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Yes, but the most logical reason the sp will rise is if blinkx prove that their revenues and profits are increasing. The market has blinkx priced as a company in decline. It's up to blinkx to prove the market wrong. Mbo, takeover etc will boost the sp. But these are one offs and are unlike IMO.
I just wonder who came out best in the frenzied land grab of 2nd June 2014. So many shares traded and yet no holding RNS. did blinkx get enough shares in friendly hands or did the hedgies snap up a load to go long or force a takeover?
er, but someone has to own the shares don't they sikhthetech? I think you'll always have PIs and IIs coming in and trying to call the bottom - but the problem is many will be happy to get out at a decent gain for them which will still be a huge loss for many longer-term shareholders. So the longer-term shareholders are vulnerable to the low-ball takeover/buyout so long as the management refuse to address the issues that have caused the crash.
Geh It floated at 45p no way a takeover at 50p These will go to new highs the mobile opportunity is massive That is my bet if you will.
I believe the isolated BOD recent share purchase was just a hedge to a low ball takeover....they are so vunerable to a bid, hostile or otherwise
A hostile takeover is unlikely to acquire the talent and the talent is essential. Look what HP did to Autonomy and Aurasma - they died overnight. I'm hopeful that is our biggest defence.
Told you without blnx buying the shares this will end up being a toy until next results controlled by insti's . I agree that the sp will recover in time if they resolve the issues but in the meantime the sp will not move much and leaves them vulnerable to a cheap takeover . At least buying the shares took some control back from them and would get the sp higher to ease fears of low bid coming in and show a positive effort by management to restrict them messing with the sp all over again . Traders share now this .
Indeed F11. I just came in from enjoying the sun. I'm a little disillusioned with the UK system at the moment. It seems to foster the worst elements of the human condition. The destruction of companies for profit is terrible, but also look what it is doing to AIM and the LSE. I think a few years ago, NYSE tried a takeover of LSE. It failed, but destroying the perception and confidence in it is a win to other markets. When will LSE or AIM step in? When most companies have left and they really are the markets of just the gambling stock. Blinkx, by all account, is a cash generative business in a growing market. It is also in a lead position. Should it really be this low? IMO NO, but for the shorting.
football Those targets were before the latest profit warning. There will be no positive movement in the share price without an upbeat trading statement, a company changing contract announced or serious rumours of a takeover. Having looked at this stock a bit more my personal view is that the their content and intellectual property is seriously undervalued. Here we have a case of management not having the know how to capitalise on it. Shareholders are best served by the content and IP managed by a much larger outfit. Just my views.
Bluesbreaker 19 Jul'14 - 11:20 - 78030 of 78031 0 0 "Last comment to PWhite73: So you think it hasn't deteriorated? You think it is no worse than it was pre-2014?" Last comment to Bluesbreakere. Of course the BB has deteriorated. But that is standard behaviour when a share price has collapsed the way BLINKX has. The shareholders have nobody to vent their anger at except one another. Who else can they talk to, the board NO, the professor NO, the market makers NO, the hedge funds shorting the stock NO. Shareholders positive and negative lash out at one another. As stated your criticism of this thread in its current state is unjustified. If a takeover story appeared in the Sunday press you will see a sharp improvement in the behaviour of shareholders towards one another from Sunday evening onwards. must dash
Sp , sentiment and positivity are all linked so getting the sp up is the main driver to improve sentiment and provide positive outlook . In the background they need to looking to maximise revenue and profits so we can at least have some positive news at the next update . My main concern is a cheap takeover and that's why I would like to see the buyback . The positive knock on effect being improved earnings which again would help sentiment and outlook . I'm sure the bod are looking at the impact of everything to turn things around . News on the integration of burst,lyfe, and Rythem would be a good start . I believe they are now in profit well ahead of schedule yet I have seen nothing shouting this about in the media
Personally I'd like to see A share buyback as it would give confidence to shareholders that the company actually does care about them and would also make the company a more difficult target for takeover.
I think it is a case of realising we are in a share that is undervalued at the moment (people can argue over the reasons for that) and that the only way is up. Now that can be through realisation of the situation without a company announcement (bounce to a higher level on realisation the fall has been overdone), or their could be an upbeat trading RNS, or indeed a takeover. I personally think the quickest way to get the best price would be a takeover.
severnof9 That is an interesting view point and blinkx is a lot easier to takeover now than it was last year.
I have 2 theories regarding a share buy back in treasury. The Fin Director said his estimates were in line with the analyst. .Nnumis' latest note values Blinkx at...68 pps. It is a no brainer if their predictions are truly in line with the Numis note It should therefore happen unless one of the following scenarios stops this. There is a close period because they are in negotiations probably with Yahoo. That is why they announced the shortfall against expectations so there isn't the due diligence disaster as there was with Autonomy. Thwe directors don't believe the migration to mobile will happen as quickly as they hope and they therefore need the cash to tide them over. My money is on the takeover. The cash level is not as high as it ought to be. Only lawyers bankers and accountants bills can burn through that much cash in so short a time
Less shares around to manipulate for one , improved eps due to reduced shares in issue . Blnx conceding to mobile ahead of schedule . If blnx don't get the sp up what's to stop a cheap takeover ? The pros far outweigh the cons at this level.
Indeed F11. Start the buy back NOW. Get the shares in safe hands. Then we have 3 months for the Q2 2015 results and by then mobile would be making its contributions and the fallout from the Blog would have ebbed, this should propel the shareprice even higher. The Institutions have not been fooled by this bear attack, apart from BlackRock (obvious why now), most of the other Institutions have added. This is a buyback to regain PI confidence and protect against a low hostile takeover.
But in the meantime the risk/reward is good at this price... assets, internet space, mobile, takeover target...
Is TD Waterhouse also being investigated? IMO the bod just needs to reassure shareholders at the AGM. A low takeover offer should be rejected. 200-300p may get my attention.
shrewd Certainly not. Huge game being payed here all to facilitate a hostile takeover for a US giant or am I wrong ;-)
WAFM buyers flooding in WAFM volume buying building aimer Posts: 124 Off Topic Opinion: No Opinion Price: 4.00 Take Over Speculation Today 13:09 There is speculation in the market of a takeover of WAFM. possibly around 20 to 22p per share cash offer hxxp://www.lse.co.uk/ShareChat.asp?ShareTicker=WAFM&share=west_african
My input is blinx now ripe for takeover at 75p a share.
From my point of view and from someone that has a very low average, I don't want a takeover at 75p....that would just be a crazy price for the technology/company....and I'm sure a lot of others would think the same. It could be the case that there is only one company that want us....and that being Invoke....and if this is the case, they are likely to get it and a much reduced value....and the 75p would probably be the maximum they would pay based on the current share price.
I reckon a takeover will be based on 2 times revenue for 2015 which equates to a price of approx. 75p
No MBO, but i believe we are sitting ducks to stakebuilding/takeover
If it is a takeover then blnx have been complicit so a MBO would be the more likely scenario based on what Blnx have [and haven't.....] put out formally.
I'd be happy with 2000p takeover price but let's be realistic...
That confirms my suspicion,begorrah a holder happy with aa 50p takeover?
i personally would welcome a takeover or MBO
Blackrock dumped over 13 million shares at prices between 120-150p late June - early october 2013 and again in mid-December 2013 when the price languished at 200p. They then only started to accelerate this sell-off after the first major drop. If they are in cahoots with a third party, then I only hope this party has at least 30% ownership so that by the rules of the Takeover Code, the minimum offered price has to be what was paid for those shares in the last 12 months, putting a potential floor at 200p plus. This is highly unlikely, perhaps a remote chance! Over to you Brian/Mike/Suranga - Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?
Football Blackrock make money in fees, huge fees could be earned in getting Yahoo or another US giant a takeover of blinkx at a good price. They also may have made money on CFD. A contract of DIFFERENCE ( we do not know the contract details on price) Huge short positions could not be done naked someone had to buy the underlying share BlackRock have been taking a very close interest in blinkx for a while way beyond other fund managers so have they been acting for a large corporate client all along? BlackRock as a hedge fund are too clever to buy high and sell very low
So blackrock make money by blinkx being shorted and sell there shares to Yahoo for a takeover sounds to maded up to me
The stringer. I think you are onto something! BlackRock are not daft or a victim and are not stupid enough to dump at 30 odd pence, they knew who they were lending shares to they have been insiders into the shorting plan in my humble opinion. Is it all part of a hostile takeover? BlackRock are major shareholders in Yahoo I believe. More to all this than meets the eye I reckon.
Blackrock buy over 10% 6 months or so ago, news of lots of support for the coy, then all of a sudden loan stock out to shorters,,, coincidently it all happened around the time of the blog in which the blogger was also coincidently paid to do the blog for a 'client/clients', BR then coincidently sell out as soon as the short attack comes to light and confirmation of them loaning stock out to short with... Who would buy 10%+ 30-40m shares or so of stock at an ave of £1.50 then shrug their shoulders and sell all at 30p ish...losing well over £40m in 6 months all on the back of a very dodgy blog.. Hmm not rocket science whats going on here is it!!. What next I wonder...an approach,,,cheap takeover offer maybe?
There is a massive and confounding inconsistency between what BLNX management alluded to just a couple of weeks ago in the AR&A and the information contained in the 2 July TU which has, not surprisingly, led to a collapse in the SP and a savaging by the brokers. In my opinion there are three scenarios: 1. There is tactical and strategic decision making going on behind the scenes that we are totally unaware of. At some point very soon, the wraps will come off and the SP will recover in spectacular manner. 2. BLNX has fallen victim to a highly successful campaign to destroy its market cap (with or without, latterly, further intervention from BLNX management) A MBO or takeover is imminent at a substantial premium to today's price - but way south of what it once was. My guess is IRO £1. 3. BLNX is fucked and management have committed corporate suicide. The SP wont recover to any degree. The company will be broken up for scrap.
Outsourcery (LON:OUT).Northland Capital Takeover Talk Today, 8:57 AM http://bit.ly/1hAMc5m
Outsourcery (LON:OUT).Northland Capital Takeover Talk Today, 8:57 AM http://bit.ly/1hAMc5m
Think the cats out the bag here big style, blackrock have had to come clean...wont be blackrock building a stake at these levels as it would stink even more for them,, it'll be some other institution/s taking advantage of blackrocks games and being found out. Bargain prices at these levels and a recovery stock or takeover in the making. 40-50p coming this week imo. If BR hadn't loaned stock out to be shorted blnx would'nt have been shorted down to 30p simple.
Think the cats out the bag here big style, blackrock have had to come clean...wont be blackrock building a stake at these levels as it would stink even more for them,, it'll be some other institution/s taking advantage of blackrocks games and being found out. Bargain prices at these levels and a recovery stock or takeover in the making. 40-50p coming this week imo.
If you look at the share price total drop from £2 to 29p it does not take a genius to work out the drop is too much. It also does not take a genius to work out that within the next 2 weeks this will be significantly higher with or without takeover rumours.
Hi Alex, exactly.... Pace fell due to the Japanese Earthquake and Thai flooding, causing component prices to surge..they were too reliant on components from 1 source...remember HD prices doubled overnight.... Pace changed bod, focused their business on the higher margin business and stopped being reliant on single source.. They entered the Latin America and Indian markets years ago, ahead of the World Cup, indian economy boom... something blnx didn't do.... They are now world leaders, bought several businesses, providing software and services and Aurora Networks (look it up, they're going place) and pay a decent dividend.... the revenue and profits are 10x blnx... The sp went up 900% as a result... With blnx I agree a takeover is on the cards, was thinking mbo 120p but could be lower than that now...although above the current sp....
I sold off all my 888.com at 160p near the end of last year. They changed CEO, focused on their business, got rid of loss making elements ... and received a great boost when the US began to open up to online poker ... they are down at 124p now. I suspect your right - a takeover of some sort is on the cards ... no idea what the price would be but hopefully should be more than I paid.
Northland Capital Takeover Talk Outsourcery (LON:OUT). As Buying Begins 125p HIGHS Today, 2:53 PM http://jimjamposts.tumblr.com/
Northland Capital Takeover Talk Outsourcery (LON:OUT). As Buying Begins 125p HIGHS Today, 2:53 PM http://jimjamposts.tumblr.com/
Tsmith, agree... it is that there's no takeover talks in progress and so there can't be an announcement at agm...
BM buying means there won't be any takeover talks going on....
Autonomy sp was on its arse the day before the Takeover so its irrelevant imo. 3rd Party DD sounds very plausible,but with the sp where it is a T/O could replace any merger. A bit of corporate news,that would please the shorts no end,all profits wiped out in one fell swoop.
I'm sorry for all long-term shareholders. The RNS was not what was expected and in addition there was little information regarding other aspects of the business. If Blinkx has done this to engineer a takeover either by Management or another company, then surely legal action must be brought against the board for not seeking the best interests of existing shareholders.
The market is forward-looking, so what's the market telling you, its gonna get worse before it gets better. This is a highly competitive business, no loyalty, its a commodity business, takes seconds to move from company A to company B. Too many players now in this space, forget takeover 'hopes' IMHO this just aint gonna happen, especially now the company has been forever tainted with using the 'underhand tactics' described in the blogger's post. Damage done.
Well Invoke Capital and Balderton Capital Group are certainly hoovering up shares at below 40p.Looks like a lot of institutional dumping today and RNS's will follow soon.A most amusing yet strategic RNS TODAY.We are in a reverse takeover mode and directors will win on both sides. £80 million in the bank, no debt and the desktop business was always going to diminish.Looks like Goldman Sachs 1.20 target indicator will be the buyout price and I'm sure as ever they will already know of the deal but Invoke and Balderton have picked it up for peanuts.Some 60% down so looks like a small profit at 1.20 is better than no profits.
this has the smell of a cheap private takeover all over it...
kendo/quil/arthur/martha 'It was SC who headed the the whole debacle of an unwarranted intervention by the lies of BE and the bad teeth and soggy pizza brigade of TW. He pretty much spent 6 weeks going through every unturned corner with KROLL audit and the investigation team. They left nothing to chance and they gave KROLL a better free run than they would any would be acquisitor of their business model.' Just made that up have you? 'He pretty much spent 6 weeks going through every unturned corner with KROLL' Did he indeed? or would that just be an outrageous lie as you haven't got a takeover lie for this Monday? you usually do.
stocky, as I holder, I would love to see the sp higher at 200p, 500p, 2000p... However, given the current newsflow and broker's views I think 120-130p is about right... If blnx can convince the market that the recent slowing organic growth is a one off and that Rhythm is growing fast then we could move towards 200p again... The question of adware and how much revenue is generated from it still hangs over the company... If the bod don't go for a mbo then there is a risk of a hostile takeover... mbo bod keep their jobs, hostile takeover then they could all be out of a job...
When they have the money post Alibaba IPO? So a good window of opportunity for big hedge funds to bash the stock before loading up? Huge money to be made, bashing all the way down the accumulating before taking profits from a takeover. That's what I would do if I was a billionaire hedge fund manager with my mates on Wall Street. Lol.
surely this could attract takeover bids at these prices!?!
Traders just moving this around the spread, when are those thick retards at H/Q going to do something proactive to help the S/P, not once in the life of BLNX have they ever cared about small P/Is here,we need a takeover or the like , don't think the thick bastards have the guile to do an MBO so thats out of the question, the Harvard Professors words still hang over this stock like a hangmans noose.
FTI were also the PR company for qxl... the bod talked that down and went for a MBO... If you read the post regarding Citi note (posted on the other thread)... it says "Despite the recent setback Blinkx is still expected to put in solid growth for the foreseeable future. For the year to March 2015, house broker Citi expects pre-tax profit to grow by 26.5% to $41 million, on revenues 16.3% higher at $287.5 million. This translates to fully diluted EPS of 8 cents (4.8p), which implies a prospective current multiple of just 13 times." EPS of 4.8p... imo a pe of 25-30 would be a reasonable takeover price... Citi are blnx house broker... I think we'll have a MBO around 120-130p...
What! no takeover! How can that be? quil/kendo completely wrong and caught lying yet again? Imagine that!
It will give BLNX a 10% stake.Mike lynch a 5% stake.BlackRock an 11% stake.This is a blocking manoeuvre from any low ball hostile takeover.But still in their best interest if Invoke and Balderton have yet to announce any above threshold increases.Good move. Looks like business is booming!
Beg, with a takeover, a premium is usually paid... the higher the premium, the more attractive the bid 'looks' to the shareholders...If a 60% premium is paid then we're looking at 100p.. I think the bod will go for 120-130p, citing GS target and Numis, house broker, lower expectations for this yr...
Sikh - if you just sold out ofBLNX as I did (admittedly below the peak, but still at a good profit), you'd feel much better, really you would. The company's a busted flush, and barring a mythical takeover the sp ain't going anywhere too fast except probably down. The company is run by a bunch of self-serving incompetents. SC may have effectively gone, but can you have any confidence in the person he appointed to succeed him? Believe me or not, as you like (I really don't care either way), but I have very credible second-hand evidence (ie I know someone who met BM, whose opinion I trust) that the guy's even more of a numpty than The Wanker From Sri Lanka...
Won't matter begs the company is about to accept a takeover offer.A merger of equality in this new venture.
knackers, agree...it would help if Blackrock increased their holding.. it would help even more if the directors bought... agree, we remain vulnerable to an opportunistic takeover or even a MBO.... Maybe we'll get the reassurance at the agm?? Knackers 30 May'14 - 10:20 - 10949 of 10949 0 0 Blackrock seem perfectly happy with their existing holding and doubt that outlook will change any time soon. Word on the street is that Blinkx's publisher partners and key accounts/clients remain loyal - as do their core institutional investors - aka it's BAU. As has been pointed out, interims will provide the reassurance. Till then of course, they remain vulnerable to a hostile t/o.
well it`s bounced...shame to see pi`s selling out..insti holding going up.Giving them control if they pool their holdings..I think they can smell some takeover activity.
Sikh, I just cannot see anything to launch the sp into orbit from here for the next few months until H1 results, should they be so good otherwise we need takeover talk, I understand that yahoo have some windfall profits coming from the alibaba IPO it will be interesting to see how the new ad tech IPOs in the states do, after they have been successfully brought to market they may not be quite so exciting from here on in
Well for once on AIM I am inclined to believe that we may indeed get an offer from Yahoo, AIM is rife with takeover rumors so the general order of the day is to ignore them all but, this is one that might just be true, there are many reasons why Yahoo would be interested but for sure, and knowing how they are not generally slow to react to an advantageous position in the marketplace, Blinkx are now so seriously undervalued since the recent short attack and yet the business is growing exponentially has a big cash pile in the bank and is in the very center of the market place that Yahoo wish to take advantage off, if an offer does not come I will in fact be surprised when a company is sitting on yahoo's doorstep will ALL the technology they need.

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