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the road to share price prolapse is almost here.. I am telling you now folks, the SP is just about to be crushed back down to single digits. Ignore the ramping fantasying and blatant lying. Anybody that even mentions a figure above todays SP as a takeover value is trying to harm and groom you. I reiterate the comment i made sone moments ago. share price crushing coming.
Note the date of this post, John: GKP - The Road To Takeover (Moderated) - GKP johnbuy - 06 Jun 2012 - 09:59:12 - 3871 of 56054 Draw a line across the chart from November 2010 until June 2012 and you will find that we've made no progress SP wise. Take out the fake pump and dump and the SP performance has been truly dreadful for nearly two years. TK and the BOD seem incapable of delivering shareholder value since 2010, meanwhile have paid thenselves massive salaries and options. Makes me sick.
Cut counterintuitive it is ;) Of course when thousands of PI's were being encouraged to buy huge volumes whilst the City unloaded to them in February 2012 a takeover was inevitable :) They all got stiffed then As those that are selling now are doing too on the mother of all poop and scoops :) All we have here is downward pressure - book spoofed downwards every day -orchestrated on the bb's by the head cases I agree with JB ;) It looks to me like some individuals/organisations want all PI's to sell their shares in GKP at a low SP. They seem desperate to see all PI's sell out of GKP, even though GKP is, apparently, a shite company with no prospects. It's amazing the effort they put in to convince PI's to sell all their shares in GKP, even though the company has no future.......apparently. Strange behaviour, wouldn't you all agree??
I think you may have missed my post MDW.... In addition to the below I note this AM that you said you now also have a Chevron connection. Senior Industry Sources, GKP, Chevron, Memery Crystal..... You'd think you'd have had some basic understanding of what was happening here being so close to the action and all. So why don't you? (No need for you to reply to that, the answer is obvious) Personally I am very dubious about the credibility of your connections but if by some bizarre stretch of the imagination they do exist would you mind answering the following? GKP - The Road To Takeover Is Almost At An End - GKP cutthecagain - 03 Sep 2014 - 23:34:41 - 4884 of 4941 Of course we are, "Down the River" MyDearWatson, Question. Did you tip GRH off to Exxon in 2012 and what exactly are your links to TK and Memery Crystal who you have threatened shareholders with? Did they (or anyone within the Company) feed you the Exxon story?
I flagged this problem up nearly six, yes six, months ago: GKP - The Road To Takeover (Moderated) - GKP AVATAR333 - 20 Mar 2014 - 09:40:43 - 35707 of 56054 It has to be worth a try, John. By the way, I keep on reading that Gulf doesn't get paid for what they sell. I have suggested, on another board, that it may be prudent for Gulf to employ a Credit Controller.
Get ready folks its a coming.. Forget the rampers and fantasiast takeover shite.. iTs NEVER going to happen , the company will run out of cash first. H7 - looks like Kozel may be dumping all thqat stock that you alledge he holds !!! lol Lower Highs lower lows for 2.5 years now, single digtis will be attained here , make no mistake folks. Buy at 9p watch this space. ;-) Thats a heads up groomed
Did you note this post i made yesterday, John? Your thoughts would be most welcome: GKP - The Road To Takeover Is Almost At An End - GKP AVATAR333 - 02 Sep 2014 - 14:25:33 - 4698 of 4846 What do you make of the frenchboy24 board being so quiet, John?
Todd didn't want to sell GKP back then as he had no fucking shares imo. He wanted his pay days from the company, so a takeover wasn't in his plans. If it comes to pass that he indeed knocked back 800p in December 2011, then there will be hell to pay imo. He has cost shareholders a fucking fortune, the bastard that he is.
GKP - The Road To Takeover (Moderated) - GKP AVATAR333 - 20 Mar 2014 - 09:40:43 - 35707 of 56054 It has to be worth a try, John. By the way, I keep on reading that Gulf doesn't get paid for what they sell. I have suggested, on another board, that it may be prudent for Gulf to employ a Credit Controller.
'And you're the one waiting for the great takeover' listen son, just because you think it, doesn't make it true, that's the realm of the insane. i've never expected a take over. i've told jb ages to always look at the big picture, I doubt he has. self sufficient production is a different matter. I'm off, you have nothing different to say today to any other day.
Facts? And you're the one waiting for the great takeover or massive self sufficient production increase. Where's the facts there then dreamtime investor?
Did you see any Anderson shelters on the course doc? Maybe your friend meant one of those. Hmm, on reflection the likelihood of finding one in the middle of the fairway of a grade 1 golf course could be a little remote. About the same odds as a GKP takeover in fact.
I don't think our share price would respond to cash in the bank, that's why I would prefer shares in the other company, however I think this would only be possible in a complete takeover?
A GKP director categorically mentioned that he and his colleagues would be buying stock straight after the results as they would no longer be in a close period. There is no RNS this morning. The only thing that could prevent this happening is that GKP are in talks with someone regarding a farm in or takeover. Many sources reckon it is Chevron. Even the great Tom Winifrith suggests that the deal is on the table. This post was written using Nicebut's logic which means that it is irreproachable. ;-)
A forensic analysis as ever Lizzy, thank you Would you mind re-posting on the Road To Takeover is Nearly At An End board There's a few over there who should take a long, cold, hard look at the facts before they fall in love with bob's latest attempts to distract them from the serious problems here. I only care because I am sick of people being led down the garden path on this share - enough people have been ripped off
"Jack_Shit 24 Aug'14 - 09:26 - 373970 of 373970 1 0 An entirely typical response from a takeover-ramper like you. You and your ilk are either severely out to lunch or complicit in convincing the inexperienced to hold their shares while those on the inside were selling down." It is interesting that you can now easily spot the bitter "inexperienced" posters who were convinced to hold by the "complicit". That, after all, is what this is all about. "Your posting frequency is that of someone who is utterly desperate and prepared to clutch at any straw." Crikey, if posting frequency is anything to go by, we can all guess who are the "utterly desperate" ones can't we?
~~ADVFN*MODERATEDAn entirely typical response from a takeover-ramper like you. You and your ilk are either severely out to lunch or complicit in convincing the inexperienced to hold their shares while those on the inside were selling down. Major investors? There are only two major IIs left, and Kuok is massively underwater, all he was doing was averaging down so don't put bells and whistles on his recent % increase Don't tell me, 97% of IG's positions are long.....or somesuch irrelevant garbage? That has not stopped the shorters since the days of 238 pre-court. Just what did they know?? Your posting frequency is that of someone who is utterly desperate and prepared to clutch at any straw.
How far is Saudi Arabia complicit in the Isis takeover of much of northern Iraq, and is it stoking an escalating Sunni-Shia conflict across the Islamic world? Some time before 9/11, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, once the powerful Saudi ambassador in Washington and head of Saudi intelligence until a few months ago, had a revealing and ominous conversation with the head of the British Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove. Prince Bandar told him: "The time is not far off in the Middle East, Richard, when it will be literally 'God help the Shia'. More than a billion Sunnis have simply had enough of them." http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/iraq-crisis-how-saudi-arabia-helped-isis-take-over-the-north-of-the-country-9602312.html
Mandy_Cartridge 22 Aug'14 - 19:34 - 373862 of 373862 0 0 " Robert Waterhouse is implicated as working on behalf of insiders to maintain the fiction of an impending takeover to an unsuspecting PI base on these boards while certain individuals were selling their shares." Hope you have "Evidence" as that claim of yours is libellous Sarah. "Bob Waterhouse has ramped this share to the heavens in that time, aiding insiders to get out at a decent price when, if the real truth had been known sooner, many would have been able to at least consider exiting with considerably more money than they have now." Give that he is still invested himself then that rather puts paid to your claim he was working on behalf of others to ramp the share to a decent price at which they could offload. Have you thought this through as you've subjected yourself to a suit for defamation of character with those two paragraphs.
Another Gem from the period: Gazz2 22 Feb'12 - 17:18 - 168704 of 373822 0 0 edit David Brent, I felt it was a possibility once the shorting wagon rolled, it still could be - how can we say for sure? I have my shares all paid for & am waiting for some real news or some real takeover action, until then it's just a game on days like today - albeit an expensive one on paper. Nothing will surprise me here, £2.60 or £27 tbh!
GKP a takeover target by "US Major".
GKP - The Road To Takeover (Moderated) - GKP Gazz2 - 25 Jul 2013 - 15:50:01 - 11403 of 56050 bob, Are you the Master Puppeteer?
Any craic Lads? I see the A lister ramp squad has been in town no doubt drunk on the success of being back to where they were a couple of weeks ago. 85p! And it's all because of an imminent takeover bid of course. Sad really. Next round of funding if their dream doesn't come true? Come on Bob, you can answer that with your, ahem, financial contacts can't you? Ramp away boys!!
GKP - The Road To Takeover Is Almost At An End - GKP cutthecagain - 21 Aug 2014 - 10:18:16 - 3482 of 3499 I banned you Owen because you talk shit ------------ 'I banned you Owen because you talk shit' show me. put up or shut up. I thought that was the point of your board, everyone else there does. you are welcome to provide your examples of my shit-talk. you closed your board because it was full of shit, so you said. Then you opened it again and only allowed off topic diarrhoea.
GKP - The Road To Takeover (Moderated) - GKP Kabylie - 09 Oct 2013 - 22:31:10 - 20275 of 56050 Too many losers trying to suggest to TK how to run GKP it is so saaaaad. It is time for DrPerv, the Dogs, the ccnts and dizzy's, of this world to look back at themselves and think are they better than TK? I Certainly do not think so. As for bobob5, he seems to be a clever chap but easily influenced by losers. Bob, wake up remember TK our Hero. Wake up you lot, TK and GKP is the best that ever happened to you and that is why you vividly spend so much time in this FBB. Ypou impatience and greed is eating away at your initial beleives in GKP. In Todd we trust. You cannot put the blame on Todd for your own investment failures and bad decisions. It is always easy to blame others thean accept defeat. What a bunch of losers.
Oh shit, Jesus, I've just found this one (bold inserted by me) KP - The Road To Takeover (Moderated) - GKP Kabylie - 02 Feb 2014 - 22:50:38 - 31611 of 56050 The II that matter to TK and GKP do not invest in Aim stocks, and that is why TK wants us to move to the main market so he can attract decent long term institutions. The likes of M&G, BG etc are short term opportunistic investors, what you may call voltures, and they are not interested in the future prospect of company, they opportunistic II that want to make money on the cheap as soon as possible. TK is a genius and we are lucky to have him as our CEO, share rizes from 5p to 160p in four years, is what I would call incredible and creating and building a multi billion company in 4 years is the stuff people only dream off. So you loosers wake up and smell th Humus. This is real. TK is real and is here to stay get used to it and he is a WINNER.
Oh Jesus, stop, I'm gonna need to go into surgery for a new set of fucking sides! GKP - The Road To Takeover (Moderated) - GKP Kabylie - 08 Feb 2014 - 23:59:56 - 32010 of 56050 Now, you are talking JB, it has been frustrating so far, the blame in not on TK, he has been fighting at all fronts, and so far he has won all his battles and has been victorious, and I am quite confident, he will lead us to the mother of all victories. The Guy is a genius. GKP - The Road To Takeover (Moderated) - GKP Kabylie - 08 Feb 2014 - 23:41:17 - 32006 of 56050 Let us not forget the cowboys from Texas, made the US into the most powerfull nation on earth. May be just may be, our resident cowboy "TK", may help to build a great nascent nation in the middle east. I am still expecting £37 a share for GKP, once all the cards are on the table.
GKP - The Road To Takeover Is Almost At An End - GKP GKPhero - 20 Aug 2014 - 15:05:12 - 3075 of 3129 Ben a fucking idiot imo. By the look of him, he should never have been born. Mutants.....I hate them. I fear he may be handicapped GKP - The Road To Takeover Is Almost At An End - GKP GKPhero - 20 Aug 2014 - 13:40:01 - 3053 of 3129 Is Ben handicapped and if so, what is his disability?? I must know. GKP - The Road To Takeover Is Almost At An End - GKP GKPhero - 20 Aug 2014 - 13:39:03 - 3052 of 3129 He's worse AVATAR. He posts in big letters, like a disabled case. GKP - The Road To Takeover Is Almost At An End - GKP GKPhero - 20 Aug 2014 - 13:33:49 - 3050 of 3129 And daft Ben. He is a right bellend, is he not? :D
Johnbuy, high time you renamed this thread. "GKP - The Road To Takeover Is Full Of Ends - For Dull Cunts Only" should do it. How do you manage to attract so many complete arses btw ????
Hershel You miss my point. As I said there was more said that day in court than has been reported here. You have not read the OFFICIAL court transcript of that day I can guarantee. You are being led up the garden path. But with history such as this you should expect no less "GKP - The Road To Takeover (Moderated) - GKP bobobob5 - 17 Dec 2013 - 09:53:25 - 28505 of 56049 kn9919: I have now sent a letter of complaint about the Edison situation to Gulf via their solicitors Memery Crystal Let's see how we go." Let whoever get it to court. Lets get the bullshit flushed once and for all
Not saying I'm psychic but what are the chances we'll be reading this one month from now GKP - The Road To Takeover Is Almost At An End - GKP MyDearWatson - 17 Sept 2014 - 17:10 - 3700 of 3700 To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@memerycrystal.com Reply | Reply to all | Forward | Print | Delete | Show original xxxxxxxxxxxxx The latest 18 Aug'14 - 12:59 - 2672 of 2672 3 0 Hello Bobtheknob I see you've been mixing your medication up again this weekend. I can assure you I am 100% pissing my sides laughing at what you are posting. You seriously do need to seek counselling. I am more now than I ever was before convinced you are suffering from some form of mental health issue. All the best Tony Aka Spencer Freeman Lol Just a bit of fun MDW, don't take things too seriously
AL, Baghdad wont do anything against MOL. They mentioned this in the past. They are pretty much focussed on warding off supermajors. MOL are not a consideration for Baghdad. I remember reading an article in the past that had some Baghdad official mentioning their indifference to any rumoured takeover bids from MOL regarding GKP...
GKPhero 18 Aug'14 - 08:23 - 2609 of 2612 1 0 Morning friends. I have decided to post again a reopen this board. IMO, GKP will not see 2015 as a takeover will occur before then. Make of this revelation what you will.
Morning friends. I have decided to post again a reopen this board. IMO, GKP will not see 2015 as a takeover will occur before then. Make of this revelation what you will.
bob33.33333 Have you had chance to see the board takeover yet ?.
Maybe I.S. are gonna takeover Shaikhan? Same payment arrangements as the KRG!
GKP - On Balance - Moderated - GKP AVATAR333 - 17 Jun 2014 - 14:08:18 - 9701 of 16229 Please note the date of this post: AVATAR333 22 Jan'13 - 16:06 - 2262 of 10560 0 0 edit Forgive me, but why is there an assumption of a takeover?
A 'takeover deal' is only 'overdue' if you take notice of idiots, Gazz2.
AV333, In your opinion, what event will happen first; A takeover deal for GKP OR Torres leaving Chelsea? Both are long overdue!
ROFL Just had another read of the "Tan Sri" emails lol What a farce Did you ACTUALLY base all your nastiness and beliefs of a takeover on that? The most basic of research would have told you that Tan Sri is a title not a name - it looks like you have been seriously duped. So come on Bob, get those emails posted on here. Let all the other seriously underwater shareholders that have held and held on the basis that there is an offer for Shaikan for 10 billion and let's see what they make of it? You've been hoodwinked Bob but instead of just posting what you had you've hoodwinked everyone else too by alluding to things. Now you're doing the same with poor Gazz. Get those emails about him up Bob, let people make up their own minds.
Wow, the share price is going down again - but surely with Kuok (fantasically underwater thanks to this scam of a share) adding 800k shares, he is about to stage a takeover bid in concert with other shareholders? Surely we should be rampaging towards £35 - after all Highlander confirms that this was a massive vote of confidence in 'our company' Yes, an imminent takeover bid at multiples of the current shareprice must be it. And a bid launched by the Far East. Nothing to do with Mr G
I agree 30p open on Monday. News of an isis takeover will send this to 1p
highlander7 8 Aug'14 - 09:29 - 2065 of 2067 0 1 The only thing I have ever predicted Breshnev . Is that one day GKP will make me rich-er. That view hasn't changed. PMSL - 2 years ago you were blatantly lying on the internet that you had heard this and that about takeover and imminet SP heaven. you were ramping and fantasising. You still are balatantly lying and saying one day GKP will make you rich... It wont , you are lying again. get over it, you were groomed ;-)
An ISIS takeover is hardly likely alyo. However look at their strength. It's chaos. Roads full of refugees,behind the line suicide bombs, terror, high mobility, well armed,fanatical beliefs and well selected targets. In Iraqi Kurdistan, the story is likely to be different but further chaos can't be ruled out. Its gonna take some mopping up.
"The road to a takeover"...by ISIS!
John, Please amend the header here at once, take out 'To Takeover'!!
A ridiculous share price, a ridiculous company, in a ridiculous situation! A basket case, NO-ONE would look at this sideways as regards a takeover until it is at least sub 40p imho!!
Herscel K 6 Aug'14 - 17:01 - 15127 of 15152 you get a situation where they are effectively forced to accept a shockingly poor CPR in order to simply survive ==================================== If Todd had buggered off sooner and actually cared how the company was run, there might have been a more competent CEO and management team transitioned in by now. Instead he set about opposing the NEDs and looking for ways to stick around. And you idiots supported his continuation out of... stupidity. Arundallio claimed this was all one grand cheap takeover gimmick. Well nobody is walking through the door. They don't even know what Shaikan is worth. johnbuy, you can hold for whatever number you like. making things up is easy. that's the problem with you lot. always making it up.
??? No m5. OK, it appears you are a bit slow on the uptake, so I'll help you. On 6 August 2009 (precisely five years ago to the day!) I noticed an RNS from a company called Gulf Keystone Petroleum. I was already interested in a company involved in Kurdistan called Sterling Energy, which I was having doubts about, so since the GKP announcement about a 500 million barrel oil discovery had only just come out I switched out of Sterling and into GKP, and actually threw more funds at GKP as well. My entry price on that day was 25p. I'm in for the long term - till take out. That has always been my position. I've seen these share go as high as four quid and only topsliced a little. Now I am wondering whether the shares will actually hit 25p before I see my take out. Indeed, I agree that if they fall that low then it is probably game over and we'll never see a takeover. Hope that helps!!
& Nutters AVATAR333! At least I know who I am looking for at the Takeover/bankruptcy party!
H I agree When private investors are scared stiff - and proactively encouraged to be :) the interested partis fill their boots. All major holders understand that When a takeover was inevitable 2012 February then punters got stiffed and IMO those scared out these past 6 months will get stiffed again too But anyway opinions are just that I hold 1/8000th of this company that's all that bothers me And will do till it goes bust or monitored itself through t/o major asset sale merger etc
The Sp is where it is because the market makers have it at this level. Of course everyone with access to the market can buy or sell Private investors normally buy on positive emotion when prices are rising and often get stiffed Likewise they sell close to lows as the market makers scoop up stacks of shares as they have been doing for several months off their clients IMO Murray was inserted to do a deal IMO The city have known for years that GKP was a walking asset/takeover sale Just a question of when IMO the grind of sentiment / price indicates a deal is close to completion And until it happens - well it's just my opinion- albeit I walk the talk backed up by my decent holding remaining firmly tucked away What every one else does is their choice
Here's a convenient extract, for those who don't have the email trail: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GKP - The Road To Takeover (Moderated) - GKP Bayboy - 02 Aug 2013 - 12:47:40 - 12607 of 56011 [...] Take a copy before this posts gets removed. GKP are aware of this and you will also see that iii are in force today removing posts. My concern is why is Mr Asher disclosing this price sensitive information to a certain select group of shareholders? "The offer for Shaikan is on Todd's desk now subject to clean title, its from Exxon and is just under $10 billion. Jeremy believes it is a good time to maximise value on a NPV basis" "The $10B supposed offer was indeed mentioned to me by JA and we discussed whether a proposed sale of Shaikan now made sense from a NPV basis" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Buying under 100p is what I've always done here. Had the odd top-up just over a quid, but keeping my average as low as possible is what it's all about. Even a shite takeover will see me multi-bag, so it's an easy hold now.
Totally agree 1712, I always feel that when the paid per post derampers are out, it is a sure sign that a double digit billions takeover is in the offing. The more they scweam and scweam, the more they reveal their desperation. Either that or they may actually have a point in questioning a company sat at 17% of it's all time high and saddled with debt?
The avatar daveperry is an ex Meldex merchant, Bob. The avatar probably thought there was going to be a takeover bid up until the day it went bust.
once the tankers oil is sold expect a massive re rating here. where is the takeover premuim here?

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