct Premaitha - average down - buy says HotStockRockets
11 Oct New gem licence for Botswana Diamonds, recovery punt says Robert Tyerman
10 Oct Nostra Terra turns to North Africa, interesting says Robert Tyerman
9 Oct Firestone upbeat over Lesotho gem project, a recovery buy says mining guru Robert Tyerman
8 Oct Tesco: the super tanker starts to turn writes Chris Bailey
7 Oct Symphony Environmental Interims - buy says Tom Winnifrith
6 Oct Feedback and the Big Spanish Connection - Malcolm Stacey is a fan
5 Oct Buy Lighthouse at a 9.5p offer says Tom Winnifrith
4 Oct Buy Armadale Capital at a 4p offer - shares to double by Christmas says HotStockRockets
3 Oct Strat Aero – CEO meeting – bloody hell an AIM boss keeps his word says Tom Winnifrith
2 Oct Are the stars aligning at Tower Resources? Flip Flop Ben Turney turns buyer
1 Oct Shanta Gold, a speculative punt on its Tanzania Gold Mine plan, says Robert Tyerman

September 2015

30 Sep Buy Horizonte Mining, as it swoops in on $8million Glencore project, says Robert Tyerman
29 Sep Vodafone - buy, sell or hold? Chris Bailey explains.
28 Sep Hold SpaceandPeople; a special tip from the Nifty Fifty
27 Sep Anglo Asian poised for profits return, recovery buy says Robert Tyerman
26 Sep Stanley Gibbons Trading update - average down says Tom Winnifrith
25 Sep BHP Billiton continues to offer good value, writes Gary Newman
24 Sep Paragon Diamonds could be worth a gamble if it sorts out funding, says Robert Tyerman
23 Sep Buy Steve Moore's Tip of the Year - K3 Business Technologies
22 Sep GlaxoSmithKline is a strong buy at these levels, says Gary Newman
21 Sep Buy Berkeley Energy at a 21p offer says Tom Winnifrith
20 Sep Name change and growth for EMED - shares could well be very cheap says Bob Tyerman
19 Sep Buy Premaitha Health at a 20p offer, 
says Tom Winnifrith

18 Sep Chemring looks a good defensive bet, writes Gary Newman
17 Sep At 0.36p, is Afriag worth a gamble? Asks Ben Turney
16 Sep Gemfields looks like a long term buy, says Robert Tyerman
15 Sep 88 Energy has the potential for a big spike, says Gary Newman
14 Sep Tern and Tungsten. The Penny has Further to Drop, writes Lucian Miers
13 Sep Fox Marble Interims - buy say Tom Winnifrith and Steve Moore
12 Sep New World Oil & Gas; White Knight Adam Reynolds to the rescue! Buy says Ben Turney
11 Sep HSS Group is a stone cold slam dunk short says Matt Earl, The Dark Destroyer
10 Sep Serica Energy looks comparatively cheap, says Gary Newman
9 Sep Rambler Metals and Mining - a gamble for the bold, writes Robert Tyerman
8 Sep Asiamet Interims - buy - an exclusive tip from Hot Stock Rockets
7 Sep Stratmin Global Resources has speculative appeal, says Robert Tyerman
6 Sep Lonmin Offers a High Risk Recovery Play with Large Upside says Gary Newman
5 Sep IS Solutions - bullish trading update confirms another winning share tip, shares still cheap says Tom Winnifrith
4 Sep Buy Falanx Group with an Initial 18p Target, says Zak Mir
3 Sep Buy Rare Earth Minerals, say Robert Tyerman
2 Sep Buy Hummingbird Resources as it heads for production, says Robert Tyerman
1 Sep Follow the directors and buy Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton, says Ben Turney

August 2015

31 Aug Amec Foster Wheeler looks set for recovery says Gary Newman
30 Aug Is Atlantic Coal poised for a speculative recovery asks Robert Tyerman
29 Aug Optiobiotix Interims – text upbeat: read it carefully and Buy ( target raised) says HotStockRockets
28 Aug Asiamet; a high risk play on copper recovery, writes Robert Tyerman
27 Aug Polymetal offers a leveraged play on Gold and Silver, says Gary Newman
26 Aug Despite today's drop HSS Hire remains one to avoid, writes Chris Bailey
25 Aug Stellar Diamonds is a speculative punt, says Robert Tyerman
24 Aug Buy Ariana resources as it nears production, says Robert Tyerman
23 Aug Oracle Coalfields – rally should continue based on the back of pricing deal, says Robert Tyerman
22 Aug Buy Sirius Minerals on the back of its sales agreement, says Robert Tyerman
21 Aug Gary Newman warns LGO Energy looks overvalued and in trouble
20 Aug Tom Winnifrith's hot oil shares tip – avoid the sector like the plague
19 Aug MX Oil has good short term upside, says Gary Newman
18 Aug A Hot Stock Rockets Special; Buy React at up to 2p - the dog Verdes is reborn
17 Aug Red Emperor Resources - Avoid pure play oil exploration plays, warns Ben Turney
16 Aug Eurasia Mining Offers a Buying Opportunity says Gary Newman
15 Aug Speculative buy Vast Resources says Robert Tyerman
14 Aug Buy Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling with a 1,600p-1,800p target says Chris Bailey
13 Aug Buy Vela Technologies - a Hot Stock Rockets tip special
12 Aug North River Resources could be a buy after it completes fundraising, says Robert Tyerman
11 Aug Buy W Resources if China outlook improves, says Robert Tyerman
10 Aug Chris Bailey questions esure's turnaround plan; buy Aviva instead
9 Aug CORRECTED SPECULATIVE BUY: Galileo Resources pins its faith on Nevada prospects says Robert Tyerman
8 Aug Five Sizzling Set-Ups May Be All Right, Jack. ref. Advanced Oncotherapy and more says Malcolm Stacey
7 Aug Chris Bailey's tip of the year, Aviva, still has plenty of upside
6 Aug Xtract Resources - golden news makes this a speculative buy says Robert Tyerman
5 Aug Unloved Herencia Resources is a play on copper recovery, says Robert Tyerman
4 Aug Tower Resources at 0.19p could be a most unexpected recovery play, says Ben Turney
3 Aug Malcolm Stacey offers a guide to help put clear water between you and the next punter
2 Aug Buy SpaceandPeople say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
1 Aug Teathers Financial Interims - the shares are a buy at 3p says HotStockRockets

July 2015

31 Jul Optibiotix: Good News - the shares are a buy says HotStockRockets
30 Jul Back Bacanora - lithium is the future of batteries, says Robert Tyerman
29 Jul Buy Eldorado Gold after its excessive punishment caused by Grexit fears, says Ben Turney
28 Jul Weatherly is a speculative buy on a recovery in copper prices, says Robert Tyerman
27 Jul Don't let the dull FTSE100 trick you into penny share gambles, warns Malcolm Stacey
26 Jul Entu Interims - look at the yield and buy say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
25 Jul Buy Petropavlovsk says Amanda van Dyke
24 Jul Buy Bowleven at 28p, says Ben Turney
23 Jul Buy Norcross at a 20.25p offer, say Tom Winnifrith and Steve Moore
22 Jul A double tip special from Zak Mir - buy Genus and Newmark Security
21 Jul W Resources is a speculative recovery play, says Robert Tyerman
20 Jul Do You Fancy a Punt on the Chinese Market, asks Malcolm Stacey
19 Jul ZincOx taps the market: speculative recovery buy says mining guru Robert Tyerman
18 Jul New direction for Noricum Gold, Speculative Buy says Robert Tyerman
17 Jul Buy AIM dog Anglo Asian Mining, says a clearly sozzled Robert Tyerman!!!
16 Jul Buy the great value in Gem Diamonds, says Gary Newman
15 Jul Hummingbird Resources is a long term buy, says Robert Tyerman
14 Jul Special Analysis from Tom Winnifrith and Steve Moore - Slater & Gordon; it's going to get worse
13 Jul Two Golden Rules for Hard Times - and a Bonus Tip for Luck from Malcolm Stacey
13 Jul Beowulf Mining is a speculative buy for the decidedly bold, says Robert Tyerman
12 Jul Plastics Capital Results - a buy for yield says Tom Winnifrith
11 Jul Romanian expansion for Vast Resources increases speculative appeal says Robert Tyerman
10 Jul Buy SuperGroup PLC with a 1,600p price target says Zak Mir
9 Jul Gary Newman believes it is time to buy Genel Energy again
8 Jul Buy Communisis on the strength of its contract with Lloyds Bank, says Malcolm Stacey
7 Jul Buy Randgold Resources as a speculative play on gold, says Ben Turney
6 Jul Buy Bowleven below 30p says Ben Turney
5 Jul ‘Optimism’ at Sula after interim loss increases writes Robert Tyerman
4 Jul Premier African Minerals has growth potential say Gary Newman
3 Jul Barclays could be worth a dabble with its minimal Greek Exposure, says Malcolm Stacey
2 Jul Paragon Diamonds is a high risk punt says Robert Tyerman
1 Jul Buy HSBC on any Greek weakness says Malcolm Stacey

June 2015

30 Jun Goldstone Resources - a recovery punt for the bold says Robert Tyerman
29 Jun Buy Applied Graphen Materials with a 350p target says Zak Mir
28 Jun Afren – 10 Red Flags to consider before piling in to the Open Offer says Nigel Somerville
27 Jun Orosur prepares for Chile project - speculative buy says Robert Tyerman
26 Jun Madagascar Oil – our share tip is ahead but more to come soon, buy at up to 10p says HotStockRockets
25 Jun Fishing Republic's plans for growth could make it a buy, says Gary Newman
24 Jun Buy Chemring's rising strength says Chris Bailey
23 Jun Savannah Resources is a speculative buy on the back of the Rio Tinto JV, says Robert Tyerman
22 Jun Buy Saga with a 280p price target says Zak Mir
21 Jun KEFI approaches project backers - shares could well bounce says Robert Tyerman
20 Jun Lekoil looks a good buy with production looming says Gary Newman
19 Jun Buy BG as a cheap way of buying Shell, says Gary Newman
18 Jun Buy Roxi Petroleum with a 25p target, says Zak Mir
17 Jun Expansion drive makes Nostra Terra a speculative buy says Robert Tyerman
16 Jun Zak Mir says buy Poundland with a 400p target
15 Jun Buy CEB Resources, a swan in the making, says Doc Holiday
14 Jun Galantas probes financing after goldmine go-ahead, shares rally to go further says Robert Tyerman
13 Jun Beowulf Mining, a speculative buy on "outstanding" test results says Robert Tyerman
12 Jun Double Tip!!! Buy Rockhopper AND Falkland Oil and Gas says Gary Newman
11 Jun Buy Advanced Ancotherapy - a balanced view from Malcolm Stacey
10 Jun Xtract lines up new takeover - shares high risk buy says Robert Tyerman
9 Jun Armadale agrees Congo funding - shares could re-rate from here argues Robert Tyerman
8 Jun Buy Arm Holdings says Malcolm Stacey
7 Jun Buy James Fisher with a 1,575p price target says Zak Mir
6 Jun Zak Mir says buy Fusionex International with a price target of 600p
5 Jun Tom Winnifrith says buy Premaitha at a 26.75p offer
4 Jun Buy IS Solutions says Tom Winnifrith
3 Jun Teathers Financial is a highly speculative Buy says Gary Newman
2 Jun First copper output in sight for EMED shares could rally further says Robert Tyerman
1 Jun Buy Optibiotix - shares will be 47p to sell within a month says HotStockRockets

May 2015

31 May Telecity’s epic last year ends with a takeover: another reason to think thematically says Chris Bailey
30 May European Lithium float targets private clients says Robert Tyerman
29 May Jubilee Platinum - we are 16% ahead in a month more to come, still a buy say HotStockRockets
28 May New Stratmin boss going for growth - shares have speculative appeal says Robert Tyerman
27 May Why You should Look at Persimmon, Barratt and Galliford Try says Malcolm Stacey
26 May LGO Energy: This is a real deal oil company, just do the maths says Andre Brand
25 May Armadale maintains production deadline for speculative appeal says Robert Tyerman
24 May Amur leaps on licence grant - more to come? Robert Tyerman writes
23 May Take-over Bonanzas and Other Things Ain’t Wot They Used To Be says Malcolm Stacey
22 May Hard to Believe – but RBS Shares Are Still Only Worth 4% of What They Once Were says Malcolm Stacey
22 May Delayed Thursday tip Royal Mail: sit back, get your letters/parcels delivered & pick up the dividend
20 May Wolf Minerals is close to production & the shares are well worth a look says Gary Newman
19 May 1Spatial - already 62% up on this share tip but there is more to come say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
18 May Billiton:The world’s largest mining company does something investors should applaud says Chris Bailey
17 May Europe’s guzzling of Coke Zero boosts Coca-Cola Hellenic - Buy says Chris Bailey
16 May Growth on track at Serabi Gold argues mining guru Robert Tyerman
15 May As Spare Shares Are Mopped Up, Advanced Oncotherapy Should Set Sail for the Stars says Malcolm Stacey
14 May Mexican wave for Bacanora says mining expert Robert Tyerman
13 May Kalimantan Gold hails ‘positive’ drill start says Robert Tyerman
12 May BG’s Share Price is Still Bogged Down – But Not for Long, I Fancy says Malcolm Stacey
11 May No, It’s Not Eastenders – But Try Compass and Merlin says Malcolm Stacey
9 May Savannah poised for Oman copper data, shares could bounce says Robert Tyerman
8 May Advanced Oncotherapy looks great value argues Gary Newman
7 May Dragon Oil, the Ukraine, A Merger and Me a share tip from Malcolm Stacey
6 May Paragon in ‘game changing’ deal says Robert Tyerman
5 May Charaat Gold has very real potential says Gary Newman

April 2015

8 Apr Serabi Gold - now a recovery buy says Robert Tyerman
7 Apr Tom Winnifrith’s Easter share tips (buy) No 3 – Stanley Gibbons
6 Apr Malcolm Stacey’s Easter share tips No 3 - Avacta
5 Apr Tom Winnifrith’s Easter share tips (buy) No 2 – Vislink at 51p
4 Apr Flybe update could be a buy signal says Gary Newman
3 Apr Buy Vela Technologies says HotStockRockets
2 Apr Ariana Resources :The Sale of Salinbas & Potential Massive Cash Windfall of $17 million writes Andre Brand
1 Apr Genel Energy is still a buy says Gary Newman

March 2015

31 Mar Hotel Corp - the time is right to buy says HotStockRockets
30 Mar Outsourcery – an AIM disgrace: 2014 results dire, but ex Dragon Piers Linney lectures on how growth companies should be valued writes Steve Moore
29 Mar A director share trade is not always a signal for you to trade– ref Interquest, Volex & Quindell writes Tom Winnifrith
28 Mar Hold the BT phones and Hold the Shares says the grandfather of share blogging Malcom Stacey
27 Mar Alliance Pharma 2014 results okay, 2015 will be better: Buy! Say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
26 Mar Balfour Beatty set for a slow recovery says Gary Newman
25 Mar Karelian hails gem indicators find says Robert Tyerman
24 Mar There Could Be More Easy Money in EasyJet says Malcolm Stacey
23 Mar Tom Winnifrith's Too Gloomy Again – There's Still Stacks of Time to Make Hay in the Share Sunshine says Malcolm Stacey
22 Mar Centamin Egypt offers value for Gold Bulls says Gary Newman
21 Mar Savannah strikes gold says mining guru Robert Tyerman
20 Mar Kirkland Lake to swell reserves, a sensible play on gold says Robert Tyerman
19 Mar Ophir Energy looks strong for the future, good long term value says Gary Newman
18 Mar K3 - solid results, bullish outlook says Tom Winnifrith
17 Mar Cluff clinches new funding and the shares will make new friends says Robert Tyerman
16 Mar Malcom Stacey is in Search of the Money Tree Part 3
15 Mar Teathers Financial – share issue, at big premium: buy says HotStockRockets
14 Mar Malcolm Stacey in search of the Money Tree - Part 2
13 Mar Paragon Diamonds moots key acquisition says Robert Tyerman
12 Mar Last chance to buy Bowleven before deal completion says Gary Newman
11 Mar Amara scouts for new deals says Robert Tyerman
10 Mar Stay in Your Seats For the Really Good Big Picture says Malcolm Stacey
9 Mar Avesco - more than pleasing trading update shares still a buy says Tom Winnifrith
8 Mar Empresaria - pretty dam good results, we are almost 100% ahead on share tip - more to come say Tom W & Steve M
7 Mar Great theme, big problems: so what do you do with APR Energy/Aggreko asks Chris Bailey
6 Mar Gemfields claims another record auction result says Robert Tyerman
5 Mar Premier Oil offers value at 150p says Gary Newman
4 Mar Buy Impellam says Malcolm Stacey, the grandfather of share blogging
3 Mar Hummingbird ready for expansion drive says Robert Tyerman
2 Mar Play Your Cards Right – Raise the Ante with Oil and Mines says Malcolm Stacey
1 Mar Ithaca Energy looks even better value now says Gary Newman

February 2015

28 Feb Is now the time to buy Patagonia Gold…read mining guru Robert Tyerman
27 Feb Put Your Pennies in the Photo-Me Pix Box – As Profits Develop says Malcolm Stacey
26 Feb San Leon and Poland what does it mean asks Andre Brand
25 Feb Fresnillo Close to the Bottom says Gary Newman
24 Feb Forget British Debt and Be Cheered by the Big, Big Picture says Malcolm Stacey
23 Feb Take No Notice of the Share Pessimists – Even Experts on ShareProphets says Malcom Stacey
22 Feb Rules 40 and 41 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from oil, gas and mining shares by Tom Winnifrith
21 Feb DiamondCorp back on track says mining guru Robert Tyerman
20 Feb 15-Year-Old Footsie Record is Doomed – When Now't Happens in Greece and Ukraine Your Shares will Zoom to Mars says Malcolm Stacey
19 Feb Grade cheer at Mariana says mining guru Robert Tyerman
18 Feb Don’t Sell Oily Shares as the Price of Crude Will Shoot Back Up says Malcolm Stacey
17 Feb Shareholders Have Never Had It So Good – but It's Going to Get Even Better says Malcolm Stacey
16 Feb Savills shares set to fall in 2015 says Gary Newman
15 Feb Afren – Seplat pulls out this is NOT GOOD news says Waseem Shakoor
14 Feb Fancy a Pop at Emerging Markets? – Look at City of London Investment Group says Malcolm Stacey
13 Feb Drill results cheer Tertiary Minerals says Robert Tyerman
12 Feb Entu – what’s not to like? Very strong maiden results says Tom Winnifrith
11 Feb Randgold Resources – confirming that it is the gold standard says Chris Bailey
10 Feb Time for Another Sip of the Panic-Ravaged Ebony Nectar – BP says Malcolm Stacey
9 Feb Afren a stonking short trade for Valentine at 10p says bear raider Lucian Miers
8 Feb Why the Russian Bear Won't Cause a Bear Market says Malcolm Stacey (with dissenting TW note)
7 Feb Valuation lifted for Sula project says Robert Tyerman
6 Feb Stratmin poised for ramp up — at last says Robert Tyerman
5 Feb Big cap deal smackdown: Glaxo and BT Group by Chris Bailey
4 Feb Horizonte hails sample results – a nickel punt for the brave says Robert Tyerman
3 Feb A Sheaf of Super Signals for Shares that will Soon Shine says Malcolm Stacey
2 Feb Falkland Islands Holdings offers an interesting alternative says Gary Newman
1 Feb Buy Dixons Carphone says City Veteran Robert Sutherland Smith

January 2015

31 Jan Want a Tasty Share? Dip Into J D Wetherspoon says Malcolm Stacey
30 Jan Paragon Diamonds – Three Months from production, speculative buy says Robert Tyerman
29 Jan Green Light and all systems go for EMED Mining says Robert Tyerman
28 Jan Red Flags 2 & 3 from Tom Winnifrith’s 49 Red Flags features Quindell, Sefton & Tern
27 Jan Stellar Diamonds tests the gem markets says mining guru Robert Tyerman
26 Jan My Blooming Big BG Bungle – and How To Avoid Similar Disasters by Malcolm Stacey
25 Jan Red Flag Number 35 of Tom Winnifrith’s 49 Red Flags Dedicated to Rob Terry
24 Jan Caledonia plans output upsurge and meanwhile the yield is 7% says Robert Tyerman
23 Jan Optiobiotix – we are massively ahead but still big & quick upside says HotStockRockets
22 Jan Is Afren worth the risk? Gary Newman Thinks YES!
21 Jan Shanta Gold could sparkle says mining guru Robert Tyerman
20 Jan Universe Group a Penny Share tip at a 7.5p offer by Tom Winnifrith
19 Jan Gfinity has plenty of Growth Potential says Gary Newman
18 Jan Rules 27 & 28 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas & Mining Shares by Tom Winnifrith
17 Jan Good Job Prospects Impel You to Consider Impellam says the grandfather of Share Blogging Malcolm Stacey
16 Jan Decision day nearer for Sirius Minerals says Robert Tyerman
15 Jan Don’t Chew the Carpet – The Sun Will Soon Put on its Hat Again says Malcolm Stacey
14 Jan British Land at 785p: revisiting this share after a year of gains by Robert Sutherland Smith
13 Jan All eyes fixed on African Potash, the Vultures are Circling says mining guru Robert Tyerman
12 Jan Buy Entu at 107p says Tom Winnifrith
11 Jan Strategies for making money from shares by Malcolm Stacey the grandfather of share blogging
10 Jan Special shares explained by the Grandfather of Share Blogging Malcolm Stacey
9 Jan Alecto ‘on track’in Burkina Faso says mining guru Robert Tyerman
8 Jan Amara Mining - truly cracking news from Yaoure say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
7 Jan Speculative Buy Management Resource Solutions says Gary Newman
6 Jan Tom Winnifrith’s tenth and final share tip of the year 2015 – Buy Fox Marble at 18.25p
5 Jan EEEK: a London-listed Greek stock you should seek out (if you are not a meek investor) says Chris Bailey
4 Jan Tom Winnifrith’s seventh share tip of the year 2015 – Buy Stanley Gibbons
3 Jan Asia Resource Minerals is very risky but with large upside says Gary Newman
2 Jan Tom Winnifrith’s sixth share tip of the year 2015, buy Premaitha at a 19.5p offer
1 Jan Buy Minoan: The HotStockRockets Share Tip of the Year No 1

December 2014

31 Dec Robert Sutherland Smith’s share tips of the year 2015 No 2 – Buy Rolls Royce
30 Dec The First 22 (of 42) ShareProphets tips of the year 2015 – a ReCap
30 Dec Tom Winnifrith’s Tip of the Year No 4 – Buy Optibiotix
29 Dec Steve Moore's share tips of the year 2015 - No 2 Vislink
28 Dec Nigel Somerville’s 2015 share tips of the year – No 1: Scancell
27 Dec Tom Winnifrith’s share tips of the year 2015 – No 1 Buy InterQuest at a 102p offer
26 Dec Malcolm Stacey’s Share Tip of the Year Number 1: Buy Lloyds Banking Group at 77p
24 Dec Don’t Forget the True Meaning of Christmas – as Shares Set to Soar says the Grandather of Share Blogging Malcolm Stacey
23 Dec Sable Mining is a high risk recovery punt says mining guru Robert Tyerman
22 Dec I’m Dreaming of a Right Christmas for Tesco says Malcolm Stacey
20 Dec Empresaria - Acquisition, we are well ahead on this share tip more to come sat Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
19 Dec Avesco: Upbeat Trading statement – buy say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
18 Dec Gemfields sees red says mining guru Robert Tyerman
17 Dec Fitbug is a buy but at a lower price says Gary Newman
15 Dec Begbies Traynor, results, placing & acquisition – buy for yield & recovery says Tom Winnifrith
15 Dec Rules 32 and 33 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas & Mining Shares by Tom Winnifrith
13 Dec Shares Will Soon Be Riding Up Santa Claus Lane says Malcolm Stacey.
12 Dec Three King Sectors Which Aren't Currently Bringing Gifts says Malcolm Stacey
11 Dec I'm in the Money - with Great News on Ashtead Wednesday! (More to Come) says Malcolm Stacey
10 Dec BP Loses Supreme Court Appeal. What now for the Oil Giant asks shareholder Mark Howitt
9 Dec Tesco – rounding off the annus horribilis says Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit
8 Dec Rules 47 & 48 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, gas & Mining shares by Tom Winnifrth
7 Dec Plastics Capital Interims - on track: the shares are a buy say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
6 Dec Whether Tis Nobler in the Mind to Choose BT or Not BT – Malcolm Stacey
5 Dec Creston, Empresaria & IQE – share tip of the year updates from Steve Moore
4 Dec Pets At Home: a recent IPO that’s actually quite interesting! Says Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit
3 Dec Universe Group – speculative buy says Steve Moore
2 Dec Mirada Results & Peru Contract: Buy says HotStockRockets
1 Dec Santa Claus is Coming to Town – and So Are Higher Share Prices (For These Companies). Says Malcolm Stacey

November 2014

30 Nov Royal Mail - buy after results? City Veteran Robert Sutherland Smith crunches numbers
29 Nov Am I the only remaining bear in Avanti? Will facebook really bid asks Lucian Miers
28 Nov Optibiotix – we are almost 150% up on this share tip but more to come says HotStockRockets
27 Nov Serabi poised for full production is a recovery punt says Robert Tyerman
26 Nov BT – does the bid for Telefonica's 02 make sense? Asks Robert Sutherland Smith
25 Nov Buy Sanderson says Steve Moore
24 Nov Sound Oil is the saviour of Antrim Energy says Ben Turney
23 Nov How Many Eggs? The Grandfather of Share Blogging Malcolm Stacey explains Diversification
22 Nov It Could Be Time to Catch the Communisis Gravy Train says Malcolm Stacey, the Grandfather of Share Blogging
21 Nov Symphony - placing at a premium! Ahead on this share tip it’s still a buy
20 Nov Lekoil has an exciting 2015 ahead says Gary Newman
19 Nov Stanley Gibbons, very strong interims – buy says Tim Winnifrith, the man who exposed and brought down Quindell
18 Nov Buy Sula Iron and Gold says Scott Winter
17 Nov Take a punt on Kibo Mining says Robert Tyerman
16 Nov Optibiotix – Nizo Update: Upgrade, last chance to buy (we are 50% ahead already) says HotStockRockets
15 Nov The Footsie Ain't that Stodgy – and You Can Still Make a Killing says Malcolm Stacey
14 Nov Afren Offers Great value says Gary Newman
13 Nov Stellar Diamonds sees first Guinea cash flow – a recovery punt says Robert Tyerman
12 Nov As the Toffs Get Richer - So do Share Shifters like Us says the Grandfather of share blogging Malcolm Stacey
11 Nov Pace quickens for Stratex says Robert Tyerman
10 Nov One Falklands Oil stock to buy and one to sell says Chris Oil
9 Nov Seizing the Moment writes Malcolm Stacey
8 Nov Minoan – game on in Greece says HotStockRockets
7 Nov Good, good, good…bad: earnings season update time from Chris Bailey
6 Nov Cracking Interims from Advanced Computer Software says Tom Winnifrith
5 Nov Time to Drink at the Diageo Christmas Party says Malcolm Stacey
3 Nov Stop Losses & Readies at the Ready by Malcolm Stacey
2 Nov Snap up that Biotech! (Part 1/3) – Buy Optibiotix to double says James Parter
1 Nov Lancashire Holdings – a buy at 669p with a 900p target says ChrisOil

October 2014

31 Oct Obtala Resources: cracking retail deal – buy says HotStockRockets
30 Oct Gold play Hummingbird takes cheer from Mali writes Robert Tyerman
29 Oct Nickel Gleams for Horizonte Minerals says Robert Tyerman
28 Oct Imagination Technologies at 205p – an interesting speculation says Robert Sutherland Smith
27 Oct V2: Scoping study cheer for Armadale Capital says Bob Tyerman ( with correct link to pouting Kate)
27 Oct Scoping study cheer for Armadale Capital says Robert Tyerman
26 Oct Malcolm Stacey talks corrections & Single Company Corrections
25 Oct Concha: Its Gone CRAZY 5p valued at a quid!!!! Says Lucian Miers
24 Oct Tesco at 171p: Does the new CEO have the mission statement attributes of a William Blake? Writes Robert Sutherland Smith
23 Oct Tesco – no improvement forever = today’s share price says Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit
22 Oct Rules 22 and 23 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Shares by Tom Winnifrith
20 Oct President Energy: extremely exciting oil strike, but be careful – funding is needed says Ben Turney
19 Oct Lombard Risk Management – a buy after its interims say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
18 Oct Stockpinger says research Nanoco
17 Oct Indicator minerals cheer Karelian says Robert Tyerman
16 Oct Be Different - when to buy shares by Malcolm Stacey, the Grandfather of Share Blogging
15 Oct Restore – well ahead of my June share tip – far more to come says Tom Winnifrith
14 Oct ‘Potentially huge’ target tempts Papua Mining says Robert Tyerman
13 Oct The Matt Earl, Evil Knievil, Lucian Miers, TW Bear Portfolio revisited and updated view by Tom Winnifrith
12 Oct London Mining was a Slam Dunk Short – now its suspended, learn your lessons! says Lucian Miers
11 Oct Zinc Cliffhanger: Alexander Mining could rally sharply before Christmas says Robert Tyerman
10 Oct Next Fifteen Communications – still a buy after results says Steve Moore
9 Oct New era looms for Weatherley says Robert Tyerman
8 Oct Buy Sunrise Resources at 0.4p says Doc Holiday
7 Oct Ariana poised for permit a recovery punt for the bold says Robert Tyerman
6 Oct Assay cheer for recovery punt Beowulf says Robert Tyerman
5 Oct Lansdowne Oil & Gas, the forgotten baby brother: buy at 11.75p target 70p says ChrisOil
4 Oct Looking at Firestone, a corner turned says Robert Tyerman
3 Oct Premaitha – Share Options award: Reiterate buy stance say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
2 Oct Obtala Resources: Interims on Track Buy says HotStockRockets
1 Oct Trinity Exploration & Production looks cheap when compared to its peers says Gary Newman

September 2014

30 Sep Buy Next Says Robert Sutherland Smith
29 Sep Union Jack Oil is a Speculative Buy at 0.43p says Doc Holliday
28 Sep Anglo Asian a recovery & gold punt says Robert Tyerman
28 Sep Delayed Saturday share tip: I am well ahead on it but Idox is still a buy says Steve Moore
26 Sep Buy BHP Billiton says Gary Newman
26 Sep The Dragon (Oil) Will Keep Breathing Fire says Malcolm Stacey
24 Sep Goldplat spells out recovery strategy says Robert Tyerman
23 Sep Buy Rockhopper before it is too late says Gary Newman
22 Sep Buy Chapel Down at 28p or 19p if you hurry says ShareProphets
21 Sep Eurasia Mining could be about to rally at last says Robert Tyerman
20 Sep Optibiotix – Nizo deal: valuation crackers, buy to almost treble by Christmas says Tom Winnifrith
19 Sep Jockland based IndigoVision Group – results: good value on offer says Steve Moore
18 Sep Cello Group – interims, more to come from this big share tip winner to date says Steve Moore
17 Sep Ferrex – a recovery punt on iron ore prices says Robert Tyerman
16 Sep K3 – Very Good Finals – still share price upside at 214p says Tom Winnifrith
15 Sep Buy Mirada at 13.75p with a 24p target says ShareProphets as its tip of the week
14 Sep Alliance Pharma Interims - buy at up to 35p says Tom Winnifrith
13 Sep Metal Tiger – a mouse to roar? Ben Turney explains
13 Sep Limited numbers only: FOUR free investment books on offer this weekend from Onefreesharetip – share tip on its way!
12 Sep Inspirit appoints a heavy hitter – a lot more to come: Buy at up to 1.8p says HotStockRockets
11 Sep InterQuest – Cracking Interims, has to be a corporate play says Tom Winnifrith
10 Sep Chapel Down – Go for the £1 million crowdfunding says Steve Moore (but use EIS)
10 Sep Rules 7 and 9 of the 71 tricks of the share trade by Tom Winnifrith and Robert Sutherland Smith
9 Sep Cluff Natural Resources – a bold Long Term Punt says Robert Tyerman
8 Sep Orogen is a good punt for gold fans
7 Sep Exclusive Interview with Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra – buy at 0.34p – target 0.6p says ChrisOil
6 Sep Saturday tip of the day: Buy Obtala Resources says Hot Stock Rockets
6 Sep The Seller’s Golden Rule – Never Look Back says Malcolm Stacey, The Grandfather of Share Blogging
5 Sep Empresaria interims good - but more to come on this very good share tip says Tom Winnifrith
4 Sep New boss at Paragon Diamonds launches revival plan says Robert Tyerman

August 2014

31 Aug Sound Oil: Heading for the FTSE 250 or a takeover bid says Brokerman Dan
30 Aug Maiden resource soon from Great Western Mining: recovery punt says Robert Tyerman
29 Aug Speculative Buy Coal of Africa says Robert Tyerman
28 Aug Buy Ashtead says Malcolm Stacey, The Grandfather of Share Blogging
27 Aug Rules 8 and 10 of the 49 Golden Rules for Making Money from Oil, Gas and Mining shares - from Tom Winnifrith
26 Aug Bowleven – patience should bring rewards says Ben Turney
25 Aug Salamander Energy – Possible takeover offer soon or Sona Deal Re-rating: Buy says Chris Oil
25 Aug Bank Holiday Bonus from Tom Winnifrith: Rules 2 & 7 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas & Mining Shares
23 Aug Expect a Flurry of Share-Boosting Take-Overs, but Not Yet says Malcom Stacey
22 Aug Bushveld Minerals. Buy the Tricky Poker Game says James Parter
21 Aug Amur Minerals worth backing at 2.98p says Robert Tyerman
20 Aug Buy Harvey Nash at 103.5p says Steve Moore
19 Aug Berkeley Mineral Resources Gets Green Light - shares could go much higher says Robert Tyerman
18 Aug Buy Salamander Energy at 106p on a bad news day says ChrisOil
17 Aug Rockhopper Exploration Bottomed out – buy at 87p – target 220p ahead of farm out news says ChrisOil
16 Aug A Bright Future for Sirius Minerals says Gary Newman
15 Aug And today’s share tip: buY UK Oil & Gas at a 1.15p offer says HotStockRockets
15 Aug Death to the bucket shops –now private investors can do the discounted placings themselves: AIM Revolution starts TODAY! Says Tom Winnifrith
14 Aug Stellar Diamonds..speeding up says Robert Tyerman
13 Aug MX Oil – Perfectly poised for Mexico says Scott Winter
12 Aug Falkland Oil & Gas; time to start averaging in by Ben Turney
11 Aug Is the dire situation in Iraq a chance to average into Kurdish oil stocks? Ben Turney says YES
9 Aug Ariana Resources – a further share price rally due says Robert Tyerman
8 Aug HSBC looks interesting says City Veteran Robert Sutherland Smith
7 Aug But Shell says ADVFN boss Clem Chambers
6 Aug Buy Action Hotels at 67p say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
5 Aug Afren at a bargain basement price says Gary Newman
4 Aug Sound Oil – clear upside says Brokerman Dan
3 Aug Rules 37 and 35 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas and Mining Shares by Tom Winnifrith
2 Aug By Ducat Ventures says HotStockRockets
1 Aug As Bing Crosby Sang: ‘We're Going Well, We're Going Shell.’ Says Malcolm Stacey

July 2014

31 Jul Maple Energy – one for the gamblers says Gary Newman
30 Jul Exploration progress for Jim Mellon's West African Minerals, share price action ahead says Robert Tyerman
29 Jul Argos Resources offers an unnoticed alternative Falklands Play says Gary Newman
28 Jul Rapid Cloud is a Speculative Buy at 57p says Doc Holiday
27 Jul Buy Salamander Energy at 113p target 250p says Chris Oil
26 Jul Investing in the Fight to zap cancer – an idea from Malcolm Stacey
25 Jul Royal Mail shares are Good value says Robert Sutherland Smith
24 Jul IQE is an outstanding recovery buy says Steve Moore
23 Jul Sirius Petroleum is nearly there (at last) says Ben Turney
22 Jul Shanta Gold a punt worth backing says Fleet Street Legend Robert Tyerman
21 Jul Goldstone Resources – Strong Speculative Buy says Ben Turney
20 Jul Buy TyraTech at 8.625p says veteran City analyst Robert Corden
19 Jul Cello Group – a big winner to date for me, but still more to come says Steve Moore
18 Jul Bowleven – ready to bounce says Ben Turney
17 Jul Buy IndigoVision as a punt says Malcolm Stacey
16 Jul dotDigital: Growth vs Value – worth a flutter says Steve Moore
15 Jul Symphony Environmental Trading Statement - we are not yet 100% up but soon will be! say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
14 Jul Kibo Mining – could the horribly priced placement pay for entry into the Promised Land by Ben Turney
13 Jul Buy Lombard Risk Management after its Trading Statement say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
12 Jul Hummingbird Resources well placed at 57p post Gold Fields deal says Robert Tyerman
9 Jul Wishbone Gold Scans the Scene says Robert Tyerman
8 Jul Buy blinkx says Clem Chambers
7 Jul African Potash offers large upside potential at 3.5p says Gary Newman
6 Jul Buy Total Produce at 89p says Clem Chambers, The Alchemist
5 Jul Ortac Resources woos the locals by Robert Tyerman
4 Jul Interview with Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra, the shares are a buy at 0.3p target 0.6p says ChrisOil
3 Jul Buy Mattioli Woods after Trading statement say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
2 Jul Vialogy – I’m in for a spin at 0.18p says Brokerman Dan
1 Jul Buy Plastics Capital say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore

June 2014

30 Jun Buy Ariana Resources at a 0.85p offer says ShareProphets
29 Jun UK Oil & Gas – we are 22% ahead in 2 weeks but at 1.2p to buy this is still very cheap says HotStockRockets
28 Jun Speculative Spice at Amara Mining says Robert Tyerman
27 Jun Nicaraguan prospects cheer Condor Gold argues Robert Tyerman
26 Jun Plus500, The Google Con and the internet explained to Evil Knievil by Clem Chambers
25 Jun African Consolidated Resources is a high risk recovery punt says Robert Tyerman
24 Jun Fyffes – I am 42% ahead but the shares will still double from 91.5p or I’m a banana says Clem Chambers
23 Jun Buy Arcontech at 0.2p says Clem Chambers, CEO of ADVFN
22 Jun How quickly sentiment changes – ref small oil stocks: the force is with them says Tom Winnifrith
21 Jun Buy Avesco say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
20 Jun Forget the football wail have a look at the Royal Mail says Chris Bailey
19 Jun Xaar - buy the overreaction to Tuesday's update says Gary Newman
18 Jun Tipping Ruspetro: have I lost my mind? We shall see…..Gary Newman
17 Jun Obtala Forestry Revaluation - cracking news says HotStockRockets: shares are still very cheap
16 Jun Buy Vialogy at 0.16p, I have says Tom Winnifrith
15 Jun Mirada - well up on our share tip but still dirt cheap says HotStockRockets after meeting management
14 Jun Go to the beach if you want but don’t buy an index fund (part 2) says Chris Bailey
13 Jun Buy Premier Foods says Gary Newman
12 Jun IDOX – a great share tip from me but still cheap says Steve Moore
11 Jun Placement Watch – Kefi Minerals, an attractive buy at 1.5p says Ben Turney
10 Jun Buy 1Spatial at a 7p offer says Tom Winnifrith
9 Jun Buy Falkland Island Holdings says Ben Turney
7 Jun Food Glorious Food Won't Help the Share Price Ref: Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury says Malcolm Stacey
6 Jun Buy Hurricane Energy says Gary Newman
5 Jun But Promethean World says Clem Chambers
4 Jun Minera IRL - Ollachea update, a speculative buy says Steve Moore
3 Jun New dawn for Stratmin says mining guru Robert Tyerman
2 Jun Northcote Energy - low risk play on rapid expansion says Gary Newman
1 Jun Ariana Resources: genuinely building value? At 0.9p looks tempting…says Ben Turney

May 2014

31 May Petroceltic; a contrarian buy against the prevailing mood writes Ben Turney
30 May Obtala Resources – we are well ahead on this share tip at 11.125p but more to come! Target Increased
29 May Short Term Trading Buy: Enables IT at a 27p offer – 3 week target to sell at c33p
28 May Armadale awaits further transition - a high risk recovery punt says Robert Tyerman
26 May Leni Gas & Oil – The Shareprophets Trading tip of the week
24 May Cello, a cracking share tip from me but much more to come says Steve Moore
23 May Speculative Buy FinnAust Mining says mining legend Robert Tyerman
22 May Buy President Energy says Ben Turney
21 May Amara Mining - follow the directors and BUY says Tom Winnifrith
20 May French Connection: I am 30% ahead but the shares are still a great share tip says Clem Chambers
19 May Buy AFC Energy says Gary Newman
18 May Stockpinger stock for May: Netcall
17 May Buy Dot Digital says Gary Newman
16 May Serabi Gold – a good play on gold says Robert Tyerman
16 May Do you own shares in Northern Petroleum? If so please take action TODAY against a board rewarding itself with your cash for FAILURE
15 May Buy Lombard Risk Management ( shares could double) says Steve Moore
14 May Paragon Diamonds - could it become a takeover target asks Gary Newman
13 May A fresh gleam in Karelian’s eyes says Robert Tyerman
12 May Buy Mosman Oil & Gas says Gary Newman
11 May Buy Symphony Environmental says Tom Winnifrith
10 May Crunch time for Kibo says Robert Tyerman
9 May Biome Technologies has appeal says Malcolm Stacey
8 May Buy Idox says Steve Moore who is already 33% ahead on this share tip
7 May BAE systems, with a 5.1% dividend in May, can you go wrong at 394p? Says Bob Sutherland Smith
6 May Which asset class to back: bonds, cash, shares or property? By Chris Bailey
5 May Speculative Buy Amara Mining at 16p says Steve Moore
3 May Shares are Set to go on a bender claims Malcolm Stacey
2 May Andrew Bell’s Regency Mines is on the prowl and has speculative appeal says Robert Tyerman
1 May Thor Mining 12 to 18 months behind, needs £40million – a risk taker’s punt says Robert Tyerman

April 2014

30 Apr The Trojan Horse in the Falklands: Buy Falklands Oil & Gas says Red Evans
29 Apr Buy G4S says Value Investor Robert Sutherland Smith
25 Apr Gulf Keystone a buy says Gary Newman
23 Apr Malcolm Stacey: Yet More Reasons Why UK Shares Should Soar!
22 Apr Buy Stanley Gibbons says Gary Newman
21 Apr Share tip tomorrow but for today 40 NEW Videos from the UK Investor Show 2014 to enjoy
19 Apr April’s Stock Ping is Toumaz Group
18 Apr Good Friday 18 Star Investment Presentations to Watch on Video
17 Apr Tertiary Minerals looks good value on this drop says Gary Newman
16 Apr Local support for Berkeley Mineral Resources writes Robert Tyerman
15 Apr Buy Eurasia Mining says Gary Newman
14 Apr Size Matters for Paragon Diamonds says Robert Tyerman
13 Apr 10 Things I Learned From The UK Investor Show 2014 – Part 1 by star blogger David Thomas
12 Apr 3 share tips from the grandfather of share blogging Malcolm Stacey
11 Apr Tower Resources a buy says Gary Newman
9 Apr Avocet Mining – can it turn the corner by Ben Turney
8 Apr The Lessons I learned from the UK Investor Show by Malcolm Stacey, the grandfather of share blogging
7 Apr DiamandCorp: one to bounce says Robert Tyerman
4 Apr Buy Vodafone argues Robert Sutherland Smith
3 Apr Minoan – surely the Cretan bull case is on a roll? Tom Winnifrith
1 Apr Minera a speculative buy says Steve Moore

March 2014

31 Mar Bowleven: famous last words, but can anything else go wrong?! Speculative buy at 30p says Ben Turney
30 Mar Meet 90 Growth Companies & 44 star investor speakers next Saturday April 5 – full details as last 50 tickets on sale
30 Mar Motivcom: After strong results follow Mark Slater & Buy says Steve Moore
29 Mar The 8 Steps to Profitable Stock Market Trading published Monday – get your free advance copy
29 Mar Alecto Minerals is a speculative penny share buy at 1.2p says Robert Tyerman
28 Mar Buy Europa Oil & Gas at 7.625p says Gary Newman
27 Mar Buy Tristel says Stockpinger
26 Mar Amur Minerals: high risk but potentially very rewarding says Gary Newman
25 Mar Buy Edge Resources at 6p says James Parter
24 Mar ASOS: would the greatest ever value investor Ben Graham buy now? Asks Steve Moore
23 Mar Five Sunday Gifts from ADVFN & Onefreesharetip
23 Mar Amara Mining - a share tip from Tom Winnifrith + a full detailed Q&A with its CEO
22 Mar SSE is a value investment for income and growth says veteran investor Robert Sutherland Smith
21 Mar BONUS TIP: Robert Tyerman: Avocet Mining prepares its fight-back strategy
21 Mar Ophir – African Potential NOT discounted says Gary Newman
20 Mar Buy Vislink at 47.5p says Steve Moore
19 Mar Mirada Buy at 16.25p – target 30p (85% upside) says Harold Bishop
18 Mar Alexander Nubia: the new Centamin – Robert Tyerman
17 Mar Prudential: a buy at 1,346p with momentum behind it says Robert Sutherland Smith
16 Mar Less than 3 weeks to UK Investor Show 2014 on April 5 – order your ticket NOW: posting of tickets starts tomorrow
16 Mar Malcolm Stacey’s Golden Triangle Rule for buying shares explained
14 Mar Gable - we are 73% ahead on this share tip but more to come, says Tom Winnifrith
13 Mar Kefi Minerals – shares to revive says veteran mining analyst Robert Tyerman
12 Mar Empresaria - decent results: we are 77% ahead but more to come say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
11 Mar BUY ServicePower & MTi Wireless. Mouth watering Upside says James Parter
10 Mar Buy Mirada at 12.75p says HotStockRockets
9 Mar Special offer: Three great no-cost ways to make you a better investor THIS WEEKEND
9 Mar Is Sirius the canary that sings fill your boots with mining stocks? Ben Turney.
7 Mar Ferrex poised for Anglo iron deal but still a punt says Mining Legend Robert Tyerman
6 Mar Goldstone Resources - a speculative buy at below 1p says Ben Turney
5 Mar Gemfields: speculative buy at 35.75p says mining legend Robert Tyerman
3 Mar Buy Kentz says Nifty Fifty Co-Editor Steve Moore

February 2014

28 Feb Totally: Buy – the shares should double says HotStockRockets
27 Feb Steve Moore: Idox – AGM trading update great news for We bulls!
26 Feb HSBC Good value at 627p argues veteran value investor Robert Sutherland Smith
25 Feb Paragon Diamonds is a speculative buy says Robert Tyerman
24 Feb Rolls Royce still a buy at 995p despite accounting woes says Robert Sutherland Smith
23 Feb Speculative buy Ariana Resources says veteran mining commentator Robert Tyerman
21 Feb The Legendary Robert Tyerman: Aureus Mining: speculative buy on West African prospects
20 Feb Minoan – Our predictions already coming true – prepare for six weeks of fireworks: HotStockRockets
19 Feb Fewer than 100 free Copies of the 180 page Malcolm Stacey Classic the Armchair Tycoon left on offer TONIGHT
19 Feb Speculative Buy Savannah Resources says Mining Legend Robert Tyerman
18 Feb Range Resources; buy it if you hate it! Argues Ben Turney
17 Feb Reach4Entertainment: cracking Trading Statement - a speculative buy says Steve Moore
16 Feb 39 big name speakers booked into UK Investor on April 5 - reserve your seat NOW as tickets are going fast.
14 Feb Buy Minoan at 10p - 7 week target 15p says Hot Stock Rockets
13 Feb Baobab Resources a speculative buy says mining legend Robert Tyerman
12 Feb Straight – Solid Trading Update & we are well ahead on share tip – is there more to come asks Tom Winnifrith
11 Feb Buy Max Property at 157.5p say Steve Moore & Tom Winnifrith
10 Feb Buy Plexus with a 3 month target of 315p says the Closet Chartist
9 Feb Coal of Africa is a speculative buy says Fleet Street mining legend Robert Tyerman
7 Feb Galileo Resources - a speculative buy says legendary mining journalist Robert Tyerman
6 Feb Vialogy - a lesson in investor psychology and a share to buy says Tom Winnifrith
5 Feb Get your free Gulf Keystone Report by Zak Mir and free Zak Mir book sent to you tonight…
5 Feb The SIX stocks to buy on AIM this week according to the Closet Chartist
4 Feb Buy Bushveld Minerals. I was plain wrong says James Parter
3 Feb Buy Phorm says the Closet Chartist

January 2014

31 Jan Buy Global Petroleum to double before Namibia hots up says Gary Newman
30 Jan The TA & Fundamental take on today's fun & games with Blinkx
30 Jan Egdon Resources will continue to rocket ahead says the Closet Chartist
29 Jan RBS - Its time to BUY! argues veteran value investor Robert Sutherland Smith
28 Jan Mariana Resources seeks to Unchain its “Monster” says Fleet Street Legend Robert Tyerman
27 Jan The Top 6 stocks to buy on AIM this week by the Closet Chartist
25 Jan Two NEW Special Book offers for you this weekend and Gulf Keystone Special Report
24 Jan Buy Acta SpA at 8p says Doc Holiday + Free Report on Gulf Keystone by Zak Mir
23 Jan GLI Finance - follow the BOD and Buy for 9.8% yield and capital growth says Tom Winnifrith
22 Jan Buy Petra Diamonds says Fleet Street Mining legend Robert Tyerman
21 Jan The Closet Chartist’s SIX AIM Stocks of the week to BUY: 5 and 6, Greenko & Globo
20 Jan Quintain betting London house buyers will flock to Wembley says Richard Jones
19 Jan Stanley Gibbons - a cracking share tip from us but far more to come say Steve Moore & Tom Winnifrith
18 Jan A Q&A session with Tim Baldwin of TXO
17 Jan Buy Nostra Terra & Sell Petro Matad says James Parter ( and Mark Slater News)
16 Jan Buy Petrel Resources to target 20p within 6 weeks says the Closet Chartist
15 Jan Buy Straight says Steve Moore
14 Jan Cineworld: we are well up on this share tip but motre to come say Steve Moore & Tom Winnifrith
13 Jan Buy Beacon Hill Resources at 0.98p says Gary Newman plus free drinks offer
11 Jan Pathfinder Minerals - a tale of intrigue and a share to buy by Doc Holiday
10 Jan Range Resources: Buy at 1.38p Bear Trap From Below November Support Targets Towards 2.30p Plus says the Closet Chartist
9 Jan Buy Obtala Resources at an 8.5p offer - short term target 12p says HotStockRockets
8 Jan Lombard Medical: Buy - Massive Key Reversal Suggests Return To 250p says the Closet Chartist
7 Jan Coms: Buy at 4.85p - Triangle Breakout Suggests As High As 7p says the Closet Chartist
5 Jan The 30 2014 tips of the year – a recap of the second Fifteen published
4 Jan The 2014 Three tips of the year & big macro calls from The Maverick Tipster Tom Winnifrith
3 Jan The Shareprophets 3 Takeover tips of the year 2014 go live
2 Jan Malcolm Stacey: My third share tip for 2014 is Advanced Oncotherapy at 3.25p

December 2013

31 Dec The Tips of the year from HotStockRockets: No 1 Buy Inspirit Energy at 1.85p offer
30 Dec Avanti Communications: The 2nd of FIVE Lucian Miers shares to sell ahead of disaster in 2014
30 Dec The first 15 of our 30 share tips of the year 2014 – a recap
29 Dec Doc Holiday’s tips of the year 2014, Number 1 – Buy Afriag at 1.14p
27 Dec Robert Sutherland Smith’s 2014 tip of the year 3: Buy Croda International at 2430p
24 Dec Steve Moore's tip of the year 2014 (number2): Buy Empresaria at 38p
23 Dec The 30 tips for the year 2014 - number 4: Buy Blackberry says the Closet Chartist
22 Dec The 30 2014 tips of the year: No 1 - Sell National Grid says Thierry Laduguie
21 Dec Buy Avocet Mining for the bounce says the Closet Chartist
20 Dec Gulf Keystone set to dive to 138p warns the Closet Chartist
19 Dec Buy Salamander Energy at 102p says Doc Holiday
18 Dec The Closet Chartist calls the bottom on the Pog Dog Petropavlovsk
16 Dec Europa Oil & Gas: Ouch! Says Ben Turney
15 Dec Buy Amara Mining says Tom Winnifrith
14 Dec Santa Says: The Elf Christmas Book Dispenser Leaves Monday – last few Evil Knievil and Tom Winnifrith Books on Offer
14 Dec Q&A with THE Company Rescuer Mr Adam Reynolds, by Tom Winnifrith
13 Dec Buy Minoan at 9.25p – target 20p says the Closet Chartist
13 Dec My Christmas Grotto is emptying fast & how to catch my next hot share tip THIS MORNING for £5 says Tom Winnifrith
12 Dec My Christmas Grotto is emptying fast but here’s a free tip anyway says Tom Winnifrith
11 Dec A free Christmas Giveaway from Tom Winnifrith & Team: 4 books, tickets or £500 to trade & a free share tip
10 Dec Kentz: Significant acquisition – BUY says Steve Moore
9 Dec Why I have gone long of Range Resources by Tom Winnifrith
8 Dec Buy Inspirit Holdings at 2.05p – very short term target 2.4p says Hot Stock Rockets
7 Dec Still More than 20% upside in Gable argue Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
6 Dec Buy Orosur Mining at 11.5p - short term target 16p says the Closet Chartist
5 Dec Buy Wishbone Gold at a 2.75p offer price says Hot Stock Rockets - target 5p
4 Dec Buy Plastics Capital says Steve Moore
3 Dec Buy Plexus says the closet chartist
2 Dec Buy Anglo Asian Mining says the Closet Chartist
1 Dec Do not assume that RBS is guilty of all that it is charged with says Malcolm Stacey

November 2013

30 Nov Creston is a speculative buy says Steve Moore
29 Nov Buy Talvivaara Mining: Exhaustion Gap Reversal Targets Towards 10p Again & LAST DAY to get free £500 to trade with
28 Nov Buy K3 Business Technology says Tom Winnifrith
26 Nov Range Resources shares could fall by two thirds warns the Closet Chartist
25 Nov Buy Interquest at a 92p offer price say Steve Moore & Tom Winnifrith
22 Nov Berekeley Minerals a speculative buy at 2.13p says Tom Winnifrith
21 Nov Buy Centrica at 340p with a 400p target says Thierry Laduguie
20 Nov Buy Minoan at 8.625p says HotStockRockets
19 Nov Plexus: Buy at 263p – target 315p by Christmas says the Closet Chartist
18 Nov I am 100% ahead already but 1Spatial is still a buy at 8.125p - target 12p by Christmas says Tom Winnifrith
17 Nov Why I stay short of BB Darling Gulf Keystone by Lucian Miers
15 Nov Buy Totally at 0.85p (offer) and up to 1.1p with a 1.5p target say the team from HotStockRockets
14 Nov Buy EMED at 8.13p says the Closet Chartist
13 Nov Buy African Potash at 2.38p - target 5p says the Closet Chartist
12 Nov Buy Fox Marble at a 17.5p offer say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
11 Nov Buy Mariana Resources at 8.5p with a 14p target says the Closet Chartist
10 Nov Q&A with Kerim Sener of Ariana Resources (by Tom Winnifrith) + Greed is Good
8 Nov Buy Falanx at a 12.25p offer say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore: target 25p
7 Nov Buy Churchill Mining at 22p - target 45p says the Closet Chartist
6 Nov Buy Centamin at 50p - Christmas target 70p says the Closet Chartist & 3 great Dominic Picarda trading books on offer for free
5 Nov Buy Enables IT at 40.5p - target 60p says Tom Winnifrith
4 Nov Buy San Leon Energy at 3.96p says the Closet Chartist and the last 30 free Tom Winnifrith books worth £10.25 on offer TODAY
3 Nov Beware Lobster Pots: The 49 Golden Rules for Making Money from Shares – only 200 free copies left to give away: Tom Winnifrith
1 Nov Gable: Placing – Buy says Tom Winnifrith at 62.5p + last 200 free £10.25 books left

October 2013

31 Oct Buy Advanced Computer Software at 89p Target 150p say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
30 Oct Buy Leyshon at 7.125p target 14p says Doc Holiday & get a free book worth £10.25
29 Oct Buy Kryso Resources say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore from The Nifty Fifty
28 Oct Our top authors all advise selling Globo & here is why, says Shareprophets
27 Oct Buy Walker Crips at 43.5p says Clem Chambers
26 Oct Dominic Picarda joins speaker line up Falanx, Amara, ETX and Viscount Minerals book stands - just 15 Golden Tickets left
25 Oct Buy Aquarius Platinum at 45p target 55p or 75p says the Closet Chartist on sell Globo day
23 Oct Buy Vatukoula at 8.36p with a 12p target says the Closet Chartist
22 Oct Buy Amara Mining at a 14p offer price says Tom Winnifrith
21 Oct Buy Shanta Gold at 14.375p - target at least 20p says the Closet Chartist
18 Oct No tip today as we celebrate thanks to Pinsent Masons
17 Oct Buy Minoan at 6.125p - Christmas target 10p says Hot Stock Rockets
16 Oct Just 10 free Naked Trader’s left & today’s share tip is from Tom Winnifrith
15 Oct Free Robbie Burns Book Offer and free share tip: Buy Afren at 145p – possible target 185p says the Closet Chartist
14 Oct Free Robbie Burns Book Offer and free share tip: Buy Rockhopper says the Closet Chartist
12 Oct An In Depth Q&A with Greg Kuenzel of Noricum Gold
11 Oct Buy Alexander Mining at 4.5p says Hot Stock Rockets
10 Oct Chesnara I am well ahead but still see 20% upside says Tom Winnifrith
9 Oct Buy Quindell at 16.5p with a 20p plus target within 6 weeks says the Closet Chartist
8 Oct The Tanzania National Grid – News within three months: Buy Kibo and Edenville says Hot Stock Rockets
7 Oct ILX Group - now Progility plc as reverse acquisition completes: speculative buy
7 Oct 500 Free Copies of Tom Winnifrith's new book on offer – The 49 Golden Rules for Making Money from Shares
5 Oct Q&A with Mike Wallis CEO of Enables IT by Tom Winnifrith
4 Oct Buy Orogen Gold after the placing by Doc Holiday
3 Oct Buy Lombard Risk Management at 12p say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore from the Nifty Fifty
2 Oct Buy Straight after its interims says Tom Winnifrith

September 2013

30 Sep Monday 30th - The last day to book your discounted early bird ticket to the show of the year: Terry Smith joins speaker list!
30 Sep Why I am NOT buying shares in the Royal Mail IPO by Malcolm Stacey
29 Sep Tom Winnifrith says you have less than two days to act…
28 Sep Q&A with David Lenigas by Tom Winnifrith
27 Sep Buy Advanced Computer Software at 86.25p say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
26 Sep 1Spatial - we are more than 100% ahead but on balance it is still a buy says Tom Winnifrith
25 Sep Buy Gable Holdings at 64p – target price 90p says Tom Winnifrith
24 Sep Buy Forbidden Technologies says Hot Stock Rockets
23 Sep Buy Frontier at 5.25p says Doc Holiday
20 Sep Buy Alliance Pharma says Tom Winnifrith as he prepares to publish a hot new tip in 20 minutes
19 Sep K3 Full Year Results - a recovery buy: Tom Winnifrith
18 Sep Speculative Buy Obtala Resources at 7p says Hot Stock Rockets
17 Sep Buy Symphony Environmental at 7p says Tom Winnifrith
16 Sep Buy Standard Chartered says Robert Sutherland Smith
15 Sep A Q&A with Edenville Energy from Tom Winnifrith and Shareprophets
13 Sep Buy Gable at 63p with a 95p target says Tom Winnifrith
12 Sep Kentz, bidder drops out, shares slide - Buy, says Steve Moore
11 Sep Reach4Entertainment – Speculative Buy says Steve Moore
10 Sep Buy Avesco says Steve Moore
9 Sep Obtala Resources – hot money is buying
4 Sep Buy BAT Industries says Robert Sutherland Smith
3 Sep Buy Bowleven and Conroy Gold say Doc Holiday and Mining Maven

August 2013

31 Aug Buy Madagascar Oil and Aurum Mining says Shareprophets
30 Aug Buy Lekoil or Ariana Resources says Doc Holiday and MiningMaven
28 Aug Buy Noble Investments says Steve Moore
27 Aug Buy Meggitt says value Investor Robert Sutherland Smith
23 Aug Buy IQE says Steve Moore
22 Aug Buy Symphony Environmental at 6.5p says Steve Moore
20 Aug Sell Sefton at any price says Doc Holiday
19 Aug Sell CPP and Sefton Resources says bear raider Lucian Miers
18 Aug Buy Equities says Robert Sutherland Smith
16 Aug Dotdigital – a speculative buy at 18.25p says Steve Moore
14 Aug Creon Resources a Highly speculative buy at 0.625p says Tom Winnifrith
12 Aug Reach4Entertainment – a clear recovery buy at 4.75p says Tom Winnifrith
7 Aug Anglo American - a Long Term Buy says Robert Sutherland Smith
6 Aug K3 Business Technology a recovery share to buy: Steve Moore
2 Aug Buy Gable Holdings at 67p says Tom Winnifrith (already 50% ahead on this tip)

July 2013

30 Jul Buy Entertainment One at 205p says
29 Jul Buy Creston says Steve Moore
27 Jul Straight is a green recovery buy at 33.5p says Steve Moore
26 Jul Speculative Buy Lekoil at 38.5p says Doc Holiday
24 Jul Plastics Capital – a Long Term buy at 100p says Steve Moore
23 Jul Buy Fenner says Robert Sutherland Smith
22 Jul Shanta Gold: Short Term issues Long Term Value Buy says Steve Moore
17 Jul Patagonia Gold - a speculative buy says Doc Holiday
15 Jul Buy GKN says Robert Sutherland Smith
12 Jul Buy Alliance Pharma? Says Steve Moore
11 Jul Scancell – a recovery speculative buy at 27p says Doc Holiday
10 Jul Mission Marketing – A speculative buy after today’s profits warning? Steve Moore
9 Jul Orogen Gold a binary bet at 0.25p says Doc Holiday?
8 Jul Buy Crest Nicholson at 340p says Nano Trader
7 Jul Which Gold stocks to own & when will they recover? The Sprott view ( by Tom Winnifrith)
5 Jul Buy Bowleven at 59.75p says Doc Holiday
4 Jul Avanti Communications a buy at 243p ahead of Thursday 11th says Steve Moore
3 Jul Buy Intercontinental Hotels says Robert Sutherland Smith
2 Jul Kentz: undeservedly low PE and a cash margin of safety says Steve Moore
1 Jul Symphony Environmental - a penny share speculative recovery buy says Tom Winnifrith

June 2013

29 Jun Zanaga Iron Ore: Buy into market weakness starting at 11p says Doc Holiday
27 Jun Enables IT: Buy at 42.5p target price 65p says broker Sanlam, writes
26 Jun Iofina at 151p – risks on downside are to 113p says Zak Mir
25 Jun Zak Mir says buy Cyprotex at 5.25p – target 8p
24 Jun Lighthouse Group - a long term value play at 3.25p says Tom Winnifrith
22 Jun ILX – a speculative penny share recovery buy at 9.25p says Steve Moore
21 Jun Cupid AGM – still a stonking short at 67p says Tom Winnifrith
20 Jun Zak Mir: Gravity Defying Gulf Keystone
18 Jun Rio Tinto surely a buy at this price says Robert Sutherland Smith
17 Jun Buy Dillistone Group at 78.5p says Silicon Roundabout
15 Jun 6 Penny share buys from Technical Analysis – A Special Report from Zak Mir
14 Jun Blavod Wines & Spirits – a speculative buy at 0.9p says Steve Moore
13 Jun Buy Creston says Steve Moore
12 Jun Zak Mir Loves Cupid at 74.5p: Target 94p
11 Jun Leni Gas & Oil: Ticking Multiple Bullish Boxes Again says Zak Mir
9 Jun Purecircle is an accident waiting to happen says Lucian Miers
7 Jun Buy Alliance Pharma at 37.5p says Adnan Siddique
6 Jun Cupid is perhaps a buy says Zak Mir
5 Jun Buy Anglo Asian Mining at 36.5p – target 50p says Steve Moore
4 Jun Vote in the AIM Cesspit awards 2013 NOW says
3 Jun GB Group – a high risk buy says Steve Moore
1 Jun The Weekend on OneFreeSharetip - Dining with the Bears
1 Jun Straight is a speculative buy at 37.5p says Steve Moore

May 2013

30 May Noble Investments – Buy at 218p says Tom Winnifrith
28 May Anglo Asian Mining – a Long Term Buy says Steve Moore
24 May The free share tip and a more pressing matter from Tom Winnifrith
23 May Buy Goldman Sachs at $159 says Clem Chambers
22 May Symphony Environmental is a speculative buy at 4.5p says Steve Moore
21 May Keep Buying Vatukoula - target 17p says Zak Mir
16 May Is BP a buy asks Robert Sutherland Smith
15 May Northern Petroleum: Buy at 32.5p says Tom Winnifrith
13 May Buy HSBC writes Robert Sutherland Smith
12 May Buy Chesnara at 245p says Steve Moore
9 May Buy Admiral for a 6.9% yield says Robert Sutherland Smith
8 May Buy Greenwich Loan Income Fund (on AIM) at 53p says Tom Winnifrith
7 May Buy Pan African Resources at 15p says Steve Moore
6 May Buy Kentz at 411.5p says Steve Moore
5 May IQE Death Match: Zak Mir vs. Steve Moore
4 May Why I loved Gulf Keystone, And How My Heart Was Broken by Zak Mir
3 May Recovery Buy tip – K3 Business Technology at 103p says Silicon Roundabout
2 May Buy NetDimensions at 42p says Adnan Siddique
1 May Barclays a stock NOT to own warns Robert Sutherland Smith

April 2013

30 Apr Buy Electric Word at 1.975p says Steve Moore
26 Apr Today’s free share tips are from Real Master Investors: Mark Slater, Evil Knievil, Zak Mir, Dom Frisby, Lucian Miers, Nigel Wray, Nigel Farage etc
24 Apr Desperate Times in the Resources Sector – Look at your portfolio says Tom Winnifrith
23 Apr Buy Fastnet Oil & Gas: Above 20p Targets 30p Plus Again says Zak Mir
22 Apr Buy Chesnara at 234p for stonking & safe yield say Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore
19 Apr Buy Cairn Energy (CNE): “Minimum” Target 310p Stop Loss 275p says Zak Mir
18 Apr S&U plc - a Sensible & Understandable Long Term Buy says Steve Moore
17 Apr Speculative buy Silvermere Energy at 2.25p says Doc Holiday
16 Apr Buy Inmarsat says Top chartist Zak Mir
15 Apr Baobab still a sell – warn Lucian Miers and Tom Winnifrith
11 Apr New website for you & a share tip from oil guru Sam Bottell
10 Apr Buy William Morrison argues Robert Sutherland Smith
9 Apr Change of Speaker Line Up at UKINvestor Show this Saturday – in honour of Margaret Thatcher
7 Apr A Champagne day for me and six days to go
4 Apr Tom Winnifrith: Stanley Gibbons at 267.5p – good value as the shares are worth 375p
3 Apr Buy Paternoster Resources at 0.325p says Doc Holiday
2 Apr Buy Abcam says Zak Mir
1 Apr Buy Advanced Computer Software ( although its PR firm do not want me to say this) says Tom Winnifrith

March 2013

31 Mar Buy InternetQ at 293.5p – target price 375p says Tom Winnifrith
30 Mar Tom Winnifrith The 11 Macro Themes for 2013 – Three months on
29 Mar Alliance Pharma is a buy at 36-36.5p with a 57p target – Tom Winnifrith
28 Mar Steve Moore: Special Report on Value in the mid cap FTSE 250 Index
27 Mar Is there value in retail stocks? A special report
26 Mar Special Report: Do you buy or hold any UK bank shares post Cyprus?
25 Mar Buy Stratmin Global Resources says Doc Holiday
24 Mar Special Report - 6 shares to buy as recovery plays, by Adnan Siddique
23 Mar Tom Winnifrith: The 2013 UK Budget was dismal electioneering
22 Mar Tom Winnifrith: Cupid – I was wrong and apologise: sell/go short
21 Mar Robert Sutherland Smith: Buy Centrica at 351p for yield
20 Mar Tom Winnifrith: Buy Cairn Energy at 281p
19 Mar Adnan Siddique: Buy Cupid at 119p
18 Mar Buy Anite at 128.75p says Silicon Roundabout
17 Mar Tom Winnifrith: How to Follow Director Dealings to trade & a favour requested
16 Mar Tom Winnifrith: On House Prices (to crash) and Housekeeping
15 Mar Special Report: Boring Bob’s 6 safe stocks to buy for dividends
14 Mar Buy Global Petroleum Limited at 7.625p says Doc Holiday
13 Mar Tom Winnifrith: Buy Adept Telecom at 68-70p
12 Mar Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore (the Nifty Fifty team): Buy Archipelago Resources at 59.5p
11 Mar Three tips from Alpesh Patel
9 Mar March SpreadBet of the Month: Don't tell Nigel Wray a buy on Domino’s Pizza
8 Mar Buy Invensys at 366p says Steve Moore
8 Mar Buy Imperial Tobacco at 2551p says Robert Sutherland Smith
5 Mar Zak Mir Buy Range Resources - Above 4.5p Targets 8p
4 Mar Adnan Siddique: Buy Staffline Group at 345p
2 Mar Tom Winnifrith: there is rare and there is unique
1 Mar Clem Chambers: Buy shares in the LSE at 1325p

February 2013

28 Feb Zak Mir: Buy Abcam at up to 430p with a 490p+ target
27 Feb Tom Winnifrith: No tip today but a sheepish apology to the entire people of Wales
26 Feb Adnan Siddique: Buy Domino’s Pizza at 519p
25 Feb Steve Moore: IQE Buying Opportunity
24 Feb Special Report by Tom Winnifrith: UK House Prices – Time for a Mini-Crash & How to Profit?
23 Feb Iain Maitland: Student Accommodation is not a one way investment bet
22 Feb Doc Holiday: Sareum Holdings a speculative buy at 1.35p
21 Feb Steve Moore: The Innovation Group – a an attractive bet at 24.75p
20 Feb Sam Bottell: EMED is a Buy at 12.125p
19 Feb Tom Winnifrith: Buy Cape at 223.5p for a 6.27% yield
18 Feb Luckyshares: Rurelec up by more than 22% since my first tip – last chance to buy in cheap.
17 Feb Special Report: Tech stocks, 15 UK stocks buy or sell – tricks of the accounting and valuation trade analysed
16 Feb Spreadbet of the Month: Zak Mir and Tom Winnifrith: Short Ocado
15 Feb Special Report: 7 Oil stocks to buy today by Sam Bottell
14 Feb Buy JKX Oil & Gas says our newest tipster Doc Holliday
13 Feb Special Report: 8 stocks to buy for safe dividend income by Robert Sutherland Smith
12 Feb Sam Bottell: Buy Centamin at 60.3p Target 90p
11 Feb Silicon Roundabout says buy Blinkx at 85.5p
10 Feb Tom Winnifrith on the Penny Blacks that make far more than 243% in 10 years
8 Feb Special Report from Zak Mir: the top 10 Mining & oil shares to buy TODAY
7 Feb Special Report: 4 Resources stocks to sell NOW as they could lose 99%
6 Feb Adnan Siddique says Buy Silverdell at 19.25p
5 Feb LuckyShares says: Zoltav Resources pure speculative buy at 5.85p
4 Feb Clem Chambers: My top 6 trading buys on AIM
3 Feb Tom Winnifrith: What is a PEG and how it is often misunderstood – Jim Slater analysis
1 Feb Lucian Miers: A buyer of Thomas Cook

January 2013

31 Jan Sam Bottell’s Special Report: 10 Gold stocks to buy starting with Medusa Mining at 330p ( target 528p)
30 Jan Brokerman Dan: Buy Matra Petroleum at 1.15p - bet On Barskiy for 2013
29 Jan Zak Mir says: Buy Coal of Africa at 22p – 2 month target 40p
28 Jan Buy blinkx at 64.75p and 11 other TMT stocks to snaffle – 2013 a boom year for tech
27 Jan Iain Maitland: Investment Property Hotspots in London
25 Jan Robert Sutherland Smith says: Buy GlaxoSmithKline at 1425p. But…
24 Jan BrokerMan Dan: Buy Urals Energy at 6.5p
23 Jan Adnan Siddique: Buy Lombard Risk Management at 10.25p – Target 18p
22 Jan Silicon Roundabout: Buy Netcall at 33.25p
21 Jan Buy Lamprell at up to 125p – best case target 214p says Zak Mir
20 Jan Tom Winnifrith on Alternative Investments: WG Grace and Prussian Blues - Rarity Creates the Return
18 Jan Psycho Trader John Piper makes a big SELL call on Sterling
17 Jan Steve Moore says buy IQE at 34.25p with a 60p target (or more)
16 Jan Clem Chambers: Buy Bank stocks – HSBC the benchmark
15 Jan Sam Bottell: I am bearish on copper but EMED is a buy at 11.25p – the shares could more than double
14 Jan Buy Rurelec Resources at 8.25p says LuckyShares
13 Jan SpreadBet of the Month: Buy Pace MicroTechnology
11 Jan says Buy Forbidden Technologies at 18.5p
10 Jan Buy Minoan at 6.875p says Adnan Siddique
9 Jan Buy Northern Petroleum NOW at 56.875p – Value Realisation Investor on the attack: Sam Bottell
8 Jan Buy Nostra Terra Oil & Gas at 0.525p says Brokerman Dan
7 Jan Zak Mir’s tip of the year 2013: Buy Rockhopper Exploration at 167.5p
6 Jan Something for the weekend? How about A Hot Diary Date?
4 Jan Steve Moore’s share tip of the year 2013: Buy Gable Holdings at 45.25p
3 Jan Buy French Connection at 29.75p says Clem Chambers
2 Jan My 7th tip of the year 2013: Buy Port Erin Biopharma at 5.25p

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