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Creator Robin_of_Loxley Created 26 Jun 2007 Posts 73662 Last Post 1 hour ago
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Autonomy RNS on Demerger of Blinkx April 2007 (long, lots of info)


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as of 1 Sept 2008: rank was 211
as of 13 Dec 2008: rank was 167

Some interesting recent articles and links:

Rumored Google target Blinkx teams with Microsoft, others
By Jacqueline Emigh, BetaNews
July 16, 2008, 3:44 PM

Video search provider Blinkx sharpened its defense and offense against a possible buyout from Google or Yahoo today, announcing new pacts with several major online partners, one of which happens to be owned by Microsoft.

The new deals between Blinkx and MSN UK, Russian Internet portal Rambler, and Elo Company center around Blinx's newly rolled out Red Label, a program designed to give partners customizable access to Blinkx's video search engine and the up to 26 million hours of video content in the Blinkx index.

Through the deal with MSN UK, the video content in the Blinkx index will become searchable via Microsoft Live Search throughout the United Kingdom.

In the agreement with Rambler, Blinkx will power video search for the Russian portal, giving users access to an index of over three million Russian-language video clips. Under terms of the arrangement, advertising revenue from the project will be shared by Blinkx and Rambler.

Elo, on the other hand, will partner with Blinkx in a new initiative called Blinkx Brasil, which will use Blinkx's broadband TV technology to deliver video from Elo's library of premium content. The beta version of Blinkx Brasil will be available through a free software download from both the Blinkx and Elo Web sites.

Meanwhile, Blinkx has lately been the subject of acquisition rumors involving not just Google and Yahoo but other players.

"Speculation is rising around a potential acquisition of Blinkx, a video search engine, by either Google or News Corp. (and possibly Yahoo)," noted a blog posting in May by Heather Dougherty, director of research at the Hitwise market research firm.

"Traffic to Blinkx has increased steadily over the past year. [The] market share of visits for the week ending May 10, 2008 is 10x higher than the same week in 2007. Much of this growth is being driven by new users, since 62% of the traffic to Blinkx during the same timeframe had not visited the Web site in the past 30 days," according to the analyst.

Since then, Google's legal struggles over YouTube's allegedly illegal use of Viacom's video content intensified somewhat, though Viacom did decide on Monday not to pursue its request for YouTube users' IP addresses.

Both Google and Yahoo also offer video search; and Yahoo also runs a Web-based video sharing service as well, after its purchase of Jumpcut in the fall of 2006, though that doesn't seem to be publicized in recent months. Blinkx's search engine, however, is touted as using a mix of conceptual search, speech recognition, and visual analysis software to specifically find and "quality" video.

Blinkx's new Red Label program for partners is available in both a fully hosted version and an XML-based edition.


Blinkx bestows video search on world+dog
(White) Red label play
By Cade Metz in San Francisco
Published Wednesday 16th July 2008 18:01 GMT

Blinkx is now offering a white label version of its transatlantic video search engine. But it prefers the name Red Label. "The Blinkx 'B' has always been red," CEO and founder Suranga Chandratillake tells The Reg.

With Blinkx Red Label, third-parties large and small can add video search to their own sites and, if they like, grab a little ad revenue. Blinkx has long offered access to its speech recog-ified search engine via outside portals - including Ask.com, InfoSpace, Lycos, and LookSmart - but Red Label streamlines this partnership game.

Most notably, the new program includes a self-serve option for smaller partners. With this hosted service, Blinkx says, you can embed video search in about three hours. The service is free, and if you agree to post Blinkx-brokered ads, the company will share half the revenue.

"Basically, we surround your search box with ads," Chandratillake says. But you can also add a video preview window to your site - letting surfers sample results before actually clicking on them - and Blinkx will post ads there as well, laying them over the edge of the video stream.

Meanwhile, larger portals can negotiate their own revenue-sharing deal with the Blinkx sales staff. MSN UK and Russia's Rambler portal have already announced plans to use a white Red Label video search interface.®

Unlike the old media minds over at video hoster Hulu, Blinkx has no intention of forbidding the use of ad blockers on its search engine. "We have a very tech savvy audience, and that probably means they use a higher percentage of ad blockers," Chandratillake says. "We do tell our advertisers what percentage of their ads get blocked. But we don't ban blockers. I think that's all part of the cut and trust of technology innovation."

Blinkx signs new deals as part of business development - update
7/16/2008 2:25 PM ET

Wednesday, video search engine Blinkx Plc announced various business developments.

The company said it has entered into an online television venture with digital media pioneer Elo Co. to offer the latest in Brazilian music, film, sports and special interest content over broadband to computers everywhere.

blinkx Brasil will deliver Elo's library of premium content through its ground-breaking broadband television technology. It has planned to make debut in beta in conjunction with the 10th anniversary party of Deckdisc, one of Brazil's leading independent record companies, in Rio de Janeiro.

blinkx Brasil said it will offer the best in Brazilian music, film, sports, food and fashion at the time of launch.

blinkx and Elo will also add features, such as transcripts of the audio track, channels and more premium video content to the blinkx Brasil offering in coming months.

In a separate development, blinkx said it has launched blinkx Red Label, which enables customers to harness the Video Web and capitalize on the thriving online video advertising market.

Under the terms of a Red Label agreement, blinkx will deploy and power its patented video search technology on customers' sites, delivering new revenue through advertising.

The company said that implementing blinkx Red Label is fast and free of charge, and gives customers access to the largest and most diverse index of video on the Web, as well as blinkx's industry-leading search technology.

blinkx Red Label will be offered in two tiers based on the size of the portal or web site, one for larger customers that will involve blinkx services, and the other a self-service portal for smaller sites.

In a separate release, blinkx said that it has entered into a partnership with MSN UK to make blinkx video index available through Microsoft Live Search in the UK.

The blinkx video index encompasses over 26 million hours of online TV and video, including content from more than 350 top-tier media companies.

In another communiqué, blinkx said that its Red Label has entered into an agreement with Russian Internet portal, Rambler.

Rambler has selected blinkx to power its video search, providing users with easy, efficient access to an index of over 3 million Russian language video clips. Under the deal, revenue from advertising related to the project will be shared between Rambler and blinkx.

BLNX.L closed Wednesday's regular trading session at 22.00 pence, up 3.75 pence or 20.55%.



Blinkx launches video search for partner sites
Wed Jul 16, 2008 7:56pm BST

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Web video company blinkx Plc said on Wednesday it is launching a video search service for websites to integrate on their pages and share in advertising revenue generated by users' searches.

Blinkx said the new service, called Red Label, would be available in two tiers. The first tier would be for larger customers that use blinkx services while the second tier would be a self-service portal for smaller sites, such as blogs.

Blinkx, based in San Francisco and London, already has two 'first tier' partners in Europe: Microsoft Corp's online portal MSN UK and Russia's largest portal, Rambler.

While the ad industry is holding out hope of strong revenue growth from online video this year, it is yet to become reality. The Wall Street Journal reported this month that ad revenue from YouTube, the world's largest video site, would likely total about $200 million this year -- short of parent company Google Inc's expectations.

Blinkx executives point to Forrester Research which predicts the online video ad market will reach $7.2 billion by 2012.

Suranga Chandratillake, chief executive of blinkx, said Red Label would enable customers to boost revenue by allowing them to post their own ads around the videos as well as highly targeted ads delivered by blinkx.


Blinkx Found Some New Friends
Contributed by: Martinas B.
Date: 16 Jul, 2008

Blinkx announces three major deals. Blinkx, the video search guru isn't just scanning all TV channels, but doing some serious business behind the scenes too. Today the San-Francisco based company shook the market's ground, announcing three major deals.

The video search specialist has signed a couple of important deals. Probably, the most important deal is a partnership with Microsoft's MSN UK. Blinkx will feed MSN UK with its video library via Microsoft 's "Live Search" engine in the UK.

The second deal was signed with one of the superior Russian search engines, Rambler (www.rambler.ru). Blinkx will provide its unique search package to Rambler. According to the agreement, both companies will share revenue from the advertising.

"Russia is one of the largest, fastest growing Internet markets in Europe, and we’re delighted to partner with one of the country’s most prominent media companies," said Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO, of Blinkx.

According to eMarketer, Russia's Internet market is a hidden treasure; by the end of this year Russia will be the second largest Internet market in Europe, with more than 40 million Internet users

Blinkx has also joined forces with Elo to form a joint venture to be called blinkx Brasil. Elo will get access to high-quality entertainment, including films, music videos and special interest channels, to audiences around the world.

Shares in Blinkx today showed some enthusiasm following the announcements, as they finished at 22.00 pence barrier or jumped up by 20% since Tuesday's closing. On top of that, since our last coverage on Blinkx , the shares have considerably started climbing up.

Could it be a sign to buy Blinkx's shares? Well, since its IPO ,Blinkx has been an attractive stock, so I think it's still not too late to get on board.

Amazing! Blinkx is indeed planning to rule the video search market. Oh, shall I say it's already a king among video search engines? Blinkx is playing some aggressive game, which unquestionably will be rewarded at some point.



June 25 2008

Ansearch Media secures exclusive Australian representational rights to blinkx

Ansearch Media Limited (ASX: ANH) today announced it had acquired exclusive Australian advertising representational rights to the world's largest and most advanced video search engine: blinkx plc (LSE AIM: BLNX)

blinkx is the greatest single source of rich media web content available, out-performing even Google and Yahoo!

The deal makes Ansearch Media the only destination for Australian advertisers and agencies wishing to target Australian traffic to blinkx, and sees Ansearch address the huge demand for video advertising opportunities in the wake of surging web video usage.

It also strengthens Ansearch's leadership in delivering clients quality international websites with high volume Australian traffic.

Australian internet users spend more than 51 per cent* of their time visiting international sites, however, this skew is not reflected in current domestic online media spend. which is heavily focused on local sites.

By offering such sites to Australian agencies and advertisers Ansearch delivers cost effective advertising opportunities to a larger Australian audience over a varied range of online interests.

Ansearch chief executive officer. David Burden, said: 'Clients constantly lament the shortage of inventory for video advertising, and there's a good reason such opportunities are in hot demand.

"Video delivers the audience at the point of peak engagement and makes for highly effective measurable campaigns."

With exclusive Australian rights to blinkx, Ansearch addresses that need and is another example of how we're leading the market in providing Australian advertisers with the world's best internet sites."

Mr Burden added: "Advertisers can target key word search results with pre-roll video and display advertisements as well as take advantage of customised advertising and sponsorship based around video search."

And he noted the blinkx agreement came just weeks after Ansearch announced the dramatic expansion of its international online publisher network, enhancing its compelling and distinct offering to agencies, media buyers and advertisers.

blinkx is the world's largest single index of rich media web content, delivering more content from a broader range of sources than either Google or Yahoo!

blinkx boasts an index of more than 26 million hours of searchable video and more than 350 international media partnerships.

According to Hitwise, blinkx's market share for video search is now ten times higher than a year ago)**, as users increasingly turn to blinkx to find video content ranging from premium high definition movies and sports, to breaking news and top quality niche content.

blinkx pioneered internet video search, developing an engine based on technology conceived at Cambridge University, enhanced by US$150 million in research and development and protected by 111 patents. Blinkx powers search for three of the world's top five search providers including Ask, Dogpile. Lycos and Looksmart.

Unlike other multimedia search engines that attempt to re-purpose technology built for the text web, blinkx uses a unique combination of patented conceptual search, speech recognition and video analysis software to efficiently, automatically and accurately find and qualify online video.

All of this content is now available to users with an unprecedented degree of flexibility and personalisation. At www.blinkx.com. users can search for video content, create personal video playlists, or build a customised video wall for their blog, MySpace or Facebook page.

* Source: Hitwise based on 12-week period ending 10 May 2008

** According to Hitwise Intelligence, traffic to blinkx has increased steadily over the past year. For example, its market share of visits for the week ending May 10 2008 was 10 times higher than for same week in 2007

eMarketer- which benchmarks US online advertising spending projections against the Interactive Advertising Bureau IAB/PricewaterhouseCoopers data - estimates online video advertising spending as a percentage of total internet spend will quadruple from 2.4 per cent in 2006 to 9.8 percent in 2011

The IAB's most recent Internet Advertising Report (May 2008) revealed online ad revenues in the US reached US$21.2 billion in 2007, an increase of 26 per cent for the year. Meanwhile market research arm ABI Research Forecasts the number of people who access video via the web will nearly quadruple from current levels and reach at least one billion in 2013.

The above is an extract of a recent ASX press release from Ansearch, that I have just taken the trouble to transcribe much of the text from, in case there are folk who cannot read images, or folk wish to be able to text search the thread

please excuse any minor inaccuracies, the link is there at the top for you to read as well

no advice intended

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we have many posters and readers, most of which dont respond to or read the nonsense, lets not have a few of the good regular posters feel they have to keep responding to the posts that are deliberately designed to spark people into arguments and abusive retaliation

if you respond, they win.

If you want decent posters like gadgie to keep posting, its the only way

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